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Holy shit why do they hate you so much and in such great quantities. Like, they must be violet from this shit. All you do is make a little joke now and then

exactly! like i’m the first to admit that i have been an asshole a lot in my time lmao, in many different ways! but i guess they just like to point fingers at the scary autistic trans guy who did his research and realised he didn’t like the anti-sjw politics

what happened to “do your own research and stop being in an echo chamber”……………………

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whats your opinion on that /other/ attractive male pokemon professor? yknow, the one that speaks baguette? oui oui omelette du fromage ect ect

Look, is there some secret club for these professor guys?? How do they all know each other?!

Anyways, Sycamore’s pretty cool. I guess.

Took me to buy a few new shirts out in the city the first night I got to Lumiose. (And have you BEEN to Lumiose?! One’a those stupid shirts was more than I made in two months back in Alola! The guy must be loaded!) I got like a whole new wardrobe now. It’s crazy.

Never mind that I could barely understand a word he was sayin’. And the cologne on him was so strong I almost suffocated.

At His Mercy

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Buckle your seatbelts
Rating: Prepare a towel
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

WARNING: ⚠️PURE DADDY ⚠️ ROUGH DADDY ⚠️ This is not abuse like some people may think, it’s a KINK. ⚠️ DADDY KINK⚠️

Daddy raises his eyebrows, clenches his jaw, and his hands form into fists for a brief moment. This doesn’t look good for you at all. There is no way for you to escape Daddy’s wrath now. The guy that you were with suddenly pokes his head up and sees Jungkook glaring at him. He jumps up and raises his hands as if he’s surrendering. He scrambles around looking for his clothes. Jungkook smirks looking amused for moment at the reaction he provokes.

The guy dashes out the door and Jungkook follows him to close and lock the door behind him. You still sitting on the floor, topless and now wearing a cum stained skirt afraid if you try to stand that your legs will buckle underneath you. You felt paralyzed.

Jungkook turns around to face you and stares at you intently. He stalks over to the living room taking off his business shirt and stands before you.

Jungkook towers over you as you hear that familiar sound of his belt buckle being undone. You look down at the carpet. You know what is going to happen and you also know you deserve whatever punishment Daddy is going to give you.

You hear the leather slide through his pant loops as you sneak a peek up at him. He doubles the belt and makes a snapping sound with it. You jump at the sound with your heart racing and scoot back away from him.

“Stand up.” Daddy whispers deadly. Instead of standing up you scoot back again.

“I said stand up! Don’t make me say it again, princess!” He threatens. You slowly and carefully rose to a stance trembling. Jungkook takes a step forward and you take a step back. You hear him sigh exasperated.

“Princess, don’t make this any harder than it already is. Now I want you to stand behind the couch and bend over. Do it quickly!” Jungkook commands.

You drag yourself behind the couch and bend over. Your face falls in the cushions. Your feet can barely touch the ground except for the tip of your toes. All you can think about as You lean over the couch is; “Why did I let my sweet Daddy down? How did I let it get this far?”

It all started a couple of days ago when the two of you got into an argument over the phone. Jungkook had promised you that the two of you were going to go on a retreat for a week.

Of course, something came up at his office and he had to go fix it. So, instead of going on the retreat to spend much needed time alone with him, he went on another business trip. This isn’t the first time he has had to cancel. You really needed this retreat to spend time with your Daddy. But the conversation escalated and you hung up on him but not before You told him to “Fuck off!”

You had never talked to him like that before. He tried calling you back immediately but you let it go to voice mail. He then tried to text you and you wouldn’t answer any of them. You felt like You weren’t important to Him. That he didn’t have time for you so why should You make time for him? Plus, You also knew he would be angry because of the way You spoke to him.

You needed to blow off some steam so You went out with your girlfriends. You all had dinner at a nice restaurant than went to a popular club. The club is where You met that cute guy. You had no idea that you would hit off so well or things would go as far as they did. It started with an innocent kiss and before You knew it, you were in your living room.

You didn’t plan on Jungkook coming home until the end of the week. Of course, You didn’t plan on having that encounter in your shared living room either. He must have guessed his little girl would have gotten herself into trouble and came home early. Now you’re in a lot more trouble than cursing with him on the phone. Jungkook lifts your skirt folding it over to rub your bare behind.

“I think you know why you’re being punished but just in case you don’t it’s for being a: VERY. DISRESPECTFUL. NAUGHTY. LITTLE. SLUT!!” He angrily announces as he spanks your ass hard with his hand emphasizing each word.

“Daddy pleeeaaasseee, I’m soorr….” You start to say but he interrupts.

“I know you are princess and trust me you will be!” He states calmly.

“Daaaddy!” You begin again but you’re interrupted again.

“I will not allow MY princess to act like a disrespectful little slut. Now stay still!” he commands.

You know you deserve His wrath but you was terrified too. How bad was this going to hurt?

You soon found out after You heard the first swoosh of his belt. His belt lands with a loud crack on your ass.


You yelp as He swings his belt again. He’s relentless with each strike harder than the other. You scream into the couch cushions. You have tears streaming down wetting your face. He has never swung his belt with such quickness or harshness before. Then again You have never disobeyed or disrespected Him as badly before either.

Why did you disrespect him by telling him to fuck off and then hanging up on him? Why didn’t you answer any of his attempts when he tried to contact you? And the biggest question, why did you have to mess around with that guy? You really disobeyed your daddy when you made that guy cum but what was even worse is you allowed him to eat your pussy; correction Your daddy’s pussy.

You deserve to feel every ounce of your Daddy’s fury. You wish you hadn’t let him down like You have. You can still see the rage and the disappointment in his eyes. You are so ashamed of your behavior. You never wanted to hurt your sweet Daddy like You have or disappointed him but You were feeling neglected and unloved.

How very wrong You were to act out like this but you thought it could have been your little secret. It could have been your way of getting back at Daddy for breaking his promise to you.

What were you thinking? You also knew that eventually you would have felt guilty and told him the truth. You can’t keep anything from him no matter how difficult the truth may be.

He ceased his spanking for a moment and rubs your sore behind feeling the heat off your inflamed ass. You put your feet flat on the ground to give yourself a break from balancing but stay bent over the top of the couch.

You turn your head towards Jungkook and he frowns down at you. He gently moves your hair out of your eyes and wipes tears from your face. You stare back at him through your tears and he looks back at you somberly. His forehead was moist with sweat from spanking you with such fierceness.

He continues rubbing your behind using soft strokes. You embrace His touch on your flesh even though your skin stings. That familiar tingling feeling has awakened between your legs and You knew that only Jungkook’s cock can satisfy it. You peek at him and see in his eyes that he isn’t quite ready to forgive you yet or to give you any kind of satisfaction.

There is still a hint of anger in his dark beautiful eyes. You were already on thin ice. You didn’t want to push the issue but that is why you were so surprised by what you did.

You straightened myself up in a standing position, looking Jungkook in the eyes before giving him one of your devious smiles. He looks back at you puzzled. You smirk at him again and before he can say anything you run into the other room.

Jungkook just stands there by the couch dumbfounded. You can tell by his reaction that he cannot believe what you did. You can’t believe what You did either.

Jungkook finally recovers from the shock and smiles at you dangerously. However, he does have a hint of amusement in his eyes. He slowly walks around the couch and over to the dining room to where you were.

“Oh, aren’t we just full of surprises tonight.” He states amused.

You can’t help but grin seeing the amusement in his eyes but you also know it’s very foolish on your part as well.

“So princess, what do you think you can accomplish with this little stunt?” he whispers.

“…I…I don’t know. I just um wanted to talk to you for a minute.” You stammer.

“About what princess? If you think you can talk your way out of your punishment you’re sadly mistaken. You were very naughty girl and you need to respect my rules.” Jungkook states sternly as you begin circling one another around the dining room table.

He leaped and was almost able to grab you but he missed. You ran through the kitchen to the breakfast table. He slowly enters in the kitchen giving you a wicked grin. You ran behind the breakfast table.

“Daddy……I…understand that that I um need to be punished. It’s just…it’s just that you seem so angry. I….um never seen you like this before. You have to know that I um didn’t mean to upset you this badly.” You state sincerely.

“Princess, how can you think that your actions wouldn’t upset me? You know the rules. You know how I feel about you keeping your manners especially, when you’re talking to me. You also know how I feel about you making another guy cum and you REALLY know how I feel about MY PUSSY!”

He stresses the last two words loudly. You can’t answer him because everything he says is true. You know exactly how he feels about everything he mentioned. Like you have said before, there is really no way you can talk your way out of this. At least, you were able to stall and give my behind a break.

“Princess, if you come over to me now I won’t punish you for running away from me!” You heard him say truthfully. You can tell Jungkook is being reasonable but you also knew he was still angry. If you could only get him to calm down a little more before the two of can continue with your punishment and then you would feel better.

“No Daddy, I can’t go with you willingly until I know you’re calmer.” You whisper barely audible.

“Excuse me? I hope I didn’t hear what I thought I heard.” Jungkook states exasperated.

“I didn’t stutter Daddy, you heard me correctly.” You stated bravely. Jungkook looks at you in utter disbelief then smiles at you menancely.

“Oh princess, this really isn’t going to end well for you” he threatens.

You gulp and feel your stomach turn a back flip. You escape out of the breakfast room and ran back into the living room.

Jungkook and you play cat and mouse alternating rooms and each time he gets closer and closer to catching you. your hiding against a wall and peek around the corner. You can’t see him anywhere.

Where in the hell did he go?

You think if you can make it the bedroom You can lock the door and be safe. Then Jungkook can cool off some and you can get some rest. Then the two of you will be able to talk about what happened in the morning. You peer around the other corner and didn’t see him. You glance down the hall towards the bedroom. You only had thirty feet or less to run you pondered. You peer behind you before you make a dash for it.


You slam hard into a solid object.

The wind is almost knocked out of you from running into the object. You were trying to catch your breath when you realize that the hard object was Jungkook. He reached around you grabbing you by the waist and throwing you over his shoulder. You scream and he slaps your already sore behind hard. He marches down the hallway to your shared bedroom not saying a word.

He pushes you down to the foot of your bed as he seizes each of your wrists tying them to opposite sides of the bed. Then takes one of your ankles spreading your legs apart and ties it to one of the bed posts and ties your other ankle to the other post. You can’t move anything but your head. You are completely at Daddy’s mercy.

The both of you were catching your breath from running around the house and having shots of adrenaline shooting through your veins. He smacks you with his belt again using the same rhythm as he did before. He grips a fistful of your hair yanking your head back to look in your eyes as he continues to spank you.

“I need to know something princess” he menancely whispers in your ear, “Who does this pussy belong too?” He asks while swinging his belt. You try to answer but your voice catches because you were sobbing.

“WHO!” he yells jerking your head back.

“You do Daddy!” You yell.

“Then why did I see another man in it? WHY!” He demands as he snaps his belt hard on your ass at the last word.

“I..I.don’t know. It was um it was a mistake. Please Daddy, I’m so sorry. It was a mistake!” You beg.

“You bet your ass it was mistake! One that will NEVER happen again, am I right?” He asks as he rips off your thong making you howl.

“It will never happen again, Daddy! Please Daddy, I’m so sorry!” You plead.

Jungkook takes a few steps back and you feel his leather strike your pubic lips. He swings repeatedly striking your core’s lips and reaching your clit. Your pussy stings and is becoming swollen but at the same time, you were becoming wet, very wet.

Why is your body betraying you like this? Jungkook drops his belt, reaching his hand between your legs and begins working your now swollen pubic lips.

“Feel this? You feel how wet you are? You are a naughty little slut aren’t you?” Jungkook whispers.

He rubs his hard cock against your ass and in between your legs. A moan escapes from your lips and he lets out a low growl. Your pussy is soaked and you can feel your juices drip onto his cock.

You feel yourself pushing back towards him begging him to enter you. Even though your pussy and ass sting from the fierce spanking Jungkook gave you, you need to be fucked by him so badly. Jungkook holds his cock and slowly enters into you. You mewl and he moans. He slams his cock into you deep, bottoming out making you cry out.

He hammers his hard thick cock in your wet swollen core drilling you hard. He grips your hair as he continues pumping into you as he stares intently into your eyes. The head board was thumping against the wall with each powerful thrust. You feel his breath on your neck as he nibbles on your ear then kisses you hard on the lips.

“You like it when Daddy fucks you this hard don’t you my naughty little slut?” You gasp in response as he emphasizes each word with a fierce thrust.

“That’s right, your Daddy’s slut aren’t you? Answer me!” He demands. He yanks your head back more as if he was trying to shake an answer from you.

“Yyyess Daddy, I am your slut only yours!” You say breathlessly.

“That’s right princess, only me. This is my pussy, don’t you ever forget that!” he growls in your ear. You can only nod as you feel your core muscles contract. He can also feel your core walls milk his cock. He knew you were going to cum soon. He keeps pounding into you without remorse.

“Give to me princess, cum for Daddy!” He demands in a low guttural tone.

You came as Jungkook orders you too soaking his cock and balls like a wave from an ocean. You hear him groan in pleasure as you begin to tremble feeling the aftermath of your delicious orgasm. You knew he was close to cumming as well and you waited for him to fill you up with his seed but he had other ideas.

He pulls his dick out and climbs over your resting body. He gets on the bed and kneels in front of your face. He pulls your head up using your hair and forces his pussy-soaked cock into your mouth. As he holds onto your hair with both of his hands, he fucks your mouth. You feel his cock gliding leisurely back in forth in your wet warm mouth.

Jungkook lets out a deep groan as he picks up speed. You can feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. You gag a few times but that doesn’t stop him. He continues to pummel your mouth with his cock until you get used to him in your throat. He sometimes holds your head up to his abdomen with his cock wedging it deeply in your throat cutting off your air supply. He knows how you feel about that.

How paranoid you get about not being able to breathe. He isn’t showing that he cares because each time he holds you there longer and longer. You can hear him groan or growl each time as tears drip from your eyes.

Your hands and legs are tied down so you can’t fight him. The only thing you can do is fully submit to him. He is in complete control. He holds you in place again longer than any other time and you begin to struggle. Yet, you hear him growl, “This is my mouth! It belongs to me! I better never find it on some other guy’s cock, is that clear?”

He releases you as you gasp for air. He jerks your head up using your hair to stare into your eyes. You nodded to respond to his question and he continues thrusting is cock in your mouth. You have tears streaming down your face and you feel him wipe away your tears with his fingers.

You can taste pre-cum from Jungkook’s cock and you knew he was going to cum soon. You were surprised it’s taking him this long. He rams his cock hard in your mouth one more time then holds you still as you felt his hot fluid slide down your throat. He uses one of his hands to stroke his cock to make sure you receive every last drop.

“That’s my good girl, swallow it all!” Jungkook grunts. When he was sure every drop sank down your throat he releases your hair. You take a deep breath, pant softly and as you lay your head on the bed. He wipes away any remaining tears and hair that is on your face. Your ass still stings from the spankings and your pussy stings from the spankings and the brutal fucking Daddy had given you. Your mouth is sore from daddy using it roughly and your exhausted.

Tabula Rasa

Pairing: Steve/Tony
Fandom: Marvel Adventures
Tags: fluff, humor, costume swap, amnesia
Summary: When Loki decides to wipe Steve and Tony’s memories, the two of them have to figure out their mission - and their identities - for themselves.
Notes: For this image square on my stony bingo card:

It was supposed to be their day off, that was the thing. Tony and Steve had plans for a quick game of basketball then a trip to the cinema to see a rerun of Alien, but they’d got word that Loki had been spotted terrorizing citizens in downtown New York by conjuring an army of evil bunny rabbits.

“Come on, Tony, let’s drop by and sort out Loki, then see if we can still make the matinee showing at the cinema.” Steve had turned his most winning smile on Tony, and really, who could resist that?

They almost succeeded in battling through the hordes of vicious fluffy bunny monsters and taking down Loki, but at the last minute he caught them by surprise, summoning thick green vines which burst up from the sidewalk and held them in place.

“Puny mortals,” Loki said smugly. “You only succeed in foiling my plans in the past because of your prior experience, or you wouldn’t stand a chance against me. Let’s see how heroic you are without your memories!”

He waved his hands in an elaborate pattern and a burst of golden light flew across the street and hit both of them. Tony felt pain for a moment, and then there was only darkness.

He came around to see a terribly handsome blond man leaning over him, looking concerned. “Are you okay?” the man asked gently.

Tony sat up and looked around in confusion. He wasn’t injured or in pain, but his head felt thick and fuzzy. He tried to remember how he had come to be lying in the middle of the street, but there was nothing, just a blank space in his memory.

“Um. Yes? Sort of? Why can’t I remember anything?”

The blond chewed his lip nervously. “I’m afraid I couldn’t say. I woke up next to you a couple of minutes ago, but I don’t remember anything from before that either.”

Something was nagging at Tony’s attention, and he realized with a start that it was because his movements felt heavy and difficult to control. There was some kind of plate over his face which he flicked up, and he looked down to realise that he was wearing, of all things, a shiny bright red and gold suit of armor. Huh.

He looked back at the blond man, and noted that his outfit was pretty unusual too. Chainmail over a blue body suit that was, uhh, rather tightly fitted, with red and white stripes round the middle and a big white star on the front. There was a cowl attached to the suit which he had pushed back to reveal dreamy blue eyes, and the ensemble was finished off with bright red boots and gloves. 

Was that an… American flag themed outfit? Jesus. Tony hoped he hadn’t been rescued by a passionate Trump supporter. That was unlikely to end well.

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Nice, encouraging asks! Wow ♥ Thank you! I’ll do my best!! ^^

Also, thank you! Fish guy always has that face in the game, tho… I would like to draw him with many different expressions! I guess that means more patreon work!

Indeed, killing is a bad thing. Someone should telll this to MK. They’re a savage, and also pretty cocky and impatient, must I say. :P

I haven’t played Night in the Woods yet, but I will do so pretty soon! Expect fanart :P

Also, my computer is ready to go now, more or less, so yay! ^^

That sounds like a rad dream they would have one night they drank too much soda before going to sleep. Then they would wake up and cry.


When Hank met Scully

So @mulders-boyish-enthousiasm requested an XF/Californication crossover fic, and here it is. I don’t know if it’s what you were looking for, or tbh what I intended it to turn out like, but here you go! I hope you enjoy!

Spoilers - Never Again, Leonard Betts

She seems him the moment she enters the bar, perched on a stool by the counter, knocking back a whiskey on the rocks. The sight of him stops her short; she’d left him barely fifteen minutes ago, wanting to seek refuge to seethe in silence before she said something else he’d later regret, and now he’d beaten her to her refuge. Bastard.

She’s tempted to turn on her heel and leave the bar but his head turns and his eyes register her presence. Just her luck, she thinks to herself, as he lifts his glass towards her and smirks. But he can’t win her over that easily, and before she loses her courage she takes a deep breath and marches over towards him, ready to give him a piece of her mind. Again. But as she nears him, realization dawns on her, and by the time she reaches the bar all of her anger has disappeared. “You’re not Mulder.”

The gentleman, not Mulder, looks momentarily puzzled before regaining his composure. “Would you like me to be?”

“I’m sorry,” Scully apologizes, remembering her manners. “It’s just you look like someone I know.”

“That old line.” Not Mulder now appears amused, and gestures to the empty bar stool next to him. “The old ones work the best I find.”

“No, you really do. It’s uncanny actually.”

“Actually, it’s Hank,” the man replies, reaching out to shake Scully’s hand. Her body gravitates to the stool next to him, despite her brain telling her to leave immediately. Conversations with strangers in bars can be dangerous, she tells herself. Conversations in bars can lead to one-night stands and tattoos, along with a partner who can barely look her in the eye right now.

“What can I get you?” Hank asks, smirking to himself as she sits next to him, raising his eyebrow in challenge. Scully knows he’s not just asking about a drink, and for a second she briefly considers his question. “I’ll have what you’re having,” she replies, licking her lips unconsciously, her eyes darting down as Hank shifts on the stool.

“With soda, or…?”

“On the rocks.”

“Must have been a bad day,” Hank comments as he gestures to the barman and then repeats Scully’s order, ordering another for himself.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Scully replies as their drinks are set down in front of them. She raises her glass in thanks and takes a swig of the drink. The whiskey burns the back of her throat as she swallows, but she doesn’t let it show.

“Something to do with my identical twin?” Hank persists. “Or was that really a chat-up line, because if it was, first of all you don’t have to try so hard with me, and secondly, why are we wasting time sitting round here?”

Despite herself, Scully smiles. “He’s my partner.”

“Partner as in work partner, or partner as in I know his sex face very well?”

“Just work partners.”

“Just? Do I detect a hint of longing there?”

She ignores him. “FBI partners, back in DC.”

“You’re in the FBI?” Scully nods. “Are you hiding handcuffs on you, because I’m open to possibilities.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“So what brings you here?”

“We’re on a case.”

“I mean to this bar.”

Sighing heavily, Scully takes another drink. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Guy trouble?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I’ve got a daughter who hates me, a baby momma who doesn’t want to know me, and I’m already thinking about you in those handcuffs,” he says quickly, before returning to her. “So it is guy trouble? Let me guess, my FBI doppelganger. I’m right, aren’t I?” He was and they both knew it. “Well, let me just say this. Whatever he’s done, he’s an idiot for letting you walk out dressed in that skirt and come to this bar to be seduced by me.”

Scully shook her head and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Mr…?”

“Moody, but you can call me Hank. Most people do, although they tend to say it in a more exasperated tone.”

“What about you?”


“What are you doing in this bar?”

“I come here all the time.”


“I’ve been waiting for you.”

As she finishes off the whiskey, Scully feels it starting to take effect and giggles. “That was bad.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot. You like the old lines.” Reaching into his left pocket, Hank retrieves some change and places a quarter on the bar in front of her. “Here’s a quarter. Go call your partner and tell him you’re coming home with me tonight.” He smiles as Scully laughs once more.

“Has that ever worked for you?”

“I’ll be honest with you….?”


“Dana, I like it. Dana sounds too sweet to be a mean FBI agent fighting the bad guys.”

“And aliens.”

“And…” Hank looks confused. “What?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Well Dana…” God, he even sounds like Mulder, Scully thinks to herself. “I never usually need to resort to pick-up lines.”

“What do you usually do?”

“Normally I just shoot women a charming grin…” He demonstrates. “…and say “Hi, I’m Hank Moody,” and it’s job done.” He reaches out to shake Scully’s hand. “Hi, I’m Hank Moody.” He pauses, his smile widening. “You’re tempted, I can tell.”

Scully opens her mouth to speak, to thank him for the drink and tell him she should be going, but Hank interrupts her thoughts. “Let me guess, you’re more tempted by Mr ‘We’re just Partners’ aren’t you?”

“It’s not like that?”

“Are you telling me, or yourself?” He smiles as Scully gestures to the barman to refill their now empty glasses.

“Mulder and I aren’t together.”

“Mulder?” Hank grimaces. “What kind of a name is that?”

“Fox Mulder.”

“Fox? Are you fucking with me?”

Scully laughs. “That’s his name.”

“God, his parents must have hated him.”

Her smile suddenly fades and Scully busies herself as the barman approaches with their drinks. “So I’m thinking you guys had an argument this evening, said some things you shouldn’t have, and rather than work out your issues with the naked pretzel, you stormed out to get drunk.”

“Something like that.”

“What did you argue about?”

“You’re inquisitive Mr Moody, I’ll giv you that. You’d made a good FBI agent.”

“I get it, you want to get into my pants Dana, but tell me the story first. Or we could go back to my place and you could tell me as we bathe in our post-coital glow.”

“Fine,” Scully replies, and she can tell Hank isn’t quite sure which option she’s agreeing to. “We argued over a case,” she explains. “At least that’s how it started.”

“And?” Hank chews on an ice cube and for a second Scully is distracted. It would be so easy to give in and go home with this man, but she knows it would cause her even more problems going forward. “And?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got time. The only other place I’m planning on being tonight is inside y…-”


“Sorry.” He grins, not looking the slightest bit sorry at all.

“Things have been tense between us lately.”

“Tense? In what way?”

“I umm…I recently did something he didn’t agree with.”

She’s vague, but Hank seems to understand. “You slept with his best friend?”

“Not quite.”

“His brother?”

“Again, not quite.”

“But someone who isn’t him.”

Scully nods sheepishly. “It didn’t mean anything. I was on a case and had some drinks and a tattoo.”

“A tattoo? Where?”

“It…it was just a one-time thing.”

“I’m intrigued about this tattoo.”

“Drop it Hank.”

“Gotcha. So anyway, he found out?”

“Yes. And so tonight we were arguing about work, but then it got personal.” Too personal. Insults were traded and then Mulder brought up Ed Jerse once again. His digs were too much to take, and before Scully could stop herself she’d lifted her hand and slapped her partner round the face. Mortified, she then rushed out of his motel room and walked…walked and walked until she came across this bar, and Hank.

“Are you sure you’re just work partners?”

She takes another drink. The whiskey is loosening her tongue now. “There may have been a time when I thought there would have been something more.”

“But not now?”

Scully curses herself inwardly for pouring her heart out to yet another stranger, thinking about the last time she did so just a few short weeks ago. How much has changed since then, she ponders sadly. But then again, she knows she won’t be seeing Hank again after this evening, and it’s not like she has anyone else she can confide in. “I’m sick.” It’s the first time she’s said it out loud, and for a second she’s fearful she shouted out loud.

Hank looks at her, really looks at her, and so Scully busies herself with her drink. “I take it you don’t mean you have the flu.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“He knows?”

“Not yet. I don’t want to tell him until I’ve had the test results back.”

“So you might not be sick?”

“No, I am.” She sighs. “Besides, I don’t want Mulder’s pity. Or yours.”

“Hey, you had me at “you look like someone I know.” At most it would be say….a two percent pity fuck, ninety eight percent sleeping with you because you’re hot.”

Suddenly Scully polishes off the rest of her drink. “Ok,” she says suddenly, surprising them both.


“Let’s go.”

“Really? The pity fuck line worked?”

“Shut up Hank.”

Scully gets to her feet unsteadily and Hank follows suit. “Do you want to go back to my place? Or we can head back to your hotel room so that lover boy can hear…”

But Scully stops listening, and her attention is now focused on the door. Hank follows her gaze and comes face to face with someone who looks a lot like…well, him.

“Fuck me,” he exclaims as the man, Mulder he presumes, approaches Dana.

“Scully,” he greets her, almost breathlessly. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” He stops, having suddenly registered the fact she and Hank look as though they’re about to leave together. “Oh,” he says, disappointment evident in his voice. “I don’t mean to interrupt.”

Scully says nothing, but Hank springs into action. “Dana here was just leaving to find you,” he explains. “I was just boring her with my woes while I wait for my baby momma to come and pick me up.” Mulder looks as though he’s about to call bullshit, so Hank continues. “I’m just on my way to the little boy’s room. Or big boy’s room,” he adds, winking at Scully, who blushes.

“It was lovely to meet you Hank,” she says, reaching out to shake his hand. “And good luck.”

“Same to you Mrs FBI.”

Nodding at her partner, realizing they need to talk somewhere quieter than the bar, Scully begins to move towards the door. Before Mulder can follow her, Hank grabs hold of him, pulling him back for a quiet word. “Nothing happened,” he assures the other man. “It wasn’t for lack of trying. She wasn’t interested,” Hank adds. “Apparently there’s someone else on the radar. Someone who looks a lot like me.” He shakes his head, as though he can’t quite believe it himself. “She’s a good woman. Don’t fuck it up Mr FBI. And for fucks sake find out where she got that tattoo.” He pats Mulder on the back, a little too hard in warning, and then walks off towards the bathroom, while the two FBI agents head out of the bar to talk.

Be More Chill Senior Year, Feed Me Jeremy

The table was awkward today Rich sitting on one end and Jake at the other. It was only with the group’s encouragement ​that they were even sitting at the same table. The uncomfortable silence hung in the air until Jenna let out a loud, “Holy Shit.”
“Tony Hawk just died in some weird accident. They say he was promoting the new Mountain Dew Blue revival when his board flew right into him.”
“Holy shit.”
“Who’s Tony Hawk?” Michael made a weird noise that sounded somewhat like a pterodactyl screech as Brooke said this.
“You’ve never played Tony Hawk Pro Skater?”
“What’s that?”
“A really bad videogame.”
“Oh, I don’t play videogames.” This time the noise Michael made sounded like a dying cat.
“How do you not play videogames? That’s what we’re doing Friday night, Mario Kart my place. Rich bring your unicorn pizza.”
“Please don’t, I like my taste buds as is.” Now that the awkward silence had broken Jeremy felt his body twitch in pain
‘Jeremy, we need more Mountain Dew Blue.’
‘Are you the reason that Mountain Dew Blue is getting a revival?’
‘How did you-’
‘I can do a lot of things Jeremy, I’ll explain the chain of events to you on the way there but I need that Mountain Dew now.’
‘I’m in school.’
‘I’ll cover for you when we get back.’
'But I-’
'Feed me Jeremy.’
'Ugh, don’t ever say that.’
'Feed me.’ Jeremy got up from the table, diverting the group’s attention.
“Where are you going?”
“I, erm, I need to get something from Walmart.” He left before the group questioned him further much to Michael’s dismay.
The final bell of the day sounded as Michael looked at the empty seat next to him.
'I guess Jeremy forgot to come back to school…again.’ There was no play practice today on the account of Mr.Reyes being sick so they got to head home but before he did that Michael really needed to use the bathroom. As he entered the stall he was about to unzip his pants when he heard something. He realized it was muffled crying like the person was trying to hide it with something.
“Hey, are you alright in there?”
“M…Michael?” The voice sounded strangely familiar.
“Rich? Why are you crying?”
“Why are you here? Did you follow me or something?”
“No I needed pee. But this seems a little more important. Why are you crying?”
“N…none of your business.”
“Rich, we’re friends. Come on.” Opening the stall door Michael stood outside of the one Rich was in. “What’s wrong?”
“Me and Jake, we’re still fighting. I feel awful but, there’s just some things you don’t say. And now I don’t have a ride and probably missed the bus too.”
“I can give you a ride…” Michael knew how Rich must have been feeling right now. No one deserves to be crying alone in the bathroom over a guy.
“A…are you sure? I mean if its going to bother you-”
“Rich, the worst thing you could do to yourself is be alone. You can ride home with me.” There was a pause before the stall door slowly opened as Rich came out, rubbing the tears out of his eyes.
“That sounds nice, I guess.”
“Cool, but you’re going to have to wait a second. I really need to pee.”

Past Life

A Shawn Mendes one shot.

Request from @alone-in-madness : Shawn and you are in a party and end up talking, you were instantly atrackted to each other and probably falling in love and you kiss, the kiss is steamy, passionate like they were waiting an entire life to kiss each other. You can continue 💕🙌🤗😘 **

The music was loud enough for me to feel the rumble of the bass in my feet as I walked through the party in search of my friend, weaving through all the drunk neighbourhood kids that had come out that night. I was fairly drunk myself, feeling the fog clouding over my brain. Eventually I found my friend Laurel by the fireplace talking to someone who had their back turned to me.

“Have you been drinking enough water?” I said, interrupting whatever Laurel was saying to drunkenly make sure she was okay. Laurel turned to me and laughed in disbelief.

“Yeah, Y/N. Have you?” She asked. I engulfed her in a hug of relief.

“That’s so good to hear, Laurel. Also, um, probably not. I’m very drunk.” I replied. Laurel laughed, making me shrug nonchalantly.

“I can see that. Y/N, this is Shawn.” Laurel said, gesturing to the stranger she was talking to. I turned to him and had to blink a few times to register that the guy in front of me wasn’t just attractive because I was drunk, but because he was genuinely attractive. He half smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Hi, Y/N.” he said. My brows furrowed for a moment as I continued looking at him.

“You’re that singer guy, right? I knew you lived in town and everybody always talks about you but to be honest I don’t really listen to your music.” I said. Laurel and Shawn both laughed, and my eyes widened. “That sounded mean! I’m so sorry!” I cried, putting my hands on Shawn’s firm shoulders. He was warm and solid, and his laugh was light as he shook his head.

“You don’t have to listen to my music, it’s alright. Do you want some water, Y/N? Let’s go get you some, alright?” He said, ducking to look me in the eyes, glancing at Laurel for approval. He was so much taller than me, and his eyes were kind. Laurel laughed again and put her hand lightly on my shoulder.

“Thanks, Shawn. Let me know if she’s too much trouble. It was nice talking to you.” She said, brushing by into the crowd. Shawn raised his big hand in a wave, then guided me towards the kitchen with that hand expanded over the small of my back.

“You alright?” He asked as we got into the kitchen. It was significantly quieter, with only a few people. I nodded and smiled at Shawn, who returned the gesture, holding eye contact for a moment before moving to the fridge to grab a bottle of water and handing it to me. I thanked him and took a big sip of it, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand afterward and hiccuping. Shawn’s smile grew at the sound of my hiccups.

“What!” I protested, my laughter being interrupted by more hiccups. Shawn just laughed and leaned on the counter beside me, shaking his head.

“Your hiccups are really cute.” He said, grinning at me. His cheeks were flushed red, making me smile wider.

“You’re really cute.” I replied. The tips of his ears went red this time, and he looked away. I hoisted myself up on the countertop and took another sip of water. “What are you doing here, anyway? Shouldn’t you be partying with Miley Cyrus or someone instead of us?” I asked. Shawn leaned on his side to face me, laughing.

“I’m friends with the guy who lives here. Also, I have yet to party with Miley Cyrus, for the record.” He replied. I hummed, unsatisfied with his answer.

“Pickering isn’t that big. Weird that I never met you before.” I said. Shawn smiled still.

“We’re meeting now. I guess it was bound to happen, right?” I returned the smile.

“Is it nice to be back?” I asked. Shawn laughed lightly at how my brain was switching topics so quickly.

“It is. I wish I could be back more often.” He admitted.

“You must miss it. You’re my age, aren’t you? 18?” I asked. Shawn nodded in response. “I couldn’t imagine being away all the time at 18. I’m still a kid.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the cupboard. Shawn laughed.

“So am I. I mean, I love everything about what I’m doing, but a lot of people forget that I’m only 18. I like being home and being able to act my age.” He replied. I smiled wider.

“Getting drunk at a house party and wooing some girl with the whole rockstar thing?” I laughed. Shawn blushed.

“I’m not trying to woo you with the whole rockstar thing.” He defended.

“I never said you were trying to, but you are anyway. Come on, regular teenager, let’s go dance.” I said, hopping off the counter and grabbing his hand. I could hear Shawn laughing over my shoulder as I lead him to the living room where people were dancing. His laugh was airy, boyish, child-like, and it made me feel fuzzy for a reason that wasn’t the alcohol in me.

Shawn and I danced for what could’ve been forever, but I don’t think Shawn nor I were aware of the passing of time. We were just having pure, unadulterated fun. His dance moves were hilarious and awful, so I tried to teach him a few but he failed miserably. It just made it more endearing. We seemed to keep getting closer and closer, like the reeling in of a tether, until his fingers dug into my waist and my body pressed against his. He smelled warm yet fresh, and enticing. I could feel his breath on my neck. I wanted to get closer.

Eventually, needing room to breathe, Shawn led me out the back door to the patio. With the door closed behind us and nobody in the backyard because of the cool April night, things were quiet. The music was muffled behind us. The sky stretched above us. Our lungs filled with fresh, cold air that left in plumes floating to the dark.

“It’s so peaceful.” I whispered, feeling the need to break the quiet as little as I could. Shawn smiled at me, and I returned it before closing my eyes, focusing on the breeze against my cheeks. I only opened them again when I felt Shawn’s hand interlace my own timidly. He smiled shyly when I caught his eye, and held his gaze. “Did we really just meet a few hours ago?”

Shawn smiled. “I think so. It feels differently though.” He replied just as quietly.

“Maybe we knew each other in a past life.” I mused, making Shawn laugh lightly.

“That would make sense.” He said, pausing. “I’ve always thought I was a deer in my past life.”

I smiled. “I always thought I was a doe.” Shawn laughed airily, close enough for my to feel it. His hand played delicately with mine.

“That would make sense too.” He whispered, his nose brushing mine. My senses were overwhelmed by him, my only focus being on his lips and his breathing.

I was the one to close the distance and meet his lips. His lips pressed to mine in one long kiss before he pulled away and moved his hands to my waist and pulled me against him, my hands instinctively resting on his chest as we kissed again, our mouths open. My hands roamed up to the back of his neck where I threaded my fingers in his hair. I tugged gently and got a breathy moan from Shawn, making me smile into the kiss. My smile made Shawn smile, and he turned us so I was pressed against the bannister of the porch. His lips moved to behind my ear and then down, sucking hickies above my collar bone and raising small noises from me. He smiled against my neck and moved back to my lips, hand sliding down to cup my bottom.

“Y/N?” He breathed against my lips. I hummed in response, too engulfed in his taste to focus on the fact that he was trying to say something to me. “I- have a- confession.” He said between kisses. I pulled away in confusion and searched his eyes.

“What is it?” I asked. Shawn’s swollen lips spread into a grin.

“I may have been trying to woo you with the whole rockstar thing. Just a little bit.” He admitted. I laughed and kissed him again.

“Don’t worry. It worked.”

You Two Look Good Together

Donatello x reader

(Imagine…Raph is in love with you, but he doesn’t know that you and Donnie are already together!)

Donnie worked blissfully in his lab. His mind was not fully on his work, it was somewhere else. On a beautiful girl that he has happily been calling his for the past couple of weeks. No, it hasn’t been long at all but it’s been so amazing for Donatello. He really loved you, so much. When he found out that you felt the same way about him he couldn’t believe it. You had to tell him a second time for him to fully register it.

Donnie couldn’t feel any happier but he was still concerned about one thing and that thing was Raphael. For the past couple of months he has been almost smothering you, not leaving you alone for too long. He always seemed to get to you first when you entered the lair and it took a lot for her to get away from him and into Donnie’s lab.

This frustrated the purple clad turtle to no end and it also kind of scared him. When Raph finds out, he just might beat the living daylights out of him. Donnie was so deep in thought he didn’t even hear you walk into the lair. Only when he heard Raph’s booming voice did he realize that you arrived. He groaned, wondering how he was going to pry you away from his older brother’s line of sight this time.

“(Y/n)! How’s it goin? You look good today!” you smiled at Raph and thanked him.

“Aw Raph, you’re just trying to butter me up.” you said and punched his arm lightly. “Hey, where’s Donnie?” you asked before Raph even got to ask you to play video games with him like he had planned. He felt anger rising in his chest quickly. You did this to him every time! He came to you every time you came over and yet you always run to Donnie! A-a geek! An egghead!!

“Hey, wha-what’s with you?” he asked suddenly. You turned around and looked at him innocently.

“What are you talking about?”

“You…you never wanna hang out with me anymore. Every time you come over now you go straight for-for four eyes!” At that point Raph’s jealousy and anger had started to get the better of him and he was starting to spew words that he didn’t mean. You knew exactly who he was talking about and that definitely made you mad.

“Excuse me? His name is Donatello.” you growled. This was when Donnie had just walked out of his lab to greet you, but instead walked into an argument between you and his brother.

“Uh, hey (Y/n),” Donnie said shyly. You looked behind you and saw Donnie standing outside of his lab and waved at you.

“Hey, Don.” you said a little awkwardly as Raph angrily looked between the two of you, already getting the idea of what exactly has been going on. You quickly walked past Donnie and into his lab. Donnie mustered up some courage to glare at Raph for a breif second before following you into the lab and shutting the door loudly. He had made you upset, so now Donnie felt a little upset too. You felt a mixture of emotions. Anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt… You knew what was happening now. Raph must be jealous and you have had no intentions of hurting the guy…but didn’t he know that you and Donnie were together? I mean, everyone else did. Or maybe Raph just didn’t pay attention.

“(Y/n), are you okay? What happened?” asked Donnie gently, moving and strand of hair away from your face. Though, he already could guess what happened.

“Raph just got pissed at me for wanting to hang out with you!  Donnie, I don’t think that he knows we’re dating.” you said grimly. Donnie only nodded his head.

“Yeah, I figured that out not too long ago but kept quiet about it. I hoped he would catch on but he hasn’t yet. I do think he’s starting to have suspicions though.” explained Donnie. You sighed and sat in his lab chair and he kneeled in front of you, grabbing your hands gently and played with them.

“I never meant to hurt him…he’s my friend.” you said as tears brimmed your eyes. Donnie frowned and wiped away the ones that had escaped down your cheeks. Suddenly the door of the lab opened and Raph slowly stepped in, looking at the ground.

“(Y/n), I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know-I-UGH. What I’m trying to say is…I didn’t know, but now I do. I was uh…I was eavesdroppin’…” Raph mumbled, feeling embarrassed.

You smiled and walked up to Raph and gave him a hug which he gladly returned. “Thank you Raph. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.” you said softly. Raph just smiled and let you go. You and Donnie stood side by side happily, his arm around your shoulders as you both happily smiled at each other.

“Besides,” Raph began, making you and Donnie look at him. “you two look good together.”

Someone From Louden Swain Is In Love With Me And All I Got Was This Song Written About Me

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Based on this one post by @lamthetwickster AND a request from @a-vast-african-plain “Hi I was wondering if you could do a prophet!Chuck x reader where he and the reader used to date in high school, but broke up when they went to college because they didn’t want to have a long distance relationship, and then he goes to his high school reunion and sees the reader for the first time in years and they still have feelings for each other? And could it be a little smutty? Pretty please with strawberry syrup and marshmallows on top?” 


A/N: I know it’s SUUUUPER different from the original request, but I loved this version and am a teeny bit proud of it so. ALSO IM SORRY ITS SO BAD IM RUSHING IT. 

Originally posted by kidneys-and-custard

(have a cute Rob)

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It’s dangerous (Pt.1)

Genre: Honestly who fucking knows (Angst/fluff)

Pairing: Mafia!Jungkook X reader (Ik it’s been a lot of Jungkook lately but ppl keep requesting him and I’m a people pleaser so fuck it)

Fandom: BTS

Words: 2k

Summary: Getting kidnapped by a hot guy and going to a house filled with more hot guys wasn’t the first thing you planned to do on the way home. Jungkook tried to make you feel comfortable since it was a misunderstanding but letting you not go home wasn’t the most settling thing. 

Warnings: Kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome, violence, and explicit language

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Originally posted by bangts

You were standing on the subway, looking down at your phone. There you were endlessly scrolling down the dashboard of your blog. An announcement over the intercom goes off with pleasant voice saying the name of your stop. When the subway finally made it’s stop you walked out onto the platform. It was a tiring day and you couldn’t wait to just go home and lay down. When you got to the street, you starting to get this weird feeling someone was staring at you. You self consciously looked around to see someone in the far distance. He had his face covered by his hood Maybe you were just being paranoid for no reason? Then again you started to think about the rising crime rates that seemed to be happening in your city. You remembered the trick to see if someone is following you is to keep making left turns until you come back in a circle. One turn, he was still there. Second time, he was still there. This was starting to get really unsettling. On the third left turn before you could check to see if he was there something came down and covered your face. You struggled but felt someone holding you down. A small pinch of what you assumed was a needle was being pressed into you. Within a few seconds you blacked out. 

“Who the hell is she, Jungkook?? God, I should have known better than to send you to do something like this.” A voice, complained.

You opened your eyes to see two very attractive guys arguing. When you tried to move you realized your hands were bind behind your back.

“Huh? Boss, I think she’s awake. What do we do?”

“You figure it out. You’re the one who kidnapped the wrong girl.” Namjoon snapped.

Jungkook came walking over to you, getting down one knee. You flinched, afraid of what was going on.

“Who the hell are you?! What am I doing here? Please don’t kill me, I really can’t die right now. I haven’t done anything i’ve wanted to do yet. I’ve just been wasting my life doing a job I hate and going home alone all the time-”

He put his hand over your mouth. “I get it. You can stop.”

He could feel you shaking and actually started to pity you.

“I’m not going to kill you…that I know of. Look, I wasn’t even supposed to bring you here but it was dark and I thought you were someone else. Problem is…You now know what we look like. I can’t have the cops coming here or my boss will literally have my head.”

He moves his hand slowly off your mouth and brushes his thumb against your lips.

“Lucky for me you’re pretty. How about you agree to work here and sleep here until I know I can trust you? Hmm? I’ll promise not to hurt you.”

You blushed. “You think I’m going to trust someone I don’t know? Are you an idiot??”

He sighed. “Watch your mouth, princess. Remember your life is in my hands? Now i’m gonna let your hands go but you can’t try to run.”

You nodded, just wanting the tight zip-ties off your wrists. Jungkook pulled the knife from his pocket and cut you lose. 



He smiled. “It’s not that I want to hurt you. Trust me, I don’t but I have to take care of the rest of my gang.”

“Gang?” You asked, still not really knowing what this place was.

“Yeah. This is the “hide out” for our gang. We’re a part of the mafia. The plan was to kidnap this girl who was the heir to her family’s money and get the ransom. I was sent a picture of her and everything. From the back you guys look almost the same…but I guess now it does make sense since I followed you onto a subway.”

“I definitely don’t have the money you’re looking for and I don’t really have anyone who’d put out a ransom award for me either.” you mumbled

Jimin stood in the doorway. “Don’t you think you’re telling her too much?”

When you looked over at him your eyes met. Damn, what the hell was this gang? It seems like the requirement for joining is to be as hot as possible. Jimin smiled, noticing you staring.

“I guess she is cute.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Back off. You already have a girlfriend.”

Jimin scoffed. “HAD. She dumped me remember? For sleeping with that girl…even though it wasn’t much of a choice. It’s kind of my job.”

Your eyes widened. “You’re a prostitute?”

Jungkook burst out laughing. “Basically.”

Jimin crossed his arms. “I am not! I don’t always have sex with clients we just had a long term agreement. Someone has to make negotiations in this group and if they are willing to give us whatever just for me to sleep with them, that’s fine! You should be thanking me. We wouldn’t have half of this shit without me.”

Jungkook stood up and held a hand out to you. “Come on. I’m gonna show you around. Ignore Jimin.”

You stood up, taking his hand. This was a mafia gang? They just seemed like regular people aside from the weapons that were sitting around the room. Well, you guess it would be best not to found out what they are like when they’re pissed. When jungkook took you out of the basement the corridor was huge. 

“Do you all live here?” You asked, curiously.

“Not really. This is more of a place where we work and deal with other gangs. Of course there are rooms though in case we have to stay overnight. Which is what I’ll have to be doing as you stay here. I can’t have you run off on me.” He said with a smile. 

Well that was a little less comforting. Jungkook took you to another room where the rest of the members were. Namjoon’s eyes shifted to you and then at Jungkook.

“I thought you were going to take care of her?”

He held your hand. “I am. She’s going to be our little assistant for the time being.”

“Trying to get over your ex, huh?”

Jungkook avoided eye contact. “She’s gone and I don’t care about her anymore. I was the one who broke up with her. That’s not the point the point is I now have-…..What’s your name, babe?”


“I now have Y/N.”

Namjoon sighed. “Okay, but your responsible for her.”

“What am I a pet??” You thought to yourself. 

Jungkook moved passed Namjoon and started to introduce you to everyone else. They all greeted you sweetly and welcoming. It was a little strange but you would take this over them threatening your life. Still, you couldn’t help but think about a way to escape. This place gave an off putting vibe that you couldn’t shake. Maybe when you laid down at night time you could sneak out the window. Granted, you might have to move to another city just so they wouldn’t find you again. As handsome and smooth talking these guys were they were still strangers, and gang members at that. 

“Y/N? Did you hear me?” Jungkook asked.

You were too busy being in your head again.

“Huh? Sorry, I spaced out.”

“I asked what you wanted to eat. You’re probably hungry since it’s late. I can get you whatever you want.” He smiled.

You were starving after accidentally skipping lunch and hoping to go straight home to eat. 

“Uh. Well, Anythings fine…”

He nodded. “I guess you’re not that picky.”

Was that a compliment? Jungkook took you into the kitchen, letting you sit at the table as he attempted to make something for you.

“If you guys have all this money why don’t you have someone else cook for you?” You asked.

He pushed his sleeves up. “Namjoon isn’t too big on outsiders getting involved. They will eventually figure out what we do and then we have to take a risk on them turning us in. I mean, I get it but it would be nice to have someone help around here.”

You leaned your face on your hand. “….Why do you do it?”

“Cook? I just told you-”

“No. I mean this gang stuff.”

He gave a small smile as if he was reliving his old memories in his head. 

“I’ve known these guys for a long time. They practically raised me and I guess I paid them back with my loyalty. It’s not like i’d have much else going on.”

“You didn’t want to get a job or buy your own house when you grew up? You could have gotten married or something. I guess being a gang member isn’t stopping you if you had a girlfriend before like Namjoon said .Unless, you broke up with her because of this gang?”

His smile suddenly faded. “Let’s stop talking about me.”

You realized you must have said something wrong. Now the kitchen was completely silent besides the sound of him cooking. You didn’t know how to start up another conversation in risk of pissing him off again. He placed the plate in front of you.

“Thank you..” You told him.

He didn’t say anything and left the room. Whatever you said, it must have really been worse than what you thought. After you finished eating, you went out to find him. The place was pretty big and most of the doors were shut so you didn’t really know where to even start to look. When you turned around you practically ran into someone’s chest.

“I-I’m so sorry!” 

Taehyung smiled. “How cute…I was trying to scare you anyway. It was my fault for getting too close”

“um…Have you seen Jungkook?”

He smirked. “What do I get if I tell you?”

Another person from behind you grabbed your wrist, pulling you away from Taehyung. It was Jimin.

“God, What is with you and flirting with other people’s girls? Is it that hard for you to get laid?” He scoffed.

Tae rolled his eyes. “She was just kidnapped by him. Do you honestly think she’s going to want to date him?”

“But you can tell he’s into her. Piss off, would you?” Jimin started walking off with you.

“Sorry. He’s kind of oblivious to boundaries sometimes.” He apologized.

You shook your head. “It’s fine-….Did you see Jungkook? Is he mad at me? He won’t hurt me…right?”

Jimin looked over at you. “It’ll take some getting used to, to finally get over this whole gang thing. Hell, me and my ex girlfriend weren’t always on the same page when it came to my work but she learned to accept it for the most part. We aren’t evil despite what you may believe. We aren’t out there killing innocent people and robbing them. We only do harm to people who are already corrupt. This might be a little hard to believe since you’re being forced here…but he’s not a bad guy. He’s probably close to being the most sane. We are just doing things so we can survive. Like you staying here. We wouldn’t normally do this but we can’t have you going around telling people.”

He stopped walking when the two of you met at a bedroom door. 

“He’s probably in here.” Jimin said, letting go of your wrist. 

“Thanks..for helping me.”

He smiled and waved, leaving you by yourself. You opened the door to walk in on Jungkook taking his shirt off and pulling it over his head. You didn’t see much but took notice of the scar on his chest. You blushed.

“S-sorry I didn’t know you were changing-”

He shrugged. “You can sit on the bed.”

“While you change..?”

He looked amused. “What? Does it bother you that bad?”

“Not if it doesn’t bother you, I guess.” You came over and sat down on the bed.

Jungkook started putting his new clothes on and threw some of his clothes over at you.

“Sorry, You’re gonna have to wear these. This is my guest room and I don’t have any girl’s clothes.”

“It’s fine. I usually wear a t-shirt to bed anyway.” You sat there with them in your lap. 

“…..Aren’t you gonna get dressed?”

You realized he was waiting. “Oh. Right. Um. Just turn around..”

He laughed. “I wasn’t going to stare at you anyway. Even though it’s fair game after you were watching me change.”

He turned around as you asked and faced the wall. 

You took off the clothes you were wearing and changed into his. He waited patiently until you finally told him he could look again. He stared for a second. 

“…What?” You asked.

Jungkook shook his head. “Huh? Oh. nothing. You just…look cute wearing my clothes.”

“Follow me, really quick.” 

You stood up and followed behind him as you two left the room. He took you down the hall to the bathroom, pulling a new toothbrush out of the cabinet. Jungkook handed it to you and grabbed his own. God, this whole situation is weird. Standing in front of the mirror brushing your teeth with him made you feel like you were a married couple, minus the fact you were trapped. There was a knock on the bathroom door and Yoongi poked his head in the door. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d actually be spending the night here.”

Jungkook looked back at him. “I have to. Plus you do it all the time when you stay behind and pull all nighters.”

“Yeah but someone has to plan out the stuff we do. We can’t just commit crimes and expect to get away with them. Anyway, I just came to tell you that i’m going home today so you’re the only one in the house. Night” He waved.

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, Night.”

When Yoongi left the room Jungkook turned the light off and walked you back to the bedroom. The house was a lot more quiet compared to earlier. You stopped when you remembered there was only one bed.

“Wait. Are we sleeping together?”

He gave you a look. “I can’t put you in a separate room and still be able to watch over you.”

You nodded and slowly crawled into the bed despite doubting how much sleep you would actually get. He turned the lights off and came over to lay down as well. After a few minutes of pure silence he opened his mouth.

“…I’m sorry I got a little sensitive earlier…”

You faced him. “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have just said careless stuff..”

He stared up at the ceiling. “No. You were right. I did want a separate life from this stuff. I dated her for a year and a half and surprisingly I think I fell in love with her…little did I know she didn’t love me at all. One night when we were laying down I felt her get up. I wasn’t asleep yet so I asked where she was going and she just freak out. She ran over to me and stabbed me saying things like, “Leave me alone! Did you really think I’d fall in love with someone like you? I was afraid if I left you’d kill me but if you’re dead then I can finally be free..” For a while I just laid there and bled on the bed not even trying to chase after her when she left. I was in shock more than anything. Lucky for me the knife wasn’t that big and she wasn’t strong enough to push it in deep enough. I was embarrassed and depressed about the whole thing so I didn’t tell the other members…”

You suddenly felt bad that she ran off on him, seeing the tears in his eyes.

“Is that how you got the scar on your chest?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I told them I got it in a fight. It’s pretty pathetic.”

Jungkook turned and faced you too. “I know today must have been a lot for you but I’m kinda glad this turned out the way it did. You listen pretty well.”

You blushed, seeing his face so close to yours. At least he wouldn’t be able to notice. 

“Y-yeah..Goodnight, Jungkook.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” 

Damn. Now you didn’t have the guts to run off on him after he said all of that. Maybe staying here wouldn’t be so bad?

"The storm before the calm" - joe sugg imagine

“Joe sugg imagine where you are dating and he has the boys over and he starts saying things to them like "shes clingy” etc"
You and joe had been together for about 11 month’s now and your one year was coming up very soon

“Morning baby” you said to joe as you came down the stairs and wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed his bare shoulder

“Morning.” He said moving out of your arm’s and over to the other counter

He had been acting really weird lately and you didnt like it

He never showed you affection as much as he used to and it made you feel like you were ugly

Or that he might be cheating

“The boy’s will be over in 10.” He said with no emotion as he sat on the sofa

“I’ll stay upstairs then.” You saod a bit upset as you grabbed your brekfast and coffee and walked back up the stairs to your shared room

The shared room you seemed to sleep in by yourself latley

Ever since joe asked you to live with him 2 month’s ago you noticed that he had been off 

It was starting to get to you as you sat and thought about it while eating your breakfast

About 7 minutes later you heard a bang on the front door and then a road of voices take over the house

You smiled as you heard joe laugh at something that oli had said

Sighing to yourself you threw your jacket on as you decided you would go for a walk seeing as you were already in your sports stuff and ready

As you walked down the stairs you stopped a few steps down and sat on them as you listened

“Where’s the miss?” Oli said

“How have you guys been? Its coming up to almost a year now!” Conor said with excitement

“Why the sad face?” Casper asked

You could hear the concern in his voice and smiled at the though of him looking out for joe

“I don’t know…” joe said

“What do you mean?” Jacks voice added

“She’s just been so…..clingy latley…” joe said

You frowned and listened more closely

“Oh? Are you having second thoughts on being with her?” Josh asked

He followed with a “ouch” as one of the boy’s must have hit him

“I feel…..yeah….i guess….” joe said

You held back tears as you got up and grabbed your plate and walked into the living room bit where they all sat

Walking iver to the kitchen counter you placed the plate down a bit too hard making it smash

Grabbing your handbag and car key’s you made your way to the front door but turned to look at him when your name was called

“What? Listen joe if you can’t have the fucking ball’s to come to me about OUR own god damn relationship problem’s then clearly this isn’t working out. So consider the "clingyness” gone because im done.“ You said as you threw your house key at him and walked out

"Wait y/n!” He said as you threw your bag in the car you were about to get in when his hand slammed the car door closed

“Please wait…i…uh…i didn’t mean it…” he said rushing his word’s

“Really joe because it sure seemd like you did” you said as you tried to move him but he wouldn’t budge

He ran a hand through his hair, something you always melted at

“No i didn’t. It was stupid of me to say. God damn it! Im sorry okay?!” He said getting frustrated with himself

You tried to push him away again but his arms wrapped them selfs around you this time holding you as you hit him

“Let. Me. Go.” You said histting and pushing him

“No.” He said

“Yes!” You said still pushing

“God damit. Just listen!” He yelled at you causing you to stop

That was the first time joe had ever yelled ever.

He sighed and looked at you and then looked somewhere else

“I only said what i said because….i…agh” when joe didn’t know what to say that was your favorite type of joe but right now you weren’t sure

Rain started to pour above you two as you stood away from him a little now

“Joe..” you began but were cut off

“I love you okay?….i don’t know how to feel about that because I’ve never loved anyone before…” he said throwing his arms up as rain poured on you both making his hair stick to his face

“Im fucking terrible at keeping people in my life….my natural instinct is to fuck you off after so Long because i dont want to get hurt.” He said

“Im scared to love because i know im going to fail you or fuck up somewhere so my natural instict is to push you away.”

You had tears slightly in your eyes and you thanked god that it was dark and raining

You looked at him to see him gripping his hair

Walking up to him you placed your hands on his and pulled them down so the were around your waist

You wrapped your arm’s around his neck as his head went to your neck

You knew he was crying and when joe cried it broke your heart

You let a few tears fall as rain still poured and you cuddled him in your arm’s

You pulled away after a little bit and lifted his head gently

“I love you too joe…please don’t push me away because im not hear to hurt you im here to help and love you…”

He looked at you and grabbed your face in his hands and smashed his lips to your’s in a passionate kiss

“I love you…please don’t leave…” he said

“I wont, i love you too” you said

“You know, we just crossed something off my bucket list” he said smirking

“Whats that?” You asked

“To be kissed in the rain by someone i love” he said dipping you down and kissing you again.

What went down in Copycat
  • Alya: I think it's time you called Adrien
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: you mean about your crush on him? or about some deep and incredibly plot-relevant secret that you're keeping from everyone?
  • Marinette: um...the first one? bc I defs don't have any secrets
  • Alya: yeah I think he already knows you have a crush on him
  • Alya: and probs your secret too honestly
  • Alya: I think we all know about that
  • Marinette: oh come on lemme just call him already
  • Phone: hello you've reached Adrien Agreste, fashion disaster extraordinare, and I think you're stunningly gorgeous
  • Marinette: AAAAAAAAH
  • Phone: psyche, this is his auto-responder, just leave your message now
  • Phone: message saved!
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: for once I agree
  • Marinette: imma steal his phone
  • Alya: you're gonna what now
  • Marinette: it's what I do best
  • Alya: kk well imma go to this ceremony thing where they're gonna unveil that statue of you
  • Alya: yeah you're defs keepin that secret identity hidden from everyone
  • Adrien: *is cool and has a sword*
  • Plagg: you have one new message!
  • Adrien: lemme listen to it
  • Plagg: oh it's not recorded
  • Plagg: I answered the phone and pretended to be your auto-responder
  • Adrien: well who was it and what did they say?
  • Plagg: it was Marinette basically just being herself
  • Adrien: gotcha
  • Plagg: shouldn't we go to the statue thing
  • Adrien: yep! Plagg, catify me!
  • Chat Noir: *allons-y's himself over to the park*
  • Théo: hey Chat Noir where's Ladybug?
  • Chat Noir: defs on a date with me
  • Théo: um what
  • Chat Noir: you can kiss your chances with her goodbye
  • Théo: I didn't even—
  • Théo: that was weird
  • Théo: anyway I'm sure she's doing something very important
  • Tikki: which one
  • Marinette: ALL OF THEM
  • Tikki: I think maybe you should calm down
  • Tikki: here I found the phone now calm down!
  • Tikki: ok how are you gonna do that
  • Marinette: *spikes phone into the ground*
  • Tikki: I guess that works
  • Chat Noir: well she didn't show up so she defs loves me more than you
  • Théo: why are you going on about th—
  • Théo: fine imma go get akumatized I guess
  • Hawkmoth: hey Théo do you wanna replace that guy
  • Théo: that guy?
  • Hawkmoth: that guy
  • Théo: why would I wanna be that guy
  • Hawkmoth: idk maybe you could steal valuable artworks?
  • Théo: ok I guess
  • Copycat: *steals the Mona Lisa*
  • Roger: ok officers listen up
  • Roger: so Chat Noir's stolen a painting and this is definitely him and there's nothing suspicious about it despite his past behavior not matching this in the slightest
  • Roger: so here's our foolproof plan
  • Roger: when he shows up and says the cat burglar was an imposter imma pretend to believe him
  • Roger: and then imma lead him to where the painting was
  • Roger: and imma trip the alarm to close the gate and trap him in there
  • Roger: and then I'll leave him unsupervised because he defs doesn't have any powers that could break through a metal gate
  • Roger: and that's how we'll capture him bc this is the best possible plan
  • Chat Noir: I'm standing right here
  • Roger: oh hey Chat Noir! you wanna see the site of the burglary
  • Chat Noir: I was gonna be cooperative but you just said you're planning to trap me so instead imma run away
  • Roger: chase after him! with helicopters!
  • Chat Noir: *evades helicopters*
  • Ladybug: *calls Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: so just a hunch but the akumatized villain is probs that sculptor guy who said he was gonna go get akumatized
  • Ladybug: kk where you at
  • Chat Noir: I must face him alone
  • Ladybug: ok but here's a better idea
  • Ladybug: what if you face him alone but with backup from me
  • Chat Noir: oh yeah that's way better and I probs won't die now
  • Copycat: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: I guess the cat's out of the bag
  • Copycat: dammit! I was just about to say that! stop stealing my puns
  • Chat Noir: stop stealing my identity
  • Copycat: ok that's a valid piece of criticism and now imma beat you up
  • Ladybug: and imma beat up both of you!
  • Chat Noir: what really?
  • Ladybug: jk no, I have no spoons for this fight
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *spoon happens*
  • Ladybug: correction, I have one spoon for this fight
  • Copycat: you can't beat me with a spoon!
  • Ladybug: *beats him with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: no that one's him this is me
  • Ladybug: whoops
  • *beats the actual Copycat with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Alya: so Marinette do you still have Adrien's phone
  • Marinette: yeah it's here. and there. and there.
  • Alya: you spiked it into the ground, didn't you
  • Marinette: mebbe
  • Alya: well I'm sure he'll defs date you now
  • Adrien: *defs dates her*
  • Alya: WHAT
Leon Draisaitl #2


Apologizes for not writing/posting lately, I just couldn’t get anything good but this came up! Wether it’s good or not I posted yay, enjoy :) Requests are still open, just don’t expect them to be written within a day

Word Count: 1,954

Originally posted by mattyymarts

You really didn’t want to go out to some party tonight. Sure it was a Friday night and you had a long week that was well deserving in a drink, but partying just didn’t seem appealing today. Add the fact the moment you got there you realized this wasn’t about to be just some normal party and you were so ready to go home. 

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~~~Start at the Beginning~~~

”Y’know, make it up. Pretend to be in a relationship with someone. Can’t be that hard to fake, right?” it was still a stupid idea, but Todd was actually pretty invested in it now. He leaned forward, folding his arms. “C’mon, think about it- you got any other desperate homeless friends?”

Yellow sat up fully, glancing between Todd and the paper. The storm clouds parted, and the sunniest smile Todd had ever seen broke across his face. “Well, now that you mention it, one fellow does spring to mind…”

Flatmates/Fake-Dating AU, based on the TV show ‘Spaced’.

Todd meets Dirk when both are homeless and stuck in a rut- Todd fresh out of the band, Dirk fresh out of England- and find the perfect apartment. The catch? It’s professional couple only. Dirk proposes a ruse, and Todd’s too desperate to be picky. With the help of their friends- Farah, Todd’s trigger-happy ex-crush from college; Bart, Dirk’s terrifying ex-bodyguard from boarding school; Ken, the mysterious computer guy downstairs- they must keep their landlady Amanda Mandelbrot believing the lie, and learn to navigate the wonderful world of being ‘independent adults’.

What could go wrong?

Hey guys! Guess what? IT’S BIG BANG TIME!

Anyone remember that Spaced AU I wrote a lil teaser of once? Well, I’ve polished it up, poured my heart and soul into it, massively extended it (60K Y’ALL), and now it’s up for your reading pleasure!

You can read it RIGHT HERE on Ao3!!!

ALSO, stay tuned for GLORIOUS ACCOMPANYING ART by @bearaiin!!! It’s been just FAB working with you, darling- you have mad skillz! <3

Let’s give a massive shout-out to the Big Bang mods for setting this all up, yeah? Nice one bros! I had a blast! ^_^

Happy reading, my darlings! Hope you like <3

anonymous asked:

i laughed so much when soraru said "my crotch is glowing" in the soramafu snipperclips game vid. it's probably his most iconic quote this year. do you have any fave quotes (or phrases and such) from soraru/mafumafu?

Hahaha I loved that too :P I gotta admit that I love dirty jokes so that’s where my mind is jumping for “favorite Soramafu quotes” but I’ll restrain myself on that one www
I must say that I’ve actually been trying to think up good answers to this question for days now and I’m totally drawing a blank?? One of my favorite recent Soramafu exchanges was Soraru’s trainwreck in clay-charades in Hikitabi 2, when he was trying to convey the word “Spain” with clay by building a “spanish omelette.” I’m paraphrasing heavily but it was like this:

Everyone: (yelling at him for making something impossible to guess)
Soraru: I think it should have been pretty easy for you guys? (smug voice) Oh, that’s right, you guys have never been to Spain, so you wouldn’t know.
Mafumafu: …Do you guys see what I have to deal with? This is my unit partner. He makes my life so difficult

Hey there!

I’m back with a small advice post. By this time last year, I was busy as hell, stressing over my personal statement, so i guess most of you guys must be doing so now, especially the ones that are applying for medical school or some unis that have earlier deadlines.

It takes a lot of work to do a good personal statement, but it’s not either something to be too stressed about it. I’ll tell you some of the stuff that I did or was advised to do, so you can write a great ps!

disclaimer: I’m talking from my personal experience. Feel free to use/not use this advice. I’m only doing this post because I received some great help while writing mine, and then got accepted into every uni I applied to, so, while I don’t think I’m better than anybody else for this, I want to help people who might be feeling too stressed, and to share some of the advice that helped me get through.

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16 for tsukkiyama maybe?

16. A Naughty Kiss 

(Okay, NGL I had a lot of trouble with the definition of ‘a naughty kiss’ so I had to consult a few friends before I got to this.  Between 5 people I got a really wide range of interpretations so I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what you were looking for in ‘a naughty kiss.’)


Movie night in the Tsukishima household started as a custom instilled by Akiteru in a desperate attempt to keep Yamaguchi coming back to their home and to keep him as Kei’s only friend.  Proudly he watched as his baby brother went from having ‘a-guy-I-know-from-school’ to ‘a friend’ to a ‘best friend.’  The ‘boyfriend’ step was unexpected and not in the original plan, but so long as they were both happy, Akiteru wanted only to be a loving, supportive older brother.

So the movie nights continued from custom into tradition, and Akiteru was happy to hang out with them on his visits home from college… but the cuddling definitely left him feeling less like a third wheel and more like a vestigial toe most people tried to ignore until they could get it removed.  It was time for some house rules.

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