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Cozy Asks✨

Hot Chocolate: Favorite warm drink?

Blankets: How many pillows do you sleep with?

Dreams: If you could have any view outside your window, what would it be?

Stars: Who would you bring to spend a night under the stars with you?

Moonlight: Are you afraid of the dark?

Candles: What series are you currently watching?

Rainy Days: Do you find raining at night peaceful? Does it help you sleep?

Fairy Lights: How do you like to light up your room? 

Sunset: How do you like to spend your evenings?

Twilight: What is your favorite song at the minute?

Seasons: Are you a summer person, a fall person, or a winter person?

Thunderstorm: Would you rather wake up to the sound of the rain or sunlight through the window?

Forest: Describe your perfect day off

Aura: What is your star sign?

Pumpkin Spice: What is your favorite perfume? Can you describe it?

Charmed: Do you own anything that brings you good luck?

Smores: What is your favorite dessert?

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Hey do you know any multi chapter Lieutenant Ducking five? Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Or Princess Emma and Pirate Hook ? Thank you ❤️

Oh, goodness, I’m so terrible at making lists off the top of my head. Looking through tags of some fellow CSers, I’ve come up with several, but sorry, most of these are oneshots, dear. I’ve marked the multi-chapter ones with **asterisks:

This Be the Verse by @mahstatins

A Special Gift by @kaizokujester

you and i by @cutieodonoghue

**Dover Beach by @ooshka-babooshka

Time After Time by @dassala

Her Happy Beginning by @katie-dub

**The Princess and the Apple Tree by @stubble-sandwich

The Ghost and the Mask by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Come Away with Me by @bleebug

Fall by the seaside (get lost in the current) by @georgianablythe16

**As Destiny Has Its Eyes On You by @winterbaby89

No One Needs to Know by @hook-come-back-to-me

**marry me, he said by @bisexualwillscarlet

**i’ve lived a long bloody time by @emmashappybegining

**True Love Will Always Find A Way by @marajade4s

**Seized by @ardentcsshipper

And, from CS Fic Promos:

**A Lieutenant Duckling Story by CaptainSwanLove

Oh Sailor Mine by @heomomka


(GIF is not mine, but I adore it) 

Requested: No! But the new trailer gave me so many ideas!

Warnings: Fluff, Angst. 


Everything has happened so quickly. You walked away from Peter for one second to go grab a drink and just like that your feet were dangling in the air, a tight metal arm wrapped around your waist.

 When you let out a blood curling scream the gymnasium became silent–and everyone looked your way. You struggled, making your heels fall off and hit the tile floor with a ‘clank’–and Peter looked at you helplessly, unsure how to exit without ‘Vulture’ noticing.

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warbreaker thoughts
  • ok reading vasher is so odd after already having met him as zahel like? am i getting to know you all over again? did I ever know you? boy what are you UP. TO.
  • maybe he’s figuring out a way to fall off this planet and land on another one
  • and lose his sword (child) while he’s at it
  • Sisirinah “I have no one to complain to so I will complain at anyone within earshot even if it is a guard who thinks they’re sending me to my death” princess of Idris everyone
  • ok but for some reason I kept picturing oberyn martell as denth ??
  • i was whetevs on tonk fah unTIL he “lost” his pets
  • screw him
  • vivenna is so so important
  • like how of often do we get to see our male characters get brought to the absolute bottom and then change for the better? 
  • answer is: all the time
  • how often do we see that happen to female characters tho??
  • like i love how she starts off pretty conservative, closed minded and kinda haughty but she gradually learns to be more accepting and less naive, but never bitter or resentful. i love vivenna. 
  • siri and susebron were so cute. so cute. like ma girl got herself a MAN 
  • loved ligthsong, aka actual God of Snark and Memes bravery 
  • also thank u branderson for Vasher, who you expect to be the epitome of assholish anti hero with 0 Feelings ™ but is actually going around being slightly socially awkward and fixing everyone’s messes. 
  • thank u for this book

How to intern: cross-cover /night float edition

This is not meant to be taken as strict fact. It’s simply one method to stay organized. And, when you’re charged with providing care for a lot of people, organization is key to making sure nothing falls through the gaps.

First off, I put very specific columns on my cross cover or night float patient lists. Room#, patient name (MRN), code status (way important), active problems, abx and drip coverage, plan, and a blank heading. Most of these are self explanatory. I keep the last section blank so I can jot down whatever important events happened today as reported by the primary team. You never know when you’ll need some of this info to put out fires overnight. I add new admissions to the bottom of the list in the same style as the printed list. I then use the flipped corner to write down the basic story and what my immediate plan it. This makes it easy to present new patients to the day team the next morning.

By folding your patient list you can make additional space for notes. On one side, I jot down all the stuff I’m supposed to follow-up on check box style. On the other side, I write down any significant overnight events, meds given, results, etc.

I also tend to throw in some highlighter color coding as well. Green for my f/u tasks and pink to highlight my watcher/unstable patients.

Miss Model

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 563

Part 4 of Utter Perfection

After Cas left, you sat on the end of your bed and reached down, slowly slipping off your heels. Your mind was reeling. He’d looked so happy when you saw him. Getting up, you took off your jewelry and dress, letting them fall to the end of the bed.

Once you were in a shirt and shorts, you brushed out your hair, and then pulled it up into a messy bun. Your bare feet moved you towards your bedroom door, and you felt like a zombie. All you wanted, was to wash the makeup off your face, crawl into bed, and do anything besides think of Crowley.

Crowley knew what you were thinking, it wasn’t hard to figure out. What it was, however, was completely wrong. After he’d destroyed far too many demons, he snapped himself to you. His eyes moved from the end of your bed, up your sleeping form, to your face. You were hugging your pillow tightly, and it was still damp from your tears.

His eyes fell for a moment before he moved forward, licking his lips. “Love?” He spoke up. You shifted, but didn’t wake. “Love, please, I need to speak with you.”

“Why aren’t you speaking to miss Model?” You sighed, not looking up at him.

His hands were in his pockets, not wanting to make you uncomfortable by sitting down. “She’d be more likely to wind up in your bed than mine, I can promise you that.” Crowley told you, a slightly amused look on his face at how you stared at him.

Shaking your head, you sat up, furrowed brows. “Wait, what?” You asked, still getting rid of the sleep induced brain fog. “Why would she be in mine?”

That made him laugh, his head went back and everything. “I don’t have the parts she’s interested in, pet.” He said gently, wondering how long it would take you to catch on.

After a moment, you blushed. “OH!” You buried your face in your hands, chuckling. “Oh, God.” You groaned. Sighing, you sat back, looking at him. “I’m so sorry.” You said softly. “I saw the way you lit up with her, and how different her body was.”

“And your insecurities got the better of you, didn’t they?” He asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You nodding, wiping a tear from your cheek. “I think because I was scared.” He gave you a moment to add to that if you wanted to. “I had planned to sleep with you when we got back.”

Crowley’s eyebrows went up. “That I was not expecting.” He admitted. You bit your lip, still blushing. “Care to know what we were discussing?”

“First, can you come kiss me?” You asked bashfully. “I can’t believe I acted like that.”

Snapping his fingers, you were in his chambers. “How about I hold you, as well?” You were in his dress shirt- the same one you wore your first night there. When you smiled, he crawled into bed, in just his boxers, his arms open for you.

You leaned down, kissing him gently before resting your head on his chest. “So, what were you talking to her about?” You asked, your fingers drawing lines on his chest.

Crowley grinned, although you didn’t see it. “I asked her to hunt down the perfect ring to ask you to be my Queen.”

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Carry On Chapter 44

“Simon!” Baz cries out again. “Wait! They’re not dark creatures!” He gets to the end of the ramparts, but instead of stopping, he leaps up on top of the wall, then out over the moat—just takes a running jump off the building! And doesn’t fall! He floats out over the moat and lands on the other side. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.
The dragon must think so, too, because it stops struggling with me and follows Baz with its head.
Its wings are beating less furiously. It almost lolls in the air, dipping in Baz’s direction and snuffling little puffs of fire.
Baz runs towards us, then stands with his legs apart, his wand in the air.
“Baz!” I yell. “No! You’re flammable!”
“So is everything!” he shouts back at me.
But he’s already pointing at the dragon and casting a spell:
“Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home, your house is on fire, and your children are gone.”

-Carry on by Rainbow Rowell 

(see all my snowbaz gifs)

Okay I'm sick of this

Each and every anti chanting “HES 15 STOP SHIPPING HIM!!!!” Is making me so uncomfortable. You know what my first kiss was? Me and someone else in theatre. You wanna know how old that person was? 18. They had turned 18 2 months prior. You know how old I was? 14 with my birthday is 5 months away. It was fun it was cool. You know what it wasn’t? PEDOPHILIA!!! God you guys start to make me feel sick about the whole thing. We are still best friends! She’s going off to college this fall and I’m going into my second year of highschool. It’s literally not a big deal or pedophilia. You know what else I’ve done? Danced and sang Dead Girl Walking from the heathers musical with a senior friend. You know what happens in that song? Making out and basically an on stage sex scene (both our shirts are off, my skirt is hiked up and there’s like humping and making out) but guess what???!!!! ITS ACTING!!!! ITS FOR SHOW!!!! IM A YEAR YOUNGER THAN YURA AND HONESTLY A GOOD AMOUNT OF THINGS I HAVE DONE ARE MORE SEXUAL THAN HIS ONE SHOW!!! You guys need to chill the fuck out. It’s normal. Stop flipping shit about a two second thing of Beka pulling Yuri’s gloves off with his teeth. I’ve done that in performances. It’s not a big deal and shows talent cuz it’s hard to do without biting the other persons finger.


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Do any of the cats ever actually wear their coats/shirts with their paws actually in the sleeves? Or do they just prefer to have them loosely draped over them like that? Seems like they would fall off when running and climbing tho

there are a few cats that wear their shirts with their front paws through the sleeves [said cats being Anzu, Mai, s0 Yami Yugi, Mako, Mokuba and Duke] 

BUT if you really want to talk about coats draped on top of shoulders that should fall off but don’t …

Giggles and Tears of Joy

I see your inner child; fragile and pure.
I’m the little smitten boy that rolls on your floor.
I give you dandelions every day in the Spring.
Summers had without a care on your backyard swing.

We blow bubbles and dance in tall wet grass.
School years of bliss blossom, too soon to pass.
Stealing first kisses, to the prom, home on-time.
Off to college enriching our minds, soon to be sublime.

We travel the world and fall in love anew.
We eclipse eternity; hand in hand, me and you


You’re Safe {Draco Malfoy x Reader}

Requests are open!

Prompt: Anonymous: Draco x reader where he watches her sleep

A/N: Sorry this is so short

Warnings: none

Originally posted by slytherinproud

You woke up in a panic, your chest was heaving. In your dream, your nightmare, everyone laid dead around you, because of you. You tried to lay down and go back to sleep but the same image played in the mind.

You stood and peeled the blankets off your body and swung your legs over the side of the bed. You rose and walked over to the door and into the hall. Your bare feet padded through the empty halls of Malfoy Mansion. Snow was falling outside as you shivered from the cold. 

You stopped at the end of the hall. You knocked on the door of your boyfriend’s room when there was no answer you just opened the door. The door creaked and you saw Draco sit up quickly, he gripped his wand tightly as his eyes adjusted to the dark. He raised his wand and prepared to defend himself. You opened the door totally to reveal the light in the hallway.

“It’s me. It’s (Y/N)!” you whispered loud enough for him to hear. 

“Oh. I’m sorry. What do you need?” He switched the side light on and leaned against the headboard. He rubbed his eyes and tried to flatten his hair. Blond tufts of hair shot up in every direction. You smiled and slowly crept further into the room. 

You answered his question quietly, embarrassed at the reasoning, “I had a- um a nightmare.” You stared at the ground, your cheeks were burning. You looked up slowly, he patted the spot next to his on the bed. You walked over and crawled under the heavy duvet. You leaned your head against the headboard and let out a deep breath. 

“So, what happened?” Draco asked as his fingers tangled with yours. You stared at your lap. 

“I was at school but it was completely destroyed. I was running through a sea of people but the crowd never broke. Everyone in the crowd was shouting spells and fighting but it was silent. Suddenly the crowd began to close on me and I couldn’t move. Then it was like my ears popped, there was screaming and crying and the mob surrounded me. I fell to the ground. When I fell the hall went silent again and I stood. Alone. Everyone laid at my feet, dead because of me.” 

Draco’s hands came up and cupped your face. His thumbs wiped away the tears you hadn’t realized were sliding down your cheeks. He released his hand and then he wrapped an arm around your waist. The other hand gently stroked your hair. You smiled as he pulled you closer to his body.

“It was just a bad dream. Go back to sleep, you’re safe,” Draco mumbled into your hair. 

Soon, you were able to close your eyes and drift off. Draco, on the other hand, couldn’t bring himself to fall asleep. His mind was reeling with worry for the future. There was a war on the horizon and the last thin he wanted was for you to have to worry about him. Draco had yet to tell you about his dark mark, about whose side he was really on.

He watched your chest slowly rise and fall, your eyelids flutter occasionally, and a smile perched on your lips. He smiled at your sleeping form. There was a serene aura around you as you fell into a deep sleep. You pulled the duvet under your chin and rolled over under Draco’s arm. Your head was buried in his chest. Draco kissed the top of your head and wrapped his other arm around you protectively. 

“You’ll be safe. I won’t let them hurt you. I promise,” he whispered before falling into a restless sleep.


hey i’m meagan!! i’m from long island, NY but am moving to Boston MA shortly, & will be attending BU in the fall! i’m planning on majoring in psychology and love dogs, sushi, and traveling!! if you’re into exploring or are passionate about any of the things i mentioned, you should def check out and follow my blog @meaisgay 🏳️‍🌈🐢❤️😊💕 i’m excited to meet new people off of this page-in the past i’ve made some good friends but am open to seeing what happens!(:

Zach Dempsey - A to Z

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Zach loves your eyes and mouth, especially since he’s always looking down at you from up his 6’3 tall. He also loves how it feels when you wrap your mouth around his cock and look at him while doing it. His favorite feature of himself is his arms, and he also loves to show them off to you, mostly because you always drag your nails across them, causing some welts to form.

There were some days, special days, in which he really couldn’t believe in his own luck. Zach saw his girlfriend in the middle of that sea of people moving through the corridors of Liberty High in the change of classes and today, he noted, was one of those days. She was just reaching into her locker and opening it to change her books for the next class, her long hair loose and falling in beautiful waves behind her back, using a pair of high-waist dark-blue jeans and a blue blouse, the black backpack with colorful details placed on the floor as she assessed which books she would take. He rushed to her, taking advantage of her being distracted to turn her by surprise and steal a small kiss from her lips. Despite the surprise he felt her smile spread while their lips were together and prepared to be faced with that  illuminated expression that was her face, tilted up by the height difference, the cheerful eyes and the rosy lips in a beautiful smile; His heart raced only as he imagined the scene and when he finally opened his eyes after the little kiss, he could not help the smile that spread across his face. Damn, his girlfriend was beautiful. 

He just could not think of anything better than those beautiful eyes looking at him and that expression of happiness with your smile on your delicious, full lips, ready for him to devour. He could almost feel the blood wander beyond his cheeks. And when you stood on tiptoes, wrapping your arms around his shoulders to caress the back of his neck and his hair, pulling him into a deeper kiss, sliding your hands to lightly scratch his arms as he parted the kiss and you still gave a little bite to his lips. He was sure he was going to have to think about the Couch naked before he could enter his class.

Witchy Tidbits: Cleansing Wands for Cheap!

Cleansing, depending on the individual, varies. But I’m of the sort who loves incense, but also enjoys directing energy to “blast” negativity out of a room. A great way to achieve both without having to buy both cones and wands is to take a stick of incense, light it, and carefully use it to both direct energy and waft the smoke throughout the room. This is particularly useful for both cleansing and establishing wards in the same movements, and allows the freedom to aggressively and passively cleanse simultaneously.

If you do this, please be safe and careful, and always have something on hand to put out sparks that may fall off the stick before they ignite!

Blessed Be! )O(

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C Kristanna 🙏🏻

C: A moment of respite

“Stop. Stop, Kristoff, we’re stopping.”

“But we’re nearly there.”

“You’ve been saying that for an hour.”

“We’ve only been walking for two.”

Anna sat down on a handy rock. “Just let me sit for one minute. Or else my legs are going to fall off and you’re going to have to carry me all the way up the mountain, then back down.”

“Why would I carry you up?”

“Because apparently, there’s a fantastic view that no one should miss. So I’ve heard. Repeatedly.”

Kristoff sat down next to her. “Fine. Next time I’ll come by myself.”

“My legs are littler than yours, I have to do more steps.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“OK. Five minutes. It really isn’t much farther.”

All he got in reply was a small snore.

Father!Jin (Werewolf)

I’m so sorry for the late post!! I completely forgot to queue it up (I got too excited about eating my food to remember) but I do wanna say a huge huge huge thank you for 4,600 followers!! That’s mindblowing to me and I can’t thank you all enough but from the bottom of my lil heart, thank you thank you thank you!! To start us off is the first member of the hyung line, an absolute sweetheart with a goofy side that I adoRE so much I love that he’s come out of his shell so much it makes me so happy to see, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • So there are a few links for werewolf!Jin, there is part one (here) which is the description of him as a wolf, part two (here) is him falling in love with a human, there’s the werewolf boyfriend post (here) which describes him as a boyfriend and there’s werewolf!Jin as a father part one (all of the father related posts are here) which is about him and the pregnancy
  • You don’t have to read any of those to understand this post, you could very easily read this on its own but those other posts are all of the backstory posts for anyone that’s curious or maybe wants to have a werewolf!Jin night
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one bby girl aka his princess
  • He’s so so so so so in love with her, he would be so happy to just chill out with her all day long
  • She would be so sweet and kind and she looks up to him so much, especially with werewolf questions
  • Like she sees werewolves all around her all the time but it takes her a while to figure out she’s like them
  • It takes her a couple years to realize she can become a wolf whenever she wants
  • Then she just starts unloading all of these questions onto Jin 
  • How does it happen, why does it happen, can everyone do that, why not
  • She’s so fascinated by it all and starts going off into her wolfy state all the time and it takes Jin a couple hours to get her to go back to human bc he has to actually teach her how to do it (he wasn’t expecting her to figure out to turn into a wolf on her own so he didn’t have time to teach her how to turn back)
  • There’s this one day in the park where she’s talking with some new friends she’d just made and she’s like hey I have a cool trick wanna see it???
  • Jin has never ran so fast to pick her up and carry her away bc he sees her take her headband off and kick her shoes off and he knows she’s about to go all wolf
  • She’s giggling as he’s carrying her away and asking what he’s doing like is this a game did you just miss me a lot do you want a hug what’s up
  • He has to explain to her that she just can’t go around turning whenever and wherever she wants and he sees her face just drop and his heart breaks just shatters into a million pieces bc he h a t e s seeing her sad, he would jump through hoops to keep her happy
  • So he offers her ice cream and gives her a hug and lots of kisses until she’s giggling again bc that’s his favorite sound
  • He tells her that if she’s with the pack or at home, she can go all wolfy whenever she wants and that gets her really happy again
  • Okay but I just wanna put this out there bc I think it’s so cute but you guys have a pet rabbit, who is your bby girl’s best friend, along with your dog
  • She’s still the size of a puppy so the bunny doesn’t get greeted by a full blown wolf thankfully
  • You come home to see your bby as a wolf pup just hopping around with the bunny and you have to film it bc that is just precious and you can hear Jin cracking up in the background of it which just makes it even better
  • At home, they do spend a lot of time in their wolfy states (when the rabbit is out of the room of course bc you don’t wanna scare the poor bby) and it’s really sweet to see them together
  • There are times where she starts getting tired and he lets her lay on him and grooms her a bit and they cuddle up together for naps so you’ll sometimes walk into a room to see his head resting on hers with her curled up against him and you just gotta smile
  • So the entire pack are really tightly knit right so they do see each other all the time, it isn’t rare for a random pack member to sleep on your couch or spend a couple nights at your house, especially Jin’s generation bc all of them are close enough to be siblings
  • Which is why they meet up every single full moon
  • All of the werewolves go full on wolf, all of the humans sit back and chat, all of the puppies get to do whatever they want and choose to either sit and be pet/cuddled by the humans or go play with the wolves
  • The kids get that choice as well, they’re still young enough to get away with staying human
  • Bc on the full moon, the werewolves get this huge boost of energy and the only real way to work it out is to run and jump around and play wrestle and basically act like a group of kids
  • A lot of kids are typically always high energy so they have better practice having that much energy and the full moon doesn’t affect them as much as it does to the adults
  • So there are times where your daughter chills out on your lap and munches on some grapes with you and soaks up all the attention and affection the other humans are giving her bc she’s got Jin’s cheeks and they all wanna give them teeny tiny kisses and she’s more than happy to allow it
  • But when she realizes that she can go full on wolf, that next full moon, she wants to spend it with Jin as a mini wolf and your heart cannot handle it
  • It’s already super cute to see the size difference between the teenage wolves and the adult wolves but then you see your bby girl following Jin around and the siZ ES (plz just look up wolf puppies they’re so fucking cute and fluffy)
  • Jin’s a pretty big wolf as is but he looks h u g e next to her and you can’t stop smiling at how cute it is bc here’s this giant ass wolf with sharp teeth letting this teeny tiny wolf nowhere near half its size jump all over it
  • He runs a lot slower with her when she wants to play chase bc if he were to go full speed, there’s just no way she’d be able to keep up, his legs are as long as her entire body
  • He keeps a super careful watch over the entire night and doesn’t let her leave his sight ever
  • It turns from hey let’s play to Jin following her around and keeping her away from anything that could hurt her
  • Like she’s playing with some flying bug and jumping after it and chasing it around and she ends up tripping bc she’s so focused on the air above her to pay attention to the ground and she gets right back up but Jin’s so quick to run over and make sure she’s okay 
  • She just wants to play some more so she starts nipping at him and then they’re off again
  • At one point, he’s standing on this rock that overlooks the pasture they’re in bc he wanted to show her the entire pack and she’s stood between his front legs just looking up at him wondering where they’re gonna go next and you just gotta take a picture bc it’s such a sweet moment
  • Hearing her attempt to howl with the other wolves is so fucking adorable bc you have all of these deep howls and the higher pitched howls of the teenagers and then you have these really really high pitched howl coming from her and she starts a second too late bc she doesn’t know what’s going on and it’s only when she sees Jin start to howl that she joins in
  • He supports her 100% and when he’s carrying her home, he keeps telling her how well she did and she’s just :D even as she’s nearly falling asleep
  • Werewolf!Jin as a father is protective bc that’s his lil princess but he’s also ready to answer any question she has and he’s always up for cuddles or play time and he’s just overall an awesome father