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fake it ‘til you make it

*request —> Anonymous said: could you write a fic where you’re fake dating jaehyun to get your parents off your back about “having a boyfriend” and then you fall for him in the process and then you admit it in your parents house or something???

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author’s note: 1,344 words. who would fake date jung jaehyun not me definitely not me Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

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Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles?

a news story broke  from british columbia a few years ago during PEAK TUMBLR involving an RCMP policewoman and a bear, accompanied with this photo:

the teenagers of tumblr found it oh, so adorable and produced fan artwork of it like it were an animated tv show a la gravity falls

then some had a bright idea and figured YOU KNOW WAHT, WE SHOULD MAKE A SHOW PILOT FOR REAL and got together a kickstarter for it


In their kickstarter, it included this completely arbitary breakdown of expenses:

Note how merchandising has a larger budget than the actual art teams. unless you are looking at “production costs” whatever the fuck that means. The project had just BARELY lifted off the ground and they were adamant on duping a quarter of all their earnings into toys for a pilot that was in all likelihood going to be awful.

or art crew… or just

none of this makes any sense

 nonetheless they made several thousand dollars in pledges.

But being this was AT THE TIME OF PEAK TUMBLR

some people did some effortless digging and found the teenager who made the kickstarter used to have a preteen internet handle of “Livethefaggotry”

which ENFURIATED THE PROFESSIONAL UMBRAGE TAKERS OF TUMBLR because they too were largely teenagers and were functionally incapable of chilling the fuck out over internet stalking to justify unloading their social justice rage on other kids.

So this is the silver to Dashcon’s gold, i feel. As far as awful tumblr projects go. With the Arkh Project being bitcoin, relatively speaking.

it was fairly dramatic and agonizing all around.

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Can you do a one shot on that idea about Alexy giving Armin hell when they get home? I would love that!

The idea in question

Your wish is my command~!

// // // // // // // // // // // //

Armin had seen Candy home and had just arrived at his house. His parents were asleep and Alexy still hadn’t made it home. Strange, he thought his brother would have beat him.

He sent a quick text to his brother before falling into bed. Grabbing his vita off the desk, he lazily shot at some zombies. 

Not even ten minutes later footsteps sounded up the stairs, followed by his brother bursting into his room, banging the door open. 
 “Ever heard of knocking?” Armin asked bored, continuing his assault on the undead.

“You!!” Alexy whispered harshly at his brother, pointer finger out like a weapon.

Armin paused his game and threw a questioning look at his twin, eyebrow raised. “Me..?”  

The blue haired boy narrowed his eyes at him. “You don’t even know what you’ve done wrong.” He paused, inhaling a deep breath. “How are we related?” He grumbled. “How could you do that to Candy?! Idiot! You tried to kiss another girl in front of her! What is wrong with you? Did you not even think about how that made her feel?!”

“It was a dare Alexy, chill. Plus Candy and I already talked about it.”

His brother threw his hands in the air, exasperated. “I can’t chill! Candy’s an amazing girl so she probably forgave you easily. But she shouldn’t have! You’re so stupid!” Alexy sighed, “God, you don’t deserve her…”

“You’re right.” Armin sat up fully to face his brother. “I don’t deserve her.”

“Damn right you don’t!” Alexy hissed.

Armin sighed. “She’s pretty and funny, enjoys gaming almost as much as I do.” He laughed. “She’s considerate and kind and is always nice to everyone. You can talk to her about anything and she won’t judge you, she’ll just listen.” He paused. “I know I don’t deserve her. I don’t think there’s anyone that does.”

Alexy crossed his arms. “Well… As long as you know it!” He opened the door, pausing before he made his exit. “But I’m warning you,” he pointed at him. “If you try and pull this crap again, you won’t get off so easy!” He declared, slamming the door. It’s a wonder their parents hadn’t woken up yet.

Armin leaned back in bed. He thought of his cute girlfriend and her brilliant smile. “Good. I shouldn’t get off easy.”

// // // // // // // // // // // //

I hope that was okay :) I adore Alexy and how much he loves Candy, but I also love Armin and I think the dummy realized he screwed up haha

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How about some headcanons on how the straw hat crew & law would react watching their first child do adorable moments (baby's first words,beginning to walk,ect.)? Please and thank you


Monkey D. Luffy:

  • He grins really wide when they start trying to walk and laughs if they fall over
  • But he’s there picking them back up off their feet and telling them to not give up
  • When they start saying their first words he instantly tries teaching them random words he likes rather than actually teaching them helpful words and sentences.
  • He really wants to teach them how to fight, even before they’re crawling

Roronoa Zoro:

  • He’s more responsible than Luffy in knowing how old they should be before they start earning fighting techniques they want to learn, but is mostly clueless in mostly everything else when raising a baby.
  • He gets happy hearing them talk and seeing them walk for the first time and tries to help them along when they need it.
  • He feels so proud seeing them trying to imitate his fighting style though
  • If they’re really honest and serious about learning he will sit down with them one day and explain what being a swordsman really means and fight techniques.
  • Until then, he prefers them watching his train rather than getting themselves hurt without proper training


  • They call her ‘Mama’ for the first time and she gets so happy. She absolutely smothers them with kisses all over their face, even more so if it’s their first word. If she has a S/O she’ll playfully talk about being the favourite parent.
  • She’ll sit her child across from her and encourage them to walk over. They stumble a little at the end but Nami catches them and coos over how well they did. She’ll probably spoil them a tad with some cute clothes for doing such a good job.
  • The first time they steal something is an accident. They kind of just picked something up and forgot they were holding it while walking out of the shop with Nami. She only notices they have a small toy that she doesn’t remember buying when they get half-way through town and she points it out.
  • The kid looks at it. realises they accidentally stole and they get very evasive, not wanting to get into trouble “Where did you get that, Sweetie?” “ I dunno.”
  • She eventually gets them to confess and she can’t help but laugh, gently scolding them for not telling the truth sooner. 


  • He is so excited to see them walk and talk for the first time omg
  • But his favourite thing is when they start trying to read bedtime stories to him, even better, making up their own stories. He’s so happy to listen and encourage them. He still loves telling them stories though, and they end up swapping little nonsensical stories that are absolutely absurd but are so endearing
  • He’s happy to see them walking and crawling around but when they get near something remotely dangerous for them (everything in his minds) he gets a little finicky and gently lifts them onto his shoulder to keep them close
  • He once nearly dropped them over the rail of the ship because they wanted to see the fished jumping out of the water and he still hasn’t emotionally recovered.


  • He cries so much dude. He gets so emotional seeing them talking and walking for the first time. He cuddles them up close and for weeks after mentions how proud he is of them.
  • He excitedly blabbers about it to the crew, and he looks so happy that no ones wants to tell him to stop. Even Zoro lets him go off about it without provoking a fight.
  • After teaching them to walk he will likely teach them how to dance. He loves gently having their little feet on his and they get so giggly when he spins them and lifts them up, it’s so wholesome.
  • He doesn’t want them handling kitchen stuff till they’re a bit older, but if he needs to cook while keeping an eye on them he’ll let them watch him and he’ll just gently narrate what he’s doing. It actually keeps them both calm, him especially because he doesn’t want to smoke too much around his baby, and talking to them keeps him a bit more distracted from wanting to smoke.

Tony tony Chopper:

  • He reads a ton of books about baby development to make sure he’s prepared and what will be good for the baby’s learning. He gently eases them into a small learning schedule 
  • When they manage their first words he gets so excited and he praises them for ages, and tries getting them to say it over and over, especially if it’s ‘papa’
  • When they get a little older he starts teaching them a few medical tips that could help them out if they got injured and separated from help. He gets so worried that they’ll get injured when he’s not around so he teaches them as many safety things as possbile.

Nico Robin:

  • She’s so happy when they start learning to walk and talk. I feel like they’d start learning pretty early tbh. Robin just loves talking to them a lot and responding to their little nonsensical babble. She know’s they’re trying to communicate and she’s eager to indulge.
  • She helps them with walking using her devil fruit. When they start swaying over to one side a hand will just come up and gently nudge them back.
  • Same goes for when they’re about to topple down the stairs. A few hands will just gently turn them around and nudge them in a safter direction.
  • There will likely also be a comment such as “Whoops. There we are, sweetie… We don’t want you falling and snapping your neck, now, do we?” Que oblivious baby giggles.


  • He cries when they call him anything related to ‘dada’ for the first time. He’s holding them close and promising them that he’ll always look after them
  • He doesn’t hold them too much because he’s so scared he’ll injure them some way, but he’s still so affectionate, gently rubbing their head, reading to them ect.
  • One day his kid kind of just ? Get’s up and waddles over to his leg and clings to him. He’s watching them the whole time speechless and when they grab his leg he just sobs and lifts them up and nuzzles them, crying the whole time.
  • They grow up their whole life being trolled by his inevitable dad jokes, so they kind of pick up on his sense of humour and his embarrassing nature They end up being one of those kids that get really fussy about wearing clothes and try removing clothes when ever they can.


  • Watching his lill kiddos growing up and learning is so fascinating to him and he’s always in awe when they do anything for the first time. Heck, he gets excited when they hiccup for the first time
  • He’s so scared to handle them because of his boney appearance, but he does his absolute best to be gentle when holding them up or talking to them. It calms him more to teach them through song, making up little catchy verses and rhymes and it’s so cute ImAGINE he sits across from them and teaches them little rhymes along with little hands dances to go along with the song and their both giggling and having fun.
  • Hearing them trying to imitate his laugh makes him cry a lot. He’s so happy and he gently presses his forehead against this and hes sobbing and his baby is just babbling happily
  • He sees them trying to learn how to do the 90 degree trick and they end up falling over and he’s instantly picking them up and checking over them, trying to distract them from crying. He teaches them how to do it but is cautious of making sure they don’t hurt themselves
  • I like to imagine his kid is one of those kids that are so quiet and shy for a long time and no one thinks they can actually talk until one day they  just come out with their first sentence.

Trafalgar Law:

  • He smiles when they first walk and is encouraging, but he doesn’t over react or anything. He’s definitely proud of them, but it’s something that most kid learn so he’s not too fazed.
  • He’s actually really excited for when he can sit down and tutor them in whatever their interested in learning, especially anything medical.
  • He’s a bit more blunt and a tad bit distant, but he always makes sure his kid knows that he is proud of them

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I feel like you need a third companion fic from Yurio's perspective because he's going to be suffering so bad when Viktor falls in love with Yuuri and gets his heart crushed a million times, and then Georgi getting dumped and basing his entire season off of his heartbreak (and Yurio's gonna be like 'fuck no I'm never going to date anybody' (but then Otabek drives in with his motorcycle but I'm getting ahead of myself))

If I get to the third fic aka the missing scenes and extra scenes fic then there will be a chapter from Yurio’s pov!

does this make sense | drabble 07

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series/chapter: dtms 07
• words: 1137
→ request: yoongi hears the reader is in love with him

Yoongi’s phone began to vibrate on his desk signalling that he had an incoming call. He sighed when he saw it was Namjoon—he was already running late after dithering too much; thinking about your future after a run in at the mall earlier. Everything felt like it was closing in around him; the walls caving in as he felt his life fall apart around him—and then he picked up the phone and it just got worse.

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Yokai: Konoha Tengu

Tengu range from goblin-like creatures to nigh invincible demi-gods. They’re mostly avian in appearance, but more powerful ones tend to have humanoid features. Konoha Tengu are known for playing cruel pranks on people, so as one may guess, it falls on the former category. Although dressed in ascetic monk’s attire these variety are less disciplined than the more powerful Dai Tengu. 

How cruel are their pranks, one may ask. Well, it can be as annoying as stealing valuable heirlooms, like the sword pictured here, or something downright disturbing. Imagine children taking insects apart. You know, tearing wings off one at a time and see if it still flies…yeah…like that… 

Luckily, they’re easily outsmarted. Although cunning in nature, they tend to overestimate their abilities, and that kind of arrogance can be used against them.

I wonder if I should make a print mini-series starring the several Tengu variants? I’m bad a t keeping promises, but I’ll try.

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18 clexa? really angst, please

“i don’t love you anymore.”

I don’t love you anymore.” Lexa’s voice boomed off the stone walls. “I can’t love you anymore.” It sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as she was trying to convince Clarke.

“Lexa..stop.” Clarke’s voice shook. “Don’t do this.” 

“It’s done, Clarke.” 

“I won’t accept that.” Clarke shook her head as angry tears started to fall. 

Lexa turned her back to Clarke and looked out the window. 

“No.” Clarke walked over and turned Lexa back to face her. “You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to decide this. I’m not one of your subjects.”

Lexa’s green eyes searched Clarke, but her expression was unreadable. 

“I can’t keep putting you and the people you care about in danger. You being with me makes you a target.” Lexa’s voice was even as she tried to explain the situation to Clarke. “How do you think you’ll feel about me if your mom is captured and killed? Our enemy will do whatever it takes to try and defeat us.” 

“I’m in danger with or without you.” Tears were now steaming down her cheeks. 

Lexa’s expression was starting to break and let Clarke see just how much she was hurting because of the decision she was making. “I’m sorry, Clarke. Love is weakness.” 

“That’s bullshit and you know it.” Clarke spoke through clenched teeth. “You’re not scared of losing someone. You’re scared of losing yourself because of how you feel about me.” 

Clarke could tell she touched a nerve because Lexa took a small step back and blinked rapidly as if Clarke’s words had been a physical blow. 

“How…” Lexa’s voice broke before she could get her words out. She cleared her throat and started again. “How am I suppose to lead my people if all I can think about is keeping you safe? Holding you? Making sure you’re taken care of?” 

“You let me help you lead. We do it together.” Clarke reached out and put a hand on Lexa’s arm. “You lean on me instead of pushing me away.”

Lexa looked down at Clarke’s hand on her arm and watched Clarke’s thumb as it rubbed soothing circles. 

She looked up and swallowed heavily. “I do love you, Clarke.” 

Clarke smiled. “I know you do.”

“Now I think it’s time our people knew too.” Lexa smiled and picked up Clarke’s hand to kiss the back of it. “Show them our strength.” 

original ask:  Hi!♡ Could you plaese make a hc on rfa + Saeran reacting to MC having a raspy voice? I’m sorry but I’m just a insecure lil’ bean. :(

i will be completing this for the dear anon :) *slight NSFW mentions*


  • he was kind of speechless when he heard you talk for the first time
  • he didn’t find it weird or anything like that, it just caught him off guard
  • he had imagined your voice a little different
  • not that he was complaining he loved your voice already
  • he quickly gained his composure though when he saw your face start to fall
  • “MC you’re so cute!” 
  • he gave you a huge hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek when he pulled back
  • he had no issues with it at all


  • she wasn’t that caught off guard
  • sure she was expecting your voice to be a little bit softer 
  • but it was good nonetheless
  • she was used to masking her emotions dealing with Jumin for so many years taught her to hide her facial expressions very easily
  • so you had no idea you had surprised her
  • you went about your conversation without any lapse
  • she never put much thought into your voice being raspy
  • if anything she quite liked it


  • he loved it
  • just another way his queen was different from the women that threw themselves at him for his money
  • he always made sure you knew how much he loved it
  • like in bed, when your voice got even raspier, major turn on for Mr.Chairman’s son
  • he was shocked at first, but he was used to hiding such things 
  • it didn’t take long for him to begin complimenting you on it
  • like he complimented everything else about you
  • “Your voice is my favorite sound my love”
  • “why are you being so quite, tell me about your day.. hearing you speak always makes me feel a little better.”


  • he. was. shook.
  • he had pictured your voice a bit…differently
  • his shock was super clear on his face the first time he heard you, but promised you he actually loved it he had just been surprised
  • he would always smile super wide when you went over his lines with him and he got to hear your voice
  • he found it almost therapeutic
  • whenever he noticed you were always quiet around his fans, he would smother you in compliments when the two of you were alone
  • he didn’t want his girl feeling badly about her beautiful voice


  • he made fun of you at first 
  • like the little shit he is
  • but as soon as he realized how it made you feel, he stopped
  • he made sure you knew he had just been kidding all those times
  • in reality he loved your voice
  • he would still crack jokes here and there
  • but you knew he didn’t mean it meanly
  • you threw back your fair share of jokes so it was okay


  • he liked it
  • like a lot
  • something about that slight rasp to your voice made him take you seriously
  • like he needed to listen to every word you said because it was just that important
  • whenever you gave him the silent treatment it was nearly enough to make him cry
  • you actually saw him tear up once, not that he would ever admit it
  • he approved, 10/10 the best sound he had ever heard
  • when he realized you were insecure about it though, he didn’t understand
  • “your voice is the only thing that can make me calm down, how can you not like it?”
  • “you sound like an angel, get your head out of your ass MC.”


Give Me Love || V x MC [Ch.1]

I’m an emotional wreck right now. I need some release and I remembered this. I’m so sorry, please bear with me guys.

~mod fluffy

Title: Give Me Love - Chapter One

Genre: Angst

(Prologue here)

“…I tore my heart out in front of you and all you can say is no. And now you want me to come and watch the worst thing you could possibly imagine. Do you have any idea what you’re asking? I wish I had never taken this stupid job. I wish I had never met you. ”

 You smiled bitterly upon hearing those lines from the movie you were watching. You reached for the remote and pressed the ‘off’ button. Silence embraced you as the only thing you can hear is your faint and unsteady breathing. You want to cry but tears won’t fall anymore. You held your phone up and blankly stared at the screen. 102 text messages, 29 missed calls from the RFA members. You decided to ignore it and checked the time and date.

 It’s been a eleven days. Eleven days already since you last saw him. You immediately packed your bags that time and went into a trip. It was all of a sudden, something you didn’t even think about. All you know is that you want to go somewhere far- somewhere without any trace of him. You just want to escape until it hurts no more, until you can face him again and feel nothing.

Please stop fooling yourself.

That’s right. You know too well that it is impossible to get rid of those feelings in an instant.

Eleven days had already passed.

It took you a while to absorb that information. You were binge watching movies, crying , rarely eating and almost not sleeping at all for eleven.fucking.days. You slowly stood up from the couch, everything came spinning, making you almost lose your balance. You decided grab support from the furniture to keep yourself on your feet.

You found yourself infront of the full length mirror - it is obvious that you lost a lot of weight. You have bags and dark circles around your eyes. Your lips are too dry and chapped, your hair is a mess. It’s as if you were seeing a stranger. No one would probably recognize you at this state. You heard your stomach grumble and you started dry heaving. Oh fuck. You were thinking of when was the last time you eat something but you failed to remember.

Okay. Stop this. Now.

You closed your eyes for a while, contemplating your fucking decisions and how you were destroying your own life for the past eleven days until now.

Enough of this bullshit.

You took a deep breath and decided to make yourself a decent meal, stumbling on your way to the kitchen. You took a bath after and cleaned the one hell of a messy apartment you were staying at. It took you four hours to have things in order again.

 You dragged yourself to the bedroom and let your body fall helplessly on the bed. You were expecting yourself to fall asleep instantly as you were dead tired and you haven’t slept for days, but it’s not the case. You stared at the ceiling- waiting for a miracle that you’ll be able to sleep but you know that it’s not happening. Every single time that you close your eyes, images from that day come flooding your mind. It’s as if everything was being replayed in front of your very own eyes. Everything. His words. Your tears. Your heart slowly shattering into pieces.


It’s already late night. You were on your way home and you decided to have a quick stroll on the park just to allow yourself to unwind a little.

So it’s been a few months huh?

You said to yourself. That’s right. Time won’t stop or even slow down for you. It will keep on moving forward -  leaving you behind. You let out a deep sigh and closed your eyes for a bit. You suddenly felt a soft nudge on your hand; it was a fluffy golden retriever wearing a ‘service dog’ vest.

“Hey there.” You calmly greeted the gentle creature, trying your best to keep yourself from petting it since it’s basically an unsaid rule when it comes to a service animal. The dog kept on wagging it’s tail and let out a soft whimper. You were puzzled for a second when it nudged you again and almost tried to push you as if telling you to go somewhere or to follow it. You decided to follow it silently. The dog led you to a familiar figure that you quickly recognized from afar.

“Sunny. Come here girl.” He gently said and the dog came running towards him.

Sunny huh? Still obsessed with that sunshine of yours, I see.

“I’m sorry if my dog led you here. I was having a really bad migraine earlier and I guess her training kicked in and she tried to find help.” 

“It’s okay. She’s such a gorgeous girl. She’s doing great in her job.” you said as you walked a little more towards him. You can see confusion in his face as he heard your voice. So he does recognize your voice.

“I - I really can’t see that much. I think I already heard that voice somewhere.”

“It’s me, MC. It’s been long since i last saw you, Jih- V”

Jihyun. V. Jihyun. V. Call him V. You don’t have any right to call him by his real name. V. Call him V.

It’s obvious that his eyesight had become worse that he already need a guide dog.

“Are you okay? Shall I call someone to pick you up and take you home?” a slight tone of concern can be traced on your voice.

“MC? No , no. I’m okay. I can go home.”

Silence enveloped the both of you. It is one of those moments where no one would say a word, making things really awkward.


“I’m sorry.” he quickly cut you off. You were taken aback by those words.

“Ahaha. I- I told you it was okay. Your dog was just doing her job.” 

“No. I- I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hurting you back then.” he said.

You can feel the corners of your eyes warming up as your tears slowly started to form. You don’t know what to say or how to feel about that.

Why? Why do you have to bring that up now?

“I - I’ll be going home. Bye” you quickly said and started to walk away.

“Mc, please.” You heard him say as he tried to grab your hand only to miss it a few inches away.

“What the hell V?! What is it that you want? Isn’t it enough that you did something really terrible a few months ago? Can’t you understand it?! Unexpectedly seeing you here like that is opening wounds that haven’t even healed at the first place. Can’t you see it? You’re hurting me again. It hurts. just seeing you like that hurts me like crazy… I could’ve just walked away earlier the moment i saw you but i didn’t. I- I can’t. Somehow, after all these months of trying to tend on my own wounds, somehow… somehow I - I..” you were caught off guard by your own words. Your tears streaming down your face as you blurted a part of you out.

Shit. Stop. You’re making a fool out of yourself again. Stop right now before you say something really stupid. 

“I’m sorry. I- don’t know why I said that just now.Just- Just forget it.  Can you please take me home? My driver can’t make it and I doubt that I can make it home alone this late. I’m so sorry.” He quietly said.

“You’re unbelievable, you know that? Fine, I’ll take you home.” you furiously said as you wiped your cheeks from the tears.

to be continued.

(**Movie line was from Me Before You. **)

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Hi! I've searched this amazing blog but I can't find what I'm looking for. Do you know if there are any fics related to the 1975? Thanks in advance <3

Robbers (ao3) -  A small phan AU based off the song Robbers by The 1975.

Robbers - Phil Lester was trouble.

You (wattpad) - Short one shot based off You by the 1975.

Falling for You -  Fetus Phan visit nonsense, loosely based of the song Falling For You by The 1975.

Forgive Me -  Based on Robbers by the 1975; Dan cant control himself, he needs to have to taste of it again, but at a pricey cost.


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Hi, may I request a scenario where All Might meets Bakugou's girlfriend, but at the beginning he didn't know, but then Bakugou goes for her and he realize that they are dating, but he didn't really expect it because the girl is super nice and cute!

“Oh no, I’m late! I’m late I’m late I’m late!” you ran through the booths outside of the sports festival stadium, trying not to knock into people. “He’ll be so mad at me for being lat- Oof!” you slam into a solid object and fall back onto the ground. “Ow ow ow, what the hec-” you look up and realize you had just slammed into the Symbol of Peace himself. “All Might! I’m so sorry sir! I should have looked where I was going!” you blushed brightly and stood up to dust him off even though  he hadn’t even flinched when you ran into him. “It’s fine young one! Be careful running through here though, don’t want you getting hurt now do we?” he smiled down at you and you shook your head quickly.

He laughed heartily at you and ruffled your hair, “Now run along, well not literally, and enjoy yourself young one.” His bright smile made all of your stress melt away and you returned his smile as you nodded, “I will All Might, thank you so much for not  being angry. I’m sorry for running into you.” you bow slightly and quickly walk into the sports festival arena to find a seat.

You cheered for Bakugou, but you were elated when Izuku won the race. You were glad to see that he was pursuing his dream of becoming a hero. As the festival continued on you started to worry about Bakugou, he seemed to be getting more and more irritated at the other contestants and with himself. His match with Uraraka is what made you uncomfortable. Everyone around you was speaking about him poorly and you wanted to tell them that he wasn’t as vile as they were all making him out to be. Then you heard a voice over the speakers voice just what you were thinking. You smiled and thanked whoever was speaking so highly of Bakugou as you got up and went to find him in the back.

You had to be sneaky to get into the hallways without being caught, but finding him wasn’t too hard after you got in. Quickly pushing the door open you found him sitting with his back to you as he grumbled to himself. You tried to get closer to him but he snapped at you, “Go away.” “Do you really want me to?” you asked him quietly and his head snapped up and whipped around to look at you with wide eyes, “What  the fuck are you doing here?!” he stood quickly and approached you. You opened your arms and hugged him, “I saw your match and decided I couldn’t just stay seated.” you felt his arms wrap around you gently and you pressed a kiss to his jaw as the two of you stood wrapped in each other. “Are you alright? You seem angry.” you frowned and he set his chin on top of your head, “I’m up against that two quirked asshat next. Just have a lot to think about.” he growled and hugged you tighter. “You’ll do fine dear.” you rubbed his back to comfort him. He snorted, “It’s not ME I’m concerned about. He never used his fire side and that’s shit. If I had his quirk I would wreak some fucking havoc with both fire AND ice.” Bakugou growled and you laughed a little at him. “Then maybe it’s a good thing you don’t have both. I like your quirk the way it is anyway.” you smile and press another kiss to his cheek this time. He hummed and pressed his lips to yours before he let you go, “You should get back to your seat.” he headbutted you softly as he set his forehead against yours. You smiled and pressed another kiss to his lips, “For good luck.” you turned the door knob and he rolled his eyes, “I won’t need luck.” “I know you won’t. You’re my strong boyfriend that will always win.” you turn around and wink at him. He rolled his eyes again but the small blush on his cheeks told you he was happy he got to see you. At least he was in a less sour mood now.

You sighed as he raged on the podium. You were glad he had won, but he was obviously not pleased in the slightest. As the festival ended you made your way back to the room you had first found him in. “Excuse me…..” your voice died as you opened the door and found all of the boys from Class 1-A changing in there. You blushed brightly and went to slam the door shut. But a foot stopped it from closing completely. “Hey hey, pretty lady. What brings you here?” A boy with blonde hair pushes the door back open and you blush brightly since he still wasn’t wearing a shirt. “N-Nothing! J-J-us please send B-Baku-” “DENKI STEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” you hear a roar from the back of the room and the blonde boy jumps and scrambles away from you. “W-Why??” he yelps as he tries to catch himself before he falls to the ground completely. “Because she’s MINE!” you see Bakugou make his way towards you and pulls you to his bare chest. Your blush only getting worse.

“(Y-Y/n)?” you hear a small voice call your name and you turn your head slightly to the side to find Izuku. “H-Hey Zuku! Good job winning the first challenge!” you wave a little and smile, still flustered as you stare at how built Izuku had become since middle school. “Look at anyone else but me and you’ll regret it.” Bakugou growled in your ear and you turned you head back into his chest with a small squeak, “What are you doing here anyway.” He growled and pulled you closer to his chest as he glared at those around him. “I-I-I just wanted t-to say g-good job.” you felt his arms squeeze you tighter, “I fucking told you. That asshat held back. He didn’t even try! I won when he was barely even fighting!” Bakugou was raging and you placed you hands on his shoulders. “Katsu, Katsu. Calm down dear.” you ran your hands down over his back and one went up to gently rub the back of his neck. He huffed out a breath and pressed his forehead to yours, trying to calm himself down.

“What is all this ruckus???” All Might stepped in the door and paused at the scene before him. Everyone had frozen. Half of them were dressed, others were almost dressed, this was normal. What confused him was the girl Bakugou had himself pressed against and why Denki was nearly on the floor. “Wh-What is-” “I’m so sorry All Might this is the second time today you’ve caught me being a fool!” you squeaked and his eyes focused on you. “Hey! I remember you!” he grinned and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding since he didn’t seem mad. “But…. What are you doing here young lady?” he asked and you started to shake a little, afraid maybe he was angry and just hiding it before. “She’s with me, leave her alone.” Bakugou growled from behind you and pulled you tighter to him. “I just asked what she was doing here young Bakugou, nothing to fear.” “W-Well-” you tried to explain but Bakugou cut you off, “She came to see her boyfriend who just won, is there a problem with that?” All Might tensed for a second and flicked his eyes to you, “You’re dating this?” You blushed and nodded as Bakugou roared, “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?” You turned and placed your hands on his cheeks and looked up at him. When he met your eyes he took a deep breath and nodded slightly at you.

The entire locker room gasped, “Did she just tame the beast?” “What’s her quirk? Is it to calm him down?” “Is she even real? No one can get Bakugou to calm down like that…” Bakugou growled and turned to yell at the boys behind him but you held his face so he couldn’t turn to them. “Katsuki ignore them.” you spoke evenly and he nodded and held your gaze. “(Y/n) what IS your quirk?” All Might asked you and you laughed a little, “It has nothing to do with calming Bakugou down, he just needs to ground himself a little and he’ll calm down on his own.” you smiled and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around you and you watched as All Might stared at you astonished, “W-Would you like to go to UA?” he asked you and you looked at him shocked, “Wh-What?!” He looked from you to Bakugou who was still holding you close to his chest. “H-He’s a lot to deal with so we could really use some one who could calm him down like you.” All Might looked at you hopeful and you looked down to Bakugou. “Are you causing problems at school Katsu?” you asked him and he growled a little. You laughed a little and shook your head, “Y-Yeah I could attend UA…. Wh-When do I start?” you shifted a little and Bakugou buried his head into your neck. “After break ends. We’ll deal with all of the paperwork, don’t worry.” All Might smiled and then became serious, “But you have to get out of the changing room…..”

You blushed brightly now that you remembered where you were. “O-Of course!” you say and run your hands down Bakugou’s back once more before letting go as he grumbled. “Be nice, I’ll be waiting for you outside that door.” you pressed a kiss to his forehead and walked out. “How did you manage to get someone like her?!” Kirishima yelled from his locker and Bakugou whipped around, “None of your business!” All Might sighed as the loud and troublesome Bakugou returned.

Prickly Pear Cactus Candy - $10 a bag

What is it? Well it’s just what it says. Candy made from Prickly Pears of the Nopal Cactus from the Mojave Desert. I made a bunch of candy last fall and now I’m using up the last of my juice.

I’ll give you a brief explanation of what I do. I go find patches of cactus when they have pears and I pick them then burn the spines off them, chop them up and boil them in just enough water to cover then for about an hour. This reduces the water by half and extracts all the juice possible. In fact many of them turn green because all the juice and color is gone. Then I strain that to get bits of fruit and seeds out so I am left with pure juice. Next I take that and add a cup of it to sugar and corn syrup, boil it until it hits hard candy temp then pour it into molds and let it sit. Lastly I pop out of the mold, trim up a little bit and dust with powdered sugar to prevent sticking together as they are transported. 

What does it taste like? I think it’s very much like Strawberry with a bit of Kiwi. Others have said it’s more like Strawberry Daiquiri with a slight Tequila taste. Either way it’s amazingly good and delicious. 

I have bags of it now available for sale. Each bag contains ten pieces of candy that are roughly the size of a large thumb. I have two versions, Skulls and Brains since those were my Halloween candy molds. They’ll ship in a plastic bag wrapped up and in an envelope. Some of them came out a little lighter and others came out a little darker but they all taste exactly the same. Delicious. 

If you’d like a bag message me and I’ll give you my payment information, Also state if you have a paypal or if you don’t because I can do payments either way. And tell me if you’d like Skulls, Brains or I may even be able to do a combination. All bags have ten pieces.

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heyyyyyy so, remember the thing I said I wasn’t going to do? yeah, I’m doing it

The stairwell door squeaked and rattled open and incredibly, the dream boy Chris had flung at him from the afterlife appeared in the angle of orange light, out of breath, casting around frantically, and apparently real, after all.  Maybe.  He was dressed, now, in a halter top and pegged jeans with suspenders, jacket tied around his waist, like he’d just walked off the set of a John Hughes film and onto Victor’s roof.

“There you are,” Yuuri said, and this might actually have been a scripted scene with the level of unwarranted worry in his voice.  He let the door fall closed and promptly shivered, untying the jacket from his waist and quickly huddling inside it.  “Jeez, it’s freezing.  I thought I told you not to go too far, Victor.”

Victor opted for the truth, looking Yuuri up and down once he was closer; his hair was even messier than before, and there was still glitter clinging to what skin was still showing.  “I thought I dreamed you.”

Yuuri laughed and it was beautiful–his eyes curved at the corners and sparkled.  “Under any other circumstances that would be a terrible pick up line.”

“You did kind of fall out of the sky onto my lap, nearly naked,” Victor said, perfectly reasonable, shrugging.  “And now you burst onto my roof dressed like Cameron Frye.  I’m still not convinced you aren’t a dream.”

Yuuri hummed, hugged the jacket against his chest and crouched down to Victor’s level, rocking on his heels, teeth worrying his lower lip for a moment before he continued, shyly, “What should I do to convince you?”

Victor stuttered and laughed–a real laugh, one that reached all the way to his belly and the tips of his fingers.  Yuuri kept rocking, wan smile on his face while Victor laughed, until he reached over for Yuuri’s elbow and tugged him down onto his knees.  “I would never have thought I’d be so adorably flirted with by a stripper.”

“Erotic dancer,” Yuuri corrected automatically.

“Sorry.  Erotic dancer, Yuuri—”


“Erotic dancer Yuuri Kastuki, asking for a kiss as though he’s never done such a thing before.”  Victor plucked at Yuuri’s sleeve, teasing, until his smile reached his eyes again.  “You are actually a dream, right?  If you kiss me, will I wake up?”  Or would he dream deeper?  Victor traced the curves of Yuuri’s face with his eyes, pulled on his arm again, but Yuuri didn’t budge.

“Come back downstairs.”

Victor shook his head, rolling side to side against the surface of the brick vent and Yuuri shuffled on his knees, eyebrows drawing together.  “Don’t want to.”

“I was worried about you, you know?  Mila was worried.  Look,” Yuuri drew his hands out from where they were tucked under his arms and pressed them against Victor’s cheeks.  His fingers were incredibly warm in contrast to the cold, and Victor closed his eyes.  “You’re gonna freeze out here.  Come on inside and get to bed.  I’ll even stay with you, if you want.”

“I want to watch the sunrise,” Victor said, covering Yuuri’s fingers with his own and pressing them closer, turning his face into the touch.

Yuuri was silent for a while, and when Victor opened his eyes his head was turned, scanning the horizon where dawn was just starting to brighten the sky to gray.  He heaved a sigh that made his shoulders sag, momentarily, and when he turned back he paused just long enough that Victor got a perfect view of his profile, glasses perched on his nose, lips slightly parted, gaze briefly distant and sad before he turned fully back to Victor and whatever thought or feeling had been there dissolved into a soft, indulgent smile.  “Alright.  Lets warm up a bit, though.  Get up.”

anonymous asked:

This is the anon from before asking about what the guards do in their free time. Sorry about that being so vague! (´・ω・`) Thank you for replying! Samon, Kiji, and Seitarou?

Sorry it took so long!! Here you go!

-he doodles on the corners of his paperwork when hes being lazy, which isnt often. hes a pretty decent artist
-along with sparring and training hes a good swimmer.
-when he has been drowning in work and he gets a day off he usually just leaves the tv on while eating fast food and then falls asleep. he watches sitcoms the most
-great at checkers
-dabbles at embroidery
-tries to cook but hes terrible at it

-embroiders along with samon
-makes amazing fckibgb coffee he grinds his own beans its amazing
-lowkey knows how to play guitar like he doesnt know notes or anything he just does what sounds good but its pretty nice
-lowkey whittling
-is usually fixing his fellow guards’ old clothes. the ones that deserve to be salvaged, anyway.

-hes a pretty face with zero talents
-no wait im kidding hes a cute boy who is amazing at video games
-yoosung from mystic messenger honestly
-fantastic at shooting games
-also loved to film some short videos for his family when he was younger. sometimes he still does it for his younger brothers. sometimes his friends will play characters
-selfie king
-amazing cook