as you can tell i have no photoshopping skills

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Tell me about graphic design. What prior knowledge or skills do you need to study graphic design?

You can study whatever the heck you want to study, whenever you want to study it! No prior knowledge necessary.

Of course, if you want to study graphic design, I would assume that you have an interest in art/design/marketing, something like that. As for studying it in school and putting it into practice, some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign and the like is very helpful!

I’m not quite sure what else to say that will be helpful haha, but I’m more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have!

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So, who would your favorite regency valentines be ;)

Keats probably! He seems to have had a relatively sweet and healthy relationship, and he wrote such lovely letters! The main issue for him and Fanny seems to have been the whole… tb… sitch, as opposed to like, “rampant misogyny,” “blatant infidelity,” “obvious disdain and disrespect for one’s spouse.” I have a weird affection for the English Regency though, based mostly on pruient interest in people being petty and in the quality and eloquence with which they threw shade at each other. 

Though I did come up with a couple of jokey Regency valentines, for those with better Photoshop skills than I:
Hershel: Valentine, did I tell you I discovered Uranus? ;)
Caroline Hershel: How much do I love you Valentine? I can’t possibly comet. 
Jane Austen: Let’s write scathing things in [censored] letters, dear [censored].
Lady Caroline Lamb: Valentine, let me write a scathing tell-all RPF about our relationship. 
Napoleon: Valentine, I’d like to cross your Alps!
Wellington (immediately after Napoleon): Hey there Valentine, I’m beaucoup le plus fort.

heyy! so as you can tell by my amazing photoshop skills, after 4 months of creating this blog i have just reached 1k followers ((holyyy shit i’m crying))!!!!! so here’s my first follow forever ((this might be long haha))

i wanna do some special mentions first!!

larrystep: i love you forever bebs, u my wifey and we’re fucking cute af don’t forget that. you made my life a million times better and you’ll always be my bestest friend!! alSO PHIL LOVES YOU AND THE CHICKEN MOVIE WILL BECOME A LEGIT THING AIIIGHTTT but yeah, i love and never forget or doubt that lovey cause it’s 100% true kay? you’re fucking cute ily bYE

i-dont-know-what-to-blog: lmaooo u suck, but ily and you got me obsessed with attack on titan so you cool and i’ve known you for waaaay too long but still it’s been worth it cause we’re fab ((well i am, u still suck lmao))

dickqlique: U WANNA FIGHT ME U FCKING CUTE ASS PUPPY???? HUH???? but legit shannon i love you, you’re hella funny and fUCKING GORGEOUS BYe and i love talking to you ((even tho u always calling me nice and shit like that aint tru)) 

likebelou: GRETTAAAA I LOVE YOU!! i’ve said it before but you were one of the first people i talked to on this blog and it’s amazing cause you’re like a really lovely friend and so nice and funny and CUTE AF. i’m really glad we started to talk because it honestly means the world and i just love you a hella lot ^-^

zeranimi; LARA MY DUCKLING!! i love you a lot, and i love talking to you about anything and everything and you’re legit amazing gurl you are sooo nice and funny and it’s great how much we have in common i’m very glad you started to message me ((even if you admitted that you fangirled when i answered, which is hella cute)) never change lovey, i love you!!

snorff: okay i love you. so much. we both have this thirst for louis and you’re great to talk to and get to know you! you looked past the fact that i wasnt bottom louis af and we just exchange memes and pics of dogs and you’re just genuinely an amazing person 

fightmeloueh: mONIQUE!!! you have this undying thirst for louis and it’s beautiful and something i can relate to, you’re hella funny and also hella nice. you’re always so nice to me and it’s just amazing how genuinely perfect you are and i just love you soooooo much :D

lqharry: YOU. ARE. SO. NICE. AND. HELLA. RAD. okay i love you and how nice you are and the fact that you love harry (and his thighs) oH and you’re beautiful and like whenever you include me in things i feel like i’m apart of some secret squad like that’s how rad i think you are, i love you honey!

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thank you all for following and helping me reach my goal ^-^ come talk to me anytime, i love every single one of you that followed and everyone that i follow, THANK YOU!!!! ((i am very sorry if i missed anyone, you may kick my ass if i have))