as you can see this shit hit me really hard

Uwah, Suguru is the ultimate BM. You know like when you play a game online and there’s this /allchat troll calling you out on all the times you screwed up. That is Daishou Suguru.

Here’s him reminding Lev that he missed a spike last game.

Here’s him telling Tora that he can’t hit straights fo’ shit and can only hit crosses.

FYI most of Nohebi  team are perpetrators of absolute bm ;) 

It gets worse because Suguru gets on the Referee’s good side for admitting that he touched the ball and hit an out.

Where as Taketora and Lev protested earlier about the Ref’s judgement

Apologising to Taketora for hitting a ball into his eye.

The crowd also loves him.

I - I still love him. 

Haha… absolutely fil~thy. >_>