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Volcanoes of the Galapagos

This image, taken by the new Landsat 8 satellite, shows 3 volcanoes in the Galapagos Islands: La Cumbre, Darwin, and Alcedo, from left to right.

Note how you can make out details of both the volcanic processes and the climate in this image. The volcanic craters stand out obviously, and on each volcano you can see a series of streaks that head outward from the summit. Some of these streaks turn, some are straighter, some in the area between Darwin and Alcedo first head into the saddle between the two volcanoes and then turn towards the coast. These streaks are the remnants of eruptions.

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Spanish Song Recs

Listening to spanish music is the #1 reason I started studying Spanish in my free time outside of school and now I’m majoring in it. I can’t stress enough how important music is to my learning experience. I cannot tell you how many times I have remembered a specific word and recalled that word despite never before using it in a class or a conversation, simply because the song popped up in my head because I memorized the lyrics and translated them to English so I knew what it meant.

Additionally, the culture of the music, the genre, the country it’s from really enriches the experience, so I wanted to share the songs that were crucial to my learning + some of my favorites:

Bachata style. The very first song my teacher taught us my freshman year of hs, so very sentimental :’)

Another song for the same reasons as above

  • Shakira - I listened to her so much. My teacher loved her.

My favorites:

Dónde Estás CorazónEstoy AquíPies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos 

  •   Sie7e

Yo Tengo Tu AmorTocando El Cielo

  •  Miriam Hernández:

Se Me Fue – My favorite by her, so sad, but oh so good

El Hombre que Yo Amo, & Un Hombre Secreto   

  • Luis Fansi, his vocals kill me:

Yo no me doy por vencidoAquí estoy yo

  •  Ennio Emmanuel – he did/does(?) visits to schools in the US to encourage learning spanish, his songs are simple fun and seem aimed towards younger learners/beginners (I find him easy to understand in comparison to others on this list esp speaking from personal experience)

Manda un ángelBaila BailaTe necesitoNada es imposible

  • Esperaré – Celia Cruz (has a lot of subjunctive)
  • Latinoamérica – Calle 13 – one of my favorites and you can learn about Latin-American culture in the process! (also there’s a segment in Portuguese!)
  •  Soy Infeliz – Lola Beltrán (found this in the movie Mujeres al Borde de un ataque de nervios which I highly recommend)
  •  Jesse y Joy – kinda obsessed with them:

Corre, Llorar, Ecos de Amor, Que Pena Me Da, Mi Tesoro

  •  For French I’m really loving Edith Piaf – I just really like old music. I’m a total newbie at French so some recommendations are always welcome I’d love to see your own lists :) (also Norwegian is cool too ;) )

Gracias a @langblog por la inspiración. I thought I’d come at this with a slightly different perspective, plus I love music :) This is a new sideblog so hi hello hola.

korra-of-the-south  asked:

Do you see "Snow Like Ashes" becoming a movie anytime soon? And are you a Season?

Alas, the movie process is sooooo far out of my hands. I mean, one can always hope though, right? 

As for which Season I am, I always fancy myself an Autumnian. It’s my favorite season by far – PERFECT temperature, awesome color palette, and letsfaceit, all the best holidays are in the fall. Viva la Autumn!

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¡Hola! I'm a junior in high school, in IB Spanish 4. I'm really good at Spanish because I am half Latina gracias a mi mamá :) pero... her and my grandmother never taught me the language!! it frustrates me to this day lol so i've taken it into my own hands to learn the language fluently. Speaking is definitely the hardest thing for me, as i speak very slowly and take a lot of time to think of how to say what i need to. What could i do to become much faster at speaking and producing the words? :)

You really have to push yourself to think in Spanish, and that becomes easier with time.

The problem is that when you transition from intermediate to advanced, you end up having to think more on your feet in Spanish. Because the way people tend to learn is that they will translate their thoughts in their head before speaking, which takes time.

Ideally, you’re fully thinking in Spanish but that takes time.

It really helps to try to express yourself in Spanish a lot, even if you have to write it down at first, if you’re speaking and reading to yourself and starting to form opinions and thoughts in Spanish, that’s how it starts.

It truly helps to immerse yourself as much as possible, even speaking with your family in Spanish if you can.

Other ideas:

For practicing listening or writing, there are Spanish podcasts, there are also penpalsLang-8,  the Spanish newspaper / videos / online things like El País, the BBC news in Spanish, and Univision

There are also many free podcasts on iTunes if you look for them, probably in the Education section, but you can google iTunes Spanish podcasts and find stuff that way too.

And Brainscape did a Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for YouTube specific listening things.

I also recommend spanishisyouramigo and Señor Jordan

Also the channel practiquemos is very good for the beginners of Spanish who are looking for some grammar / pronunciation help

I would also recommend HuluLatino for Spanish programs, or if you have Netflix to try looking for shows that have Spanish audio, Spanish dubs, or even Spanish subtitles.

Aside from that, there’s also reading things and/or reading them aloud. In this way you get used to sounding things out and you also learn how to express yourself more because it gives you examples of how to use certain verbal phrases or more complex grammar… or sometimes grammar that a native speaker knows that isn’t always taught.

For instance… soñar “to dream” takes the preposition con when you mean “to dream of”. That I didn’t know until I really started reading, and I see it so much in poetry or love stories the idea of “sueño contigo” to mean “I dream of you”.

The best way to improve your Spanish is to constantly Spanish. Spanish just because you can. Spanish just because you want to. Talk to yourself in Spanish, talk to people who will understand you and help you out in Spanish.

It is a gradual process, but la práctica hace al maestro.

KCON Dreams Realized!

Oh my goodness it’s happening! I am walking on clouds, the world is a bright and beautiful place, and sunshine, lollipops and rainbows y'all. Akskdjcvbockdbekfn-

*deep breaths* Ok. So. I have COMBO TICKETS FOR KCON LA 2017!!!!!!!!!!

I get to see Donghae & Eunhyuk AND Wanna One?!?! Is this real life?? My first kpop love on Sat, and my latest kpop affair on Sun!!! My ELFish heart is meeting my Wannable obsession.

I can barely even process right now… Come find me tomorrow when my feet are back on the ground lol.


Game Informer Chats about Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda

As the title says! I highly suggest watching the [30-minute segment] on Youtube, but here are some distinct notes from the show. Although Game Informer did get a hands-on with Andromeda and I regularly trust their content, please note that Bioware and their developers always have final say so some of these have the potential of being incorrect or misconstrued. Let me know if you think I missed anything to add!

  • Aaryn Flynn Interview: coming down the pipe later this month
  • Arcs: four (and Hyperion? Nexus?) split by race: Human, Salarian, Turian, Asari. Each arc has a Pathfinder, or their “exemplar” of their species.
  • Start of MEA: Starts similar to Mass Effect 1, with you on the Arc. Your character goes down to a planet, and then things go wrong.
  • Liam: human, male companion that is on the ship with you in the beginning
  • Classes: Instead of choosing “Vanguard” or “Infiltrator” right at the start, you choose those kinds of abilities available to you. Your character has access to mix strength and biotics, and is not “bound” to choose either/or. 
  • Pathfinder: Each arc has a Pathfinder, or an “exemplar” or representative of their species. Because of their status, it allows that person freedom in their abilities (i.e. mixing strength and biotics).
  • Scott/Sara Ryder: Your fraternal twin. Their role is small at the beginning, and will continue to develop as the game progresses.
  • Ryder Family: Over-arching mystery behind the family that will unravel over the course of the game. As previously confirmed, you will have the option to customize yourself, your sister or brother, and your father.
  • Loyalty Missions: Not required to finish the game, and they don’t affect the ending.
  • Planets: Some are optional to visit, a la Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can’t use the NOMAD on every planet. There’s a sand planet called Elladin (sp?) where similar to ME2 if you’re not in the shadow, you take damage. There’s also a Krogan mission that you do on that planet.
  • Behemoth: Super bosses, where it seems there will be a few of these that “act like the Dragons in Dragon Age”. 
  • Space: “is its own level” The idea that you can look outside and see the planet in front of you. They make the process seamless, from the Tempest to dropping onto the World.
  • Tempest: No elevators. Smaller, tighter than the Normandy. Can walk from the navigation bridge all the way down to the garage with the NOMAD.
  • Upcoming: More to come from Game Informer, including a video on the race The Kett. “A really close look at them”. Also an opportunity to ask your own questions to the devs sometime before the month is over. 

This is a cropped WIP of my submission for #Aqualumina !The piece is to be included in an artbook and an exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. The project is still in the process of being funded so if you’re more interested in helping out, more info can be found at their kickstarter page here.
Part of the proceeds will go to

If you’re in the LA are, come check out the exhibit!
June 25th, 26th, & 28th, 2016
Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday
12:00 Noon - 8:00 PM
210 East Main Street
Alhambra (Los Angeles), CA 91801 USA

Hope to see you there ^^
Stevie Nicks Talks About Empowering Women, Fleetwood Mac and her Next Tour
The Huffington Post, 09/19/2016

Legend. Icon. Storyteller. 

I have a super loud voice,” Stevie Nicks said with a laugh. The world is thankful for it. Her voice is necessary in times like these. The future is up in the air and Stevie Nicks has stepped up to the plate to be the heroine will we need. She is taking the show on the road and it will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. The 27-city tour starts on October 25th in Phoenix and will travel to places like Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and more. “The 24 Karat Gold Tour” is the next chapter in the mythical career of Stevie Nicks.
In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Nicks went into detail about what fans should look forward to when “The 24 Karat Gold Tour” comes to town. “I made a list. I went all the way back into my full catalog because the 24 Karat Gold record has a lot of songs. It also does encompass in many ways all the songs from all my solo records. So I’m having to pick. My list ended up to be 31 songs, it’s really ridiculous. I have an amazing opening act in The Pretenders. It cannot be a three hour set like I just finished doing with Fleetwood Mac and I asked, ‘But Why?’ My musical director and lead guitarist asked if I cut down the set at all yet and I went, ‘Nope.’ So I said, ‘Just hand out the 31 songs to the band and tell them they don’t have to learn them all perfectly. They just have to be aware that we need to play these songs because sometimes the songs that you think are going to be the best aren’t and sometimes the songs that you think will never work ends up being some of your favorite things,’” she told me. It was quite clear that Stevie Nicks created an adventurous and exciting air around her latest undertaking. 

Nicks acknowledged that she will have to revisit her classic hits before touching the new material. “Of course there are the songs that you have to do which are ‘Landslide’ and ‘Edge Of Seventeen.’ That’s fine. I love all those songs so I don’t care. I wish I could do all new songs but you can’t,” she chuckled. She continued, “I’m going to try to do some title songs. I’m going to make an effort to do an extremely difficult complex song called ‘Wild Heart’ which may totally go down in flames. The fact is I’m going to try because I always wanted to do it on stage. It’s a very complex and complicated song but I’m hoping it’s going to work. I’m going to do the songs ‘Bella Donna’, and ‘Rooms On Fire.’ I’m trying to represent every record. There’s a bunch of songs on 24 Karat Gold that haven’t been played by my band. We have to work through all the songs on 24 Karat Gold to see if they will work. If you miss one syllable you can be lost in the dark. There’s not even time to breathe. My musical director said ‘Oh my God. Call me when it’s over.’ I said, ‘Don’t worry it’s going to be okay. It’s all going to work out.’ He’s a nervous wreck. It’s going to be great because we are actually going to ‘represent’. That’s what people say today, right? This tour is a little bit about the glorious past up until now. These songs are not songs that were ever kicked off records,” Nicks told me. She then explained why the songs were never released. She said, “These are songs that were pulled off records by me because I didn’t like how they were recorded. Which means I didn’t like the production, I didn’t like the singing, I didn’t like the fact that it was made too much into a rock n roll song or not. These weren’t songs that I didn’t want to go out, these were just songs that weren’t right. I said ‘No, I’m not going to have a bad experience with this song’ so I pulled them. That’s where 24 Karat Gold came from.” What is old is new again. Fans have been salivating to see these buried treasures played live by the icon.

When explaining the process of recording 24 Karat Gold, Nicks told me, “We started with sixteen songs when we went to Nashville. And it came down to fourteen or fifteen, maybe. I said to Dave Stewart who has all my demos, ‘How can we make a record of these songs and do it while I’m off from Fleetwood Mac, while Christine is moving back to LA, while we are getting her straightened out? How long would that take?’ Dave said, ‘2-5 and 6-10 and then you go home.’ He followed up by saying, ‘You need to be on time and everything will be charted. And you want these songs charted exactly the way they were on your demos. They will be exact. They won’t be arguing with you. These are the best of the best studio musicians and they play on all different kinds of records every single day.’ We had to be organized and we were. It was so great because I didn’t have to learn to sing any of these songs differently because they were exactly as I wrote them. And they loved them. We recorded live. I was in a booth looking at all of them. The drummer, another guitar player, we had three guitar players and it was all there and I could see everybody. It was like playing in a club. When we were done, we jumped on a plane and flew back to my house. It was really fun. We had another three weeks at my house and then it was done. And it was amazing because the only records made in that kind of time were Fleetwood Mac because we really didn’t have that much money. We had a record deal. It was well known but it wasn’t the time to be self-indulgent. And Bella Donna took three months with a month of rehearsal and a month before that of picking out the songs. Every other record we’ve ever done has taken at least a year. Rumors, all of the records. We have enough money where everyone goes ‘We can do whatever we want.’ And I think sometimes that really doesn’t work that well for you because you really don’t need to book every studio in the city to put five thousand overdubs on music that is already really good. You are trying really hard to use your time wisely. You get better stuff and it is a lot more fun getting the stuff that you do get.” Nicks has had a lot of fun throughout her career and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Just when you think you have seen it all, Nicks makes sure that you haven’t seen anything yet.

“I’m not going out to promote this record to sell records because I know people don’t buy that many records now. I have a really good record, and I can go up on stage and do as many of the songs that I can get away with doing,” Nicks told me. She continued, “This will be a very theatrical show. We have a lot of great pictures. This is something I have not mentioned to anybody else. The guy who took the cover of Rumors, Fleetwood Mac and all of my covers, Herbert W. Worthington III, died last year and he left me everything. He left me every picture he ever took, all the way back to Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and all the Fleetwood Mac stuff. All of the press photo sessions. I have an immense amount of amazing photographs taken by this great photographer who was a dear friend of mine that I can now use. When he was alive, he was like ‘You can have that one picture but it’s going to cost you $5,000.’ I would go ‘Herbie come on! Nobody is going to pay that much money! Are you crazy?’ It’s never been seen. So we have these photographs to use and to put up behind me. There’s a picture for every song. A picture tells a thousand stories so that’s really exciting too. I’m going to try to make the beautiful art book that he always wanted to make but never got the opportunity to do.” Stevie Nicks is all about making opportunities that were once not possible—including another Fleetwood Mac tour.

“We will go out again. We will probably go out in another year and a half,” Nicks said while shaking her head. She followed up by saying, “We have to for Christine. Because she’s like ‘Oh my God. I just came back to the band after sixteen years and you are going to break up now?’ We can’t break up now. We gave Christine her 120 shows and she flew through them. She’s five years older than me and you would just never know it. She looks great. You’ll get to see that show. She will never let us off the hook for that.” Stevie Nicks made sure to not let the next generation off the hook when she spoke about what it takes to succeed in the world today. 

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anonymous asked:

Not trying to start anything but it's the truth hence why it wasn't answered. How many times have Troye flew to LA for Connor ? It was always business related and Connor got whatever time was left over. How many Jewish holidays have Con spent in Perth ? Not to mention he missed the Streamys and thanksgiving and you telling me troye couldn't spend a couple days in Minnesota. "He missed his family" .. They were literally on tour with him.

Oh my god get out. I didn’t answer you because this question pisses me off, because I’m tired of answering it, and because you don’t actually have a single semblance of a point, not because it’s the truth.

Like seriously, sorry if I seem rude but as much as you weren’t trying to start anything, you did, and you still don’t seem to understand that what they do on camera says nothing about their relationship dynamic because it’s a disproportionate sliver of their lives. Troye could be doing so much more for Connor than we could possibly imagine away from the public eye, and not only that but the only reason Connor flies places to see him is because traveling is part of Troye’s job so that’s the only way they can see each other often. I’m sure Troye would fly to see him if Connor spent a significant amount of time in places Troye has no work he can do, but Connor is in LA most of the time, and Troye can write music there easily so he might as well do that while he visits.

If you think Troye needs to spend Christmas with Connor, who he spent two thirds of his time with in the last three months, instead of going home to see his friends that he hasn’t seen since September because his job keeps him traveling to prove to us that he cares about Connor you need to step back and reassess your thinking process.


Hey, ali0suna, @stephfindley, and @ashli-bashli! 

We don’t have any information on LA, Phoenix, or Chicago tickets just yet, but you can follow the show’s Twitter account (@FallonTonight) for more updates as they become available!

Here’s all the info on how our ticketing process generally works:

If you have any more questions, you can reach our Ticketing Department directly at: (212) 664-3056 They’re open Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm ET.

Hope we get to see you at a show! - Noah 

Hello Lima residents, your long lost twins have arrived. I know you’ve probably missed us terribly since last summer, so you’ll be happy to know we’ve been officially banished to this bean town. We’re currently in mourning, it’s going to be a long process that may or may not end until we are back in LA. Whilst we’re very happy to see all your faces in our lives, you can and should blame our parents for our lack of sunny disposition. 

anonymous asked:

hi angel is there anywhere specific to find out about internships, like my options and whatnot. this is a pretty vague question and i'm sorry about that lol i just feel a little lost. thanks tho <3

hi my love, do you mean options as in like actual openings or just like the types you can have? if it’s the latter, make it easy on yourself knowing everyone has interns like … everyone, any kind of career, any level, everyone has interns. if it’s you just dont know where to find openings- i tried to find the post on my other blog but couldn’t so i’ll just link em here (*these are really only in nyc/la area + in the fashion/editorial industry) editorial internships fashion/beauty internships from editorial to photo to pattern making to pr literally anything fashion/beauty internships

the muse is more startup/tech/marketing/design and in more major cities in the states + globally (hbo, aol, etc)

i hope this is helpful! at the very least you can read descriptions/see what the process is like for internships in general!