as you can see it didn't go so well


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

  • Guy on train: I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos.
  • Me: *turns up music*
  • Guy: I said I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos!
  • Me: *takes off headphones* Leave. Me. Alone.
  • Guy: Why the fuck do you have so many tattoos?
  • Me:
  • Guy: Are you fucking deaf as well as a piece of trash?
  • Lady by door: Hey. Leave her alone.
  • Guy: Are you her trash girlfriend? Fucking dykes, all tattooed like fucking men. Disgusting waste of pussy.
  • Lady: *moves forward, carefully moves jacket so only I can see the badge on her belt* Are you okay?
  • Me: Fine. Just wish he'd go away.
  • Lady cop: I can make that happen.
  • Guy: Oh, yeah, bitch? Who the fuck are you? I'll kill you!
  • Lady cop: And that's what I was waiting for. *grabs guy, holds him against the door* Harassing women on the train was enough, but you just threatened a cop. You're battin' a thousand tonight.
  • Entire train: *applauds*

ODIN-as-ONE EYE in Valhalla Rising (2009) as given form by Mads Mikkelsen

Just in case people didn’t believe me that the Terrible One is in this film, right down to the semiotics, I took a few bloody screenshots.

I have added some facetious but mostly true  (to the personality/vibe I personally get from the Old Man) captions which I shall reproduce here.

1. Yes. By all means fetter me. I can wait.

2. Right. That’s that built. Tricky to do. Give it a moment to check what I’ve set up turns out OK.

3. I have one eye and I can still see more than you.

4. You’re dead. You just don’t know it yet. Shit just Became Fundamentally Real aka I made my move half an hour ago, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

5. Why yes, my good eye does blaze like the sun. So does the other one, and that’s down a well. Don’t worry about it - it’s all fine.

6. You really have no idea who I am and what I’m capable of, do you? akathe I know something you don’t know and I’m not going to say a word smile/smirk/look.

7. Built the worlds. Now going to return to the Ancestral Sea of Soul because I died and it didn’t bother me and I learnt what I needed to.

8.  I am indeed your Soul-stirrer, dweller in the Ancestral Dreaming Sea.aka You can’t get rid of me because I’m in your blood and bone and breath. Death is only the beginning.

9.  I am also part of the Mountain which reaches beyond the sky. Sky or Sea, I am at home in both. I am at home nowhere, and everywhere you look.

Note: I only just realised there were nine screenshots. I took about 13. The nine is not deliberate but make of that what you will!


i didn’t go anywhere today, but i did do my makeup

The future
  • Cashier: uh sir will that be all?
  • Me very politely and quietly: uh no uh I well uh I'm not sure how to say this, but I'd like to die.
  • Cashier: did you say you'd like to die sir?
  • Me: uh there any way you could help me?
  • Cashier: of course sir! We offer a quick painless death for 29.99 and a slow excruciating death stretched out over a 24 hour period for 250.99.
  • Me: uh....well you see I only have 10 dollars left. What will that get me?
  • Cashier: well for that we can put you into a medically induced coma for uh well I suppose forever.
  • Me: oh no that won't do.
  • Cashier: sir I am terribly sorry we couldn't assist you today. If there is anything else we can do do not hesitate to ask.
  • Me: well uh do you know of any places around here that sell death at a cheaper price.
  • Cashier: I'm sorry sir but our 29.99 package is the cheapest around for hundreds of miles.
  • Me: ah well. I guess that's alright. Can you believe that at one point people could just die for free? There were people dying for 0 dollars when they didn't even want to.
  • Cashier: that's absolutely absurd sir.
  • Me: you're telling me. I can't believe the human race lasted so long without charging people to die.
  • Cashier: me neither sir! I would've died ages ago if I could afford it!
  • Me: same here. But I suppose it can't be helped.
  • Cashier: well I guess sir. Anyway I hope you have a great day.
  • Me: you too. I'll see you around. I think I'm going to go home and start a gofundme to raise money so I can die.
  • Cashier: that's a brilliant idea sir! I hope to see you back here real soon!
  • Me: oh god I hope so. But there are thousands of people trying to raise money to die...mine'll probably never be seen.
  • Cashier: oh please try to be more optimistic sir.
  • Me: I wish I could be, but I can't afford it.

so i can’t go to my blog, it just redirects me to my dashboard and opens up from there. help me, please? i can look at other people’s pages, just not my own.  

**Edit: so i found a solution so hopefully this works for others as well.

to fix this, just go to your blog settings and under privacy, enable/turn on the “allow logged-out users to see this blog” feature. hopefully now you can go to your blog regularly since that seemed to work for me as well as a couple other bloggers i’ve messaged with this advice .

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Are you a lesbian or what? I see that word on your blog but a while back you said you were on a date with a cis guy, which didn't go so well, and I can understand not wanting to date cis guys but are you exclusively attracted to women or what??

I was questioning my sexuality which I’ve had a complicated relationship with all my life for reasons that aren’t your fucking business and as it turns out yeah I am not attracted to dudes.

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I find it funny that the whole point of going Low Chaos in Dishonored 1, was to be a good influence to Emily. Cause, if you go High Chaos, well she ain't that sweet little girl anymore. Kinda wished that data transfer was a thing in Dishonored 2, so you can see how things are affected, kinda like Bioware's options with Dragon Age (transfer data, or go with an established canon if didn't have the previous games).

[partially in reference to this post]

I find it funny that Dishonored gave us so much choice in the first game to decide exactly what happens to everyone, and then DH2 reset everything so that there would be a single jumping-off point for the narrative of Emily taking back her throne. 

I too would have been interested in a DH2 that operates on a save file transfer (I joked about it in passing here). I suspect the devs didn’t do it for two main reasons. 

  • Firstly, Dishonored has its details and lore stored in more separate, contained places, such as audiographs, newspapers, and journals. So it may have been more work to implement changing variables such as Campbell’s fate, Curnow’s fate, the Pendleton twins’ fate, Lady Boyle’s fate, The Lord Regent’s fate, etc, plus overall high/low chaos (all those characters for example don’t actually show up in DH2 so their fate if mentioned would only be a footnote or a single sentence in one or more books). Mass Effect on the other hand puts those details in dialogue, intros and outros.
  • Secondly, the feel of the Dishonored franchise is different - Mass Effect is set in the future and has pages of lore in its Codex that you can read at your leisure, whereas Dishonored is an alternate reality setting where you learn about your surroundings from your surroundings. For example you don’t learn too much about details that don’t concern you in Dishonored; but in Mass Effect, despite never having to engage in full space combat, there exsit multiple Codex entries on how the human navy has adapted to very suddently meeting a whole galaxy of aliens. The feeling of immersion is different.

I understand what you’re saying and it would have been incredibly immersive to start finish DH1 on high chaos, start Dishonored 2, import your save file and find out that the Crown Killer is plausible and Emily is losing support, not only because Ramsey, Delilah and the Duke have a much keener grasp of politics than the Child Empress or her Royal Protector, but also because she’s a freaking dictator. Like you log on, Corvo says “the Ramseys are getting uppity” and your response is “We’ll have to show them our commitment to keeping the throne. Torch the eastern end of Market Street, but don’t make it too obvious.” Thus (just like Mass Effect) you’d need at least two playthroughs of the franchise to appreciate (say) 75% of the content of the main narrative in both high and low chaos, akin to a full Paragon or Renegade playthrough. 

  • If DH2 had featured a storyline where Corvo remained on the Dreadful Wale but crippled by Delilah’s attack, you could introduce yet another level of complexity by having him realise the mistake he made in carving a bloody swathe through Dunwall fifteen years ago, and have him try to convince Emily to go low chaos while she still can. 

As a quite separate point, it’s annoying we have closure for the rest of the loyalists - Piero, Cecelia, Callista - from the first game. Because there is one argument that can be made for having a new set of characters (Meagan, Hypatia, Stilon, -cough- old man Sokolov -cough-) and a new set of interactions to show how DH2 has progressed in time from the first game; but a counter-argument could be made for the Dishonored franchise being as tightly-bound and personal as Mass Effect, so that we would expect to have closure for supporting characters if so many main characters (Delilah, Daud, Billie) return for the second game. Supporting the former argument is the fact that DH2 is really Emily’s story, not Corvo’s, so unlike Mass Effect where Shepard is the main & player character throughout, there is a handing-over effect.

  • However if we consider DOTO, it seems that the story that it was most important we hear about, before the studio takes a break from the Dishonored franchise, was how Daud and Billie made the Outsider pay for his involvement in spreading chaos and leading to the death of Jessamine Kaldwn. And this is strange because it would seem to imply that we SHOULD treat the three games like a closely-linked intertwined narrative despite so many threads from the first game being left hanging or done away with so quickly.

I wrote previously about how it wouldn’t be hard to include the canon fates of the important characters in-game at the start of DH2 e.g. by putting a general history book near the path of the player during the first mission, that you can read to say “Lord Corvo dealt with the Pendletons X way and dealt with Daud in Y way” instead of clunkily announcing in interviews and publicity  that Low Chaos is canon, but so is killing off one or two key characters for no apparent reason. It’s one of the good AND bad things about Dishonored, that you get so much choice and you can carve out your own story, but that gets reset with each new game to a “standard” narrative. I understand that some people are always going to ask about what is canon instead of waiting for the folowing game to come out, but I just thought that including it in a book in the game would be an elegant solution.

Ultimately I think that the comparison between Mass Effect and Dishonored comes down to (on a story level) Mass Effect being planned as trilogy from the very beginning while Dishonored wasn’t; and (on a gameplay level) Mass Effect being envisioned as cinematic and having very strong role-playing ability while Dishonored being a stealth game with very strong emergent gameplay. 

  • I was a little dubious about this film until I saw someone praise its use of appropriate background actors/actresses, and had time to kill today.
  • So I went to see The Great Wall.
  • Seriously, go watch it.
  • It made me laugh, and cry, a mouth fall open in awe.
  • It's beautiful, it's stunning in design for costume and CGI and sets and everything.
  • All the battle scenes are SUPERB, and the crane corps - just wow.
  • Seriously, a whole regimental section for women alone cos they're BETTER at it.
  • *fans self* and the main lady, she's... well. I was sitting there quite glad I didn't have any friends with me cos they would have laughed so hard we'd be kicked out.
  • I was completely besotted with Commander Lin.
  • Which brings me on to romance - there is refreshingly NONE, so happy about this!
  • JUST GO SEE IT ASAP. I have no help for you if you don't.

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Hello I'm a new follower! And I was wondering who Casey is, are they okay? Why didn't you get to see them, I'm concerned and curious ☺️ well wishes for you!- Ollie

casey is a close friend of mine who died in a car accident january 2016. i met her through cosplay so going to cons can be rough. i try my best to keep a good attitude cause its what she would want but god the whole thing was so unfair. i wasnt going to answer this since its so serious but, fuck casey was so amazing and i want to take any opportunity to talk about her.
she loved sailor moon, and wearing cute makeup and perfecting her eyebrows and dressing like cute anime girls and wearing flowy dresses and she loved the beach and we always drank lots of tea together and she loved free! and kamisama kiss! and she was so beautiful and had so much hope and was about to attend the disney college program. she had a big heart and bigger dreams.

i miss her everyday.

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Hello! You wonder person with an amazing blog! Have you seen the 3rd despicable me movie? Well in case you haven't or haven't seen the trailers, the main villain has a mullet. So no one can tell me lance didn't drag Keith to this movie just so he could say. "You see that Keith? The 80's style bad guy has a mullet. What dose that say about your haircut."

FJHGHSK ok first of all hi u cute person u!!! second of all ok i almost stopped breathing there when i read the words “ Have you seen the 3rd despicable me movie?” LOL i had no idea where this would go…but yes i (unfortunately?!) have heard about it because my baby nephew and niece are obsessed with those movies and let me just say: I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH THIS???? I HATE THIS! like no one can tell me lance wouldnt drag keith to the space mall or a movie theater back on earth for this. and keith would glare into lance’s SOUL and be like “you seriously brought me to this movie for this? this movie theater FILLED with children? 2 drag me? why am i in love with u again??”

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Dude, I have aro!prince headcanons too, I've just been sitting on them because i didn't know how well it'd go over. I'm glad that someone else thinks so too!

!!!! :Dcc @deafinatelyfangirling
you should share! I absolutely love aro Roman, and I know they do too! And I’m shore more people do as well!
I mean, you can do whatever you would like, of course, but! if you’re comfortable, i know that, at the very least, I’m here!!!! and I would love to see them! 💕💕💕

Quick Fic Supercat
  • Cat: That was my best pan.
  • Kara: I'm so sorry! You startled me.
  • Cat: You have super hearing.
  • Kara: I do, but I also have super focus, and I was super focused on putting the dishes up, so... I didn't hear you come in?
  • Cat: Not buying it.
  • Kara: No? Okay, how about you're just really quiet today?
  • Cat: I'm wearing four inch heels, and our floors are hardwood.
  • Kara: So that's a no, too, huh?
  • Cat: That's a no. Kara, you've been jumpy for days. Are you going to tell me what's going on any time soon, or do I have to suffer through replacing half of our house before you come clean with whatever it is?
  • Kara: I really am sorry about the shower. I liked that fixture set.
  • Cat: I had planned to redo that shower next year, but, still, it'd have been nice to wait until then instead of speeding up our renovations, but don't change the subject. Come on, out with it.
  • Kara: Cat...
  • Cat: Chop! Chop!
  • Kara: Okay! Alright, I just... I'm not sure how to tell you this, and it's a little weird.
  • Cat: Weirder than being in a long-term relationship with an alien who, although technically older than me, is actually a Millennial who is quite a bit younger than me?
  • Kara: Well... yes? Actually, it has to do with the fact that I'm, you know, not human.
  • Cat: Have you discovered some kind of new super power, and I need to invest in more Supergirl protection insurance for the house?
  • Kara: No, not exactly. This has more to do with the fact that I'm not human and less with the fact that the sun supercharges me. Okay... just... Cat, you know that, in a lot of ways, I'm like you humans. I mean, I pretty much look the same, and, with just a few really small differences, my anatomy is pretty much the same, but... but... how Kryptonians *mate* is very different.
  • Cat: You told me that you didn't choose your mates.
  • Kara: That's true, but I also said that it was never an issue because couples always had children regardless, unless there was a biological reason why they couldn't have children.
  • Cat: Yes, I remember you telling me that.
  • Kara: What I didn't tell you was *why* children always happened. You see, when my species hits a certain age, we... well... the woman. The *women* go through... ummm... okay, so, I'm getting close to the age that Kryptonian women...
  • Cat: Oh, for God's sake, Kara, just spit it out.
  • Kara: We go through heat, okay? Kryptonian women go through the equivalent of what humans might consider "going through heat," and it's not something I can control. It starts happening between 28 and 30 years of age, and the cycle is about once every three human months.
  • Cat: You... go... through... heat? Kara, are you saying you're going to have a biological impulse to mate with a man? Why didn't you tell me about this before now?
  • Kara: No! No... I... I thought it might not happen here. So much is different here because of, well, everything, and I just wasn't sure, and then I sort of forgot about it, but then I had that thing with Mon-El, and I kind of thought about it, but then that all went way south, and then I sort of pushed it out of my mind because I was having..
  • Cat: Please stop rambling.
  • Kara: Sorry.
  • Cat: So, if you're not saying that you need a man, then what are you saying?
  • Kara: I can feel it starting to kick in. I wasn't positive what it was, but I had Alyx run some tests, and, yeah.
  • Cat: I bet that was uncomfortable for both of you.
  • Kara: You really have no idea.
  • Cat: So what do we do now?
  • Kara: Start booking a week's vacation someplace where screaming at the top of my lungs won't arouse suspicion?
  • Cat: I presume that means I can fulfill your needs with a little help from a toy or two?
  • Kara: Yeah. It's a connection thing, not a... not a sperm thing. God, everything about this is so embarrassing. Why can't I just be normal about *one* thing in my life?
  • Cat: But you are normal.
  • Kara: No, I'm not. No one else goes into heat.
  • Cat: No *human* does, but you just told me Kryptonian women do, which means you're perfectly normal. Kara, there's nothing wrong with you, and, believe me, I'm more than happy to do my duty as your mate and take care of you in your time of need. Honestly, how could that possibly be a burden?
  • Kara: Even if it happens during deadline time?
  • Cat: Even then. We'll make it work. You're one of *the* most important things in my life. You and Carter, you trump even CatCo. You know that.
  • Kara: Thank you...
  • Cat: Now, let's pull out our planners and see what we can get scheduled. How long do we have?
  • Kara: I can hold it off for about another week.
  • Cat: I wish you hadn't waited so long. I could've rented out Tom's island if I'd had two weeks' notice.
  • Kara: Well, we'll have plenty of opportunities.
  • Cat: True. Well, Fuji it is. You call the owners of that cabin I like, and I'll start making arrangements for CatCo, and, Kara, next time, just tell me.
  • Kara: Okay, I can do that.
  • Aaron: Robert, look, you did a bad thing, yeah, but Liv's all right now and Lawrence is still alive. No one died. And nobody else needs to know about this. You can still turn this round.
  • Robert: Aaron. It's too late for that now.
  • Aaron: Why?
  • Robert: Because it gets worse.
  • Aaron: Go on.
  • Robert: If I tell you, you're just gonna hate me even more than you already do, so what's the point?
  • Aaron: (takes the keys off him) Go on.
  • Robert: You said you didn't wanna know.
  • Aaron: Well, I wanna know now.
  • Robert: So Lawrence, the pills. It was to make him weak, confuse him, while I worked on the rest of the family. You see, they didn't trust me at first. So... I made them think they could. Lawrence even thinks I've killed for him.
  • Aaron: You haven't, have you?
  • Robert: If I wanted to kill someone, I wouldn't get my hands dirty. It was all a lie to prove myself so he'd trust me. It's taken months and now I'm back in the family. I'm this close to getting my hands on the business. And none of them have a clue... that I hate them. I hate their guts. I mean, yesterday he got us a room. If Rebecca hadn't gone into labour -
  • Aaron: Then what? Then you'd have slept with him?
  • Robert: Even I wouldn't do that.
  • Aaron: Don't kid yourself, Robert. You knew if it came down to... All of that just to get youur hands on Home Farm?
  • Robert: Rebecca broke us up, Aaron. She broke us up. I wanted to break them. If I couldn't have you, I was gonna get my hands on whatever they have. And then... and then I held my boy for the first time and it... it all changed. I should've felt all the things that dads are supposed to feel for the first time, but all I felt in here was shame. Do yo know, when she first told me I spent every night praying - praying that she would loose that baby... because if she had... there was a chance for us. My own boy... and I... I wished him dead.

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I was wondering how OldJian gets adolesent male self discovery so right. I am so reminded of myself and my friends at that age. Its was hard realizing we were Gay, at first we didn't want accept it. So afraid to lose our friends. Just like the characters she's created. Does she have a brother? Gay male friends?

It’s great to know people relate to the story in real life!! I hope things are going well for you now 🙆🏻

Well I don’t know much about Old xian’s personal life, as you can see from her weibo page there are very few personal posts. It’s her work page after all, so it consist of mostly 19 days updates, ads, and posts on her health condition or other projects she is working on. Personally when I first started reading her works she reminded me a little of Yoneda Kou, with more comedy and less sexual elements. But the important moments are equally bittersweet. I don’t know if Old xian has any gay male friends or brother but she definitely captures the fears and internal turmoil of self discovery very well. That’s probably one of the reasons why 19 days is so popular isn’t it? 

I ended up going on a live reaction marathon, and rewatching episode 4 made me think of something. Understandably so, nobody wants to hear about their parents’ love life, that’s just gross, but honestly?

Can’t you just see any of the boys saying that to their own children one day?? They’re young, they’re Matsuzo’s sons, so of course it was gross to them and they didn’t want to hear anything about it or have anything to do with it at first, but can’t you just see Osomatsu rolling around on the floor whining “I want to have a pervy relationship with your mom forever!” to his own kids? Can’t you just see Karamatsu ‘heh’ing, head tilted down, eyes closed and stroking his chin and saying that to his kids? Can’t you see Choromatsu making his weird facial expressions, embarrassed tears collecting in the corners of his eyes as he shamelessly laments to his kids??

It’s not to say that all of them would come to have the same problems in their marriages one day, it’s more thinking about how it was annoying to them then but honestly, yeah, it doesn’t seem like something any of them would be ashamed to tell their own kids either lol 

Salt Mid Gossip Squad!

Just a silly little idea I have that Mezato is willing to mine both Takenaka and Musashi as sources of information for her newletter or whatever it is she writes. 

I feel like Takenaka would be more or less willing to share the occasional telepathic titbit if Mezato is able to pester him persuade him into doing so; meanwhile, while Musashi is a great guy he is also canonically a nosy blabbermouth who has shared Onigawara’s embarrassing secrets on two separate occasions, so Mezato would probably be able to get some juicy info out of him as well. 

Dirty Aunt sensei's take on tattoo culture =_=;
  • Me (always in English): Yeah I have four tattoos, going to be five in August.
  • DA sensei (always in Japanese): So you can't go to onsen.
  • Me: Yes I can.
  • DA sensei: Onsens say tattoos aren't allowed. They're not allowed anywhere really.
  • Me: They let me and other tattooed people in tho...
  • DA sensei: Bet you didn't get the tattoos in Japan.
  • Me: I got my biggest and my smallest both in Aomori actually.
  • DA sensei: Hmm, well I bet because you're foreign-
  • Me (in Japanese): No not true. Not always. I see tattooed Japanese women in the bath too, at the same time as me. They exist. Tattoo culture in Japan exists, even if it's different.
  • DA sensei: No.
  • Me: ... you can't tell me NO to something I'm telling you is part of life here lol
  • DA sensei: I'm just sayin'... no.
  • Quiet-Gal sensei, who has been silently observing our goings-on up until now (in Japanese): When I was in uni, I wanted a butterfly on my coochie, so that when I spread my legs, it would flap its wings.
  • DA sensei: ...
  • Me: ...
  • DA sensei: I mean... did you do it?
  • QG sensei: Ah no, he drew one line with the needle and it hurt so I stopped.
  • (the room kind of dissolves into laughter and the teacher spends 10 mins trying to demonstrate and convince us that it would have been a very funny, very cute idea to have a butterfly hooha)
  • DA sensei, to me, as she walks me out: You're silly, yknow.
  • Me: Nah. I'm matching my physical image to my mental one. And my mental image has tattoos.
  • DA sensei, very fondly: Silly girl.
  • <3