as you can see it didn't go so well

Heya people!!

As you can see I’m not very active these days, and I’m afaid things will only get busier… just a heads up I’m not abandoning this blog or going on hiatus or anything, but I won’t be posting here that often.
If you wanna talk tho, feel free to~ and be reaaally patinent for replies

Anywaay thank you for sticking with me, and have a nice day!

You know that All My Children link on my sidebar? WELL. It finally works. I finally took the five minutes required to get it all updated and good to go. 

So, now you can see the list of all of my favorite special children. The ones I want to talk about. I probably should rename it All My Favorite Children because that’s really what it is.

a/n: not sure what this is, where it came from, where it’s going, or if there’ll be more but ! here you go :-) tell me how you feel etc

He’s nervous. He knows nervousness. It’s high on the spectrum of human emotion he knows so well he can spot it miles away. He see’s it in the jitters of fans as they mumble hellos and ask for hugs, he sees it in his bandmates nightly, their anxious energy bouncing off the walls of dressing rooms, and he sees it in himself, right now, standing in front of you with his mouth parted and ready to speak.

“You look,” he sighs, searching for a word that fits it best. Perfect is his first choice but he doesn’t know if that’s too much - too strong. “Incredible.” He settles and you beam back at him, the light in your eyes challenged only by the sun itself.

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long term!mingyu

for @mingyumilk and the anon who requested this as well….prepare ur hearts

  • you’ve been with him for so long you can’t imagine how you lived without him in the first place 
  • like….how……
  • you two do a lot of adventuring
  • like if you’re driving with him he’ll insist on going down that road you don’t usually use and seeing where it goes
  • you guys get lost and narrowly save yourselves using GPS
  • your go-to place is the cafe where you two first met
  • he thinks he could do the latte art wayyyyy better than the baristas but you just roll your eyes and you’re like “rly now”
  • he proves it to you by making lattes for you at his place
  • and he teaches you how to do it too although you don’t do it quite as well as he does
  • he loves baking
  • like he has an apron and everything and you’ll make brownies or bread with him
  • and he’ll dot flour on your nose
  • when you two go walking together he gets v easily distracted by the dogs you pass and he’ll ask the owner if he can pet the dog
  • he talks you into getting a dog with him
  • if something breaks at your house he comes and fixes it
  • there is no project too big for kim mingyu to handle
  • you guys took a painting class together once and for the longest time he couldn’t stop painting you
  • even now he’ll get a pencil and some paper and quickly do a sketch of you while you aren’t noticing
  • and bc he has an artist’s eye he’ll focus on your face a lot, like the corners of your eyes and the slope of your nose and the dimple on your cheek
  • a majority of the gifts he gives you are homemade and they’re so nice 
  • he also made you numerous bracelets during a phase he had
  • he eats so much food out of your pantry/fridge you have to prepare for when he comes over 
  • loves sitting/standing behind you and playing with your hair and trying to style it
  • and kissing the back of your neck
  • he is constantly trying to steal kisses and it still manages to catch you off guard
  • like if you’re looking at something and you’re distracted he’ll just lean towards you and give you a quick peck on the corner of your lips
  • he let it slip one time that he’d really like children one day and he hadn’t brought it up to you before and you were like “oh, you wanna have kids?” and he got so flustered, ahhhhhh
  • he kept trying to deny it
  • “what, me? i didn’t say that. what makes you think i’d want children-” *sweats*
  • why you always lyinnnn, mingyu
  • but you’re like “dude it’s okay”
  • because you’re gonna be w kim mingyu 5ever 


aka sometimes you need to screw up your own drawings


aka serpentsshipmate made me do it 

It’s been so long since my last Blog Of The Moth, so I thought it’d be a good idea to make one! So, here it is, my September BOTM!!!

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