as you can see i love the first gif

I really love this moment, because Lexa is just standing there with the drawing in her hand with thoughts like, “what does this mean?”, “is this how Clarke really sees me?”, “Clarke sees me as Lexa first and the Commander second?”. And then you have Clarke who’s just being really fidgety and embarrassed and all she can say is, “uh, that’s not finished yet”, while all that’s going through her mind is “asdfghjkljfhdfhbffdhlgridhgkdlhgdklfh TELL HER IT’S FOR YOUR PEOPLE!”


In Love Again

Request: Can I request a newt x reader where he holds your baby daughter for the first time, and he falls in love with you and her all over again please? Lots of smiles and fluffiness please?


You hated that Newt had to see you like this, weak. A thick layer of sweat plastered your hair to your clammy skin as you cried out in absolute anguish, tears rolling down your cheeks, every part of your body screaming with hot fire. You just wanted it to be over, you just wanted it to end. Newt had been more supportive than you could ever thank him for, but until now, a part of him struggled to comprehend that this was his child you were giving birth to, and not just another of his creatures. Watching you now, the lovely smile he once wore was replaced by crippling sadness, crystal tears pouring from his vibrant blue eyes and down his freckle kissed skin. You knew why; Newt was incurably empathetic, which meant that seeing you in any pain would simply overwhelm and distress him to this point. The doctors encouraged you with each push, but their words were easily drowned out by your sobs of despair.


His voice was the most quiet in the room, but the only one you heard.

“N-Newt,” you gasped through your tears, your head rising as he spoke.

“Sweetheart, I need you to listen to me, alright? Listen to the sound of my voice, I’m right here,” he encouraged softly, entwining his slender fingers through yours.

You gave another push, shaking your head back and forth, “I-I can’t do this.”

Newt squeezed your hand, “Yes darling, you can. Look at me.”

You rolled your head pathetically to the side, catching Newt through your bleary vision. His elbows rested against the table, his ember colored fringe drooped over his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together in worry.

“You only have a few pushes left,” he promised, rubbing his thumb against your skin. “So when the next one comes, squeeze my hand and know that I’m here, know that I love you, and you can do this. Can you do that for me?”

It was a rare occasion, hearing Newt utter multiple sentences without a single stutter. You gave him a nod, and as you gave your last few pushes, you focused on the sound of his soothing words, your nails digging into his flesh but not causing him to flinch at all. It hurt like hell, but there was not a chance in the world that you could’ve done it without him. Once it was over, you collapsed back into your pillows form exhaustion, your breathing heavy and unstable. The doctors quickly took your baby to get cleaned up, and Newt edged closer to you, using his knuckles to push your stray hairs affectionately behind your ears. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I wanted you to think I was brave, but I’m not.”

Newt bent over you, his lips coming to rest briefly like a whisper on your forehead. He pulled back, caressing your cheek lightly, “I’ve never seen you braver,” he whispered, his cool breath fanning over your skin.

You laughed softly, bringing your hand to cup his, “Thank you.”

Newt opened his mouth, but was cut off by a doctor.

“Here she is,” the doctor smiled warmly, passing your baby girl into your arms.

She was wrapped snugly in a plush pink blanket, her chubby cheeks rosy as she stirred, and you were surprised to see that, unlike most newborns, she wasn’t crying at all now, but instead looking genuinely content to be in this new world. Her warmth spread into your arms, and you stared at her in awe, starting to cry again after just having stopped. She had her father’s eyes, big blue green orbs filled with wonder and charm.

“We made that!” you squealed softly, brushing off a tear and looking at Newt.

Newt pulled his eyes up to yours, a short airy laugh emitting from his chest, “we made that,” he repeated in disbelief. “She’s an absolute b-beauty,” Newt breathed lovingly, “must’ve gotten that from you.”

“Really? I’d say that’s all you,” you glowered.

You raised your fingertips to touch your daughter’s squishy little fingers. “This is a bit different than raising your creatures,” you giggled breathlessly.

“Well, considering you are the only one I have ever trusted to care for them, and considering how much kindness and love you gave to them, I’ll bet you’re going to make the best mother anyone could ever ask for,” Newt grinned.

Even after years with Newt, things like this still caused you to find yourself furiously blushing beet red.

You pecked your daughter on the head and smiled down at her joyus little face, and as carefully as you could, you passed the little bundle into Newt’s arms.

He grasped her tightly against his chest, staring down at her for a good while, his mouth hung open as he searched for the words to say. After a long silence, he raised his head, closing his eyes as he struggled to gain composure, a fresh wave of tears now rolling down his cheeks.

“It’s like-” his voice cracked and he shook his head again, his lips twitching upwards as he cried softly and left his sentence unfinished.

“It’s like what?” you smiled, using the pads of your thumbs to brush the tears from Newt’s soft skin.

Newt brought all his attention to you, his shimmering eyes softening as he gazed dumbfounded at you. “I-It’s like,” he breathed quietly, “It’s like I’m falling in love all over again.”

Your heart practically melted right then and there. “She is pretty easy to fall in love with,” you smiled warmly, looking back down at your child. But Newt continued on staring at you, his fingers crawling under your chin and lifting your face back up to his.

“Not just her,” he sighed, tilting his head. “I’m afraid, my love,” he said, searching your face, “that I am falling for you all over again.”

You shook your head in amazement, “what did I ever do to deserve you, Newt Scamander?”

“Exist,” he said simply, without a moment’s hesitation.

You were going to say something, but a sudden wave of sleepiness crashed over you, and you found yourself unable to suppress your yawns.

“Merlin’s beard,” Newt said, “that was supposed to be romantic, not put you to sleep.”

“Mmm,” you said faintly, “sorry sweetie, I’m just so exhausted.

“Yes of course,” Newt straightened up, “you need lots of rest. But…not to worry, I’m not going anywhere darling, I’ll be right here when you wake up!”

“Don’t worry,” you mumbled, “you have to go and take care of your beasts.”

“They’ll be alright without me for a while. After all, I have a new beast to take care of now,” he giggled to himself, tapping your daughter lightly on the nose.

“Newt! Don’t call her that!” you snorted with laughter.

“A-and once you awake, I will be sure to give you a proper good kiss,” he smiled bashfully.

Your eyelids drooped, but you smiled, “how about you kiss me right now?”

Newt blinked a few times, the corners of his mouth twitching up into that smirk of his you loved, his cheeks flushing, and adorable dimples appearing. You bent cautiously forward, your fingers coming to lightly brush Newt’s velvety golden red hair from his eyes. You sighed contently, tapping your fingers lightly against Newt’s temples as you gazed deep into the pools of his familiar blue eyes.

“I want you to know that, with you…well, I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you. I am so in love with you, Newt Scamander,” you murmured.

Newt’s skin turned hot under your palms.

“A-and I you,” he stuttered softly.

You strung your arms loosely around his neck, Newt’s hands coming to gently cup your cheek. You tilted your head, eyes fluttering closed, your lips finding Newt’s familiar ones with no trouble. It was easy, with Newt. Your lips molded easily together like two puzzle pieces, and every time you kissed, you found your heart springing to a thrum at the sensation of his soft and plump lips against yours. You pushed a little further, your nose pressing into Newt’s skin, your hands coming up to trail through his locks. Newt hummed lightly in content, the vibrations sent through your locked lips. His thumb caressed your cheek gently, every move of his cautious and careful with you, his intensity always soon to mimic yours with ease. Newt smiled radiantly against your mouth, and you could practically taste the happiness on his lips. You briefly bent your head in deeper, Newt quickly dipping his lips forcefully against yours before pulling back, his grin still plastered to his face.

“I needed that,” you sighed, collapsing back against your pillows.

“Rest well, beautiful,” Newt soothed in reply.

He shifted slightly to raise the blanket around your body, tucking you snugly in, the sleep already coaxing you into darkness. As he lifted his hands away, you used your last bit of energy to grab Newt’s wrist midair and hold his hand. You held it like that against the sheets, and a moment later, you were gone.

Newt leaned back, the smile on his face never faltering for even a second. And so he sat like that, admiring his two favorite girls in the world and wondering how he ever got so lucky.

Ok I don’t know if I’m being too overdramatic or anything but lOOK AT KYUNGSOO’S HAND AND CHANYEOL’S RESPONSE! I can’t believe how gently Soo slid his hand along chanyeol’s (kinda neck, kinda jaw) like it’s so sLOW and SOFT and TENDER AND LOVING IS2G I CANNOT GET OVER HIS HAND MOVEMENT. And then the way he (gently but firmly) turned chanyeol’s head towards the camera!? Ugh!?? And then there’s chanyeol. Like you can see how at first he was staring at someone and when Soo’s hand made contact and started moving, his eyes strayed a bit and looked somewhere else (a Distanced Look like he’s Thinking Something Important) and then when Soo turned his head he went all straight and proper I-!!!! Who’s the hyung here?!! I love this gif so much I love chansoo so much I love life chansoo is life

Ayeee, so a while ago my friend made her first mesh and boyohboy am I excited for her! …and I decide to do a bit of recoloring of it because whynot, the top’s cute and all so yay. includes solid colors, some patterned and logos :D credits to @keikosim & other creator’s cc that I used ❤️

 original mesh here // my download here

Thank you and feel free to @qvoix or # qvoix when you use them, I’ll love to see what you’ve done! You can find my other CCs here TOU

So in my mind this is the CS moment that parallels to this moment from Snowing:

“the first spark of a true love.” That is exactly what this moment was. I’m not saying they became TL from that moment on, we all know the story and how it was built. But Snowing also continued in a bickering status, until it was transformed to something deeper. 

On that moment on the beanstalk (which was the first time they ever really touched each other, just like snowing did), it was when they felt each other for the first time, you can see that in their look. That touch wasn’t “just a touch” they both felt it.

And in my mind right after this moment there was a little sapling created right there where they were standing, evidence of their soon to be true love.

And no one can convince me otherwise!

.:Imagine comforting Bodhi after a nightmare:.

GIF not mine

Request by anon:
“…Can you do something with comforting Bodhi after he has a nightmare???”


First RO request so we shall see how this goes. Keep in mind that I’ve seen this once.
Bodhi is asexual fight me


You are awakened to his screams. Immediately, you jump out of your bed and grab your blaster, and run to his room next door.

You try to remember what the 5 digit code to his room was. You couldn’t concentrate over the sound of your heart pumping in your ears and his screams. You had no idea what was going on on the other side of the door.
“Fuck it,” you whisper and override the code.

You raise your blaster, ready to shoot whatever was causing him to scream. You scan your surroundings quickly to find nothing and nobody except Bodhi whimpering and shaking in his bed.

“No, Bodhi.” You drop your gun and run to his side. You place a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Bodhi, wake up. Sshhhh.”
You kneel to his level. “Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay. Just…” You wipe the sweat off his forehead. “Just listen to my voice. You’re safe.” You began to hum a song from your home planet.

You watch him as his breathing became softer and his whimpers disappear. You sigh in relief and drop your head to the mattress right under his head out of relief and exhaustion.

“Y/N?” You hear his small voice ask. Your head shoots up.

“Yeah. Yeah, Bod, it’s me. Are you okay?” You ask.

Bodhi sits up and rubs his eyes, his hair was damp with sweat. “Yes. I am now. I apologize for disturbing you.”

You shake your head. “Don’t apologize. It’s okay.” You give a small smile.

“C-could you stay with me? Or just until I fall asleep?” Bodhi asks you.

You nod. “Of course.” You walk around to the other side of his bed and climb in. You pull the covers over you both. The two of you face each other and drift off to sleep.

2016 is coming to an end and I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite cs fanfics. I want to say, that I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you all for your amazing works and happy holidays, my beautiful shipmates!

| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 |

part 3: Multichapters

World Unknown by @cutieodonoghue [tumblr | ao3|] - Emma signs up to be a test subject for a “guaranteed true love match”. The kicker is that she can’t see her match until their wedding day. The moment she sees him for the first time, she knows she’s doomed.

Yours to Keep by @cutieodonoghue [tumblr | ao3|] - Sequel to World Unknown. Emma and Killian navigate through a new season of life with the sudden growth and popularity of the band.

Like Ships In The Night (You Keep Passing Me By) by @mryddinwilt  [tumblr : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | ao3|] - Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one-time thing but fate had other plans and they just keep meeting.

The Librarian by @mryddinwilt [tumblr : installments chronologically: Part 5 | Part 3 | Part 10 | Part 8 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 6 | Part 4 | Part 7 | Part 9  | ao3|] - The Librarian is a Cursed!Killian AU series taking place during the events of Season 1. It is not a traditional multi-chapter and I assume the reader has familiarity with the events of season 1.

Music of the Heart by @emmakillianfan [tumblr | ao3|] - Granny Lucas loves to be both chef and matchmaker for the town of Storybrooke. When she sets her skills on Liam and Killian Jones, she is sure she has found the perfect matches with Elsa and Emma. While some participants are willing and others reluctant, Granny and her cohorts are determined to make each a match made in heaven or at least in lasagna. A Modern A/U.

Peace I Leave With You by @mediumsizedfountain   [tumblr | ao3] - When Emma needs a friend in Storybrooke, she finds one in the sinfully attractive priest Killian Jones. AU starting in season 1.

Remember This Moment with Me by @cutieodonoghue [tumblr | ao3|] - The one where Emma’s in prison but Killian’s waiting for her when she gets out.

Amaranthine by @caprelloidea [tumblr | ao3|] - Modern Soulmates AU in which soulmates are rare, and those that have them stop aging at adulthood. Rarer still – and dangerously conspicuous – are those that have special abilities. Immortality and powers alike fade when soulmates come in close proximity with their other half. In which Emma’s touch heals, and Killian’s kills.

Hamlet and the Pirates by @eight-0f-hearts [tumblr | ao3|] - In a miraculous feat of Murphy’s Law, Emma ends up paired with Killian Jones for an English project - one of the few people at her school that she really, genuinely Does Not Like. It doesn’t help that Neal’s back in town.

Of Running and Standing Still by @sensqte [] - Emma’s never stayed in one place too long. She’s not even sure if she knows how to stand still. It’s all running and running and running and she can’t seem to stop. High School AU.

Can You Feel it Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue​  [tumblr | ao3|] - When Emma Swan agrees to let her annoying neighbor Killian Jones join her to go to the grocery store, the last thing she could have ever anticipated is becoming his wife over the course of a conversation with some people from his past (based off of this prompt: you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks i’m married with a baby).

Every Letter by @bleebug [tumblr | ao3] - A pen pal writing assignment connects a young Emma Swan with her best friend Killian Jones. Life sends many hardships their way, but their friendship remains solid through the years. As they both grow older and begin to realize what they want out of life, will their letters be enough?

Marked by @i-know-how-you-kiss [tumblr | ao3] - They call it a ‘gift,’ but Emma Swan has only ever seen it as a burden and a trap. She’s never been a big fan of having an assigned soulmate, especially one predetermined by a silly little mark, so she’s spent her whole life avoiding finding him, throwing herself into work and dating at whim. It’s worked for her well enough, until the one day it doesn’t, and Emma is forced to come to terms with the fact that try as she might to run away from her destiny, it always finds a way to catch up. (Soulmate Tattoo/Futuristic AU).

Canon In D Major by @i-know-how-you-kiss [tumblr : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | ao3] - Hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my child’s teacher’ AU.

Beyond the Horizon by @alexandralyman [tumblr |] - When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other.

As You Wish by @optomisticgirl [tumblr | ao3|] - Years after the death of her true love, Emma Swan is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding to King Arthur. It isn’t long before the three kidnappers realise they are being followed and she’s rescued by the infamous Captain Hook, scourge of the seven seas. Emma soon learns there is more not only to the man of legend, but also to her own unknown past. [Princess Bride AU]

So Clear Now by @cutieodonoghue [tumblr | ao3|] - When Killian shows up on Emma’s doorstep, the last thing she wants is to take him back home to Misthaven and relive memories of their broken relationship, but it’s exactly what she’s about to do. modern royalty au.

Between Heaven or Hell by @alexandralyman [tumblr | ao3|] - They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. Angels and demons, who can help save your soul or damn it. They are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they stand on opposite sides and are the enemies in an eternal war. But what happens when an angel and a demon find themselves.

From the Beginning by @ilovemesomekillianjones  [tumblr | ao3|] - Princess Emma and Killian grow up as best friends, this is a story about moments in their lives from childhood to young adulthood.  AU and eventual LD.

Given the Choice by @winter-by-the-sea[tumblr | ao3] Post-Neverland AU where Pan did not escape Pandora’s Box and Emma tries to come to grips with her strange new life featuring pirates, parents, and flying monkeys. 

Twenty First Century Man by @phiralovesloki [tumblr | ao3 |] - He’s lived for three centuries and been to countless realms, but very little could have prepared Killian Jones for the Land Without Magic. This is a series of canon-compliant one-shots that explores Hook’s thoughts and feelings as he adapts to the strange new land he’s found himself in.

Old Habbits Die Hard by @lenfaz[tumblr | ao3|] -  Canon Divergence. Liam has been alive all this time in Neverland but he was able to escape into the Enchanted Forest just by the time the curse hits. Cursed Liam AU. It will be a Captain Swan eventually as well.

…It’s hard to look back on the rough stuff. I mean… I’m transgender. I get it. When I see pictures before my transition, I see how sad I was. I just wanted to erase the first 16 years of my life…

But you can’t let go of that pain and sadness when you lock it in. This little girl you keep pushing away? She’s still here. And she needs to know that you love her. And that you’ve got her back…You can’t save yourself without saving her, and you can’t do that until you face the fact that you just…got a really raw deal.

…It sucks.

I know.

Hey Toppklass!

On Saturday, November 12, I’ll be hosting the second ToppKlass Tumblr Meetup from 12 PM CST (you can find a time zone converter here) to 12 PM CST on Sunday.

What is this?

The goal of #tktmeetup is to share your love for Topp Dogg and make new friends within the fandom. A lot of people had joined the fandom since the last meetup, and this would be a great opportunity to get to know each other better! This meetup is especially special because our boys are back with their first full-length album, First Street! Congrats! 🎉🎉

(to see more about the last meetup, click here or follow @tktmeetup-official for more information and updates)

How do I participate?

You’re free to do whatever you’re comfortable with! If all you want to do is make a short text post saying hi, that’s perfectly fine. If you want to post a selfie or write a little about yourself, go for it! 

Sidenote: You don’t have to be a Topp Dogg blog to participate. As long as you like and support the boys, you’re welcome to join us!

What tag should we use?



  • interact with other Toppklass and make friends
  • talk about yourself
  • talk about Topp Dogg
  • post selfies (make sure to specify whether it’s okay to reblog your selfies or not. i know not everyone is cool with that, so please let us know!) or upload videos of yourself
  • post original content (gifs, art, fic, anything creative!)
  • be accommodating and nice to everyone. Let’s show everyone why Toppklass is one of the nicest fandoms around! ♡ 
  • spread this post so other Toppklass can see it!


  • do anything that might make anyone uncomfortable
  • say anything rude about Toppklass or any of the meetup’s participants. This is supposed to be a safe space for Toppklass to make friends and get to know each other better, not to spread negativity or disrespect
  • direct the attention away from Topp Dogg and onto another group. It’s fine to mention them in the passing, but this is supposed to be about celebrating Topp Dogg and their comeback. Please keep it that way! Thank you~

Note: Just like last time, I will be monitoring the tag, so please be courteous.

Feel free to send any other questions you might have about the meetup to my ask. I’m usually online, so I’ll be sure to answer as soon as I can. I hope to see you there!

This is so precious because Marinette didn’t even care about the fact that Adrien is a famous model, or the fact that he’s the son of a famous fashion designer.
At first she didn’t even like him because she thought he was going to be another “Chloé”.

But this scene

My GOD this scene

You can see that for a small second, Marinette saw the REAL Adrien Agreste and THEN fell in love with him .

Damn,I love this show.

hello there!! in honor of the holidays and my blog’s 4th (!!!) anniversary, i’m finally making my first follow forever!! :’’’) i’m not quite sure what to say but thank you to everyone included in this, whether we’re mutuals, or not or whether we talk or not. thank you for making my time running this blog wonderful and enjoyable!! i love seeing each one of you on my dash and i hope 2017 treats you all well!! happy new year everyone!!

also, if tumblr does the thing and this messes up your notifications, i sincerely apologize :( i’m also sorry if i forgot anyone!! you can find everyone i follow on my blogroll

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╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 11: Favorite live moment: Bück Dich

There is one thing people should know about me: every being (except my parents, of course :p) that knows me and haven’t heard about Rammstein, will eventually be forced to watch the Bück Dich with me and there’s nothing they can do. In my last year in school I downloaded both this and the Pussy uncensored video, saved to my cellphone, called random friends to my desk and showed them lol I’m that kind of person, yeah. But, why the Bück Dich? ‘Cause that’s the first live performance that I ever watched back then when I was getting into the band, so you can see my little teenage ass surprised when Till pulls a dildo out of his pants and squirts at the damn crowd. I was shocked, curious, but more than anything, I was in love with the band already, so there was nothing they could do that would make me dislike them lol and honestly, I always been into people that had the guts to do stuff no one would, and let’s be fucking real here: who would do the Bück Dich? Only Rammstein. This live moment is precious, no one can tell me otherwise. (All I want in life is a high quality video of this moment tbh)

Full Challenge Here.

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OMG… I love being able to see him again!! Why is it just a short?!?!


Request: Can you write one where reader is Phasmas little sister and she goes to vist her and kylo ends up liking the reader and at first phasma is protective about her sister but eventually she sees that kylo truly loves her and approves the relationship?

A/N: Thank you @kyoiskami​ for the request! First theings first, I can’t wait till they reveal Phasmas name. Second of all, I had to guess her age because I don’t think they’ve announced that either…so…there’s that. Anyway, here’s some smug Kylo! Enjoy!

Word Count: 3.8K+

Warning: None!

It had been years since you last saw your older sister, ever since she had been recruited to the First Order and became a captain, it was a rarity to see her–let alone–visit her, but now that things had slowed down in the First Order due to the lost of their home base, you finally had a chance to see her. As much as you weren’t a big supporter of what the First Order stood for, you were the slightest of excited to be able to walk on the one and only Finalizer. Although visiting your sister should be the one thing you were looking forward to, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t anticipating the chance of running into their infamous commander.

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╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 8: Favorite Member: Richard Kruspe

You all saw it coming, don’t deny it, lol. But, yeah, Richard is my favorite and has been for years now. I’ll have to say, tho, that the six of them are very important to me, make me happy and I can see pics or gifs of any of them and instantly it will cheer me up, and, honestly, I love the six of them to death. When I first saw them, Till was the one who caught my attention. I liked him a lot (I still do, a lot more than before) and would fangirl and show my friends pictures of him. Now, here’s a secret: I used to dislike Richard because I thought he was an asshole lol I swear to God I was like ‘what everyone sees in this jerk?’, but one day I just gave him a little bit more of attention and… Yeah, he got me. Now I’m all Richard, I can’t shut up about him, he’s my wallpaper, and all through the concert all I could do was stare at him and be like ‘goddamn look at how beautiful he is’. He’s my precious baby, I’ll fight you haha. (All of them are my precious babies, tho lol). Here’s the deal: I tend to think of them as a little family I’d be a part of, y’know? Till would be like a father, Ollie would be my precious son (dude I’ll protect him forever), Paul, of course, my older brother, Schneider would be my twin (I don’t look like him, yeah, but put the two of us together, we’d bring chaos lol) and Flake would be my favorite and extremely supportive uncle. But Richard I’d see more as a best friend, lol, someone to lean on and talk about random stuff. (He couldn’t be blood related also lol y’know why). I guess that’s it, I love all of them but Richard is my babyboy and will always be.

Full Challenge Here.

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As a lazy person, I sometimes prefer using apps for my daily life rather than writing down things because, I mean, let’s be real here: I have my phone in my hands all the time anyways so might as well put it to good use. So as I was scrolling through my app recommendations I stumbled across this app and I fell in love with it right away. (only available for android, soz ios)

As you open the app, the first thing you get to see are different journeys you can choose from - in my case, it was to go to bed earlier. Then you get to the first tab: it shows you your rituals and the challenges the app has assigned you to. At the beginning of your journey, it also sends you informative letters about your journey and why you should do it and what is good for you, it’s super cute! The second tab shows you your progress in a timeline, a success rate graph and in monthly overviews.

The third tab shows all the challenges/ journeys/ tasks you have already completed or achieved. The last tab is actually a really great invention: Here you can ask the team questions and they will answer! If you swipe to the right, a little menu shows up with your current journeys and all journeys available as well as settings.

Going back to home, there’s also an option called ‘make me fabulous’ and if you click on it. it shows you things like yoga, power naps, etc. And if you tap on those, it actually really has workout tutorials and such (see why this is great for lazy people, it’s like all in one). But here the most importantly: setting up rituals. As you create a new ritual, multiple habits are shown: first the recommended ones and then the ones you might want to add.

Want to know why you should add this habit? Just swipe up and the app tells you right away. Not shown here are alarms that you can set for your ritual and how long certain tasks should last (like if you want to study at least half an hour a day, you can set it to that time). When you start your ritual, it shows you a little countdown and once you finish, you can tap on the tick. Often it also includes inspiring quotes (see there you go: super motivational!).

And now actually my favourite thing: for certain tasks, it includes tutorials. Here shown are those for streching and yoga but trust me, there’s more. Once you finish the ritual it gives you an uplifting quote. But those aren’t the only ones, everytime you finish a challenge or read a letter, a simple “You are awesome” might pop up every now and then to motivate you. (And for those who hate to be rushed or feel under pressure, like me: if you don’t want to do the ritual with countdowns, just tap on your ritual and tick everything you’ve already done, that does it too).

I hope this was helpful for you and that it sparked your interest because this app should really get more recognition, it’s one of the most awesome apps.

Love, Riley x

                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 14

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Enough with the angst! (JK, can’t promise you that) BUT, this part…well, just see for yourself and let me know how/what you feel/think! Also, thank you so so much for the support, it truly makes me happy knowing you all love/like reading this–especially that you love/like my writing! Means a whole lot and I love you all so much :) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.7K+

Warning: Mentions of blood and death.



Let’s think this through: you were having a pretty decent night, only to have a fire erupt in your house that lead you to realizing your parents had left you alone. Then there was the fact that Kylo Ren had saved you from the catastrophe only to wake up amongst the First Order on their new base. Following that, you found out your soulmate was no other than Kylo Ren–that scared the shit out of you. Of course, you then found out he was Ben Solo, only to soon find out you had loved him once–him taking your memories away for your own good. Then you ran off to Hux’s room, stayed locked up for nearly four days, got out, got kidnapped, nearly died from a list of things…then saw Kylo die before your eyes. How fucked up was your life now? Did you deserve this because the life you had before was actually normal and stable, was life that evil to make things circle the drain in the span of ten days to get a taste of just how unpleasant it can be?

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