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Meeting Derek…

You were heading to Beacon Hill to meet your cousin Stilles. It has been 2 years since you last seen him. You were older than him but you guys were still close.

You were riding to his school. You were going to surprise him there.

You spotted Stilles jeep on the parking lot. You walked towards it and just leaned on it waiting for him. The school bell ringed. After a few seconds you already saw students run out of school. A camaro rode up to the parking lot of the school. Making everyone look towards it. You saw a guy around your age on the driver’s seat. He looked at you and gave you a little smile. He had to be dating one of the teen girls you thought to yourself.

“Y/N!” You hear someone say. You look towards the voice and you see Stilles and Scott walking towards you. “OMG Y/N. I can’t believe it’s you.” Stilles says to you. He walks towards you and gives you a hugh.

“It’s nice to see you too.” You  said to him. YOu looked towards Scott. “Hi Scott.”

“Hi Y/N.” He says to you with a smile.

“You look different.” You say to him. His face turned scared right away. “In a good way.” You said quickly. They looked at each other in relief. 

“Scott..” a deep voice said. The 3 of you looked towards the voice. You saw the guy from the camaro walk towards the 3 of you.
“Can I talk to you?” he says to Scott. Scott nod his heads towards him. The guy looks at you from head to toe and walks with Scott a little away from you and Stilles.

“Who’s that?” You ask Stilles.

“That’s Derek.” He says to you. YOu look towards Derek and Scott. Derek was talking to Scott but keeping his eyes on you.

You look back to Stilles. “Heey do you want to get lunch?” YOu say Stilles. He looks towards Scott and Derek. “They can come to if you want.” You said quickly.

“Do you guys want to grab something to eat.” you hear someone say next to you. YOu looked towards it when you saw Derek stand next to you. You didn’t saw them walk back towards you and Stilles. Scott and Stilles looked at each other worried. YOu could feel Derek eyes on you so you turned towards him. “I would love to.” You said making both Stilles and Scott nod their head.

“We can take my car.” Derek says. “I’m Derek Hale.” He says to you giving you a smile.  

“Y/F/N Y/L/N ” You say to him.

Something made you fall for him but something in you told you to run and not to look back. The 4 of you walked towards Derek car. 


Now that Poe Party is officially officially (officially) over, I decided that an update of my prior post was necessary, considering the new stuff @shipwreckedcomedy gave us this weekend.

But don’t fret! This process is even more simple than the last one. It’s just two tiiiiny steps.

STEP ONE: Watch the epilogue. Again. And again. And again. Watch until you can say the lines with the characters. Notice all of Annabel’s adorable little reaction faces. Write a poem about how H.G. lights up when he sees Lenore. Go wild. (Or…Wilde????)

STEP TWO: Actually, rewatch everything, it’s fantastic, how were we all so blessed to get such a fantastic series, I’m still reeling from this weekend, what is life.

All I leave you with is Annabel testing her haunting skills on Poe, because this is a headcanon that I need to share because oh my god.

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ableism and Asatru

 like what the fuck? Do you think Odin can see in 3D? He can not. He has one eye, the other one he gave up for knowledge. My favored Týr lost his SWORD hand. Not just the less used hand, he lost his fucking SWORD HAND. Freya was called the “tränenschöne Dis” which translates roughly to the “teary beautiful maid” because she wandered through the world, searching and grieving for her lover Od, cyring over him. If thats not depression? Hödur was blind, last I remembered? I mean, it’s been a while since I read in the Edda. But… you can not seriously believe, that discriminating disabled people is in the spirit of being true to the Aesir.


“I’ve definitely had a bunch of action scripts sent to me, but again I’m a stickler for directors. If it’s, like, an action flick with a great director, then it’s like, ‘Oh let’s look at this thing,’ but if it’s just like a shoot-em’-up with a first time director, I don’t know if that’s the trajectory I want to take with what I’m doing.“ Armie Hammer

saint-j92000  asked:

It's a bit of an out-there prompt, but if it's alright, I'd like to see a short prompt of Sonic and Amy shopping for new sneakers together? (No worries if you can't~)

I shall do my best! :)

Sonic wandered around the store, not liking the smell nor the closed space.

He felt like if he ran now, he’d be sure to crash into something and be forced to buy whatever fell out of place.

He wasn’t familiar with shopping… only when it came to chilidogs.

Amy would take him on ‘dates’ shopping sometimes,… and this just happened to be one of them.

“You’re sneakers tore in your last battle with Eggman, right?” She looked down at his shoes.

He immediately avoided looking down at them and just gave a deeper, side-mouth frown and looked up to the right.

It wasn’t that she was being annoying or inconsiderate, but Sonic just didn’t feel comfortable with… civilian life.

“Alright! I have just the pair!” a woman that Amy was talking to chimed up, clapping her hands.

The action snapped Sonic out of it as he looked ahead, realizing Amy had zipped over to an employee.

He smiled, she was fast in her movements.

He then lost his amusement when he looked down at a little kid, gawking at him, and chewing on a shoe.

He made a face before seeing the boy pull out his phone, showing his screensaver as Sonic.

His face immediately lit up, and he posed for the kid, who took a thousand pictures as Sonic kept doing different poses, even jumping to one hand and grabbing his foot out, smirking.


He looked over to Amy and then gave the kid a high-five, before racing off to Amy.

The kid’s mother took the shoe out of the kid’s mouth and pulled him along deeper into the store.

“What’s up, A-…mmm…” he gestured a hello to her before lowering his eyes in suspicion.

She held up three different shoe boxes, and giggled. “Alright, Cinderella! Let’s see if you’re my prince!”

He rolled his eyes and groaned at that joke, before sitting down, huffing and folding his arms.

She went for his shoes.

“Wo-woah-woah!” Sonic waved his hands out, pulling his legs up and off the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Amy pouted, putting her hands to her hips.

It was always a little cute when she did that, but he was terrified of her touching his feet at the moment.

“I-I can do my own shoes!” he was worried she picked out some odd ones for him. You know, with pink sparkles and glitter and stuff.

She rolled her eyes, not understanding, and handed him a box.

He opened it, and tossed it. “Too retro.”

“You love retro!”

“But not that retro.”

“Ugh.” Amy leaned her head back, before pulling out another box from her group and taking the shoes out, holding one to Sonic. “Just at least try this on.”

He didn’t really want to remove his shoes….

Sentimental as he may claim NOT to be… he kinda had a fondness for them.

He looked down and a montage of all the moments he’s had with them played out in his head, even the shoe store music tuned out for it.


He snapped out of his thoughts again, zooming his eyes up to Amy’s.

“…Come on. It’s shoes.” She gestured out.

He thought that funny, considering she was a girl, and probably owned quite a few pairs herself, and debated on which ones to wear for some imagined date plan of hers.

He slowly began to take the shoes off, “Alright…” he yanked one off, and Amy stepped back.

“Huh?” he looked confused at her action. “What’s wrong?”

She had been kneeling down and now was crawling back, plugging her nose. “Since when have you changed socks!?”

He smirked.

His natural ‘stink’ seemed to be a perfect ‘Amy Repellent’.

He took the socks off as Amy handed him the store owned ones, and coughed, before getting up. “You try them on and I’ll buy you some new socks, YUCK!” she rushed off, as Sonic smiled, seeing she cared but also liking how he now knew how to get her to leave when he wanted too.

He tried on the shoe, and didn’t think Amy’s style was too bad, but then he felt something squishy on the bottom of it. “Huh?” he pressed his foot down, and felt the difference. “Ehhh..” he looked uncomfortable with it.

He zipped over to Amy, bending down as she was grabbing some socks.

“Amy, this has water in it.” he made a face.

“What? Oh, haha! That’s just the gel. I thought you might want some cushioning to help your feet not be sore with all the running. That, or at least have some comfort when you run for so long.”

He made a face as she turned away, and he yanked the shoe off, tossing it behind him. “Next.” he nonchalantly stated, as the shoe landed on her head, and she twitched in rage.

The next shoe he tried on looked pretty cool actually! The most expensive one, but it really matched his style!

“Amy! This is the pair!” he posed, triumphantly.

“…Sonic.” Amy looked upset. “those are your old shoes.”

“Huh?” He looked down and noticed they were. He ughed.

“Sonic. You have to learn to part ways with the old.” She walked over and took his shoe off, making him nervous.

“Uhh…” he balanced as she did so, but also sweat dropped as she came up and tapped his chest.

“Out with the old, and in with the new! The new becomes old and you buy some more! That’s just life. Almost everything’s recycled, except love.” she winked and walked off to get the other pair.

He rubbed his chest where the pressure of her tap still stayed, and watched her walk off with a straight lined mouth.

He wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Sure, he understood you couldn’t put on a new pair of shoes when it came to love. You had to be ‘committed’ and all that jazz.

He folded his arms again, trying to think of her analogy for a moment, something he normally wouldn’t do unless he was curious, before Amy came back and knelt again, gesturing for him to lift his leg.

“I won’t touch your feet. Promise.” she nodded.

There was an odd sense of trust he suddenly had, along with a fire he wasn’t too sure of either.

He slowly stepped up to her, and lifted his leg, delicately putting his shoe in, and then removing the shoe from her grasp, putting his foot on the ground to shove his foot into the shoe.

The second it slid in, it was like a match made in heaven.

It had his signature red and even the buckle!

A little more Sonic Adventure 2-ish, but eh, it didn’t look half bad!

“Wow, this actually feels great!” Sonic hit the foot down a second, as Amy scurried to the other foot.

“Want to run with them for a little? Not too fast though, their are kids you could bump into, alright?” Amy put the shoe on her shoulder, “This time, let me help you get it in. I’m strong you know! You can push down.”

He wasn’t comfortable with that, and looked away.

“Come on! It’s not like what I’m asking is scandalous!”

“PFft.” Sonic turned to her, “You could say it’s ‘sandal-lous’, eh? eh?”

She ughed.

He allowed her to help him and got the other shoe on, but didn’t like the image of ‘stomping’ down on her, though no one else thought that.

“You okay?”

“Yeah! You’re not pressing that hard with your foot, silly. Haha!” she got up and dusted her dress off and smiled as Sonic ran in place, then tapped them down a few times, before rushing around a bit, making sure his wind wasn’t too powerful to knock anything down or hit a kid.

He came back, “Well, you certainly got my style, Amy.” Sonic admired the shoes, tipping his front foot up and admiring the shine.

“How much I owe you?”


“H-huh?” He looked up, confused. “Amy…” he took on a tender look, straightening his back out. “I can’t let you pay for all this.” he gestured around, as if referring to ‘everything in the store’ but Amy knew what he meant.

“Consider it an early birthday present.” She put her hands behind her back and swayed cutely forward and backwards. “Besides! Just seeing your happy expression, and being able to spend quality time with you like this… it’s all I could ever ask for in return!”

She amazing smile lit up the inner walls of Sonic heart, and he looked away, scratching his head, thinking he needed to do more for her.

“Hmm.. Well, I still don’t feel right about it… you paid for the socks too…” he then lowered his hand to his nose, scratching that, once he got an idea. “Say… I don’t suppose you’d like to show off these new shoes,… would ya?”

“Hmm?” Amy seemed surprised and curious by what he meant, tilting her head. “What do you mean?”

“Heh. Care to join me as I take them for a test run?” he smiled back to her, but she must have not realized what he fully meant.

“Oh… okay.” she smiled.

“…Amy? You okay?” he was expecting more of a reaction from her, and looked concerned when she didn’t ‘squee’ like a fangirl or anything.

“O-oh, I just thought you meant going dancing to ‘show off your shoes’ or something, haha!” she laughed.

He grinned, getting another good idea….

“Actually, I was kinda asking you out on a date.” he leaned back, knowing that being a bit more direct would help her get it.

His goofy expression of pretending to not notice what he said matched beautifully with her frozen stance, before she jumped up and down and started to spazz, just like he knew she would.

This made him happy, seeing he could return the favor.

She paid for it and they zoomed off down the street.

Later, in a more wild setting, he placed her down and bowed. “Care to dance?”

“Ah! With those dancing shoes? Would I!” Amy teased, fanning her hand out and even pretending to check Sonic out up and down before placing her hand on her chest, acting like a lady.

Sonic chuckled at her pretend and the two started to dance, though Sonic was being crazy and silly with it, it just made Amy laugh more, and the day was still young!


“Alright, so this is the last one for today. I promise.” Jared chuckled holding his phone up high.

“Oh we wish!” Jense’s voice was heard from the distance “We are not so lucky!”

“Shut up!” Jared gave him a look and they both laughed slightly “No, no really-” he said turning to the phone “I promise. I know some of you must be getting tired of seeing these videos. Well you wouldn’t have to if someone aka (Y/n)Padalecki didn’t get so obsessed over twitter and actually checked her mail more often. But-” he cleared his throat “Be it as that, I wanted to uh tell my wife for the millionth time as Jensen says that I can’t wait to be back there with you.”

He let a soft sigh “I know that no matter how many videos or messages I send that it doesn’t make up for the distance but uh I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me. I am so so thankful to have such an amazing wife as you and uh thank you for all the support and patience. I promise I will try to be back to you as soon as I can.”

A quiet loud ‘Awww’ was heard from behind the camera and Jared chuckled at his best friend.

“Yeah forgot the ultimate shipper is right here” he laughed at Jensen who was heard chuckling as well “I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you but I don’t want to question it anymore. I love you baby-” he blew a kiss at the camera “And I hope to be with you soon.”



“Yeah so that we can finally be on twitter without your moose face appearing every five seconds!” Jensen exclaimed.

Harry and the ferret

Ok, we all know this scene too well…

…But let’s look a bit closer to the last seconds…

…Is it just Harry being happy that Moody for once gave Draco what he deserved, or it’s him smiling delighted to Ferret-Draco, standing up towards him and being all fluffy and cute? Is he imagining already to take him to the Griffindor dormitory, feed him and cuddle with him in his bed? I couldn’t say….

And then there’s this

Albus Severus, the one of Harry’s children who apparently is closer to him, has a ferret as pet (aaaaand, can you see the paper bird flying around? The director definitely ships Drarry).


Can you imagine Harry taking his son to buy his first pet, and in the shop he sees they have ferrets and he immediatly wants to buy one and Albus “But dad, we can only take an owl or a cat or a frog.” But he won’t give up, “I’m sure it will be fine. Come on, look how cute and tiny they are….But also how sleek and graceful….”. And he obviously have his way. Even if Ginny is not too happy about it. And when at the station they meet the Malfoy family Draco sees the ferret and look at Harry and they exchange an amused, knowing look.

(There is probably some mystakes in all that I wrote, sorry for the imperfect English.)

Long time no see

Genre: Smut | Teacher!Taehyung

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 3832

Request: Taehyung/Jimin scenario similar to my “Teach me how to love” /by a very nice Anon OMG


I can’t, This just fullfilled all of my needs Oh be blessed sweet Anon. Thank you!


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The emptiness of the hallway made you calm down, relaxing and forgetting about the next class of history. You could hear your own heavy stepped sounding as you walked through the long corridor. The spring breeze slowly moved your hair from the face and gave you freshness only you could understand.

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Rewatching Lady Wifi

Juleka’s like “Alya… what the heck are you doing”

Pffffff Chloé just gave her homework straight to Sabrina

I killed Mufasa”

Ayyyyyy it’s Aurore and Mireille (and… Ron Weasley???)

And don’t think I didn’t see you there, Jean Duparc, hanging out with some random peeps

Hey Justin Extra, who’s this bae of yours?

Y’know Chloé, I just think it’s kinda funny how you always make fun of Rose for her perfume… considering you have the very same perfume in your locker :)))

I like that Mr Damocles knows he looks like an owl and hangs up owl portraits in his room, that’s pretty cool of him

Kim, my child, in about 4 episodes you are going to make a bad decision based off this moment, but I can assure you with 100% certainty, CHLOÉ DOES NOT LIKE YOU AND SHE NEVER WILL (like come on dude you can do better than that, you have so many people to pick from *cough cough* pick Max or Alix *cough cough*)

Dude seriously what did I just say, stop making ridiculous expressions now for goodness sake

Ivan’s totally listening in on their conversation

Max, when will your glasses return from war (also please keep your boyfriend Kim under control)

She didn’t pause him, she stopped him - is he dead???

Save Nino

Oh well now Max is wearing his glasses

So in Chloé’s room there’s this painting that looks kinda like that one painting of Adrien’s mother…

Hawk Moth your plan is ridiculous… You should have just told Lady Wifi to take off the earrings, wait for Chat Noir to freeze to death and then go and take his ring! I guess that’s not dramatic enough though

Nadja Chamack and her camera guy sidekick, secretly being nosy reporters

Yeah I’m just gonna assume Ladybug can magically summon her Lucky Charm items back to her because I’m pretty certain she did not take that box with her


“Seriously Gen. Do I have to go?” You ask your friend as she did your hair.

You had a feeling that you knew exactly who Gen and Jared were setting you up with. But you wouldn’t say a thing. Plus you were already secretly seeing someone.

“But this guy is really nice and charming.” Gen put the hairspray into your hair. “I know you’re really going to like him.”

“I’m not going Jared.” Jensen huffed and puffed. He didn’t want to go on another blind date that his friends were setting up for him. He as well had been seeing someone for a while now, but no one knew about that.

“Come on man.” Jared gave his friend a look. “She’s amazing. Look. Just do it for Gen. You know how she can get when she’s angry.”

“Fine. But this is that last one.” 

“Well hello Jensen.” You smile sitting down at the table at the little cafe that you were told to go to.

“I should have known that they were going to try and set us up on a blind date again.” Jensen shook his head taking a sip of water from his glass.

“Maybe we should just tell them that we’re dating already.” You laugh leaning over to place a kiss on your boyfriend’s lips.

requested by: lincolncupcake

A/N: Sorry I change the idea a little bit. I hope you don’t mind. I hope you like it. 


so, there’s all this talk of an upcoming fitzsimmons-make-some-flipping-progress scene. I decided to have a go at writing one I wouldn’t mind watching! It was all fluffy and fun but then I stumbled upon this from @agl03 and it took a decidedly angsty turn!

In the aftermath, Fitz had caught her sitting on a crate watching the containment unit warily. She didn’t know why. Giyera was dead at last thanks to May, but seeing him again had put her on edge.

He had leaned over her shoulder, his voice gentle. “Why don’t you get your notes and go sit in the cabin. I’ll bring us some tea and we can work there for a while.”

She gave him the closest approximation of a smile she could manage and immediately grabbed her notebook and pen, getting up to follow his suggestion. Anything but dwell on what that monster had done to her.

The cabin’s neutral colours - white, tan, beige - were set alight by the sun streaming in through the unshaded windows, a relief in contrast to the tense darkness and flashing red lights of the control room. She collapsed into a large window seat, gazing out over the altocumulus and vaguely wondering what part of the globe went on with its business far below.

Fitz appeared a minute later, depositing two steaming mugs of tea onto the table between them and sliding his laptop out from under his arm. He sank into the chair opposite, opened his computer and started tapping away.

Jemma reached out for her mug and brought it close, holding it against her chest for warmth. She could feel the steam rising under her chin.

For a moment, she let herself just observe the man opposite her while he was deeply absorbed in his work.

The sunlight hit his golden brown hair and the scruff on the right side of his face, setting the scattered red strands on fire. When his eyes focused towards the top of the screen she could see the intensity of that blue, made all the more vivid by the reflection of the sky.

Whenever he stopped typing to think, he sat back, absentmindedly chewing his bottom lip and massaging his bad hand. He eventually looked up and caught her watching him.

“Does anyone ever come in here?” she asked, fishing for conversation.

Fitz shrugged. “I think May sat in here once - that time we picked her up from Maui. Other than that I guess we’re all usually too busy in the control room or with the containment units. It’s there or the bunks.” He watched her a moment, perceptive as always. “You okay?” he asked.

She nodded, trying to smile again.

“I’m sorry, Jemma,“ said Fitz softly. “I hate that you had to see him again.”

Jemma shrugged. “It’s better now that I know he’s gone.”

Fitz silently watched her a moment longer as if trying to make a decision. At last he spoke.

“I designed that seat for you, you know.”

Jemma’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“That seat. By the window. It was the first thing I marked on my original blueprint. I planned everything else around it.”

She blinked a few times. “You planned this seat for me?”

“You were gone.” His voice wavered. “You were gone and Coulson tried to distract me. He tasked me with building this.” Fitz casually waved his hand to indicate everything that currently held them thirty-nine thousand feet in the air. “So I started with that seat and worked my way out.”

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G/t idea

Imagine two friends who moved away from each other as teens and haven’t seen each other since, in that time apart one of them mysteriously grew three times their normal height and now that they’re both adults the bigger is travelling hundreds of miles to see their old buddy.

Of course they forget to mention over the phone that they are now an actual giant (obviously it’s become pretty normal for them over the years) so they’re just extremely excited and overjoyed to meet their friend again!
When they arrive at the door and their much smaller friend opens it the giant excitedly pulls their friend in for a very big bear hug, the rather bemused and slightly frightened friend can’t say anything as they just stare up at their now huge friend.

Once the giant places their friend back on the ground they realise that the friend is slightly scared of them, backing into the doorway as they shakily watch them with wary eyes- this absolutely breaks the giants heart and after trying to explain what’s happened while absolutely panicking they burst into tears at the sight of their friend so afraid, where they come from everyone’s used to them being big!

The smaller friend realises it’s just their old pal and they nervously try to calm them down, when they get close again and look up into their eyes the nerves vanish- they might be huge but this is still the same person.
The friend tries to hug the giant, putting a smile back on the giants face as the tiny friend apologises for being initially afraid- they invite the giant inside (it’s a tight squeeze to get through the door but they manage eventually)

After a while of talking and hanging out the twos bond is as strong as ever, the smaller friend invites the giant to stay permanently- of course the giant is absolutely overjoyed and accepts the offer instantly.
The two go on to have many adventures and mishaps together- the smaller friend still trying to get used to having a friend three times their size and the bigger friend trying to remember to be gentle and less energetic.

Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi Sensei's True Face Finished: Team 7

Summary: An adult Team 7, overwhelmed with curiosity, seek one last time to uncover their sensei’s true face 


Naruto paced back and forth in front of them for quite a bit until he finally spoke.

“I have an idea.”

Sakura, standing just two feet in front of Sasuke, looked annoyed.

“Is this important, Naruto, because the hospital needs me.” Sakura replied standoffishly. 

“I come before the hospital.” He gave them both a thumbs up, “As the Hokage, anything I say goes!”

“Baka! I can still beat you into the ground.”

“I can have you arrested for that now!”

“Like hell.”

“If you hit me hard enough!”

“Instead of arresting me, just fight me yourself baka!”

“You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Oh, so you’re talking back to me now?”

“Stop the banter.” Sasuke said cooly. They both turned to him. “Just tell us what you want from us, Naruto.”

“The nurses said it was an emergency.” Sakura pressed her lips together, “I thought you were hurt.” 

Naruto rubbed his hands together and looked ominously at them. They both leaned in expecting a new threat, a new enemy, someone a million times more powerful than Kaguya. 

“We’re still very curious, I’m sure.” his eyes darted back and forth from Sakura to Sasuke, “about it.”

“About what?” Sakura’s voice hinted of desperation. He was still the same theatrical performer, that one, even as a thirty three year old man.

“About what’s behind the mask.”

A gust of wind blew past them. No noise except local birds gawking in the distance. Sakura stared at him with her head cocked to the side. Sasuke, who was now only one foot away from his wife, grabbed her just as she pounced forward. 


Sasuke felt his grip weaken. His wife was a terrifically powerful woman. One that even he had a difficult time restraining. 

“Naruto,” Sasuke said after Sakura stopped thrashing in his arms, “I’m not interested in things like that.”

Sakura looked up at him. She would agree, but deep down in her heart, a heart eroded by time and death and war, there was still a fierce childish curiosity. She hated being taken away from her duties, and she certainly despised Naruto at that point, but…she could not deny that she was interested.

Sasuke let her go and started walking the other way. 

“Come on, Sakura, I’ll walk you to the hospital.”

But just as the pink haired kunoichi started towards him, Naruto bent over and whispered–

“But what if he has bucked teeth?”

Sakura watched her husband stop in his tracks.

“Tiny lips?”

No movement. Was he even breathing?

“A mustache!”

“A huge mouth!”

“Rotting teeth!”

Sasuke turned around with a defeated look on his face, “alright. Fine. But this time…we do it right.”

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So it’s crazy to think that today is my 5 month anniversary of starting my WLJ. I can’t believe I haven’t given up yet. Other times before I always gave up before the first week was over, I shit you not! This is my year maaan. This is MY FCkIN YEAR!!!! It has not been easy, nope, not one bit. It’s actually been an emotionally hard time for me. Like my eyes are so used to seeing myself big, I can barely tell any change in my body most times. Like I can’t really see any diff from last month and this month, but other people can and it sucks. There are days I feel like I’m back to where I started. There are days when I feel I can’t go on anymore. Everyday is a struggle for me not to shove everything in my mouth. I cry sometimes and think to myself, maybe I’m just supposed to be big, maybe this is the way I’m supposed to be. But I know that isn’t true at all. I’m so much better than this, than treating my body this way. I feel like such shit for how badly I’ve treated my body over the past years. But feeling this way is only going to make it worse. And while it’s hard not to feel like that and to stay positive, I am trying, really trying to be positive. I can’t say I’m not proud, because I am. I am so so sooo proud of myself. Because I’m doing it, finally doing it after so many years of trying. It’s slow and it’s up and down and just a big mess, but it’s my mess, my beautiful mess and I will be proud every step of the way. I’m just so happy I’m not where I used to be!!!


OKAY GUYS. I know, I’m pretty late bc this movie was released last year and I just watched it a while ago. OKAY BEFORE WE START, I know, Sasuke tried to annihilate Sakura before, but this movie just gave me a glimpse of reality that Sasuke loved Sakura before.

Remember the episode when Sasuke left Konoha and Sakura pleaded to him? OF COURSE NO ONE COULDN’T FORGET THAT ESPECIALLY THOSE SASUSAKU HARDCORE SHIPPERS LIKE ME. OKAYYYY. So, Sasuke simply refused Sakura’s request of tagging along and he said “Thank you, Sakura.” AND THEN POOF HE WAS GONE.

The movie (The Last Naruto Movie), ended with “Thank you, Hinata.” CAN YOU SEE THE SIMILARITY?! I mean, Naruto ended up with Hinata and Sakura ended up with Sasuke. This “Thank you” thing is “I love you” in disguised. Why would Sasuke thank Sakura? For cherishing him? For looking after him? Why would Naruto thank Hinata? For always being there? Of course!


I saved the best for last. THE BEST. Simply put: Misha Collins! There is no one better. Every one of my photo ops for two years has been with either a friend or my children. I just wanted ONE picture alone with Misha. So my very last photo op was the Misha solo. I walked up to him, like I had done many times before over the past two years, and he put his arm around me like he was going to take a nice picture of us standing next to each other. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and said “This is my very first photo without my kids!!!” He gave me this “aww” face, like he totally understood. The next thing I knew, he was grabbing me into a tight hug. You can see his cheek is squished against my face. The picture was snapped halfway in between the “aww” face and his smile starting to pop out. It was such a great hug, I can still feel it. I also don’t think I could smile any bigger. It’s embarrassing.

I wish it was a video so I could just watch it happening over and over again.


Tonight was a little normal evening with the avengers, you drink in honor of your last mission succeeds. As usual Tony approached you

Tony : “You know (Y/N) you’re the most beautiful woman I ever seen”

[Y/N] : “Shut up Tony you’re drunk”

Tony : “ I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you. “

His remark makes you smile, you blushing shyly. Besides, you could feel the gaze weighing of Clint on both of you

Clint: “Stark can you come see please”

Tony muttered before getting up and heading in the direction of Clint.

Tony : “Sure”

Clint gave him a look, you know what kind of look that could kill it and if this happen Tony would already dead

Tony : “So what do you want Barton ? You know I hate when disturbed me when I try to seduce a woman”

Clint : “About that..”

Clint does one step closer to Tony, his tone becomes almost threatening

Clint: “I swear on my life that if you breezes her heart, I will bring thee to pieces Stark”

Tony: “What’s the occasion? Why the feelings of (Y / N) are so important to you?”

He almost laughed, but quickly regains his seriousness when he sees the face serious of Clint

Clint : “Because I’m in love with her” 

A/N: Thank you all very much for your comments and encouragements!!! You guys are the best! :D (Links to part 1 and part 2!)

“Doctor? Doctor? Oi, spaceman! Wake up!” Donna’s loud voice jostled the Doctor out of his thoughts and he looked up to see her looming over him. Blinking a few times, he leaned back and shook his head.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said. “Did you say something?”

“Yeah, I said the queen passed away last night.”


“No, you tosser,” Donna scoffed and gave his head a flick. “I’m just messing with you.”

“Oh,” the Doctor coughed. “I knew that.”

Donna rolled her eyes and then walked around the coffee bar. Pulling out a stool, she set herself beside him.

“Okay, it’s high time you told me what’s been bothering you,” Donna prompted.

“I’m fine,” the Doctor wouldn’t meet her eye and instead stared down at his tea.

“Nonsense, you’ve been acting strange for the past week,” Donna scoffed. “First off you’ve been zoning out a lot, hardly talking—which is like so weird for you—and you’ve been sitting here for ‘bout an hour just staring at your cuppa while barely touching it. So, what’s going on, Doctor?”

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and let me tell you guys, the struggle of getting there was absolutely worth it. there’s a reason this is one of my absolute favorite cons. it really is like a family reunion! a fun one! where your grandma @winjennster gets drunk and breaks all of her toes! ( @mittensmorgul, you did your best) c;


AND JUST SO NO ONE WORRIES i am feeling better since yesterday! yesterday evening my body did what actually gave me that health scare that threatened an ER visit last month–and it came back with a full force. i was throwing up and being a sad corpse on what could arguably be a large gurney, but thanks to all of you who stopped in during the tiny spn watch room party, my morale did not falter!! 

ALSO it was really great getting to have a booth this year, and seeing the excitement and love that practically GLOWS off of you guys is something that i can only deny so much. that love was there, it fuels me, and it makes me want to be a better artist. thank you so much. much love to the other artists for their encouragement as well!!!

it was fantastic reuniting with the gang that i wouldn’t be the same without ([COUGHS LOUDLY AT @truebluecas @echoingarchives @roboticerror ]) and rooming once more with the hilarious @beestiels, @garrisonbabe, and @unholyseraphs. with big thanks to rachelhaimowitz and crew for animating my body in my time of need!