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BTS Reaction: finding their s/o singing/rapping their solo songs (requested)

I know that not all of them are going to exactly “find” them in the middle of singing/rapping, but hopefully you still like them all.<3

Sorry for any errors.


You had you music blasting through your earbuds as you pulled the cake out of the oven. When Jin’s ‘Awake’ came on, you immediately pulled your phone out and made sure you put it on repeat. You sang along to the song as you got the ingredients ready to make the frosting for Jin’s birthday cake.

You were in the middle of singing ‘Awake’ for the third time when suddenly someone pulled your earbuds off.

Considering that you were originally the only person in your apartment, you shrieked in fear, spinning around with your icing spatula as your only weapon.

Thankfully, the intruder turned out to be your boyfriend and the air soon returned to your body. 

Jin was already in a fit of laughter with that signature window wiping sound escaping his body. “Jagi you should have seen your face!”

“Ya! you gave me a heart attack!” You said, threatening to hit him with the spatula.

“Aish, I’m sorry! I just wanted to tell you I loved your singing voice!”

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You and Suga were walking the streets of the shopping district in a half ass disguise. Both of you only wearing face masks and caps to not be recognized by any ARMY.

You both passed this music store that was blasting music on their speakers to attract customers. 

“Pst, babe, do you hear what i hear?” you pulled your mask off to expose your smirk.

Suga rolled his eyes at you, already predicting what you would do next.

“A to the G to the U to the STD!” you began rapping. You did your best to add some “swaggy” moves, all of them in attempts to get a smile or laugh out of your boyfriend.

You could see his eyes squinting adorably, knowing his gummy smile was under his mask. This only made you rap harder. “A TO THE G TO THE U TO THE STD!” you were so loud you were starting to get attention.

Suga quickly put a finger to your lips. “Shhh!”

Now far from the music store and unable to hear the song and use it as a reference, you tried to continue to rap on your own. You rapped in a soft whisper, keeping your “badass” moves to a minimum. However, you didn’t exactly remember all the lyrics,,,or know the right ones to begin with… and were probably a bit off beat, but you kept rapping anyway.

Again, his finger stopped your lips and he shook his head at you in disapproval. “Leave the rapping to the pros baby.”

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Rap monster:

“Y/n, you ready to go yet?!?” Rap monster called out from the living room. He concentrated on his reflection in the mirror, fixing his wig to look just like your hair. He made last minute adjustments to the dress you ordered him to wear because it was “a dress you would wear”. He groaned. “Stupid Halloween party. why did i agree to this couple idea?!?” he asked himself. “Y/n! How about now?!?”

“Y/n?!?” you said coming out of your bedroom in your boyfriends clothes. You wore a pair of his jeans, that you had to roll up because his legs are so much longer than yours and you wore his t-shirt and sweater that were definitely too big for you. The only things that weren’t his were the sneakers you bought and the bleached wig you ordered just for the occasion. “I am not Y/n, I am Namjoon!” you said trying to mimic his voice.

“O-M-G! Namjoon?!? From BTS?!? Rap monster said in his attempt at some form f a female voice. “Can you rap for me?!?” he asked adding a school girl giggle.

You began to nod your head to an the beat of his song joke. “Uh -Yeah -Uh -Yeah- *mumbles through the fast parts* *emphasizes only a few key words* fame, girls, money, thats ma honey to the 100 to the 100! *mumbles again* *only clearly says all the bad words* You know I got a mufuckinn beat I got a mufuckin rhyme I got a mufuckin flow I got a mufuckin style-”

“Wow!” Rap monster said cutting you off in fake amusement. “That’s like so hot!”

You popped your sweater with as much swag as you had. “Well, that is why i am the best.

Rap monster rolled his eyes at you. “Babe, let’s go already.” he said in his normal voice. “And remind me to give you rapping lessons when we get back.

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Your close friends dragged you out to a karaoke bar as your late birthday celebration. But you knew it was mostly their way of trying to cheer you up after you have been moping around for weeks over how much you missed your boyfriend while he was on tour.

“C’mon Y/n, rap your boyfriend’s song!” they all demanded. 

“No, i cant rap like him.”

“Rap it! Rap it!” they all chanted.

With a few bottles of liquid courage already in your system, you had the guts to give it a try You looked to the screen and clicked your favorite song, that songs being 1verse.

You flew through the lyrics, trying to as many of Jhope’s vocal touches as you could. A very drunk you thought you were doing well. Certainly, your drunk friends thought you were straight up spitting fire.

“Oh my gosh! Y/n that was so good!” a familiar voice spoke out just the song ended. 

You whipped around and found your sunshine smiling at you. “Hobi!” you yelped. you ran up to him, and attacked him with a hug, feeling his arms snake around you. “I thought you wouldn’t be back for another week!”

“I wanted to surprise you!” he said before he pulled you into a kiss.

“Awww!” “ So cute!” your friends cheered.

“Let’s keep the partying going!” Jhope smiled. “Put that song again so we can rap together!”

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You and V finally had your schedules match up and you both decided to take a mini vacation together. There was a long drive ahead for the two of you and you decided to be civil and each of you had half an hour to play your music in the car. V had won the game of rock, paper, scissors, so he got to play his music first.

Finally, his half hour came to an end and it was now your turn to blast your music. “Yay! My turn!” you cheered as you ripped the aux cord off his phone and plugged your phone in. 

“Agh! Fine!” V groaned with a playful pout.

“You’ll like my music.”

“But I like mine more.”

You laughed at his little attitude, he was just too cute when he was pouty. “Trust me, you will LOVE this song. I know you will!” you said as you searched through your song list for the right song. 

You clicked the song “stigma’ and you peeked at him to see his reaction. Within the first few seconds, is eyebrows shot up and and a cute smile lit up his face. “Aw, jagi, that is my song!”

You began singing along right when the lyrics started. You let your voice get disgustingly out of tune as you reached the chorus, because  your vocal range did not match the emotions you were trying to covey. How your boyfriend had such a voice and such a talent still amazed you. 

V giggled at you, still trying to keep his eyes on the road, but sneaking peeks at you from time to time. Just before the song ended, he joined and sang out of tune with you. “Aw jagi, your voice is so beautiful when you sing my song!”

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You sat at your vanity, applying to makeup as you jammed out to your loud music.The next song that came up was Jimin’s song and you squealed to yourself, as was your usual habit of your favorite song coming out on your speakers. 

You began humming along immediately and when the lyrics started, you began to sing to yourself. Words weren’t exactly words as you applied your lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. The sounds that came out of you were more like whale sounds rather than actual Korean words since most of your concentration went to your makeup. 

Suddenly, you heard a fit of giggled in the room. You jumped in your seat , causing mascara you were putting on to smear on your eyebrow and forehead.

Jimin laughed harder.

“Jimin! How long were you there?!?” you could feel your face burning

“I saw everything!” he held his hand over his stomach because he was laughing so hard

You looked at yourself in the mirror. “Jimin! You made me mess up my make up!” 

Jimin came up to you, handing you one of your makeup wipes. “Sorry sweetie, I got bored waiting for you to get ready then I caught you singing and I thought you were so cute.”

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It was the first time in months that you and your boyfriend both had the days off at the same time. This time was now dedicated to being lazy together.  

It was the late morning and you were the only one awake. Seeing the mess the two of you made the night before, it was best you cleaned before Jungkook woke up and you two started another movie marathon. 

You plugged in your headphones, grabbed a broom and began an attempt to clean. Of course, being in the lazy mood you were already in, you were easily distracted by the music to actually do any type of real cleaning. Instead, you mostly sang along to your music. 

The beat of Jungkook’s song ‘Begin’ started to play and you were quickly sucked into the vibe of it. You were deep into the lyrics. Your eyes were closed, your arms were flying dramatically and you were using the broom as a microphone.

Eventually the song ended and your performance was over. You opened your eyes and as you waited for the next song to start, you heard the sound of someone laughing. You turned around and saw Jungkook standing by the kitchen doorway. His phone was pointed at you ans he was in a fit of laughs. “Babe, oh my- ha! I am- haha!” He was luaghing too hard to keep talking.

“You better delete that!” you ran up to him, and tried to snatch the phone out of his hand.

He was fast and held it above his head. “Now way jagi! I am going to keep this forever!”

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sweetobjecttriumph  asked:

College AU. Oliver is on the baseball team and needs Felicity to tutor him to stay on the team. Or established Olicity watching baseball and Felicity is feeling frisky and distracting Oliver from the game.

(Went with the first idea–thanks!)

Only an ungrateful douchebag would throw his equipment around.  But after that meeting with his coach, Oliver Queen was ready to start throwing bats.

Why did it matter if he was flunking his computer science class?  He didn’t even know why he had registered for it in the first place.  He was a ballplayer and wouldn’t ever need computers to do his job.  Because when he got to the majors, there would be interns to do all the computery stuff for him.  

But if he didn’t pass his class with at least a C, he would be benched.  And with the draft coming up soon, he needed all the playing time he could get.  

So … he would meet this tutor that the coach had set up for him, and he’d find some way to get the damn C, and then he was gonna get drafted and go pro and be done with college.  A year was more than enough.

His hair still wet from his post-practice shower, wearing jeans and one of his jerseys, Oliver walked into the library with his backpack.  His tutor was going to meet him here–some nerd named Felicity.  Man, it was like she was destined to be a nerd with a name like that.  

“Oliver Queen?”

The voice was soft and feminine, making Oliver’s mouth quirk up.  Maybe he had gotten lucky?

“That’s what the name on my jersey says,” he began, turning to face his tutor.  Only he had to immediately look lower by about six inches, since Felicity barely came up to his shoulder.  And his hopes were quickly dashed when he took her in.  A sweater vest?  Glasses?  Couldn’t Coach have gotten him a girl who was actually pretty?  Although maybe he was worried about Oliver being distracted–or seducing his tutor.  

Well, no danger of that here.  On either score.  

She held her hand out to him.  “Felicity Smoak, your comp sci tutor.  Do you have a computer with you?”

“No …” he said slowly.

“How did you expect to work on assignments for a computer science class without a computer?” Felicity asked, a disapproving note in her voice.  

He shrugged and she rolled her eyes.  “Great.  I guess we’re going to the computer lab.  Follow me–I’m sure with all the work you’ve done taking care of your bat, you’ve never even been inside the library.”

Was she … ?  Oliver shook his head and stared after the sarcastic little blonde.  He hadn’t expected her to come out with an innuendo like that–especially not one that doubled as an insult.  With his long legs, he easily caught up with her.  

“So what’s your deal?”

She eyed him without really looking at him.  “My deal?  I have to tutor guys like you in order to afford eating and having a roof over my head.  When it’s someone who’s really struggling, I actually enjoy tutoring.  Getting to help someone improve, seeing them get more confident about the material.  But someone who just doesn’t care?  Excuse me for not thinking that’s cool.”

“It’s not like that …” he said, not even sure why he was protesting.  

“So what is it like?”

Oliver looked down at the tiny annoying thing, how her hands were on her hips and her chin was jutting out.  This Felicity wasn’t like anyone he had ever met before.

“I want to go pro.  So I need to play.  And to play, I need to pass this comp sci class.  So … give me a hand and help me pass the damn class, and then I’ll be out of your hair and you’ll never have to deal with me again,” Oliver said.

Her lips pouted a little, her face thoughtful.  Oliver had a fleeting through that her lips looked very kissable, but he shook it off as he waited for her answer.  

“Okay, I guess,” she said grudgingly.  “But next time, you need to bring a computer, okay?  I mean, would you show up to a game without your glove?  It’s the same thing.”

“That makes sense,” he admitted.  “Okay, I’ll bring it.  But for now, can we get started?  I’m really behind.”  

Something about him saying he needed her help made her face soften.  “Yeah, all right.  Let’s get to the lab so I can see how to help.”

Nodding, Oliver followed her the rest of the way, adjusting his backpack.


When he left the lecture hall on the day of the final, Oliver looked around the quad, searching for the only person he wanted to see right now.  

A slow smile grew when he spotted Felicity, tapping away at a tablet and squinting.  With how smart she was, she had finished their comp sci final well before him, but he had known she would wait for him.  The sunshine fell over her, bringing out her hair and making her the brightest thing he had ever seen.  

Over the course of the semester, Oliver had gotten to see beyond her tart tongue and feisty attitude, to the brilliant, tender, caring girl underneath.  The girl who had gotten hurt and had developed a mask to protect herself.  

The girl who had totally changed his own attitude and approach.  The girl who had opened his eyes to so many things.  The girl he had fallen for.  

“Felicity!” he called out, hurrying towards her.

She looked up and a huge smile appeared on her face.  “Oliver!” she said, waving to him.  “How did it go?” she asked as he approached.  

Instead of answering her, Oliver wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet in an all-encompassing, swing-in-a-circle hug, just like in a movie.

“Pass or fail, it doesn’t matter,” he said softly into her ear.  “Because meeting you is the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“Oliver,” she said, pushing at him.  He stopped moving and loosened his grip enough for her to be able to look at him.  “I know you passed, with how hard you worked.  And now, you’ll be able to play and make a good impression on the scouts and get drafted number one.”  

Hesitantly, he reached out and stroked her cheek.  “I’m not going to be the number one pick.”  

Slowly, she licked her lips.  “You are to me.”

“Felicity,” he breathed out, just before he kissed her.  

It turned out that Felicity was right on both counts.  He did pass and he did get drafted number one.  He missed what would have been his third major league game in order to see Felicity graduate.  And then, six years later, he missed his nine hundredth game in order to graduate himself.

And cheering as loud as she did whenever she watched him play was Felicity.  His wife.


Notes for Yuri on Ice panel at 221b Con 2017

Here’s basically what I said for my five-minute comments at the #221bcon2017 Yuri on Ice panel.

Notes on genre and political context for Yuri on Ice

Yuri and Victor, the main couple, are examples of what Mark Gatiss describes as “incidentally gay,” meaning their sexual orientation isn’t the main focus of the story.

In my opinion, YOI is primarily a skating story that has male/male romance in it because it’s structured around the rhythms of the skating season.  We get to see the full programs of even the minor characters.  It’s so accurate about technique and everyday social details that actual figure skaters are obsessed.  It’s an insider’s portrayal of figure skating as a subculture. That explains why homophobia and gaybashing aren’t intrusive plot elements.

Figure skating is at once the gayest sport and a homophobic sport. 

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vexingcosmos  asked:

Okay so the press have no clue about Andreil and a fan totally uses a pickup line on Neil (Are sitting on F5 boy because DAMN that ass is refreshing) and Andrew's response to it.

ahah this is so great! i love the oblivious neil trope so here is 1600 words on that!

  • it’s a pretty common idea that neil is a Pretty Boy™ but doesn’t realize the effects he has on others
  • after baltimore, his facial scars just added to his the definition of his cheekbones and make him look more ruggedly handsome
  • at that point, neil was already invested in his nothing with andrew and isn’t really looking to branch out and be involved with anyone else (also neil is demisexual and thus wouldn’t really want to be getting involved with anyone he’s just met)
  • neil’s already been hit on a couple times by different people he’s met (classmates, opposing team members, someone at eden’s twilight) but andrew was never immediately around to see it and neil was too oblivious to pick up on it
  • it only really happens when neil is on his own
  • people don’t necessarily know about andrew and neil’s relationship, but when andrew is with neil, neil becomes unapproachable for fear of getting stabbed by andrew (if his murderous glares are anything to go by)
  • they don’t share any classes (andrew is criminal justice major while neil is a math major) so it’s easy to approach neil after class
  • neil’s classmates don’t really know much about him, besides what’s in the media and that he plays exy (and is very good) so of course when they try to hit on him, they bring up exy becuae they know he’s interested in it
  • but neil (bless his exy obsessed heart) doesn’t ever pick up on the flirting, but rather only the interest in exy
    • “you play exy right? i bet you’re really good! maybe i should come watch one of your games sometime ;)”
    • “yeah we’re a really great team. i’m actually the captain of our team and it can be a mess sometimes but we always pull through. do you have an interest in exy?”
    • “no, i would just love to watch you play though ;)”
    • “um okay. well we have a game this friday if you want to come watch and support the team.”
    • (neil then gets a text from andrew that just says ‘roof’ and tries to make the speediest exit possible)
    • “well, it was nice talking to you janice. i hope you can come support our team”
    • “it’s jessica.”
    • “oh right okay. bye.”

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Patience Ch. 1

Also posted on ao3


Words: ~ 1,479

Rating: Mature


Every time Sombra tries to get more intimate with Hana, Hana gets nervous and backs out. She certaainly doesn’t want Hana to do anything she’s not comfortable with, but is getting more and more worried that her girlfriend’s hesitation might have something to do with herself.

Hana is demisexual, Sombra is supportive and patient.

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Speculation time! Mrs Wiggins’s anti-tree attitude and tree rumours

Although she does flip her attitude once she sees the seed growing, at the start, it’s strange. Grammy Norma seems very pro-tree, so how can her daughter be anti-tree?

The way Mrs Wiggins talks about real trees,

it’s likely she has never seen one for herself (or doesn’t remember any), meaning her childhood years or maybe her entire life was spent in Thneedville. (And since we saw O’Hare during the building of Thneedville, that would put him as older than Mrs Wiggins). Growing up in Thneedville means she could’ve gone to O’Hare Elementary.

As others have pointed out, the O’Hare business isn’t new.

So it’s possible for one of the older O’Hare family members to be the ones who finished building Thneedville, plastering their name and ideologies all over the place, including the school.

So she might’ve learnt in school that plastic trees are far superior to real trees, but what about Grammy? Surely Grammy could’ve told her daughter all about how wonderful trees are and the whole Once-ler business. Even Audrey knows that trees are wonderful, (somehow. I wish we knew more about Audrey).

But I think Mrs Wiggins does know wonderful trees are. While everyone else in town tooks some convincing to agree to have the tree and didn’t love it on sight, Mrs Wiggins flipped her attitude the moment she saw the tree right in front of her. Grammy could’ve been telling her how wonderful trees are all along, but she never believed her until she saw the tree with her own eyes.

Yet, if Grammy Norma told her all about how wonderful trees were and knows that “if you want one, you need to find [The Once-ler]”, why is the Once-ler just a “magical fable” to Mrs Wiggins? Why hasn’t Mrs Wiggins gone out to get one for herself? I’m guessing that during Mrs Wiggin’s childhood, the Once-ler rumour was more popular because the company’s fall was in more recent memory. However, you know how O’Hare discourages and threatens Ted for being interested in trees and tries to keep him in town? The O’Hares know too that listening to the Once-ler will mean you receive a seed.

If more people knew about the Once-ler back then, a larger number of people would try to find him, but a large number of people will also encounter threats from O’Hare and desist. So while growing up, Mrs Wiggins would’ve seen many of her peers go “HOO YEAH, GONNA SEE THE ONCE-LER!”, only to see them the next day say “Once-ler? Nah, I’m staying in town”, and so concluded that the Once-ler is a fake. And for those who did manage to get seeds, the O’Hares would’ve probably found and destroyed them before they could grow, and maybe whoever had the seed would be forced to say that it wasn’t real, just a painted rock or something like that.

However, how did Grammy know that talking to the Once-ler will actually give you a seed and wasn’t just a rumour? To confirm it wasn’t false and acquiring some strangely specific items and heading out of town would actually give you a seed, either Grammy herself or someone close to her must’ve succeeded in getting a seed.

Would the Once-ler even tell his story to someone of Grammy’s age? He could just look out of the window and say “Really? You’re as old as me. You know what happened to the trees. Nobody, not even you, stopped me and I chopped everything down. You want to heckle me now about trees or something? Go away.” And then spring his traps.

However, there’s more chance he would tell his story to someone who’s younger and didn’t witness it all. The rumour would’ve started a few years after his company fell, because by then, there would actually be a demand for people to go hear the Once-lers story if the people around them didn’t know what happened to the trees or wouldn’t tell.

Going even further into speculation territory, I think that someone close to Grammy that succeeded would be one of Audrey’s parents. Grammy could confirm that the rumour is true because her close friendship with them means (maybe that’s why Grammy and Audrey live so close to each other?) she could see what’s going on their life. And the way Audrey talks

“Used to grow around here”, “softer than silk”, “smelled like butterfly milk”. Along with the accurate depiction of the trees in her mural and recounting specific details, I think Audrey knows what happened, her parent told her stuff, and long ago, Norma told her parent or one of Audrey’s grandparents told her what trees looked like. However, Audrey isn’t going out to get the seed because her parent knows O’Hare is a threatening guy and wants to keep her safe, and Norma is respecting that decision by not telling her about how to find the Once-ler.

(Though if going along the Norma knows Audrey’s parent thing, that would have to make Norma’s lines of “Is that the girl you’re talking about, she’s even prettier than-” just for teasing Ted, because she would have to be aware of Audrey’s existence. And maybe before Mrs Wiggins could see how Audrey’s parents got a seed, they lost it, making Mrs Wiggins think that both her mom and Audrey’s parent are both in on playing a joke about the Once-ler really existing on her, and so making her still not believe the rumour.)

But, while Norma wouldn’t meddle with other people’s kids, she would meddle with her own grandson just like she meddles with her own daughter (asking her to go get her teeth, taking too long at the game), someone who isn’t influenced by seeing people around him fail at seeing the Once-ler. He’s interested in trees, Audrey’s interested too, but she can’t go get one. If Ted goes to get a tree, kill two birds with one stone, make two kids happy with one seed!

Kiss the Devil (Part 3)

Ricky Horror x reader

​Warning: language, suggestive themes​​
​A/N: this series may contain sensitive or triggering topics for some, I’ll do my best to put them in the warnings.  Just be advised it’s going to get dark.

You need to get your game going. You’ve been on tour a week now and you haven’t collected a single soul; you hadnt realized this would be so hard to do.
You’re antsy, on edge; you have a quota to fill after all, you have to have so many souls per year.

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The Lion King: Sentence Starters


❛   Life’s not fair, is it?  ❜
❛   And you.. shall never see the light of another day.  ❜
❛   Oh, I shall practice my curtsy.  ❜
❛   I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.  ❜
❛   Don’t turn your back on me.  ❜
❛   I wouldn’t dream of challenging you.  ❜
❛   There’s one in every family. Two in mine, actually.  ❜
❛   He’d make a very handsome throw rug.  ❜
❛   And just think, whenever he gets dirty you can take him out and beat him.  ❜
❛   Let an old pro show you how it’s done.  ❜
❛   This is so humiliating.  ❜
❛   I despise guessing games.  ❜
❛   Oh, goodie.  ❜
❛   Yes, well, forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.  ❜
❛   Well, I suppose you’d have found out sooner or later, you being so clever and all.  ❜
❛   I’m kind'of in the middle of a bath.  ❜
❛   One day, you two are going to be married.  ❜
❛   With an attitude like that, I’m afraid you’re shaping up to be a pretty pathetic king/queen indeed.  ❜
❛   Right now, we are all in very real danger.  ❜
❛   Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger.  ❜
❛   Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?  ❜
❛   Hey, did we order this dinner to go? .. ‘Cause there it goes.  ❜
❛   Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size?  ❜
❛   I thought you were very brave.  ❜
❛   You could have been killed.  ❜
❛   I’m only brave when I have to be.  ❜
❛   I thought I might lose you.  ❜
❛   No wonder we’re dangling at the bottom of the food chain!  ❜
❛   Oh, it’s just you. I was afraid it was somebody important.  ❜
❛   I just hear that name and I shudder.  ❜
❛   I’m surrounded by idiots.  ❜
❛   Who needs a king/queen?  ❜
❛   If you tell me, I’ll still act surprised.  ❜
❛   You are such a naughty boy.  ❜
❛   Long live the king/queen.  ❜
❛   You know, having a lion around might not be such a bad idea.  ❜
❛   Amateur. Lie down before you hurt yourself.  ❜
❛   When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.  ❜
❛   If you live with us, you’re gonna have to eat like us.  ❜
❛   You mean a bunch of royal dead guys are watching us?  ❜
❛   Oh, do lighten up.  ❜
❛   Why am I not loved?  ❜
❛   Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  ❜
❛   Then you have sentenced us to death.  ❜
❛   Let me get this straight. You know her, she knows you, but she wants to eat him, and everybody’s okay with this?  ❜
❛   I really missed you.  ❜
❛   You know, you’re starting to sound like my father/mother.  ❜
❛   You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life?  ❜
❛   Would you stop following me? Who are you?  ❜
❛   I’m not the one who’s confused. You don’t even know who you are!  ❜
❛   The past can hurt, but from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.  ❜
❛   Remember who you are.  ❜
❛   Carnivores, ugh!  ❜
❛   This is my kingdom. If I don’t fight for it, who will?  ❜
❛   What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?  ❜
❛   If it weren’t for you he/she would still be alive. It’s your fault he/she’s dead.  ❜
❛   You don’t deserve to live!  ❜

Improving your skill in Overwatch

So, with a new year comes resolutions. And with Overwatch season 3 in full swing, it’s the perfect time to set goals for improving for either future seasons or just for fun.

Disclaimer: I’m no pro, but I have significantly improved myself, from a 50 rating in the first season (back when it was 1-100, which would equate to 2500SR in the current system) to a current SR of 3161. That’s a jump from barely into platinum to being in diamond, with my season 4 goal being hopefully masters.

So how did I do it?

(I am so sorry mobile users if the readmore doesn’t work.)

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So you want to make a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, huh Sony?

I don’t blame you. Despite recent entries in the franchise, Sonic remains one of gamings most beloved and recognizable characters among Mario and Pikachu. And yes, the very thought of a Sonic movie in 2014 may seem like the most cynical of all cash-grabs, but The Lego Movie taught us that cynical cash-grabs don’t have to be terrible.

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One Of Those High School Romances... (Requested)

You watched as Brett walked into your class, surrounded by guys from his lacrosse team or the groupie girls that always followed him around. You roll your eyes. You can’t believe that you had ever dated that idiot. What was worse, you can’t believe that he had been the one to break up with you.

Well… technically, a breakup had never occurred. He just wanted to be on a “break,” but that was three years ago, and you hadn’t spoken to him since, not even once. If it looked like a duck and quacked like a duck, it was a duck. This looked and most certainly felt like a break up so it most certainly was a break up. 

You’re broken out of your thoughts when Mr. Bernie, your teacher, starts speaking. “It’s time to talk about your next assignment.” The man claps his hands and rubs them together, a mischievous smile on his face. Whatever came out of his mouth in the next ten minutes, you knew that you weren’t going to like it. “You are going to be paired up with someone in the class, someone I choose.” Mr. Bernie clarifies as students in the room start looking around at their friends. “In those pairs, you’ll be given a life simulation. It will be your responsibility to make a budget for this imaginary life as well as find a place to live and cars to drive. Household bills and grocery shopping should also fit into your budget.”

You actually didn’t think this assignment was going to be so bad. As long as you got a half-way competent partner with some common sense, you’d be fine. “Let’s see, Mr. Talbot…” You look up to see Mr. Bernie tapping his chin with his finger while looking around the room. Brett was the one person in this entire class that you didn’t want to work with. You were hoping your teacher would not call your name next more than you had ever hoped for anything else in your entire life. “I think I’d like to see you work with Miss Y/L/N.” Just like that, your shoulders drop. You lock your jaw while glancing at Brett over your shoulder. His eyes fell on you, and you can tell that he felt somewhat uncomfortable about the pairing, too.

As you look towards the front of the room again, you roll your eyes. He didn’t get to feel uncomfortable or uneasy about this partnership. He was the one who had made the decision that brought you two to this moment. One minute, you two were totally into each other and couldn’t keep your hands off one another. Then, he had decided to join the lacrosse team, and everything had changed. He was suddenly one of the most popular guys in school, and he wanted to go on a “brief break” with you.

Ten minutes later, after all the partners have been assigned and Mr. Bernie instructs the class to get with their partners and start working, Brett plops down in the seat next to you. You glance over at him through the sides of your eyes. “It’s been a while…” Brett sighs out.

You just glare at him harder. “Look, I don’t like this partnership any more than you do. How about I just do the assignment, and I’ll put your name on it?” You offer him.

“I’m not a cheater.” Brett glances over at you while grabbing the packet that Mr. Bernie had just handed him. “It looks like we’re newlyweds, and you’re pregnant.” Brett looks you over, up and down. He grins when his eyes reach your face again. “I could definitely imagine how that happened…” He smirks.

“You’re a pig.” You bite out at Brett before ripping the packet out of his hands to look at it yourself. “Oh, you get to be an up-and-coming surgeon while I am a housewife!” You glare at the paper. “This is so sexist!”

Brett just laughs to himself as you continue to look through the packet, more and more appalled that it seemed that your part of this project was literally that of the little woman while Brett got to be the typical, male breadwinner. You roll your eyes just as the bell rings.


It had been a few days since getting Mr. Bernie’s assignment and unfortunately being paired up with Brett, and even more unfortunately, you’d been spending a lot of time with Brett.

The two of you are sitting in your living room, looking through newspapers and various websites for houses in your fake budget. Things were tense, awkward, and uncomfortable, just like they had been the last few days. Brett would try to crack jokes or make things less awkward by reminiscing, but you shut him down every time.

“Now I can see why we broke up…” Brett mumbles underneath his breath.

You slam your Macbook Pro shut and turn to look at Brett suddenly. “Are you kidding me!” You shout at him.

Brett’s eyes widen in surprise, that damn smirk still on his face though. “I’m just saying, this week hasn’t exactly been fun, now has it?” He lifts his eyebrows in question.

You let out deep breath, all through your nose. “If you want to get technical, Brett, we never actually officially broke up. Technically, we’re still on a break.” You use air quotes and all of the attitude you can muster.

“What?” Brett asks you, his eyes scrunched up in confusion.

“You don’t remember?” You start laughing to yourself. How could you not? This entire situation was just so comical. “After you became a big lacrosse star, you came over here, and you told me that you thought it was best if we put our relationship on pause and took a break.” You tell Brett, literally repeating the words he’d used when you were freshmen. “Then, we never spoke again, at least not until this week.”

You watch as realization starts to dawn on Brett. That really was what happened. You hadn’t embellished it or over-exaggerated. “Y/N…” Brett sighs out.

You just start shaking your head. “Brett, save whatever it is that you’re going to say. Let’s just get this project over with so we can go back to ignoring that the other one even exists.” You glare at him.

“Maybe that’s not what I want.” Brett sits up and looks at you, moving his laptop to sit on the couch next to him. 

You turn your head to look at him again. “I don’t really care what you want, not anymore.” You tell Brett while opening your laptop again.


The next night, you’re sitting in Brett’s bedroom, typing up the report for your assignment. You had wanted to do this part by yourself, but Brett refused. In fact, he had been by your side throughout most of the day: between classes, during lunch, talking to you before and after school. You couldn’t get rid of the guy.

Brett, who’s sitting on the floor next to you, glances over at you with a smirk on his face. Some hair had fallen in your face so Brett reaches out and pushes it back behind your ear. “Stop looking at me.” You tell Brett, still focused on the report.

“I want to push the play button on us again.” Brett tells you, determination in his voice. “I think it’s officially time to end this break of ours.” He turns his entire body to face you.

“No.” You keep typing. Whatever game Brett was playing, you were not giving in.

Brett chuckles underneath his breath. He fully expected to have to talk you into letting him back in. “Well, I was the one to initiate the break, so I’m the one who gets to decide when it’s over.” Brett shrugs his shoulders, like he’s got it all figured out. “So, I guess that means you’re my girlfriend again, Babe.” Brett leans over and kisses your cheek.

You take a deep breath, set your computer down on the floor next to you, and then turn to look at Brett. “In that case, I’m breaking up with you.” You smirk at him. “I don’t want to be your girlfriend. Actually, that’s pretty much one of the last things I would ever want, like ever, in my entire life.” You turn your back to Brett as you pick up your laptop, close it, and start gathering your stuff.

“Why won’t you give me another chance? I remember that we were very happy together.” Brett stands up and grabs your bag from your hands to keep you there.

You turn to look at him. “Maybe we were, you know, until you broke up with me because I wasn’t popular enough or pretty enough… or I don’t know what your reason was.” You start slowly shaking your head. “And, I really don’t care what it was, Brett.” You pause and look into Brett’s eyes. “I got over you a long time ago.” 

“Really?” Brett asks you, and you nod your head. “So, I don’t have any affect on you anymore?”

“Not at all.” You shake your head. 

Brett takes a step closer, and he notices the way your eyes shift. “So, it’s not going to bother you if I get a little closer?” It didn’t take werewolf hearing to hear how your breath hitches in your throat. His smirk grows. “What about if I put my hand here?” Brett reaches his right hand forward and places it on your hip gently. Brett watches as you bite your lip. “What if I start leaning in?” With his strong sense of hearing, Brett hears the way that your heart speeds up, the beats getting closer and closer together as he gets closer to you.

Right as Brett’s lips are about to touch yours, you snap out of your haze. Then, you push Brett’s body away from yours. “You are… unbelievable!” You exclaim while running your hands through your hair.

“What? You obviously wanted to kiss me, too!” Brett motions between you two. “There is still chemistry and attraction between us, and you know it!”

“Chemistry was never our problem.” You tell Brett. When Brett opens his mouth to say something, you hold up your hand to stop him. “And, I’m not your toy, Brett! You can just pick me up and put me down whenever you feel like it! I have feelings, and I don’t exactly appreciate you messing with them!”

“Is that what you think?” Brett asks you. “That I look at you as if you’re my toy?” 

“How else would you like me to see it?” You ask him incredulously. “After years of not acknowledging me, all of the sudden you want to get back together? What’s with that, Brett? Please, explain it to me.”

Brett takes a deep breath. “I was an idiot all those years ago, Y/N. I was just… I was scared, and I wanted to fit in… just like everybody else does in high school.” He pauses. “The truth is that I didn’t think I was good enough for you, and I didn’t want to hold you back.” 

“That’s all bullshit.” You cross your arms over your chest. 

Brett shakes his head. “It’s not!” He steps up to you. “You’re beautiful and smart and charming.” He pauses. “You’re amazing, and I’m just some kid who got lucky because I can play a sport.”

“Brett, I’m over this. I don’t want to hear any lies or… participate in whatever game you’re playing.” You shake your head and take a deep breath. “What do you want me to say, Brett? You broke my heart, and I was so confused and crushed for months. I can’t even tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep, or how many times I picked up the phone and thought about calling you… just so I could ask you what I did wrong, why you didn’t like me anymore.” You tighten your jaw as you feel tears start to well up in your eyes. “But, then I realized that you’re just one of those stupid high school boys that every parent warns their daughter about.” You wipe a few tears away. “You were just one of those high school romances that I had to go through to learn what type of guy not to trust and give my heart to.” You look into Brett’s eyes for just a second grabbing your bag out of his hand and quickly leaving.

Brett stands there, completely shocked. He had no idea that he had ever made you feel that way. Thinking back on it, Brett had never noticed you looking out of sorts, even after the “break.” Apparently, you had just put on a brave face in front of him. In reality, that didn’t surprise him. You were never the type of girl to let anyone see you down. Brett knew that he had to do something to prove to you that he was serious about wanting another chance.


Friday had finally arrived, and after a few more hours, you could go back to the way things were. You would never have to tolerate working with Brett ever again.

Thinking that, there was a part of you that relished it. But, there was a part of you, a much bigger part, which was actually sad at that thought. This past week with him had been really tense and confusing, but after last night, and what he’d said… Well, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. What if what he had told you had been true? Could you really believe anything that came out of his mouth? God, this was just so frustrating!

When Brett walks into class, he walks straight up to you and grabs the report in your hand and throws it in the trash. “Brett!” You exclaim, trying to move around him and get your report back.

“I completely redid the assignment last night.” Brett holds up the new report in his hand.

“What?” You look at Brett with crazy eyes. “I worked really hard on this Brett, and I’m not going to let you screw with my grade!”

“Just trust me.” Brett looks into your eyes, which somehow immediately calms you down. “You’re going to like the new report, I promise.”

“Brett, I swear to God…” You start, but Brett reaches forward and covers your mouth with his hand.

“Stop speaking. I’ll do all the talking.” He tells you.

Once Mr. Bernie calls you and Brett up to the front of the room, you just get up and follow Brett’s lead. Brett clears his throat while looking out at your classmates in front of him. “Well, for this project, Y/N and I were newlyweds. I was an up-and-coming surgeon. I was lucky enough to live in a world, at least for this week, where I got to imagine a future where we…” Brett waves his hand between you and Brett. “… where this amazing girl was gonna have my baby.” He smiles over at you before continuing. “Um, we figured out that we had enough money to live in a two-story, three-bedroom house and each drive our own car.” He sighs. “The truth is, while I was supposedly bringing home the money, Y/N would be keeping anything and everything in our life going.”

“While that’s an incredibly sweet sentiment, Mr. Talbot, that was not the assignment.” Mr. Bernie looks between you and Brett.

Brett lets out a sigh. “I understand that we were supposed to make a budget to somehow prepare us for the future, but the truth is, money will come and money will go. There’s going to be tough times, and there’s going to be times when things aren’t so tough.” He pauses and looks over at you. “But, life is really about finding the right person to spend it with, the person that can be your mate… your true partner.” Brett smiles while glancing at you again. “So, I don’t really care about budgets or what kind of house I live in. I’m never going to care about how much money I make. All I’m going to care about is if this girl is standing next to me or not.” He reaches over and grabs your hand.

Mr. Bernie smiles. “Again, very sweet, but if you don’t have what I asked for, I’m going to have to fail you both.” 

You smile while squeezing Brett’s hand. “We have it.” You walk over to the trash can, pick up the report, walk over to Mr. Bernie, and hand the report to him. “But, we’re going to need a minute.” You turn back to Brett and grin before standing on your tiptoes and kissing Brett. His hands wrap around your waist as your hands rest on his chest. 

You two pull away when Mr. Bernie clears his throat. “Young love… Well, it looks like your next date will be in detention.” He looks between you and Brett again, clearly disappointed in your classroom PDA.

“It was so worth it.” You tell Brett, a giant smile on your face.

“Want to do it again? We have a lot of time to make up for.” He leans in real close to you.

You laugh while pushing away from Brett. “Maybe after school, Boyfriend.” You wink at him.

Art Student!Laurent and Jock!Damen AU

They’re head of the student council of their respective faculties and are constantly at each other’s throat over funding and the horrendous sums payed to coaches vs. the leaky window in the main studio.

(under the cut bc I just typed out 1.300 words instead of studying)

Laurent paints angsty oil pieces, dark colours, faces distorted and unrecognisable. He paints bc of Auguste, who died a few years ago (it was sth mundane - a car accident maybe? Laurent couldn’t understand how someone so radiant, so special and so full of beauty could die in the ugly yet ordinary remains of a piece of metal and plastic) and who was a brilliant artist with a great career ahead of him. They called him a genius, his first exhibition at only 14 years. Laurent’s art is too dark for a lot of people to understand and appreciate, his heart too heavy for the bright colours and glimmering lights his brother used to paint.

Damen comes form a family of athletes. His grandfather once won a medal at the Olympics, his dad was the captain of his school’s football team. He could’ve gone pro, but then his girlfriend at the time got pregnant and Kastor was born… later, he was Damen’s coach in little league and when he died of a heart attack shortly before Damen’s first game as a player for his college team, Damen thought the world would end. Kastor is the head of the funding program of Damen’s university. He’s also fucking Damen’s (ex)girlfriend.

It’s their junior year and they LOATHE each other. Like Laurent seethes when Damen is even vaguely in the same area as him and Damen nearly explodes any time Laurent looks at him with those cold eyes and his better than thou attitude (sometimes he wonders why it also turns him on a little, but he’d never admit that to anyone but himself). They take this “rivalry”TM ting very seriously and their friends are all exasperated. Nikandros, -who’s definitely a ringer I don’t make the rules!- offers to strangle Laurent himself on more than one occasion just to stop Damen from going on and on and on about how insufferable and terrible and pretty and hot he is and damn Nik have you seen those legs????they’re almost as long as his eyelashes  he’s such a huge asshole omg I HATE HIM! Laurent might stab a picture of Damen in the student newspaper with his spatula. He might go out to get more than one issue. But no one saw him so it didn’t happen.

Anyways, at some point Kastor comes up to Damen and tells him to find an agreement with Laurent over some funding programm that’s supposed to be split between the artists and the athletes and Damen begrudgingly agrees to it (bc he’s a pacifist at heart ok). Kastor knows very well that they hate each other so he counts on the two of them fucking this up. So Damen walks into the art building, and into the studio (the one with the leaky window and it’s seriously cold in here Laurent wasn’t kidding when he said they work in their coats in winter). And Laurent didn’t hear him yet, he’s too focused on his work, aggressively splashing blacks and blues and dark greens on a canvas on which you can just barely make out the features of a handsome young man with blond hair and a nose just like Laurents. And at some points he sags forward and goes on his knees, breathing heavily and Damen is…sort of shocked? Ice cold Laurent having an emotional outburst in front of his easel? And then he sees the painting and like…it speaks to him? Bc he understands the pain and the desperation of losing someone and he knows nothing about art but he understands these colours and the rough strokes and the anger and heartbreak. And afterwards he couldn’t tell you why but he goes over to Laurent and puts a hand on his shoulder and Laurent is so out of it he doesn’t protest, not even when Damen guides him to a chair and tells him to stay put while he goes out and gets him a cup of tea (peppermint, it’s Laurent’s favourite and don’t ask Damen how he knows that he’s not ready for this conversation ok). They don’t talk and Damen leaves after a short while but sth is different now.

They actually manage to come to a satisfying solution for both faculties and when they’re done arguing, Laurent gives Damen a small but genuine smile ans tells him he’s impressed by his fairness. Most importantly though, Damen tells him how impressed he is by Laurent figuring out that there’s a gaping hole in the records of the program which indicates that someone misappropriated money from the fund - so much money in fact, that both faculties could have been funded appropriately.

Laurent and Nikandros agree that it’s most likely Kastor himself (and this is the first and last time they agree on anything). But pure lovely Damen doesn’t want to believe his brother would do sth like that. So, they start working together to figure this out, look through years and years of records during the night. They might share a bottle of wine at some point, and when they stop looking through long lists of expenditures, they might start talking about other things, about Auguste and Laurent’s dad, about their fears and their dreams. And maybe Laurent’s face cast in the dim light of his bedside lamp, all soft angles and long lashes, tugs at Damen’s heartstrings a little too violently. And maybe Laurent falls asleep with his head resting on Damen’s massive shoulder one night bc he was too tired to keep his eyes open for one more second and Damen is a solid and steady weight against his side. Eventually they see that the irregularities started the year Kastor became head of the program and Damen has to face the truth that his brother, the last member of his family, is a thief.

They give their information to the school board and Kastor is fired, sued and ends up behind bars.

Damen and Laurent kiss a week later in Damen’s dorm room, in a blanket fort he built to impress Laurent (somehow that worked, can you believe it).  And maybe Lauren’t paintings become a bit brighter, the colours a bit more daring and the stroke of his brush just a tiny bit softer…

(Also at some point there’s body painting sex, let’s be real)

!!!Bonus!!!: Jord is Laurent’s best friend. He makes tiny sculptures out of metal. When he proposes to Nikandros a few years down the line, he made the engagement ring himself (Nik says yes. But he’s pissed bc he wanted to be the first to propose and make ‘an honest man’ out of Jord - he’s a bit old fashioned ok).

Nicaise is one of those students who were so brilliant they started attending uni at like 14. He’s arrogant af and a menace but also endlessly talented. His speciality is very delicate glass work and intricate light installations, combined in a way that you think you’re walking right through fairy land.

Erasmus is a ballet dancer, him and Torvald get together after Damen dragged him to an artsy party non of his other friends wanted to attend (he definitely wasn’t there to stare longingly at Laurent nope - only to see Torvald, that handsome af swedish exchange student, hit on his boy Laurent). Anyways, when he introduced them, little did he  know that right after graduation, Erasmus would move to Sweden to be with his boyfriend after three years of long distance and become a massive star in the European ballet scene.

Jokaste calls Damen after three years. She left Kastor and arranges sth with her lawyers who take matters into their own hands and make sure Damen gets at least a part of his inheritance. Laurent and Damen use the money for their first apartment after they graduate.

You know, those posts I see about how “Dragon Age fans don’t seem to understand that DA isn’t black and white and that’s why you can side with either the templars or mages, there’s no good and evil bar, they want to give you two equally valid choices, blah blah blah” kinda irk me because Bioware has effectively demonstrated in the past that they can give you two equally valid choices without labeling them as “gray morality”.

I’m thinking specifically about the resolution to the genophage problem in Mass Effect 3. In it, you have two choices, which are in turn influenced by another choice you made way back in ME1. Either Wrex or Wreav is in charge of the krogan, and you have the option to cure the genophage or secretly sabotage the cure. It’s made very very clear, from day one, that the genophage is really shitty. Yes, you have characters tossing very well thought out arguments for it at you, but all that is overridden by going to Tuchanka and seeing how desperate the krogan are for yourself. The good, or “Paragon”, choice is to cure it - the bad, or “Renegade”, choice is to sabotage the cure.

But both are presented as equally valid choices, each with their own pros and cons. Your plan doesn’t go off without a hitch if you cure it. You lose salarian support, which could potentially be a big blow to the war effort, and if Wreav is in charge it’s clear he wants to rekindle the krogan’s bloody past, which is bad news for the rest of the galaxy after the war. However, if you cure it you can see the hope you have given the krogan, you’ve saved an entire race from extinction, and you’ve gained a very powerful force for the war effort. Whereas if you sabotage it then congratulations, you’ve just doomed an entire race, and if Wrex is the krogan leader, he will find out later and attack you, forcing you to kill him, and he makes it painfully clear how betrayed he feels that his old friend would do something like this to his people. And in addition, it’s very likely that to pull off your bit of treachery, you will have to literally shoot a different friend in the back. But hooray, you’ve gained the salarians and (depending on who the leader is) the last of the krogan. You have a victory, even though it’s made clear you just made a monstrous choice.

And like, there’s so many other little examples of this throughout the Mass Effect games - such as choosing Samara or Morinth to join your team. Samara is obviously the “good” choice, while Morinth is the “bad” choice, yet both have their own unique abilities to offer the team, and there’s certain content you simply can’t get if you never choose Morinth. Or there’s Garrus’s entire character arc - you can push him towards more peaceful solutions to problems (arresting Saleon, letting Sidonis redeem himself) or encourage his vengeful, gung-ho attitude (killing Saleon, killing Sidonis). Neither is presented as “better” than the other, Garrus is happy with either method, but one is clearly going to result in more death than the other.

So my whole point is - you can have non-gray morality while still making the “bad” choice an equally valid option as the “good” choice. Bioware has done it before, which is why it makes it so jarring that they’re holding up the mage-templar conflict as “gray” when it’s so clearly not. They can give characters ample chance to side with and support the templars without trying to force-feed us the idea that they’re just soldiers, misunderstood, just trying to do their jobs or whatnot, while painting the mages as “just as bad” as the worst of the templars because some of them do blood magic sometimes. Let them side with templars, but make it clear that if they do they’re supporting genocide, abuse, forced institutionalization, and a heavily corrupt system - and then give them a few benefits upon joining, as well as a unique gaming experience. Congratulations, you’ve created a non-gray morality system that still is just as interesting and works just as well as a gray one. That’s why we get so salty about the mage-templar issue.

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*rant incoming!* [1] ok so disclaimer i can't play trespasser yet, i've just read the mage-related epilogue slides (and promptly actually cried hahaha nbd nbd fuck u bioware) - but now that i've calmed down some… i really hate how bioware is using vivienne as a shield to exempt themselves from criticism??


edited with the later messages orz 

[2] i mean, yeah, at first i was absolutely furious at vivienne, too. but then i decided to think more critically… and the tl;dr is i now refuse to blame vivienne for something bioware did and would rather we blame their black woman character for.

[3] look at the language they use: ‘crushing’ and ‘utterly razing’ and ’[playing] on the mages’ fears’? cassandra becoming ‘disgusted with vivienne’s perversion of the chant of light’s intent to suit her whims’? when has bioware EVER been so critical of pro-circle mages (or perversions of the chant of light) before? rereading it sent up some huge red flags.

[4] sad but true, we all know bioware’s attitude towards pro-circle characters hitherto: sympathetic at best, completely supportive at worst (and most frequent). so that they’d use this kind of negative language all of a sudden seems… suspicious.

[5] it just rings too similar to previous offenses: like colored people almost always appearing in dragon age and mass effect as sleazy and violent characters (hubert, etc.), or the blame for lazy writing getting pinned on disliked characters (anders, etc.) - jacob taylor from mass effect jumps to mind as the middle of this venn diagram, to name an example, but i can’t list everybody or we’d be here all day. vivienne would now appear to be falling into these categories, too.

[6] in addition, user mllemaenad pointed out that non-divine vivienne has no authority restoring the circles anyway, since they were legitimized by the divine and chantry. no amount of “~power and influence~” handwaving on bioware’s part can explain why this doesn’t raise eyebrows - in-universe and out.

[7] hypothesis? they are redirecting the backlash for THEIR OWN FAILURE to follow through on their promises by blaming the same exact character in every single situation. and it’s pathetic. “guys, it’s not OUR fault the divine choices were basically retconned and all assimilated into our single vile, preferred outcome for ease of reference in future games - it’s vivienne’s, see? SHE took away your player agency, not us! isn’t she just awful??”

[8] through these ending slides, bioware manages to divert the blame from their faulty business practices and ableist opinions on what the fate of the mages Should be (read: not free) to their only major black woman character. and a lot of people are buying it. i almost bought it, too. …then i remembered that wynne and rhys would never have been described as “utterly razing” anything.

[9] i gotta restate that i am in NO way condoning vivienne’s horrific actions or her awful opinions in general - i’m just pissed at her treatment compared to other /white/ pro-circle characters guilty of just about the same. it’s clear that bioware just wants to allocate the blame for their failure to implement player choice as the nefarious deed of a fictitious black woman, and i’m having none of it. @ bioware try this: accepting the consequences of /YOUR/ actions for once. cowards. 

!!! Oh my god you’re right!!

All of it is violent and brutal and negative. It’s not language they would have used for a character like Wynne, for example. It’s language they’d use for characters that they want to vilify and want us to disagree with.

Honestly I’ve been so so angry at Vivienne for those things, especially because I did not expect this from Vivienne. The ending I got (the Divine Leliana one) okay, it’s super angering, but the one where she razes the College was shocking and horrifying and surprising and it made me cry. All of them made me cry but that one? wow. I’d never get it because Leliana is always my Divine, but knowing the different endings, knowing what a character does depending on the situation is important.

Vivienne is so so pro-Chantry it hurts, but the thing that is important is that I don’t think she really likes unneeded violence that much, or does she? Again, I think I remember her disliking the Rebellion for the people it killed so why the hell would she just raze the College of Enchanters and keep its leaders alive only “out of respect”?! I don’t know her character as well as others but really, it’s shocking coming from her?

And it’s actually really interesting because it’s true- she doesn’t have any power over this. She isn’t the one leading the College of Enchanters. She doesn’t seem to have been given any special favors from the Divine (if she isn’t the Divine) and the College has been working pretty well for 2 years. All she complains about in the DLC is it’s organization, but it isn’t any major problem.

So she has some kind of role in the College but, in the Divine Leliana ending, she can’t really just go and be like “oh yeah let’s build Circles again! :D” it’s way more complicated than that and I don’t think Leliana, especially hardened Leliana, would let her do that so easily? Because Vivienne would need approval from the Divine for that, and if Leliana freed the mages, it’s not to just let her imprison them all again.

And for the Divine Cassandra ending, I don’t care if Cass puts mages in Circles again- I don’t think she’d approve of the College of Enchanters being razed. She isn’t that kind of brutal, murder happy Divine, is she?!

But yeah, it’s seen as all Vivienne’s fault- my anger and everyone’s anger at her proves that. They want us to be angry at Vivienne, but it is them, it’s Bioware, who did this. It’s Bioware who made her do this even though half of it makes no sense.

I am still angry at Vivienne and will not condone her awful actions, but yeah. You make an excellent point. Bioware is also to blame, very much so.

And the fact that she’s a black woman is :^) Bioware, yes, hello, is there something you want to tell us???!

Windows laptops, basic principles.
Hey Jess, just a heads up that almost all the information about PCs in the PC post is… well… wrong. Windows 8/8.1 Pro IS supported by Adobe / Autodesk - it’s Windows 8/8.1 RT that is not. This is due to the actual hardware being different, not a protest about Windows 8. Essentially ALL laptops run the “Pro” version of Windows8/8.1 and will run all the software Windows 7 does natively.

If you have a Windows 8/8.1 PC / Laptop and want to make your desktop a bit friendlier (IE, start menu) there are MANY start menu replacements; just have a Google. Also be sure you are running the most up to date software version (Windows 8.1 Update 1, it’s free) as there are many fixes that make Windows 8 much more mouse friendly!

Personally I use and enjoy using Windows 8.1, as once you get used to the new “modern” environment (or disable it…), it’s a functionally better OS, is more secure, as well as being less resource intensive. However, there is nothing wrong at all with Windows 7, should your machine be running that. Please bare in mind that Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 vs OS X is for the most part a user preference - all have drawbacks, all have benefits. Pick the OS you like to use; a Mac is not going to make you a better designer, and a PC is not going to make you a worse one ;)

About actual machines, you have a few ’types’ of laptops… It’s perhaps easier to understand when compared to a more streamlined selection like Apples;


These are pretty much MacBook Airs. Don’t buy one and expect to get serious work done. Sure Photoshop, 2D CAD, a little SketchUp will be possible, but you’re going to hit a performance ceiling really fast. These machines are designed for everyday tasks, email, browsing, some light content creation - not professional architecture software.

Entry Level:

Smaller, cheaper, less powerful machines like the 13 inch MacBook Pros (both retina and normal) fall into this category. These run on Dual Core i5 or i7 Intel CPUs, have integrated GPUs and usually have about 8GB of RAM (although this will vary per model). There are other differences like SSD vs HDD, “retina” vs “normal” displays, etc but that’s another discussion. Broad strokes here!

This type of machine will do you fine but you’ll still want to use the computer suite in your university. Photoshop, AutoCAD, InDesign (anything 2D) and a little 3D modelling should be perfectly possible - but due to the dual core CPU and the weaker GPU things like heavy 3D models and rendering are not going to go smoothly.

High End:

These machines will be spec’d similarly to Apples 15 inch MacBooks. They have Quad Core Intel i7 CPUs, Intel Iris (Integrated) GPUs, maybe a discrete NVidia GPU, at least 8GB of RAM (up to 16GB common), a good quality 15+ inch screen, and maybe even a Solid State Drive.

This is about as powerful as ‘consumer’ grade laptops get. If you want a machine that will handle almost anything you throw at it then this is your best bet.

You will pay for this kind of machine though, and such a powerful machine goes well beyond the “I want to do work on this” attitude, with such a machine it’s possible you wont need to use any computer suites at all.


These guys are the real-deal-no-compromise laptops, and Apple don’t sell anything like them. They are generally big, heavy, powerful and very expensive. Quad Core Intel i7 CPUs are standard (even more powerful chips available…), discrete NVidia Quadro or AMD Firebird GPUs, between 8 and 32Gb of RAM, Full HD to “retina” displays, SSDs very common etc etc.

All I’m going to say if all of the above is jargon to you then this is not a machine I would recommend you spend your money on. If you know you will push your machine to the absolute limit of what is possible on a laptop; it’s your money, do your research and enjoy your monster. But the average student running out and spending $$$$ on such a device when there is a computer suite filled with machines purpose built to make sure you don’t need to spent that money… well, it’s worth thinking about.

That list is the broad strokes of what kinds of machines are out there, there’s obviously everything in between… and everything below. It’s important you do your own research, buy a computer that suits your budget and usage - don’t spend £2k on a laptop when a £850 laptop would do you fine because you ”want to do renders” once a semester.

A few tips:

-Be sure the laptop you are buying has the current or last generation Intel i5 or i7 CPU (don’t go older, it wont last as long, don’t go for i3 or Pentium they’re not powerful enough).

-Be sure you are buying a laptop with a CPU with an “M” at the end of it’s unique name not a “U” or worse, a “Y”. “M” denotes that it is what is called a ‘full voltage’ CPU, in other words, it’s built for performance; unlike the “U” and “Y” (or ULV - ultra low voltage) series chips that denote a preference for battery life at the expense of throughput. (Intel Core i5-4200M Processor (3MB Cache, up to 3.10GHz) vs Intel Core i3-4010U Processor (3 MB Cache, 1,70 GHz) - which one is the correct choice?)

-Don’t underestimate the benefits of a high quality screen (ALL laptops shipped these days have “HD” screens, you want HD+ or FHD, or better).

- Try get at least 8GB of RAM, but you can often upgrade this later, find out if the RAM is user replaceable (Apples Retina MacBook Pros are a notable exception).

-Business class machines are not as pretty but last longer, have better warranties, use better components and often have more customisation options and less bloatware installed out-of-the-box… You will pay for these benefits, but don’t dismiss them as valuable features.

-An SSD can be a huge performance boost, if you’re debating getting a dual core  i7 over a i5 you’ll probably see better real world performance from upgrading the HDD for an SSD - it’ll cost about the same too.

-Your typical big brand high-street store will often rip you off. Know what you need, do your research, don’t get tricked into getting deal that sounds too good to be true - don’t spend more than you need to because the sales rep showed you their gaming laptops etc. Be smart.

Sorry for the worlds longest and most jargon heavy submission, but it really bothers me seeing people spending $$$$ on stuff they either don’t need or got conned into thinking is more valuable than it actually is (or less valuable). Your laptop could well be the most expensive single item you buy before starting uni, it’s important to understand what you’re getting so you can feel confident about it.


Awesome information about computers from anon!

Thanks for the submission ;)

SnK 78 Thoughts

Why blow up an entire area full of enemy combatants when you can completely derail that strategy to dramatically shout your only friend’s name to the high heavens?

Bertolt, he lived through having his skull chopped off. He can deal with the ultimate bellyflop.

Not to say that it wouldn’t be a risk, but really Bertolt, way to kill the dramatic tension. Oh look, death is coming from above, everybody run!


That sound.


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An Offer No One Could Ever Refuse Part 8 - Luke smut

Author’s note : A few things. I know Y/N is kind of bitchy but I like it, she’s a refreshing change from most nice characters I write about. I do not take myself seriously, the Tumblr girl fangirl attitude of Tiffany is to be taken lightheartedly, no offense to anyone :)

“Tiffany is with me, I invited her.” Luke smiled blind to my rudeness.
“Hiii you’re Y/N, remember me, we met at the club!” she was proudly fidgeting with her ALL ACCESS pass around her neck.
Unfortunately I did remember her.
“Yeah hi.” I managed. Ashton was infinitely smoother than me and I was grateful for his excellent manners which often helped easing my bluntness.
“We are due on stage in like 5 minutes, you can stay with Y/N and watch the show. Tell her if you need anything.” And with that I had to witness Luke placing a chaste kiss on her hand. The move was so tender, so Luke, that I broke my heart instantly.
“My lucky charm…” Ashton expertly laced his arms around my waist. “See you soon?”
“If you find me…” I winked at him before kissing his lips. I sighed in content in his mouth. We were a perfect match, everything about him felt so evident. It was like he was the other orange-half I’d been missing. He was not only my boyfriend. He was my lover, my best-friend, the person who protects me and also the one I protect, the one I used to tell everything.

I gave a quick hug to each of the lads and saw a flash of confusion in Luke’s eyes when I did not run my fingers through his pampered quiff. I always did.
I was torn between upsetting Tiffany and upsetting Luke. I wanted to show Tiffany she didn’t stand a chance and had no place here. But I wanted to make it clear to Luke that he couldn’t have the best of both worlds and play it this way. I had no idea which one I resented the most. Logic would want me to be mad at Luke, after all Tiffany didn’t know about me and as far as she knew Luke was single. Well, Luke is single. But he is mine. The only person I should be mad at is me for creating this mess… I pushed away the disturbing thought.
“Aren’t we going to see?” Tiffany asked when she heard the crowd roar.
“Soon, the first few minutes are usually a frenzy, people running everywhere to fix last minutes problems and stuff.” I explained.
“You must know sooo many tips and tricks like that.” She sighed dreamily. “You’ve been with Ashton for super long now, I mean you’re like sooo famous in the fam!”
“Yeah you pick up a few things…” I was uneasy.
“Just wanted to tell you, I totally ship you guys!” she giggled.
Deep down I knew she meant no particular harm but I couldn’t bring myself to act civilized. Ugh come on Y/N make up your mind, Luke or Tiffany?
“So… how did you get along with the other girlfriends?”
“Occasional hook-ups.” I corrected her. “None of them actually had a proper girlfriend since I know them.”
I kind of liked my status of sole female in the band.
“I really didn’t think Luke would call me you know…” she beamed, obviously determined to make girl-talk despite my lack of reciprocity.
Yeah me neither, at last we have something in common.
“He is so hot… Ashton too of course but I mean I’ve always been a Luke girl.”
A Luke girl? What the actual fuck? I was -ok I still am- crushing badly on Bradley Cooper, does that make me a Bradley girl? Ugh I don’t understand this stuff. Everything this girl says annoys me…
“Let’s go see them from the side the path must be clear by now.” I changed the subject, glad I wouldn’t have to listen to her once watching the show.

I never grew tired of seeing them performing, found myself singing or air-drumming to most of the songs, but Tiffany was shrieking and waving at Luke constantly. He gave us some thumbs-up or winks every now and then, making the day of all the right part of the audience.
Ashton never failed to smile at me when he was on stage. We had this little game of ours, I rarely stayed in the TV room and loved wandering so I’d never tell Ashton from where I’d watch the show and he had to find me. It was not that hard since I had a limited range of accessible areas. All access was such a lie, I’m sure we were the ones with the most restricted access in the venues: backstage and around the stage, the VIP area occasionally when the venues had some. This night when he saw me he pointed his drumstick at me, like he always did. We flashed each other enamored smiles. Yet, seeing me a bit sulky, Ashton rose his eyebrows but I shook my head in reassurance.
No matter how preoccupied I could be, whenever they sang She looks so perfect everything would vanish. This song was special to me, it was their first hit, the one that changed their lives forever and gave Ashton the opportunity of doing what he loved the most. It was the song that made me discover them. The world I knew would not exist without this song. Bowing together and waving one last time at the loving crowd, the four of them stumbled backstage where we were waiting.

"Did you like it?” Luke asked, a million-dollar smile plastered on his face. I mirrored it.
“Of course, you were-” I started.
“I was talking to Tiffany- Did you like it babe?” He opened his arms and hugged her.
Babe. Babe?
“Oh gosh of course that was so so so amazing you guys literally rock I can’t believe I have seen 5 Seconds Of Summer live from the backstage!”
I shot Luke a death glare. He motioned for me to come for a hug but I went in the opposite direction. I don’t want to be his second hug. I don’t play second. I braced myself not to look back to gauge his reaction, wanting to show pride.
“I found you.” Ashton stated, brushing his nose against mine.
“You did.” I smiled, rubbing back. “Again.”
“I will always find you love.”
“Let’s get back and have room-service.” Michael proposed.
“You guys go, I told Tiffany we’d go for diner somewhere.” Luke answered.
Perhaps I could use Tiffany at my advantage… If she liked me, if she didn’t fear me, I could keep a close eye on Luke…
“Yeah I don’t want to go back to the hotel either…” I added in a mock flat tone. “Ashton what was this place, you know the one with the flowers and salads?”
“Oh Le potager?” his pitiful accent made me giggle.
“Yeah I wanna go there!” I enthusiastically said. “Oh Tiffany you must go sometime they put flowers in all their dishes, it’s as delicious as beautiful!”
Luke furrowed his brows, showing-off deep creaks on his forehead.
“Oh God this sounds sooo amazing Luke can we go there?” Tiffany didn’t seem too disturbed by my sudden change of attitude, if anything she thought I was just shy and finally opening.
“Sure if you’d like to.” He smiled to her but eyeing me suspiciously.
“Then let’s go together.” Ashton said gathering his hair in a damp little bun.
Aside from the food and pretty place, this restaurant had one thing I was looking forward to: floor-length tablecloths.

We arrived at the place and it was not too packed fortunately. The waiter led us to a secluded table where we would not be disturbed. I sat between Ash and Tiffany, facing Luke. Oh baby boy if you only had a clue what my devilish mind has for you.
“So Tiffany I’m so sorry we hadn’t had a chance to talk yet, what do you do?” Ashton asked cheerful.
“It’s ok don’t worry!” Tiffany’s eyes twinkled, Ashton had this effect on almost anyone. “I am working in a fashion-shop. I have a blog too but it’s not like popular but I don’t know maybe someday, hopefully I can have my own little thing…”
“You gotta give the address to Y/N, she likes to go through Tumblrs!” Ashton exclaimed happily. “What kind of a business would you wanna run?”
“Yes I’d like that! I wish I could create my shop you know like those cutie hype place, it would be a flower-shop with an organic bakery corner and a bookshop area too and maybe little jewelry, purses, decorations and such.” She seemed excited with her idea and I wondered if she knew her shop was to be called a mall with so many things.
“Oh that sounds like an awesome project, do you design jewelry?” Ashton asked genuinely interested.
“No but I like jewelry.” She rejoiced.
“Have you already started building a business plan?” I took a sip of wine and faked a smile.
“A what?” she stared at me clueless. This was so un-Luke that it was laughable. I nearly choked as I imagined him taking her to his parents and Liz’s disappointment.

I was pretty sure he did not bake either, nor wrote books or knew many references aside from the obvious Twilight saga, or knew a thing about flowers beside the fact that they were beautiful. Typical Tumblr girl. I did not know if I found her enthusiasm childishly cute or annoying from that desperate lack of maturity. My little devil chuckled: she’d get eaten in an eye-bat if she was dating someone famous, she’s not built for pressure.

“Oh anyway that sounds lovely.” Luke cut, knowing my evil look.
“It does.” I agreed and it was sincere, the idea sounded appealing, just unrealistic. I mean even in terms of legislation and of bank loan or such. Oh and number of employees. Not that I am a pro at it but at least if it was my project I’d try to learn at the very least some finance.
“How old are you by the way?” I suddenly wondered.
I soften at the thought, it’s not like she was a stupid 25 but just a candid 19. She had time ahead to think her idea wisely, to master competences. Yet Luke was not even as old as her but had so much to think about, so much he knew and had to manage.
“Thought you were a little older.” Ashton spoke.
“That’s not something nice to tell a lady!” I laughed playfully hitting him.
“Oh no I really take it as a compliment!” she cut, giddy with being qualified as mature. I thought she was older too at first, because of the heavy make-up and worn orange skin, she was living a bit too fast. I had been trying to live too fast too in my time… In a time I was pursuing an under aged Luke… I kicked the thought away.
I shook away any thoughts and focused on my starter. I watched Tiffany instagraming her food while Luke told her it was probably better for the two of them not to take a selfie together for now if she didn’t want to get into trouble. I pushed my leg forward until my foot touched Luke’s. He seemed confused and glanced at Tiffany but she was finally absorbed in the food, only then did he notice my smug smile. I rubbed his ankle and he shook his head slightly, a smile adorning his face.

Here we go Luke Hemmings.

Picking a piece of mushroom and a petal like everything was absolutely fine, I dared to move my foot to his crotch, brushing against his long skinny leg, the inside of his thighs. I was careful not to move too obviously. Luke’s face was flushed as he tried to remain impassible, not that I was doing much but the sole thought of me touching him in front of his date and my boyfriend in a public place must be quite a situation for him. For me too actually, a familiar knot started tangling through my stomach. I prayed this dumb girl wouldn’t drop her fork or anything because what was going under the table was not for anyone’s eyes. I watched the blond boy in front of me open his lips to let out quiet sighs. Studying his features, I remembered how I had noticed he was wearing perfume, how uncharacteristic it was for him, and the thought that he did it for someone else than me crushed my heart. I pressed my foot harder against his own hardness, making his chest heave more and more. My focus was all on my legs so all my upper body was slow, and I gently retrieved the fork from my mouth, eyes straight into Luke’s. I concentrated on my foot, the sensation under my toes, the bump of his balls, the rough material of his jeans, Luke, Luke, Luke. I licked my lips and let out just a tiny heavier breath.
Luke sent me a burning look and excused himself to the bathroom. This was my chance and I had to make it the less obvious possible… Quick quick Y/N… I waited a decent amount of time then took my phone out and stared at the screen.

“Oh, it’s my mom.” I said aloud. “Do you guys mind if I take that just a sec?”
Both Tiffany and Ashton encouraging me to go ahead I smiled while making my way to the door “Hi mom how are you?” I said to no one before dashing through the bathroom door. I found a very flushed Luke trying to steady himself in front of the mirror. He had droplets dripping down his forehead from splashing his face in attempt to cool down.

“Hey baby, missed me?” I teased.
“Y/N I swear you- you think this is funny?” he asked in defeat but a hint of humor in his voice.
“Hilarious actually.” I cocked my head appreciating the now full bulge in his pants. “Dou you need help sweetie?”
“Fuck just come here and shut up.” He pulled me to him then pressing me against the sink gave me a strong urgent kiss.
“So… do you think I was happy to see Tiffany?” I asked pulling his hair a bit.
“I don’t know, do you think I enjoyed seeing you disappear in a closet with Ashton then moaning his name?” he shot back without any hesitation, literally eating my neck.
“Not. Much. Time.” I reminded him trying to breath.
“A shame, I would have fucked you so good.” Wow, concerts did give them such adrenaline it was divine.
“I know you would have, but here-” I wiggled out of my panties and shoved them in his hand, “a little token… Just for you.” I winked while he shot me a crooked smile.

“Someone is a bit wet… Gosh I love how you smell when you’re aroused.” he sighed as he brought the lacy material to his nose, inhaling deeply. Some people would find that disgusting, but this was one of the most erotic thing I’d seen.
“I have to go, have fun and think of me…” I gave him a knowing-look and disappeared.

I was back at our table, smiling.
“Mom says hi.” I told Ashton with a pat on his shoulder
My phone buzzed and I extracted it from my purse. A text from Luke showed a picture of my panties in his hand, covered in his sperm. I suppressed a moan. No caption, not a single word from Luke accompanied the naughty snap. The tall broad figure approached the table and settled, smiling to no one in particular. I was so turned on I felt I could jump on this guy and have him right here and now, even though he was probably limp by now… Such a shame… I tried to act composed by bringing my wine glass to my lips.

Ashton and Luke split the bill and Ashton nearly got the door of the restaurant before the waiter.
“I’m getting you a taxi.” I offered Tiffany already lifting my hand up in the air, feeling like a winner playing fair. Nice try girl, but both these hot shots are mine and mine exclusively.
“I’ll take you home.” Luke added to her intention and I stared at him in shock and disgust…
We ended up Ash and I in the backseat of another cab, his hand on my thigh. His fingers crept higher and higher until he found my uncovered core. He smiled and kissed my neck.

“Hm… My girl has a surprise for me?” he sweetly asked.
“Yes…” I smirked at him as his fingers dipped into my soaked cunt.
“Christ you are so wet…”
“Watching you drum always has the most glorious effects on me.” I muttered, slutty.
“I can feel that. And I am looking very much forwarding to seeing that, tasting that…” he let his perfect lips wander over my collarbones. “What does my little princess want tonight?”
“You.” I just said, only half-lying. I wanted him, I always did, and the thought of Luke was quickly being covered with the anticipation of having Ashton pounding with all his might inside of me.
“I saw during dinner that you weren’t very talkative, I am really sorry I asked Luke and Tiffany to join, I should have realized you were asking me for a real date… I just got caught you know, it’s so natural for me to have the lads around I just didn’t think before I said we could go together.” he looked so sorry that I felt guilty again. “But I have an idea that might make you forgive me…” he flashed a quirky smile.
“As long as it involves us naked you’re fully pardoned.”
“Tonight, I’ll let you do whatever you want, absolutely whatever.” He muttered between heated kisses. “I am your slave tonight baby…”
I moaned at his words, almost automatically, like I had a reflex to Ashton’s raspy voice and kisses. Maybe he could just tell me about the weather and have the same effect. I pushed the fascinating question and allowed myself to think a little at these words. I was generally active in relationships, I knew exactly how to ask for what I wanted, but what I wanted was to be dominated.

Luke was a mystery. I could not forget our first time, how submissive he was and how incredibly hot that was. His innocence gave me the craziest thoughts. I was almost disappointed he wasn’t a virgin anymore but consoled myself by remembering I was still his only partner so far, so he was still experimenting firsts.

If Ashton was a stereotype, he’d be the older brother’s best friend, the one who teaches you dirty stuff even though it’s forbidden. If Luke was a stereotype, he’d be the best friend’s little brother, the one you want to teach dirty stuff even though it’s forbidden. And I wasn’t sure I could switch them… But this was worth the try, maybe dominating Ashton once in a while could help me get over my ridiculous obsession with Luke.

“Game begins when we close our bedroom door.” He mentioned.
“Can’t wait…” I seductively replied.

Author’s final note : I can’t tell how much your support mean, you guys are incredible I swear, keep talking to me !!

carolpeletieristhequeen  asked:

Hi Sanja. I'm a bit worried right now..I think I did a mistake going on the b*thyl tag. It made me upset and sad :( do you think caryl is going canon this season? I feel like the writers are unpredictable and could totally change caryl's story arc..

Dear Friend,

Venturing into the other ships tag is one of the worst things to do if you experiencing a little slump in your CARYL feels but to do so during this terrible “shipping antagonization” period had to have been a very disheartening experience to say the least.
The premiere and the intensity of Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s return is something the other tag didn’t want to see happen BUT even more poignantly they also didn’t believe it actually could EVER happen for CARYL.
That reason alone is enough to stay away from their tag and their posts because their main focus will either be denial and anger or they will be looking for any way to discredit what happened and explain it away to feel better.

Believe me I do understand how you feel, the uncertainty, the waiting, the constant baiting and the petty snarkiness has certainly reared some of the worst hatefulness in this fandom and after the confusion that was Season 4 Carylers have certainly known better days BUT there is still so much hope and unresolved potential left that I simply can’t and won’t give up on….especially after Sunday night.

The many CARYL scenes we have illustrate, validate and acknowledge Carol and Daryl’s gradual closeness and no matter how you look at it they just seem to gravitate towards each other naturally, building up a relationship that is quite unlike anything else shared with the other characters.

Daryl’s reaction to Carols return was irrefutable and yes, even CANON, evidence of just that - whatever CARYL is, there is no denying that their connection is on a completely different level than what Daryl shares with his “brother” Rick or his “buddy” Michonne.
There has always been something “special” and unique about the moments that Carol and Daryl have shared and even the shortest interaction, whether it be a look or a casual touch or even a “surrendering to relief kind of tackle hug”, it all speaks volumes about not just how they feel but how easy it is to leave things unspoken and yet be understood by now another.

Dialogue suddenly becomes irrelevant and unnecessary to communicate!

The best part is that we have four seasons worth of canon scenes and canon evidence to not just validate and acknowledge CARYL but to link Carol and Daryl together as a “unit”, which is insinuated repeatedly by the other members of the group (Dale, Glenn, Rick etc.)
The impenetrable bond between these two has been built up slow and steady, the parallels between them are jarringly strong and their interaction has shown time and time again that not only do they bring out the best in each other but that their connection is what’s had the most positive impact on the development of their own person.
The CARYL dynamic provides both Carol and Daryl the opportunity to explore what they were never given the chance in their past to do and be, it provides the unconditional acceptance and understanding they’ve never been given before and it is exactly through that freedom to feel without fear of rejection that they allowed themselves to truly-deeply care about another person again.

The fact that the Carol and Daryl relationship is so complex and so intricately planned to flow across seasons, has a great deal of reassurance when it comes to the end of the CARYL story not just because they kept it going for so long BUT a connection with such intensity NEEDS and DESERVES to be resolved at some point.

There is definitively an end game in play here and believe it or not season four actually gives a big piece of evidence that CARYL romantic realization might not be as unlikely as some would like to believe.
Let me explain before you run away from me!

The mere fact that the Carol and Daryl bond was building up through the “slow-burn” approach ultimately created a situation where their dynamic had become a tad bit “too comfortable” and as such the motivation to change that aspect of their relationship or take a leap of faith to the next step might have become less of a priority, especially during the uncertainty and death surrounding them everyday. There were more pressing matters they both knew needed their attention more.
In order to “jump start” or shift gears in their connection, a situation was needed where they would have to confront and examine their feelings towards one another and facing a reality that threatened to separate them permanently, accomplishes that beautifully.

TWD thrives on uncertainty, chaos and unpredictability and season 4 CARYL definitively fits that criteria very good.

If TPTB indeed wanted to end CARYL then there was no need to delay the conversation between Rick and Daryl, no need to identify Daryl as the one that needed telling about Carols banishment, no need to remind the audience that Carols loss would weight heavily on Daryl in the wilderness and no need to delay the CARYL reunion in the finale cliffhanger.

Why continue with the ambiguity of what they share and why the subtle hinting that Daryl was devastated about Carols loss - twin tragedies, anyone?

Instead they created a situation where Daryl and Carol are not only separated but also convinced that the other is either dead or lost forever which combined with the mental and physical anguish they went through on their own creates an emotional pressure cooker ideal for a reunion where they will be forced to examine and feel their relationship on a whole new level.
One way or another the emotional build up over CARYL and Carol herself promises clarity once they are reunited because a shift in their own dynamic as well as the one with the group is unenviable after the events that shaped season 4.

In terms of your concern over B*thyl and AMC TPTB gradually trying to let us down I personally don’t think anything of that sort is going on or at least not any more than what they did with other ships that never went canon in spite of their “clues”.

There have been so-so many pro CARYL quotes out there that we celebrated that ultimately didn’t materialize so the ambiguous statements that the other ship is using as “proof of Canon” are not worrisome one bit. It’s the same old crap!

There are so many reasons that have me pretty much convinced that the B*th and Daryl dynamic will remain platonic;

- The Writers went out of their way to portray B*th very-very young through both behaviour (first drink, flipping things off, drinking game) and emotional responses (naïveté, attitude etc.)
- The language used by both Daryl and B*th - she calls him Mr. Dixon and a Chaperone and he clearly refers to her as a “girl” more than once
- The physical contact between them is mostly initiated by B*th who is very physically affectionate with everyone and we know that Daryl has become more receptive to “touch” with others at this point but especially children (Patrick, Judith, Carl and now Beth)
- The “opening up” Daryl gave to Beth was important for him to be able to find it within himself to keep going without continuing with the “catatonic” state but what he gave was lost on B*ths level of emotional comprehension - she continuously prodded him with what he feared the most and that was being the “last man standing”!
- The huge age gap - Sophia was 12 when Daryl was looking for her as a “little girl” and B*th was merely 4 years older than her when they all met which makes her 18 now.

*If the writers wanted to show her ready for a romantic and essentially sexual relationship with an much older man (late 30’s at least) then they certainly took a wrong turn by portraying her so YOUNG and so INNOCENT. Even people who aren’t opposed to the age gap so much are uncomfortable because she seemed so young in the first place.

The time and outcome of the time they spent together only highlighted the importance Daryl’s character found through having a strong hand, a strong presence and the right purpose to guide him through surviving the world they are all facing.
Where Beth relaxed him to a point of recklessness in her child-like faith in the goodness of others, Merle-reminiscent individuals wound him up to the exact opposite - hyper-vigilance, rage and distrust towards the whole world and its inhabitants.

The best and truest version of Daryl comes out and shines with his chosen family or more specifically Carol Peletier herself! She calms and centres him BUT at the same time has always been there to make it clear to him that he needs to be with others, to belong with others and to care about the others in order to really live, to really survive.
That has been Carols greatest gift to Daryl and it’s something she alone saw in him back at the Greene farm AND to me that is the true meaning of “I LIKED YOU FIRST”.

I can’t promise you anything and I certainly can’t guarantee a realization of a CARYL romance just like I can’t tell you that TPTB are not going to explore the other ship dynamic BUT I can tell you that I personally have a lot more reasons to hope than to worry.
Daryl realizing that there might be still good people left in the world because he sees goodness in B*eth doesn’t mean that he is suddenly deeply in love with her.
She is special to him because she was there when everyone else was lost and gave him a reason to not give up BUT why is a romance the only outcome of all this?

If you are looking for a bit of empirical reassurance then it’s definitively worth noting that Melissa and Norman have been filming Season 5 together almost exclusively together while EK was only confirmed to have been on set once or twice and Norman’s presence at the time of her filming wasn’t substantiated at all.

There are also a lot of other filming and media spoilers that suggest that EK has been focusing on other aspects of her career and whether that means she “died” or is simply “gone” it’s an indication of ambiguity BUT since romantic connections require time (especially with Daryl) the B*thyl “love” simply isn’t realistic based on schedule alone.

Especially when Carol and Daryl seemed to be attached at the hip, film alone and are engaged in various emotionally taxing moments designed to bring them even closer.

Regardless of what happens the reunion itself proved that Daryl “needs” Carol and while I can see a lot of CARYL angst coming our way, what we need to remember that angsty interactions between them have always brought them closer together.

There is much to be explored behind that embrace and questions about its intensity that need to be addressed BUT seeing how the “hug” was most certainly designed as “over the top” the emotion invested in it is not one the “other ship” can quietly or successfully sweep under the rug.

They will try no doubt but every time they see Daryl basically tripping over himself to gather Carol into his arms and cry in her neck and chest the realization of the strength of that bond will be harder and harder to deny.

I hope I was able to give you some hope about CARYL and what it means to me! Hopefully some of our fellow Carylers can offer up some more in the notes because at the end of the day we came together to celebrate something we all love and believe in and that includes each other!

CARYL ON as much as your little can heart muster!



anonymous asked:

I'm not on tumblr, but ocasionally check in for the wonderful art here. It's been bothering me for quite a while; So, we're all people. Most of us are against racism, but why do so many people here glorify it when it's directed against 'white' people? Thats racism too. You don't fight racism with racism, nor sexism with sexism and the list goes on. Andrasteshaircurlers says everybody deserves to be treated equally and that makes her a racist? Yes, I'm 'white' so I'm probably a racist now too.

Racism is more than simply prejudice against any race. People can be prejudiced against white people, but there is no racism against white people. White people do not experience racism like people of color do. At all. Ever. All over the world. People of color do not have the same privilege that white people have. That’s reality. 

As much as people like @andrasteshaircurlers want to pretend that everyone is on an even playing field, it’s simply not true. Her wishing it really hard doesn’t make it true. Her saying it all over tumblr doesn’t make it true. As much as PoC and allies of PoC also wish it was true! If only! But we gotta face the reality that it’s simply not true. And that’s the only way we can work on breaking down our racist behaviors and attitudes. By first acknowledging we are not all operating on an even playing field because racism exists. And it’s wrong. Pretending otherwise is only perpetuating racism and racist ideas and behaviors, not to mention it’s just laughably naive and obtuse. We have to know what it is and how to recognize it. And we have to actively work against perpetuating it. Continually. Every day. 

@andrasteshaircurlers, and her friends and supporters, and, yes, even me—I’m a white person—operate from a place of white privilege. We white people can turn on the TV and very likely see white people in all our favorite shows. Heck, the cast is probably exclusively white. We can watch a movie and see white people. We can fire up our favorite video games and—who’s the default protagonist in the character creator screen? Oh, shit, look at that! A white person! Yep, even in our beloved Dragon Age games. 

Here’s a nice visual of the “equality” @andrasteshaircurlers and people of her school of “we’re all equal” seem to believe in: 

Balanced next to that is the equity (fairness) that really needs to happen in order to get people on that elusive ~even playing field~ so we can all enjoy the “game”. 

Yeah, PoC and allies like to give an extra boost (like the extra box for the little guy in that “equity” image) to headcanons and non-white coded interpretations that bring more people of color into our media. Like Fiona being a brown woman, and Alistair being biracial as both an elf-blooded man and a man who is half-brown and half-white. If our media is going to be so white-washed and white-centric, and won’t give us these representations we want, we will make those representations a reality anyway. Even if it’s a headcanon.

We as fans give extra protection to characters of color—and non-straight characters, and non-cisgendered characters. Because they are so rare. There are plenty of white characters already. Plenty of straight characters, plenty of cisgendered characters. People who identify with the rare characters are going to hold them extra close. And allies are going to help them protect them and hold them close. Because they are so few and they mean so much to people who need that representation. 

Why do you think it’s an attack against white people to want more representation for non-white people? Do white people need more representation? Obviously not. Does it hurt us in the slightest to think of Alistair as being brown and biracial instead of white? Not at all. 

And here’s the thing. If @andrasteshaircurlers was really looking out for all headcanons and representation to be given the same ~validity~ and treatment within the fandom, she wouldn’t be going out of her way to push her pro-white-character agenda every time she talks about this “equality”. She wouldn’t be saying, and clearly I’m paraphrasing, “I think every headcanon is valid, but here’s the one I approve of—which is white—and everyone else has to accept it and give me just as much attention or else I’m the victim here.” 

If people like her gave a shit about fairness and equality, she wouldn’t show up on posts where people of color are giving advice on how to be a better ally or point out racist cosplay practices or merely talking about a headcanon they enjoy, without her having to jump in to have her say—and once again playing the victim when people disagree with her or tell her to stay in her own lane. 

And a note, ending your Ask with “yes I’m white so I’m probably racist now too” is so passive-aggressive and manipulative and dismissive. Yes, we white people are racist. But every one of us gets to choose how racist we are. We all get to choose how much of our inherent racism and privilege we are going to unlearn. Each and every one of us gets to decide if we’re going to sit back and just accept, “well no matter what, I’m white so I’m a racist, so fuck it, I’ll just be racist,” or we can choose to work on ourselves and become decent people. 

I don’t know about you, or any other tumblr users, but I choose to listen to PoC on issues of racism that affect them. I choose to listen and try to mentally put myself in their shoes of their experiences, as much as I can. (I’m white, there’s no way I can fully understand. No amount of makeup is going to do that.) I choose to have empathy for them. To sympathize with their unending uphill battle. I choose to examine myself and my privilege and to work on trying to disentangle myself from all the bullshit I’ve been immersed in. I choose to boost the voices of PoC so others can also learn from them too. I choose to make efforts—and yes, even mistakes! And I choose to learn from those mistakes, dust myself off, take my lumps for it, apologize, and then adjust my path accordingly and continue on with doing better. 

All of these are choices. That I get to make. That you get to make. That’s part of our white privilege too. Use your power for good.