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Hey sorry if im disturbing you... Im a supergirl fan but i dont keep up with the fandom or interviews and stuff. I just watch the show. I am a supercorp casual shipper though. Can you tell me what happened? Something about the cast relating the ship? I see everyone talking about it but i have no clue of what happened.

Basically, the cast mocked Supercorp and said it would never be canon. Jeremy Jordan kept singing rather loudly that THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS and most of the cast and the crew danced and sang along.

Including Melissa Benoist.

The only two exceptions were Katie McGrath and some guy named David who looked sort of uncomfortable throughout the whole thing.

Tbf, I don’t think the cast realized just what type of reaction their song would get, and were just joking. Still, the damage has been done and it doesn’t matter if they didn’t mean to offend. To borrow a few words from J.L Austin, your illocutionary intent might have been one thing, but you still have to deal with the perlocutionary effect you’ve had on others. Or to put it in a plainer parlance, you can’t control the way others feel about your actions, whether you intended for them to be harmful or not. So you need to own up to them and apologize.

I just can’t help but feel for Supercorp shippers because if that were me and my ship, I’d be pretty devastated. A lot of young, LGBT women use Supercorp to cope and to come to terms with their sexuality. And they also use it as a blank slate to project their hopes and dreams upon, and a refuge and an escape from the problems of every day life.

I know I’d be devastated and pretty upset if it were my ship. But I’ve been fortunate that the two ships I really care about (Korrasami and Pharmercy) have the full support of their VAs, and other members of the cast and crew as well.

Heck I’ve met Janet Varney a few times and she’s always been open, receptive and supportive of Korrasami, and she’s really attentive and fully embraces the young fans who tell her just how much Korrasami means to them, and how the ship has helped them in a great way on a personal level. It’s really something that makes you tear up, especially with how sweet Janet has been about the whole thing.

(She’s an actual angel btw. And one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your whole entire life).

But to go back to the original ask, it’s incidents like these that remind me that I’m pretty lucky to have all of the VAs supporting my ships, especially in a world where gay women are constantly invalidated, and our sexuality is treated like a joke. (And when it’s not being invalidated, it’s being fetishized for pleasure).

The video is here if for some reason, you wanna watch it

And for the record, I don’t think the Supercorp fandom is overreacting. It was a pretty mean spirited thing to do, and the Supercorp shippers are justifiably upset, and they have every right to feel the way they feel right now.

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Jean and Sasha?? I’ll pass 😖😖😂
Plus I can’t see anyone else with her except for Connie. 😫

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Listen friend, can i just tell you something, i see you use way too much of your time here thinking about what antis do and dont do, they are a bunch of kids amd really toxic and you let them get to you which is exactly what they want to do. You should start completely ignoring them, become so ignorant to these people that you dont even have to know what shit they are stirring up every other day, this is for your own good vld is so much more than ships, dont let bunch of kids ruin this for you.

You’re right. I truly should not care but I guess it’s the type of person I am. I take others pain upon my shoulders. When I get mad about what the antis have done, I don’t get mad on my behalf but rather on what I’ve seen others go through because of them. I think that’s why I really get mad about.

It’s sort of hard to forget they exist because I see their accounts when people I follow reblog them. So even if I tried to live in ignorance, it’s kind of hard. I’m a nosy person. I always like to know whats going on, even if it’s bad. That’s the type of person I am.

I’m just going through a tough time right now. I’m too unmotivated to do anything, even my hobbies so the reason it seems like I have a lot of time to get mad about the antis is that I can’t really find anything to distract myself with. Ceasing to participate in discourse has helped though. I do feel better by not indulging them.

You are right. The antis only have as much power as people give them. You ignore them and they have nothing. I know that. They live of reactions. You act like they don’t matter and they don’t.

I do love vld. Very much. I love the story. I love the ships I love. The antis haven’t ruined Klance for me, so far and I really hope they never do.

Thank you for the kind message. You’re right. I really shouldn’t care. But sometimes it’s really hard. Like I mentioned before, I feel for others. So if I get mad about the antis, it’s usually on others behalf, not mine.

honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao

  • *ship AB (m|m and/or f|f ship) has a huge amount of moments, a strong bond, a lot of development, has romantic subtext, will literally die/kill for each other. Intense eye stares 24/7, and is constantly played with from the writers*
  • Certain people: Ugh. Why do you guys have to make everything thing gay? Person A and B are not gay. They dont even like each other that way! It's so forced!
  • *Person A and C (male/female ship) just met a few seconds ago and smile out of being nice*

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I'm saying this from the perspective of a shipper I guess but looking at all these Sheith moments got me thinking.. Would it be possible that the creators themselves are actually planning for them to be canon at some point? But because of some complications..(not gonna name it) they decided to scrap it off? Do you think this is possible? Although Keith telling Shiro he is like a brother to him kinda made me sad? lol I have got so many questions so I can't wait to see more of this amazing series!

Hi anon! The thing is, writing and animation for shows like this are done way in advance. When season 1 came out, I imagine the plot up until seasons 3 or 4 was already set in stone. And Voltron, like most shows, works off a “TV Bible” that had all the major plot points outlined right when the series was first pitched so,, once you plan things out like that I think it’s difficult to make big changes to characters’ relationships.   

I think the writers have also made it clear that they are going to go ahead with their narrative rather than catering to popular fannon, particularly when they’ve told certain fans they don’t agree with their mentality at all. Even with things like how they mentioned Allura was a teenager like all the other paladins, a lot of people didn’t headcannon that, but the writers stood by it. It’s their own story after all, and I don’t see why they should change it. As for sheith, we know the writers have outright told people that harassing shippers isn’t okay and they’re completely against it. 

There are also plenty of writers, animators, and VAs who have liked clearly romantic sheith fanart, cosplay, or pro-sheith posts (and gotten backlash for it). So we know they’re certainly not opposed to shipping it. And I mean, whether it’s romantic or not, we know that the cast certainly seems invested in their dynamic. The fact that their relationship and character development is by far the most fleshed out is certainly apparent. Here’s also some stuff staff has drawn that shows they at least like Shiro and Keith’s bond: 

So anyway, despite how the fandom can be, I don’t think it would necessarily deter the writers or dissuade them from following through with major writing decisions. And given how supportive the staff has been of sheith, I don’t think they would suddenly just abandon whatever plans they had for their character development together. Under the hypothetical that they did make sheith canon, I think they would just maybe adjust how they went about it so that the fandom could kind of like, ease into it, and hopefully not be too mad about it. Though I have no doubt people would still harass the staff if sheith happened, which just…makes me feel really bad to be honest…

On the BOM line though anon, I don’t think it goes against sheith at all and here’s why:

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Something That Needs to be Addressed

Look, I know people are going to ship what they want. I can’t do anything about that and neither can anyone else. I mean its an opinion and everyone has the right to have opinions on things. There is a problem with this in a lot of communities: Shipping real people. That’s fine, kind of. But you have to respect people’s boundaries as well.

Like I get it. You think people will be cute together. Here’s the thing though if you ship two real people DON’T ASK THEM ABOUT IT. DON’T HARASS THEM ABOUT IT! DON’T SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES!!!!! This isn’t cool. Like you can ship it, but most people get uncomfortable when they are shipped with their friends. For example: Tonight Tyler did a livestream on his instagram and people were bringing up Tythan to him and I could see upon him reading it that he was uncomfortable. He shrugged it off pretty quickly, but still. He’s addressed multiple times that he doesn’t want to be asked about that or for it to be brought up to him by fans and stuff. 

I don’t want this to turn into Septiplier. Mark and Jack have both done videos a multiple points in time to be like “hey, can you please stop bringing this up? It makes me uncomfortable.” and people still brought it any time they could. Like make your art and make you fanfics and stuff, ship whatever you want, but don’t subject someone to something that they’ve stated makes them uncomfortable. Mark has made multiple videos about how Septiplier is dead, I don’t want to put Ethan or Tyler through this mess. I hate that Mark and Jack had to deal with that for so long. 

If you really do look up to someone you have to respect their boundaries. I mean think about it like this. You’re in high school (or back in high school if you’ve already graduated) and someone comes up to you and shows you a picture of you and one of your friends that you have no sexual or romantic interest in having sex… everyday… for the whole school year. That’s how I see it. I wouldn’t want anyone to do that me and you probably wouldn’t be comfortable with that either. You wouldn’t have known or even said anything if they hadn’t showed you this picture. Even after you’re like hey can you not show me that, they still show you. It gets annoying.

TL;DR: Don’t bring up real person ships to the people that you ship or their friends. It can make them very uncomfortable and I don’t want it to ruin people’s friendships. Don’t stop creating, but don’t cause harm to people while doing it.

@crankgameplays @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye If I left anything out please add to this, I’m sorry I have to bring this up but I got really angry seeing Tyler get uncomfortable like that.

🎶 Sending you a sign, sending a signal
Electric electric electric electric
I want you, I want you
But why aren’t you reacting?
Every time we meet, with all my heart
Electric electric electric electric
I’m waiting, you can see everything
But why don’t you know? 🎶

🎶 Trying to let you know
Sending you a sign, sending a signal
I must let you know
Sending you a sign, sending a signal  🎶

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Henlo there,can you blease draw expensive headphones(Rich//Michael)?? I dont know if you ship it,though I just wanted to see you draw them together :') Thank you sm

ask and ye shall recieve uwu

It’s not exactly a main ship of mine but it’s still hella adorbs so here’s some expensive headphones


Happy Throwback Thursday! I’m tired of these long GIFs, I’m working on making them smaller ^^” Btw, this is from WonderCon 2015. Excited to meet up with everyone for Anime Expo this year! There’s actually gonna be a Rise of the Guardians cosplay gathering. This is a milestone MOMENT! If you wanna see me and a bunch of other characters then we shall be meeting at 3pm on Thursday (day 1) over by Staples Center (not the main entrance to the con but the other door) outside. Come visit! :D

Oh, and we already have FANART for this! WAT!? NO WAY. Check it out here!

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo

I can’t believe Noctyx is a thing… Noctnyx? Nyxnoct? Caelric? Ulricaelum?

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I wanna see the reason why people like tordtom,, I don't hate it,, I'm just curious about this ship,, can u help me,? Could u screenshot all of your favorite moments with tom and tord together from all of the eddisodez? :D thank you


Okay so, I don’t know about every one else, but I love TomTord because I’m a sucker for love hate relationships!!!!! :3 The fact that they hate each other is what fuels the ship for me….


so… yeah like i said, I dont know everyone else’s reasons why they ship TomTord, But I ADORE LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!