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what is it exactly that all the lawyers at airports are doing? i understand that theyre there for refugees/immigrants/those affected by trumps ban, but how can they help them in that moment at the airport?

Great question! 

What happens is that information has to get to the attorneys on the first level. We do that multiple ways: we have attorneys (like me) and translators who roam the international gates, asking if people have been waiting for 1.5-2+ hours for their family or friends. If they say yes, we know that that’s kind of at the sweet spot for someone who may be stuck in secondary inspections, or detained, and do our intake. Another way attorneys get the information is that their numbers have been circulated enough that people who are traveling or have family traveling call ahead and let the attorneys know when someone’s flight gets in, and other pertinent information. Also, we coordinate with other groups that are involved, such as CAIR and other immigrants’ rights groups, who get us info from people who have contacted them about either traveling or having family/friends travel into that airport, at what time, why they might be at risk, and so on. 

All of this information gets catalogued into a database (we’ve been using GoogleDocs because in the beginning, especially, it was such a loose operation of volunteers that we needed any system in place ASAP.

What happens then is that the attorneys work in different groups. On teh first level, you have to triage it. Some cases get priority: obviously, five children from Jordan on visitors’ visas who have been held for 6+ hours get priority over a single male from, say, Mexico, who has been held for 2 hours. These are judgment calls by the attorneys. It sucks, but not everyone can be first.

Other attorneys reach out to Customs and Border Patrol about certain people being held in secondary inspection or detainment. They get whatever information they can out of them, and keep the pressure on them to let them know attorneys are nearby and watching. 

A lot of it is fact-finding; pregnant women, for example, coming in on a visa may first be required by CBP to get checked out by a doctor. Attorneys have sources in place with nearby clinics and the like to be able to know when people are being taken there, and that way they can advise worried family members and sometimes even speak to the people directly. 

Some peopel are being detained. At a certain point, a right to counsel is triggered. For green card holders, for example, they have a right to due process. Someone traveling on a visa, not so much; they’re treated different as far as what their rights are and what attorneys can do for them. For green card holders, LPRs, US citizens, etc, attorneys get back there and give them advice: for example, don’t sign that I-407, dont’ sign that waiver, etc, etc. (An immigration attorney knows this part of it best; I am not an immigration attorneys so i cannot give advice about this.)

Part of it involves negotiations with CBP and other agencies, to get the person out. A big big part of it, though, is honestly just keeping the pressure up. It’s important, very important, that attorneys are staffed at national airports from 6am to midnight (which is the OHare schedule). Constant attorney presence, or near constant, tends to help law enforcement behave better. Not that they behave perfectly and follow the law 110% adn stop being jerks and racists, but they fear, rightfully so, they won’t be as easily able to get away with it. 

Other attorneys, when they know someone is being detained, write motions (injunctions, declaratory jdugments) or petitions for habeas corpus, which are meant to get a person who is being detained subject to immigration laws out of custody ASAP. These get taken directly to federal judges who then have to make a decision. In Boston it was reported that tonsof attorneys, mostly female, and many dressed in their Saturday night out on the town outfits, entered a federal court house at 10pm with motions and petitions for the duty judges. 

Attorneys also help coordinate the media push, which is very important because reporters on the ground are able to share stories quickly adn update as they go. Shaping the narrative is a huge part of any large scale national fight, and attorneys can be very skilled in that manner. For me, personally, I was trained that way by my boss. I know how to deal with the press, even though I hate it. Think themes, speak in soundbytes, answer hte question YOU want to be asked, not the question you were actually asked. Things like that. 

I have the pleasure of being friends with teh woman heading the operation at Dulles. Fantastic immigration and criminal defense attorney, and an Afghani Muslim woman. CBP at Dulles were the worst in the nation - they ignored the court order my friend was able to obtain (with the work of the attorneys that worked under her) that staed that they had to let attorneys back there to see the people being detained. 

She did get a brief chance to speak to people, though, eventually, and if there’s anything we attorneys are good at, it’s synopsizing complicated advice and rights and options into succinct orders people can follow. “If they try to drag you onto the plane out of this country,” I know she said to those being detained at Dulles, “you sit your ass down on the floor.” 

This is kind of a broad overview; I’m sure an  actual immigration attorney can flesh out the legal advice part better. I was not there as an immigration attorney; I was there as an attorney to insist. Working for a solo practitioner has taught me vertical representation, and how to do intakes adn gather all necessary info from a stressed and upset person. You’d be surprised, but a lot of attorneys that work for really big powerful law firms don’t know how to do this. At their firms, they know one small part of a case really really really well, but may not know much else. They may not even deal with clients directly. I did notice at ORD, for example, that most attorneys sat there and worked on their stuff, but no one was out gathering information. I think they thought people knew to come over to the McDonalds area? So me and my friend just walked back and forth for hours, doing intakes and getting that information over, which got that part of the process cemented so others coudl replace us as the shifts turned over. 

Attorneys fight this ban in many ways, on many fronts, and the ones at the airports are all volunteers. Immigration isn’t in my bag of tricks beyond the basics, but I can take directions, and I’m happy to work under attorneys who knwo more than I do (because when the tables are turned, other attorneys work under me and do what I tell them to do). We have certain skills, and the ones that are at the airports, we feel called to use them in a way that helps people instead of hurts them. (There are more than enough lawyers who hurt people, including the disgraces to the Bar that are part of this administration.) Hope that helps!

simon imagine - drunk call

REQUESTED:  ‘could you do a Simon imagine/concept where he’s shitfaced drunk and he calls you to pick him up and when you do he just goes on about how much he loves you but he thinks he’s talking to someone else’

The flash of my phone on my bedside table lit up the room, waking me instantly when combined with a lot of vibration. My head began to ache instantly as I grabbed it. It was 2am, and there on my screen was an incoming call from Simon Minter.

“Hello?” I asked, my voice groggy and audibly confused. 

“Y/n. What you saying b? You good?”

“Tobi?” As confusion turned to panic I sat up. Why was Tobi on Simon’s phone? Was he hurt? 

“Don’t worry,” he spoke, as if he could read my mind. “Simon’s alright. He’s just very drunk, and he keeps asking for you.”

A feeling I was way too tired to come to terms with swirled in my stomach as I ran a hand through my tangled hair. Tobi continued, his voice echoing around my room when I put him on speaker to grab my jeans off my bedroom floor.

“Can you come and get him or should I call him a taxi? I don’t know how much I trust him getting home alone I won’t lie y/n. I’d take him but, man’s got places to be.”

His vague sentence put a smile on my face. As mysterious as ever, clearly.

“I’ll come and get him. Where are you?”

“Thanks b. I’ll imessage you the location.”

“Thanks Tobi.”

After brushing my teeth and just about getting dressed, I got into my car, placing my phone on the passenger seat and setting off to the location Tobi had sent me. When I arrived I gave him a call, and within minutes I saw him leave the building and look around for my car. I rolled down the window.


His eyes found mine in the dark and he smiled, walking over, a very incoherent and intoxicated Simon following not so far behind. I couldn’t help but grin as Tobi almost forced him into the passenger seat. There was being drunk, and then there was this. The light of my car lit up his face a little more and I tried not to laugh at the harsh red of his eyes. This was going to hurt in the morning.

“Come on, come on, you’re alright,” Tobi reassured, helping the boy in. “She’s gonna take you home alright?”

Simon fell back against the headrest, mumbling something that I wasn’t sure could even be considered a sentence. Tobi turned to me.

“Sorry to do this babe. You’ll text me when you’re both home yeah?”

“Listen, it brings some entertainment to my Saturday night, don’t apologise.” I smiled. “I’ll text you. Have a good night.”

“Safe b.” 

I reached over Simon and pulled his seat belt over his chest. It was odd, to see such a large boy resemble a baby so highly. 

“Y/n!” He yelled, startling me slightly as I made sure he was sat safe. Well, he knew who I was, surprisingly. That was something.

“Yes, that’s right.” I cooed almost, as if I were talking to a baby.

“No!” His voice was unbelievably slurred, and I had to focus intently to even nearly make out what he was saying. “Y/n! I love her!”


It took a lot to not swerve my car off the road. He was drunk. Very drunk. That was it. Nothing more. 

“I love Y/n,” Simon continued to slur, sounding almost emotional as he rested his head on the window. “I’m gonna tell her.”

It was as if all of a sudden my brain had stopped working. I had nothing to say. My mouth was dry, heart racing at the sound of the words. Did he even realise I was driving him? I let him continue, curious and speechless.

“I mean it, I love her. Not like friends. I love her. I’m going to tell her.”

“When are you going to tell her, Simon?” I somehow found the strength to reply. He didn’t look at me, his eyes closed as we drove. I wondered, if he did look at me, if even then he would realise what he was saying. Who did he think he was talking to?

“Soon.” He slurred. From the fall in his posture, it seemed he was falling asleep, and just as I came to terms with the thought that that was the most I was going to get out of him, he piped up in a panic.

“Wait!” He exclaimed. I gripped the steering wheel in a panic at his sudden outburst. “You can’t tell her!”

“Tell who what, Simon?”

“Y/n! You can’t tell her I love her, it has to be a surprise!”

In an attempt to stop the giggles I brought my bottom lip between my teeth. He was incredibly drunk, the most I had ever seen him. His words were a result of this, no truth behind them I was sure, and he would never bring them up in the morning. I wasn’t sure that I would either.

“I won’t tell her, Simon.”

The car slowed as I pulled into my driveway, and I got out, walking round to the passenger side. Simon was surprisingly cooperative as I held him up and helped him up to my bedroom, letting him have my bed for the night. His jeans were not so cooperative as I struggled to drag them down his legs, eventually just letting them sit around his ankles and moving to unbutton his shirt. I pulled the duvet up over him and grabbed him a glass of water, leaving it on the bedside table for him in the morning before I left to go and sleep on the sofa, however he grabbed my arm.

“Yeah, Simon? What is it?”

He still did not look at me, his eyes shut.

“Y/n. Is she gonna love me back?”

I sighed, smiling slightly.

“I think she might, Simon. I think she might.”

About Last Night- Dave Hodgman

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dave x Reader

Words- 5,123

Warnings- SMUT, cheating, some have cried while reading (bwahahaha)

Prompt-  “I hope everybody saw that because I will probably never be able to do it again.

A/N- So I wrote this for @dumbass-stilinski competition and wasn’t going to originally post this on my page,  however some people are asking for a part two so i would like to have both on my page. With that being said i will not write a part two unless you guys let me know what you want to see because i have absolutely no idea where to go from here!

Also, HAPPY DAVE WEEK Y’ALL. @ninja-stiles and i are so excited to see what y’all come up with!!!

Thank you to @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading this for me. Shes such a babe. I hope y’all enjoy!!!!


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“Y’know you haven’t changed a day since you turned 18?” My best friend, Natalie said aloud as we were sitting on my couch looking through old photos of the two of us. She was holding a picture of me from my 18th birthday up to my face, looking for any difference.

“That’s sooo not true” I tried defending, but she was right. I hadn’t changed one bit. Normally, people wouldn’t have a problem with not aging. Pretty much everyone wants to look as young as possible, for as long as possible. But that was just not the case for me.

Everyone in this world ages like normal until they turn 18. But when their 18th birthday finally comes, they stop aging until they’ve met their soulmate, so that they can grow old together. Sounds cute right? I used to think it was cute too.

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It Wasn’t Just Sex -Simon

 Anonymous said to simplysdmnCould you do a Simon imagine where you are a youtuber and during one of your videos you say something that upsets/angers him?

A/N: Just want to say that I don’t actually think that ALL of these guys actually only want sex (I do have my opinions on some of them) but I do hope you like it nonetheless!


“Ok, I hope everyone can see and hear this!” I started my youtube livestream. I read the comments making sure that everything was working.

“Alright, so today we’re just going to talk about Youtube friendship and whatnot. I’m out today so I’m going for a kind of dark but glittery look.” I started going through the products I was using for the livestream.

I began priming my face and started talking about starting Youtube. 

“So, a lot of people have been asking me what’s it’s like to have Youtuber friends.” My best friend was in the background and I saw her sit up.

“In my opinion, having Youtube friends sucks!” She yelled in the background, making a lot of agree in the comments.

“Ok so, Y/F/N thinks having Youtube friends is bad,” I laughed. “I think it’s not not that bad. I mean I’ve loads of them but some of them in particular aren’t nice.”

“You can say that again!” We both laughed.

“Ok, so speaking from my experience, I’ve met a lot of Youtubers and most of them were nice hence why I’m friends with Y/F/N but some of them were dickheads. More or less some of the guys.” Y/F/N nodded frantically in the background while scrolling through her phone.

“Oh and by the way I’m using my Ride or Die palette by Violet Voss but anyway a lot of the guys I’ve met were dicks. A lot of them just wanted sex which sucks because I really wanted to make friends but you know how some guys are.”

“All these dudes want is sex and all you want is a friend but guys are just pricks.”

“Exactly, now I know some of you guys are going to want to names but I’d rather not start any drama but anyway I’m going to talk about one guy.” I started explaining one guy I had met at Youtuber’s event during the summer that only really wanted me for sex.

I met Simon at the bar and he started talking to me and at first I thought it was platonic but I did think he was cute. I ended up getting his number and we talked for a bit more and I can’t lie and say I didn’t catch feelings because I did. 

I met a lot more of his friends and talked a bit more to his friend Calfreezy and he told me he was looking for a sexual relationship which kind of baffled me because he seemed like a nice guy and I really wasn’t expecting that from him. So I confronted him and we cut ties. We’d talk from time to time if we came across in London or at events but other than that we cut all ties.

It hurt because it showed me what a lot of these guys thought they could do with a couple million of followers and subscribers. So I steered away from dating guys from social media guys.

“Ok guys! If you do have your speculations I don’t want you attacking them because it’s not right and I don’t want you guys to be mean. But this is my finished look I hope you liked it! I’ll see you guys next time!” I blew a kiss to the camera and ended the livestream. 

“Well, that was one hell of a live stream!” My friend said and we both laughed. We got dressed to leave to the dinner we were going to and joined the rest of our friends.

I arrived home around 11, washed off my makeup and changed into more comfortable clothes. I unlocked my phone and replied to people on Twitter and scrolled through other social media apps.

I then decided to check my messages, I answered a few of my friends to make sure I had gotten home safely and to send over a few of the pictures we had taken together. Once I was done with that I saw that Simon had texted me. I was kind of taken aback because I didn’t even he still had my number, I mean I still had his number. 

The text message wrote ‘Hey, it’s Simon. I know it's kind of late but could you call me?’ I sighed. I then wondered why he must of called me about and then I remembered the livestream. I was thinking about what he has to say but I snapped out of my thoughts I realised that I had read his message and I didn’t want to seem rude about leaving him on read for too long.

I called him and waited for him to pick up.

“Hi Y/N?” Once he answered my slightly tensed shoulders let loose at the sound of his voice. I just realised until now that I missed his voice. I cleared my throat and proceeded to talk.

“Yeah, hey.”

“Hey. How have you been? It’s been quite a while,” he chuckled making me laugh softly.

“I’m good actually. What about yourself?”

“Uh, I think I’ve been better. I’m quite upset if I’m being honest .”

“Oh? Can I ask why?”

“Well, why would I ask you to call me at midnight on a Saturday, transitioning into Sunday, night?” I laughed.

“I won’t be able to know if you won’t tell me.”

“So I watched your live stream.” I sighed, it was about time he talked about it.

“Yeah, figured. Just to let you know, I’m not sorry about what I said.”

“Understandable, I just want to know why you’d make me out to be such a bad person when I told you how I really felt.”

“Because Simon, I couldn’t trust anything that had ever come out of your mouth. I let my guard down and I really wasn’t able to make myself look like a fool in front of you so I had to move on.”

“So you wouldn’t trust what I said but you’d trust what Cal said. I don’t know what Cal thought I said but what I told him was I’d like to have sex with you but not right in that moment. We were only friends I couldn’t and wouldn’t have ruined our relationship. I’m not that type of guy and I never will be.”

“I guess I was wrong for trusting him but I didn’t know who to believe and I’ve talked to girls that hang out with you guys before and they say that all that you guys look for.”

“See! You’re using the wrong words here. These supposed girls said 'all that we guys look for is sex’. I’m not all the guys. I’m my own person. I’d like to think that I treat girls that I’m considering pursuing a relationship with, are well respected and well treated.”

“I don’t know Simon. I just didn’t want to look stupid with someone that doesn’t actually care.”

“Well, I did care and I do care.” He sighed. We fell into an awkward silence. I played with my nails and waited for him to say something.

“Y/N, it wasn’t just sex, I actually liked you. You were and still are so much more than amazing body. Your laugh, your smile, the way you talked, the way you got excited about the smallest things, it was everything about you. I fell for you and it just makes me mad that you thought I really wanted you for sex. I wanted to go further in our relationship but trusted the next guy for some reason I’ll never understand. I really had something for you, like I dont know how to explain it but it was like some sort or spark with you and it was just ripped into shreds.” I sat up, my jaw hit the floor. I never had any thoughts that I left him heartbroken.

“Simon, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, you had every right to say that. God, Simon, I’m so sorry. I never thought about you in this. I was so fucking selfish and only thought about me.” I felt so embarrassed. I really never put his feelings into consideration. I put myself first never really thinking if I ever hurt him and it just came back to me and it hit my like a truck.

“Why don’t we talk in person and figure it out together?”

“I’d love that Simon.” We arranged a time and place and then said our goodnights.

He pulled out my chair for me and I sat down, thanking him also. He had taken me to a semi formal restaurant. We had a bit of small talk at the beginning. We fell into a comfortable silence once the food had arrived. 

“Y/N, I know this might make things weird but I really want to fix things and just start brand new.” He spoke up after taking a sip of his drink.

“I agree. I’m really sorry for never taking your feelings into consideration. I was selfish. I never should’ve trusted Cal. I really do apologise from the bottom of my heart.” I looked up at him for any signs for forgiveness.

“It’s ok, I forgive you but from now on you must promise that you’ll tell me if you have any speculations or if you feel something odd and we both have absolutely truthful and honest to each other.” He stuck out his pinkie finger and I attached mine to his.

“I promise.” I smiled at him making him smile back and he looked extremely content.

“Here’s to a fresh start.” He held up his glass and I clinked my against his.

“I second that.”

Get Your Days Straight

Request: hey can you write some fluff with jason todd and reader who just dont whant to get out of bed on a sunday morning :D
Requested by: @galaxybutterfly23

Word Count: 839

Requests are Open HERE.

AN: This was really fun to write, especially taking it in a bit of a different direction to start!

You woke up with a familiar sense of panic, and a glance to your bedside alarm clock plainly told you why.  You were supposed to be at work ten minutes ago.  You knew that if you skipped the bulk of your usual morning routine, you might be able to keep your tardiness to less than an hour.

As you moved to the dresser, you looked longingly at the bed and felt quite the pang of envy that no matter how much he deserved it, Jason would be able to stay in the comfortable and warm embrace of your bed for a while longer.

You tried to zip around the room as quickly and quietly as possible so you wouldn’t disturb your peacefully sleeping boyfriend’s rest.  Despite your efforts, Jason began to stir at the feeling of a rapidly cooling bed beside him.  Barely opening his eyes to see you frantically trying to pull yourself together and get dressed, Jason groggily asked, “What are you doing?”

Without stopping your search for a presentable enough outfit to wear to work, you responded in a gentle and hushed tone, “Go back to sleep.  I’m just late for work.”

You had figured that answer would satisfy him and allow you to get to work.  Instead, Jason took a moment to sit up in bed as he watched you hop around trying to get your pants on.  You could see the confusion etched onto his sleepy features as he continued to stare and question. “Why are you going to work?”

Jason knew for all of his personal flaws and shortcomings that seemed to make you love him more, one of your greatest flaws that he loved so much is that you tend to overwork yourself.  Today looked like it was no different, especially since it was Sunday and your office was closed.  Jason figured you were either going into work on your own time to work on something that was bothering you, or more likely, since you said you were late, you woke up thinking it was Monday and it sent into a tailspin.

“Honey, you rid the streets of Gotham scum at night, and I go to work during the week because one, I like my work and two, I can’t pay our bills using the unmarked bills you get from any job you work with Roy,” you explained, confirming his suspicions that you had overworked yourself to a point of losing track of what day it is.

Jason knew his best bet would be to gently jog your memory that today was in face Sunday and you had a whole day to relax before the stress of work set in for the week.  He looked over to find you half-dressed and kneeling to try and find your shoes under the bed.  Jason leaned across the bed to where you were looking under it and asked, “Babe, what did we have for dinner last night?”

Without hesitation or stopping your search, you automatically responded, “Thai takeout from that restaurant that Tim recommended.  I have leftovers in the fridge.”

It seemed you would need a little more prompting to fully realize the mistake in your logic.  Jason tried again, “And, sweetheart, when do we do that?” He tried to ask sweetly without condescension.

“Saturday nights, wh-ooh,” you cut yourself off as the realization finally hit.  You pulled your lips into a thin line as you attempted to hide your embarrassed and guilty smile, a faint blush creeping onto your face and neck.

Jason chuckled to himself as he moved to lay back down in the bed.  You made quick work of removing the pants you had just fought and hopped around to get on, amused that even your work pants had been trying to stop you from leaving today.  You were still wearing Jason’s t-shirt from last night as you climbed back into bed.

You settled yourself comfortably back into Jason’s strong arms, placing a faint, sweet kiss to his cheek before settling your head on his broad chest.  You let out a content little sigh, happy to let the steady sound of his heartbeat lull you back to sleep.  Your eyelids were feeling heavier with the soothing feeling of Jason’s fingers tracing their way up and down your back.  Thinking about how quickly you managed to get un-ready and back into bed upon realizing it was Sunday, Jason once again began to chuckle to himself, bringing your attention back up to him. “So, what would you like to do on your new found day off?”

You pretended to ponder the question, but knew neither one of you would be getting back out of the bed until one of your bodies demanded it. “This.” The reply was simple, but full of love.  You placed another kiss to his chest above his heart and snuggled up a little bit closer.

As Jason placed a kiss to the crown of your head, you decided that this was a much better way to spend your Sunday.  

Run Away Baby Ch. 4 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hey lovelies! I hope your day is going well. I am actually not super stressed today and I’m in the writing mood! I’m soooo happy it’s Saturday and I WATCHED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Anywho, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with good luck and good food! xoxo

Description:  Pregnant with Steve Rogers’ child, your husband, you’re a happily married couple. He moved you to the countryside, trying to keep you away from as much harm as possible. Isolated, and by yourself most of the time, you always worried about him when he went away. But, marriage couldn’t have been better for the two of you for the three years since you had taken his last name. But, one night, when Steve’s out on a mission, you get a call from Nick Fury telling you to get as far away from your house as possible.

Warnings: Severe angst, death.

Chapter 3


Bucky quickly stood up from his chair in a panic. “What, what is it?” His eyes were wild with worry as he furrowed his eyebrows together. The doctor stood before them, twiddling with his thumbs. Fury’s patience was growing thin. 

“Spit it out, doctor.” He glared towards the nervous man, his hands pressing firmly down on the table. 

“Uh-Sir. I-I mean sirs, uh- you have to choose.” He looked up from his hands at the two men. “You have to choose who you save: her or the baby.” 

“What?” Bucky’s confused look flickered between Fury and the doctor. “What do you mean?”

The doctor mustered up all of his confidence to tell them. “At this moment, they are both in very critical conditions and neither of them can survive with the other. The damage that has been done to Ms. F/N was too great for the baby, and the baby’s failing health is killing her along with themselves. They have little time, so I’ll give you two a minute to make your decision.” He quickly slipped out of the room. 

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280 Days

Finally finally the fic you all requested…Pregnant!Emma galore. It’s a long one folks. I hope you enjoy it!! 

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Don’t forget, if I missed you in the tags, just shoot me a message and I’ll tag you from now on. And if you just got here, this piece is a companion piece to this, but you could still enjoy it if you haven’t read anything from the Nth Time Series.(But if you want to read all the parts, just go to my blog and check the cs ff tag.)

Enjoy this big fat heaping dose of CS family fluff!

~ Jenn 


~ Day 78

She hates it. She forgot how much actually being pregnant sucks. 280 days of pure, undiluted torture. She’s queasy in the mornings and sweaty at night and she’s only known she’s pregnant for two weeks but god, it already feels like it’s been an eternity. Today is especially bad because this morning she woke up and she wanted eggs and Killian, of course, because this is Killian, made her eggs but then the smell made her sick, which made him feel bad which made her feel bad which made her cry which made him feel even worse which made her feel even worse. And her belly is already so round and in charge, and god, she’s 11 weeks pregnant and how dare her stupid perfect husband pump her full of so many babies?!

~ Day 83

They find an obstetrician that specializes in multiples at a Children’s hospital in Boston. The drive there is a little too far for Killian’s liking (45 minutes, 40 if you speed) but Emma assures him that it’s worth it and that she’d rather make the drive than trust Frankenstein to deliver their twins. Their first visit there is a Tuesday, and they’re delightfully surprised when the friendly obstetrician offers to get out her ultrasound machine. It’s the first time Killian’s seen the babies and he’s transfixed on the screen, watching those little blobs dance with the happiest of expressions. He cries when he hears their heartbeats for the first time, and before they leave, Dr. Cameron whispers to Emma about how lucky she is to have such a supportive partner. “Oh believe me,” she agrees, offering a smile, “there’s no way I could do this with anyone but him.“

~ Day 90

Today is lovely in every sense of the word. It’s a lazy day, that Saturday, a perfect day off. Emma sleeps in and misses the morning sail, waking only to the patter of little 3-year old feet and the feeling of sea salt dusted lips against her hairline. She opens her eyes just as Leia clambers up on the bed, intent on telling the babies about her morning even though they can’t hear her really, not yet. “The wind was perfect, little loves,” the three year-old explains, and Emma watches Killian quietly sigh on account of Leia’s now-perfect “L” sounds. His only consolation is that his heart is warmed by the fact that she’s mastered the sound by using her own special nickname on her brothers ("or sisters, Killian.” “No, Swan.”).

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Truth or Lie (Part Twenty-Two)

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Part Twenty-One

A/N: We’ve been in this for a year, guys. Thank you so so much for continuing to read and support. This story actually means a lot to me; I hold it very dearly in my heart, more than any other story I’ve ever written. We’re around halfway finished, so buckle up and let’s see what happens next to our beloved Rob Benedict and our very troubled Reader.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Bunch of angst, fluff, smut, explicit language

Word Count: 6354

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You were sure a hole had developed in your chest, one that was gaping, empty, slowly swallowing you whole. It was Wednesday. The convention had ended three long tortuous days ago, and you hadn’t spoken to Rob except for once since you fled the hospital. He had texted you, called you, just wanting to know if you were okay, if you had gotten home safe at least. You texted him back once Saturday night to let him know you were home and alive. You had ignored anymore attempts at contact since then, a spark always setting off within you when your phone buzzed.

Didn’t he understand it was best to just leave you alone?

Of course he didn’t understand. You had blown up and fled without any sort of explanation, leaving him hurt and confused. He wanted to understand, but you wouldn’t dare let him. If you gave him a full explanation, he’d hate you for sure, and how would you even begin to handle Rob Benedict hating you?

Why did he have to take me to the hospital? I told him not to!

With a huff, you smothered your face with your stiff bed sheets, wanting to disappear into the fabric. Why didn’t he just listen?

A knock on your door jarred you from your thoughts, your puffy red eyes emerging from the fabric. You considered ignoring whoever it was, but another round of light knocks coaxed you out of bed, your body drowning in the soft fabric of your grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt. You hadn’t moved much the past few days, having been recovering from your concussion and your constant emotional distress. You weren’t sure when you last ate either. Was it Monday? Yesterday? You couldn’t even care. There were more pressing matters at hand.

She was threatening to eat you alive if you didn’t watch yourself.

You made your way to the front door of your apartment, lazily brushing a hand through your hair to get the untamed strands out of your face. Without bothering to look through the peephole, you pulled the door open, eyes falling on familiar blue ones.

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Hurt (Mark fanfic)

Summary: Your husband Mark hasn’t been coming home so you fight, but eventually make up. This is probably my favorite one i’ve ever written.
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Warning: slight cussing)
Length: 1885

You and Mark had been married for 3 years now, and dating for a long time before that. Your relationship had always been one you were so proud of. But the last couple of months, it had been torturous for you. Mark’s schedule had been so packed, he would come home super tired and want to sleep immediately. Of course you understood, the first few months, you knew how hard it must have been on him. 

But as time progressed more, he seemed to become more and more distant, sometimes not talking to you at all some days. After that, weeks. And then he started coming home late, even staying away at times. You wanted to be supportive, but as you had a busy schedule as well, you just felt alone and hurt. As if he didn’t want to put in any effort at all, and it was always you running after him. 

But this week had just been to much. He hadn’t come home on Monday, which you were starting to get used to by now, but as you called him the next day, he didn’t pick up. Then the next evening he didn’t come home either. This continued the whole week. Today was Saturday, and finally you heard the clinking of the keys in the lock.

“So you decided to come home after all?”
Your voice is cold, icy almost, as if you wanted to cut someone. He looks up at you, dazy eyes from the liquor.
“Yes. I did.”
With his cold answer, you now look up at him, sending him the same ice cold eyes.

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and you drive me wild

(Read the previous chapters here!)

PART FIVE: The Revolutionary Set

Later that Saturday afternoon Alexander was hunched over his laptop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a google search open, each of them tried and tried again in their search for John Laurens.

Lafayette stood behind Alex, face scrunched in thought. “Mon ami,” he said after Alex let out his third groan of frustration in the span on a minute. “Why not try looking for ‘Martha Laurens,’ hmm?”

“I’ll give it a shot,” Alexander said, feverishly typing her name into the search bar on Facebook. He nearly shrieked in excitement when a profile with her smiling face as the profile picture came up. “It’s her! It’s her!” he exclaimed as if Laf wasn’t right there with him, looking at the same exact thing.

Lafayette only chuckled as Alex clicked on her page. They couldn’t see much, but they could flip through her profile pictures. The first one was of Martha by herself, then one of her and her younger sister when they were about elementary school and preschool aged. The third one was Martha and another girl who appeared to be her age in school uniforms.

“Wait,” Laf said, laying his hand on top of Alex’s to stop him from clicking to the next picture. “That is our Eliza!”

Alex, who hadn’t paid the other girl much attention seeing as he was hoping John would appear in one of these profile pictures, did a doubletake. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Merde, it was in front of us all along,” Lafayette mumbled. “Of course they go to the same school!”

“That fancy private one across the river?” Alex asked, staring at the photo of the two smiling girls.

Eliza and her siblings had long been friends of the Washingtons, as Philip Schuyler had served a term in the senate alongside him. Washington had considered sending his sons to that school–– they certainly had the money–– but had decided to send them to the public school, feeling that it was more in line with his constituents.

Lafayette pulled out his phone and sent a message to the group chat.

Large Baguette: OKAY MES AMIS

Pegboard: why u askin

Hunkules Mulletman: babe wtf r u doing

Sweet Lizard: oh john is a cutie!!

Adriatic Sea: ooohhh is this the boy you and Alex were stalking??

Alabama Hammerman: IT’S NOT STALKING

Angel Face: wtf u doing stalking my boy??????

Large Baguette: YOUR BOY???

Pegboard: lmao they’re so not dating calm the hell down Laffy Taffy
Pegboard: Laurens is as gay as a pride flag

Angel Face: he’s still my boy and I am in charge of protecting him from weirdos like u

Large Baguette: i am fatally wounded goodbye mes amis

Sweet Lizard: Angie stop! :(((

Large Baguette: at least Eliza will attend my funeral <333

Pegboard: can we get back to the fact that u and ham have been stalking a man???
Pegboard: bc that is weird af
Pegboard: and i’m offended u didn’t ask for my help

Alabama Hammerman: he’s in those car commercials
Alabama Hammerman: on fox news
Alabama Hammerman: he’s really cute and I wanted to meet him???
Alabama Hammerman: also he wasn’t in this week’s commercial
Alabama Hammerman: and i got kinda worried

Large Baguette: he means he got, how u say, hella gay

Alabama Hammerman: I AM BI THANK U V MUCH

Hunkules Mulletman: hi bi i’m dad

Large Baguette: BABE
Large Baguette: I LOVE U SO MUCH

Adriatic Sea: why am i dating you two

Alabama Hammerman: so can i meet him or??????

Angel Face: hmmmmmm

Sweet Lizard: of course you can!

Angel Face: Liza stop ruining my evil plans come on grl

Sweet Lizard: ;)))


Large Baguette: HOW YOU SAY, YES

Angel Face: but fine
Angel Face: but u know who u gotta invite for me, right?

Alabama Hammerman: ANGIE
Alabama Hammerman: WHY

Angel Face: he’s hot af okay just come on
Angel Face: i’m helping u out, aren’t i?

Alabama Hammerman: fine
Alabama Hammerman: but i’m not pleased

Angel Face: never said u had to be ;)))

Sweet Lizard: So it’s settled! Game night, our place, next Friday at 7:00 :)

Large Baguette: i am, how u say, HYPED


finally after weeks of chasing and facing rejections, chuuya accepted dazai’s offer to get coffee. 

 'it’s just coffee,’ chuuya thought. ‘not much harm can come from that.’

 in all honestly, chuuya missed dazai’s company, and turning down the other’s offers pained him as much as it did dazai judging by the brunet’s crest fallen face each time chuuya said no. 

 the two approached one of yokohama’s famed cafes on a bright saturday morning when dazai rushed towards the entrance ahead of chuuya and lavishly opened the door. 

“after you~” dazai exclaimed while gesturing to enter with his free arm.

 the look chuuya shot him caused the brunet to burst out in laughter.

 "dont give me such a sour look chuuya. has nobody ever opened-“ 

 dazai didnt get to finish his sentence as chuuya ignored him and entered the cafe first. 

 "chuuya! chuuya wait!” dazai rushed towards the executive side and poked the other’s cheek. “chuuya you’re so meannn~~~”

 chuuya let out a sigh. “whatever shitty dazai. stop poking me. what are you, twelve?”

 dazai’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “why chuuya on a scale of ten i am indeed a twelve. i’m glad you agree with me.”

 the redhead gave dazai another exasperated look before stepping forth to order something to drink. chuuya didn’t particularly enjoy coffee, but the fragnant smell of freshly ground coffee beans filled his nose so he decided to settle for an iced americano.

 after placing his order, chuuya sat down at one of the empty tables by the window and watched dazai order his drink. the morning sunlight lit the other’s hair a gold-brown, and chuuya felt something tug at his heart. the two of them had often spend their saturdays together during their childhood, and the current turn of events brought a sense of warm familiarity to chuuya.

 it wasnt till dazai returned with both of their drinks that chuuya snapped out of thoughts.

 "chuuya what’s occupying your mind~ wanna share with me?“

 "tch, thats none of your business dazai,” chuuya started turning his face towards the other when his sapphire eyes fell upon dazai’s drink.

 "you’re kidding me right,“ were the only words that escaped chuuya’s lips as he looked upon dazai’s choice in horror.

 the cup was heavily covered in whipped cream to the point chuuya wasn’t even sure if there was any coffee under it at all.

 the detective met chuuya’s eyes with a questioning look. "whats wrong with my latte?”

 chuuya nearly spit his coffee out. he always knew dazai was fond of sweet things, but adding what appeared to be half a can of whipped cream to a latte was nearly enough to make him want to walk out the door. he could already feel the headache forming in the back of his head and was starting to regret agreeing to spend the day with the other.

 "i guess there’s nothing wrong with it,“ chuuya huffed.

 dazai’s laughter filled the space between them. "chuuya i never knew you were a coffee elitist. i didnt even think you drank coffee.”

 a light pink dusted the executive’s cheeks. “i never said that dazai.”

 hazelnut eyes only twinkled in response. 

 "whatever you say chibi~“

 after that one coffee date, chuuya found himself spending more and more time with the bandaged detective. through their constant interactions, chuuya could see just how much the being in the agency had changed his former partner. dazai appeared to be more full of life despite his attempts at suicide every now and then, the cold, dead look in his hazelnut eyes no longer present like they were when he was a member of the port mafia.

 chuuya was relieved dazai had managed to find some light in his life, and he was willing to keep his own feelings and dazai’s past memories involving him in the dark if it meant dazai would continue to be happy. 

 a sudden knocking on his door jolted the executive out of his thoughts. chuuya glanced at the clock before getting up from his coach. it was a little bit past nine, and he wasn’t expecting anyone to show up. chuuya wondered if the boss required him for a sudden mission, but mori had always simply called him in instead of sending someone over.

 "coming!” chuuya yelled over his shoulder as placed down his glass of wine before coming to open the door expecting to see someone from the mafia but was instead met face to face with dazai.

 "chuuya! what took you so long.“

 chuuya felt his mouth slightly drop open. 

 "dazai what the hell are you doing here. how did you even find my address.”

 the brunet brought a finger to his chin while his eyes started at the ceiling appearing to be deep in thought.

 "hmmmm actually i have no idea. my feet just kinda let me here. funny huh?“ dazai shrugged at his comment before letting himself into chuuya’s apartment.

 the redhead growled. "who said you could come in shitty dazai.”

 "aww chuuya don’t be like that. besides i didn’t come to stay here.“


 dazai linked his arm to chuuya’s, dragging him out the door.

 "did you know they’re having the summer festival today? let’s go watch the fireworks together!” dazai proclaimed without not giving the executive a chance to protest. 

 the bustling of the city greeted chuuya’s ears as dazai dragged him towards the heart of the summer festival. children ran around in yukatas, exploring the different game and food stands while their parents walked behind them at a lazy pace. the summer festival wasn’t particularly an event chuuya attended, his position in the mafia required him to travel often, and he was almost always abroad during the summer.

 the constant tugging on his right arm reminded the redhead that dazai still had his arm intertwined with his, but for some reason, chuuya didnt particularly mind and continued to let the excited brunet pull him towards what dazai called the ideal spot for watching fireworks.

 chuuya found himself leaning against the railing of a bridge, far away from the heart of the festival. 

 "dazai are you sure this is the best place for this.“ 

 dazai tucked a stray strand of hair behind his h ear as the wind tousled his wavy brown locks.

 "trust me chuuya. it’ll definitely be worth it.”

 chuuya simply sighed and contemplated lighting a cigarette when a flash of bright light caught his eye. a firework burst in the night sky, lighting the darkness with shades of blue and gold. chuuya watched in wonder. in all his years in japan, he had only really witnessed a fireworks show once or twice, and the sight of the different shades mingling with the stars was breathtaking.

 dazai leaned against the rail next to chuuya. 

 "enjoying yourself?“

 chuuya smiled in response. "yah definitely.”

 the brunte turned his face towards the other. “hope this takes some of the burden placed on you due to work off.”

 pale blue eyes widened in surprise. “how’d you know i was stressed dazai.”

 dazai chuckled. “of course i’d noticed when the person i love is stressed.”

“what did you just say?" 

"i said i love you chuuya.”

Moments- (Rob Benedict x Reader) PART 3

Summary: An actress on Supernatural, you and Rob are in a relationship, and recently you had revealed to him that you had been sexually assaulted in the past; and it was why you were so afraid to be intimate. But as a songwriter, another secret gets let out.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Word Count: 793

Warning: Mentions of past sexual assault, Emotional Confrontation, Language, Fluff lots of fluff

 “Everything alright, Robbie?” asked Rich, walking up behind his best friend. It was almost time for the Saturday Night Special, and I stayed by himself in the corner of the greenroom.

“What? Oh, um, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just been a really long day.” I said as I rubbed my forehead. I couldn’t get Y/N’s song out of my head, especially the one lyric.

“Before you leave me today…”

Did she really think that I was going to leave her? I’m in love with her, and I thought that she knew that. Did she really think because she was afraid that I would throw that away?

“Everything okay with you and Y/N? Man, I’m sorry that whole mess got blown up earlier. I could see that you were both shaken up about it.” said Rich.

I sighed, sitting down on the floor against the wall, Rich following my actions.

“She thought I was gonna leave her.” I said. Rich whipped his head towards me, the surprise evident.

“What? What happened?”

I didn’t really know what to say; I knew I couldn’t exactly tell Rich everything.

“Something happened to her in the past, and it’s something that we talked about. But, I don’t know I guess she just thought that what had happened to her I would shame her for.” I said.

“Have you talked to her about it yet?” asked Rich.

“Haven’t had the time. She went up to our room till the concert and I got whisked away to autos and photo opps.”

All of a sudden, I could hear the sound of the door opening, I looked up and Y/N had walked in.

“Here’s your chance.” Said Rich.

“Please give a warm welcome to Louden Swain!” said Misha’s voice that could be heard from the stage. Billy, Mike, and Norton headed out, obviously waiting for me. I looked at Y/N.

“Later.” I could see her mouth.

I nodded, running out to take my place on the stage.


I slipped my key card into my hotel room and walked inside, trying to be as quiet as I could incase Rob had fallen asleep. I could already see that it was pretty much dark in here.

Walking in, I looked up to see Rob standing there, back faced towards me as he looked out the window.

“Hey.” I said, a bit too quiet. I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t know if the song would change things between us, and I didn’t want it to.

“Hey.” said Rob, turning to face me.

“I’m assuming you listened to the song.”

“Yeah I did.” Said Rob. He sat down on the bed, resting his hands on his legs. I could see the confliction pouring out of him.

“Do you trust me?” asked Rob, finally taking a moment to look me in the eye.

“More than anything.”

“Did you really think I would leave you, Y/N? After everything we have been through?”

I sat down in the chair across from the bed and pulled it up towards him.

“I wrote it based off of the feelings I had before we got together, hell before we got closer.” I laid my hand on top of his.

“I don’t know, I just. I just thought we were getting better. I just thought I would be able to help you, you know?” asked Rob. He stood up, walking back towards the window.

“But you do, Rob. You have, quite a bit actually.” I sighed, walking up to stand next to him.

“I’m sorry Rob, I’m sorry that this has caused you to be, I don’t know, I’m sorry that this caused you to question our relationship.”

“I love you, you know.” Said Rob.

“I know. I love you too, you know.” I said, looking at Rob.

Rob smiled, “I know.”

“Sometimes I just wish, Y/N, that I could just take all that pain away from you. I just wish that I could take all those horrible moments away from you.” Rob sat back down on the bed. 

“Well I guess that’s just what we need to do now, isn’t it?” I asked, sitting next to him again. Rob looked at me, tilting his head in confusion as he didn’t quite get what I meant.

“We create new moments, together. We create new moments together, Rob. I love you, and you love me, and that’s all that should matter. Not some silly song that I wrote in a moment of weakness.”

All of a sudden, Rob cut me off, bringing his hand to my cheek and pulling me into a kiss.

“It’s not weakness, for what it’s worth that was the most beautiful song I have ever heard.”

“God, I love you, Rob.”

“I love you too.”

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The Song is Still Unwritten

The truth is, “This Town” is not about Harry.

It’s not about anyone, really. It started as a memory of home, which turned into an idea, which turned into a couple of sentences scribbled inside the back cover of a tiny moleskin journal. Which turned into a poem, into lyrics, and eventually, into a song.

In fact, as the whole thing played out, Niall didn’t even think about the possible repercussions of writing a song about an unnamed long lost love, filming a simple black and white video, and watching it make headlines and garner him talk show appearances and virtually break the internet. As far as Niall was concerned, he was just doing something he enjoyed. Something he knew how to do. He had created something that he was insanely proud of, and he wanted to share it with the world. What artist wouldn’t?

It starts with a text from Louis. As so many disasters do.

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Announcement - Batman Beyond Slash Serial

Heya, folks! I hope that you guys are all doing well. I know for some that you all endured a last minute snowstorm surprise courtesy of Elsa, Jack Frost, Iceman, Sub Zero and Mr. Freeze. So I hope you guys are staying warm.

Anyway, I have a very special announcement to make. While I’m sure most of you remember this, I want to ask this just to be sure. Does anyone remember the old 2000 era DC animated series Batman Beyond? You know, one of the shows that used to come on the old KidsWB channel that you would actually wake up at seven AM/eight AM central on a freaking Saturday just to see and enjoy with your Pop Tarts and milk or a bowl of CoaCoa Puffs?

Originally posted by thewillywills

Remember now? Great. Now onto my point of this announcement…

I’m going to rewrite the Batman Beyond series in my vision, like I’m doing now with Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated on Fanfiction. Net. And just as I have done with that series fanfiction remake I will be featuring slash in this take of mine. But it will have three special themes to it; 

1. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics.

2. Terry is the son of Clark Kent(Alpha) and Bruce Wayne(Omega).

3. Since the DC Company couldn’t budget for it, I will make the fourth season we never got.

In my take I will feature various forms of DC lore throughout the comics, movies, games and TV shows of the franchise. This idea has been in development for at least two and a half years so be assured that I’m not cutting corners. It may seem confusing at the beginning of the series, but as Dirk Gently said it’s all connected. Everything will come full circle throughout my takes on the original three seasons of Batman Beyond and my vision of what I think season four would be. Granted DC may not use slash of Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics like I am…but you get the idea!

I will be posting the story like an episodic series would appear on TV, starting sometime in April at 9:30PM/10:30PM central with encore showing at 11:30PM/12:30AM central every Sunday. Some episodes from the original show will be combined, allowing certain characters to appear earlier than usual, and to fill the void I will include episodes I made up. I’ll be posting on Fanfiction. Net, deviantArt and Archive of Our Own. Then after the episodic chapter has aired I’ll hold a Q&A session here on Tumblr, and you guys can ask any and all questions you have about the current episode. As the series fanfic progress you’ll see familiar faces, new faces and learn things you may or may not have known about DC lore. Also, while I will be featuring as much DC lore as I possibly can, this series will center mostly around the events of the Batman Arkham game line. Don’t worry though - the reason of how everyone forgot that Batman is Bruce Wayne will be explained later on. To differentiate between the seasons each one will be a story of it’s own with a side title that comes after “Batman Beyond”.

That’s about it, folks. I hope that you enjoyed my announcement! Oh, and be on the watch with my Fanfiction. Net, deviantArt and AO3 profiles. I’ll be posting some chapter updates soon enough. And just to wet your appetites, here is a summary sneak preview of what to expect for season one.


Terrance Wayne-Kent, or Terry, is many things. A loving son, a loyal friend and a light that brings a shine to dismal Neo-Gotham. He is also an Omega, taking after his Omega parent Bruce. And like his second father Terry isn’t the usual Omega who preens and expects to be waited on. In fact you might say he waits on the city of Neo-Gotham, and does so in the same way as Bruce did so long ago. For the past two years Terry has been more to the city than just it’s New Favorite Son. He has been protecting Gotham as their new Batman, the Knight of Tomorrow. Because of his heroic persona Terry usually guards his heart whenever he deals with Alphas. But that all changes when he has a fateful encounter with the handsome Alpha half-blood son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, Rex Stewart aka Warhawk. Watch as two successors of lofty hero legacies battle together, taking on the worst of the worst one night at a time, and slowly but surely fall for each other.

Coming to your computer in April 2017, it’s “Batman Beyond: The Heir”.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have tips for studying/working and focusing? I want to do my best this year and I feel you are the best person to ask this!!

Hey anon! Sorry this took so long but here we are! Since this is pretty vague im gonna go with a quick explanation of the three learning types, visual, listening and kinesthetic. 

  • Auditory students. tend to benefit most from traditional teaching techniques. Many teachers use a lecture-style forum, presenting information by talking to their students. Regulating voice tone, inflection, and body language will help all students maintain interest and attention. Auditory learners succeed when directions are read aloud, speeches are required, or information is presented and requested verbally.
  • Visual students. rely upon a visual learning style. Visual learners benefit from diagrams, charts, pictures, films, and written directions. These students will value to-do lists, assignment logs, and written notes. Many of these techniques, however, also benefit kinesthetic learners.
  • Kinesthetic students. Most of the school population excels through kinesthetic means: touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand. They acquire information fastest when participating in a science lab, drama presentation, skit, field trip, or other active activity. Because of the high numbers of kinesthetic learners, education is shifting toward a more hands-on approach; manipulatives and other “props” are incorporated into almost every school subject, from physical education to language arts.

So, knowing what kind of student you are, you should be able to recognize the best studying systems out there for you, or personalize yours for the best even. Im gonna do a quick guide to do The Best for an actual high grade since, for a perfect grade, you’ll need to work hard in and out of the classroom.

In class

  • Attend your lectures. There are a ton of times the professor will discuss the exacts topics of the exam in them, and you’ll feel more motivated if you go. Also, record them if you can with your phone or a recording device. Sometimes your lecturer talks to fast or you miss some points, it’s hard to hear them or you just zone out so, it’s good to have a backup!
  • Attent your tutorials. This is your opportunity to clarify any questions you might have and to get help. (Plus, easy marks). 
  • Take notes! Try to keep them the most organized, detailed and clean as possible, since you’ll have to check and revise them at home. 

At home

  • Review your notes. It takes like 15-20 minute to revise those at home when you come from school. Revise the ones you take in class everyday and make a full revise of all of the week in the weekend. It’ll be easier for you to study the big test then. 
  • Do your readings. Honestly. Stay on top of your readings. It’s hard. It’s really hard but it’s so so worth it. It’ll be boring as fuck sometimes, but you’ll need to push thru it. 
  • Mark what you don’t understand. Mark or circle whatever you dont get and bring it to your tutorials or study group. 
  • Do. Your. Homework. This is pretty self-explanatory. Even if you are sure you understand 100% of the material, it doesn’t hurt to do an extra practice in. 


  • Make an exam schedule. Plan what, when and for how long are you going to study. Try to study at least one week on advance. 
  • Turn off whatever distracts you. Yes. It includes your phone, internet and/or television. Go to a library or a coffee shop if you need that background noise to study!
  • Find your method for your learning type, as i mentioned earlier. Use flashcards, or pomodoro system or graphics or rewrite your notes… whatever it works for you!
  • Re-do your homework. Practice makes you perfect and getting to old questions will refresh you what you think you had forgotten.

My system

My system is actually a pretty harsh one and it takes a lot of discipline and it is a No Excuses system, but i guess that it’ll be good to share it with you guys. 

  • School Days

Show up to class a little early. It’ll give you time to set up, read over some old notes, put your water bottle/thermos on your desk, fill out your planner if you couldn’t in the previous period(s), check your planner to see if you have something on that day etc. It’ll also give you time to put you up on situation. 

Sit in the front or second row. I’m serious, you will definitely benefit. Write detailed class notes. Pick whatever system works for you. I usually write my titles in red pen, notes in black pen, underline points that are repeated/emphasised with a 0.8 black pen, and important practice exercises in green. Highlight keywords at home.

If you have time at school, do as much homework as you can. If you know you have commitments that day, please for the love of your education do your homework at lunch. I know you might feel awkward, but your friends will understand, it’ll save time and you’ll be relieved at the end of the day.

When you get home, first list down all the homework received that day on a q card (cross off as you go). Then write the same tasks in your bullet journal, but as a daily spread. Leave phone in a different room. FINISH ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK. If for some reason you couldn’t complete a homework task, write it on a sticky note and place it on your wall. After homework is done, write your revision notes (flashcard the info as well). Place the notes in your accordion folder/binder. If you have some loose sheets at any point, place them in a ‘To Be Filed’ box. Sort that out when you’re packing your bag for the next day or before going to bed.

Pack your bag the night before. Remember your accordion folder and please make sure your ‘To Be Filed’ box is empty. Put water bottle in the fridge and make meals for the next day. 

The next day, wake up early, complete any unfinished homework, go through flashcards again, read through revision notes, make lunch for the day, put laptop in bag or whatever electronic device you use for class, put food and water in bag, shower and change. Only do this if your schedule is packed, and in my case, this is a must.

  • Weekends

On Friday nights or after lunch, first off, do homework. You will thank yourself for it. Whip out that list of assessments/assignments and get for yourself the saturday and sunday. Work ahead, you will feel much better.

Do your readings. For English, knock off some wider reading novels, for science, knock off some more textbook readings and write notes. Write summaries of each page. Type these summaries. Print these summaries. Place in accordion folder/binder. Flashcard the info. Spend like half a day doing this. This will take so so long, like, half a day, but it’ll be worth it. 

Spend 1-2 hours going through the flashcards you made that week for each subject. This counts as studying, even if it’s quick, plus it isn’t tiresome as reading over and over the notes you did earlier.

  • Reminders

Please, schedule knowing yourself. Stick to a plan you know you can do, be realistic. Yes, you can read 300 pages of a reading in a night, but do you want to do it, since the test is tomorrow? 

Organize everything. A messy study system is actually The Worst. You’ll lose time finding things, you’ll lose time trying to figure out things you should know already, etc. A clean and organized system is the best and quickest way to accomplish an A in class. 

If you fail, it is okay. You are allowed to not being perfect. You are allowed to not get that A. You are allowed to rest. So please dont push yourself and drive yourself to the edge, I tell you. It isnt that worth it. 


Part 19 - Young Hearts (2)

Last Saturday after I drove him home. I caught myself sniffing my own singlet before I sleep, as the smell of his was lingering on my bed. 

As happy as a kid, I was looking out from the window, eagerly anticipating his arrival. He got out from his car, wearing a coral pink sweater, beige pants, carrying his laptop doing his work while walking.

Me : (unlocked the door) Hey busy man.

Hanson : Hey, I’m sorry I’m late and I’m still doing my stuff

Me : its okay. 

Hanson : Can I drop my things in your room first ?

As he place his laptop on my desk, doing his work. My body couldn’t help it but walk to his direction and hugged him, with my hands wrapped around his shoulder and head. While his hands were wrapped around my waist, letting out heavy breath. Both of our eyes closed, as if the time stopped for awhile, gently kissing his forehead.

Hanson : I’m sorry that I always reply your message late during weekdays and I’m still doing my assignments even today..

Me : Its okay silly. I understand

Hanson : I’ll make it up for you after the exams okay ?

(move over on the bed)

Hanson : How was your day ? I mean week. haha

Me : Hmm my week was okay. How’s yours ? busy busy 

Hanson : My week was bad. (hugs my tightly) 

Me : Its okay. I’m here now

As he got on top of me gazing the stars in my eyes and so was I, I place my hands around his cute face fondling it softly from his cheek to his ears, gently touching his eyebrows and he came forth with the tip of our noses touching each other, the next thing I knew was our lips, collided. 

Again, it felt like the first time, as if it lasted forever

in my mind : ‘Say it’ , but I couldn’t. 

Me : (mumble) I..

Hanson : I miss you so much. 

I didn’t have the guts to say it out because I’m always afraid that he might not feel the same as I did. But when I heard him saying that. I knew, I got nothing to be afraid of.

Me : I miss you too, I miss you so so much.

Sigh in pleasure. I was resting on his chest, listening to his heart beats. I went beside his ears whispering : 

Me : you know. Last Saturday, I was sniffing the smell of you from my singlet because it reminds me of you.

Hanson : Aww (kissed me)

Me : I guess I’m smelling this shirt tonight !

Caught ourselves laughing in conversations, holding hands while driving to lunch, staring at him in silence, coming back to my room cuddling and smooching. This is how I define weekend.

Hanson : I have a confession. (wrapped his arms around me)

Me : what is it ?

Hanson : I’m gay.

Me : me too ! 

Hanson : ooo what a coincidence (silly accent) 

Me : haha silly boy.

Hanson : can you rub my back ?

as he turns around laying on the bed, he removes his coral pink sweater as I sit on him, gently touching his silky pale skin from his waist to his shoulders, tenderly squeeze his shoulders, comforting him.  I couldn’t help but dove into him kissing his neck, passionately licking it and touching his back. Speaking softly next to his ears : 

Me : You’re seducing me

I took off my shirt and we didn’t actually do it. We were just kissing and cuddling for the whole day but I felt very comfortable and happy just like that, maybe the previous me define sex as going all the way, anal and stuff like that, who knew I missed out the fun of just kissing and cuddling a person that I like.

Me : Hanson, you know I hated kissing. With my ex he knew I didn’t like kissing too, so we dont often kiss. There and then I thought I really dislike kissing. But until last week when we first kissed. It felt different.

I will never forget the smile on his face when I said that.

Yes. It felt different

           “Ed Sheeran : How would you feel ? If I told you I love you ?”

Hanson : (Doing work on his laptop)

Me : (hugged him off from the chair) 

Hanson : Hey ! (latching on me laughing)

Me : (Dropped him off on the bed laughing)

Me : you’re my cucumber and I’m the rice. (wrapping the blanket around us) and this blanket is the seaweed. We’re sushi !

Hanson : (laughing madly) you’re so cute.

Me : see. I’m as weird as you. (hugs)

I got up from the bed and hold his hands, pull him from the bed. His feet was on mine with his hands wrap around my neck while my hands were holding his waist, clumsy-ly slow dancing to Adele.

“Adele : I could make you happy make your dreams come true, 

nothing there I wouldn’t do,

go to the end of the earth for you. 

                                                        To make you feel my love.”

Hanson always apologized for being weird and geeky (always talking about design terms) But little did he know that I’m just as weird and cheesy as him. 

That night. We were driving around town at 3am. As he was about to leave.

Leaving this town, with the windows down. Gentle wind blowing, that moment where I felt everything just stops when my eyes are laid on him, his pale skin tone and his perfect jawline. The car lights that shines through the windows. Our hands tied under the moonlight. xo

Dating Tony Padilla Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys sorry it took so long! last week was ap testing and my phone broke this weekend and ive just been super busy but now im back and ready to get some stuff out for you guys! thank you for your patience! this one is a little less angsty than my other ones i feel, but its still pretty angsty bc im incapable of not being dramatic as hell. i hope you guys like it!

(also btw i just made up tonys siblings names based on names that i have in my family that i love bc i couldnt remember if his siblings names were ever said. hope that doesnt bother anyone!)


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  • you meet tony for the first time when youre five years old
  • the two of you were in the same kindergarten class and you sat at the same table
  • you were a shy kid, always keeping your head down and hoping no one would pay too much attention to you
  • that, of course, meant tony had to pay all of his attention to you
  • he smiled at you wide on the first day of school and asked if he could be your friend and didnt even look at you weird when you started crying
  • he sat with you everyday and shared his animal crackers during snack time and even let you use some of his crayons
  • (he had the 96 pack bc he was just that cool)

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pearlgirl710  asked:

Happy birthday!!!!! i held off on asking all day bc i couldnt think of anything good, but maybe this will work???? Klance, in the coffeeshop royalty AU, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"!! and it doesnt need to wedding themed if you dont want, it can be one thing or four mini things whatever is more interesting or easier for you!! I love your writing so much btw, and i look forward to what you do with this!!

hmmm this is a tricky one, but i think what i’ll do is combine all of these things into one fic but not make it wedding themed :) hopefully that works for you! see if you guys can spot each one <3

Keith has gotten used to sleeping late in Paris, because Lance lets him get away with it. Shiro had always insisted on him rising early because he had to be at the coffee shop early, and even on days when Keith wasn’t working he hadn’t been allowed to sleep in. Here, Keith curls up in bed until eight or nine, when Lance will call him and coax him awake with promises of eating lunch together when Lance takes his break from his internship. 

He’s taken to sleeping in Lance’s shirts, and even though Lance complains he hasn’t made him stop yet – one time Keith is pretty sure he leaves a sweater draped over the back of a chair on purpose, because Lance is usually pretty meticulous about his clothing being taken care of. 

Keith likes Lance’s clothing because they’re usually really soft and well made, and they smell like Lance, an interesting mixture of woodsy smoke and clean soap. When he wakes up one Saturday morning, he buries his nose in the collar of his shirt and drifts back into a hazy sleep, until his phone rings shrilly on the nightstand. 

“Good morning!” he hears Lance chirp when he holds the phone up to his ear. 

“Morning,” Keith mumbles, sitting up and rubbing at his eye with a fisted hand. The sleeves of the shirt cover his palms, and he rubs the soft material against his cheek just because he can. “You done for the day?”

“Yep!” Lance says. There’s a slight noise that indicates he’s in a car, probably being driven home. “I’ll be there in about ten minutes. You gonna be ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Keith says, yawning. “See you soon.”

“Bye, love,” Lance says, blowing a kiss over the phone. Keith hears one of his guards bark out a laugh before the call disconnects. 

Keith showered the night before, so he stumbles over the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. While in there, he spots the soft blue stud earrings Lance had bought for him last weekend while they were shopping, and he puts them in his ears, already thinking of pairing them with another one of Lance’s shirts. 

When Lance arrives, he’s sitting on the chaise in the living area, curled up with a book, smothering a yawn into yet another too-long shirt sleeve. 

“Are you gonna steal all of my clothing?” Lance asks, laughing. He loosens his tie and throws a briefcase on the counter, already shrugging out of his own shirt. 

“What’s the point of a rich and powerful boyfriend if I can’t have all your clothes,” Keith says, unrepentant, and wiggles more comfortably into the shirt for emphasis. 

“I knew you were in it for the designer sweaters,” Lance calls out from the other room, before walking back through with a t-shirt on. “You ready to go?” 

“Yep,” Keith says, carefully placing a sliver of paper into the book. 

“Oh, hey, wait, that reminds me,” Lance says, walking towards his briefcase. “I found this while I was walking out for breakfast this morning, I thought you might want it.” He digs through the briefcase and holds out a thin enamel bookmark with a tassel on top, covered in a stunningly colorful map of Paris. “You know, so you don’t keep using receipts and stuff.”

Keith takes the bookmark and holds it gently, tilting it in the light. “It’s beautiful,” he says, looking up at Lance. He narrows his eyes suspiciously. “What did you do?”

“Hey, you just pointed out how rich and powerful I am,” Lance says, waggling his eyebrows. “I just wanted to get my adorable and forgiving boyfriend a gift.”

“Lance,” Keith says sternly, but he’s starting to smile. 

“Fine,” Lance says, sighing. “We have to go to a banquet tomorrow night. It’s going to be really long and boring and I’ll have to introduce you to about fifty different people you won’t have to remember, and it’s gonna last until one in the morning.”

“Hmm,” Keith says. “Sounds fun.” 

“It’s gonna be black tie so like, we may have to also go shopping,” Lance says tentatively. Keith makes a face – Lance’s clothing is fun to wear, but Keith has no interest in being part of the shopping experience. Lance’s stuff is all specifically tailored to fit him, which means fittings, which means waiting while people measure each part of your body while trying to force champagne and little canapes on you. He’s already been through it twice for other important dinners, because apparently he’s not allowed to wear the same outfit twice.

Lance is making puppy dog eyes at him. “We can go to that museum you wanted to,” he says, wheedling. “You know I can convince Shay to let us.”

“Fine,” Keith says. “But I’m not getting a whole new outfit. Just the parts I can’t get away with wearing again.”

“That’s fine,” Lance says, reaching out and tugging Keith close against him. “I’ll let you have one of my old ties, no one will notice. Thank you, baby.” 

“Yeah yeah,” Keith says, sighing, but he doesn’t really mind, especially when Lance puts a finger under his chin and tilts his head up for a kiss. They end up thirty minutes late to their lunch reservation, but there really are a lot of perks to having a prince for a boyfriend.

how deep is the ocean?: an au isabelle/maia fic based on this post by @that-bookish-nephilim


“You know, it’s impolite not to answer when someone’s talking to you.”

Studying to be a forensic pathologist was already hard enough without having to deal with a guy trying to hit on you. Isabelle was grabbing the book’s cover with such force that her knuckles were white, but she sighed, trying not to make a scene. The whole situation must’ve been looking tremendously funny from the outside, she thought, because who on Earth tries to hit on someone in a library? But, obviously, she wasn’t on the outside. She was the one that had to deal with this. She didn’t even want to look at the guy’s face, so she decided to stare at the summer rain through the windows.

“It’s impolite to insist when someone tells you they’re not interested.”

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On the Hunt

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Pairing: Winchesters x Death, War x niece!Reader
Word count: 1,033

Part 3 of Death’s Daughter

Sam and Dean certainly had their work cut out for them. Finding you was their top job, but they couldn’t let innocent people die. They were working twice as hard, on the same amount of sleep, and the same amount of money.

Wanting to show Death what they found should he surprise them, Sam organized everything in a notebook, high lighting things that seemed extra important, or that seemed off.

While Dean wanted to find you, Sam was driven. There’d been a couple times that Dean had woken up to find Sam still working, just to pass out in the car while looking over notes. He didn’t know what was going on, and he didn’t know who the hell to ask, either. All he could do was try to keep Sammy alive, and halfway sane.

It had been almost three weeks since Death had contacted the boys, and Dean managed to get Sam to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out. Boots on, face against the pillow, and instant snoring. Dean shook his head, chuckling.

He was looking over Sam’s notes, adding things here and there, trying to see something the younger Winchester might have overlooked. He hadn’t heard Death, and only knew he was there when he happened to look up. “Jesus!” He yelled. “What’s wrong with you?!”

Death made no indication that Dean’s outburst even affected him. “I’m here for an update. Find anything useful?” He asked.

Dean sighed. “Here’s everything we have. Sammy’s been running himself into the ground. I’m lucky he’s out now.” He motioned to the snoring giant. “I’ve never seen him like this. I mean, this is insane.”

Death’s eyes moved over the notes, skimming them. “Last I heard, he had her somewhere in Wyoming.” He told him smoothly, dropping the notebook on the table. “Use that however you wish.” And he was gone.

“Fuck.” He sighed, running his hands down his face. Glancing at Sam, he chuckled lightly as he pulled the pillow closer and buried his face in it.

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