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I don’t think people understand why we’re collectively angry about the way joseph’s route went. Honestly, it would have been nice for an actual christian whose an authority of the church to come to grips with his sexuality and decide that yeah that’s ok and that he can still be a christian regardless. 

Also, none of the twists make sense narrative wise. Up to this point, we’ve been lead to believe that Mary is not only a neglectful drunk but is also a cheater (while not physically cheating flirting with anyone is still considered a form of cheating my dudes). So, why would you paint her as the victim in the end. 

This trope has been played here and back and it’s not only boring, but it makes no sense for the character to be this way. You can say “Oh you’re taking this too personally”, well damn right I am and here’s why:

1) The way Mary was initially depicted reminded me quite a bit of my mother. Someone who cheats on her marriage without any regards to how her family might feel and seems to be very distant and emotionally cold to them. Do you know how rare it is to see a woman like that depicted in a negative light. Call it me projecting my anger, but I was looking forward to a woman like this getting her comeuppance when women actually being abusive and manipulative is so often glossed over and they so often get away with it. I wanted this to be a thing for once

2) I’m so tired of seeing the “wow you thought this person was actually nice lol we’ll show you. That’s what you get for trusting people” trope played to death. This twist came out of left field. It’s also majorly ooc for a guy we seen had been absolutely adoring and caring of his family and patient with his wife. 

3) This is fairly damaging to people like me who grew up in a conservative household with a mostly religious family who were of course kind of homophobic. I thought it would be nice to see representation of a religious man whose lgbt and still decides that he can be lgbt and still be religious. Do you realize how impactful that would have been.

But no instead of a positive narrative about a kind and cool youth minister whose coming to grips with years of internalized homophobia and learning to slowly accept himself and work through realizing that yeah his family is not perfect and he needs to go after what’s best for him and his kids we got whatever this was. But yeah sure judge us for flipping our shit over this crappy twist and all the implications it holds.

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I very occasionallt forget just how attractive Lotor is. Then I see screenshots

oK YES, I LOVE LOTOR and he does look very pretty 

if Merla isn’t interested anymore I am 

The fact that he always sits the same way with his head resting on his hand like that though, he always looks like he’s either plotting something or really bored lmao. he needs a nap

and his moody faces are great

and when he pilots you can tell he just really loves it!! he can fly circles around his enemies and he just lives for the thrill of it

and I love the little banter between him and his teammates?? poor Zethrid

Also, I’m pretty sure any other galra general would reprimand Ezor for “not taking her duties seriously enough” or something. Like, she calls the lions “kitties” and then instead of getting annoyed or correcting her he just follows up on her comment like it’s the most normal thing. He knows how she is and isn’t bothered by it. He seems pretty informal with his team, and I’m inclined to believe he really does see them as being like friends to some degree. Also he lets Narti hang out with his mom’s 10,000 year old cat that’s pretty neat 

anyway I love the exiled space prince and his team

WARNING: Stalkerish behaviour, sexual harassment, physical fight

“Tony!” You yelled running down the stairs “Hide me!”

“What? Why?!” He looked up from his work station

“I’ll explain in a minute just hide me please!” You looked around the room for somewhere to hide

“What happened to your face?” He grabbed your face lightly

“I’ll tell you in a minute just hide me!” You kept looking

“Here” he got up and opened one of the suits “get in”

“Please don’t tell them where I am” you begged one last time

“Depends on why I’m hiding you” You slipped in and it closed around you, you were able to see out of the visor and into the room, you watched as Bucky and Steve came rushing down the stairs and talked to Tony, you couldn’t hear what anyone was saying but you watched anxiously as the three spoke, when Tony turned to look at you, you knew that your position was about to be given away, he walked over and opened up the helmet “So what happened at school?”

“Can you let me out of here?” You looked down at the suit

“Are you gonna run off?” He asked


“Don’t believe you, tell me and I’ll let you out” Tony pulled a chair over

“It was nothing, just a misunderstanding”

“ (Y/n) punching someone in the middle of lunch doesn’t-” Steve leaned against the work bench

“Ah” Tony held one finger up to shush Steve “(Y/n) what was misunderstood

“Consent” you grumbled

“What do you mean?” Bucky asked

“What I mean is I threw the first punch because he had his hand moving close to close to an area I didn’t want him in, when I said no he laughed and tried to kiss me”

“That’s not what the school said” Steve crossed his arms

“Of course they didn’t, he’s the star of the football team, they can’t have him messing up his perfect record with some chick who said no” you bit the inside of your cheek “now can I please go?”

“What happened after that?” Tony prodded for more information

“I threw a punch then he threw one back, then he threw me on the floor and I didn’t stop punching till he was pulled off me, you happy?”

“Not really” Steve crossed his arms “why didn’t you just walk away? Or tell a teacher, your actions weren’t appropriate”

“Why didn’t he just listen when I said no?” You eyes filled with tears, you struggled to blink them away again “I’m not saying it was the right response but honestly this shit had been going on for months and today he went to far and I wasn’t going to stand for it”

“(Y/n) what are you saying?” Buckys anger had faded into worry

“I’m saying that if I hadn’t done something he wouldn’t have stopped”

“Why didn’t you just tell him to stop?” Steves anger was still there

You glared at Steve “I did!” You yelled “I’ve spent months telling him no, ignoring his messages, his constant want to just ‘hang out’, having him stare at me from across the room, it was to much and then today he decided that he wasn’t getting what he wanted so he was going to take it from me”

“What did he want?” Steve

“He wanted sex, he didn’t care if I did or not because after his whole life of being told yes he didn’t understand when someone said no so when I tried to leave but he put his hands around me and forced me to stay, even when I pushed his hands away they still kept coming back, so you tell me what I should’ve done” you yelled

“Why didn’t you tell someone at school?” Bucky asked

“I tried to! No one at school listened because again he’s the perfect boy with the best grades and football running through his veins, no one wanted to listen about me complaining when I reported him, they just said ‘there’s nothing we can do’”

“Why wasn’t I told that you had complained about his actions already?” Steve looked confused and his anger started to fade away

“Because they want me to shoulder the blame, take whatever punishment they give out for me to take so that he can remain a super star without having complaints about him”

“You could’ve told us” Bucky anger had bubbled back up “I would’ve make sure that guy never even looked at you again”

“Why would I? You guys aren’t my guardians, you want to train me so you can use my powers to help”

“(Y/n)-” Steve tried to start

“No, no don’t you dare try and tell me I’m apart of the family, don’t do that to me, I’m here for how ever long it takes for me to complete my training then I’ll be out on missions until the day I’m not”

“(Y/n) why do you think you were bought to Stark towers?” Tony asked

“I don’t know” you rolled your eyes “wanted to keep a close eye on me so I don’t cause anymore trouble”

“Because we want you to be apart of our team, apart of avengers, working closely with us, we want you to be apart of the family, not just some asset we use up till you’re dried out but you’re not letting us in, we want to help you and be there for you and love you but we can’t”

“I told you what you wanted to know now let me out” you clenched your fist as he opened the suit “thank you” you stormed passed all three of them an up into your room, to closed the door and fell face first onto your injured face regretting it instantly feeling pain all over your body and letting out a small pained cry

“(Y/n)?” Tony knocked at your door

“Go away please” You laid on your side away from the door

“I just want to ask you what do you want to do about this kid? Report whatever his name is to the police?”

“Tony-” you heard Steve say

“No Steve this is seriously inappropriate behaviour for any environment let alone a school and if the schools not going to deal with it then I am”

You were taken aback “you actually believe me?”

“Are you lying?” Tony asked

“No” you turned to face the door "I prom-”

“Well then how would we go about reporting him? Through the school? Go straight to the police? Is there a bored?”

“Uh” you thought for a moment “maybe try setting up a meeting with the principal”

“I can do that” you heard tony dialling a number “Hello there Tony Stark here, would I be able to set up a meeting with Mr Fredrickson please, today if possible, alright thank you very much I’ll see you soon” he hung up the phone “got a meeting at two” Tony opened the door slightly “can I come in?”

You nodded your head and sat up, he came over the the bed holding a small pile I’ve stuff “I’ve got some stuff from the good doctor which should help with any bruising and some of those chips you like, both courtesy of Steve”

“Thank you Tony” leaned into give him a hug

“Anytime kiddo” Tony smiled and kissed the top of your head

Imagine having a crush on your cousin's butler

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“Sebastian!” You called through the halls as you wondered. “Oh Sebastian." 

"Yes my lady?” He appeared behind you out of nowhere, he always did that and it made you wonder, how he did it. 

“I was hoping you wouldn’t mind some company, as much as I love my sister she is quite annoying when it comes to her….obsession with our cousin." 

"My dear, you must remember they are betrothed." 

"And it is my little sister and my cousin. Honestly does no one see the…" 

"If you would like Madam [Y/N], you may accompany me.” He said as he walked past you, who followed close behind. 

“Madam [Y/N], how is the young man you were once betrothed to?” He asked, his fist slightly forming at the thought of you marrying someone else. 

“Oh him. I told him he would be better if he found a wife in someone else. He was quite boring and he liked sitting around reading poetry. Which don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy poetry, but there is more to life then that." 

You would never admit that your heart was longing for someone else, someone who was not your status, someone in this very manor, someone who shared the same feelings you did. 

"I could not agree more madam [Y/N].” He smiled. 

“So Sebastian have you found love yet?" 

 "I am afraid my dear that the only love I have found is the love of servicing the young Earl.” He answered as he got a whiff of your perfume, honey and rose. 

“Well maybe I can convince my dear cousin to let you accompany me to a ball, find you a decent madam." 

"And if I were to already be interested in a young madam.” He asked as he looked to the left, and saw you staring, he could see the very soul you bore in your eyes, innocent yet independent. He could see the traces of gold in your soul, and he smiled at you. 

“Well she must be one hell of a madam, if she has one hell of a butler in love with her.” You felt a ping of sadness, not even thinking it could be you. 

“She is my love, she is.”

Juvenile Delinquents

I wrote a thing. It’s literally just intro I actually plan on adding on to this one and not abandoning it like the other few

Part 2

“It’s not jail, Percy, it’s a school.”

Percy laughed when his mother said it, as if the two weren’t directly related. His final mess up was enough to get sent away from home, even if it wasn’t to juvy, his new boarding school was as close as it got. Boarding schools were all Percy knew growing up, however, unlike before when he could go home for weekends and holidays, his mom would now have to come to him. Scheduled visits and the occasional care package if the teachers, no, guards thought it safe enough to be brought inside.

A victim of circumstance, his mom called him, but he knew he just wasn’t what society wanted him to be. This was just the last straw and his friendly neighbourhood police officer finally decided to slap on the cuffs and if it wasn’t for his lawyer neighbor he’d be going somewhere far worse. Somewhere his mom assured him he wouldn’t get the privacy he had at home.

“Your motorcycle-”


“Blackjack is going to stay at Ms Valdez’s shop while you’re away, she’s already called her son and told him to sign up for orientation duty,” Sally said, finally zipping up his suitcase.

He stayed watching her from his desk, his face saying he didn’t care but the picking at his ripped jeans saying the complete opposite. He was great at hiding his emotions that way. Sally loved it, it made life easier.

“Great, I’ll have a friend on my first day. What’s his name again? Larry?”

“It’s Leo and yes you need a friend, Percy, you should be happy someone is willing to be it.”

He knew his mom was angry but she never came right out and said it. She was too nice for that. Instead she took her little jabs at him that he would never admit hurt a bit.

If Percy could choose to not disappoint his mom he would. He hated making her hate him. Okay, maybe she didn’t hate him but he sure felt like she was getting there. From his first day of preschool up until the last week, he’d found ways to make her feel like a horrible mother. Even if it wasn’t his fault most of the time.

Sally gave him one last look before walking out of the room, leaving him alone with his packed up suitcase and his new level of self-pity. He kicked his chair once he stood up, but picked it up when it fell. The last thing he needed was his mom yelling about a messy room too. Even if he didn’t spend much time in his bedroom he still hated the fact he was leaving it for the next two years. His skateboard will get dusty, his stolen, or ‘secondhand’, snapback collection will be forgotten in a box and his pile of receipts for Hawaiian pizza won’t be as impressive as it used to be. Nothing in his bedroom will give him the same feeling of joy as they used to, not after going through what he would assume would be the worst two years of his life.

It was a knock at the door that finally pulled him out of his room, standing there was a man in a crisp tailored suit he didn’t recognize, flanking him were two police offers who Percy had seen wondering around the station when he was brought in.

“Mr Jackson-”

“Who are you?” Sally narrowed her eyes at him, telling him to be nice. He didn’t want to be nice to someone who looked like he could buy the entire building and turn it into office space only because he was bored.

“It does not matter who I am, it matters who you are. Perseus-”

“I prefer Jackson but Percy can suffice, Perseus is reserved for angry mothers and very, very happy people.” He smirked as he said it and he could feel the eye roll his mother gave him. The man in front of him, however, was still looking as amused as a little boy walking into a gag shop.

“Alright, Percy. You will have five minutes with your mother and then I will see you downstairs. If you fail to show I will have one of these fine gentlemen handcuff you again and forcibly take you. Understood?” He nodded and watched the man turn and walk off. The officers closed the door and Percy could imagine them standing guard as if he were some high profile criminal that had any chance of actually escaping.

His five minutes with his mom were the shortest five minutes if his life. He felt like it was five years ago again, back when he was twelve years old getting dropped off by his school principal. All he did back then was steal a few dollars for the fending machine at school. He wasn’t the Percy who now was getting arrested left and right or the Percy who can only get into schools for child criminals. He was back to being scared.

He shuffled his feet and bowed his head, He was grateful when he felt his mom wrap her arms around him, “I’m sorry, mom,” he dug his face into her hair, taking in the smell that hadn’t changed since he could remember, “I’m so sorry.”

“Just behave yourself when you’re there, can’t have you be kicked out in the only school that’ll take you,” her laugh was complete with a few wet drops landing on his shoulder, “when did you get so tall? I can’t even hug you properly.” It was Percy’s turn to laugh.

“Around the same time you started hating me.” She seemed to gasp as she pulled away, but before Sally could open her mouth to tell him how wrong he was there was a warning knock on the door. “Guess it’s time to go,” he bent down and grabbed his only suitcase before opening the door, “Love you, mom”

“I love you too, Percy, I love you with everything I have.”

The drive was silent. No radio, no talking, just him and the mystery man with nothing but the sound of the engine between them. It was after the two hour drive when they pulled into the school did he finally speak. Even then it was just to uselessly inform him that they’d arrived.

If Percy had ever been wary of a place it was this one. The school wasn’t a grey bricked building with barred windows that he had imagined it to be. Instead it was a house that dwarfed any mansion he’d ever seen. It was white, not quite made of complete marble but it was whatever material that could compare to that sheen. The pillars on the front reminded him of the white house, better yet the buildings he learned about during some ancient Greece unit he vaguely remembered. It was sitting on almost three acres of land surrounded by an iron rod fence as tall as his apartment building. He wasn’t sure if he was in the right place or not.

“Olympus Academy, where juvenile delinquents, such as yourself, learn to be something greater.” Percy held in a scoff, ‘something greater’ was just a nice way of saying that he’d be put through things that will turn him into an accepted member of society. Something he was not. “The initial design looked like a prison but we learned that students learn better when they enjoy the look of their surroundings-” Percy tuned the man out as he spoke about the architect who designed the building and the gardeners who kept the grounds in tip-top shape. Percy was more interested in the other kids his age he saw and how they seemed to be watching him without really turning to look. He was back to being the new kid and he was an expert so he wasn’t fazed.

The other kids didn’t look like criminals, they all just seemed like regular teenagers spending their lunch period outside in the sun. A beautiful girl with dark choppy brown hair caught his eye and seemed to smirk before walking off, he’d have to find her later

It was at the giant front doors where they finally stopped walking, standing there was a boy who hardly stood taller than Percy’s chest. He looked exactly like Ms Valdez and Percy wanted to run the other way when he realized who it was.

“You’re Percy? When mom described you I pictured you looking less, scary?” Okay, maybe Leo Valdez would grow on him. Percy smirked and held out his hand for the other boy to shake, “I’m Leo Valdez, but of course you already knew that.”

“Thought your name was Larry, not going to lie, I’m Percy Jackson.” He turned to look at the man next to him expecting a word or two explaining how Leo was going to show him around but instead he was met with an empty space next to him.

Seeming to think the disappearance was normal, Leo proceeded with his tour by opening the door and sticking his arm out signaling Percy to step inside, “Welcome to Olympus Academy, first stop on our tour will be the most pretentious foyer you will see in your entire life.”

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Aside from NH, what else didn't you like about naruto ending

Oh boy.

A lot of my followers (this is not me tooting my own horn, I have a bit over 1k followers that I am very thankful for, but I am no where near tumblr famous) have a misconception that I hate the ending because of naruhina but it’s really the other way around. To get this out the way: had naruhina been written better (or actually, written at all LMAO) I would have not shipped it much but I wouldn’t have hated it. See, the shy girl - loud boy dynamic is dry and boring to me…It’s not interesting, it’s not realistic if written too perfectly, it’s not even something I can even relate to (if you think I am outspoken and social here you should see me irl ifejjfa) despite me hating self insert ships and it’s not something I can find myself interested in..But I still would not have hated it. The ending tramples naruhina; the last DESTROYED that ship by making naruto ‘fall in love’ after a genjutsu after not giving a shit and by making fillermaru and fillerkura have to give naruto a pep talk to chase hintos, but even so I would have not been ‘anti ending’ just because this ship is under developed and done in a gross way. I only became anti ending when the authors canonization of ships (My own SS ship included) overshadowed things such as:

- The main character whom I loved’s happiness. He looks miserable ‘living his dream’ that he even missed the inauguration for.

- Character importance. Neji was one of my favourites and he died for a ship.

- Naruto’s nindo. ‘never go back on my word’ did you not do that by never showing me what happened to the Hyuga on panel? I’m sure the Hyuga conflict is resolved but the issue had an ENTIRE arc, I am sure you could have included a single panel showing the Hyuga together post ending no branches and heads involved? Didn’t you promise to bring Sasuke home lmao? Why is his ass not home? Didn’t you promise to find an answer to the hate in the ninja world? Did you not promise to find your own individual path as a ninja? Why did you end up a nationalist like all the other leaders? 

- why is naruto such an absent father? can his not make thousands of clones to do his work for him? In Sasuke’s shinden it’s revealed that there is open communication of village affairs between the 5 villages meaning Naruto can employee fuckers to delegate his tasks for him.

- why the fuck is ten ten owning a dead weapon shop that has no business? why would you think she deserves that Kishimoto?

- Why would you find fit to give sasuke and sakura the happy ending they deserve only to have him gone for so long? I don’t hate SS because of Gaiden nor do I hate the message behind it but I just wish he picked a better plot premise for this message..Sasuke looked so depressed away from him family and I am sure Sakura missed him like hell…and don’t even get me started on Sarada, the kids always have it the worst in these situations. This is not me disrespecting Sasuke’s sacrifice for the world and his family; this is just me annoyed that Kishimoto decided to put him in this position for a shitty ‘save the world plot’ that gets resolved by a 12 year old in the boruto movie

- what the fuck is chapter 700, everyone’s appearances aside from Naruto’s annoyed me

- why does borutos hair look like this

- what? - me, seeing the kids’ designs (saradas grew on me a lot as she looks like a female sasuke with hints of her mama here and there and hima is cute)

- why did you not settle plot holes and inconsistencies 

- why was sasukes character arc so rushed towards the end

- why was the ending so rushed for sasuke vs naruto 

- why is Sasuke’s shinden just a sad diary full of Konoha induced self hate and where is Naruto through all of this???? He obsesses over Sasuke for years only for this shit to be pulled??? Sasuke suffering on his own for years while Sakura suffers from over work and missing him and Naruto is suddenly MIA like ANY of this is in ic for these 3

- why did SP end the anime like a shitty soap opera

- why in the fucking hell are team 7 and sns separated when this was one of the biggest plot points of part 2

- why were the side characters sidelined so bad and what happened to their endings

- hi we are called kunoichi and we demand some spotlight

- hi i am called sakuras genjutsu potential, please tap me



- why are taka stuck with him

- what the fuck happened with taka

- why is itachi, who painted himself in a negative light being glorified for his destructive obedience that caused the genocide of an entire clan 

and most fucking importantly

The fact that Naruto Uzumaki ended up being a nationalist piece of shit who went against his fore principals and hid the uchiha clan massacre; going against basic government transparency and failing to give the people of the village he is ruling (and his best ‘friend’) the justice they deserve  

There are so many things to be against even excluding naruhina being a shitty thing continuously shoved down our throats; I genuinely can’t believe there are some people with 0 issues with the ending..Like were you just here for the ships? I don’t get it. Because honestly:

Intrigue Part Two

As promised lovelies! I’m hard at work on updating my stories, so here we are with Chapter 2!

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Word Count: 3420

(Part One)

Tag List: @imagineham @musicalmoriarty @lafislife @tallish-hobbit @la-frenchiest-frite @okierieteonaodowan-vevo @icanneverbesatisfied @secretschuylersister @shamagangster @getupoffathathang @marquiis-de-la-baguette @withthatbitch @consumed-by-musicals @drugsdiggs @hamfan22 @hamfamhamfam @lawliette1031 @americanrevelation @ginnemer @chloehamiltonn @merrahonthawall @mysterywriter36 @librarychild @parksxo @canadian-hufflepuff @kimmy-h-life @thepaddyb @gingerpatchkidd @stress-and-obsess @louisianaspell @secretfanficreader @pumpkjnspjcebreeze

“How was the party?” Your father questioned as you both ate breakfast.

“Interesting,” you said quietly.

“Interesting? Well that is a new reaction indeed. May I ask what happened?”

“There was someone there I had never seen before in town. He was a friend of Monsieur DeForest I believe. He intervened when Jacques refused to leave me alone,” you commented.

“Jacques,” you father spat, “If you find this mysterious friend of Sebastien’s please introduce us. I would like to thank him personally for keeping that beast of a man away from you.”

“Of course Papa,” you said, “I am going to the market today, is there anything you would like me to pick up.”

“Another loaf of bread if you would.”

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Next to you (part 3)

In an AU where Regis has passed away of old age and the mantle of king has fallen to Noctis only recently, you’re a regular citizen of Insomnia who’s managed to move into a new place with a friendly neighbour who you never see. part 1 | part 2 |

Summary: Looking back makes you regret, but a new friend helps you look forward.

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You shouldn’t have looked. Social media and curiosity were a bad mix. It was even worse that you checked in the morning because—fuck it—why not run your emotions into the ground from the start of the day?

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Reaction(got7) to their gf like being spanked

You are sending some naughty asks, anon. I am all for these, lol. 

Here you go ^_^


I feel like Mark would just instantly be turned on. He’s been known to be very sadistic and have an angry side so I can see him being into the rougher/kinkier things. He’d just love it if you told him that or if he discovered it somehow (i.e. accidentally moaning when he playfully spanks you)

Originally posted by exo-daydreams


JB is very playful and dorky so I feel like this would kind of surprise him, but he’d also be open to it. I feel like JB could easily get bored in bed so anything fun/new would be good for the relationship.

Originally posted by aylili


Extra Wang would make a huge joke out of it and start asking random ridiculous questions about what else you’re into. He’d be considerate when he realized you’re serious but would initially take it as a joke or something.

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This guy seems kinda naughty and dominant but he also has that reserved side. I can see him liking that and being into that, but I can also see him being shocked about it. 

Originally posted by jypnior


This little shit would be so down. The second you mention spanking or give any sort of hint that you’re into it, he’d want to try it out. 

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Bam Bam 

This kid would be extraaaaa as shit about it. Similar to Jackson, he’d poke fun about it at first but if you really wanted him to, he’d be willing to try it.

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Oh my shy baby. He’d be down because he has a naughty side, but I feel like he’d be hesitant about it and it would definitely shock him like no other to find out his gf was into that. 

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A bit Too Much ~ Shawn Mendes Imagine

I did not expect to see Shawn like this anytime soon. As we had only been dating for a short while I did not expect him to become so jealous over something so small. Especially in front of all our friends, it was an uncomfortable situation that I do not want to be in again.  

We were invited to a birthday house party that a mutual friend had invited us too, the same person who got me and Shawn together only a few months back.  Before we had even left the house, Shawn was already acting strange and from that I should have known that this night was going to go downhill as soon as the first drink passed his lips.

After a while the party started to begin as we had made sure to come earlier to help set up and see everyone before they began to drink and became paralytic.  I always made sure to stay after the parties end also to help clean up as I am always the blame for most of the mess anyway.  But, for some strange reason this parties seemed a lot more different than the others that me and Shawn had attended.  There were a lot more people around us that we unknown to both of us which lead to a lot more intoxicated boys coming over to me and trying their luck. Obviously, they did not know I was with Shawn so I would just laugh and send them on their merry way.  After around an hour I began to become more and more intoxicated.  The buzzing feeling and the carefree state began and looking back I probably should have stopped drinking then, but of course I decided to carry on.  I mean how would I have known that it would have happened. I made my way to the ‘dance floor’ which really was just a space that was cleared out in the living room.

“Come dance with me babe” I slurred at Shawn, who’s face scrunched up from the smell of whatever it was I was drinking that night, and this made me cover my mouth with my hand as quickly as I could.  “Sorry I know I have drank a lot but please dance with me, everyone else was”.

This was true a large amount of people was smushed into this room which would have made anyone that was anyone that was not falling over air drunk leave the room, this being what Shawn wanted to do.  He just wanted you upstairs in one of his shirts speaking a lot of bullshit and making him smile knowing you are going to regret drinking as much as you have tonight, like you do every time you go out for a drink with or without him.

But, like I said before tonight was different and you could not think of anything more boring than doing something like that, all you wanted to do was dance even if Shawn did not want to.

“Y/N, babe please can we just go to bed and dance another time?  I am pretty sure you cannot even walk let alone dance” he said with a whine.  You hated seeing Shawn like this, but you were very drunk and what would have worked on you when you were sober did not work for you now.  

“If you do not want to dance with me then ill dance by myself” you pulled your hand away from Shawn and went to dance with your friends while he reluctantly went back into the kitchen to cool off, he knew having an argument with you right now would be pointless as you would most likely end up walking away or passing out at this point he was not sure which was more likely, probably the latter.  

As you had said to Shawn you did go and dance with your friends, until your friends decided to leave so you danced by yourself drinking anything you could find which left you not feeling a thing.  Not even the unfamiliar hands that were on your side dancing with you.  Part of you knew that something was wrong when you opened your eyes and someone in front of you was standing like they had just witnessed someone getting punched in the face, which when you turned around and saw what was going down you realised your face was showing the same expression.  

The unknown boy was being dragged off Shawn just as he was going to land a punch on his jaw.  You stood there not moving a muscle knowing if you did you were likely to fall over or do something stupid because of how much alcohol that was still present in your body.  The stranger was pushed outside and Shawn was taken into the bathroom to be checked out. You decided it was best to go upstairs and wait for Shawn in the room your Y/F/N had given you two to share.  You knew someone would tell Shawn where you were or he would figure it out himself, you just did not understand why that fight had happened and you knew from the way people looked at you walk up the stairs it was down to you.

You tried getting ready for bed which was a lot harder than you thought it would be.  With god knows how much alcohol in your body still you were finding it hard to do anything. So you decided to put on a random shirt you found, and a change of underwear and get into bed.  You lay there for longer than you thought you would waiting for Shawn, but when you were just about to drop off the door opened and quickly shut.  The light blearing through the room making your already throbbing head begin again.

“What were you doing down there, hm? Trying to make me jealous or annoyed because I would not fucking dance with you is that really the lengths you are going to go over something so fucking minimal and stupid?!” His face was already starting to bruise and anger was carved on his beautiful face.  You hated seeing him like this, granted you had seen him like this before but long before you two were an item.  His hand was racking through his hair constantly.  He only ever did this when you two argued and this was not how you wanted the night to end at all.

“I… I did not mean this to happen.  I know I should not have drank as much as I did and right now I am not in the best of positions to sort this out.  I did not feel him anywhere near me, and if I did I would have stopped him you know I would have.  So please do not be upset with me.  Especially not jealous over something so small as this.  He means nothing to me trust me Shawn.  I love you, only you” I tried my hardest in the state I was to reassure him, knowing if I did not this would end up being worse than it needed to be.  

Shawn sighed and got ready for bed, you could tell that this was going to have to be a conversation for tomorrow, parts of it being a blur some others being clear as day.  But, you knew no matter what as long as Shawn was next to you that night, whatever tomorrow would bring you would face together.      

A Different Kind of Social Worker 

by reddit user KMApok

“Good evening! I’ve been waiting for you!

Welcome to Hell!

Let’s take a look at your file….oh my….

Murder….rape….arson…quite the profile you have here! It’s gruesome….but hardly original.

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Not A Couple/// George Weasley x Reader

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A/N: I am exhausted but almost done. I’ve got about three and a half after this so I think I have some high chances at getting it done. This one should hopefully be a lot of fun so go ahead. Enjoy!


    George sat down next to you on the couch as you chatted with Hermione. He put his arm behind your shoulders on the top of the couch. You turned towards him with a smile. 

    “I was just looking for you,” you said. 

    “I was looking for you too. There’s something I wanted to tell you.” 

    “Yeah me too. You can go first.” What you wanted to say could wait. You were just going to tell him that you had found the perfect couple’s costume for the costume contest you entered every year. Every year you did it even though you were “just friends” it was still just as fun. 

    “Okay, big news. Angelina agreed to enter the couple’s costume contest with me!” Your smile faded. 


    “Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun and maybe if it works out all right we can go to it as more than friends. It’ll be great. So what did you want to tell me?” You stared angrily in the distance, not really focused on what he was saying. You composed yourself and refocused. 

    “Oh um…I was just gonna say that um….I don’t know if I’m going to the Halloween party this year. I’m kinda busy and-”

   “No way, you’ve gotta come. I’ll be devastated if you don’t.” 

   “I just don’t know.” You stood up. “Speaking of busy, I really should go. I need to go to the…library, yep I need a book.” 

    He looked slightly saddened by you leaving so early. “Will I see you later?” 

    “I dunno, we’ll see.” You left before he could say anything else. 

   You didn’t properly talk to him again until that next morning. He sat down across from you during breakfast and so did Angelina. “Hey, we’re about to go pick out some costumes. You should come.” 

    You chewed on your piece of bacon without responding for a while. “Can’t. I’ve got…..” You spotted Hermione entering the Great Hall. “Hermione!” She looked down the row at you. You waved her over. “Hermione wanted my help studying for something.” George’s face filled with surprise. 

   “Okay, well do you want me to get you anything. Costume? Fake blood?” You shook your head. 

    “No thanks, like I said, I’m probably not even going.” He was just about to say something but before you could you grabbed Hermione’s arm and stood up. “We’ve got to go, you two have fun.” He didn’t even time to say goodbye because before he could even open his mouth you were already hallway to the exit. 

    “I really wanted something to eat,” Hermione said softly. 

    “I’ll get you something later.

    Hermione stared at you wondering what to say. You had angrily gotten your books and sat down without another word. You were writing some type of paper and was clutching the quill so tightly Hermione just knew it would break. 

    “Are you okay?” 

    “I’m fine,” you answered quickly. 

    “What’s going on between you and George?” 

    “Clearly nothing.” You didn’t even really know why you were getting all worked up. It wasn’t like you guys were dating or anything. Still year after year you hoped that even the idea of a couple’s costume would turn things around. This had gotten you nowhere. 

    “Were you guys supposed to do the couple’s costume this year?” 

    “No. Why would we? We are not a couple.” Hermione placed her hand over yours and you stopped writing. You looked at her. 

    “Can you just tell me what’s wrong?” 

    You took a breath. “Look, I get it. George doesn’t like me that way. That’s fine whatever. I can’t force him too. But this whole couple’s costume thing is something we’ve done for year, it’s a tradition. He didn’t even say ‘Hey, are you okay with me doing it with someone else this year?’ No he was just like I’m doing it.” You sighed. “Maybe I’m being ridiculous. He doesn’t owe me anything.” Hermione’s looked at you with sympathetic eyes. 

    “I understand what you mean. I actually don’t think it’s fair but boys don’t think about it like that.” Her lips curved up into a smile. “I think you should actually go to the party.” 

    “Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

   You felt kind of bad lying to Hermione. There was not a chance of you thinking about going to that party. Every time you thought about it or about George or about George and Angeline you were filled with party. You didn’t even think you could last through that party.

   Apparently, George and Angeline had decided to go as a broomstick and a golden snitch. How cute. Whenever, George had the chance he would tell you about how you should come to the party. You would give him an annoyed half-smile and say the same thing you had told Hermione. You would think about it.

   You didn’t think about going to the party at all. The actual though of the party crossed your mind a few times and it became borderline physically painful to even think about it. So you stopped. You ended up actually going through with your lie a lot more than you planned. You studied and barely left your dorm and the library.

   Finally, on Tuesday night the party that George had been planning with Fred came. Throughout the day, his begging became more intense. He asked you over and over again. You switched up your answer because you thought you were both getting tired of hearing it over and over again. “We’ll see.” You repeated with the same smile. It meant the same thing though.

    You got all of the books you needed long before the party started just so you didn’t have to walk through the common room and run into anyone. You stared at the page trying to find some type of enjoyment in the words written on it but it wasn’t working for you

   There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” you shouted. The door opened and Hermione walked in. She looked very nice but a little nervous.

   She sat down next to you on your bed. “So I’m guessing you aren’t going?”

   “Yeah, I’m not. There’s just so much I’ve got to do and right now just isn’t the best time.”

   “Are you ever gonna talk to him?”

   “What do we have to talk about?” She didn’t say anything else. The room instantly filled with awkward silence.

   “Well, I’ll see you later, good luck with your studying.” She got up and headed towards the door.

   “Thanks.” As you heard the door shut you put your attention back in the book. You thought maybe it was getting to the interesting part of the history when all of a sudden loud music started playing. You glared at the door. They weren’t even thinking about people that weren’t going to their stupid party. You sighed.

   You tried to live with it as long as you could. That wasn’t very long. With the music blaring in your ear, you couldn’t even hear yourself think. You wanted to go down their and tell them to quiet it down but you were insistent on not leaving your dorm, especially for the party.  

   Finally, after what seemed like an hour you got up. You stormed down the steps, trying your best to spot George. You spotted him, sitting on the couch. When he saw you he smiled slightly but it faded once he saw your angry expression. He got to his feet and meow halfway.

   “Hey, I didn’t think you were coming,” he yelled over the music.

   “I’m not,” you said plainly. You gazed around the area but couldn’t spot Angelina anywhere. “Where’s Angelina?”

   He looked down at his feet. “I don’t know. She was getting a bit upset cause I wasn’t really interacting with her too much. She asked me to dance with her and I said I didn’t really want to and she stormed off.” You tried to hide your smile. “Do you wanna dance?”

   You felt yourself about to say yes and you had to stop yourself. “No. I need to get back upstairs. I only wanted to ask you to turn the music down. I’m trying to get stuff done.” He frowned as soon as you said no.

   “One dance won’t kill you. Since when are you so focused on school anyways.” You crossed your arms.

   “I’m not doing this George. Can you just turn it down?”

   “You have been acting so odd lately. I just want to spend time with you and you don’t even want to talk to me.” You sighed but it couldn’t be heard under the music.

   “I think I’ll just go to the library.” You ran towards the Fat Lady, ready to leave. George followed. Once you were actually out of the common room, George was right behind you.

   “Wait! Can we just talk for two seconds?” He grabbed your arm tightly but you still managed to yank away.

   “Don’t touch me!” He stared at you in stunned silence. You felt slightly bad for yelling at him. “Listen, I’m fine. I just need a little time alone. Okay?” His hand returned to his side.

   “Yeah, that’s um…that’s absolutely fine.” The hallway was silent as he turned around and went back inside the common room. You took a deep breath and rubbed your hand down the side of your face. You felt like your feelings were getting the best of you.

   You ignored that fact, trying to stay strong. You began your journey to the library.

   You were having a hard time even keeping your eyes open. You were slumped over and old dusty book on goblin history or something equally as boring. You were just about to call it a night when the door opened.

   The sound of it slamming shut jerked you awake. You rubbed your eyes. “Can I sit down,” you heard a voice behind you say. You tilted your head to see George towering above you with the front of his shirt absolutely soaked.

   You tried not to laugh but it didn’t help. “What happened to you?” He sat down next to you.

   “I’ve just been informed by a very drunk Katie Bell that I’m an arse and I am actually inclined to believe her.”

   “Why does Katie think you’re an arse,” you asked, still trying to stifle your laughter.

   “Well, she saw me and asked why I was so upset and I said it was because I didn’t understand why you were upset and so she asked me what exactly happened, when you started acting like this and all that and when I told her she instantly threw the drink she had in her hand all over me. That was probably a good thing though, she’s had quite a few. Anyways, she told me that I wasn’t even thinking about you or how you felt at all and it was incredibly rude. Then she sent me down here to talk to you. So is that all true?” You had stopped laughing. You stared down on the book intent on not making eye contact.

   “(Y/N)?” He sat his hand on your arm. Your eyes slowly met his.

   “Yeah. I guess. I just….I’ve been feeling really weird about you lately and then you told me you were doing the couple’s costume with Angelina and you just kinda sprung it on me. Maybe I’m just overreacting-”

   “No, you aren’t. Not at all. The only reason I even asked Angelina is because I um….let’s just say I’ve been feeling weird about you too and I thought you didn’t feel the same so I thought I’d just go with someone else so I didn’t make things awkward or whatever.” You put your head on his shoulder.

   “Shit,” you whispered. “We’ve both really made a mess of things, huh?”

   “Mhmm,” George responded. He put his hand on your back. “Halloween’s not over though. I think there’s still time to mend things.” You sat up.

   “Let’s go then.” You grabbed his hand and left the library, not even bothering to put your books back. Hand in hand you entered the Gryffindor common room. The party was toning down slightly, most of the people had left and the people who were still there weren’t on the dance floor.

   Music still played much quieter than it had before. George pulled you to the dance floor. He hugged you tight to him, not wanting to let go. Your arms wrapped around his back to the best of their ability, trying to get as close to him as possible.

Vidal: “I am so very glad I met you m’lady. I have been feeling rather lonely these past years and now I feel like I have met someone who truly understands me.”

Lady Lucia: “And when I accepted my brothers invitation to come here I thought I would grow so bored here in the countryside. I hope I can see you before I have to leave.”

Vidal: “I hope so too. Now when did you say your departure was?”

Lady Lucia: “A few weeks from now I’m afraid.”

Vidal: “Then I think we will have plenty of opportunities to meet. But we must be discreet. I wouldn’t have your reputation ruined just because of your connection to me. No one can know of this.”

You Don’t Scare Me

Set after ‘Cure for Brooding

Still figuring out how these two work together.

Lucien kept finding excuses to go to the Night Court. He knew how vital it was that Tamlin never found out that his emissary was sharing the bed of another High Lord, let alone the Lord of Night. But he was addicted. Not just to Rhys’ good looks and talent in bed, but to the smile Lucien could coax out of him and the laugh that would cause him to rest his head on Lucien’s to settle down.

He was addicted to the starlight that flecked his eyes and the tattoos that no one ever saw more than a hint of, except for him.

Fuck, Lucien was in trouble.

He walked through the Hewn City, lost in his thoughts but also acutely aware of the eyes on him. Whenever a courtier looked ready to eat him alive, and he wasn’t entirely sure that was a figure of speech, Lucien made sure fire danced in his eyes and twirled around his fingers.

He entered the throne room, the drums pounding a beat that shook his very being, and stopped dead. Star-flecked night swirled around the room. He could see strands holding a courtier in place before the throne. Rhys was lounged back, cheek resting lightly on his hand. He looked bored.

“Whatever shall I do with you, Keir?” Rhys tsked and drummed his fingers on the arm of the throne. Each stroke sent a shockwave through the mountain. “Always reporting such disappointing news.”

You can go up to my quarters. Rhys’ voice in his head shocked Lucien, it took him a moment to respond.

I’m fine where I am. If that bastard thought he needed to be protected…

Please, Luc. There was a plea in his tone. Lucien looked up at the High Lord then, made eye contact. Something, unnoticeable to the casual viewer, flashed in those eyes.

I’ll see you there.

Lucien winnowed immediately. He was shocked to find he could go directly to the palace atop the mountain. Rhys had told him only family could do that.

He tried not to dwell on what that meant.

Lucien sprawled out on an overly plush couch, selected a book from the small collection he kept in the table, and started to read. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

He woke to fingers running through his hair. Rhys was sitting on the arm of the couch above him, and though his ministrations were wonderful, Lucien could tell he was distracted.

Lucien stopped Rhys’ hand with his own. He smirked as the other male jolted in surprise. He intertwined their hands, despite the uncomfortable angle, and looked up at Rhys’ with a raised brow.

“Something you’d like to talk about?”

“Not particularly.” Rhys voice was thick, a tone Lucien would adore if it wasn’t pained.

Lucien disconnected their hands and adjusted his position on the couch until his back was on the cushion. He gestured for Rhys to join him on the couch. He obliged, laying down so that they were facing each other. Rhys wrapped himself entirely around Lucien, even buried his face into where Lucien’s shoulder met his neck.

“You don’t scare me Rhys.” Lucien ran his hands through Rhys’ hair as he spoke, even as the other male stiffened at the words.

“How did you…?” Rhys’ voice was muffled against Lucien, since the High Lord seemed content to remain wrapped around him.

“That was it, then?” Lucien hummed. “You really thought that mask you wear for the bastards in the city would fool me? I see you, Rhys. And I am not afraid.”

Rhysand shuddered at that. As if he’d never been told as much.

“Some would call you a fool for saying that.” Rhys pulled away, ever so slightly, just to look him in the eye.

“And those people can go to hell for all I care.” Lucien smirked. “Besides, if I can bring the most powerful High Lord in Prythian to his knees, maybe I am the one who should be feared.”

“Clever fox.” Rhys murmured, eyes finally sparkling again, and leaned in for a kiss. He pulled away again to whisper more compliments. “Clever, beautiful, amazing fox.”

“I would blush, if I didn’t completely agree.” Lucien smirked before capturing the other male’s lips, keeping the pace relaxed and sweet and soft.

Eventually they pulled away, though not out of each other’s embrace. Lucien maneuvered until he was on his back, Rhys curled into his side. He certainly enjoyed cuddling, and Lucien certainly wasn’t complaining. He picked his book back up, reading aloud until Rhys’ breathing evened out and he was asleep. Lucien soon followed, utterly content.

Prompt #1

1. “For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating” for

The first time Alec meets Catarina Loss, it’s because he’s meeting Magnus at Taki’s and the woman is sat at the bar with her old friend.

They’re both chatting enthusiastically and they’re sipping pale pink cocktails as Alec approaches them, slightly nervous to meet The Catarina Loss and he’s also totally lost because, was he supposed to meet Catarina? Magnus had said it would be a “casual date”, but he never said anything about Catarina and this potential meeting, letting Alec wonder if this was planned beforehand.

He always feels underdressed next to Magnus, but now looking at his boyfriend and his friend, he feels downright ridiculous.

Magnus is wearing a golden shirt with floral embroideries and black leather pants that holds all his curves perfectly. His eyelids are decorated with sparkling black eyeshadow and mascara, making his brown eyes shine. Catarina is gorgeous next to him, her blue skin is put on display under her black backless dress. They look powerful together and Alec feels very small.

Magnus looks up from his cocktail to meet Alec’s hazel eyes. He smiles and puts his glass down as he stands up to greet the Shadowhunter.

“Alexander !” He says happily, “You’re right on time.”

“Hi.” Whispers the younger man and Magnus can feel the tension in the air as Catarina’s eyes meet Alec’s.

“Cat, meet my friend Alexander Lightwood.” Exclaims Magnus, “Alec, this is Catarina Loss, one of oldest friends.”

“Quit introducing me as old, Bane.” Says the warlock as she extends a hand to shake Alec’s. “Nice to meet you Alexander.”

“Call me Alec, please.” Answers Alec as he takes a deep breath, his lungs are frozen in his chest but he tries to smile through it. “And the pleasure is all mine.”

The rest of the night is a blur, Alec sits between Magnus and Catarina and is mostly silent,only humming when Magnus asks him a question about the food on his plate.

My friend Alexander Lightwood, my friend Alexander, my friend, my friend, my friend, friend, friend, friend.

Magnus offers to take him back to the Institute by portal and Alec accepts, the night is still young and he wants to talk to Magnus. Alone. Where he can feel at ease.

He needs to talk to Magnus because the word friend is chanting in his mind, haunting his thoughts and making him shiver from the cold in his veins.

Which is why he feels suddenly angry when Izzy, Jace and Clary are just waiting there. Interrupting Alec’s plan with amused looks and giggles of “Awww, had a nice date?” Izzy is always the worst when it comes to her big brother’s love life, she can probably see how embarrassed and mad her brother looks, but she keeps pushing.

“You two are the cutest boyfriends ever.” She laughs and Alec feels Magnus move next to him before he snaps.

“For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.”

Silence fills the room as Alec feels his blood boil, his goes vision red because they’re not dating, they’re friends, friends, friends.

“We’re not?” Asks Magnus, almost offended as he stares at the man next to him. “You go on dates with all your friends, Alexander?”

“No!” Shouts Alec, “But apparently you do!”

The three other Shadowhunters look absolutely horrified to be there, Clary is playing with her hair like no one is there and Jace plays with his stele as Isabelle twists her hands with embarrassement.

“What is that supposed to mean, Alexander?” Says Magnus, his eyes narrowing with anger. “Is this about my bisexuality?”

“What?! No!” Shouts Alec, “This has nothing to do with that.”

“Then what are you on about?”

“You said I was your friend.” He cries out, unable to keep looking at Magnus. “You told Catarina I was your friend, not your boyfriend. Your friend.”

The High warlock stares a few seconds, Alec can feel wheels working in Magnus’ mind and he can see when it finally sets.

“Oh, Alexander.” Breathes Magnus, “It was just by force of habit, my dear. I haven’t had a boyfriend in years, almost centuries. I am a bit rusty with all of this. The word still feels a bit strange on my tongue.”

Alec feels like his heart can finally beat again as Magnus caresses his cheek with his fingertips. 

“But I will gladly use it for you, boyfriend.”

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The King’s Favor: Part IV

“You’ll start work tomorrow then?”, you asked standing up to lead the new nanny to the door.

“Yes, of course”, she said stepping out, with a small smile you closed the door and sighed. Thank the heavens you managed to find a decent dwarrowdam for the task…and in time too, the King and Queen were due to arrive tomorrow evening and you intended to keep your promises.

Soft gurgling invaded your little reverie and you felt a slight smile creep to your lips. You strode over to the massive wooden cradle and peered over the at the smiling toddler. He immediately glanced up at you with his big, sky blue eyes and batted his dark lashes at you before reaching out to you with his chubby hands. You gently picked him up and kissed his curly brown locks, “Awake from our nap, my little one?”, sitting down in an armchair you placed the little prince on your lap and giggled as his grin widened and grew into an adorable laugh.

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“You seem to replace your brain with your heart.”
“You take things so hard, then you fall apart.”
“Your heart’s too big for your body.”
“You don’t fucking care.”
“You laugh through your tears.”
“You’re on your own.”
“You lost all your friends.”
“No one understands.”
“I look at you and see myself.”
“I know you better than anyone else.”
“Your tears are mine.”
“We’ll be a perfect family.”
“No one ever listens.”
“Don’t let them see what goes down.”
“Everyone thinks that we’re perfect.”
“I see things that nobody else sees.”
“She’s got it going on.”
“She forgets his infidelity.”
“Blood still stains when the sheets are washed.”
“Kids are still depressed when you dress them up.”
“He does think I’m that fucking dumb, does he?”
“We know what goes on inside.”
“All the make up in the world won’t make you less insecure.”
“That’s why all your teeth are rotten.”
“Chasing after you is like a fairytale.”
“I feel like I’m glued on tight.”
“It’s all fun and games until somebody falls in love.”
“There’s no turning back now.”
“We’re a freak show.”
“You build me up just so you can bring me down.”
“You’ll never catch me cry.”
“You think you’re smarter than me.”
“I’m tired of being careful.”
“I said too much.”
“I wish I never spoke.”
“Think I got myself in trouble.”
“I’m sick of all the games I have to play.”
“I love everything you do.”
“You call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do.”
“I’m telling you things you already know.”
“It’s not like I’m asking to be your wife.”
“I wanna make you mine.”
“Is this coming off in a cheesy way?”
“Tell me what to do to make it all feel better.”
“Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me.”
“I’ll cry until my pity party is in flames.”
“It feels like I’m dying.”
“Am I talking to myself?”
“I hope to god you’re never leaving.”
“Mother said to pick the very best girl.”
“I’m done with this.”
“It’s getting late.”
“I’m fucking crazy.”
“I can’t take it anymore.”
“I never want to see you again.”
“Do you want me now?”
“Now I can take her man.”
“Was he yours if he wanted me so bad?”
“She’s getting on my nerves.”
“You don’t love her.”
“I can’t stand her whining.”
“Loving her is tiring.”
“Just be sure to read the warning.”
“Pretty soon you’ll be bored of it.”
“Don’t be dramatic.”
“No one will love you if you’re unattractive.”
“Will a pretty face make it better?”
“Do you swear you’ll stay forever?”
“This dream is killer.”
“I really hate being safe.”
“They make me afraid.”
“They make me feel sane.”
“You’re the craziest friend I’ve ever had.”
“You like me best when I’m off my rocker.”
“So what if I’m crazy?”
“My brain is scattered.”
“I don’t want to play no games.”
“I’m tired of always chasing after you.”
“I don’t give a fuck about you anyways.”
“I guess I’m just a play date to you.”
“I wish I didn’t care all the time.”
“I wanna give you what you need.”
“It’s time I tell you the truth.”
“Should I be scared?”
“How did love become to violent?”
“Everything was so sweet.”
“I feel like I’m missing something whenever you leave.”
“I’m not a piece of cake for you to just discard.”
“I’m taking back what’s mine.”
“You’re just a piece of meat.”

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Wednesday dawns, bright and early, and with it comes Louis’ interview. He wants to say he does well, but to be honest, he’s not really sure—everything seemed to pass by in a blur, and he can’t even remember most of what he told the interviewer. He doesn’t remember what he was thinking either; somehow, he seems to have zoned out for the bulk of it, only coming back to himself after the interviewer hung up and told him that they’d get in touch with him.

He doesn’t get the chance to dwell on it though, because he’s got an afternoon shift, so with a sigh, he changes out of his semi-formal clothes and into his work clothes, catching the tube and making his way to work. The afternoon passes by uneventfully, Louis doing what he usually does—smile at customers, make coffee and tea, use his phone under the counter when no one’s looking—but eventually, his shift ends and he gets to leave, after informing his boss that he’ll be gone for the next week or so.

He finds Harry in the kitchen when he arrives back in his flat, singing softly to an Ed Sheeran song while baking. He’s practically naked—only in a pair of tiny boxers and an apron, and Louis takes a quiet moment to watch him, to run his eyes on the planes of Harry’s back, the way his biceps shift as he whisks.

“Um,” he says eventually, leaning his shoulder against the wall and raising an eyebrow, making sure he’s glancing at the vicinity of Harry’s face. “Why are you naked in the kitchen?”

Immediately, Harry whirls around, his face lighting up. “Lou!” He exclaims, grinning so wide that his dimples dig pockets in his cheeks. “You’re home!”

“And you aren’t wearing clothes,” Louis replies, as evenly as he can.

Harry, however, ignores him. “How was your interview?” He asks, the grin on his face not even wavering. “I bet it went well! I ordered pizza to celebrate. My treat, of course,” he says, when Louis opens his mouth to ask how much he has to pay. “Because you deserve it, whether or not the interview went shit or not.”

There are days when Louis thinks he’s almost there, when he’s at the cusp of finally getting over his unrequited love, when he thinks he’s so close to getting over him. Days when he looks at Harry and thinks that it hurts a bit less, when Harry treats him platonically, days when he thinks that there’s a possibility that this love he feels will eventually fade, and he can simply be Harry’s best mate without wanting more.

But then Harry goes and does something like this, something so thoughtful and so sweet, and it’s just. All his feelings come rushing back to him like a freight train, threatening to overwhelm him, to choke him. It hurts, being on the receiving end of Harry’s earnest affection, because Harry doesn’t mean it the way he wants it, Harry never means it the way he wants it.

It takes a while for him to notice that Harry’s looking at him expectantly, his green eyes wide and curious. “Uh,” he clears his throat, shaking his head. “It went well, I think.”

There’s a flash of something on Harry’s face, but it’s too quick for Louis to catch it. “I’m glad,” Harry says, coming over to hug Louis. Louis buries his face into the smooth skin of Harry’s shoulder, closes his eyes and lets himself enjoy the feeling of being held.

“So,” he starts, when Harry eventually pulls away, “are you going to tell me why you’re not wearing a shirt now?”

Harry’s lips curve up in a smile, his eyes glittering. “I’m baking,” he says, as if Louis hadn’t noticed the giant bowls and different baking materials littering their counter. “I wanted to make rainbow cupcakes for the road trip.”

The road trip. Oh, yeah. “That doesn’t explain why you’re naked, though,” Louis says, going over to where Harry’s standing. He pushes a few bowls aside, hopping up onto the counter and surveying the different bowls filled with what is presumably cupcake batter. He sticks a finger into the red one, and blinks innocently at Harry when Harry glares at him.

“Don’t eat that,” Harry says, taking the bowl away from Louis and setting it away from him. Louis smears the batter on his finger on Harry’s cheekbone, just to be a little shit. “And if you must know, I accidentally packed all my clean shirts for the trip.”

Louis frowns. “All?” He asks incredulously. Harry’s got like, a hundred shirts, no way he packed them all for a one-week road trip. “You’re not even going to use that many.”

Harry crosses his arms. “But I wanted options,” he says defensively. “Besides, you’re going to run out of clean shirts halfway through and steal mine.”

“I will not,” Louis grumbles, sticking his finger into the blue cupcake batter and smearing it right on his other cheekbone. 

“You will,” Harry says, grabbing Louis’ hand and pulling it away from his face. Louis tries not to focus on how long his fingers are, and just how easily they wrap around his wrist. “I know you, Lou. You’re just going to bring seven shirts, one for every day of the week.”

Ha. He’s wrong there. Louis had been fully intending to bring eight shirts. One for every day of the week and one extra.

Anyway, it’s summer and they’re going to the beach. Which means that Louis is going to spend most of his time in swim shorts. Shirts are illogical in the beach.

But. “I refuse to believe you actually packed all your clean shirts,” Louis says, pulling his wrist away from Harry’s fingers. He immediately dips his finger into the green batter and smears it on Harry’s nose. “Are you just going to be naked until Saturday then?”

“That’s the plan,” Harry says mischievously. At Louis’ unimpressed look, he laughs. “Come on, Lou, being naked is fun.”

For him, maybe. For Louis it’s just torture. “I’ll get you a shirt,” Louis says, hopping down from the counter. He’s fully intending to storm into Harry’s room and pull out a shirt from his already-packed bag—maybe pull out a few other things too and mess his room up a bit—but Harry suddenly grabs him by the arm, pulling him back to the kitchen.

“No,” Harry says, laughing. “I don’t want to. It’s hot. And besides, you’re here now too.”

The way he says it makes it sounds like he’s alluding to something, and Louis stops in his tracks, whirls around dramatically. “What are you implying by that, Harold?”

The grin on Harry’s face doesn’t waver. “Baking with you is messy,” he answers. “If I wore a shirt now, you’re just going to make a mess out of it.”

Louis levels him with a look. “I will not,” he huffs crossing his arms. 

“You will,” Harry answers easily. He gestures to his face, as if that’s supposed to be proof enough.

Louis rolls his eyes. “You have so little faith in me.” He hops back onto his spot on the counter, kicking his heels noisily against the cupboards. He beams innocently when Harry shoots him a glare. “I’m an adult. I am perfectly capable of sitting here and watching you bake. Quietly,” he adds, when Harry opens his mouth. “I’m going to sit here and watch you bake quietly.”

“Let’s see how long this lasts,” Harry mutters, but he’s smiling as he turns back to his bowl.

And Louis wants to say he lasts very long, but. There’s only so much baking he can watch before it gets boring, and there’s only so much of half-naked Harry he can look at before his fingers itch with the need to touch him. So it’s definitely not his fault when the pizza arrives and Harry goes to answer the door covered head-to-toe in flour, butter, and left over cupcake batter.
He absolutely deserves it.

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So hi my birthday is on the 7th of March and nothing would make me happier than a designation miracle fic. Could I have something short for my birthday. Please with rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top? Perhaps something a bit angsty but hopeful at the same time? Thanks so much in advance if you have time for this. I love your writing. Keep up the amazing work. Many feels and best wishes.

Midorima ignores the other boy when he stays for late practice. Instead, he focuses on shooting the ball, over and over again, even past the point when he’s tired.

“Why do you practice so hard?” Takao asks, and Midorima jerks slightly. If he’d been shooting the ball at the time, he might have missed. “You don’t even know if they’ll let you play in a game.”

Midorima doesn’t know what to do with this human. Takao had seen him when he was most vulnerable and had been incredibly kind, and Midorima isn’t sure what to do with either of those things. Every time Takao is nearby, Midorima simultaneously hopes he’ll start talking to him and also dreads it. He wonders what it is called when you want someone close but you also kind of resent their existence in your life. He’s never felt so conflicted about anything before and he hates it.

Just ignore him, Midorima vows. But then Takao moves away, and Midorima’s heart speeds up, and he really doesn’t want him to leave so he says, “There is no point in doing anything unless I put all of my best effort into it.”

Takao smiles, (and Midorima still has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that smile, that smile is far too unreadable and it distresses Midorima greatly), and he says, “How odd. I have a hard time imagining the other Miracles devoting themselves to hard work and effort.”

“Yes, well,” Midorima says, turning away, a familiar bitterness churning in his gut, “They could afford not to.”


It is not that there was any one Group that had it easier than the rest. Midorima can recognize that, now. And they were all trying to prove they were Successes, they were all trying to prove that they were worthy enough to live.

It’s just that Midorima never had the luxury of pretending it was any other way. GM - G7283 always knew he was expendable.


“You’re easy to make, you know,” his creator says, and she sounds so bored. “Not like the others. You’re replaceable.”

There were four other people who had the same face as him. Two, now. But somehow he suspects maybe there are others he hasn’t seen. Maybe rows and rows of him, all waiting for him to fail and take his place. He’d seen one of the scientists break a microscope once. Then she opened up a closet and there were twenty other microscopes on the shelf.

It was like that, he figures. Other Green Sevens just like him all kept somewhere on a shelf waiting for him to break.


“To tell you the truth, this Project Group is boring. I’d rather work on one of the others.”

“Hush, you. You want to be assigned to the Black Fours? Or the Orange Threes? No thank you.”

“But at least they have a challenge. We’ve mastered telekinesis, we’ve got all we’re going to out of this Group.”

“Not quite. We don’t have the best yet. When we have the best, we’ll close it down. Any maybe it’s not as ‘challenging’ as the others, but at the end of the day, at least the Green Sevens work and we have job security.”

“It’s not like they’re going to fire us.”

“Don’t be an idiot. The stuff we’re doing—there’s a whole lot worse that could happen than being fired.”

Green wonders if they know he can hear them. They probably don’t care. Or maybe they think he can’t understand.

But he does understand.

They need the best, so he has to be the best.

(And even if he is the best—that doesn’t mean anything. They can make another just like him. It’s not hard).


When the others start playing games, he thinks, Ah, how easy they have it.

It must be what Black feels—what Orange and Brown and White all felt—to see the others so confident in their own Success, that they can relax when they’re on a mission.

He is a Success, he’s proven that, but he knows he has to keep proving that, over and over again.


“You’re an interesting guy, Shin-chan,” Takao says, taking him out of his memories.

And Midorima just pushes up his glasses, not looking at Takao, as he says, “No, I’m not. I am very boring.”

Takao bursts out laughing, and Midorima doesn’t know what to do with that laugh, anymore than he knew how to handle that smile. “No, you’re definitely not. You’re one of a kind.”

Midorima winces, but he doesn’t think Takao sees. “There are others like me.”

“Shin-chan, I can say with one hundred percent certainty, there is no one else like you.”

Midorima’s heart beats faster for no discernible reason. He wants to believe it, wants someone to believe it, even if he can’t, so he doesn’t correct Takao on that point.


Days, months, years, and Takao still believes there’s no one else like Midorima. And because Takao believes it, Midorima starts to believe it too.

A/N: Happy Birthday, anon-friend!! It is still March 7th for me, so I hope it is for you too! I am glad you enjoy this series =D  I haven’t written MidoTaka in awhile, so I hope this was OK— it’s set some time early in the “Don’t Blink” timeline. And “angst with hope” is pretty much my all I know how to do =P I hope you have an absolutely lovely day!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Ordinary VI

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Word count: 1189

Warnings: Angst but not too could maybe even say it contains a little fluff

Author’s note: Let me say some! I am so hyped up for BTS comeback!!!! And in two weeks I will see GD in Berlin ♥.♥ Very very happy atm :P

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Excerpt: “Don’t act like you care even a little bit for me. You think you can play with me and use me till you suddenly get bored and leave me behind. I know how this works. My life is a joke to everyone but me. To you all I am just one out of hundreds. All these girls you must have abducted, I am sure they never went home. I will not go home either. Am I right?”

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