as you can probably tell by now i miss them so much


(slams hands on table) hoshidan royal fami l y + k i d s

Oh my god I thought I was never going to get this done this took forever. Based off this sketch, but unfortunately I had to cut mikoto and sumeragi because… well, you can see this picture is pretty crowded as is. and they all wear similar colors so it’s really hard to make them distinct from each other. But omg I’m so glad I got this done, I had to do at least one pic of this because I love the family dynamic. Most importantly, it has shiro and kiragi who are always missing from the birthright royal fam fanart and I love them. I need more art of them as a big family because it warms my soul.

other thoughts I had while drawing this:

-spotify randomly opened and started playing different strokes at some pint and it was just like a sign from god to keep going

-”what the fuck is their damage with bows this whole family wears more ribbons than a goddam joann fabric store”

-kiragi and shiro = young takumi and ryoma????

-Hinoka is Um Jammer Lammy

i just can’t get over the shift in robron tonight. and yes, i probably am over-analysing because i’ve missed them so every second of their scenes is now extremely important, but they just seemed so comfortable around each other.

even the way they sauntered into the pub, chatting quietly to each other, robert glancing back at aaron… and then you had the whole teddy bear exchange (as i’m calling it) and aaron letting his hand slide down robert’s arm as he gets a pint. it’s just a tiny physical display of… not even affection, but just that reassurance that he can touch robert, that they can do this now, that they’re not hiding. and he probably doesn’t even question it now, or not as much, which is even more special really because this has all become so normal to them.

and robert being included in the family discussion in the backroom, and aaron not freaking out because his mum’s in hospital because robert is there as the voice of reason, telling him chas did the right think seeking help

and then you had the most incredibly sarky banter - “any time i’m feeling down i just look at you and think ‘it could be worse, i could be robert’” AND THAT LAUGH THAT IS SO INFECTIOUS IT MAKES ROBERT LAUGH

and i know they were such small scenes and not exactly romantic but they weren’t mate-y either. they looked settled, happy, content in each other’s company and comfortable to show it even around others.

i don’t even know where i’m going with this i was just really happy to see them so relaxed and at ease with each other it’s literally made my heart hurt

Yo Tumblr, what it is? Let’s make this Intro quick and simple. 

My name is Jerome but just call me JR. I’m 27. From Tampa, FL but right now living in Jamaica, Queens. I’m a father of 3(2 Boys-1 girl) probably see more of them later on if their moms ain’t on some shit, I guess you can tell I don’t get to see them much, I make sure they good though. I invested in a few businesses before I got cased up. Motivational speaker for youngins headed in the wrong direction. Been there done that, and missed out on a lot of shit. Still gotta work on myself though, but long as I can keep our future out the streets I’m good. I ain’t into social media like that so don’t expect to see me on here everyday, shit sometimes I might be gone for days lol I know they still watching my every move. 

Besides the basics I’m laid back, too old for bullshit, just tryin to take care of mines and enjoy life finally. FWM. 

no but can we talk about each of them getting home PLS

Ashton I guarantee you 200% walked into his door and got tackled by his little siblings and even though they’re tall enough now that he doesn’t have to anymore he crouches down because he wishes they were still that little and let’s them tackle him to the floor even though it hurts a bit but he doesn’t care because he missed them so much

Calum probably got home and gave his mom and dad the biggest freaking hugs and was all “mom please tell me you’re cooking something I’m dying” and she’d be cooking his favorite and he’d go lay on his old bed and just be so freakin happy

Luke went straight to liz I guarantee it even though she probably planned for everybody to be there when he got home and his brothers probably put him in a headlock because he’s still little brother dweeb lukey to them and he didn’t even fight it cause he missed them so much

Mikey probably freakin dropped to his knees and was all “FEDERER CMERE BUDDY” and cuddled up to the over excited poodle while his parents just rolled their eyes and waited for him to get up so they could hug him


So….I decided to make a follow forever thing? I was looking throught my notifications mostly (and my follow list of course )to do it and i probably skipped some names or stuff so if you miss you here, tell me and i will edit it to put you here <3 (some people have notes besides them, if you don’t have isn’t nothing personal i just are too shy and stuff like that) (not in any order):


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Ok, that was big and i know that i left out some folks. But thatssss it <3


Zayn Malik

I know you guys , follow this blog because i post about books and Supernatural, but … yesterday and today and probably everyday , I’m gonna have to talk about how much i miss Zayn.
It haven’t been 24 hours since the news of him leaving One Direction and i can’t stand this anymore.
You will probably judge me about this , or tell me it’s okay , it’s just a band . Well no its not , remember that post i wrote about myself when i said i was strong enough to get through depression and suicidal toughts period? Well it was all thanks to One Direction, they saved my life . Literally . And my parents know that very well , cause they saw how much i changed once i knew about them . It was all like god guided me to them or whatever. They were here for me in my darkest times . And now i feel so damn empty cause the reason i became happy and full or life is breaking . Of course Liam , Harry , Louis and Niall are going to continue, and i am here for them , always, I’m still dedicated and always will . But it just won’t be the same again. … Zayn Malik was a huge part of my life . My heart can’t live without all 5/5 . It’s so painful.

Okay i had to post this ,i had to share with someone, and who can understand me better than fandoms?