as you came from the holy land

Incy Wincy Spider

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  This is my first entry for @bucky-plums-barnes100 banging kinks for Bucky’s birthday” Reader gets bored while they watch a movie.

Word Count: 1,078

Warnings: Smut, Language, Spider Walking (kink)

A/N: Spider Walking is great and very underrated. It’s driving someone insane by touching them with the pads of your fingers, sort of like a fly walking up your arm. No actual skin contact, just fleeting caresses. Hope you like it, my loves!

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You and Bucky lay in bed, his attention focused on the screen of your laptop, his eyes following the movements of the characters in his favourite film. It was a European film, lots of smoking and swearing, and you grew tired of it after a few minutes. Needing to distract yourself, you started mapping his veiny forearm with the pad of your index.

The arm around your waist squeezed gently. “Are you bored?”

His voice startled you and your fingers stropped tracing patterns on his arm. You tilted your head up to look up at him, your lips turned up in a shy smile.

“A bit,” you admitted, laying your head back on his chest. “Was that annoying?” You slid your fingertips slowly along his forearm so he’d know what you were referring to.

A soft laugh bubbled past his lips. “Not at all. Actually, it’s very soothing.”

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i remember when the wonder woman trailer came out and it just showed a glimpse of her climbing that ladder, you know The One, anyways like it just had this feeling that it was leading up to something important and then when watching the movie and the no mans land scene happened and right when she gets on the field theres a slow mo explosion behind her and its not the typical “cool guy walks away from explosion” moment, instead shes walking into a hail of bullets and its the most fucking next level bad ass shit i’ve ever fucking witnessed with my own two eyes like holy shit what a Game Changer what a way to demolish that trope and create something beautiful 

Holy Shit

Peter Parker x Reader, fluff.

A/N: @sarazzprime​ requested this with the first sentence - I changed it up a tiny bit to fit the story. 

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“Holy shit!” Peter Parker yelped in delightful shock, as he watched you catch and hold back with your bare hands, the semi truck that had come careening out of control - right towards a group of pedestrian who were crossing the street. He stood there in his Spider-man suit, 100% stunned by what he had just witnessed.

You panted as the metal of the truck bent in your palms, feet sliding to a halt as the vehicle came to a slow stop. Heart racing, you cried out in pain and pushed back the truck slightly as you tried to catch a breath or two.

“Holy shit..” Peter was at your side, hand on your shoulder and the sound of pure disbelief in his face. “You - you just - I saw you - HOLY SHIT.”

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anonymous asked:

I am a Norse polytheist who is from the US. Although sometimes I don't like it, I know that I'm a product of this 'new' world, colonial culture. As such, I feel like an outsider in my religion because I do not view Scandinavia as some kind of spiritual homeland and see the gods most strongly in America. How would you approach this feeling of alienation?

First things first anon, I’m going to get a little sweary here - not at you though:

The idea of Scandinavia as some Holy Land in Asatru/Heathenry is bollocks. It is, quite frankly, a steaming pile of bullshit imported from some remnants of a Christian millenialist second-coming theology.

I mean no offense to my Scandinavian followers who are lovely people, or to any of you American folks by saying this. It’s one thing to visit the lands where Heathenry originated to soak up the landscapes spoken of in the Eddas, to visit, say, the actual places where the sagas and poems are set.

But to view them as any more holy than the lands which we inhabit now? Utter rubbish. Which isn’t to say that we can’t make journeys to where our literal ancestors came from, to learn about ourselves, but to lend those lands some kind of mystic importance is, well, a bit odd to me. I get that it arises from a desire to connect, to feel rooted, particularly in a ‘colonial’ culture, I really do.

Here’s the thing though - though I would dearly love to visit Iceland one day, I don’t need to. I don’t need to because I’m lucky to live in Britain, in the midst of the Danelaw. People who honoured my gods walked the same paths I walked, breathed the same water, felt the same earth beneath their feet. Round here, there’s Norse placenames everywhere. Less than eight miles away from me, they discovered the Silverdale Hoard in 2011.

I’m not pointing this out to lord my “my land is more Heathen than yours” status, but to illustrate a point. See, the Norse folk came here, and yes they raided, but they also settled. They intermixed with the local populace - they themselves were 'colonial’! Those Norse placenames I mentioned? They probably had Anglo-Saxon and British names before the colonists came, but the Norse ones have stuck, some thousand years later.

Those colonists named places for their gods, for words and concepts in their own language. They folded this new land into their worldview. To be sure, some of the Deep Cultural similarities between Norse and Anglo Saxon cultures would have helped, but the fact remains that Thor met Thunor here, Odin met Woden.

You anon, live far to the West, and there is mounting evidence that those plucky explorers got that far, as I’m sure you know. Maybe they survived and intermixed in ways archaeology has yet to show, or maybe they all died. It doesn’t matter, not really - because while they lived, they no doubt did the same as those folk who came here, to this small island.

They named places in their native tongues, and probably learnt some Native American names too, just as your countrymen still, in some areas live in places bearing original indigenous names.

I’ve said before that Heathenry is local. Sure, the gods are honoured and worshipped by those who feel the need. Sure, one honours one’s ancestors. But one also needs, if one is serious about attempting to achieve a modern version of the Heathen worldview, learn to connect with the environment in which we live.

Now, when I say local, I don’t mean you should practice American Heathenry™. I don’t know where you live in the States anon, but I’m pretty sure it’s a place with its own moods and rhythms. From my memory of trips to the US, Maryland is different to Key West is different to the Everglades is different to Miami.

Scale down your consciousness in a sense. Practice the customs and traditions of your town, your house, your garden. There’s maybe twenty Heathens in my town that I know of, and of those, they form two distinct populations. Which is perfectly fine. For all I know you’re the only Norse Polytheist in the area or choose not to associate with others for political or personal reasons or because they’re the kind of silly numpties who believe in white supremacy or some sort of bollocks like that.

That’s fine, and it’s fine because ultimately, only you can forge the connections needed. Only you can open yourself up to the world in which you live and call the gods to aid you in becoming aware of the threads which bind all wights together.

Only you can make the decision to live in a rooted way, to take your nourishment and strength from the land in which you live. How to do that though? From a non woo perspective, seek out local food and produce if you can - and it doesn’t have to be all the time - and make a deliberate attempt to be aware that  you are eating the fruits of this land.

If you can’t find, or can’t afford local produce, do the same with a glass of tap water. Even if the source is far away, it has still flowed through this land into your dwelling. Research the history of where you live - if there are any local founders or luminaries, pour them out an offering to say thank you for giving you a place to live. Obviously, in the US, this is fraught with implications regarding the displacement and maltreatment of Native Americans, but in my limited experience of such things, asking the gods to help bridge the gap in honouring all those who came before you, to this place is usually a good step.

And then, well, there’s trees. As a Norse Polytheist/Heathen, I bloody love trees. Not only can they connect you to Yggdrasil, the World Tree, in meditation, but if you’ll recall the Edda, humans came from driftwood enlivened by the gifts of the gods, so in a mythopoetic sense, trees are our kin, and we can learn much from them.

Think about the way they work; they emerge from a seed, sending root-tendrils out for water and nutrients, sprouting and reaching up, turning their leaves to the sun. If you’ve ever looked at trees along a street, you’ll probably notice that those tree roots will have cracked their way throug concrete - their vitality, their urge to seek out what nourishes them within the land in which they are embedded is such that it can break buildings and stone if need be!

This is something to contemplate in today’s increasingly urban society - that even despite the veneer of glass and steel and concrete, seeds still sprout, trees still grow, in defiance of so called 'civilisation’. And once you begin to notice this - really notice, you might begin to see the pulses and flows of that vitality, ancient, unstoppable, and all around us. You might contemplate that trees give us the fuel for our fires, light for our houses - what’s coal after all, but compressed vegetative matter, laid down long ago and burned to create steam which turns turbines producing electricity.

They take in carbon dioxide, give us the oxygen so we can breathe, their green chloroplasts capturing the sunlight, the source of all life on this planet, and their roots keep the topsoil in place so we can farm and consume that  which we farm, whether animal or vegetable. Each of them is unique, and some of them are older than we will ever be.

You might begin to consider how the oxygen they excrete mixes with the atmosphere, is stirred by the heat rising from the warmed earth to give us the winds which blow through their branches, setting their leaves to whisper with a language that birds learnt and passed to Odin and Sigurd both.

You might contemplate Nidhogg, down there gnawing at the roots of Yggdrasil, that old wyrm who steams in the cold by the kettle of roaring white-water. And you might consider Sigurd once again, slaying the wyrm and eating its heart as it cooks over a fire.

You might begin to breathe, to remember how your blood feels, there in your veins, right now, flowing, moving, giving you life, hue and goodly shape, all without you even trying. Might begin to feel something stir in your soul, as if a door opens, and suddenly, your ordinary world becomes infused with living beings. Might feel words on a screen suddenly reaching out, calling in old song.

Might iit be possible, for a moment, to recall the excitement of rediscovering something you had thought you had lost? Something you had thought you might never see again?

To entertain the notion that, if only for a while, there are places and times where the thousands of years and miles matter not a jot, because the gods and the ancestors and wights exist, right Here, right Now - maybe even as you read these words? All about you, just waiting, patiently, for you to notice the faintest traces of their presence. All you have to do is take a leap for a moment, a split second.

To allow  yourself to be connected. Because you already are, friend. Trust me. Feel free to let me know how it goes, anon.

Take care.

I'm stuck with who?

Pairing: John Murphy X Reader
Requested: Yes 
Warnings: vulgar language, violence, and slight sexual themes
A/N: Sorry this is late, I have a busy week! To the anon that requested this– I hope you enjoy it! 
Word count : 1685
“What was that sound?” Murphy asks, his head moving toward the noise that came from farther up the shore.

“I don’t know, hopefully someone here to kill you, so I don’t have to have your blood on my hands,” you reply from your place on the sand. You two had been lying on the beach since Jaha had run off, following more of his crazy delusions. It’s two days after you’d been wandering in through the dead zone with Jaha and his group of misfits. You can’t shake the memories from your head.

Holy shit. That’s all that passed through your mind as you watched Harris’s body be blown to pieces by the land mine he stepped on. You had made the decision to follow Jaha into the dead zone, now you wished you had thought this idea through with a little more foresight. Sadly, you realize, nobody would miss you, if you were the one who’d stepped on the land mine. All of the delinquents you’d been sent to Earth with despised you, you were notorious for your sarcastic comments, bad attitude, and ‘don’t fuck with me’ persona. Everyone had avoided you, afraid to piss you off and be on the other side of your right hook. The only people that could have wanted you to stay back, in case you died, had already died themselves. Your parents. They died during the Ark’s descent to Earth, of course the station they had been on was the one that burned up in the atmosphere. But now, you’re following a deranged man, that thinks he’s the messiah, into unknown territory. This is definitely at the top of the list entitled 'stupid decisions Y/N has made’.

Of course that journey was filled to the brim of sarcastic, nasty comments thrown between you and Murphy. You can’t remember ever saying one nice thing to the boy. Back at the dropship you two got into quarrels almost every time your eyes locked, both of you are not only short tempered, but ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

“If it is a murderer I’d be glad they killed me, then I wouldn’t have to deal with your annoying ass all the time,” came Murphy’s sarcastic reply drawing you out of your thoughts. He lifts his body from the sand and makes his way over to the lighthouse.

“Well, are you coming or not?” Murphy asks you, in a demanding tone of voice, obviously annoyed that you weren’t following him.

“Y-yeah, yeah,” you say struggling to stand up, your leg still bleeding from the sea monster attack. Murphy starts up the hill, while you hobble behind him, as fast as your two legs can carry you. Nearing the lighthouse you see Murphy racing inside a hole in the wall, the noise you two heard must have been a door opening. You still, your instincts are screaming at you to be cautious and not go inside. But, you ignore them and continue through the frame once you hear music coming from inside.

“Woah,” you whisper under your breath. Once you’re at the bottom of the stairs, your eyes soak in everything around you. There’s a pool table standing in the middle of the room, alcohol littered the counters, motorcycles you had only seen in history textbooks were parked in the hallway.

“Look at this place,” Murphy says, head turned over his shoulder at you, “There’s food, music, running water, everything I’ve ever needed. Now all I need is someone to share it with, sadly my only option is you.” He pours himself a glass of alcohol, you can’t tell what type it is from this far away. Moving toward him you say, “Hey asshole, you’re not who I’d want to be here with either. Pour me a glass while you’re at it. I’m gonna explore.”

You walk down the hallway, taking a mental inventory of everything you see. There’s only two rooms down this way: a bathroom containing a shower and toilet, and one bedroom fitted with a king-sized bed. You choose to explore the bedroom first. The bed is covered in an inane amount of pillows, too many for one person to ever need. Throwing open the closet doors you see it’s as full as the kitchen cupboards.

“I’m gonna utilize the shower in here, ya know, get the rest of Harris off me. When I’m done you should do the same!” You call out to Murphy after exiting the bedroom. He’s sitting on the couch, engrossed in a video on the screen. “What is that?” You question, taking a step closer to him.

“Nothing,” he tells you after tearing his eyes away from the screen. He seems out of it, as if he weren’t expecting what happened in the movie. “Go take your shower, you reek.” Suddenly Murphy is back to his normal agitating self.

“Only if you promise to take one after,” you sneer. It’s a half hearted come back, even Murphy can tell. You’ve never seen him act like that, a shell of himself, like he wasn’t really there. Even if you hate the kid you can’t help but to worry about him. Just because the top layers of your personality consist of sarcasm, bitterness, and hatred, doesn’t mean that there’s not a nice, caring, and sympathetic core underneath. Turning, you walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on. There’s no use in asking Murphy more about it, he wouldn’t open up to you anyways.

In the shower, you relish the warmth of the water as it envelopes your body. You’d forgotten how good this felt. You watched as the grime that covered your body was washed down the drain, this is the first time you’ve felt truly clean in months. After taking thirty minutes to fully cleanse yourself, you step out of the tub and grab a towel that was stashed under the sink. Wrapping it around your body, you open the bathroom door and make your way to the bedroom. You open the door to find Murphy sifting through the closet, looking for god knows what.

“Throw me some clothes, will you?” you ask in a not-so-friendly voice.

“Maybe if you make it worth my while,” he says, a smirk crossing his face as his eyes linger over your towel clad body.

“Only in your dreams, Murphy.” You walk to the closet trying to nudge him aside to grab clothes yourself. It doesn’t work, he stands stock still, his clothed body brushing against your bare skin.

“Why dream when the real thing is right in front of me?” he smirks, dragging his hand up your arm.

“Oh, only if you hadn’t been such a dick to me. Maybe your fantasies would have become a reality,” you whisper to him before striding back to the bathroom, clothes in hand.

“Well, you’re no walk in the park either, bitch,” he calls after you. “Before I forget to tell you, the door closed. Tried opening it, but it’s no use, we’re trapped in here. Together.” You looked over at him, the fear on your face clear as day. Your body starts going into panic mode, breathing becoming erratic, heart racing. “I wouldn’t worry so much, there’s plenty of food, okay?” His voice sounds, dare you say, caring. You nod at him, concealing your emotions, then turn to continue the task you were doing. After getting dressed you head back into the bedroom, planning on going to sleep, but stop in your tracks when your eyes land on Murphy taking his shirt off.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he tells you with a smirk spreading across his face. How did he know that you were looking at him? His back was to you. You decide to ignore him.

“Uh, I hope you know, I plan on sleeping in that bed.” You switch off the light, and start walking to the bed side closest to the door.

“And I hope you know, I’m not sleeping anywhere but this bed,” he starts pulling the covers back. You continue getting into, what you’ve deemed, your side of the bed.

“You better not try and cop a feel, or else you’ll be waking up with no hands,” you snarl at him before lying down and pulling the covers around your body.

“Trust me, I wouldn’t dream of it,” he replies, situating himself in bed. You both face away from one another, staring at the walls. It only takes you a few minutes to drift off to sleep. It’s been so long since you’ve felt the comfort of a soft bed, fluffy pillows, and a warm blanket around you. That combined with the exhaustion of wandering through the deadline for days, makes it easy to forget about not being able to leave this lighthouse. Until you start dreaming, that is.
You’re sat on the couch, facing the television screen. Looking around you notice a body, lying in front of your feet, lifeless. Examining it you see the bony body, and sunken in face of Murphy. Screaming, you try to move as far away from him as possible, but you’re stuck staring into his blank, dead face.

You feel something wrap around your body, stilling your thrashing movements. Slowly, the scene fades away into blackness. A calm floods over you, and your mind keeps the nightmares away, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.
You wake up in the morning, feeling well rested and safe. Shifting, you feel an unusual weight on your waist. You turn your body to face the presence behind you, and you see Murphy’s sleeping face. Pictures from your nightmare come to mind, pushing them away you take in his features: pale skin, sharp cheekbones, long dark eyelashes, smooth pink lips. He looks so innocent when he’s asleep and can’t spew rude comments at you. Sighing, you decide to enjoy this moment of peace, and cuddle closer to him. His arms tighten around you, and you start to think that maybe being stuck in this place with him could be a good thing.


It’s like I’m looking in a mirror. My name is Chester Whittingham, of Philadelphia’s Whittinghams. Welcome to the city of brotherly love. Now, our good founder William Penn bent over at least three rivers to get this premium plot of land. Now, he set out to be a holy experiment. And Lord, did he experiment with every hole he could find. Where do you think that crack in the Liberty Bell came from?

~Color Me Sunshine~ (John Laurens X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello!! Hurricane Hardy is literally right outside my door - figured I’d write something while school is canceled. I’m really in a not-so-great mood right now and I miss my aunt, so here’s this? Also I ship Mullette I’m not sorry.

T/W: Oh shit this fic’s deep y’all; Angst, hospitals, throwing up??, cancer, character death, sadness, progressive illness, graphic but not in the blood/gore kind of way??

**Disclaimer** Cancer, like a lot of things, can differ from person to person. I lost my aunt to cancer when I was really little, almost eight years ago, and I’m really missing her right now, I’m sorry – so I wrote this stemming from all the stories I’ve been told of her. My most sincere apologies if you know/knew someone who had/has cancer, and are offended by the fact that they had a different experience than my aunt. I only write what I know. Thank you.


Yellow was the umbrella you had had the first time you met him.

Maybe it was because it was his first real interaction he’d had with you after years of buying coffee just to see you or maybe it was because he couldn’t quite admit that it was all over, but he couldn’t get rid of it.

Every time a friend came over, it was shoved away in his closet or under his bed, but any other time, there it was, sitting lazily on the living room coffee table, a constant reminder that you were gone.

“Oh, my God! Holy shit, I’m so, so sorry!” Apologies tumbled from your mouth, the yellow umbrella dropping from your grip as you stumbled back, your boots splashing in the puddles of spilled coffee that littered the ground.

He had been zoned out, walking out of the coffee shop with his drink in hand, when the daffodil-yellow umbrella had attacked him. His coffee had fallen from his grip, landing on the ground and startling him enough to make him stumble back before any of it got on his shoes.

And who else would it be but the very girl he was thinking about. The girl who was twenty minutes late for her shift.

“N- No, no, it’s- t’s okay.” John didn’t even know if his words had been coherent, but he honestly didn’t care.

He was talking to (Y/N) (L/N). The (Y/N) (L/N).

The girl he’d been fawning over since Maria and Eliza had taken him out for coffee that one morning. The girl that made his heart leap every time she looked at him. The girl who had made him refuse to go to any other coffee shop, and, even though he only spoke to her when she asked his name, he felt his chest swell whenever she smiled.

“Oh, thank God none of it got on you.” You breathed a sigh of relief, clasping a hand over your chest and looking the man up and down, making sure you were correct. Your gaze travelled from his shoes to his face, but you did a double-take as your eyes met his. “Wait, don’t I know you?”

He blushed, scratching the back of his neck slightly. “Uhm… Maybe? I come here almost every morning to get coffee.” He shrugged, hoping he came off as cool as he did in his mind.

He did not.

“Uhm… John, right?” You smiled, making his mind go fuzzy and his ears heat up.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love you no one ever writes 7 days to die aus please write/ref more!!

Ahhh, you should bless @gaywood for giving me the prompt in the first place! 

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but okay, I love to think about them not knowing each other at first, and it’s like Ryan collects a whole pack of them that follow him around like puppies as he passes through dead or dying towns

and maybe they’re the first people he’s come across who are decent, who aren’t out for his blood and the guns he’s built with his own two hands or the tins of food that sit heavy at the bottom of his pack. 

There’s Jack who snatches his arm as he’s sprinting from a horde, pulls him into a room that’s well fortified, and Jack’s clearly been there for a while, if the amount of stuff in the room is anything to go by; and he’s obviously got it from other people- killed them, Ryan thinks, and he’s quick on the draw- but Jack ignores him, keeps his ear pressed to the door, tense, before deflating. They’re safe.

Jack saved his life and he’s still got his pistol trained on him, even as Jack blinks at the gun, confused for a moment before moving on to check the other barricades. 

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as if today wasn’t amazing enough i seem to have landed myself a sugar mama (??????) for some reason because @samueldraake is all like “gotchu something from ur Amazon wishlist” and honestly i am not expecting her to be SO GENEROUS so I’m like ooh maybe a key ring or sth BUT WHAT CAME IN THE FUCKING POST BUT??????

THE FUCKING POE DAMERON HANDBAG????????????? So if there was any further proof needed that Ari is an angel from above well this is it because holy SHIT thank you thank you thank you

Doran x Reader...

((Oh my gosh, my first ever Doran piece! I hope you all like it! I honestly really enjoyed writing it and for the ruling Prince of Dorne….even though it’s shorter than i would have liked))

Word Count: 1,451

Warning: None

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It’s Not Personal Pt. V // 4:38

Pairing: Read x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanova, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Vision

Warning: Swearing, fighting, fluff, angst ??

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. If you’re liking this and want to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Was listening to this song while writing: (x)

Previous Parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

It was dark by the time you arrived. The moon was the only lighting as you stumbled down the street. Cars flew past you, your hair blowing up by the wind. It didn’t bother you, though. Your thoughts were elsewhere as you reached the building your heart was aching for. It stood, looming over, in front of you. Lights were on, closer to the top floor. The bold letters already made you anxious, and your palms sweaty.

You walked up to the large front doors, smiling at the camera. The door made a click as it unlocked, you hesitated for a moment before pushing them open. The lobby was empty as you headed over to the elevator, pressing the top floor. Different thoughts swarmed your brain as you stared at yourself in the elevator mirror.

Did you look OK? Was your hair brushed enough? You brushed your teeth, you checked. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. You’d known about this day for a couple of months, you planned it over and over in your head. But as the day grew closer, you got more and more nervous. You’d become irrational and kept walking into things.

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Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x reader

Warning : none

A/N: first time doing this lol pls be gentle with me


“So basically, you want to take a trip with Cheryl out hiking somewhere to just bond with each other in celebration of your 3rd month anniversary?”, said by Betty with eyebrows scrunched up together with an amused smile while Veronica played with the straw of her smoothie with a glint in her eye .

(Y/N) nodded slowly starting to doubt if it would count as romantic and still push through since we all know how Cheryl is *eye roll*.

As you drink your smoothie, the response of Veronica had you choking on your cool vanilla drink.

“Hope you guys fuck”


So I, (y/n) (y/l/n), never thought Cheryl Blossom aka my girlfriend for 3 months would actually agree on this hiking trip I had in mind for us for the long weekend as we head to the Siouxon Creek Trailhead.

You side-glance to the beautiful redhead passenger as she started to sing out to her fave song, Touch by Little Mix. You swear to whoever is out there, she may seem so closed off to others accompanied by her HBIC status at Riverdale high but she is a huge dork hidden in her maroon adidas track suit.


Finally reaching your destination, you parked the car and with the other vehicles of the other hikers in the area and started to unload the bags. Of course you carry the real heavy ones while handing Cheryl the sleeping bags and toiletries.

Cheryl noticing the veins popping out of your neck from the weight of the food and tent equipment, she touched your arm and looked you in the eyes with a smirk,

“Need help there (y/n)?”

With the sudden need to keep you dignity and pride in tact even with the struggle of the weight, you shake your head

“I’m a-okay baby”, kissing her forehead and wink at her direction, “thanks for the concern”

((Thank God your secluded space was somewhat near the parking))


After 2 horrible hours in the heat while setting up your tent and fixing the things you had brought, you finally got your hiking bags ready and started to trek the trailhead.

Until a small spider landed on her shoulder..

“(Y/N)!!!!!! OH MY GOD” Cheryl’s voice shrieked.

Panicking you sprinted to her side as she frantically started jumping while brushing off the spider which traveled to her arm.

As soon as the spider fell off her arm she launched into you arms deciding it would be best if she stuck (literally) with you.

After somewhat 10 yards from the “spider attack” as she labeled it to be, you put her down and addressed the confusion shown on her face,

“Babe this is our hiking trip, I can’t carry you uphill for 3 km..if you want we can take a look at the plants and could use your knowledge on the herbs on what and what not to eat, that should be fun yeah?”

As soon as she heard the four words “knowledge on the herbs”, her eyes and smile lit up like it was new year’s eve and basically dragged you off the path and into the plants,

“Fantastic idea, (y/n)! Let’s do it right now!!

“Wait wha–”


After the fiasco of going through almost ALL the plants and reaching the peek of your trek, it was all worth it seeing her smile and with the sun setting you started to head back to the campsite while reaching out to hold Cheryl’s hand using your thumb to rub circles on the back of it bringing it up to your lips as you kiss it.

“Thank you for agreeing to do this with me babe. I love you”

“Anything to spend some alone time with my (y/n), away from the breakfast club”
Rolling you eyes at the statement but displaying your amused grin knowing she doesnt mean it. You moved your arm around to pull her close to you as you kiss her temple and continue to trek down the trail.

Reaching the your secluded campsite, you head straight for the mini grill you brought with you and start to get a fire going to cook the pork chops with steak sauce marinade while Cheryl changed her clothes in the tent, as you glance to the flap of the tent which was somewhat open, you could see the curve of herback as she took off her drifit under her tracksuit, and because of that moment of distraction your hand accidentally lowered to the heated grill and burned the side of your hand.

“hoLY JESUS FUCK–” releasing the last porkchop perfectly landing on the grill and holding your burned hand to your chest and you roll on your back away from the grill.

Cheryl came rushing out to your side with her reading  glasses on and a worried look on her face.

“(Y/n)! Babe, what happened??”

“I got distracted with how beautiful you looked and slightly burned my hand…sorry”

Blushing and biting her lip from the unexpected statement, Cheryl slapped your shoulder while saying,

“Serves you right for not being able to handle how hot I am without the glasses..”

“Babe you and your glasses drive me crazy…and ouch?! *fake gasp while smiling* abuse much?”

“(Y/n) you will handle the mashed potates and I’ll continue the grill before you burn yourself again”, she pulled your shirt to kiss you on the lips, “and that as your motivation to not get distracted”

You salute with your burnt hand accompanied by the goofy smile on your face saying, “ma'am yes ma'am”


After being the “baby” tonight since I couldnt use my hand for now due to the burn, Cheryl had to feed me baby-style.

Now that’s over, she looked at the ointment from her medicine packet with her doe amber eyes which I love the most. She bites her lip in reading the little inscription at the back while sitting in my bball shorts and loose nike shirt. It was the perfect moment to sneak a picture. I sneaked out my phone as she was engrossed in reading what to do and how to apply the ointment, I pressed the button in taking her picture without remembering to remove the flash…but alas, it was too late and chaos ensued.

“Did you just take a picture of me…”

“Um baby, I know you dont like pictures when you’re in my comfy clothes with no make up on bu-”

“Give me your phone”

“Wha- no..pls I want to keep it”

“(Y/n). At least show me the picture”

“I know you’ll try to delete it cher-”

Cheryl suddenly tackles me to try to reach me phone but I chuck it to one side of the tent before she reaches it and lock her in my arms  while she starts to wiggle out of it. Deciding to flip the position, I was suddenly on top of her, holding both her hands above her head while our faces where inches apart breathing heavily against each other. I gaze at her pink plump lips while slowly shifting my gaze to her amber colored eyes that were dilated as we stared at each other. Suddenly your body starts to heat up as you inch your face close to hers as your lips somewhat graze each other and finally you let go of her hands and grasp her face to deepen the kiss as you nip on her lower lip and hear a low moan emitting from her. After the burn in your lungs suddenly made itself known due to the lack of oxygen, you break apart from the heated make out and opened your eyed to see a flustered Cheryl who also is breathing heavily as you are.

You break the silence and say, “so…can I keep that photo?”
“Ugh fine, but it better not see the light of day (y/l/n)” Cheryl says while pouting.

“But of course!! It’ll only be my home screen”

You suddenly change your position to be on your back and let Cheryl rest her head on your chest, arm around your waist and both your legs intertwined. At that moment you felt at home with her, knowing your heart was safe and content with everything you have right now and silently thanking your lucky stars for the beautiful girl in your arms.

You kiss the top of her head saying, “I love you with all my heart, Cheryl Blossom aka dork of my life aka the louis of my superman”

Turning her head to look up at you with shining unshed tears, she got up on her arm and placed her hand on your face to kiss you softly, pull away smiling and falling back to her original position to snuggle up to you.

“I love you with every fiber of my being, (y/n) (y/l/n), even if you’re a total’re my geek girlfriend”

A few moments later, slowly you fell asleep as the exhaustion of the trek crept up to (y/n) while cheryl stayed up for a few more minutes until her sleep claimed her while listening to the heart that beats for her. To anticipate tomorrow and the future’s mystery together.

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Hey can you do bucky + 40: “Did you mean like… this?” please!

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40: “Did you mean like… this?” 

Warnings: Explicit Language, Oral Sex, and Strong Sexual Reference.

Part 2/2 of #14

Read Part One

.     .     .

You avoided him for weeks.


Everyday you woke up at the time when he would go on a run with Steve or Sam. He’d come into the gym sometimes while you were sparring with Natasha, but you pretended he wasn’t there. You didn’t want to even think about what he did after watching the both of you spar anymore, but some part of you deep down wanted to know what it was like to grant him his fantasies. You made sure to stifle that thought whenever you were in the same room as him, which was few and far in-between after that fateful morning.

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O Holy One, I have heard of your renown,
   and I stand in awe, O Holy One, of your work.
In our own time revive it;
   in our own time make it known;
   in wrath may you remember mercy.

God came from Teman,
   the Holy One from Mount Paran.
Her glory covered the heavens,
   and the earth was full of Her praise.
The brightness was like the sun;
   rays came forth from Her hand,
   where Her power lay hidden.

Before Zem went pestilence,
   and plague followed close behind.
Ze stopped and shook the earth;
    Ze looked and made the nations tremble.
The eternal mountains were shattered;
   along Zir ancient pathways
   the everlasting hills sank low.

I saw the tents of Cushan under affliction;
   the tent-curtains of the land of Midian trembled.
Was your wrath against the rivers, O Holy One?
   Or your anger against the rivers,
   or your rage against the sea,
when you drove your horses,
   your chariots to victory?
You brandished your naked bow,
   sated were the arrows at your command.
   You split the earth with rivers.

The mountains saw you, and writhed;
   a torrent of water swept by;
the deep gave forth its voice.
   The sun raised high its hands;
the moon stood still in its exalted place,
   at the light of your arrows speeding by,
   at the gleam of your flashing spear.

In fury you trod the earth,
   in anger you trampled nations.
You came forth to save your people,
   to save your anointed.
You crushed the head of the wicked house,
   laying it bare from foundation to roof.
You pierced with their own arrows the head of his warriors,
   who came like a whirlwind to scatter us,
   gloating as if ready to devour the poor who were in hiding.
You trampled the sea with your horses,
   churning the mighty waters.

I hear, and I tremble within;
   my lips quiver at the sound.
Rottenness enters into my bones,
   and my steps tremble beneath me.
I wait quietly for the day of calamity
   to come upon the people who attack us.


Habakkuk 3:1-16

When oppression weighs so heavy on the oppressed that they can scarcely breathe, do they not have a right to express longing for justice – even if that justice sounds like violence to those used to wielding rather than facing violence?
May we all thirst for justice on behalf of the poor who are being devoured by the powerful. May God rescue Their oppressed children from the foot that crushes them. 


Bucky x Reader, OC’s

Summary: What Albern wants Bucky to do, is definitely not easy. No matter he decides to do, everyone will be hurt in the process.

Word Count:  2,733

Warnings: Language, character injury, depression, angst, manipulation, there’s no rape but Albern makes unwanted touches, unconscious reader

A/N: Bucky’s POV. First of all, sorry if my translations are crappy. And yes I’m evil and apparently enjoy causing everyone large amounts of pain. This part was tough for me to write and the next one isn’t going to be easy either. But let me know what you think! What do you think Bucky’s going to do?

If there are any mistakes, I’m sorry. 

The days were piling up on top of one another. I tried to get back into the groove of things, but all those activities included Y/N. She was fucking everywhere. Where I slept, ate, even when I was taking a fucking shower, I could hear her singing in the bathroom. I could feel myself slipping out of my own body and sinking back into the darkness I once knew. Blocking out everything around me and just letting them drag me into the chair.

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Your eyes flutter open slowly, different shades of green swirling around you until your vision settles and you see you’re lying on the forest floor. A warm body lies beneath you, and you turn your head to see your boyfriend, James, sound asleep next to you. Shaking your head to clear the dizziness, you sit up.

“James,” you say, shaking his shoulder. “James, wake up.”

After a couple of seconds, his blue eyes flutter open and he groans. “Where are we?”

You stand up and look around. “Hopefully 2015.”

He pushes himself up and runs his hands through his blonde hair. He’s a spitting image of his dad, but his blue eyes and his nose are more like Natasha’s.

“It looks like we’re near the base,” he announces. You nod, recognizing the familiar forest. “We should get moving, we probably don’t have a lot of time left,” he adds. 

He takes your hand and the two of you start walking in the direction you hope the base is in. “So, how do we know they’ll believe us?” you ask.

“We don’t,” James replies, stepping over a log before helping you over. Even after dating him for a couple years now, you still blush.

“That’s reassuring,” you mutter as he sets you back down on your feet and you continue walking. “Let’s hope your family doesn’t kill us.”

Suddenly, a loud, mechanized whooshing sound comes from your right, and you both turn your head to see Sam land a couple feet away, wings folding in and guns pointing at you.

James pushes you behind him and you yell, “Sam, it’s us! Put the guns down!”

“I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

“But you will,” James yells. “We’re from 2036, we came to warn you!”

Sam still doesn’t put the guns down. “Why the hell would I believe that?”

“Look at him!” You yell. “His father is your leader.”

Sam doesn’t lower his guns, but he studies James. After a couple of seconds, his eyes widen. “Holy shit.”

James sighs, relieved, and his arm relaxes around you as Sam says, “Come on, you two are coming with me.”

Steve rubs his temples. “So, you’re born next year and you’re my son.”

James nods. “Yours and Natasha’s. You guys should’ve gotten married about a month ago if we got here on the date we were supposed to.”

“And who’s this?” Natasha asks.

James takes your hand and you smile at him. “This is my girlfriend, (y/n).” The couple nods.

“Let’s get down to business,” you say, leaning forward, “we probably don’t have a lot of time left.”


“We can only time travel for certain amounts of time,” you explain, “and we already passed the normal time limit.”

“Back in our time,” James starts, “you guys are in a coma because an unknown person attacked the base on October 26, 2036. We still haven’t found the attacker, but the poison is slowly working its way through your systems and–”

He stops abruptly, and you put your hand on his shoulder, watching tears well up in his blue eyes. “I can’t lose my parents,” he whispers.

Steve and Nat look at each other. “So, what do you want us to do?”

“Be ready on October 26, 2036,” you say. “Be cautious and vigilant all day. And if nothing happens that day, be vigilant the next day too.”

You look down at your hands and gasp to see they’re gone. “James, we’re leaving.”

James nods at you and looks at his parents one more time. He smiles softly. “See you soon.”

The last thing you see are Steve and Natasha’s shocked faces before your world disappears in a stream of blurred colors. You hold James’s hand throughout the whole transition, and, after a couple minutes, you shoot awake on the operating table you started on.

Wanda takes your shoulders as you gasp for breath. “Hey, it’s okay, you’re safe.”

James jumps off of his table and takes your hand. He looks at Wanda. “My parents?”

She smiles. “They’re fine. You did it.”

Boys’ Club: Real

Request by miller1967winchester: You should do a series Dean x reader going off of the plot of Mulan where the reader pretends to be a male hunter because female hunters get looked down upon but then she gets revealed as a women Dean leaves her cause he doesn’t trust her but then during the fight with Micheal and the whole ass butt scene it’s the reader who really ends up Saving them

Summary: You took Sam’s place in the Cage so that Dean could get his brother back… We all know what happens when someone brings a Winchester back to life…

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3297

Boys’ Club    Backup    Just Dean     Fallout    Aftershock

“Sammy?” Dean repeated, sure that he was hallucinating.

Sam grinned a little and shrugged a shoulder. “Hey Dean.”

“What are—what happened?” Dean stared at his little brother, torn between relief and anxiety. Coming back from the dead was hard enough. Coming back from the Cage meant something big had to have happened.

Unless what came back wasn’t Sam.

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#51 He finds out that you're supernatural | Part 2


Hiiya! I’m back. Have been sick for the past what feels like a year. Started out with cystitis 2 TIMES to be exact and not only 2 weeks after I got tonsillitis. So I haven’t really been feeling well for the past month x

Read Part 1 HERE

If you haven’t seen the Australian program “H20” you probably won’t understand a fuck from Ash’s. Everything besides Ash’s is based from The Sims 3 Supernatural x


The pleadings from Luke’s eyes never left yours as you guys were still standing in your room, both not even wanting to move a single bit. “I uhm..” You mumbled avoiding his eyes making him take a step closer to you. “You’re gonna think this is crazy.” You exhaled with a small smile, so he took both of your hands in his, letting his thumb draw patterns on your skin. “I won’t tell anybody.” He reassured finally getting eye contact with you. “I know you won’t. I’m just afraid that you will leave me.” You admitted and he tightened his grip on your hands. “I never will. I promise.” He smiled before capturing his lips with yours, giving you a soft peck. “Fine.” You sighed before walking over to the bookshelf, grabbing the book so it opened to your not so secret anymore cave. “Being a witch is passed down from my dad’s side. It’s actually my grandmother’s house. She wanted me to take over it as she got send to a nursing room. Everything in this house is magical.” You explained as you sat against the top of the couch in the cave, Luke walking around looking at the stuff. He stopped at the shelf with elixirs and he knotted his eyebrows reading the small letters on each elixir. He grabbed a reddish tube and lifted it up to his eyes. “Luke please don’t touch that!” You warned loud in panic, the shock from your voice startling the poor boy making him drop the tube to the floor, a massive puff reddish smoke covering Luke. Seconds later the smoke was starting to disappear, Luke letting out coughs as he waved his hand in front of his face. “What was that?” He mumbled through coughs as his eyes were squeezed, you standing frozen in progress staring at him with mouth agape. “Y/N?” He asked as his coughs had stopped and you came out of your trance by the sound of your name. “Holy balls Luke, you’re an idiot.” You mumbled not taking your eyes away from his body, turning your body around for you to find your wizard spells book. Confused by your statement, Luke turned around to see at one of the mirrors in the room, letting out a high pitched scream as he saw his reflection in the mirror, the female forms on his hip showing instead of his usual slim body. He let his hands slide up against his waist before they landed on his what before was just a flat chest, but now a fully grown pairs of tits. “ I’m..” He mumbled in fear before turning around to look at you, your eyebrows knotting as you were searching in the book. “ A woman?” He asked turning back once more with widen eyes taking a step back from the mirror. “ Do something Y/N.” He almost screamed in panic and you let out a deep groan. “ I’m trying as much as a can princess, you could’ve just not touch anything as I told you to!” You fired back before lifting your foot, grabbing the wand from your boot and mumbled out some words before pointing it towards Luke. The zap from the wand hit Luke making his body jolt before turning back to his original body. “Shit.” He mumbled as he panted lightly, feeling himself down his body again, checking if anything was as it should. “ I promise, won’t touch a single thing ever again.” He said raising his hands in surrender. “ Good.” You sighed placing the wand back in your boot. “ Sooo..” He trailed off, looking around in the corners of the room. “ So what?” You asked following him. “ Where is the creepy cat and the magical broom?” He asked amused. “ Oh you mean Putsy? Hey Putsy, come here boy.” You yelled towards your bedroom and before Luke could blink, a flying broom was right next to you, hovering above the ground. The expression on Luke’s face was priceless; the boy had just tried to pull out a joke. “Wanna go for a ride. It’s not dangerous?” You asked with a small giggle at his shocked face. He stared at the broom for a few seconds before nodding his head. “ Like anything could get more crazy today.”


Calum blinked twice before scratching his eyes with the palms of his hands. Things went so fast that he barely had the chance to react. “ Y/N?!” He yelled with confidence before taking action running up towards the stairs in a search for you. “ Y/N?” He repeated looking around in the hallway before seeing that the door to the balcony was not closed; he sprinted over to it before walking outside. “Babe.” He sighed as he saw your back facing him, looking at the view sitting on the table with your legs crossed. You winched at his word not daring to turn around. “Cal.  Leave. Just leave me alone.” You mumbled and let out a shaky breath. “ Not a chance.” He answered making you roll your eyes. Walking over to you he placed his hand on your shoulder but you winched away. “ I’m a monster.” You said quietly in pure disgust, exhaling as the tears had started to well in your eyes. “ Hey.. Heeey.” He cooed trying to search for your eyes but you kept on avoiding him. “ You’re not a monster. Not to me.” Looking up at him with your eyebrows knotted he gave you a small smile. “ Forget about the fact that you wanna suck the shit out of me. I won’t love you less.” Pulling a strand of hair away from your eyes he placed it behind your ear before letting his hand caress your cheek. He gave you a peck on the cheek before pulling out a chair for him to sit on. Grabbing both of your hands, he intertwined it with his before locking eyes with you. “Tell me about it.” You stared at him for a few seconds unsure. “I can handle it. I promise.” He smiled before kissing the back of your hand. Exhaling you took a deep breath. “ I once went to a weird shop in a creepy place my grandmother is living at. The shop had different things such as bottles, mushrooms and herbs. And I wasn’t that old, so I accidently ended up drinking a red bottle thinking it was red lemonade or such thing as that. But it wasn’t. The bottle had powers. Much more than what my body could take. It took over everything. My skin started to grow cold. My usual Y/E/C changes into a reddish bloody one if I’m hungry. Oh god not to mention when I’m hungry.” You mumbled whilst looking down at the blood on your shirt, shaking your head. “ You don’t uhm..” Calum mumbled unsure hoping that you could feel what he was hinting. “ No Cal, I don’t drink human blood.” You said in an almost mad tone and he bagged away in his chair raising his hands in surrender. “ But.. What do you eat then?” He asked and you took out a carton from your pocket. “Plasma fruit. But there’s not enough energy to just survive with that every day. So I go haunting - After animals.” “ So that’s what you were doing tonight.” He mumbled under his breath in almost a relief. “Well yea.. I was hungry.” You shrugged feeling more comfortable by Calum’s calm reaction. “ Your eyes. They’re their usual color now.” He said in awe studying them. “I’m full.” You laughed and he let out a giggle as well. “ Wow.” He exclaimed suddenly and you knotted your eyebrows. “I’m dating a vampire how freaking awesome is that.” He said in almost a cheer and you just rolled your eyes at him. “Wait do you have any powers then?” He asked with mouth open. “Well let’s say it in this way, fucking me against the counter in our kitchen wouldn’t sound as such a bad idea.” You winked as you stood up before ruffling his hair and left the balcony, him staring at you in surprise and shock, watching you as you went inside. “ You read minds?” He yelled before standing up from his chair running inside.


“So you’re telling me that you’re a fairy?” Michael asked in disbelief, crossing his arms. “ I can’t believe I’m telling Calum this as well.” You mumbled under your breath leaning further down into your chair in front of the couch where Michael and Calum was sitting, looking rather curious and skeptical at you. “Hey I’m a part of this too! If it wasn’t for Michael knocking that can down with dust, we would never be in this situation.” Cal defended. “Hey how could I know there was dust in it?” Michael fired back looking at Calum. “Guys!” You demanded and they both turned their attention back to you. “What I’m saying is that you have to promise not telling anyone about this. Not even Luke and Ashton.” You explained looking hopefully at them. “Y/N this is crazy.” Michael said in disbelief whilst shaking his head at you. “Oh? Really?” You asked with madness in your tone. “Remember that day when we were mobbed by fans in Madrid?” “What has that with anything to do with this?” Calum asked leaning forward, resting his chin on his palms. You kept staring on Michael, him staring back as he was trying to recall the evening. “Holy shit.” He mumbled shaking his head again. “What’s going on?” Calum asked frustrated not getting the hint. “When we were touring in Spain, Y/N and I went to the beach. But the sun was hot as hell and I hadn’t been drinking enough. When we was heading back to the hotel, my vision started to blur, and at that point, fans had started to form, more and more noticing us. I remember we started to run but all of the sudden everything turned black and when I woke up, we were back at the hotel, me laying in one of the beds.” Michael knotted his eyebrows looking back at you again. “What did you do?” Shifting in your chair, you let out a small groan before standing up, taking your cardigan off. “This is going to be good.” Calum mumbled making you roll your eyes at him. Closing your eyes, a few sparkles behind started to form before the sudden pinkish colour of wings appeared on your back. As the transformation was fully done you opened your eyes again to see the two boys staring mouth agape at you. “You are a fairy.” Michael said quietly in awe. “I saved you Mikey. Whilst we were running you passed out. We were at a squandered place. I couldn’t do anything but grab you by the waist and fly us away from it. I don’t know what the fans would’ve done if I hadn’t taken action.” You explained walking over to the kitchen, grabbing the can before walking back to the boys. “The dust in this can is for my wings. Without it, I won’t be able to fly.” “I can’t believe that you saved me.” Michael said still in awe, not fully realizing the whole event. “Awesome.” Calum interrupted making you giggle, Michael coming out from his trance. “So that’s the reason why I was hovering over the floor when I wiped some dust on my pants.” He said and you nodded your head. The boys were both looking at each other in disbelief laughing before they gave each other a highfive. “There’s no doubt Y/N you gotta let us play with this sometime.” Calum said grabbing the can from the coffee table making you knot your eyebrows. “We’re so gonna prank Ash and Luke with this at some point. Scaring the fuck out of them by letting Ash’s drum kit fly or something. It would scare the crap out of him to say at least.” Michael’s eyes widen at Calum’s suggest looking over at you. “Please Y/N, can we borrow your dust?” He said with a pout giving you the puppy eyes. “I don’t know.” You mumbled scratching your upper arm. “Pleeease. I’ll promise that I won’t use it all.” He said moving closer to you. He kept staring at you making you let out a groan. “Fine. But if the guys find out, I’ll make sure to get the other fairy bitches after you!” “We promise.” Both boys nodded in agreement.


“For uhm.. For how long- I mean for how long have you been like this?” He stammered between the words clearly not comfortable by asking. Letting out a small giggle you gave him a kiss on the cheek before taking his hand, intertwining your fingers trying to ease his nerves. “Remember that TV program H20?” “Is Mako Island real?” He asked out loud in awe but confusion. “No.” You giggled shaking your head at him, the tension ten times better now than a few minutes ago. “But it’s all similar to that. I was once on a trip with my family in Iceland and uhm… We were out on a trip, seeing the different heat sources, but somehow I ended up disappearing from the group and I slipped down into this hole. I landed in what I thought was a heat source, totally claiming that I was going to die. But the water wasn’t hot as the others and there were bobbles and waves all over the small pool. It wasn’t after a few minutes that it disappeared and I found my family again. The whole event had scared me so much so all I wanted to do was to take a bath when we came back to the hotel, and ehm..” You mumbled gesturing to your glowing tail filling over the bathtub. “ Oh right I get it.” He nodded leaning more against the tub. “Every time I touch water, I turn into this… Fish. And I can’t do anything about it.” You said quietly, looking down at your hands. “ Hey.. Babygirl don’t sad. Isn’t there anything we can do about it?” He asked making you shrug your shoulders. “I’ve never told anybody.” “Not even your family?” Ashton asked a little bit startled and you nodded your head. “Couldn’t even dare to tell them. I just know they won’t accept it.” You shook your head by the thought of your family. “ I accept you.” Ash said softly and you couldn’t do anything else but let out a small giggle because of his cuteness, giving him a soft peck on the cheek before leaning your forehead against his. After a few minutes of silence Ashton broke it. “ So.. How do I get you out of this tub?” He asked and pulled away from you. “ You don’t have to. I’ve got it.” You smiled, before fisting your hand, holding it above your tail. “What are you-“ Ashton mumbled staring at the steam that had started to form over your tail, and before he knew it your tail was gone and your legs were back. “ Wow. That was. Just wow.” He mumbled running a hand through his hair in disbelief. “  I know. That’s one of the good things about this trap.” You laughed before standing up in the tub, Ash standing up as well. “ Can you uhm.. Do other things?” Ash asked with wide eyes as you stepped out of the tub, standing in front of him now. “ Well.. I can do this.” You smirked, pointing your hand towards a glass of water you had placed before you went to shower, letting a big amount of collected water float in the air before hovering over Ashton. He looked weirdly at you for a few seconds, not getting what was going on before he turned his gaze towards the ceiling and he let out a small howl by the sight the water bottle hovering over him. “Hey.” He said, trying to avoid the bubble but you followed his every mode, letting out giggles as he tried to escape the bobble. “Y/N.” He yelled after a few seconds of play and you let go of your hand, the bubble falling to the ground in a loud splash. “I’m not cleaning that up.” He joked looking down at the pile. He turned around and was about to walk out, but as he did you pointed your hand towards the pile, freezing it. Instead of avoiding it, Ash stepped right onto the ice, letting out yet another howl as he grabbed the door in secure. “Y/N!” He yelled again and you let out a giggle. “I’m done now I promise.” You smiled.

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Honestly I'm not entirely sure where the 'witches=Jews' thing even came from? Like yeah my favourite Jewish story is the one where all the Jews flew to the holy land on their broomsticks

That’s hilarious, holy shit.

But as for the annoying “witches are totally Jews uwu” thing, it’s because witches are stereotypically women with big noses that eat children, and these people see “big nose” and their first antisemitic thought is, “Wow, a big nose means that the character is meant to be Jewish.”

Seriously, anything can be called antisemitic if you try hard enough. And that’s so frustrating, because there’s so much actual antisemitism around.