as yeddes

There was a very light breeze at the little park that evening. As expected the place was mostly empty, due to the darkening purple sky. Floodlights illuminated the park, revealing two or three trolls quietly reading, writing, and generally minding their own business. One of these trolls was a very distracted Yeddes Agrona, sitting at a stone-topped park bench next to a large suitcase full of breakables. The seadweller sat hunched, his chin resting anxiously on his hand. He’d come to meet another troll– a jadeblood, actually. This should have been the thought occupying his mind, as jadebloods were rare and barely ever seen, but his think pan was elsewhere at the moment. And since there was no way he was going to leave his rather valuable suitcase there, he couldn’t get up and walk around or anything. No, until the other troll got there, he’d have to be alone with his wandering thoughts.