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I don’t know, I could live without showers. Not baths though. If the price of space travel is no hot baths than the price is too high

I Feel You, for that is me re: DS9′s miserable looking space bedding. Someday I’d be hauled in front of Odo for conspiring with Jadzia to override a replicator into letting me make an entire down comforter (Jadzia: “I want furs.” Me: “You are such a Klingon.”), foolishly thinking O’Brien wouldn’t catch us futzing with his electrics within 15 minutes.

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Okay, so, the OfficeAU reminded me of something my mom does at her office. She’s the one lady that has a bigass bowl of candy at her desk and she uses the candy to bribe some of her coworkers into getting paperwork sooner or some shit, and pretty much anyone who walks by takes a piece. 😂 Who do you think would be the candy lady in the OfficeAU? Lol

Ffff First of all, that’s so cute. lol I’d steal it all when she’s not looking.

Second, Muria for sure. She’d just put out a bowl of candy. Once someone comes by and takes one, she’d just watch them eat it, and after she’d say : You chose the green demon silk candy. You’ll experience great distress over minial tasks, and the spirit of trees will haunt you. Prepare for papercuts.
I dunno, I made that all shit up just now.

now, I don’t understand. Supernatural set Castiel up to be a father figure for Claire, right? That was the whole point of Claire’s storyline, to give Cas a sense of his own family etc etc

But then, supernatural also set up Dean as Claire’s father figure? But they didn’t do the same with Sam.

Like, that is something spn did ON PURPOSE.

they literally made Cas and Dean Claire’s dads.


Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)


character aesthetics ♡ fleur & gabrielle delacour

There was also a girl who looked no older than eight, whose clouds of silvery hair made Harry feel sure that she was Fleur Delacour’s sister.

Blondes < Chocobo butt blondes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*EDIT- I see the hashtags/comments you guys put and it makes me feel so good knowing that you guys liked it, thanks you for the wonderful responses!!! 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

okay one last thing before i stop drawing for the day

so i really wanted to make an au for cc and after some thinking i figured i could do a coraline au!! 

basically everything takes place at the camp, max would be like a new camper showing up, nikki is a fucking furry bc i didn’t think anyone else fit very well (i mean heck nikki isn’t a perfect fit but oh well) david and gwen would still be counselors but they would take the role of coraline’s parents y’know?

and daniel and gen/jen? would be like the other parents 


Tag yourself I’m Undyne.

I totally didn’t expect the lovely feedback my little silly cross-over comic got, so to show my appreciation - and of course I heard the Sidon whispers - have one more of the sort. :)

Part 1: Urbosa Reaction

Sketches of a ‘what if Ahsoka went into hiding on Alderaan as a refugee during the Jedi purges, and meets Leia and secretly trains her as a Jedi?’ Star Wars AU idea by greenkaorichan. It’s been stuck in my head for days because it’s such an awesome idea, WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLL

I was meaning to draw an epic dramatic Ahsoka/Leia meets Obi-Wan/Luke mentor-and-student team up for the last panel, but then I was like “you know, they would all have one thing in common… and form a 'Darth Vader ruined our lives’ support club” XD Vader could be an honorary member of this club too