as with uhura i like the first one best

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Among some of the STB-based fic I'd love to see would be an exploration of Kirk not objecting once Spock explains "Lt. Uhura is in that facility, Jim." He's not just addressing his captain, he's addressing his friend who he KNOWS knows how much Uhura means to him. I love stories that show us S/U through another's eyes, and one that shows us why Jim so easily complied and why Spock knew he would could be amazing! With bonus Jim and Spock girl talk!!

I know, right?

I love that little bit because at first, he’s tries to rationalize it with faux logic like… Mister Chekov’s would be more useful on the ship I should go instead of him (can we just talk about the fact that he had probably tried his best to look like he was fine while they were making a plan to rescue the crew? and yet, when he walks around the table he has to place his hands on the back of Scotty’s chair for stability) but when Kirk, of course, outlogics him by mentioning his injury Spock gives up about even trying to hide the fact he wants to go just because SHE is there and.. fuck logic! It’s not logic but you gotta let me go there because you know I’m going anyway.

Bones also should be the first to stop him because, well,  he’s a doctor, he knows what Spock is risking.. and yet, even Bones makes that face like.. of course he wants to go, we can’t stop him. Maybe the old romantic in him even wants him to go save his girl and it transcends his grumpy doctor self finding it stupid.

And Kirk’s ‘understood’ is simple like that, he doesn’t even try questioning him further, just the mere mention that lt Uhura is there is enough, Spock doesn’t need to explain it more.
Maybe other times he had argued with him, but he now knows it’s useless and he would go anyway. I think he saw stuff before, it’s years that they are in space and he works with them.. he knows, probably from previous experiences too, what happens when S/U are in danger. He knows what they mean to each other and respects that. Like

(comics above is from the after darkness ones, they had to leave a sick spock on new vulcan and kirk goes to uhura and is understanding it’s hard for her)

It’s really no wonder Spock finally cracks and lets a little emotion out with Bones in the caves. 

He has the heartbreak of splitting up with Nyota weighing heavily upon him. He clearly cares about her deeply still, no matter what, and whether the idea was hers or his, it comes down to the fact that he is contemplating leave the Enterprise. 

The Enterprise and the crew has become Spock’s home at a time when his own was lost to him. 
It would have been these people that offered him the support he needed to get through after losing most of his race and his Mother and his planet on the same day. 

So it’s going to really ruin your day when not only are you not really on good terms with one consistent in the last few years of your life, one who has supported you through the very worst days, but that things happen in such a way that you don’t even know who survived the ships attack. 
And the minor detail that your kinda ‘new home’ has just been blown up as well. 

But before we move on, lets not forget that Spock also learns about his own death from a couple of Vulcans. A version of you that came into your timeline and changed your destiny has died and how do you even cope with that? 
You just found out and you died, but not you. Weird huh? 

But lets not get distracted from the hunking great piece of metal that gets pierced into your skin, so close to your heart that you very nearly were killed outright. I mean, the same day you find out about another version of you dying you almost die? And lets not even compare almost having your heart pierced with a piece of metal to how your relationship break up probably feels. 

So we have:
-Underlying deep trauma from planet/mother’s death. Just because it’s not an actual thing in the films, there’s no way it isn’t always lingering just near the surface. 
-Death of yourself. Yeah, I’m sure as advances as Vulcan’s are, they don’t teach you how to cope with an alternate timeline version of yourself passing on. 
-Relationship break up. You don’t always get humans but you managed to met one who got you, respected you, enjoyed your company and is smart as anything and compassionate. Only problem is you feel morally obliged to go and make small Vulcan children, and considering your less Vulcan than everyone else already, making them with anything less than 100% Vulcan weakens the race. Dilemma! 
-Loss of emotional support buddy. Don’t get me wrong, Bones is amazing. But the feeling in the Movie is one that these two don’t often socialise in any way other than bickering. Kirk and Spock balance one another out. They are ying and yang. Spock has already spoken to Uhura about leaving it seems, but he can’t talk about it with Jim, just like Jim can’t talk about taking on a new role with Spock. They both want to believe that they are capable of great things but are reluctant to actually do it. Bones is the one who voices Kirk’s thoughts to Spock first ‘What did Jim say? He’s not going to like it…’ echoing Kirk’s words later when he says ‘What would I do without you’. 
-Really, really, really painful injury. We all know Vulcan’s are tough. They can be stoic at the best of times. Considering how much pain Spock shows, must reflect how much pain he’s in. 

Let’s take a look, shall we?

He’s accepts help straight away getting from the crash sight to moving over to rest upon the ship for an examination. 

He winces in pain constantly, even when McCoy isn’t touching him. 

He can’t move without holding on to something. 

He literally drops down to the floor in terrible pain, unable to get back up again. 

He loses consciousness and lies that he was contemplating mortality. (Because no one believes his ‘I am perfectly conscious’ bullshit. McCoy has to literally put his hands all over his face to rouse him, and considering how little McCoy touches his skin before that, you know it’s an act carried out to get a reaction).

He cries. It might not be from just the pain of his injury, but everything mentioned here must be a culminating factor to what pushes him to actually allow an emotion out. 

Given the fact that he’s delirious and seconds later is laughing isn’t helpful either. 

So Spock, cry if you have to. 
McCoy and Kirk have got you!

Pining - Leonard "Bones" McCoy x Reader

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader
Imagine: You and Bones pining for each other but nothing really happens until you walk in on him talking about you.
Warnings: Nothing really, just a short kinda love story.
Words: 624

You were sitting across from Uhura at the mess, though your eyes followed a certain person as he walked over to the Captain.

“Hello? (Y/N), are you staring at Bones again?” Uhura asked as she waved a hand in front of your face.

“Oh! Sorry, I guess I was…” You apologized. You and Bones had been into each other for about a year now, but neither of you said a thing. You were told countless times by Uhura that he liked you back, but no matter what you couldn’t believe her. It felt too good to be real. So you went day by day smiling and passing him in the hallways. Talking for hours on certain occasions but then being dragged away by work. You always noticed each other’s presence but never really noticed your feelings for one another.

-next day-

“Bones, just say something.” The captain pleaded as you left the medbay. You and the captain had gotten injured on a mission. You had a few cuts, but Bones was worried. He patched you up first before attending to Jim who broke his arm.

“Haha, no.” The doctor said before putting a sling on Jim.

“You know she likes you, right? Uhura said so.”

“Why would she tell you that? Those two are best friends and I don’t think - if she did like me - that Uhura would tell you of all people.” The doctor pointed out, being a little trough with Jim’s arm.

“Ow! Careful, and she told me because this is just sad! Talk. To. her.”

The doctor shook his head before returning to his office, all his thoughts on you. He started to go through papers and documents. He wore a tired and grumpy look on his face, as usual.

“Yeah, like I’d have a chance with (Y/N)…” He muttered to himself. You had just walked by the office when you heard that remark. Your heart fluttered for a moment and you cleared your throat to get his attention.

“What do you want-” He stopped when he saw you standing by the door. His face suddenly turning a light shade of pink.

“Oh uh, hello (Y/N). Um, did you hear that or…?” He asked you awkwardly.

“Uh, yeah. I just came to drop these off.” You said handing him a few documents. After he took them you started turning around to leave.

“Wait! Please.”

You turned around, face red. “Yes?”

"About what I said, oh god.” He took in a breathe and then stared you in the eyes. “(Y/N), I’ve liked you for a while now and I’ve been meaning to ask… Would you like to have dinner with me?”

You let out a small breathe and gave him a smile. “I’d love to, you know I’ve liked you for a while too now. I’m glad you asked.” You replied much to his relief.

He stood in front of you and reached for your cheek. You both looked at each other before his eyes wandered to your lips. You leaned into him and he met your lips with his. It was gentle yet passionate, the way his lips moved against yours. As if the two of you were meant to be together. He must have felt the same way as he deepened the kiss and slid his arm around your waist, pulling you closer as you placed a hand on his chest.

You both released for air and he leaned his forehead against yours. You smiled up at him and he returned it, your eyes locking. Unbeknownst to the two of you, Jim was grinning ear to ear next to Uhura as the two watched you, happy that you finally got together.

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tbh i'm here for spones all day erry day. especially reboot spones, where Bones doesn't take any of spock's classes but gets to be good friends w/Uhura and they spends lots of time talking smack over Bones' mom's great-aunt's ice tea ("The best in Georgia, Uhura, won the county fair for a century, and there wasn't even a competition), and tbh after a while Bones is just "i have got to meet this guy." and of course their first meet-cute (1/?)

 ((cont)) is in like, the hallway as Bones is going to xenobiology IV or w/e, and Spock is completely engrossed w/his pad and is mumbling stuff and Bones is offhandedly like “cute”, not realizing, before he gets swept back up into homework and clinicals and stuff. of course eventually Uhura drags him to one of her classes w/spock during his free period “he’s a gr9 lecturer!” Bones is resigned to be blown away by linguistics and oho! it’s hallway guy. who uhura has heard about (over tea) matchmaking hijinks probably ensue, because Uhura is friends with Chapel who is in like all of Bones’ classes, and Chapel knows Janice Rand who is the self-appointed junior yeoman to Kirk (who has been needling Bones about his lack of romantic and/or sex life for weeeeks), and then it’s just this huge ring of “okay but how do we get them to kiss????”

imagine bones going to more and more of spocks lectures cause yeah he is cute….and MAYBE hes a good lecturer but whatever

and spock cant concentrate because not only does he have an illogically good looking new student (why?? would a medical student be taking a linguistics class???) but he also his best student uhura sitting behind this new doctor and making little heart shapes with her hands whenever he glances the doctor’s way

Here’s why I’m so freaking excited for beyond, because


those storylines are always the best, I LOVE them!!!

The fact that they’re scattered means they’re gonna have to keep jumping back and forth between all of them, which means we’re gonna get much more of the entire crew and I need that desperately! The lack of screen time for the entire crew is one of my main problems with into darkness.

And it means that, in order for them to reunite, they are all gonna have to assume how the others will act, which they will, no problem, because that’s how much they all know each other by now!

We got a little glimpse of that when Uhura says “our captain is gonna come for us and mercy will be the last thing on his mind "UGH I FREAKING LOVED THAT!!! Because we know that Kirk’s shenanigans don’t impress Uhura, but this line shows how much she knows the person that he is, she trusts him, there’s no doubt in her mind that he’s coming and that he’s gonna be pretty fucking pissed off! And "our captain” I died! Just compare the way she says it in the trailer to the way she says it in the first movie, that will tell you all you need to know!

And it means we’re gonna get people who don’t usually pair up having to pair up, like Uhura and Sulu, and SPOCK AND BONES


that is one of the greatest dynamics in the OS and we are finally gonna see them going on an adventure together!!!

Also, crew stranded on an alien planet! Bring it! Those were always the absolute best!!

I’m getting all the OS vibes from this and I love it, I need it now!!!