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It’s been about a year since my last Miraculous Ladybug fanfic list. Given the fandom is three years old and season 2 is right around the corner (hopefully), I believe it’s time to relive and explore some of the best fanfics the fandom has to offer. By no means is this list comprehensive. Many fics aren’t on here. (I’m working on a list for newer fics, so stay tuned!)

Rainy Days by @thelastpilot (Not rated)
A storm rolls through Paris and refuses to let up, so when a water fearing cat is rescued by the kind efforts of his designing classmate he starts to pay a little closer attention to someone he should have always known better.

he’s not a siren by @miraculousturtle (Rated T)
Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

An Unexpected Surprise by @sweetprincessluck (Rated M)
Adrien Agreste. Age 26. A successful international supermodel, currently changing careers to a CEO of a fashion empire. Was born and raised in Paris, had moved to the USA 6 years ago, came back for a visit. Kind, handsome, lonely. Had experienced a lot, had seen even more. Had nothing left that could surprise him anymore.Except, maybe, this - a small, blonde girl, with emerald eyes and freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose – a splitting image of his mother Lillian Agreste, excluding, perhaps, the freckles.Her name was Emma. Emma Dupain-Cheng, to be exact.

Obsession by @kryallaorchid (Rated T)
Miraculous has unintended side effects. A chance encounter leaves Chat Noir in Marinette’s magic hands. Scritch and scratch, this kitty has needs. MariChat. 

Smoulder by @midnightstarlightwrites (Rated T)
In which Adrien loses a bet and becomes an underwear model, Marinette loses her mind, and the whole fiasco starts a fire which might lead to the pair discovering their identities.

Retrouvailles by @gigiree (Rated G)
There’s an art to telling stories. There’s an art to ending them. Just know that saying “the end” is just another way of saying it’s a new beginning. When she says goodbye, her luck is gone. His has just begun.Tattoo and Flowershop AU!

Over the Wall by @imthepunchlord (Rated G)
The accident, while unintentional, was costly. For her wrong doings against Chloe, Marinette is sent over the wall to die. But instead of death, she winds up in a strange, unnerving world. Good thing she’ll have a cat to watch her back in this bizarre place.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink (Rated T)
Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista (Rated T)
-AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Guardians by @wintermoth (Rated T)
In the year 2015, Marinette Dupain-Cheng said yes to Tikki, the kwami of Creation. Two days later, Adrien Agreste said yes to Plagg, the kwami of Destruction.For the first time in over a thousand years, the cat and the bug were starting fresh. (immortal AU)

Découvrir by @xiueryn (Rated M)
A decade apart and he still remembered her. Marinette contacts her childhood friend in hopes of rekindling their forgotten relationship despite him being a celebrity, only to assume him to be someone else entirely. AU.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa (Rated M)
Art School AU where Adrien is the nude model in Marinette’s human figure class. Major sin warning but it’s more awkward than sexy. Definitely not for little ears… or eyes I guess…

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear (Rated M)
Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Tikki’s New Friend by @panda013 (Rated G)
The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

heartstrings by @zenwisterias (Rated T)
one of marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous. thanks to a certain cat, the real danger passes, but there are other things to be more afraid of. her heart, for example, might be one of them.

The Ladybugs and the Bees by @bullysquadess (Rated M)
This originally started as a fanfic about periods and just devolved into crack.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae (Rated T)
When Ladybug suffers a near-fatal accident and is presumed dead, it is up to Adrien - who has discovered Ladybug’s secret - to help her through her painstaking recovery and reacquaint her with herself. All this while trying to save Paris on his own without losing himself in the process.

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (Rated E)
Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year. Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn’t know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.

A Werecat in London by @i-am-thornqueen (Rated M)
After an unfortunate encounter with an akuma while in London on a business trip, Chat Noir is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences. Can Ladybug help him return to his normal self, or will he be stuck for the rest of his life getting in touch with his wild side?

tangled ribbons by @demistories (Rated G)
Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien.

The Space Between Us by @chassecroise (Rated T)
What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

Accident of the Evening by @thatwriterchickrachel (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste, rumoured royalty, just wants a normal life. But one night on the run he meets Marinette, a normal girl, with a normal life. Marinette can’t believe it. Her long-time celebrity crush had crashed into her life and was now hanging out with her and her friends in between his busy schedule.With the Annual Parisian Masquerade Ball approaching, and an announcement sure to change everything looming over them, the two young adults begin a friendship and a double life.

Emergence by @artisticflutter (Rated M)
They were only teenagers, but they are no more. Forced to awaken to new powers, both find themselves codependent on the other in order to survive and escape from their captors. They are Ladybug and Chat Noir - they are Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Part One of a possible series.

The Lights that Lead Us Home by @oceanspray5 (Rated G)
Based on @piku-chan’s Cinderella AU on Tumblr. Marinette remains at the Palace to train as a noble and Adrien takes on more responsibilities as King. The wedding is planned for the Prince and his Princess and despite any outside meddling forces, goes off without a hitch.

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger (Rated E)
Le Chat Noir was the most popular strip club in Paris. Marinette could explain how she wound up there the first time, but she couldn’t explain how she kept coming back.

The Wingman Visits by @niuniente (Rated M)
When Chat Noir finds out Ladybug’s real identity as Marinette, he also discovers her huge crush for Adrien. As a gentleman he is Chat Noir offers to be a wingman between Marinette and Adrien, trying to get them together.

Sealed away by @ashesandhoney (Rated T)
Five years ago, Ladybug left Paris and left Chat Noir to learn how to keep it together on his own.Marinette is back in Paris with an internship at the Agreste Fashion house trying to get the spring show up and running and as much as Adrien appreciates having a friend at work, he’s distracted by Ladybug’s return and more Akuma attacks than either of them have faced before.Something big is coming and nothing can stay sealed away forever.

Cut from the Same Cloth by @baneismydragon (Rated T)
When Gabriel notices that Adrien is collecting various supplies from his office, he assumes that his son has finally decided to show an interest in the family business. However when he tries to show his support by showing up at a school presentation, things quickly spiral out of control and everyone learns more than they bargained for

Désolé by @pozolegirl (Rated G)
‘The Cat’s out of the Bag’ as Adrien would say, and now Marinette and Adrien must work through their emotions during this new reveal of identities, all while Hawkmoth is hot on their trail and not about to let them slip away from him, taking matters into his own hands.

Sing the Song of Sailing Sirens by @princessofharte (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste is the Pirate Lord of the High Seas, chasing a British flagship until Le Chat Noir is blown off course into a green storm.

This is not a complete list of the best fics in the fandom. Many of these authors have written multiple fanfics for this fandom and they are all amazing. Indeed, many of the fics on AO3 with the most hits, the most kudos, and the most comments were other fics not mentioned here but completed by many of these authors. Every work of fanfiction is amazing. If you want to help encourage writers to write more awesome fanfiction, please leave a comment on their works. It can be as short as “This is great!” Seriously. We live off validation.

It’s not narcissism if I add in my own fic here, right?

Was there anything I missed? Leave it in the reblogs and spread the word so that others–including myself–can read it!

Mentre leggi, pensa. Pensa ad ogni singola parola, ogni singola frase che hai letto. Sei giovane. Hai bisogno di vivere. Hai bisogno di capire che essere matti di qualcuno è assurdo. Le persone commettono errori, siamo umani, è normale. Perdonare e dimenticare. Non perdere un amico perché è accaduto qualcosa, perdonalo. Dimenticati dei loro sbagli, vorresti lo stesso se accadesse a te. Se ti piace qualcuno, diglielo. Non sai cosa potrebbe accadergli. È brutto parlare di questo, ma è la verità. Le persone muoiono ogni giorno, ogni minuto, ogni secondo. Non lo saprai mai. Divertiti, balla in pubblico, canta con tutti i tuoi polmoni, non contenerti in una risata, non trattenere un sorriso. Vestiti come vuoi, non come vogliono gli altri. Sii libero, non lasciare che qualcuno ti dica cosa puoi e non puoi fare. Di’ cosa c’è nella tua testa, racconta a tutti i tuoi pensieri, libera le tue opinioni, non dovresti mai non essere ascoltato. Vivi la tua vita più che puoi perché non saprai mai cosa può accadere. Semplicemente non lo sai.

guys HELL YEAH im graduating tomorrow the skies are clearing my skin is glowing GOTTA GET BACK ON THE GRIND I flake on this blog so much lol 

I promise to actually make quality updates and make new content as soon as grad hype dies down and summer break starts


The Haunted Attraction (brought to us by @parisbautista)
  • (I'm going to use slightly different characters if that's okay!)
  • Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger: *Haloweening*
  • Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger: *arrive at last attraction*
  • Jack: Come on guys, stop being babies. How bad could it be?
  • Simon: BAD
  • Jack: no
  • Simon: WHAT IF WE DIE
  • Roger: In what world would we ACTUALLY die from being afraid of a haunted house
  • Ralph: Idk, Si has a point
  • Roger: ...I highly doubt it
  • Simon: BUT-
  • Jack: ALRIGHT
  • Simon:
  • Ralph:
  • Roger: I'm in
  • Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger: *enter*
  • Ralph: Jack can you walk in front of me I'm scared
  • Jack: *SIGHS* fine
  • Jack: *leads the way*
  • Actors: Hehehehe
  • Actors: *push Jack into the wall*
  • Jack: HEY DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME IF YOU DO I'LL-- *various, assorted threats*
  • Actors: Oh
  • Actors: *look at Simon*
  • Simon:
  • Actors: *get closer to Simon*
  • Simon: Pls no
  • Actors: *touch Simon's hair*
  • Simon, crying: THIS IS IT THIS IS THE END
  • Roger: *narrows eyes*
  • Roger: If you
  • Roger: Touch his hair again
  • Roger: KILL. YOU.
  • Actors: *haven't left Simon alone*
  • Simon: *pulls actor's hair*
  • Roger: *steps between Simon and the actors, starts swinging*
  • Jack: *kicking whatever moves*
  • Ralph: *still screaming*
  • Ralph: I WANT TO GO HOME
  • Ralph: NOW
  • Simon: *in a daze, walking in circles*
  • Simon: What is real what is happening where are we who am I
  • Security guard: *appears*
  • Security guard: Hate my job
  • Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger: *escorted out of the haunted attraction*
  • Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger: *going home*
  • Jack: That was so GREAT I'm PUMPED
  • Simon: *existential crisis*
  • Roger: *hidden, seething anger*
  • Ralph: *whimpering softly*
  • Jack: I love Halloween
James Blunt

beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
there is nothing else in the world,
i’d rather wake up and see (with you).
beautiful dawn - i’m just chasing time again.
thought i would die a lonely man, in endless night.
but now i’m high;
running wild among all the stars above.
sometimes it’s hard to believe you remember me.

Ok!! You requested it!!

So, I did it!!

I attempted a different format for the spread to make it more easy for everyone to read it.

Please give me feedback (Anon if you need to it’s cool) on how it looks. 

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But I hope you enjoy.

This spread is meant to help when a situation is getting a tad out of hand and you need to figure out what’s causing it and what to do about it.


Here’s how I see it

I want to talk about your 20′s. Your 20′s are a vital part of who you are. They are there for you to make mistakes, be stupid, meet new people, kiss strangers, travel and explore. They are a time for you to figure out what it is you want in life. They are a time of discovery and a time of experimentation.
I have friends who are my age (22) and they have a degree, they have a long term relationship, they have 9-5pm jobs from Monday to friday. And sure that’s fantastic and I’m happy for them. 
But if I have to be honest with you guys, I feel slightly upset for those guys, I feel bad because you have your whole life to do that… you have from your 30′s onwards to go to work everyday and to have a strong relationship. 
But your 20′s… They’re a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that you will look back on when you’re older. So that you can sit back with a few friends one night drinking beer at 40 and say 
“Hey remember when we climbed that mountain for sunrise” or
“Remember that time we got lost on a road trip and we couldn’t stop laughing” or
“Remember that time we danced on tables in Greece after too much wine”

Those are the kinds of things you want to remember… Instead of I had a steady job and a long term boyfriend at the time, I worked 9-5 and yeah it was alright.

I understand that everyone is different and to some, that kind of life is something that makes them happy. 
But I guess what I’m trying to say is

Don’t worry about having everything figured out by the time you reach 20.
Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Don’t worry about the pressures imposed on you by your parents or your peers.

Take your time, do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who will impact your life positively and go out and enjoy your 20′s
Life will soon find a path for you and you’ll soon know what it is you want.

I know that that’s what I’m doing… And I must say I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would have been perfectly happy if Great Comet were to have won, but I can’t help but feel a kind of smug satisfaction when I think about how the people who said such vile, awful, putrid things about Dear Evan Hansen must be feeling right now.

anonymous asked:

Do you think ravenpaw and barley are a couple?

SO i’ve got a weird relationship with Ravenpaw and Barley like ok. I do really like them together but I don’t feel comfy with them being together while Raven’s still young u know?  I kind of headcanon that Ravenpaw kinda went off on his own and was a wandering loner for quite awhile.  I know that doesn’t really fit in with the books, as he’s mentioned at Barley’s throughout the series but idk. 

First off I honestly can’t see Ravenpaw being completely content just hanging around the barn. I envision him getting restless and wanting to go beyond the farm and explore and get a taste of the wild warrior cat life he had back in the forest. In Ravenpaw’s Farewell, we definitely saw that he did still have that warrior spirit in him

Second, I think for Ravenpaw to really fully develop and become independent and confident, he’d need to sorta grow up a bit on his own and realize he wasn’t a weak coward like Tigerclaw made him believe he was.  I think if he stayed with Barley, he’d be really really dependent on him, and tbh Ravenpaw’s Farewell shows us that Barely was way more dependent on Ravenpaw.

And also if that were the case, it feels less idk taboo because then, when they did get together, Ravenpaw would be a fully developed, well rounded, full grown tom and much more at Barley’s level. I mean tbh I always imagined them having a gap similar to Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s anyway, which no one kicks up a fuss about, but either way. I like my hc so yea h

150 Song You Have To Listen

1.      Troye Sivan-Fools

2.      Troye Sivan – Wild

3.      Troye Sivan – Youth

4.      Troye Sivan – Bite

5.      Troye Sivan – Cool

6.      Troye Sivan – Wild (XXYYYXX Remix)

7.      The neighborhood- the beach

8.      The neighborhood-Daddy

9.      Twenty one pilots-fairy local

10.   Twenty one pilots – ride

11.   Twenty one pilots-tear in my heart

12.   Twenty one pilots - holding on to you

13.   Twenty one pilots - car radio

14.   Twenty one pilots - goner

15.   Twenty one pilots - guns for hands

16.   Never shout never - hey we ok

17.   Never shout never - red balloon

18.   Never shout never - can’t stand it

19.   Never shout never - cheatercheaterbestfriendseater

20.   Never shout never - lousy truth

21.   Never shout never - this shit gets old

22.   Never shout never - lovesick

23.   Melanie Martinez- carousel

24.   Melanie Martinez - dollhouse

25.   Melanie Martinez - cry baby

26.   Melanie Martinez - pity party

27.   Melanie Martinez - sippy cup

28.   The 1975 – sex

29.   The 1975 - robbers

30.   The 1975 - girls

31.   The 1975 - UGH!

32.   The 1975 - the sound

33.   The 1975 - she’s American

34.   The 1975 - somebody else

35.   The 1975 - a change of heart

36.   The 1975 - the ballad of me and my brain

37.   The 1975 - robbers (old version)

38.   The kooks - junk of the heart

39.   The kooks - bad habit

40.   As it is - dial tones (acoustic)

41.   Nicki minaj - only

42.   Crown the empire - millennia (acoustic)

43.   Crown the empire - lead me out of the dark

44.   Bring me the horizon - deathbeds

45.   Bring me the horizon - oh no

46.   Bring me the horizon - follow you

47.   Bring me the horizon – run

48.   Bring me the horizon - drown

49.   Bring me the horizon - hospital for souls

50.   Bring me the horizon – house of wolves

51.   Bring me the horizon – crooked young

52.   Bring me the horizon – Sleepwalking

53.   Bring me the horizon - hospital for souls

54.   Bring me the horizon – house of wolves

55.   Bring me the horizon – crooked young

56.   Bring me the horizon – Sleepwalking

57.   Bring me the horizon – doomed

58.   Bring me the horizon - avalanche

59.   Ed Sheeran – she

60.   Austin jones - leaving this world

61.   Austin jones - drown cover

62.   Wheatus - teenage dirt bag

63.   The all-American rejects - gives you hell

64.   The all-American rejects - move along

65.   The strokes - you only live once

66.   Arctic monkeys - fluorescent adolescent

67.   Tyler carter - hello (Adele cover)

68.   Neck deep - December

69.   Thirty seconds to Mars - city of angels

70.   Thirty seconds to Mars - do or die

71.   Thirty seconds to Mars - up in the air

72.   Thirty seconds to Mars - Kings and queens

73.   Thirty seconds to Mars – This is war

74.   Blink 182 - bored to dead

75.   Blink 182 - always

76.   Blink 182 - first date

77.   Blink 182 - I miss you

78.   Andy Black - we don’t have to dance

79.   Andy Black – They don’t need to understand

80.   This wild life - sleepwalking cover

81.   This wild life - history

82.   This wild life - over it

83.   Motion city soundtrack - lets get fucked up and die

84.   A day to remember - I’m already gone

85.   A Day to remember - Paranoia

86.   Florence + the machine - shake it out

87.   Panic! At the disco - nine in the afternoon

88.   Panic! At the disco - hallelujah

89.   Panic! At the disco - don’t threaten me with a good

90.   Panic! At the disco - death of a bachelor

91.   Panic! At the disco - emperor’s new clothes

92.   Everything but the girl - downtown train

93.   Set it off - wild wild world

94.   Set it off - tomorrow (acoustic)

95.   Set if off - ancient history

96.   Lana del Rey - ride

97.   Lana del Rey - gods and monsters

98.   Neck deep - a part of me

99.   Fort Atlantic - let your heart hold fast

100. Mayday parade - letting go

101. Mayday parade - stay

102. Mayday parade - hold onto me

103. Mayday parade - miserable at best

104. Mayday parade - terrible things

105. Sleeping with sirens - go go go

106. Sleeping with sirens - if you can’t hang (live and unplugged)

107. Sleeping with sirens - iris (live and unplugged)

108. Sleeping with sirens - the strays

109. Sleeping with sirens - 2 chord

110. Sleeping with sirens - November

111. Sleeping with sirens - better off dead

112. The neighborhood - afraid

113. MGK - a little more

114. As it is - you the room & the devil on your shoulder

115. The shins - simple song

116. Luke cutforth- a song about a girl

117. All time low - missing you

118. All time low - therapy

119. All time low - dear Maria, count me in

120. Drake – energy

121. Drake - know yourself

122. Drake - legend

123. M83 - midnight city

124. My chemical romance – Helena

125. My chemical romance – the ghost of you

126. My chemical romance -  Na Na Na

127. My chemical romance – I’m not okay

128. My chemical romance - burn bright

129. My chemical romance - the light behind your eyes

130. Real friends - I don’t love you anymore

131. Real friends - summer

132. Birdy - tee shirt

133. Pierce the veil - Texas is forever

134. Pierce the veil - circles

135. Pierce the veil - song for Isabelle

136. Pierce the veil - bulletproof heart

137. Pierce the veil – Dive in

138. Pierce the veil – Today I saw the whole world

139. Pierce the veil – The divine zero

140. Issues - hooligans

141. Issues - never loose your flames

142. Issues - Disappear (acoustic)

143. Issues – Blue Wall

144. Issues – Coma

145. Issues – Lost-n-Found

146. Issues - Made to last

147. Issues - Rank Rider

148. Issues – The Reales

149. State Champs -  Secrets

150. Asking Alexandria – The black

today: my wife + i celebrated our wedding anniversary
in 3 days: our son turns 5 months old

we are legally married. we have a child. we are both listed on his birth certificate. i openly use the term ‘wife’ in corporate america + our daily life. i can’t believe how lucky i am. 

my heart splits wide open that i get to live this wild, full life. to be alive in this moment, this inflection point - to have all these things that never felt possible when i was growing up, & still, to be close enough to history to know that we stand on the shoulders of giants who came before us. 

there is so much more work to be done. the most vulnerable of our community is under attack regularly, & we must continue the good fight. i also have an obligation to live out loud the joyful life i’ve been granted in honor of those who fought for my rights. and damn it, this life is beautiful. 

i am the daughter of the queer community who refused to go quietly into the night.

This Day in 1D History - June 11


  • Harry Styles Always Sees The Camera, Exhibit #432


  • Narry are actual dreams come true with fans in Miami


  • Louis is fucking breathtaking outside Sony Music in London
  • Niall gets drinks with friends and fam in London 
  • Harry’s buttons hold on for dear life on a night out in New York with Jeff and friends


  • Niall catches up with some familiar faces at Sandy’s wedding
  • Liam’s sister Ruth gets married! <3 
  • Niall hits the Wild LIfe Festival in Brighton with the LIC :))

WIld Life SAIOUMA ~~

Just get inspired by looking Animal Crossing reference wwww
after this, i’ll continue my galaxy series

(plz dont use / crop / edited /Repost/ reprint my art)