as wild as life gets

  • Lance: Keith, you remind me of the 20 letters of the alphabet
  • Keith: Uhhh...
  • Pidge: Lance that doesn't make sense! There are 26 letters in the alpha-
  • Lance: Oh silly me~ I forgot U R A Q T
  • Keith: 뭐야...?
  • Hunk: You're still missing one buddy
  • Lance: Oh! Silly me silly me~ He can catch this D later 8)
  • Keith: ...불꺼
Here’s how I see it

I want to talk about your 20′s. Your 20′s are a vital part of who you are. They are there for you to make mistakes, be stupid, meet new people, kiss strangers, travel and explore. They are a time for you to figure out what it is you want in life. They are a time of discovery and a time of experimentation.
I have friends who are my age (22) and they have a degree, they have a long term relationship, they have 9-5pm jobs from Monday to friday. And sure that’s fantastic and I’m happy for them. 
But if I have to be honest with you guys, I feel slightly upset for those guys, I feel bad because you have your whole life to do that… you have from your 30′s onwards to go to work everyday and to have a strong relationship. 
But your 20′s… They’re a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that you will look back on when you’re older. So that you can sit back with a few friends one night drinking beer at 40 and say 
“Hey remember when we climbed that mountain for sunrise” or
“Remember that time we got lost on a road trip and we couldn’t stop laughing” or
“Remember that time we danced on tables in Greece after too much wine”

Those are the kinds of things you want to remember… Instead of I had a steady job and a long term boyfriend at the time, I worked 9-5 and yeah it was alright.

I understand that everyone is different and to some, that kind of life is something that makes them happy. 
But I guess what I’m trying to say is

Don’t worry about having everything figured out by the time you reach 20.
Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Don’t worry about the pressures imposed on you by your parents or your peers.

Take your time, do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who will impact your life positively and go out and enjoy your 20′s
Life will soon find a path for you and you’ll soon know what it is you want.

I know that that’s what I’m doing… And I must say I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. 


Everything is better on Instagram in slow-mo, especially wipeouts and face plants. Sometimes people are too busy chasing the moment to actually experience it. I don’t want to be glued to my device. I like these private moments. You need balance: Tech is in every aspect of my life, so I like to get out into wild environments, away from it all, and rock climb and practice yoga.

Apparently people in the Half Life Trilogy fandom actually hate the ending but like ??? This entire book has been a wild, depressing ride. It was never really that happy. The fact you expected any sort of happy ending would just be ridiculous. By the end of the first book I had an exact idea of how it was going to end and, guess what? It was for the most part correct. The ending was well done and not surprising at all. It wasn’t like the deaths and whatnot sprung up out of nowhere it’s been implied in the other two books. 

I personally feel like people are mad because they wanted a happy ending for Nathan and, honestly? That doesn’t always happen in books. Sure, I wanted one for him too but I knew it wasn’t going to be happy. That’s not the way this trilogy was gonna work. You can’t really expect a happy ending out of an entire book series where I can count the “happy moments” with my fingers. It wasn’t meant to be happy and it wasn’t meant to have a happy ending.

And this is coming from someone who is LGBT+, and I do understand why people are upset but honestly? As someone who is writing novels himself, I would honestly be disappointed if it had a happy ending because it would diminish the feeling of the rest of the books. It would’ve been awkward, in my opinion. It hurts, a lot. I’m still broken up about it. But no, that’s how it was supposed to end. I genuinely couldn’t see it any other way.


oh yes, i am very about this

  • “Luckily Neil left home before he progressed past cutting up hunks of dead animals.”
  • listen guys, Neil was taught how to use a knife before he could even hold an exy stick. Neil knew knives way before he fell in love with game, and while that’s not a fact that he loves, it is a fact that is wholly true.
  • (plus, he’s the Butcher’s son - knife fighting is something written in the beat that thumps inside his chest, in the blood that flows through his thick veins, the ghost of every body he ever had to defend himself against. for him, wether he likes it or not, knowing how to use a knife is like knowing how to breathe).
  • now, Neil is a GOOD PERSON generally (okay, he probably just doesn’t care about people enough to be actively BAD). he wouldn’t hurt someone unless they were trying to hurt someone he loves. and he would never use a knife unless there was literally no other option 

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*taps microphone*

is anyone still here?

fuck. i’m so sorry i totally disappeared for weeks on end. the day job has been eating me alive and i completely retreated. so, here’s the update. i’m coming back by the end of this week to answer asks, chats, and mentions. i have to survive the work week, then i’ll be in denver for the screening of the first episode of shadowhunters, announcing a special 7k followers giveaway, and (HOPEFULLY) ch 16 of itsb will be updating on sunday *fingers crossed*

sending massive massive hugs. can’t wait to get back into the wild life of the show starting again!! miss you all!! ♡ xx


the captain; a beth cassidy playlist

i. seventeen running from innocence like it’s a lion nipping at my heels ii. doll, you make them feel so small, and they love it iii. it’s a mean world that i’ve known, never got no good doing what i’m told iv. smart ass little girl, always on the run, playin’ with fire and daddy’s gun v. they only want you when you’re seventeen, when you’re twenty-one you’re no fun vi. i used to cry but now i don’t have the time, i used to be so fragile but now i’m so wild vii. life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it viii. all the fires i ever started can’t begin to warm me ix. once i wanted to be the greatest, no wind or waterfall could stall me, and then came the rush of the flood x. who’s gonna stop me when i’m coming through?