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I'm writing a character who starts out fragile, but joins a band of adventurers and becomes increasingly better at defending herself, javing no othet choice. However, reading through your blog it seems like the gap between skill levels is wider than I thought. As in, it might not be worth it for someone to learn fighting unless they plan on throwing themselves into it. Would it be worth it for her to learn to fight marginally well, or should she focus on getting better at running away?

The question isn’t “should she learn to fight?”, it’s “how skilled do you expect her to be in a short period of time?”.

The answer to the question posed in the ask is both. She should focus on learning to fight and getting better at running away. Both are necessary survival skills. In fact, learning to run away is part of learning to fight. Learning to assess a situation to determine the threat level and decide when it is time to go. Learning to defuse situations to avoid a violent confrontation is also part of learning to fight.

Here’s the problem with the general outlook most people have on combat training. They think you’re learning to handle all the situations which come your way violently. That’s not it. You’re learning how to asses the situations to determine whether or not its within a range you can handle. The best warriors are the ones who know when to fight, when not to fight, when to call for backup, and when to leave.

Those skills are the ones she needs. It’s entirely possible to learn fighting as a defensive option when her other skills fall through. This is not someone who is going to be going at it with practiced swordsmen in a one on one duel, but might get good at cutting themselves free and learning how to create exits so they can find a safer position. They’re not particularly good at violence in the professional sense, but it works as a fallback when the situation grows desperate.

Combat is a skill set. With consistent practice she’ll get better at it and the more scenarios she’s thrown into then the faster she learns how to survive.

She’s going to spend a lot of time running away at first, which she will grow better at. Then, eventually, she’ll learn how to turn and fight. She’ll get better at that too as time passes. She’ll never be the equivalent of the team’s muscle, but that’s not the point. She may end up being a “fight only when I have to/last line of defense” character, but that works fine. I’m going to assume she has other skills she’s developed which are more useful to this merry band than her combat ability. Even if she doesn’t, she still works as a character. I mean, Merry and Pippen are some of the most beloved characters in The Lord of the Rings and they contribute almost nothing except moral support. People play bards in Dungeons & Dragons. (Kidding, bard lovers, they’re awesome and can be incredibly deadly.)

The issues come when we start thinking a character needs to have certain qualities in order to be legitimate, rather than figuring out what their skill sets are and using those as the basis for how they solve problems.

Create a scenario and solve it based on what the character can do rather than what they can’t do. The assumption that a situation needs to be solved violently or that there’s only one outcome is faulty. Your story is in a character’s ability to problem solve, what the issue is and the way they went about finding a solution. Flattering your way out is just as legitimate as fighting, even more so as it draws less attention and creates fewer additional problems.

I’ve got a character who can do magic, but isn’t good enough to be a combat mage. She can’t really fight. When she and her friends were captured by giants, she was small enough to slip out through the cage bars. Since she wasn’t good at lockpicking and they were too far away to get help, she decided to go talk to the giants. The story evolved from there.

“If I can’t do X, what else can I do?”

That’s where the story is.

There are a variety of different skill ceilings with combat, levels of what you can do and can’t do. A person with a weekends self-defense training isn’t going to be tackling Navy Seals, but they’ll be better at identifying danger in their surroundings. They’ll be better at creating exits to so they can escape to safety. They may have a better chance when faced with danger.

You said it yourself, the point of this character training to fight isn’t so she can throw herself into the fray against seasoned combatants but to help her survive. Focus on that and keep track of her skill level versus that of her opponents.


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CAN  U  BELIEVE  I  AM  SO  IN  LOVE         with  the   his  dark  materials  series.     i  wish  i  could  express  it  to  u  all  bc  it  actually  makes  my  heart  burst  and  i  feel  like  i  could  cry.    FUN  FACT  ;    it  was  the  first  fictional  series  i  ever  read.    my  parents  had  huge  problems  getting  me  interested  in  anything  that  was  not  non - fiction  reading    (   look  @  me  now  mum  lmao   )    and  a  family  friend  lent  me  the  series  in  one  huge  book  form  and  i  carried  it  around  primary  school  with  me  and  i  Loved  it.    i  loved  lyra.    she  was  my  favourite  character.    mrs  coulter  is  still  my  favourite  villain  /  kinda  redeemed  villain.    can  u  believe  books  like  percy  jackson  or  harry  potter  get  shit  from  religious  communities  for  their  content  when  there  are  books  out  there  like  hdm  where  a  beautiful  twelve - year  old  boy  with  two  missing  fingers  kills  god  with  a  sharp  knife  while  his  kickass  friend  and  light  of  my  life  manipulates  and  lies  her  way  through  to  finding  the  value  of  truth  and  Overthrowing  the  empire.    there  are  Gay  Angels  and  an  ex - nun  who  lives  as  a  scientist  and  the  magisterium   (  cough ,    the  church  )    rule  with  terrifying  absolution  and  mutilate  children  in  their  search  for  original  sin.    there’s  a  Huge  class  divide  and  the  gyptians    (   deep  Breaths   )    are  an  incredible  ethnic  group  that  lives  in  a  v  racist  and  radically  religious  world.    whose  children  are  being  stolen  by  the  authorities  and  nobody  cares.    just  disappear  off  the  face  of  the  earth  and  white  ppl  dont  care.    they  take  matters  into  their  own  hands  and  organise  a  fucking  arctic  rescue  force  even  tho  they  they  live  on  boats.    there’s  a  monumental  moment  where  someone  stands  up  and  asks  if  they’re  going  to  save  the  white  kids  as  well  and  the  speech  is  Amazing  and  they’re  just  an  incredible  people  who  take  in  lyra  the  skinny  runaway  white  kid  who  puts  them  in  danger  and  is  the  daughter  of  their  enemies  like  i  just  Love  this  series.

LONG  STORY  SHORT  :     i  may  have  slipped  and  brought  my  lyra  muse  back.

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So Jessica got Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie And we know in her reveal Charlotte made out that she was Jessica's daughter and Ali's sister... did we ever find out whether Charlotte knew that Mary was her mother or not? (Well she did use the name Cece Drake) Charlotte really should have been the one to call Jessica 'Aunt Jessie'

We never found out if Charlotte ever knew but are you saying that Cece is the real Bethany Young?….and the one in the grave is Charles/Charlotte?? OMG

W28 / D0

MIL and SIL are not happy about the fact that Clara will have my surname and not the fathers 😂

Well boohoo. There’s no reason why she should have his name rather than mine! This is 2017. Grow up. I wouldn’t even take his name if we were married.

They were all “have you decided on her full name yet?”
Uhhh… yes.. we did this ages ago??? You know this and we aren’t changing it just because it hurts your feelings. You are no more or no less related just because you don’t share her surname.

Also, his sister said “I want to veto that I see the baby first!” and all I could think of was ‘that word does not mean what you think it means’ but I was semi-good and said “I hope it’ll be either René or me though”.

I think I see why her friends keep crushing on her…



Adrien: Has she always been this cute?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Pharaoh / Le Pharaon

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


Boom!Cafe Au ! Where Amy opens up her dream Cafe with the help of her friends, assisting around the place! ( 6//v//6) A borrowed au from soaspersonal on Twitter!


drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….

As you can tell from the quality, I guess you could say art block has me burned out :’D (lol get it? Burned? Like toast? XD hahaha help me)

*throws this into the void and curls up in shame in her corner of Shay’s breadbox until Royai week*



lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

Makeup Marichat May, Day 11. Age-up Marinette!

Title: Change
Word Count: 1,934

It’d been a while since he really saw her last. After they’d gone off to university, he’d had a hectic schedule that didn’t allow him much time to socialize with his friends from middle school or high school. Plus, with Nino away in Spain, and Alya’s web journalism internship they hardly had a chance to all get together.

Seeing her now, sitting on her balcony quietly consumed in sketching, Chat Noir was hit with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.

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Someone save Solas from Miel.


if you say you hate amy just kindly get off my blog.
you do realize the man that makes you happy, mark, well she makes him happy. that should make you guys happy too.
she didn’t ‘steal’ him from you, mark isn’t an object, they fell in love and are happy. end of story, amy makes mark happy which makes me extremely happy.

psa over

Let Me Help

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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religious pastel Dan wearing shorts and having bruises on his knees but people think it's from praying but it's actually just from going down to suck on punk phils dick every chance he gets

Dan heard the whispers. He heard them loud and clear, but he really didn’t care anymore.

He knew what they thought, when he walked down the hallway in shorts with his knees bruised up like that. He wore thigh highs, but sometimes he would wear knee highs instead, or one would slip down…

But no one knew the truth. Which was what he wanted.

That whenever he was with Phil, all he could think about was his cock. That he was constantly horny now, squirming around in class, just thinking about it. That he had a punk boyfriend who made him call him daddy, and fucked him until he lost his voice.

Dan smiled at a girl as she came up to him; he had several classes with her, she was rather nice.

“Hi,” he said cheerfully, and she waved back.

“Been praying a lot lately?” She asked, pointing to his knees, which were showing today because his socks only went up to the tops of his calves. He recognized the tone of her voice- worry.

He bit his lip, staring at a pink band aid on the left one. That was from sucking Phil off at his work, in the gravel of the back of the nurseries.

“Yeah,” he said, trying to keep his voice steady. “All weekend.”

The girl nodded, looking slightly disturbed. Before she could say anything, Dan spoke again.

“Well, I should go,” he blurted, flashing her an innocent smile. “… Pray. Some more. Bye!”

He practically skipped off, and he could hear the girl talking to one of her friends. “Poor boy.”

Dan glanced around the hall, before quickly slipping into the boy’s bathroom, the one no one ever used because the lights weren’t working. He closed the door softly behind him, enveloping him in darkness.

“Daddy?” He asked timidly, glancing around, letting his eyes adjust.

“Danny.” Phil stepped out of the shadows, grinning at him and placing his hands on Dan’s hips.

Dan let out a sigh of relief. He always felt slightly claustrophobic when he wasn’t with the older boy. Dan could feel his rings brushing up his arms and he shivered.

“I missed you,” Dan said softly, clinging to him. Phil chuckled, running his fingers through Dan’s curls. He smelled like cigarette smoke.

“I missed you too, baby.” Dan could hear the smirk in his voice. “Couldn’t wait to have daddy’s cock down your throat again, could you?”

Dan whined against his chest, shaking his head. “No, sir.”

“Good boy.” Phil’s voice was rough, but there was a hint of happiness as well. “On your knees then, doll, let’s make this quick. Tonight I’ll fuck you,” he added, before Dan could complain that he wanted Phil inside him as long as possible.

“Daddy,” he whispered, sinking to his knees and flinching slightly when they touched the cold linoleum. “Everyone thinks I have bruises from praying all the time.”

Phil laughed, threading his fingers through Dan’s hair.

“Maybe I’ll have to leave bruises other places as well then, hm?”