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I've been seeing all of these "how would you tickle" this and that area. So, how would you tickle my feet?

Well I have a foot fetish so first if starts giving them soft kisses followed by a few licks to see if they are foot worship ticklish. Then I’d nibble them from the heel to your toes and start sucking and nibbling your toes. I’d then wiggle my tongue between them.

I’d then pin them to where you can’t get away and starts spidering my fingers into them moving my fingers up and down all over your soles and toes. I’d wiggle my fingers between them and scratch at them as long as I wanted until you either begged for mercy or asked for more. Then I’d grab my favorite tickle tool the electric toothbrush. I’d add a little baby oil and just tickle every inch of your feet that way for hours


Who is in  c o n t r o l?

Korrasami/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

(or: maybe just an elaborate excuse to draw abs)

I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW IT tumblr this crossover is giving me a lot of feels~

Just think...

Aaron walks in to the portacabin and drops a heart shaped cookie onto Roberts desk.
“What’s this?”
“Heart, innit.”
“Yeah I can see that. Why?”
Aaron shrugs,
“Valentine’s Day and all that. Romantic or whatever.”
“Wow…well I’m swept off my feet.”
Aaron reaches for it,
“I’ll have it back if you don’t want it.”
Robert snatches it,
“I didn’t say that.”
“Stop whining then.”
Aaron sits back down and starts going through his papers as Robert watches him. He opens the cookie and breaks it in half, handing part of it to Aaron,
Aaron looks up and frowns,
Robert hands him the cookie,
Aaron takes the cookie,
Robert shrugs as he sits back,
“You’ll always have my heart Aaron.”
Aaron rolls his eyes and stands up,
“You ruined it.”
He grabs his jacket and leaves as Robert laughs and eats the rest of his cookie.

Capricorn Decans

~ Capricorn Decan 1 (December 22nd - December 31st)

I am ruled by Saturn. My personality is characterised by patience, determination, and hard work. Capricorn’s are always working hard but this applies even more so to me. I also have the determination, strength and will to complete any worthwhile project. I have tremendous patience but this can tested by airy people who have their heads in the clouds and have fanciful ideas, this is because I cannot relate to them as I am well grounded with my feet firmly on the ground. I like to get the job done, rather than dreaming about it. I am extremely loyal and devoted to those I love and will strive to provide material wealth and security for them. Material wealth is important to me as it firstly shows others how successful I am and commands their respect. I value the respect from others, rather than their affection or love. Material wealth also allows me to spoil those that I hold dear. I have the potential to be in careers that allow me to be very successful and powerful. I can be very competitive in the workplace and with my dogged determination I will never lose sight of the prize. my main flaw is that I can be the victim of low moods, depression or mood swings.

~ Capricorn Decan 2 (January 1st - January 10th) 

I am ruled by the planet Venus. My personality is characterised by charm, creativity and adaptability. Of all the Capricorn decans I am by far the most charming and sociable. I collect a lot of good friends throughout my life, as they like my company. My creative skills are many and I can create great success for myself by using them wisely. My relentless ambition combined with my hard work will allow me to climb to the very top of any profession I choose - so long as it uses my creativity. I take the view that if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well. This applies not just to my career path also to my friendships and relationships. I cultivate and maintain my relationships with 100% loyalty, attention and affection. My main flaw is pessimism. My pessimistic steak can sometimes overtake me and can lead to low moods.

~ Capricorn Decan 3 (January 11th - January 19th)

I am ruled by the planet Mercury. My personality is characterised by intelligence, loyalty and discipline. I like my world to be ordered, structured and disciplined. I have little time for fanciful notions and abstract concepts. Although I do enjoy the finer things in life and admire beautiful things, I need them to have a practical and functional use as well. Of all the Capricorn decans I am the most intelligent and if I am able to override my innate shyness can become a gifted communicator. My intelligence coupled with my desire to accomplish makes me ideally suited to careers that demand shrewdness and attention to detail. The legal profession, law enforcement and teaching are all areas that I can excel in. I am tremendously loyal and faithful in all my relationships. Once I have placed my trust in someone and allowed them into my life I will fully commit to them. My main flaw is a tendency to dwell on the past and hold grudges.

Shou has a funny habit

Teru: Stop breaking into my apartment, Suzuki-kun!
Ritsu: Stop breaking into my bedroom, Shou. We do have a door downstairs.
Mob: Ah, Suzuki-kun. You’re in the wrong room. Ritsu’s next door. 
Reigen: Yeah, I’m not even surprised anymore, but get your feet off my desk. 
Serizawa: …well, um…I moved in at Reigen’s place because…it’s economical that way?
Mr & Ms Kageyama: This is strike two. Three more and we’ll revoke Ritsu’s Shou privileges.

I FINISHED! I almost died. My feet were killing me and I got slower and slower. There was a lot of smiles, but also a lot of tears. If this were any other race I think I might have quit. It was definitely tough, but I overcame the pain, pushed through and I’m done. Right now I never want to move again, haha. But I did it. Glass Slipper Challenge complete! More photos and such to come. Now I get to just relax and enjoy the rest of this vacation without having to worry about anything other than getting my feet to be well enough to go to Disney on Tuesday, haha. 

I am thoroughly dead, but I am actually really happy with how these came out. And that I was able to record the process(even though the video is a bit jankey but that’s okay. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried recording art)

For @kazliin‘s amazing fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches, as well as one to go with the upcoming companion fic.

Jammed to these playlists basically the entire time.



So I played the entire series again and romanced the three “sex first, feelings later” partners (Zevran, Isabela and Bull), and it just didn’t work for me. I need romance! I need that tingly feelings of joy and gentle blushes and awkward, flirty banter and loud open declarations of love and showers of genuine concern!

I’m going to get a lot of flak for this, but I’m sticking to my blonde pretty boys (Alistair, Anders and Cullen). At least they sweep me off my feet first instead of just going “yeah well get naked”. XD

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Finn gets Poe's jacket, what does Rey always steal from Kylo's closet?

You have opened up such a magical world of possibilities with this ask Nonny! And after a long while of thinking and discussing with Lucy, we’ve come to a conclusion: EVERYTHING.

Rey is a scavenger. She’s used to taking what she needs.

Does she need a new shirt? Sniff test-YES. Yes she does. *raids Kylo’s closet* Kylo approves, she looks hot in his shirts.

Did she forget a pair of clean socks? Yes. Yes she did. *raids Kylo’s closet*
“Why are your socks so big?!”
“To fit my feet???”
“They go up to my knees!!”
“Well yes, I bought them for ME, Rey.”

Did her underwear get ruined in the nights activites? Yes. Yes they did. *throws something at him and raids Kylo’s closet for a pair of his boxers*
“Maker these are huge!!!”
“Rey, again. THEYRE TO FIT ME! We are not the same size!”

It gets to the point where if he wants to keep any of his clothing to himself, he has to begin keeping clothes her size in his closet.

Which she will of course ignore in favour of his clothing.

Tiny Jim is a pain-in-the-arse!

He complained about standing all the time so found him something to sit on:

“A peanut box? This is fecking humiliating.”

Well, you wanted to sit down.

“My feet don’t even reach the ground-”


“Whatever… don’t interrupt. Look! I’m dangling here like a fecking toddler!”

*sigh* Okay… I’ll find something more suitable.

A while later…

Happy now?

“It’s an improvement, I’ll grant you.”

So… can you put the gun away?

“No. I might have reason to shoot you.”

Do you have any idea how much damage it wouldn’t do to me, little fella?

Little fella? How dare you! I’ll have you drawn and quartered for that, you-”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here… have a cushion.

“Oh… thanks… I suppose.”

Gracious as ever… Now what are you doing?

“Well, I put the gun away, didn’t I? What more do you want?”

How ‘bout you stop messing around with offensive weapons on my desk?

“You’re the offensive one. Is there any tea?”

Jesus; what did your last slave die of?

“If you want to find out just keep on failing to make me a cup of fecking tea!”

Alright, keep you titchy trousers on.

“Titchy! How dare-”

Here! Tea!

“Thanks. That’s a good cuppa…”

Ah… so you can be gracious.

“What the hell is that supposed-”

Does sir require anything else?



“That weird Irish chap who plays me.”

Andrew Scott.

“That’s the one. I want his autograph.”

You don’t ask for much, do you?

“That isn’t much; he’s just some pointless Paddy.”

Bit like you then.


Okay, okay! Here… have it!

“Christ! It’s huge!”

Not it’s not; you’re tiny.

“Fuck off!”

I give up. *heartfelt sigh*

A little glance at Takadas personality .. or sth

(a piece i’ve been working on for two days and i had to realize once again, that i cant draw backgrounds even if my life depended on it .. )

Photobooth: Fred x Reader

Request: Hey there! I hope you’re not too busy with requests and if not I was wondering if you’d mind writing a Fred weasley oneshot please? Like maybe it’s Y/N and Fred’s wedding(after the war&lupin etc lived pls😭) and it’s all cute abd fairytale like with silly things like photo booths,fairy light&like silly carnival stalls and a really emotional Molly and a really cute George best man speech please cause Y/n is his best friend too?

Warnings: super adorableness


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“(Y/N), are you ready?” Hermione asks, standing behind me. I turn to look at my maid of honor and half smile.

“Hermione, I’m so nervous,” I say.

She giggles, “Well, I’d expect so.” She pulls me to my feet and smooths out my dress, takes my hands in hers, and looks me in the eyes. “You can do this, (Y/N).”

I nod and smile, before hugging her. I grab the bouquet from my vanity, and turn back to her. “Then let’s do this.”

He waits patiently at the end of the aisle next to Remus as the bridesmaids and groomsmen process in. As George comes to stand next to Fred, he whispers in his ear, “Just wait, mate. She looks incredible.” Little Teddy Lupin in a tiny tux brings the rings up to meet his father, followed by four-year-old Victoire, the eldest brother’s daughter, delicately tossing white rose petals along the aisle. He looks to the front row of the congregation and locks eyes with his mother, who has tears streaming down her face, but smiling nonetheless. He winks at her, and she feels the most proud of her son than she ever has. 

Fred’s grin grows even more and he looks up as (Y/N) rounds the corner in the dark, being escorted by her father. She’s framed by the lights behind her, as the fairies in the bushes try to get a better look at her, too.

Incredible was an understatement. (Y/N) looks like beauty itself, perfect from head to toe, in a magnificent white dress, and her (y/h/c) hair perfectly styled. She immediately looks down the aisle of the white tent and catches Fred’s eye, and both feel their breath hitch in their throat as their hearts leap. (Y/N) is so grateful that her father is there supporting her, because she’s shaking so badly, she feels certain she would fall over without him there. As she and her father reach the end of the aisle, he is in tears. He lifts her veil, kisses her on the cheek, and gives his beloved daughter away to the Groom. Fred takes her trembling hand in his, holding it tight and leads her to the front.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers to her.

She blushes and squeezes his hand, trembling a little less now. And then Remus begins, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today…”

I hear a clink to my right, drawing my attention away from Fred, as his twin stands up from the chair next to me.

“Alright, you lot! Time for my speech!” George says smiling broadly, and Fred releases my fingers, moving his to my back as I turn to look up at George. I move my hand to his knee, and rub my thumb gently back and forth on it, and he lightly traces his fingertips along my back, knowing fully well that it’s my favorite thing in the world.

“I remember the first time Fred and I met (Y/N),” George says, and I immediately blush, knowing the story he’s about to tell. “Third year at Hogwarts and Snape gives both of us detention, and we walk in, expecting it to just be the two of us, and here’s this girl in the room, too. We’d seen her around before, but Fred sits in the seat next to her and asks what she’s in for. She’d charmed all of Snape’s ink to write in changing colors of the rainbow, with sparkles and all.” I start laughing as I remember Snape’s face when he wrote my detention slip in the sparkling rainbow ink, instead of his normal black.

“I could tell right away that (Y/N) was a brilliant and charming witch. But that went out the window with the morning owl when she started dating Fred, because, let’s be honest, mate, she’s totally out of your league. And y’know, if she was gonna date one of us, I expected it to be the better looking twin,” he says, gesturing to himself. Fred and I both laugh, as well as the entire congregation. George continues telling stories about the three of us in our days at Hogwarts, filled with Fred-deprecating humor.

“But honestly, when you look at these two, all you can see is the realest of love, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to call (Y/N) my sister,” George says, looking down at me. I squeeze his hand lightly, and he finishes his speech, “To the bride and groom!”

“To the bridge and groom!” the congregation echoes, and I turn back to my husband. He’s looking at me with so much love, I feel my heart melt all over again.

The music starts playing, and he leads me to the dance floor, and he passes me off to my father, whose face is smiling but tear-stained. My father and I share a dance, and he passes me back to Fred. The music picks up a bit and Fred and I dance together, in our normal silly, excellent way.

After we share a few dances, he pulls me away. “My dad found this thing, and you need to see it,” he says, pulling me toward a little red and white striped booth with a black curtain in front of it.

I giggle as he pulls me in beside him, and there’s a large screen in front of us with our faces. He pulls out a basket of props and finds a veil, which he puts on his head, and a mustache-on-a-stick which he gives to me. I’m now laughing uncontrollably as he presses the button to take our pictures.

We exit the photo booth, and a strip of pictures is printed and he hands it to me. He’s making ridiculous faces in the first two as my face is scrunched up in laughter, the mustache-on-a-stick held in front of me. In the third he’s looking at me with such admiration and love that it’s making me blush. And in the final one, it’s a rather gorgeous shot of us as he brought me in for a kiss.

I bite my lip, tears filling my eyes as I look at the wonderful pictures (which for some reason, are not moving) that perfectly some up my love for this man. My eyes wander up to his, and he’s looking at me with the same look as he did in the third picture.

I wrap an arm around his neck and pull him close to me, and hold up the the strip. “We’re keeping this,” I say before bringing him to me for a kiss.

I just drove past some grove pickers and they started laughing that my border collie mix was sitting in the front seat. She’s my baby and she deserves to be treated like a queen.