as well as his father's actions

Why Looney Tunes: Back in Action is objectively the greatest film ever made

No-one ever talks about Looney Tunes: Back in Action and that’s a crime.


Okay, Brendan Fraser plays a stuntman.

…who hates working with Brendan Fraser.

His dad is Timothy Dalton, who plays an actor most well known for spy films.

…who turns out to actually be a real spy and hides spy shit behind a portrait of himself.

So father and son have to team up to stop an evil genius…   played by a near-unrecognisable Steve Martin.

…whose henchman is WWE star Bill Goldberg.

By the way, Steve Martin is the head of the ACME corporation.

Yes, that ACME.

Oh, and among Martin’s underlings are Ron Perlman and Robert Picardo.

So anyway our heroes end up at Area Fifty TWO… which is run by Joan Cusack.

…and which houses all sorts of alien nasties, including…





Plus the twins from Gremlins 2 play the WARNER BROTHERS

Shaggy and Scooby chastise Matthew Lillard over the live action Scooby Doo movie.

Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales lament political correctness killing their careers.

Brendan Fraser gets to punch Brendan Fraser.

Fucking plus

Plus the whole time he’s accompanied by Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, and the whole thing was directed by Joe Dante so you know that’s a perfect fit.

So in conclusion, please watch Looney Tunes: Back in Action. It will most likely change your life.


- And now we are back to Undernovela-
Asgoro: You never understood why your father told you to specifically not get near me or my family, right?
Sin: Eh… well, based on his jobs, and because you hate each other and because you are a complete… Jerk?
Asgoro: Ha, now I know why you didn’t mind disobeying him, you are like a silly boy, but good, if you really can not understand the severity of your actions, I guess it is up to me reveal you the truth… I am talking, of course, about my past with your father…
Asgoro: It all began the day I met him… we…
Cross: PLOT TWIST!!!

I came out with this idea because of my PASSIONATE DESIRE for seeing Undernovela in @underversesans , at the beginning I was going to upload it this on Crossember the 7th and 8th, but I got a little medical mproblem and I couldn’t participate :C
But I wanted to finish it anyway, as a New Year present for @jakei95 , @pig-demon , @loverofpiggies , and @comyet as retribution for their wonderful job, which I really love and admire x3 
Error and Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies
Ink belong to @comyet
los siempre dramaticos (¿?) Asgoro y Sin belong to @pig-demon
El misterioso gemelo malvado con bigote que aprendió a decir algunas palabras en español (¿?) Cross belong to @jakei95

And well, that’s it, Happy New Year :3 

My favorite thing about Jason Todd is how diverse he is as a character.

He can be as broody and dramatic as Bruce despite claiming to be nothing like the man. He uses an expressionless helmet and his large, confident to put fear into his criminals. He exists on a fine line, working the thin dichotomy between justifying his actions based on Batman and doing things of his own accord because he believes in them. He makes bold statements, claiming he is "no one’s son" and physically attacking members of his former family. And yet everything he does is defined as a lost son lashing out as his Father. his characterizations and motivations (when done well) are constantly shifting minutely over that line between hero and anti-hero, making him complex and too human as he vacillates on the choices he has made and the suffering her has borne.

And then there are times where Jason will be sprawled lazily on the Batmobile complaining to dad that he forgot to ask the take-out place for no pickle on his hamburger and honestly he’s just ready for death again. Such a vibrant and complex character that Jason Todd.

23-year-old “Dreamer” immigrant arrested in Seattle

  • A 23-year-old Seattle man, previously authorized to stay in the U.S. by Obama’s DACA program, was detained by immigration officials on Friday.
  • His arrest raises thorny legal questions about immigrants’ rights under President Trump.
  • The man, Daniel Ramirez Medina, had been granted deferred action and employment authorization under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA”, program in 2014 and again in 2016, CNN reports.
  • But when immigration officials showed up at his door on Feb. 10 to arrest his father, they took him as well.
  • According to the New York Times, Ramirez and his lawyers have since filed a lawsuit against the federal government on the grounds that his detainment is unconstitutional, “unprecedented and unjustified.” Read more (2/15/17 7:47 AM)


Tate Langdon Imagine: Tate Listen to Me!

(Disclaimer so I don’t get the ‘Have you even seen the show?’ comments I’m in no means following any storyline specifically)

It was 1922 and your mother and father had built this house. Your father ‘surgeon to the stars’ Charles Montgomery and your mother, well Step mother, Nora Montgomery had built this house lovingly together.  Your father had made it with Nora as his muse, the house had all of the features she had, except the crazy need she had for a child of her own. It was definitely no secret she wasn’t the biggest fan of yours, but to be honest her opinion never fazed you as she was batshit nuts. You were surprised the women had not smothered you in your sleep, although your father never once seemed to noticed her actions toward you, he thought she was this beautiful angel but you knew the truth, shame she hadn’t seen it sooner.

Almost a year after you had moved into this shrine of a house Nora discovered she was pregnant, something that struck fear into you. You couldn’t tell why you felt like this, but something changed about her, something that made you fear for your life. It was a unseasonably cold day and you were laid upon your bed, deeply absorbed into a novel, your father was out at work and Nora was putting the finishing touches to her new baby’s bedroom, that looked more like a palace than a room. Your eyes shot up as the door handle creaked and Nora appeared, one hand on the door handle, the other behind her back. ”My darling y/n” she spoke using the hand that was formally on the handle to brush your delicate strand of hair behind your cold ears. “I never really liked you” she spat pulling the hand from behind her back that was wrapped around a handgun and shot you straight through the heart; killing you instantly. That was it, you were dead, only 17, your life was completely over.

Although it wasn’t, you couldn’t understand it at first but you were not dead, well I mean you were DEAD but you were still in this house. Of course when Nora told your father you had ran away he believed her straight away, of course he would believe his precious wife, who else could he possibly believe?

As far as you were concerned your life was completely over you were trapped for eternity here, invisible to the world, it wasn’t until almost a month later when you realised that you couldn’t leave you decided to hide in the attic, away from the memories of your family, well that had been your plan but you wanted one last look at them. Stepping into the dull looking kitchen your eyes landed upon Nora who screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw you. You were visible to people, what kind of ghost were you? Turning on your heels your sprinted back into the attic as fast as you could. Listening to your after comfort her as she cried about this place being haunted, leaving out the part of the ghost being you. Within days the house lay empty, just you alone with your thoughts, Nora convinced your father to move away and he being the weasel of a man he was couldn’t say no.


Days turned into months and then years, you however didn’t age a day using multiple different tactics to restrain yourself from boredom, one tactic being pretending to be a neighbour to those who lived and left the house. In fact right now, there was the Langdon family a sweet family who you had convinced they lived next door where very close to you.

Although cracks in one of the boys, Tate’s, mind began to show, and it wasn’t until one day he lost it. He shot a bunch of kids at school and when he got home, police officers shot him. He died in the house, he died in the house you did too. The only problem was he didn’t realise he was dead. The mother, Constance, she knew you were both dead, she knew that, although neither of you had so far told Tate. Constance had decided that the best plan would be too move into the house next door, so she could always be near her baby boy. This was also so she could get away from the memories of murder house. Yes, by now it had acquired itself a name.

Tate still talked to you every day although, he no longer went to school, but as you didn’t either he never was alone. You would spend that long together the need to tell him, was getting worse; to the point where you decided today he needed to know.

“Tate” you whispered as you both sat on the cold floor in the attic, taking both his hands into yours. “There is something you need to know.” You breathed standing up and pulling him up with you. “What- what is it” he smiled unaware as to the news he was about to be given. “Tate, you’re dead” you choked out watching as he began to laugh. “You’re joking right?” he laughed as you stood with a serious face. Obviously this was a very bad idea, of course he wasn’t going to believe you, so you were going to have to show him. Constance had managed to get the body back to the house, in the basement, with yours; it was something you had pleaded for to show Tate, as proof if you were to ever need it.      

Keeping a gentle grip on Tate’s hand you let him down into the basement taking him further than he had ever been before. You let him step in front and a muffled so let you know he saw himself, the sound hurting you also. “No!” he cried as you clutched him into your chest, screaming and sobbing tears staining your shirt. “Tate, I tried everything I could, to bring you back, I swear, I tried I promise” you whimpered running a hand through his hair.

*Half an hour later*

“I’m dead?” he whispered sat on the floor next to you picking at the floor boards. “Yes Tate you are, and you’re trapped here forever eternally and I’m sorry” you mumbled yourself looking down. “You’re trapped too?” he questioned as you nodded. “We are trapped together eternally but at least we have each other.” He soothed taking your hand in his and rubbing your knuckles. “Together, stuck here together” you repeated smiling slightly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Tate asked after a moment or two.

“Oh yeah, hi I’m y/n, I’m dead wanna hook up?”

“You wanna hook up with me?”

Promise // 09

Table of Contents

Word Count: 5,783

Note: My final update of the year, haha. This is one of the longer and cheesier chapters and it reveals a lot about Hwayoung and Baekhyun. This chapter and the next may be filled with intimate moments between the two characters, but I also have a lot of action and suspense planned for future chapters as well. Thank you for reading, and feedback is always welcome! <3


The bodies part only slightly as Hwayoung wedges between the tall men until she stands in Baekhyun’s office.

“You know him?” Baekhyun asks, suspicion quirking his brow.

“This is Jaejoong,” she explains. “He’s one of my father’s men.”

Chanyeol and Jongin let their hands fall from Jaejoong, the male immediately bowing when he sees the young girl.

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I love the idea that springtrap is out there no longer held by any sort of establishment. Looking for his father. If this was some sort of movie it would be his calm voice narrating on his constant actions. Mean while the scene it self is somewhat extreme, like he just got out of fazbear fright, but he’s smart and knows that if anyone sees him like that, things won’t go well for him so he probably hid in the shadows at night looking for anyone passing by on a lonely street to kill because he needs the clothes. He finally gets someone that’s somewhat bigger than him but the fight’s easy thanks to the sharp part on his body, but this would be a movie so things HAVE to go wrong for him so perhaps a cop witnesses the murder or gets there after but the cop thinks it might be just some crazy guy in a weird suit and for some ‘for the sake of the plot’ reason they decide to not call any sort of back up. With a gun in his hands he shouts at springtrap demanding him to turn around and so springtrap obeys but decides to open up the head piece to stun the cop. Spring runs towards the cop and manages to get close enough to attack and kill. He realizes he’s been shot, but feels no pain and confirms the fact that he really can’t die. Springtrap searches the cop car and finds a first aid kit, grabs some bandages to cover up his face like the invisible man leaving only his glowing eyes exposed. After a few hours he’s dressed in a way that covers most of his body. Maybe a hoodie as well and the head piece hanged on the side of his pants just in case he needs it some how. And there you would have an intro and knowing that people are aware of Fazbear’s fright they might just think the head piece is merchandise.

I actually have a serious part to contribute to the spoiler discussion.

I remember Isayama specifically mentioning he will elaborate on how Titans detect human beings.

My most obvious idea here is that it’s kind of a instinctual thing and Titans detect “living” beings - conscious ones, as through a presence, as Ymir puts early in the story. Dina’s case is interesting because maybe it’s her subconscious memories and instinct that somehow lead her to Eren because she knows Eren’s father.

Whatever the case, it’s all very well done cruel irony. It shows that all actions have consequences (just as Grisha’s actions lead to the Titanization of his own group) - another long-lasting theme coming together here; and of course it’s very confidently continuing the thread of humanity being it’s own enemy. This all happened because Eren’s father let his desire for revenge get the best of him, violent wishes, which of course continue the cycle of violence. What makes it so effective is that Grisha when getting down to it all, is human because it all started with a genuine desire to get justice in a unjust world. I adore the thematic writing and how it’s tying all these things up.

“Listen, Brat!” Levi X Reader

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Words: 1847

Genre: Action, fluff(?)

Originally posted by nikiforv

              He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his nerve? But I need to learn to ignore him. There is no way I’d quit or let him kick me out – not after what happened.

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my imagination of snk ch70
cute baby eren,mikasa and historia.
university library is a good place to draw pencil doodle (no
ok….after finish it I would study….must

As same as anyone, snk ch70…many feels omf
yeah “jealous”.today you’re a 15 years old boy,and you met a girl who is VERY important for you.this girl can effect you you see she talk with a handsome boy happily . can you tell me your feel now please? :) well,I maybe feel a little jealous<3

This is  normal emotional action,not mean that mikasa hate historia or she is rude.I think friendship of mikasa with 104 people is blooming when mikasa started to notice others ,not just eren and armin.

Of couse, I also like beautiful friendship of eren and historia :)
They have similar experiences and responsibilities.Responsibility is heavy, so eren can understand her feelings and thank her.

And then,eren and mikasa.eren apologized twice to mikasa.
he is troubled by his thoughts about titan, secret from his father or his responsibilities.Mikasa must have noticed eren feel very tired to face all,and  automatically assist him.eren did not refuse because he really needs her help
Help each other is a very natural thing for them.

(I’m sorry my bad English expression)

Having A Child With Klaus Would Include

Requests: “Could you do a ‘having a child with klaus would include’ 😍”

  • Leaving the baby at home with Klaus while you go out
  • He’s actually an amazing babysitter
  • You catch him napping with your child
  • Buying coloring books for your child and Klaus to play with
  • “Well aren’t you quite the Picasso like your father, Love?” 
  • Klaus is over protective
  • He plays dress up with your daughter
  • But still plays action figures if you have a son
  • Klaus cooks for your child, anything they want and he spoils them
  • Klaus is the softest parent, he gives in
  • He drops them off and picks them up at school
  • Thanking you for putting up with him and having his children, being his wife and being an awesome mother

Headcanon that as Damian gets older, he and Selina become friends. They use their combined forces for good. And what does “for good” mean? Making Bruce’s life difficult, of course.
Their favorite activity is to purposefully mess up names in public…
“Ms. Kyle! What are your thoughts on Mr. Wayne’s new affiliation with Uni-X Media?”
She smiles at the reporter. “I’m always a proud supporter of whatever my date and good friend, Bruno Wayne, does.”
“Ms. Kyle–”
“There goes his son!” The reporter catches Damian as he strides behind Selina, stopping him. “Damian, what are your thoughts on your father’s new affiliation?”
“My father is a man of a keen mind and moral tendencies.” He calmly fixes his tie before continuing, “His positive actions are a legacy, as I’m sure we’ll expect it to be the case in this outcome as well. After all, who can forget the name of Bruno Wayne?”
Selina nods at Damian. “Thank you, David.”
He smirks at her. “Anytime, Sabrina.”
The cameras flash and the crowd goes wild.
Bruce rubs his eyes and grabs a drink.

ML AU: La Résistance headcanons

Based off of this AU idea

-Most of Their Parents had been taken due to resisting Germany’s rule. Some of the parents managed to be okay because they feigned obedience. But anyone who did not fit their mold, (i.e. gypsies, homosexuals, jews, Poles, slavs, jehovah’s witnesses, and even mixed race couples for “ tainting Europeon blood”. Nazis were really thorough about what they did not like.)

-Marinette’s parents were taken right before her eyes as she watched, hidden in a closet. She swore she would get them back.

-Adrien’s father quietly submitted to the regime in order to protect the family. Adrien’s mother was disgusted by the action and tried to flee the country with Adrien. His mother was captured while fleeing and Adrien was saved by a mysterious résistance member, known only as “Plagg”

- Marinette tried to get her parents back, with a surprisingly well thought out plan to break them out of jail. But the plan went sour as a nazi guard spotted her. Which would have been the end, if a skilled red haired woman hadn’t jumped in and knocked out the guard. The red haired woman saved Marinette and decided to take her under her wing. Her alias “Tikki.”

-Marinette and Adrien were trained by Résistance members. Not meeting until months later.

-The other teens joined the Résistance slowly, some because of being rescued, others finding them and asking to join, and some because the resistance found them and recruited them.

-Marinette decided to form her own branch of the Résistance. the teens agreeing and happily joining her cause.

I'm done

I went through tags about Kylo Ren’s redemption, expecting to find something interesting about Kylo Ren relizing his mistakes through the guilt he feels about killng his father. Or maybe him seeing his mother, who still mourns for Han, makes him understand how horrific his actions have been and he starts to work against the First Order. And that despite his redemption, he pays for his crimes and maybe Leia finds it hard to forgive him.

Well, not only did I find nothing like this but what I found was meta after meta talking about Rey redeeming Kylo or their love being the basis of his redemption. Do people actually need to be explained why this is objectively a bad narrative? Not only has it been done a thousand times, it is also a inherently misogynistic narrative.

Reylo shippers don’t own Kylo Ren nor do they own his possible redemption. If you for some fucked up reason want to ship them, it’s not my problem, but at least make his redemption about himself.

You can be sure as hell that I will never again go looking for Kylo Ren redemption meta.

BTS Theory - The real story explained ~ Part 5 (last part).

[PLEASE READ IN ORDER : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Conclusion]

What’s going to happen next ?

So we are now right back where we started. V just killed his father. We learned about his habits, his fears, his memories and his feelings. But now that he’s ready to take responsability for his actions, what’s going to happen ? Does this story will even get a happy ending ? Well there’s actually a few hints placed inside the MV that implies that they’re eventually going to change for the good and that they’re on the right track for a happy ending.

1st hint : We see them running through the whole music video and it can be interprated as running away from responsabilites, from adulthood. But in this one scene, they are all stopped. Facing the scenery. It’s the only time we see them all together and looking at the path before them. In the prologue, Jungkook was doing the same he was looking at the scenery, and that meant he wanted to grow up. If they’re all doing this right now does that mean they’ll eventually want to grow up and take the path to adulthood ?

2nd hint : In the end of the car scene in Run, the fact that they’re all getting inside Jin’s car and that it’s Jin (the only grown up one) who’s driving them towards the same direction that the other cars are driving in the tunnel, could mean that he’s going to take them into the path to adulthood with him. He’s leaving the tunnel (dark and small place) and leading them towards the right way.

3rd hint : a bolder hint that highly implies they’re gonna quit this unhealthy lifestyle is in the last scene of Run’s mv. Jimin (the third member most mature of the group) who’s still in the bathtub after the scene that we saw a few seconds ago in the mv, is burning a polaroid of them without Jin. The times where they were behaving like ignorant kids are over. He burns the picture of their group without Jin because he doesn’t want them to be without Jin anymore, he wants them to join Jin.

This scene is still a representation of V’s memory. V is not in the room with jimin so it can’t be his real memory. It’s probably made-up memory. It can’t be real either since Jimin is holding a picture from the prologue which technically never happened since it was V’s dream. So this scene is a representation of what V’s mind really wants, which is leave « neverland » (hence the picture from the prologue) and join Jin. He  mixes up events that already happened and things that he really wants and this is how is unconscious created this scene.

4th hint : The final hint is the scene that takes place just before V wakes up. It is again a combination of a real event that already happen and V’s imagination. The real event that happen was probably just them walking in the tunnel and Jin in the car behind following them. Jungkook was walking a little slower than them and maybe turning around from time to time to look at Jin. (This is probably what triggered V’s mind to imagine Jungkook’s car scene in I NEED U)

But we’re in V’s mind and the memory is distorded. Somewhat, he’s seeing this scene in Jin’s point of view. But it feels like Jungkook is actually looking at present-V. He smiles at him, like he’s telling him that everything is going to be ok and that he can wake up now. The other members represent the childish, messed-up side, and they’re disapearing. Jin and the car are the good side. Present-V is in the « car ». Jungkook is lighted, he’s letting him know that it’s over now, they’ll stop doing bad things and they’ll just going to be happy together if he wakes up. And what do you know, the next scene is him actually waking up (coming out of the water). Jungkook and Jin actually have a special connection (eldest-maknae). On instagram, Jungkook’s concept photo (for hyyh pt.2) has the hashtag #CUPID and Jin had #psique and I thought that was weird because I didn’t see the connection between those hashtags and the concept, or the others hashtags, so I did some research. Turns out psique is another name for Psyché, who was a King’s daughter during Greek antiquity. It said that she was so flawless and beautiful that Venus was jealous of her. In the end she was too beautiful to have a husband so she ended up marrying Cupid.

Now I’m not saying that Jin and Jungkook are married, but they definitely have a special connection. And V is only realizing now that Jungkook was on Jin’s side all along.

Now that he has woken up, he’s ready to change the turn of events and make sure that I Need U doesn’t happen.

Ok I don’t know if I’m the only one who notice but the hyyh story reminds me A LOT about the video game Life is Strange. How Maxine can control her fate, kinda like V. How she travels through time, like V too in a way. He goes in the past (memories) and imagines the future. And also the infamous Butterfly Effect (how a simple choice can effect the whole story), is kind of the theme of both stories. And even the reccurent presence of polaroids. Which is not only present in the Mvs, but in real life too with all of BTS’s polaroids. Their concept pictures for Hyyh pt.1 were similar to polaroids. They even went as far as doing an exhibition ! This is when I was completely mind blown because it’s just like the video game. For those who don’t know the game, Maxine, the main character’s passion is photography, but polaroids in particular. And in the end she wins a contest and her picture gets to be part of an exhibition. It’s an important moment in the game. Her fate relays in that one picture that is part of the exhibition. She can travel through time thanks to her polaroids. That’s why she needed that picture so much, so she could go back in time. And then it reminded me of Jin. Jin is always seen taking pictures and videos. Maybe he’s filming cause he doesn’t want to let go of the moment. Filming means he can go back anytime he wants by watching the tapes. Just like Maxine who can go back to the time she took the picture just by looking at it, he maybe desperatly keeps filming in hope of changing the past. Like if something messes up, he knows they can go back.

When Jimin burns the picture of them in the end of Run = they can’t go back anymore. They have to face the future, and join Jin.

But of course it is impossible to change the past, or to travel through time. This is why all of those things are happening in V’s mind. But with the exhibition that they did, we actually get to experience the time travel, as if we were in V’s mind. By looking at each picture we’re going back to that moment in time. Just like the video game were she can travel randomly by looking at random polaroids, we are experiencing ourselves the journey in those different dimensions but we have no idea what’s going on cause the story line isn’t in chronological order and we are traveling through different moments randomly too so we have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to understand the story.

To sum it up, this whole thing is way bigger than we think it is.

Even if we do our best to understand every little detail and write theories about everything, we can never be sure. They don’t help us AT ALL in finding the truth about the story. Actually, they do the opposite by giving us harder clues and giving us more questions than answers. They don’t even want to give us a lead. 

It’s like they’re doing it on purpose.

And I think I know the purpose now.

The butterfly effect. A butterfly effect is when one thing can change the whole story.

That’s the point.

Our point of views and theories, the way we interprate all of this changes the story, over, over and over again.

We all have our own interpretation, the « story » is just a big canvas that could go in an infinite number of directions.

The story could be about Jin’s death, about V’s death, about all of them dying, about none of them dying. It all depends on your perspective. Of course this theory that I wrote is my own perspective and I’m still standin by it. But the fact that there’s so many theories makes the story a lot more flexible and interesting. It makes us actually experience the butterfly effect. Isn’t that, like, super smart ? I really wondered why they wouldn’t tell us explicitly the story of the MVS but it makes sense now. It’s a lot more interesting this way, we’re experiencing it fully.

What message do they try to express with this hyyh storyline ?

The thing is that they were too afraid of growing up because they thought they would lose their freedom and their ability to express themselves. For them, adulthood = bad. But their behaviours were dangerous and just self-destructive. Their « freedom » was working against them. They thought it was youth vs adults but it’s not the case. They CAN be adults and be free at the same time, they just need to find the right way. And they will, because once they’ll find it, we saw that Jin finally joins them. This scene can be interpretated that way too.

Even though Jin is an « adult » , it wasn’t the fact that the other members were young that bothered him and kept him away from them. It was the fact that they weren’t mature enough. But once they « grow up » meaning they mature, he WILL join them.  Because every card is important in a house of card, and if one card is missing, the house of cards can’t be complete. And once they’ll get Jin on their side they’re gonna be stronger than ever. And together they’ll find a way to fight for what they believe in, fight for their freedom. They were afraid that youth and adulthood was separated and they don’t wanted youth to end but youth is just a mentality, it won’t end if they don’t want it to end. (Their new album is litteraly called Young Forever)

As long as we’re together, it’s the most beautiful moment in life.

This last image is here to reassure us. The most beautiful moment in now, and it won’t end until you decide it.

Rap Monster talk during Hyyh On Stage :

“Everyone says that we’re all in our most beautiful moments. I wanted to look at the real meaning behind that. What’s the meaning of Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa? Why did we decided to name our album that? It can be our youth. I think it’s always in our mind though. If you know and feel this moment truthfully with the heart, and that you’re ready to accept the moment, then from the time you’re born, the entire life can be beautiful. If someone doesn’t know, then their life is never beautiful no matter what. Yes, so if you guys can feel the most beautiful moment in life, I’m sure from this moment, til we die our entire life will beautiful.”

There’s no point in trying to change the past, because it already happen.

« If you can’t go back you might as well just forget about your mistakes » - Nevermind.

« Je ne regrette rien (I have no regrets) ».

« Breathe or dream » - Blooming Youth (hyyh pt.1 intro).

We need to stop running away and being afraid of what’s on the other side. We have to take responsabilities for our acts.

“Let’s run run run again! It’s ok to fall down
Let’s run run run again! It’s ok to be injured »
(It’s like they’re saying to V that it’s okay, even if he did a mistake, something bad, he has to get up and keep running)

What has happened has happened and we can’t change it. As long as we’re together, it’ll be ok. We shouldn’t stop at hard times, but run. Forever.

Last words of the Now 3 photobook:

Thanks for reading! I invite you to re-watch all of their MVs from Hyyh era now with that theory in mind, it’ll make a lot more sense :) Have a good day (or good night)!


  ⚫ WINGS - Solving the mysteries behind the short films series.

What is love

What is love
That is the question everyone asks
In songs
In movies
In books
In poems
Everywhere you look
Someone is trying to define love
But how you can you describe something that is impossible to describe
Something that can only be shown through actions
So what is love
The question we continuously ask ourselves
Well I’ll tell you what I think love is..
Love is a father’s playful banter
As he looks lovingly at his kids
Love is a mother’s warm smile
And comforting hugs and kisses
Love is a best friend’s support
No matter what
And the sibling bond
That can never be replaced
Love is never having to let go
Because that person will always be there to help you up
Love is the smell of pancakes and coffee in the morning
Love is wrapped up in your favorite blanket
During a cold winters day
Love is the tiny butterflies you feel
When first seeing them
Love is that tiny little sentence
That started the whole thing
Love is knowing that no matter what you say
Or what you do
That person will always be in your side
Defending and protecting you
Until your dying breaths separate you
Love is knowing the safety of the hugs
And never having to ask them to never leave you
Love is knowing you’d go to any lengths
Go to any means
If it meant making that person happy
Or keeping them safe
And knowing they’d do the same for you
Love is never having to worry what they think of you
Or where their loyalties lay
Love is giving them the other half of your sand which
Love is waking up next to them every day
And thanking your lucky stars
That they chose to be with you
Love is looking at that person
And seeing them for the beauty that is inside of them
Love is knowing every deep dark secret of that person
And still loving them anyways
Love is being able to share you dark secrets with them
No matter how weird
Or horrid
And never having to worry what they think of you
Love is spending lazy afternoons together
Watching TV together in your PJs
And just enjoying each others prescene
Love is being told it’s OK
And being hugged
When you feel as though your world is falling apart
Love is never questioning
And why
It’s just knowing
Love is like a fire
That blazes through us when it happens
Leaving us forever changed
Even after it’s gone
Love is that feeling you get
When you look at the tiny
Life that you created
No matter the circumstances
And knowing that you’d do anything for that little person
Love is the first person you think of
When you read this
So maybe love is different for everyone
And maybe I didn’t describe it well
But love is
The most wonderful
Heart breaking
Joyous thing
That anyone can ever feel
And you don’t ever question when it happens
You just know
What is love?

Heavy Headcanon

Heavy lost his father in the gulag when he was very young and because of the trama of his actions during their escape a lot of those memories have been suppressed. He doesnt remember his father very well. Heavy spend the majority of his life in a family of women and he grew up seperate from a lot of society… He didnt learn things like gender roles and such… In siberia they all had to pull their weight (making him a pretty outspoken feminist once he rejoined society). And as much as he loves his sisters he always wanted a brother… Growing up surrounded by women he wished he had someone to relate to that was of similar age. He didnt know very many men until he was also grown and by then he found many of them to cold and insecure to form close relationships with them. Heavy kept his dream of having a brother still until he got hired at Mann Co. Where he was given 8.

(Now all he wants to do is go home and be with his sisters!)

megashadowdragon  asked:

what are your thoughts on the reveal that judge modified the genetics of his sons to take away their empathy, kindness and humanity in general

My instinctive reaction is horror, because eugenics is horrifying.

I watched the movie Gattaca (1997) about four years ago in a biology class. It freaked me out on a level well beyond one’s typical vague distaste for dystopian sci-fi societies. I was completely revolted by the idea that the human genome could be altered to such a degree, and that those who were unaltered were “imperfect” and therefore somehow less than human.

Then there’s the issue of Judge, a father willing to experiment on his own unborn children for militaristic gain. What’s worse is that the modifications are carried out within the body of his very pregnant wife, without her consent. In fact, Sora actively fights against Judge’s decision, although she failed. There are so many inhuman actions here. I’m beyond appalled.

So it’s depressing to think of the people that the Vinsmoke brothers could have been. Sanji is extraordinarily kind, but I don’t think that’s a side effect of whatever counter potion that Sora took to negate Judge’s experimentation. So we could have have four Vinsmoke quaduplets that were (at the very least) decent people to revolutionize the Germa kingdom. Instead, there’s only Sanji, who at this point isn’t a Vinsmoke at all and has gotten the hell out of there.

This probably factors into Sanji’s unwillingness to just let his once-brothers die at his wedding, though. Given his closeness to his mother and now Reiju, he probably knows that it’s not completely their faults that they’re so awful. The Vinsmoke bros were literally made to be psychopathic war machines.

The thing is, a lack of empathy and compassion doesn’t necessarily equal evil. They could’ve been really pragmatic psychopaths who were chaotic neutral, or even true neutral. But they delight in being complete assholes, which points to Judge’s influence on their lives.

tl;dr Judge is epitome of a worthless pile of steaming horseshit and I hate him nearly as much as I hate Spandam at this point.

draco malfoy was raised to have no heart. he was taught to suppress his emotions, that things like tears and genuine smiles were for lessers. he was to stand straight, tall, walk like the world was his. he was given lessons on grace and cruelty and observed it all in his father’s actions. 

it did it’s job. mostly. draco learned that he was better than everyone else. his name, his blood, his magic, his money, his parents, his intelligence. everything was better. it made him cruel, scornful of anything that might suggest otherwise. and when feelings of jealousy and longing arose in him, for those who were supposed to be beneath him…well, that made him lash out because he didn’t understand it. 

and though his father no longer had to teach him to his any softness about himself, draco did it himself. and yet, he had a weakness despite their best efforts. his mother. his mother who despite the tradition of letting house elves practically raise the children, she still snuck in to rock him to sleep. she still helped him up when he fell and used her gentle magic to make any injuries better. she still called him sweet names that embarrassed him on the outside and made him glow with love on the inside. 

she was his weakness and he, hers.

both mother and son had held onto their age old predjusices, ancient ideas about blood purity, about muggleborns and muggles and how vastly inferior and pathetic they were…they truly believed this. until suddenly the place they had called home was turned into a death camp. 

it was very very hard to continue to believe in such things when you heard their screams. when you looked into pained, pleading eyes. when you SAW the blood and how it looked like every other blood you had ever seen before. it was so hard to hold onto feelings of superiority when it was people that you KNEW, recognized. 

draco was an awful death eater. he may have been a bully, edging into violence with rage and snark. but, this…this was beyond that. it was delibrate and unfeeling, it was cold and dark and cloying. 

it was murdered teachers and classmates. it was dead strangers in the floors benath his feet. it was rocking back and forth on his bed, hands to his ears and not knowing if you wanted the screaming to stop despite how much it made you want to vomit. because if it did, it usually only meant one thing. 

The differences in the way the show depicts Stiles’ and Liam’s bad actions toward Scott are very telling.

Liam, partially influenced by the Super Moon, almost kills Scott. He is shown to be very remorseful, his murder attempt is depicted as wrong, Scott is allowed to resent him. Liam feels super guilty and is worried about his relationship with Scott. He also kind of apologizes.

Stiles, stressed and angry because his father is dying, brutally attacks Scott even though he knows Scott was already badly injured. He doesn’t show any remorse about this later, he doesn’t even show concern about Scott’s well-being after learning that Theo killed him. Worse, him hurting Scott is depicted as understandable, and Scott is shown to be the one who needs to be forgiven. Scott isn’t allowed to resent Stiles, he rather has to miserably waits for Stiles to want to be friends with him again, as if he was the one who attacked Stiles. Stiles doesn’t worry, not even once, about the consequences assaulting Scott may have on their relationship.

This show is so biased in favor of Stiles it’s ridiculous. Liam and Stiles both do something terrible to Scott, and yet only one of them is held accountable for his actions. Stiles takes Scott and their relationship for granted, the show is written that way. Scott can never be angry at Stiles, or resent him. Stiles never has to bear the consequences of his terrible behaviour toward Scott.

The imbalance of their relationship was already obvious, but the fact that Liam and Stiles both hurt Scott in a similar way, and then the show “solved” it in two very different manners, makes it even more blatant.