as we call it in norway

Hell, Norway

I usually don’t do giant posts about theories and whatnot but I decided to share this little snippet.

So during “Mary’s” travel montage, she passes through Norway, where she then finds the fake passport. In the Norway scene, there’s a lot of boats and water in the background, as well as the rocky hills.

Then, at the end of the episode, we’re surprised with this clip:

She doesn’t seem to be saying that in a mean tone in my opinion.

She could be saying go to Hell, as in a place called “Hell”…

Now where would we find a place called hell? what does that even mean?

Ah yes, of course, Hell, Norway

Hell, Norway is also conveniently beside water where boats are able to easily come and go. Could that be where she’s trying to lead Sherlock to? Perhaps.

It’s also slightly rumored that in the Final Problem “Holmes and Watson travel to Europe to escape Moriarty’s vengeance.”

Is she leading them to a trap? Who knows.

(shoutout to @wait-what-oops for helping me come up with this)
Sami people persuade Norway pension fund to divest from Dakota Access
The Sami parliament, representing indigenous people also known as Lapps, has convinced Norway’s second largest pension fund to ditch the oil pipeline project

In an act of international solidarity between indigenous peoples, the Sami parliament in Norway has persuaded the country’s second largest pension fund to withdraw its money from companies linked to a controversial oil project backed by Donald Trump.

The project to build the 1,900km Dakota Access oil pipeline across six US states has prompted massive protests from Native American activists at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

This week, after lobbying by the Sami parliament, Norway’s local authority pension fund KLP announced it would sell of shares worth $58m in companies building the pipeline.

Vibeke Larsen, president of the Sami parliament, said the pension fund announced the move when she arrived at a meeting in Oslo to discuss Dakota Access.

“We feel a strong solidarity with other indigenous people in other parts of the world, so we are doing our part in Norway by putting pressure on the pension funds,” she told the Guardian.

The Sami – sometimes called Lapps in English – are an indigenous people living in the Arctic area of Sápmi in the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia’s Kola peninsula.

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u guys………… i cant beLIEVE i havent told u before… norway we had this show that ran on actual national television………..about this grade school teacher who got bored and dressed up (bADLY) as a teenage girl and called himself………… HANNA FROM TANA and he got world famous and it was the norwegian parody of hannah montana buT LIKE IT WAS AN ACTUAL SHOW ON A REAL CHANNEL I WISH I WAS KIDDING BUT LIKE

@fuckyeahnorwegian guys…….help me out here…..

"Minute by minute" and the reason behind it

In Norway we had this show on NRK called “hurtigruten(a small cruise boat) minute by minute). And its so boring you have no idea. It lasted 134 hours and they showed every minute when they traveld around Norway. At some points they only showed the tip of the boat and the ocean in front.

What’s funny is that we in the comments under the updates have joked so much about this for a long time. Especially in season two when Noora talked and had all those long ass breaks inbetween. We called it "Noora speaking minute by minute”

In season three we have also talked about “Isak and Even minute by minute” and what a great idea That would have been.

This is why i love SKAM so fuckings much. They include all the wiers and our ideas and they dont shoot the scenes years before. KUDOS to all the people working with Skam

finland is in a bad position when it comes to eurovision. because. our neighbours are sweden, norway and russia. but russia has like 69492 neighbours how do we stand a chance. sweden and norway are going to vote for each other. they frolic in their own scandinavian merry-go-round with denmark. we are left outside alone. who is going to save us? please estonia, our brother behind the sea, can you hear me calling your name,

‘Go to hell!’

I forced my husband to watch TST, and, as I always go on and on that nothing is real or what it seems to be on this show and in this series, something seems to have rubbed off on him.

So he suggested that, when Mary says ‘Go to hell’, she sends him to a place or person called hell . Which got me thinking.

Well, as the Norway theory has been ruled out due to translation - did we have a place called hell on the show yet? Because nothing is ever new and it’s all in Sherlock’s mind and he uses people he knows  / experiences he had to staff and paint his MP.

Yes, we had a place that can be called hell (and remember, in my theory, this is Sherlock giving himself clues how to proceed as not to be buried in his MP):

Dewer’s Hollow - as it’s another name for the devil, and the devil resides in hell. Sherlock has to go back to Dewer’s Hollow.

Which takes us back - surprise, surprise - to THoB. Where Margaret Thatcher was a vital clue (like in TST). Where Sherlock was drugged and met Moriarty - in hell. Where a dog was involved and a traumatised man - like Redbeard, the dog clearly associated with Sherlock’s trauma. And, on another level, as Dewer’s Hollow and Moriarty are also only stand-ins for what happened to Sherlock in his past (and what TFP will address), it means for Sherlock to go back to when he experienced hell himself. Because Sherlock imo has already been there, and that’s what made him.

Going to hell means Sherlock has to face his fears, to finally address his trauma. And he tells this to himself in his MP via an avatar of Mary. And next episode he’ll meet Culverton Smith, modelled after Jimmy Savile. Do you want to guess what the trauma Sherlock has suppressed so long deals with? What made Sherlock dissociative and in need of this kind of Mind Palace - because, going this deep inside one’s mind must be some sort of coping mechanism…


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Little things you may want to know if you are a foreigner writing “SKAM” fanfiction

First of all: If you write moving “SKAM” fan fiction, I probably have a weak spot for you already. That said, the little details that makes “SKAM” so relatable in Norway sometimes get lost in translation. I decided to write down some of the points that have made me arch my eyebrows while reading. Here goes:

Norwegian teens usually adress adults by first name. The SKAM gang would never adress each other’s parents by Mr./Ms. Surname.

The hotel Even took Isak to is called “Oslo Plaza” or more commonly, just “Plaza”. “Radisson Blu” is hardly ever used by Norwegians, certainly not by people living in Oslo.

Elvebakken (”Bakka”) is another upper secondary school in Oslo. It is situated between the flat Isak lives in with the collective and the flat Even lives in.

Using nicknames is largely uncommon in Norway, unless we are talking about established short forms of longer names, like Seb(astian) or Alex(ander/andra), or Anka for Anne Kristine. Evy is an established female name, very unlikely to be a nickname for Even. (Just look at Julie Andem’s little Instagram gift.)

No rule is without exception: I am aware that the squad occasionally calls Magnus “Mags” and Isak “Issy”. This is a better example of how Norwegians play with English than of Norwegian name culture.

All-night supermarkets are not a thing here. Also, you cannot (legally) buy alcohol in the shops after 20.00 hrs on weekdays or 18.00 hrs on Saturdays. On Sundays there is no alcohol sales in shops at all.

Edited to add the very good point from @bb8roll:
Also, a lot of English puns doesn’t work in Norwegian. And the distinction between “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” doesn’t make sense as Norwegian has a gender-neutral word: kjæreste.

Introduction - New Studyblr

Hello people of the internet! Today I’m starting an experiment for myself, in hopes for that my motivation will come back to me! For about a year now, I’ve watched a lot of videos on youtube and seen a lot of posts on tumblr, and now I wanna be a part of this community! I can’t really give tips or tell you want you can do better to become a better student, but I can share my notes, and hopefully inspire you in that way.

About me:

My name is Christine Sofie, and I’m eighteen years old. I live in a little town south of Oslo, Norway, where I am a graduate in what we call high school.

Other things you probably don’t want to know:

- I love decorating my notes, and my teachers hate it.

- I am a musician, and wish to work with music when I get older.

- Two of the subjects I have in school are Psychology and Marketing.

-  I love reading, but because of school I really don’t have time for it.

- I L O V E sarcasm!

- I speak Norwegian (mothers tounge) and English (almost fluently)

Blog Name:

I choose CSofiestudies, because of my name Christine Sofie, and I study. It’s really easy to understand to be quite honest, haha.

My inspiration:

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’ve been inspired by this community through tumblr and youtube. I’ve mostly taken inspiration from tumblr for this blog, and you should check out these blogs yourself!

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As well as these three, one of my best friends have given me a lot of inspiration and motivation! @galacticidem <333





biased hetalia rant (dont kill me)

why is there still argument over usuk being incest like are we gonna ignore a whole hetalia arc where america disowned him as a brother or the fact that england literally found him in a field and him, france or finland could’ve all been in the same relationship if it was one of the others who took him in instead

maybe they were “””brothers””” (term used very lightly in hetalia, france says he’s everyone’s “big brother” denmark and norway call eachother brothers when they aren’t related (unlike iceland and norway who ARE directly related) + canada and america being “brothers” who may or may not be related but we don’t say anything about that 

anyways my say is: siblings/”brothers” is a term used very loosely in hetalia by many characters who aren’t siblings at all, america was found IN A FIELD by 3 different nations, and america and england’s revolutionary war split their sibling-like relationship up and in recent times they’re basically just friends

also, i don’t support incest. incest in hetalia is mostly italy/romano, russia/his sisters or iceland/norway (who are all directly related) and more that i cant think of at the moment

hetalia has changed so much over the years (i’ve been into it since 2010) and the way himaruya writes, draws, etc is so much different then it used to be

Reasons Why Sana Is Probably Skam’s S4 Main
  • Sana played a pivotal role in Isak and Even meeting for the first time.
  • Sana’s religion was referenced on several occasions in both a misinformed and informative light:
    • Ms Braless Biology incorrectly naming her attire AND displaying casual Islamophobia (”Boys and girls work together. That’s how we do it here in Norway.”) ep 1
    • Isak bringing up her religion out of nowhere (”No offense, but why are you so religious?”) while proceeding to point out that her intelligence and religion don’t exactly mesh well - and being schooled so hard that all he could reply was “whatever” lol ep 4
    • Even calling out Emma for her heteronormativity and saying that her statement about gays being funny is as dangerous of a generalization as “All Muslims are terrorists” + he studied the Quran in 2015 - thank you, Sonja, for that contribution. ep 4
    • Magnus calling Mahdi a Muslim and joking about how he was going to “Jihad the school.” ep 7
    • Sana’s beautiful soliloquy about her religion in ep 8.
    • All of the mentioned scenes open up the floor for interesting discourse about Islam and religion.
  • What we know of her so far is enough to pique our curiosity because there has been JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of build up around her character.
  • With Isak calling her a friend in the last ep and establishing their leveled up closeness, it’s a lead in to subplot EVAK for S4; like how Isak lives in Noora’s room now and in the apartment and we got to see how her relationship with William panned out. And how Noora visited Eva in S2 and we saw how she and Jonas were coping.
  • And finally 

Conclusion: Even is S4 main. JKJKJKJK Do I want an Even season? *Isak intonation* UH, YUH. But rationally, it just doesn’t fit. I would love to be proven wrong but on the other hand, I’m also a little more than in love with Sana. This is one of the stronger and more self aware characters I’ve seen on TV and I feel like the large audience that SKAM has gained from previous seasons could stand to benefit from sitting back and just watching Sana Bakkoush kick some ass with her verbal and intellectual gymnastics. 

Since it’s Holocaust Memorial Day and all, did you know there’s a non-profit organization in Norway called “De Hvite Busser” (The White Busses) whose purpose is to educate people about the holocaust? It’s a popular class field trip to take, and they go and visit different concentration camps to educate people about the atrocities.

My class took this trip in 9th grade, and visited Sachsenhausen, Ravensbrück, Auschwitz, and Auschwitz Birkenau. We got to meet a concentration camp survivor as well who told us avout his experiences, - it was heartwrecking.

On the bustrip, our guide also told us about holocaust deniers, and debunked a ton of the popular claims they make. It was an extremely heartbreaking and difficult trip in many ways, but very educational as well.

All extra income the organization makes, is used for purposes like documantary films and the like, and earning profit from it isn’t allowed (though I’m guessing they’re paying their guides, but I’m actually not sure, it might be volunteer work).

Untranslatable Norwegian #10


I’m not even going to try to find an English equivalent to this word. But imagine this: if you have, let’s say, two siblings, born ten and twelve years before you were born? Then you are what we call an attpåklatt. So basically, it means “a child born much later than its older siblings”.

Gutters!Denmark - Bet On It
Gutters!Denmark - Bet On It

Everybody’s calling it the rapture
Everyone around us is dropping dead
I need to take care of my nephew Peter
And count on what little hope’s left instead

Did you ever
Lose your only way to get home

Were you ever
In a crowd but never felt so alone

And like Holland push away the ones
You should’ve held close?
He asks where do we go
For gods’ sakes, kid, I don’t know

I’m not gonna stop, that’s who I am
I’ll give it all I got, rapture be damned
Will we find who we lost? You know you can
Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it

I want to make it right, that is the way
To find Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway

I may not have much but these vows that I say
Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it

Every day more voices and hearts are breaking
We’re more in danger with each step we take
But what can’t die is the promise I’m making
I gotta do it all for Peter’s sake

Did you wish for
All this death, disease, and debris
You already
Blamed the world so come and blame me!

Gotta lay low
And live every day a lie again
I don’t wanna play this game
If I can’t be with Norway

I’m not gonna stop, that’s who I am
I’ll give it all I got, that is my plan
Will I get Peter back home? You know you can
Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it

I need to do what’s right, that is the way
I’m his uncle, dammit, what more can I say
I’ll reunite him if it kills me today
Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it

Hold, hold up, give me room to think
Here’s what will go down
Peter, just go with Po
I’ll join you sooner than you know (I promise)

It’s no good at all to see yourself
And not recognize your face
Out on our own, it’s such a scary place
It looks like Valhalla is awaiting me
All you gotta do, just keep my land safe, Sea

We’re not gonna stop

Peter I’ll help you fire your first shot

Shave like a man, eat fruit from a can
Will we end up on top? You can,

Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
You can bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it

I swear I’ll make it right, that is the way
I’ll meet you home by this time the next day
A little ash never killed me anyway
Bet on it, bet on it

And the world keeps turning