as was foretold in the prophecy

Things you can say in response to literally anything, when you have nothing else to say:
  • As the prophecy foretold.
  • But at what cost?
  • So let it be written; so let it be done.
  • So…it has come to this.
  • That’s just what he/she/they would’ve said.
  • Is this why fate brought us together?
  • And thus, I die.
  • …just like in my dream…
  • Be that as it may, still may it be as it may be.
  • There is no escape from destiny.
  • Wise words by wise men write wise deeds in wise pen.
  • In this economy?
  • …and then the wolves came.

if I were a book editor and someone pitched me a YA novel where heroine Blue Ivy, the daughter of The Goddess and her mortal consort, was tasked with protecting her twin siblings as she guided them through an apocalyptic hellscape toward their Destiny as the Chosen Ones, Foretold By the Prophecy, I would immediately dismiss it as unrealistic and overwrought.

….and yet

How do you prefer to have your feels manipulated?

Regina watches Emma’s foretold fight, but then jumps in front to protect her and gets brutally stabbed. Emma can’t bear it, and splits her heart to save her. 


Emma, shocking all viewers, actually fulfills the Oracle’s prophecy and gets stabbed. But Regina can’t bear it and so she splits HER heart to save Emma. 

(Either way they both get to live and I get to die a thousand times.) 

anonymous asked:

What do you think the cheek symbols are for Celena and Solaria?

Celena is a mystery: could be hearts, since she might be the first important queen for the plot of the show, and Star could be the last one, and since her room has some hearts here and there

also the room has hearts symbol, among the others, so either Star’s coming was foretold by prophecies, and they made the room like that, another queen before her had hearts. Could be Celena, could be another one wau before her.
The Butterfly’s flag, seen in Game of Flags, even has a heart (and a Star, and what I guess is the generic heraldry of the family, a Butterfly)

It’s easier for Solaria, her marks are lightning bolts. She even has them on the handle of her wand/sword, on her armor and on the symbol on her tablet. So it’s likely not a case of marks changing in the fury of the battle, like Star’s becoming skulls. She was probably born with those.

Both her armor and heraldry have hearts as well, reinforcing my (evidenceless) idea that either Hearts are important for the royal family as a whole, or that Celena had heart marks, and was Solaria’s mother.

If you ever want to take me seriously, please don’t.  Because this is what I have in my messages right now, via @mochibuni.

mochibuni:  on a side note, do you think anakin’s jedi knight robes is just the jedi version of padme’s leather and lace dress? that he conceived to impress either or both obi wan and padme.  ENJOY THAT

moonlight:  All I can think of is Anakin conceiving now, like HEY OBI-WAN, PADME, I GOT MYSELF KNOCKED UP, AREN’T YOU IMPRESSED? because Anakin would totally think that was impressive.

i’m sure there would be some conversation with “but this wasn’t foretold in the prophecy”“wtf what prophecy?”“i was a virgin birth!”
moonlight: He was conceived by the Force, he should totally be able to conceive things via the Force as well!

AND NOW I WANT ANAKIN WITH A BABY DAUGHTER WHO IS BASICALLY JUST A SHMI CLONE. Like, honestly, Anakin should only have Shmi’s DNA, since there was no father, so any offspring should just be All Shmi DNA All The Time. Anakin would love her SO MUCH. Imagine Anakin with a daughter who looks just like his mom, she would be his world.

And Obi-Wan and Padme will totally be impressed.  Or, okay, they’ll fall in love with bb!Shmi because WHO WOULDN’T?

Fairytale AU in which Grantaire is the crown Prince of his kingdom, but a prophecy foretold that his accession to the throne would lead to the end of his family’s reign. So his father the King locked him up in a tower guarded by a dragon from his earliest days, without Grantaire ever knowing he’s royalty.

Later, les Amis de l’ABC hear about the prophecy and, wishing to abolish the tyranic rule of the King, seek to free Prince Grantaire from his prison. This leads to:

  • Enjolras in an armour, looking more like a prince than Grantaire ever will
  • Joly and Combeferre TAMING the bloody dragon
  • “We came to rescue you, your Highness” *Grantaire turns around to see if there is someone else in the room* “Wait… you mean ME?!”
  • Feuilly and Bahorel forging the most kickass weapons
  • Les Amis showing how much the people suffer from the King’s rule
  • Enjolras taking about the horrors he’s seen by the fire one night, his soft features as sharp as his words, describing a better world if the King falls, and Grantaire falls a little bit in love

When Grantaire overthrows his father and becomes King, the prophecy comes true: he dissolves the monarchy to proclaim a Republic. Enjolras does not become the Head of the Realm, Combeferre does. Grantaire doesn’t want to be associated to anything political, so he retires in the countryside. Not too far from the capital, though, because his Counselor of a husband needs to get home to him at night.

You weren’t sure how long you were locked in your room. You didn’t come out to eat, and no one was able to talk to you. After finding out that you were foretold in a prophecy that you were going to fall and join those of the Dark Ascension, you shut yourself away. Afraid of what it meant.Your friends tried everything they could to try and get you to come out, but every time they failed. 

“Y/N? It’s Percy…Look I’ve been in my fair share of prophecies…They aren’t always what they seem. So, can you let me in?” He listened for any sign of movement, sighing when he heard none, leaning his head against the door. “Please. Just let me in.” He pitched forward when the door opened slightly, catching himself, and moving into the dimly lit room.

You were on the bed, knees to your chest, and arms wrapped around them. “Not what they seem?” You croaked, throat hoarse from under use, “Every prophecy about you has so far been correct. It’s not going to change my fate.”

“Wasting away in here won’t help. It’ll just make it happen faster.”

Foretold Tale

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Chapter o1. Intervening Realms

“Tell me,” he speaks with but a voice of a whisperer.  A gentle breeze riddles, invisibly guiding his words into your soul.  Rivers threaten to roll down your cheeks but you brave a facade, though you are sure, he could see right through you.  But it didn’t matter, did it?  He would drill you for your prophecies anyway.  

“General.  Let. Go,” you respond with what you willed to be a firm tone but the last decibels inevitably quiver at the sight of his diaphanous eyes of water.  Your slim fingers backtrack across the auburn wood of the tabletop as if the distance of two worlds wasn’t already strong enough to extinguish your last strands of hope.  You crush a tarot card within your hands.  With your tongue against the roof of your mouth, you squeeze out, “Please.  Things in the world of the living and the dead aren’t supposed to mix.  You will ruin the equilibrium and the imbalance will result in consequences neither of us can affor—“

“But I must save her,” the spirit cut you off with a tone of determination.  His palms crinkle at the fabric of his robe as he repositions with his kneels pressing against the floorboard.  An arrow pins your human heart as you urgently reach forward to stop him from humiliating himself in his stance of desperation.  

But even as a shaman, you were only able to spiritually communicate with ghosts, not physically touch them.  Your fingers slice through thin air.  

“I can’t let her die.”  Though translucent and weary, the droplets, formed beneath his eyes, drown you in vast oceans.  But wouldn’t it be better that way?  Lovers of separate universes would finally meet once again…even for just mere moments before paths diverge to new beginnings of disjointed fate. It would be long enough for a final goodbye, wouldn’t it?

“Orabeoni…” you helplessly call out, hoping he’d change his mind but knowing he would not.  

The corners of his heart-shaped lips twitch upward in a sullen smile as he susurrates the syllables of your name.  It is heavenly and purer than any voice of an angel but it destructs you like daggers shot straight into your soul.  His palm drifts millimeters above your fisted ones, just enough so that you could feel the chill of his presence but not enough to dispel the illusion of physical touch.  And you know you have just lost the war.  Despite knowing better, despite understanding that one mistake could cause catastrophe in both worlds, despite having already suffered punishment and stripped of partial power by your master for your previous aid toward this man…who…who you loved but could never be with…whether he was dead or alive…you surrender to those watery orbs of loyalty.  

Do Kyungsoo, intelligent scholar and versatile general of the imperial court, could claim any female’s heart as long as he willed, but he chose to hold the hand of a poverty-stricken damsel whose crippled left leg dragged with each step she took.  The royal princess, who had vied for the general’s attention and had requested her father to formally assign him the title of “Prince Consort” to bind him by marriage, ordered for her rival to be tortured and put to death.  

“Kyungsoo Orabeoni!  Orabeoni!” you hollered as you dashed down the imperial palace with your skirt gathered up within your hands.  Sweat dripped down your temples, not yet evaporated from your recent nightmare.  

You skidded to a stop in front of the scholar and his younger friend.  The latter, just as handsome and donning an air of valor, teased you with a handsome smirk.  “Why is the newly appointed imperial shaman running down the halls with such anxiety?” the scholar questioned.  

“General Kim,” you respectfully bowed and caught your breath, “May I have a word with General Do for a short moment.  I have important matters I must discuss with him.”

The two golden bachelors of the court exchanged curious glances, but it was the older who pardoned your worry by reassuring his friend, “Jongin-ah, we’ll review the new article of the law in the evening.  Meet me at the East Pagoda at sunset.”

With a prolonged look of concern for his friend and you, General Kim rested his case, nodded, and excused himself.

“What is it?” Kyungsoo narrowed his white-riched eyes after quickly concluding that your expression of vexation escalated the seriousness of the situation.  

You picked at the floral embroidery of your robe.  “It’s…It’s about Yeonhee-ssi…”

It was just one statement.  One statement that sent the devoted general sprinting from the East Wing all the way to the royal horse shed.  Your heart plummeted and rose as you scurried in pursuit of the agitated young man.  Guilt, fear, and worry coveted your helpless soul.  Nails from floorboards gnawed and defaced the intricate designs of your handcrafted shoes, which had been gifted by the royal queen on the day you were bestowed the title of “Imperial Shaman”.  But no effort would beat that of General Do’s care for his young maiden; he had vanished from your sight, leaving you to aimlessly seize thin air for support to calm your fearsome heart.      

A velvety voice asked for your attention as its owner clutched your wandering hand.  You tilted your chin up to face General Kim, who was all too curious and troubled by your perplexed expression to simply retreat to his home.  

“General!” you panted as he held your arms in support.  Within seconds, he had mounted on a horse with a hand outstretched to hoist you up.  Frightful at the sight of the energetic beast, you staggered back but to save Kyungsoo, even if your toes trembled or your trepid heart threatened to beat its last, you must.  Jongin latched onto your wrist and easily lifted you up to the front seat.

“Fill me in as we get there,” he instructed and commanded his sidekick to gallop forward.  You squeezed your eyes shut and squirmed as the sudden acceleration numbed your dewy skin.  

But the two of you were too late.  Blood splattered onto crème-colored malt as Kyungsoo had taken an arrow to the heart to protect his lover.  With widened eyes, Jongin and you could only watch from across the field.  Mixtures of images, some nostalgic memories, a few raw prophecies collided in flashes of colors before your eyes. Sweat soaked your palms as you tried with all your might to eject such haunting visions from swallowing you but, ultimately, you surrendered to the shock of heartbreak.  Your eyes rolled back as your body fell limp against Jongin’s chest.      

Seven days later, you discover Kyungsoo’s spirit wandering outside your chambers.  With paled lips and eyes of water, you rush forth to greet him.  For days, you had disregarded and denied any news of his death but in truth, you knew he was no longer a part of your world.  Of course you knew.  You are a shaman after all.  But seeing his spirit now left you with a bliss you hadn’t felt since he had left. At least, in a way, he is still with you…and he chose to be with you.

“How is she?” he questions.  Your smile weakens to a mere soft line.

“I can’t…tell you…” you turn away, “General, it’s been seven days.  You need to go to the underworld realm…”

“Tell me.”

“I can’t!  The last time I revealed information, I cost you your life!” you self-blame, “I won’t let you intervene with matters of the human world anymore or else your spirit will vanish to dust.”

“I don’t care.  Just tell me!” Kyungsoo uncharacteristically shouts in a tone he had never once used when conversing with you.  But pain is felt on both ends; you spot his spirit vacillate.  The lethal wound that had taken his life oozes with blood.  Drip by drip they taint the ornate carpet of your room but vanish just as quickly under the moonlight.  “Please.  Just tell me.  Yeonhee is innocent.  I can’t let her get hurt.”

“But I can’t let you get hurt either,” your lips ripple, “Because…I love you…”

Instead of widened eyes or a gape of his lips, the late general furrows his thick brows as if he had already known of your feelings toward him.  As you cup your face within your palms and release buried emotions of your wounded heart, outside, veiled by your chamber doors, another young general sighs and retreats off to the twilight.    

A/N: Ahhh, pilot chapter of Foretold Tale!  Did you guys like it so far?  So hints of a love triangle (well, if you include Yeonhee, it’s love square) but basically, main girl calls Kyungsoo “Orabeoni” [kinda like “Oppa" in historical terms] because they are childhood friends.  Kyungsoo and Jongin are best friends; Jongin has feelings for the girl but girl has feelings for Kyungsoo ^-^

New chapter each day, please like, comment, follow, spam my inbox to show support!!  It really means a lot to me because this is basically my comeback series T^T!!  

P.S. Do you guys like the banner?  Heh, manipulating Jongin and Kyungsoo with sageuk attire was so fun.  

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requested by anonymous:Josh Dun soul mate AU where she’s an artist and lots of her paintings are of him even though she doesn’t know who he is? Maybe she can be sketching out another drawing of him in a cafe and he comes in?

word count: 504

warnings: none

masterlist - request

You had been drawing him since you were twelve years old.

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