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So, here’s a deal

Net neutrality is something very few Americans are going to afford going away

Any small schools? Pfft, they can barely. Maintain their buildings. What makes you think they can afford it?

Middle class? Not all of them.

Jobs online? Many are gonna suffer

Youtubers. A good amount will vanish

Artists? Woah that is much less money

So here is a deal

If they decide to get rid of it. Boycott

Stop paying these companies, dammit

You can live without your phone

Your Netflix

Your Tumblr

Just to tell them no.

If they don’t listen to our words

Then they WILL listen to the lack of money

Edit: I see that my logic was extremely flawed and based mostly on saltiness and worry because so many people where I live won’t be able to afford internet…

Please just..

Delete your Reblogs of this folks

Don’t quit any form of internet

Just try and send a message to the companies logically or something

I dunno

Just stop sending hate..



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