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Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself 👧🏻 then label 25 people. Thanks for tagging me @loonylein @jorgeva <3333 ;3c


[1] Drinks: Tea
[2] Telephone call: Axel (Grandfather)
[3] Text message: Oskar
[4] Song you heard: BTOB - WOW
[5] What do you think?


[6] How do you do it?
[7] He has cheated on: Eh … I do not usually talk about it.
[8] He kissed someone and lamented: Yes, my cousin.
[9] How do you do?
[10] Depressed: YES, JODER YES.
[11] Got drunk and thrown: NO! AND I NEED IT!


[12] Dwelling
[13] RED
[14] BLACK


[15] made new friends: YES!
[16] fallen for love: OF COURSE (still I am)
[17] He laughed until you cried: YES!
[18] discovered that someone was talking about you: Si …
[19] I met someone who changed you: Yes …
[20] discovered who his real friends are: I still do not know …
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: No, no fucking kiss.


[22] How many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: between 50 and 23?
[23] Do you have any pets? Do not :(
[24] Do you want to change your name: Yes
[25] what did you do for your last birthday? Go to the movies with the guy that I like …
[26] What time did you wake up? 5:12 a.m.
[27] What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleep.
[28] Name something you can not wait for: Lose weight.
[29] When was the last time you saw your mother? Today, 47 minutes ago.
[30] what is one thing that you wish you could change in your life: My physical and intelligence.
[31] what are you listening to right now: Nothing.
[32] Have you ever spoken to a person named tom: No :(
[33] something that is getting on the nerves: Tripophobia DDD ’: <
[34] most visited website: Many.
[35] elemental: Water.
[36] high school: # 44 Rosario Gutierrez Eskildsen.
[37] school: Gregorio Torres Quintero.
[38] Hair Color: Dark Cafe.
[39] long or short hair: long.
[40] Do you have a crush on someone: Yes …
[41] What do you like about yourself: My eyes, smile and hair.
[42] piercings: None.
[43] Type of blood: O +
[44] nickname: Fatiss, Compi, Maro, Tima, Carmen.
[45] marital status: single.
[46] Zodiac sign: Scorpion.
[47] pronouns: She, Him.
[48] ​​fav television program: None.
[49] Tattoos: No comments :(
[50] right or left hand: right.


[51] Surgery: 2 years ago.
[52] piercing: none.
[53] Best friend: in school.
[54] sport: volleyball
Vacation: Very soon.
[56] pair of coaches: Eh?


[57] eat: Nothing.
[58] drinking: Water.
[59] I’m about to: Cry.
[60] Listening to: nothing.
[61] waiting: a message of love.
[62] do you want: a hug?
[63] Getting married: Nothing is known!
[64] career: Illustrator or graphic animator (ARTS)


[65] hugs or kisses: BOTH.
[66] lips or eyes: EYES <3
[67] shorter or taller: ALTOO
[68] major or minor: BOTH.
[69] romantic or spontaneous: ROMANTIC.
[70] good arms or good stomach: GOOD ARMS.
[71] sensitive or strong: TIERNO AND SEXY.
[72] connection or connection: CONNECTION.
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: DIFFERENT.


[74] kissed a stranger?: Yes.
[75] did you drink strong liquor ?: no.
[76] lost glasses / contact lenses? yes.
[77] rejected someone: yes.
[78] sex on the first date ?: never.
[79] did someone’s heart break?: Si …
[80] Your heart was broken?: YES …
[81] Have you been arrested ?: No.
[82] cried when someone died ?: YES!
[83] Falling for a friend?: Yes …

You believe in

[84] Yourself ?: Sometimes …
[85] miracles?: Who knows.
[86] love at first sight ?: No.
[87] Father Christmas ?: No.
[88] Kiss on the first date ?: No.
[89] Angels?: No …


[90] name of the current best friend: Oskar.
[91] Eye color: Dark brown.
[92] Favorite movie: I do not have it.

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Amigo, tápese su cordura, nadie aquí desea ver que tan cuerdo está usted. ¿No lo ve?, todos aquí somos gente de mente volátil, estamos locos por decisión.
—  Estoy tan loca que lo golpearé con una roca parlante, si no se va con su cordura a otra parte.
Para mim, algumas coisas são para sempre. Amigos, por exemplo. A gente sabe que tem os de verdade, os que vão atravessar anos, estados, países, turbulências e mau tempo. E a gente também sabe que tem aqueles de momento. Uma pessoa pode ser muito sua amiga hoje na aula de inglês, no trabalho, na primavera. Depois passa. E aí, era amizade? Era. Mas era aquela amizade de momento. E era verdadeira? Também era. Naquele momento.
—  Clarissa Corrêa.