as unlikely as that may be

How feasible do you guys think it is to use female-only organizations (Girl Scouts, women in tech clubs, etc.) to advance the causes of women’s liberation? Personally I think there’s a lot of promise there for a few reasons: 

1. It’s easier to do female liberation organizing in an all-woman environment because there’s less possibility that men–even well-meaning men–will come into the organization and make it about them.

2. Women are probably more amenable to radical thought when they know that there aren’t men listening, so they won’t have to moderate themselves when expressing their thoughts or constantly be coddling men’s feelings, something we are socialized to do.

3. These organizations aren’t as likely to be financially dependent on men (unlike, say, most feminist websites), so the power of the purse probably belongs to other women, so it may be easier for them to adopt strong pro-woman policies (e.g., being pro-abortion rights, critical of marriage, piv-critical, etc.)

Of course, just because an institution is all-women, that does not mean that it can’t be oppressive. A religious women’s small group is likely to be homophobic, for example. White sororities (I mean historically white, founded by white people, NPC sororities basically), one of the most prominent types of all-women institutions, have a racist past and often a racist present. I think it’s also worthwhile to join all-female group simply to be around other women. That kind of community, whether it’s explicitly political or not, can be really cool and nurturing. To what extent do you think sharing radical thought could be successful within the context of existing women’s organizations?



- Lazy レイジー- Kotobuki Reiji
- Sino シノ- Shinomiya Natsuki
- Einsatz アインザツ- Mikaze Ai
- Eiya アイヤ- Yukimoto Aya

This may have been a risk or may have been an opportunity for both siblings. Lazy lived the role of an older brother; maybe too well as they grew closer to age. He observed Eiya staring out at the rapidly passing scenery that gradually darkened in the twilight. Unlike himself, his younger sister had little to no experience in many social gatherings.

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So Cupcake, was it really weird seeing a version of yourself that's so similar to Wingdin? I guess you're kind of used to seeing another version of yourself since ya got Bitter an all, but it still has to be a strange feeling looking at a version of you that's not... well, you.

W-well, I have to admit, it was… a little unusual in person, but not all that surprising. The timeline I’m from is, eh, on the far end of the probability curve… that is, the events that resulted in me being me, and Wingdin being Wingdin were actually very unlikely to happen…

But that said - perhaps it’s some kind of paternal instinct, but I’m glad to see Alpha Caddy doing so well. And not only with his studies, but his family, too… it may be early days for him, but if he’s anything like my Cinnabones, I know he’ll be a very good mother to those boys.

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Hello!! This may be a weird question but I too am heavily interested in birds but unlike you, I cannot draw them as well. :,^( If it's not too much work (if it is just ignore this, i don't mind), do you know of any good references or sources to learn more about birds from facts to anatomy? I know this is a pretty wide range so again, I totally understand if you can't! I just thought it was worth an ask. Thank you so much!!

i don’t really have any specific reference places but here’s some things i do. 

 drawing birds is arguably one of the hardest animals because of their feathers. unlike fat and fur that folds to the body in a way that’s usually readable to whats underneath, feathers sort of create a ‘bubble’ around the body which makes a lot of body parts indistinguishable to where one ends and another begins. so its important to always think in terms of skeletal anatomy:

birds are dinosaurs and therefore reptiles. looking at birds this way, it’s a lot easier to see their evolution.

with that in mind, say we wanna draw this dude. owls are pretty tough because their outward appearances are so deceiving.

we’ve got a neutral pose, feathers are generously surrounding most of the body so its no sweat, we don’t really know whats going on. but we can hide it. but now we want to make him move and look cool. without really knowing whats going on we might get stuck on something like this:

its always kind of stiff and frustratingly unrealistic. mostly this is because we just don’t have enough knowledge of the skeletal structure to work with. eyeballing anatomy on our first drawing might get something like the left, more than anything people aren’t generous enough with leginess of birds:

 owls do indeed have regular proportioned necks with the rest of their bodies. and their skulls are like that of any other stereotypical raptor under their mask of feathers (minus their freaky eye sockets and ears)) they can open their mouths wide just like a hawk or eagle can. it’s important to remember that birds with large wingspans do not magically lose their length when hidden. they are just conveniently folded in against their bodies.

knowing this we can try again. suddenly things seem to click in place more and have a believable-ness to them.

the rule of thumb for most birds is they have less body mass and more leg/neck than one thinks. they are lanky dinosaurs.

when we are looking at this:

we are seeing this:

with that rule, drawing birds becomes a lot less confusing. with practice you might just eyeball their feathered appearances but if not, going back to skeletal/muscle structure gives the base you need to draw convincing birds.

when it comes to specific body parts, the most challenging part for me personally have always been feet. birds with super twiggy feet are easier because one line per toe is easy to get away with. but when you get to birds with meatier feet, especially raptors, it gets difficult. my way of getting around this is to think of the actual ‘feet’ last. drawing each separate toe first gets confusing because you just find yourself trying to get them to each fit evenly together at the base of the foot. one always seems kind of skinnier or fatter than the others in my experiences, and by the time you correct it the gesture gets muddled and lost.

so i just skip that part until later, i draw talon first.

perhaps this is very unorthodox, but just like artists might square in the hands first on a human before working out the arms, i square in the talons to know where i want them before worrying how they go on exactly.

that way we have a clear gesture captured, and in my experience it is much more readable.

thats’ really all i can think of now in terms of my techniques, i hope this helps :V

Take care of him. He has the kindest heart, he may not always seem like it though. He try’s to hide it with sarcasm and side comments, pretending that he has not one care in the world. If you can look past it though you will see how much love he has to give.
He won’t always text you back, but he will still think of you. Unlike the rest of us he is not glued to his phone, just because he sometimes takes an hour to answer doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.
He sleeps, a lot. There are nights where he sleeps more hours then he spent awake that day. He just sometimes needs to not be anything. Being no where is easier than being himself sometimes. Although he hates sleeping with people you’ll know he loves you if he asks you to join him.
Love to him is the scariest thing on the planet, if he tells you I love you do not take it lightly. Know that saying it took every inch of courage he has. if he disappears after know that he is just scared and hopefully he will find his way back to you. Just give him time, give him all the time in the world. He is more than worth it.
Please, just love him with everything you have because had I have been given the chance I would have given him every single part of me. Love him the way I only wish I could. If you are lucky enough for him to love you, please love him back.
—  4am
Why Victor fell in love with Yuri

The reason that I’d like to bring this up is because this was something that really bothered me, the fact that Victor tried to emotional shatter Yuri’s heart… I was like what Victor why! But then I realized, this adds a whole new layer to Victor’s character… he’s still a mystery to us and this act was just another piece of the puzzle. He may seem like the care-free fun loving guy, but it makes me wonder why. After that he says that to Yuri and then he realizes that he really did break him but it he seemed rather shocked that he actually cried. In my head I’m like OF COURSE YOU MADE THE BOY CRY HE FUCKING LOVES YOU, and that this was very unlike him to do something like this.

Though then the way he tries to fix it is by wondering how he should make up for it, and asks if he should kiss him or something. But all Yuri wants him to just believe in him and stay by his side not force himself to do something that he doesn’t have his heart set on just to please him…. 

This was also done before back in Japan when he’s asking Yuri what he wants their relationship to be between them. Though Yuri just Victor to simply be himself because that’s the one that he Victor that he loves. It doesn’t seem like much but think about it like this, Victor is basically asking “what do you want me to do that’ll make you love me” or “what do you need me to do to gain your acceptance”, that’s what it’s actually translating to.

You see when Victor pretty much threaten that if he didn’t score on the podium that he’d stop being Yuri coach, he was basically holding emotions hostage if he didn’t succeed in other words saying “I won’t love you if you don’t win”, and Victor thought this would be the best thing stop him being nervous as if it was naturally the right thing to do. The only reason why Victor thinks like this was  because was that something done to him.

This brings all the pieces together: why Victor acts the way he does, why Victor gave up skating to become Yuri’s coach! And even more promptly why he chose Yuri. Victor has never had anyone truly love him.  

I think this may pertain to within his personal life, or maybe in his skating career where maybe someone could have had emotionally abused him. I believe that’s what his scene of in the opening symbolizes. I think Victor with long hair was when he was vulnerable and the current him is confident.  

They made him fell that he always had to be perfect, and when we failed they’d take that love away. They’d point out his flaws an failure and mentally messing him up. Because here’s the thing with with what Victor’s action’s say he’s always has to do something to gain people’s affection. That love can only be obtained when being successful and flashy. 

That’s why he’s always trying to be the best, to feel the love from his fans, and that’s why he’s able to feel so confident and strong. He was fine with this and thought this was all he wanted, but this wasn’t the type of love that he really needed … That’s why he loves, Yuri’s the only one that has given Victor unconditional love. He can feel the love and passion that Yuri has for him in his skating that’s why he’s so inthralled in his skating when he sees it.  

At first when Victor saw Yuri’s video, he knew it was a video of a fan who admired him, though there was something more to this video. For the first time it made him feel something; something that couldn’t be explained, so he packed his bags and left to Japan to become Yuri’s coach, Not just to help him win the Skating Grand Prix Final, but to explore these feelings he has for Yuri

Victor finally was able confirmed his feelings he knew the he said something terrible to him. But even so Yuri didn’t believe that and knew Victor wasn’t the type of man. And despite being upset with him, he didn’t throw the competition, he gave it his all, and show Victor that he was worth his love!

They really were meant to save each other, Yuri who was unsure of himself before, is able to start to believe in himself because he is able to turn Victor’s love into his confidence. While Victor is able to finally able to understand and be truly loved because Yuri loved him unconditionally and accepted him, and was able to, well fall in love himself.

straight ppl complaining about the comic having no impact on lore and being a waste of time are so…. like did you forget about the Junkenstein comic… 

like beyond Tracer dating Emily we now know that Lena doesn’t need her chronal accelerator strapped to her chest at all times, Sombra knows Mccree exists, Torbjorn has kids and still hangs with Reinhardt, Hanzo doesn’t walk around with titty out all the time, Genji and Mercy still keep in touch, Jack has some mystery person from his past he misses, Amelie still mourns her husband, and Reaper has some mystery family he’s creeping on (sister or brother maybe?). everyone is still doing something beyond overwatch vs talon

like shut the fuck up there’s so much that’s revealed in this comic and everyone is already talking about it but you’re so triggered over Tracer to pay attention.



Happy birthday, Jennie!

“JENNIE may look not that friendly as she is confident, cool, sexy, and talented on the stage and on TV. However, she is actually a warm-hearted and cute girl. She is a charming and easy-going girl but I don’t think many people know about what she is really like. She has such unexpected and unlikely appeal. ”  -ROSÉ 

Hogwarts Houses as Fantastic Beasts

Gryffindor: Niffler

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A bit of a show off. Most likely to break rules of all the beasts and is also likely to refer to itself as a #beast. Will unintentionally get you into trouble, but will stand by what they did while apologizing. Proud of its abilities and unwilling to submit to others. 

Ravenclaw: Demiguise

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Uses its brain to solve problems. Knows exactly what you’re up to. May get you in trouble, but so smart that it’ll avoid capture even if it was their fault. Adapts based on changing situations. Approaches bad times with a calm head and helps others in need.

Hufflepuff: Bowtruckle

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Loyal. Generally underestimated. Unlikely to get into trouble unless it’s particularly prone. Decides where it will be happiest at an early stage and will hold onto that decision forever. Uses its abilities to solve problems. Generally peaceful but if you hurt it or one of its few close friends it will mess you up.

And finally (the whole reason I made this post)…

Slytherin: Swooping Evil

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Given a bad rap. Default is offensive rather than defensive. Extremely loyal if you put in the time. Looks like it could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. Will not get into trouble ever at all because it knows when to take risks and when to stay out of it. Highly skilled and will do whatever it can to help a close friend.

Crazy Rich Asians To Be Fast-Tracked To Film

Kevin’s Kwan’s novel, Crazy Rich Asians was released in 2013 and quickly became a best-seller. Dubbed the Asian version of Pride and Prejudice meet The Devil Wears Prada, the book follows the life of a successful professor named Rachel, who’s engaged to a down-to-earth professor, Nick Young, whom, unbeknownst to her, comes from a wealthy/snobbish Singapore-based family that comes with a lot of drama.

The book garnered strong reviews and was a bestseller, spawning sequels, the last due out in 2017. However, unlike similar bestsellers–Gone, Girl, Girl on the Train, The Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diaries–the book failed to be optioned by a Hollywood studio.

Come word today that the film rights were purchased by WB studios and the film version will be fast-tracked for release in 2018.

You may wonder why this is important.  The film version of the novel comes at a crucial time for the debate surrounding diversity and representation in Hollywood. Variety reports the USC 2014 study, citing that only 5% of speaking parts in film, television, and digital programming were played by Asian actors in all of 2014. The news comes in light of Alan Yang’s Emmy speech citing low Asian-inclusiveness, and controversial castings of Emma Stone in Aloha, and Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell.

The entire cast of characters in the book is Asian, including the American-Born Chinese protagonist, Rachel. Crazy Rich Asians is an opportunity for Hollywood to cast Asians in meaningful roles, and to cast an Asian male actor (Nick Young) as a romantic lead.  Moreover, the behind-the scene agents will also be Asian. The film will be directed by Jon M. Chu. The screenplay will be written by Adele Lim (Fox’s Lethal Weapons).

Read more about the author, Kevin Kwan and the inspiration for the book via Vanity Fair.

10 Types of Students During Finals Week:

(As explained by Supernatural.) 

1.  The Responsible One:  

Though few and far between on most college campuses, this strange and unusual creature is one of the rare few who actually does his assignments when he’s supposed to.  He keeps up with required reading, has a clearly defined study schedule, and writes five-page essays earlier than the night before.

Is aggressively despised by his procrastinating peers, unless they have an assignment they need to copy. 

2.  The Grind: 

This person is the Responsible One on steroids.  The two are easily differentiated based on the fact that the Grind is even more difficult to come by, and unlike his predecessor, you may legitimately be concerned for his health. 

Spends finals week camped out in the library in a makeshift tent, and prioritizes good grades above health and personal hygiene. 

3.  The Procrastinator (Model A): 

This person avoids living in constant panic by systematically ignoring his problems.  Presentation in the morning?  Paper due in an hour?  Dormitory literally on fire?  There is no pressing issue that this model can’t stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. 

Is most frequently seen binge watching Friends, going to parties, or off hunting supernatural creatures with his father – anything to avoid actually dealing with the far more pressing issues at hand.   

4.  The Procrastinator (Model B):

Not to be confused with Model A, although he may have at one point been one.  This is a person who has come to terms with his impending demise and is surprisingly unbothered by it.  Is usually either a senior, clinically depressed, or both.  

5.  The Clueless One: 

In spite of his best efforts, this person never seems to know what’s going on.  Whether he can’t quite get his head around advanced calculus, shows up to class an hour early, or wrote down all his French exam answers in Spanish, the Clueless One will always be just a little out of sync with his peers.  

Not to be confused with the Procrastinators, the Clueless One is almost always trying his hardest in any given situation, whether or not he actually succeeds at it. 

6.  The (Super)Natural:

Not to be confused with the Responsible One or the Grind, the Natural is a person who is acing all her classes with seemingly zero effort.  Costs seamlessly through classes that are destroying nearly all of her peers, and how much they despise her for it varies depending on how much of a jerk she is about it. 

7.  The Cheater:  

This is another person remarkably nonplussed by the oncoming finals, albeit for a very different reason than his predecessor:  this man rigged the system.  He knows every trick in the book, from simple notes up his sleeve to a cheat sheet under the coca cola label.  May or may not be willing to share his services, for the right price.  

8.  The Sore Loser:  

This person persistently mopes about poor grades.  Expects sympathy from others, despite the fact that you know he put virtually zero effort into achieving a better outcome.  

Whether he cheated and got caught, kicked all the angels out of heaven and stole his brother’s grace, or simply didn’t study, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Sore Loser deserved what he got (except maybe his own.) 

9.  The Cheerleader:  

Despite having an abundance of her own problems to contend with, this person devotes her life to basically adopting fellow students.  She coaxes her friends through everything, from late night study sessions to emotional breakdowns, and though she’s not always appreciated for her efforts, the world is a better place for having her in it.   

10.  The Ball of Anxiety:  

Prone to late night rants at himself in the library bathroom, stress eating, and is convinced a poor grade will mark the end of his academic career.  

Usually a Procrastinator whose poor habits have caught up with him.  

some yoi fans are going to get on my nerves

Okay but there’s a part of me that’s very frustrated with yuri on ice fans.
After episode 7 came out today I’ve seen some fan girls say “if they don’t have sex now I’m going to be so mad!” and “sex is the next step!! They need to include it!!”

Like no??? I mean what makes yoi so amazing is how different it is from the stereotypical yaoi or bl that I see so often.

The relationship that yoi staff has portrayed in this show thus far is revolutionary to anime!!!
You can clearly see that yuri loves victor and that victor cares right back without throwing them into a forced and awkward sex pool. They have gentle touches, intimate moments and challenges that come with real relationships.

Unlike yaoi relationships, real relationships take time, effort and patience. It is NOT just sex!! And it may not lead to sex!!It makes me very annoyed to see that many people just expect it to automatically go to that level.

Not only that but yuri has a very accurate panic attack like moment before his performance??? That affects victor and yuri’s relationship? I MEAN HOLY SHIT!! Neither of them know what to do when it involves someone they care about and to see this is breathtaking!!

It makes me frustrated that a good portion of the fans are just watching it for the love development into sex??

I hate to break it to some of you, but real life doesn’t have those “shut the person I like up with a kiss” moments. There is insecurity, hesitance, understanding and very clear fondness for each other in the development of victuuri and I wish more people viewed this show in that perspective.

Of great interest to scientists studying quantum phenomena, Horses are one of eight known multidimensional “keystone” species extant across the explored multiverse. Unlike most fauna whose multiplanar existences branch as they age, Horses begin their lives simultaneously existing across nearly infinite timelines which gradually collapse into a single life-line or “trunk”. Early research suggests this ‘backwards’ tree-of-life to be an evolutionary counter to their otherwise astonishing fragility; by starting at a massive existence advantage these quantum-entangled Equidae are better able to weather their nearly constant murder on the extradimensional level.

Unfortunately, this has the knock-on effect of every Horse having total awareness of their thousand daily deaths. This is why a Horse may suddenly startle at a discarded shopping bag or refuse to enter a trailer for transport; in a close worldline that Horse was consumed by a carnivorous Land-jellyfish or maliciously led into the maw of a Deathslug worshiped by the local human-analogue.


So I’d like to talk a little bit about JJ.

I think most people have an opinion on this guy one way or another. And while this post isn’t meant to say that he isn’t an ass when he’s off the ice, I’d just like to talk a bit about his skating and where he gets his inspiration.

JJ after episode 8 was mostly seen as a very self-centered character but episode 9 showed an entire other side to his character that completely turned the tables. Unlike Chris who skates for no one other than himself, for JJ we got the scene in the above photos.

People may have seen the last shot and though “JJ is feeling like he isn’t getting enough love from the crowd and he’s just an attention seeker” but hear me out. Immediately before that sentence he dedicates his skating to a whole bunch of people. People who have supported him, inspired him, allowed him to chase his dream of skating.

I feel that JJ as a character is the embodiment of this concept:

JJ has been raised in a nurturing and loving environment and, unlike Yuuri, was much more aware of the love that existed around him. Instead of having that be a pressure however, he has used that to fuel himself.

So I believe that JJ’s line of “This isn’t enough love!” is not about him not receiving enough love, but that he isn’t giving enough love back. JJ may be an ass to his fellow competitors off the ice but he undoubtedly does not skate just for himself. He skates for all of his supporters as a way to pay them back for allowing him to chase his dream.

This show tackles many different forms of love and accepting the love of others and giving it back is a very beautiful concept to see in motion. Thank you JJ!

The thing is, unlike novels and that weird webcomic your cousin publishes on DeviantArt, screenplays are rarely written by a single person. While only one or two people may get credit for it in the film’s final list of credits, uncredited (but well-paid) script doctors are routinely brought in to punch up dialogue, resolve plot holes, and sometimes rewrite entire swaths of the story. It’s sort of like when your less-literate friends ask you to help them with their cover letters.

Fisher was one of Hollywood’s top script doctors for 15 years. Some of her more famous movies include the aforementioned Hook, Sister Act, Last Action Hero, The Wedding Singer, Coyote Ugly and Scream 3. And yet, not even she could save the inexplicable dialogue that came spilling out of people’s heads in the Star Wars prequels.

RIP Carrie Fisher: Secret Genius Script Doctor


the Fade sings to those who listen. it’s dangerous—lovely and strange—and in its phrases you may find yourself. find power and purpose. find meaning. but do not let it make you lose sight of what’s truly important: the pursuit of betterment of character and circumstance, for yourself and your peers. as mages, we are unlike others, bitter as that reality may be. our trials never end.
                            —Aisling Hawke, An Address To Young Mages (Excerpt), 9:44 Dragon.

The Hidden Life of trees: What they Feel, How they Communicate

While I have long loved forests in all their forms, I had never understood them as deep a way until this book enriched me, giving me as close to an inside perspective on what life as a tree might be like as I’m likely to get. Written by a forester with over 30 years experience managing a communal forest in Germany, the first thing it taught me to do was to slow down my perspective on time, and perceive what life lived at a very different rhythm and in vastly varying constraints must be like. Unlike the events of deep geological time, trees still change on a human scale while remaining able to live for several millennia. The tree your grandfather planted remains but a youngster.

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