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After School gave us a fucking pole dancing concept!! They worked their asses off for 6 months to give as one of the most iconic comebacks ever. Raina sprained her hand and lizzy sprained her leg ligament. Look at the injures they got preparing for that comeback

All of this and what did we give them in return?? NOTHING, NOT EVEN 1 WIN. Not to be that girl group stan, but girl groups give us the world and we give them bullshit in return



Supercorp who?

Okay so I have just found out about this show and now I can’t stop obsessing over it. I don’t have high expectation because it’s Korean drama, duh. But I was genuinely shocked by its gayness.

This show is called Night light or White nights on Netflix. I’m sure you will fall in love right away.


#kdramawomensweek day 2: rent’s due

kang hye soo & the things she does for her daughter