as u can see i gave up on the drawing so now it is just s doodle

coming of age (2/?)

aka ‘i cant believe i wrote like 4k in under two hours’

part one


Dipper Pines is fifteen years old, technically, when he gets summoned for the first time. It’s by accident, in all fairness. The Clan of Brun’dash was trying to summon a lesser chaos demon, but the runes got mixed up and Dipper was pulled from an intense game of Mario Kart with Soos (which is way more fun when you’re actually driving) and into a dark warehouse surrounded by candles and robed figures with a dead animal at his feet.

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anonymous asked:

Wait can you tell us about that Chat Noir being turned into a cat idea you mentioned? Really curious about what the twist is! If you don't want to it's fine though

hehe I’ll try and give a bullet point version but this is the thing that i talked about for like thirty straight minutes so i might forget some stuff. @panda013 @miraculousturtle @ladybugandblackchat and anyone else who might have been in that call can fill in details if they remember, or tag people who were in the call

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