as told by peyton sawyer

Nicky and Lorna Season 5

Hello everyone, its Sunday, and I felt that after 2 days, now might be a good time to discuss Lorna and Nicky’s story in Season 5. This is going to be a long analysis, so settle in :)

So in the first episode, Riot FOMO, we see Nicky holding Lorna’s hand running through the halls of Litchfield. (I love that they were holding hands). They decide to stay away from the major action, and decide to take control over the pharmacy. Lorna, worrying about Nicky’s new found sobriety, is not too keen on the idea, and suggests, going to electrical, and even jokes that she will let Nicky tie her up. Nicky thanks Lorna for her concern, but says that she will be fine, and she’s not going to take any drugs. After drugging Leanne and Angie with sleeping pills, they gain control over the pharmacy, for the remainder of the riot. During this time, Nicky and Lorna resume their flirtatious friendship, but Lorna firmly states that they will not be more than friends which Nicky respects.

In the third episode, Nicky and Lorna are playing Doctor, and Nurse. Lorna listens to the patient’s symptoms, and Nicky tells her which pills to give them. During this, a grieving Soso visits them in the medical cage, wanting to take pills to numb her grief over losing Poussey(the most perfect, kindhearted soul). However, Nicky being the honest, empathetic person that she is, tells Brook that she cannot cheat grief, and that using drugs as a way to cope with her pain will only lead to drug dependency. Then in a beautiful love letter like fashion, while explaining to Brook why she shouldn’t take drugs, Nicky says, “you’ll get sent down to Max for doing some stupid Junkie shit, and find yourself sucking off a CO in a closet for one last hit, and maybe you’ll realize that you were just hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who will never love you back, and its just not worth it (I DIED). Now a person can have several opinions on why Nicky decided to indirectly yet publicly say in front of Soso, and a line of people, as well as Lorna, that she loved her. 1. Nicky was tired of waiting for Lorna’s response, and this was done out of restlessness. 2. Nicky knew that Lorna already knew, and wasn’t saying anything she didn’t already know. 3. Nicky wanted Lorna to know that she was more than comfortable telling everyone that she loved her. Now I personally believe that it was all of these reasons combined. I think that Nicky knows that Lorna knows, and that she has spent all of this time avoiding it because she is confused on her own feelings (Even though Lorna already said that she has feelings for Nicky in season 4). Nicky perceives this confusion as Lorna not loving her, but we all know that is not the case. 

After this indirect admission, Lorna and Nicky continue to control the Pharmacy without discussing what Nicky said. In episode 6, Nicky who was playing a therapist in the medical cage, is seen talking to weeping lady, and eventually Morello. Lorna then begs Nicky to have sex, and at first, Nicky is skeptical, and asks Lorna if she is serious about this, and if she’s thought about her husband. Lorna reassures her that she is sure, and they have sex in the pharmacy. About an hour later, Nicky and Lorna are in the cafeteria, and Nicky assumes that Lorna is going to tell her she regrets sleeping with her, and we can see that Nicky is visibly heartbroken by the thought that Lorna regretted being with her. When Lorna informs her that she only slept with her because she was pregnant, and that she did not mean to lead Nicky on, Nicky who at this point started crying, finally says “I love you so much Lorna”,(she had tears in her eyes, and her voice cracked, and she started stuttering, showing how emotional she was) but says that Lorna can’t keep leading her on(by sleeping with her) {even though Lorna knows that Nicky is in love with her}, and saying she regretted it thereby breaking her heart, and assuming that Nicky will just forgive her for hurting her every time. Nicky points out that she (Nicky), was stupid for allowing herself to hope and believe that maybe Lorna would want more than friendship (She admits that she does this out of slight desperation because she loves her), and says that she is done with her, and that Lorna should seek help for her mental illness. 

Over the next few episodes, we see Lorna spin out, denying mentally ill inmates their medication, and refusing to take a pregnancy test. This shows that without Nicky, Lorna’s sanity actually begins to wain. Nicky in an effort to mend her broken heart, undergoes a makeover, and sleeps with “new girl” in Poussey’s memorial, and we see that Lorna was visibly upset, and jealous, implying that she is not comfortable with Nicky sleeping with anyone else. After Nicky is kidnapped by Piscatella, and rescued by Freida, Gina, Yoga, Norma, and Anita, she returns to the medical cage. While she was gone Lorna, who was called crazy by Spanish inmates, a white supremacist, and Black Cindy, had finally decided to take a pregnancy test, 12 to be exact, and……….. they were all positive. 

When Nicky returns to the Pharmacy, Lorna noticing her friend’s disarray, asks her what happened, however, Nicky says that she does not want to talk about it, and that she just wants to sit with Lorna to feel better, showing that simply being in Lorna’s presence, calms her. Lorna asks if Nicky is still mad at her, to which Nicky replies that she is not. Lorna believing that she has become so crazy she is seeing things asks Nicky to look at the 12 pregnancy tests that she had taken, and Nicky confirms that Lorna is crazy, but she is also really pregnant. 

Nicky then offers her crying friend, warmth, and acceptance by saying that she is happy for her, and that she will help her through her pregnancy, and that they would make it work with or without Vinnie. 

Nicky in a selfless act, showing the magnitude of her love for Lorna calls Vinnie, and tells him that Lorna is pregnant, and that he needs to be there for her and the baby. She tells him that Lorna is cray cray, and that she will probably hack his phone, and key a female coworker’s car but she will only do it because she loves him, and that he needs to reassure her that he loves her. Because that is all Lorna has ever wanted her whole life, someone to assure her she is worthy of love. Then Nicky states that if he does that then Lorna will be good to him, and take care of him, and overlook all of the deeply fucked up things in him(Which is basically Nicky explaining why she fell in love with Lorna in the first place). She then tearfully tells Vinnie that some people would do anything to be loved by Lorna like that (She kills me every time, her face, her voice, the tears in her eyes, its like holy shit, Lorna is the love of Nicky’s life). This was the most heartbreakingly beautiful thing that Nicky has ever done, she put Lorna’s needs (her worry for her unborn child), ahead of her heart, and in a way let Lorna go, so that she could have the life she always said she wanted. She tells Vinnie exactly how to cope with Lorna when she gets crazy, and why she will be crazy sometimes. Like Peyton Sawyer told Lucas Scott, the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. Putting your love for someone aside so that you can be a good friend to them. “I love you Lucas, but if what you need is for me to let go then I am going to do because I want you to be happy, I want that more than anything.”(But as we know, in the end, Lucas went back to Peyton, just saying Lorna will probably go back to Nicky). 

In the last episode, when the violent riot police begin entering the prison, and Nicky goes to Lorna telling her they need to get her out of there to keep her safe. She reassures Lorna that her baby will be safe, and great because she is. Even though every time Lorna mentions her pregnancy, Nicky gets this sad, pain filled look on her face, showing that even though she says she will be there for her, the fact that Lorna is having a baby with someone else actually breaks her heart. Lorna afraid to let Nicky go, asks her to stay with her, for just 5 more minutes. Nicky then kisses her forehead, and holds her tight (I almost cried). When Taystee, Cindy, and Nicky realize that the guards are getting closer, she suggests hiding out in the abandoned pool. Lorna wanting to go with Nicky says they should leave now but she is quickly rebuffed. Nicky fearing for Lorna’s safety tells her its too dangerous, and that she should surrender with her hands up, telling the guards that she’s pregnant, so that they will not throw her on the ground. Lorna then hugs Nicky and begins crying, not wanting to let go. Nicky then sends her off, and looks heartbroken and worried. After hearing Lorna being arrested by the guards, Nicky continues to look sad, and when Alex, and Piper ask about Lorna and whether she is safe, Nicky hesitates, and says she believes so(she has that pained look, like sending her off, and not keeping Lorna with her is crushing). 

The last time we see Lorna is when she is being loaded on to a bus with other women, and she looks through the crowd of faces to see if she sees Nicky. She doesn’t, and Lorna is now the one with a pain filled look on her face. Showing that Nicky might be trying to let Lorna go so that she can have the life she says she wants, but Lorna isn’t letting her go, she is hanging on for dear life. The last 3 episodes show us that Lorna needs Nicky in a way that she does not need Vinnie, or anyone else. Most of us need our best friend, but if I were married, I would need my wife more than my best friend, if I loved my wife more. This shows that Lorna loves Nicky more than Vinnie, and that the only way she can get through her pregnancy in prison is with her not without her. The idea of living without Nicky is terrifying for Lorna, and also shows us how much she does love Nicky (in love). Nicky may be trying to let Lorna go, but that is not what Lorna wants at all, and I don’t believe that either one of them will ever get over each other.

Since we have to wait another year for season 6, and literally every single character’s fate is left unknown, we don’t know when Lorna and Nicky will see each other again, but they will, their story isn’t over. After all, Lorna is Nicky’s Piper, and as we see from the happy ending Vauseman got, (engagement), there is a happy ending in store for nichorello.