Some…of the previous works.

Someone asked me if I can upload previous works to tumblr so…

Oh too many….

This set got a modern AU story, in which Eren was a pianist and Levi was a conductor. Plot is about how they got to know each other and so on… It’s way too long to tell it here right now. I’d better just finish the video first I think.

And the other 2 relating to this: 02 / 03

Caroline is sitting in the passenger seat of the gray Mercedes 200. She turns to Ibo, and says, “Take me home please.” Ibo’s eyes light up at the thought.

“With pleasure,” he murmurs. “We can have coffee in your new house and speak a bit.”

Caroline feigns outrage. “Ibo, you’re still married, you saw Mesude, she was like crazy,” she says in her deliberately broken Turkish. “I am afraid of her. They’re going to get the police. You and I … the same house—no.”

“OK,” says Ibo, in full retreat. “I’ll try to be patient until the divorce.”

Adultery, for the Arab world: a new Slate / Roads & Kingdoms dispatch about Turkish soap operas and soft power throughout the Middle East.