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I cannot believe that I have been role playing wendy and being apart of the tumblr community for two years now !! time sure flies by, i first made this account on november 19th 2015 as a freshmen, unsure how my life is going to go and now i am preparing for college as a junior. guys, i am surely blessed by each and every one of you and i am soo happy that you have kept up with me over these two years. warning you all now. you aren’t getting ride of me any time soon. anyways let me stop being so gay.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @olobersykes ❣️ time flies… i remember back in 2013 i found you through @bmthofficial ❣️ your music, your style and your personality made me happy in the darkest of times. You helped me through my worst years. You helped me survive the war of bullying. You have helped me to be the person who i an today and your music never let me down. Every day i listen to that one song which means the world to you and to me. There are a few quotes from you that have touched my heart and i carry those around me, so i won’t forget to accept myself ❣️I haven’t met you yet in person and i swear that will happen some day…and that day will be the best day of my life. You are my hero❣️never change. Be just the way you are cause you are a wonderful human being💗 i wish you the best birthday ever my dear oliver❣️❣️


I’ve been kind of lukewarm on Ultraman Geed, but episode 20 is a standout. The premise is simple: Gyeron, a hideous bird kaiju, appears every day at the same time, in the same place. Geed always flies in to blows it to bits, but by round five he’s getting exhausted, with no permanent solution in sight.

Modern Ultraman shows are prone to depicting kaiju as interchangeable threats, with the shadowy forces controlling them as the main attractions. Here the focus is on the problem-solving, and for once the answer isn’t “obtain a new toyetic gadget.” Geed has been uniquely concerned with how the public views the title character, and it finally pays off.

What Star vs The Forces of Evil Doing RIGHT While Steven Universe is Doing WRONG in Storytelling

Star vs the Forces of Evil and Steven Universe are both great shows that they both started slow but got better throughout the years. However as time flies, Steven Universe has been dropping quality over season to season while Star has been improving, making it more interesting. So here are my thoughts of what SvTFOE is doing right while SU is doing wrong

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anonymous asked:

Was it just me that noticed that the BTS AMA performance was sped up (the song went by faster)? I might just be crazy! 😂 Love your blog by the way!! ❤️❤️

I think it feels like it went by faster because we were pumped about it - time flies when you’re having fun!!! Thank you!! 💜

inspiredbymace  asked:

Today is my 21st birthday!! Idk how, I'm pretty sure my 15th birthday was last year. I've been following you guys since I was 12/13, crazy how fast time flies! I remember being at your show in philly in 2011 when the crowd sang happy birthday to you. And then meeting you in 2013 on the American rag tour and dropping some hints about the MLsecretproject hah. can't wait to see what you guys have in store in the years to come and hopefully another Philly stop is included and we can hang hahah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! Ahhhhh yes we need to go back to philly so bad!

The Zodiac Signs + Time

Thinks that time moves too fast: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Thinks that time moves too slow: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

Has no concept of time whatsoever: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius

I guess it’s time to bring this back.

This illustration was drawn by Yana back in 2008:

And this is a panel from the latest chapter (ch126):

I’m not saying these are the same photo, but it’s good to keep in mind that Yana has had the idea of the “burnt family photo” since 2008 :D


Here, have another silly fast one I didn’t really wanna post but you’re getting anyway, seems like