as they should!

Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

How that “due date” talk should’ve gone

Dean: So when’s the nephilim gonna be born?

Sam: Around the middle of May. That’s when the worst stuff happens every year, like the time you, me, and Dad almost died in a demonic wreck.

Dean: Oh yeah…remember when all the demons got loose from Hell?

Sam: It was also the middle of May when Hellhounds dragged you off.

Dean: Hell’s so much less scary now, though, isn’t it?

Sam: It sure is. But not back when I inadvertently freed Lucifer in the middle of May.

Dean: We plopped you, and Lucifer and Michael into the cage in mid-May, too.

Sam: You and Cas got sucked into Purgatory around mid-May, too.

Dean: And you were gonna finish the Hell trials in mid-May, but I stopped ya.

Sam: Then all the angels fell because of that a-hole Metatron.

Dean: Right…right.. It wasn’t mid-May when I died and woke up a demon, though.

Sam: True, but it was just after, so I think it counts. Same thing with killing Death and unleashing the Darkness.

Dean: Should we count the Chuck and Amara thing? That was the end of May, as I recall.

Sam: Yeah, but the big fight was really the week before—so, mid-May, again.

Castiel: *suddenly appears* Hey, what month did I turn into a sack of Leviathan goo?

Sam: That was, May, too!

Dean: *meaningful pained glances*

i’d just like to politely advice the white people in this fandom to be very, very careful about speaking over the people of color in this fandom who probably know more about what this situation could be/mean than you do. listen to them first before trying to validate your own theories. especially when they’re someone of the same ethnicity and/or faith as the character(s) you’re theorizing about. 

I’d like to talk about Isak going home with Sana for a Biology (chem?) project. And like, Sana assures him that nah her brother won’t be home he said he’d be at the skate park or something. But when they walk in, Sana discovers her brother is a damn liar because there he sits in the living room, Yousef and co in tow and Sana just, curses because she knows this will not end well. Isak will peek around her shoulder and kind of freeze as well, eyes zeroing in on Mikael. (And damnit abort abort Even will kill her for this) So, Sana back peddles out of that one real fast, tugging Isak around and being like actually i think my room is more conducive to science. Of course, Yousef is the first to notice Sana and Isak standing in the doorway and his eyes narrow suspiciously at the easy way Isak kind of hangs off Sana’s shoulder. Yousef will just nod a cool hey and Isak will raise an eyebrow, looking back and forth between him and Sana ‘heyyyy’. And then Sana will throw her coat down and be like, okay now that we are hey-ed out, Isak and I are going to my room bye guys! 

Now of course, this doesn’t fly with Elias who’s like you’re going to bring a boy into your room alone? (hahahaha @ Sana who goes a little red in the cheeks at the audacity) Isak kind of chuckles awkwardly because fuck he just wanted to get his mitosis shit done. He didn’t sign on to be in a room with Even’s secret ex boo-thing or best friend or whatever and he certainly did not sign on for another love triangle. Those days are beyond him, man. So he’s like ha ha don’t need to worry about that one. And Elias raises a challenging eyebrow, oh really? And Isak is like a high-pitched Yep! My boyfriend wouldn’t like me putting the moves on Sana either. Which relaxes the boys somewhat, but then Isak’s gaze goes straight back over to Mikael who kind of shifts awkwardly (because we all now Isak’s creeper stare)- especially when Isak’s mouth parts a bit in question- which of course means Sana has to physically slap her hand over Isak’s mouth and smile serenely at the boys. We are going to go now, bye! And she literally drags Isak to her room and away from the potential danger.

(Don’t even get her started on the hell that follows when Even comes to pick Isak up two hours later.)

this is just a tiny sampling of what my inbox looked like this morning. i didn’t even bother screenshotting the messages from antis (and there were A LOT) because those at least i’m fairly immune to at this point.

‘it’s 2017. be nice. be good’

i guess the people who claim to love harry so much missed the memo.

anyway i’m turning anon off and i’m not leaving but i am seriously limiting how much time i spend here. i’ve been scapegoated and attacked twice in the past month for something i didn’t even say and quite frankly i’m tired of it.

i have another main blog i’m permanently switching over to. if you want the url message me or im me and i’ll let you know what it is.

i will still check in here but honestly i don’t really want to be part of a fandom that thinks it’s okay to treat people the way i was treated last night. that was unacceptable and if anyone thinks harry would have been okay with all that nastiness being done in his name and on his behalf than i think they need a gigantic fucking wake up call.

How it Should've Happened: Jaal flirtation edition

[Pre or early relationship, Jaal gets some tips on human flirtation and decides to try it out on Ryder].

Jaal: Ryder, you are incredible. So open, free with your emotions. It is almost as if you are Angara.

Ryder: *blushes* Oh, um…haha, thanks Jaal.

Jaal: Are you certain you are not even partially Angara?

Ryder: *laughs* I’m pretty sure I’m all human, there’s no Angara in me.

Jaal: Oh, I see. Well, would you like there to be? ;)

Ryder: 😳

Liam: *snickering and giving Jaal two thumbs up in the background*

Well, that was a complication we didn’t see coming...

..and I’m glad.

Yousef seems perfect in every way and I’m glad that his one “imperfection” so far, if it can even be considered that, is related to something that Sana cares very deeply about, as it should be since this is her storyline.

This is her conflict, just like Isak falling for someone with a mental illness was his. I’m very interested to see what Sana does from here on out.