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Sorry for inactivity! Been trying to catch up on the commissions since my tablet was out for a month, but I managed to finish the rough gem designs for the gem au! It works a little differently tho, so if you’re curious, check out the lore/info under Read More! <3 Will try to work on Cable/Kathy/Fusion/Gem weapons next time! 

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Okay I know we’re all very against Derek and Stiles ever breaking up, but hear me out: The Philadelphia Story AU, because there’s nothing I love more than assholes who realize they actually really love being assholes to each other, and find everyone else who can’t keep up with the assholeishness very boring.

And frankly, the lack of Sterek fic based on old screwball comedies is a tragic crime against humanity. I’m filing an official complaint.


The Hales are the obscenely wealthy family of socialites, and Derek is known publicly as the trouble child in the family after his explosive divorce from Stiles Stilinski, the scrappy son of the well-liked sheriff, known to be something of a smart-mouthed asshole. Pretty much all of the time. He’s prickly, most try to avoid him.

They had a fiery romance full of snarking and barbs that cut far too deep, got married on a whim (to many raised eyebrows among the wealthy elites in town) and fought constantly until the day they divorced and parted for good. In the end, Stiles didn’t even want to settle anything through a lawyer, he just took his clothes, signed the papers with a not-so-passive aggressive flourish, and left in a huff.

In the two years since, Derek has been working hard to fix his reputation for the sake of his family, who all got dragged into his fairly public drama. He’s got a nice job at the family company, he’s engaged to a nice woman named Jennifer, he’s got a nice car instead of the Camaro Stiles convinced him to buy so they could have sex in the back seat, and his life is just nice.

And he’s happy, as long as he doesn’t think about it too deeply, because when that happens, he realizes he’s bored. But then Jennifer comes home and smiles at him, and he’s just happy and calm.

They work well together for a number of reasons; he hates putting in time at the social clubs, Jennifer loves it and she’s good at it, and she knows he hates it so she handles it for him as much as possible. She loves remodeling, he likes to build things and spend time in his woodshop, finding ways to make her grand ideas come together–they’re a fun challenge. He likes quiet nights in, she’s a book critic and has no trouble spending hours in silence as she takes notes on her latest review.

It’s infinitely more peaceful than his previous marriage, in which Stiles went to social clubs solely to mock them and take subtle digs at other members, fidgeted and made noise when Derek was trying to read until he eventually dragged him out to a bar, and complained about all the sawdust and constant renovations throughout the house and why are there no stairs today, Derek, I need to get to work.

But best of all: Jennifer is handling all of the wedding planning, dealing with his family, friends, all of the social and decorating aspects. All Derek has to do is show up and say I do.

(So, again, the exact opposite of his last wedding: eloping at the courthouse then both of them getting blackout drunk at a bar, and Stiles waking up with an untreated broken foot that needed surgery to correct.)

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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


So im Broke™ and would rlly like to open up commissions to get some kind of cushion until my next paycheck ; u ; (and maybe also get ddadds shhhhhhh)

I currently have $27 in my account after paying all my bills and that has to last me until August 3rd (as im writing this, its July 21st). Its not THE WORST and ive definitely managed to survive w that amount but it doesnt hurt to put myself out there u know??

✨💖✨Halfbody Colored comms are $25 (2 for $40). Im generally okay w any ships you have, any OCs you have, furries/anthros are okay and mecha is fine up until a certain point. They all come w super simple backgrounds like stripes or dots unless u instruct otherwise ✨💖✨

Paypal is 👍🏾 Please DM me if youre interested! You can either pay as soon as i accept the commission or pay half, then pay the rest when im finished.

Ill be streaming this weekend starting around 2-3pm for both days and lasting for at least 6-7 hours each (maybe more depending on how okay my back is). So if you commission me today or this weekend, i should be able to stream it live (if you wanna stop by and check up on it :0)