as the world wakes up

doesnt it bother you that the global elite exploit your religion to put you against one another, man again man, bother against brother, we need to stop, we need to take focus on THEM not one another…… i dont care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or even an Athiest and you know what they dont care either…. they want us ALL dead, so its time to stop bickering, fighting among one another stop the bloodshed and turn the focus to the global elite and stop them from making this world a barren wasteland.

did you know one of the main things they made their money on was funding world war 2 and the profited off of the deaths of all of those people not only did they fund it but they pushed it, think about it….. what did hitler do? he went after jews and christians and many others, what did they have the “Communists” doing? killing people of religious faiths focusing on christians and jewish people, what are ‘radical’ members of islam doing? wow you guessed it attacking christians and jews and people of other religious faiths…. wow…. we all need to wake up and stop fighting.

they are the reason for our artificial poverty in the world. The one main familiy has over 700trillion dollars, owns every banking system on earth except maybe three very small countries (one of which was iraq before everything started, imagine that….)

The Global Elite must pay for their crimes against humanity

If you are interested in learning more there is a video on YouTube called “the deep state” recorded in 1967 by Manly P Hall a known Freemason and member of the illuminati, he is a wonderful source for quite the variety of hidden knowledge.

u know sometimes i regret not sleeping a decent amount but then i remember that some of y'all are still sleeping on jeno n renjun so

I bet Keith’s life with his shack in the desert was Fun so here are some headcanons:

  • When he first moved in he spent a solid week just sleeping
  • *after waking up*: Time is an illusion and the world is fake
  • After he moved into his shack and gotten used to it he LOVED it, the Garrison and life in general was really stressing him and he liked being on his own
  • He spent most of his time in Big T-Shirts and Boxer Shorts because he’s hot and it’s comfy
  • As a kid his favorite movie was Cars
  • Now that he’s older it’s Big Hero 6, because Tadashi reminded him of Shiro but he couldn’t watch it after the first time because it hurt too much
  • He really likes plants and likes to see them grow 
  • He never intended on getting a mullet, he just got lazy and let his hair grow out, he liked it so
  • He loves cats and cats love him back and it’s the BEST
  • He gets REALLY excited when he discovers something new about the blue lion’s energy
  • I’m not kidding his eyes light up and he smiles and he gets very dorky about it
  • When he has laundry or dishes (or anything that requires him to Be An Adult) he groans and wishes there was someone else to do it but realizes he has nobody
  • He will literally take any other option for food that doesn’t involve actual cooking and/or work
  • Meaning he lived off of instant noodles and eggs
  • Sometimes he’ll just stop and think “should I really be living on my own and stay a dropout despite having skills?” but he ignores that and continues following the vague blue lion energy and the hope that everything will turn out okay
  • *goes into the cave*: *hums x-files theme*
  • Keith is actually?? a decent artist?? The carvings in the cave inspired the hell out of him
  • When he gets frustrated with his work or gets stumped he drives his bike out into the desert and it clears his head
  • Running too! He liked the feeling of being free
  • He just liked living alone dude

im still not over that savage zarya ult on eichenwald by south korea in the overwatch world cup. i wake up most mornings thinking about it. no one was expecting it. it was disgusting and the most beautiful thing ive seen in my entire life

I’m really glad that Sam and Dean got to see the alternate universe that they’d never existed in. Obviously, it hurt them (and me), but they both have so much self doubt. Honestly, I think most days they wake up believing that the world would be better off. They needed to see that it wouldn’t. They needed to see how much they helped.

okay, in this scene, everybody jumps back, flinches, or whips their head around to look.

except for Lena.

she stands there, completely still and unaffected. she doesn’t even flinch.

she keeps her feet planted, because she’s been through much worse.

she says to herself that she has stopped an alien genocide, shot a man to save someone’s life, been in prison and then broken out by her ass of a mother, been through a traumatic childhood that nobody should ever experience, has come close to death multiple times, set a trap to get rid of highly dangerous criminals only by using her smarts, sacrificed someone’s life to save another, been morally challenged her whole life being a Luthor, had her close friend die right in front of her, been emotionally abused by family, has most of National City despise her for her family name, been thrown off a fucking building, and has to wake up and be faced by the world again and again everyday. 

she says to herself that she’s Lena Luthor, and that she’s numb to fear.

tl;dr Lena is a badass who deserves the world and more.

The system will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling - their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability.

Remember this: We may be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

—  Arundhati Roy

Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??