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Treffpunkt Berlin - YouTube

Ahhh I’m having flashbacks to my high school German class right now! This TV show for learners of German, which we lovingly referred to as “Cafe Julia,” was one of the highlights of our German classes! It’s a cute show whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, but it’s perfect for learners who are just starting out with German :) 

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Tink! Thank you for being such a relentless source of positivity in the SPN fandom. Your blog is seriously one of my favourites, and I find myself nodding along with pretty much everything you write. So yeah, thanks for being awesome.

hahahaha you’re welcome! ;) 

Me, reading and listening to all the stuff coming out of SDCC and Dabb’s way of taking the show:

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As @margarittet says it’s like a vulcan mind melt into our brains for what we want… I hope they follow through but at this point it makes no sense for what they are saying not to be what we are going to see given it’s repeated numerous times by different people and totally fits our speculation as to where we felt it was going.

I’m a walking ball of adrenaline and haven’t eaten since yesterday’s breakfast. Why does this show make me so obsessive and emotional? It’s the characters, their relationships, how they embody all the good things in the world and MAN I can’t wait for the season to start and to see exactly how they move this forward to the positive endgame I’m 99.99% sure we are headed to :D