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Be careful with @sorasden if he tries to contact you.

He started following me and started talking nonsense and being really creepy. You can read all of our conversation here (open in another tab to read it properly). I think it speaks by itself. I already blocked him and reported him for harassment, so I’d recommend to at least block him.

He also reposts a lot of art, only saying “by (name)” (not even a link to anything) or simply “artist unknown”. He only posts about Sora.

Probably has another tumblr which name is unknown, so be wary too if someone else starts talking to you this way.

I’m really bad with words so I hope the picture explains itself orz

My uncle just tried to mansplain me on FB regarding a) my cookies and b) marvel. The words ‘real fan’ may have been involved. As in ‘a real fan’ would have known  that …

And he was inaccurate in his nitpick. 


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do you think cole Sprouse is problematic? I saw it on a post

Is it the post from that blog that tries to pull receipts out on celebrities’ problematic-ness? I saw that awhile back. Like I’m okay with calling out truly reprehensible behavior that they don’t amend or learn their lessons from (Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Roman Polanski, Azaelia Banks, my best friend’s physically abusive ex bf are a few that come to mind), but the Cole post is so much reaching it’s embarrassing. Like they claim he doesn’t want Jughead to be asexual but the interview link they provide has him saying how he doesn’t think it’s what the writers are going to do but he thinks it would be good to have Jughead be asexual and have that representation.

The Debbie Ryan thing is also a reach. She doesn’t say which friend was manipulating her, so to say it’s Cole is all speculation (and if it was Cole, why are they still hanging out and friends today?)

The gf stuff, idk maybe he was a douchebag emotionally. We’re not part of that relationship, we don’t know what it was like. It’s possible.

The Tumblr sociology experiment and his comments about race all sound like he’s talking from a sociological and anthropological perspective (which was his focus in college). He comes across as intellectual hipster type (also how he came across to me in person) but not a terrible person.

Saying he called BLM activists “cannibals” is also a reach. He was saying them stopping Bernie’s speech was counterintuitive. Like way to crucify him for a metaphor and not liking his word choice for it. He didn’t say “I think BLM activists are like cannibals”

I don’t remember the rest of the claims. Anyway, I’m not saying Cole isn’t problematic, I’m saying he just seems as problematic as most of us are.

Like I recently found a bunch of tweets of mine from high school that were insensitive to the trans community (misgendering people, using terms that are probably considered offensive). I didn’t do it out of intentional prejudice, but out of total ignorance of knowing appropriate terms and words to use. It was 2007 and I was a sixteen year old idiot who had never even met an transgender person before or even talked to one online. But after joining my school’s GSA, I was educated on terminology. And I’ve never made that same mistake again.

But if I was a celebrity, I can guarantee the receipts would be pulled and I would be “forever” cancelled even though I’ve learned from my mistake.

I just hate how everyone on Tumblr is on some mission to permanent cancel™ people 24/7.


So I hit 500 followers a while ago. Not really sure when but I certainly missed it :/ I wanted to draw something for it but at the moment I am preoccupied with a project. Hence, I do not have the time. Instead, here’s an embarrassing picture of me dressed up as Link >_>

But seriously, I would like to say this sincerely from my heart, thank you everyone :) 

I may delete this in the future if I cringe too much

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I'm gonna be going with my mom to get library cards next week, and I wanted to know if it was required to put your legal name on it? Or if you could put a preferred name on it

Lee says:

Check this link! Basically, library rules vary by library, so ask them, and good on you for going to the library! 

Yay to supporting your public libraries! (I’m working 9-5 this Saturday at my local library as a page, and I worked today and I’ll work on Sunday, so I’m feeling gung-ho about libraries)

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This may or may not be a long shot, but do you happen to have a link to that video from...I want to say Vernon/DK's birthday at the concerts and Vernon asks "kawaii desu ka?" It makes me absolutely melt and I can't find the video ;;

hello! is this the one you’re referring to? he says it around the 1:57 mark ^^
I Love Kissing You - BeardAndBooty - Rhett & Link [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal
Additional Tags: tropetastic tuesday 3, Boys Kissing, Kissing, Fluff, rhink

Whatever the wheel of mythicality lands on, Rhett and Link have no choice but to do whatever it says to do, right?

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What exactly do puberty blockers do? Do they stop periods? If so, how soon do they stop them?

Lee says:

This link has the basics of puberty blockers, and our puberty blockers tag has some more info. I believe that they stop periods, but I’m uncertain on the time frame. You’d probably get more accurate info by talking to your endocrinologist or doctor!

Followers, does anyone know how fast puberty blockers stop periods in someone who has already begun to menstruate?