as the children say

How many times will we have to say it?

Children cannot consent to sex.

Just because you get them to believe they want it or that they have to do it, doesn’t mean you have their consent.

Why? Because children cannot consent.

They don’t understand what they’re saying yes to. And don’t argue that you can “teach them about sex and then it’s okay,” because that’s not how it works.

Do you know what that is? It’s corruption of a minor. And it’s illegal, too.

So once again: Children cannot consent to sex. Having sex with a child is rape.

Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Late night cuddles with sweet, sexy Billy.

Words: 838

Paring: Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Warnings: Barf inducing fluff. Mentions of sexy times. Hard core kissing. I give this a solid PG-13.

I need some cuddles with Billy now. I had a lot of fun thinking about this one. Tags and requests are open :)

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Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )

“It’s not pedophilia! It’s hebe/ephebe/whatever-philia!!”

Stop right there

If you need to make yourself sound “less dangerous” or “technically not a pedo”, re-evaluate why you want to defend your attraction to kids. Why do you defend your “right” to fantasize about molesting kids. Children don’t care what your technical terms are! You’re a fucking pedo to us!


          Matrix Era Vapp Highlights 

its so weird seeing people say “children have no sense of boundaries or personal space” as if thats like a personal fault theyre doing intentionally to irk you and not just something innocent and fairly inherent to fucking toddlers