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Something Holy


{900 words}

(genre: smut, angst, fantasy}

Taehyung could not feel, after he fell from heaven.

Stripped of his wings and tossed from paradise, he had nothing but the scars on his back as a remembrance of glory. Taehyung was bare, and simultaneously empty. Because with his wings went his purpose.

What reason for being could he cling to? What use was a fallen angel?

He realized that these were the questions mortals must ask themselves all the time. But he had no idea how to be mortal; no idea how to find an answer.

Until he met you.

It was from you that Taehyung learned the meaning of ‘seduction’. Once, it been merely a word; three syllables full of connotations that would repulse any holy being. As it turned out, however, he was not a holy being anymore. And you did anything but repulse him.

From the very beginning, you were nothing short of tantalizing. He found he was unable to keep himself away from you. Sex dripped from you like honey, begging him to come savor the proverbial forbidden fruit. Everything - your commanding presence, velvet-soft voice, sly, humorless smile, and especially your eyes that burned with promises of darkness - pulled him from your orbit and directly into your atmosphere. 

Poor Taehyung never stood a chance.

Even the lightest graze of your fingers on his skin sent him in a spiral. Being touched by you was like being awakened from the dead.

And so he found in you, his tempter, that something he was looking for: satisfaction.

Of course, Taehyung looked for fulfillment elsewhere, in the beginning. The boy couldn’t escape the shame he felt after a night wrapped up in your sticky sweet words and searing touches. You made him feel positively sinful. And so he scoured the earth for a new glimpse of meaning, a sliver of hope for his fallen soul.

All was in vain, however. Satisfaction existed nowhere for him but in the silk of your sheets, the warmth of your touch, the scent of your skin. And so he is at your door again, shame giving way to pure need when greeted with your twisted smirk.

‘Back again?’

‘Don’t you want me?’ he dares.

You did. You always did. Because Taehyung was just so obedient. You had had your share of lovers, but none seemed so designed to please as the angel shivering in anticipation before you. Under the ever-present blush was the most pliant of creatures - willing to sin for you in any way you required.

‘Your mouth,’ you demanded, pushing him to his knees. And he was eager - so eager - to comply. As he made exquisite use of his own lips, he reveled in the blasphemies falling from yours. ‘Oh God, Taehyung, yes.’ The sounds of your rapture invariably inspired his own. As he listened to the cacophony of mingled moans reaching its peak, Taehyung found that he longed for the heavenly chorus no more. All that he craved was the harmonies of your pleasure, the beat of your heart, for his music.

‘Lay back,’ you had instructed him on another occasion. His hands were tethered to the headboard with the silk tie of your robe. Despite the softness of the material, the bonds were tied tight enough to abrade his delicate skin as he pulled against it. God, the pain was delicious. With the ache in his wrists and another tie over his eyes, you finally -finally- took what you wanted. You watched him writhe and gasp underneath you, drinking in the beautiful picture his debauchery made. The only only sight prettier to you than Taehyung submitting was seeing how desperate he was to do it.

‘Good boy,’ you panted, gliding your hips faster. You dragged your nails across his chest and drank in his lascivious moan. ‘Good boy.’

His gasps became more desperate. Unconsciously, the boy pulled at his restraints, rubbing his skin raw in the process. You knew his body well enough to know what he wanted, but you kept on with your ministrations, waiting for him to tell you himself.

‘I-I, I want- oh my God, I’m gonna-’ He was in too deep now, almost lost bathing in glory when- you pulled your body away from his, leaving him panting, aching, sobbing. ‘Mercy, mercy,’ he begs. You drink in his cries for release with a devilish grin.

‘Mercy? We both know you don’t deserve that, angel.’ And you pull him back in, leading him to the gates of heaven just to push him back down to hell again. Despite his pleas, you knew he relished in this game just as you did. He really was your favorite toy.

It was sin, he knew, but you made it so sweet that he could taste the savor for days following. Until you finally gave in to his wanton pleads, indulging the desires of his flesh once again. He needed it; he needed you. Because with your lips on his and your hands around his throat, he found paradise.

Taehyung was living.

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taylor I'm really curious, your cliffhangers feel like they are planned, so I'm wondering if have you thought out the entire heartstrings story or do you just write it out as you continue?

honestly i make this shit up as i go LOL im a terrible planner. and when i plan, i usually end up changing it halfway through so? im bad at this lololol