as tall as my heart will let me be

Height Difference AUs

1. “I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me??? Wait you’ve read that book? let’s have an in depth conversation about it.”

2. “You were trying to reach for a box of cereal and a whole shelf’s-worth of cereal boxes fell on you here let me help”

3. “We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it i hATE YOU but also thanks”

4. “You are very tall and I am very short so you run into me all the time and honestly this is getting ridiculous”

5. I’m in art class and I just opened a cupboard to find a tiny person (you) squished inside and you just looked at and said “shh i’m hiding”

6. “We’re on the bus and I’m really not trying to take up your space I’m sorry I just have rlly rlly long legs” 

7. We’re at a concert and I can’t see a thing let me sit on your shoulders, maybe?” 

8. “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious” 

Planetary Haiku 1/30/17

Burn so hot that you
Imprint your shadow on lives
Of people you meet.

you cant build a wall
Around your heart so tall
there’s no way over.

Your perpetual
Voice in my ear reminds me
To always speak out.

Love is a coiled snake:
Terrible in its beauty,
Shedding old lovers.

Never let your fire
Be stolen by someone who
Won’t use it for light

Dont expand so fast
That you fall in on yourself.
Growth is not a race.

No butterfly has
Broken loose without struggle.
Push until you’re free.

Scripture on holy skin,
You are a key to locked
Places of worship.

A witch was a being
Whose ideas were too ahead
Of her time. Rebel.

You think you’re ashes.
You burned your world once. You can
Rebuild it again.

“If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honored my spirit as truly as I have honored others’. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world.”

― Jennifer DeLucy

Little One

Come now, little one,
rest your head to my heart and let your tears fall freely upon your cheeks,
Breathe now, little one,
the darkness isn’t real,
I’d take it from you in a moment if I could,

Please understand you are no different to me,
you are the same,
you are loved,
you are safe,

Don’t let it take over you,
I know it’s hard not to,
I will keep you close the whole way,

Come now little one,
rest your head to my heart and hold my hand as I guide you through the night,
Breathe now little one,
stand tall and don’t look back,
please believe me,
at the end of the tunnel there is light

Please understand I will fight the monsters with you,
you are strong,
you are courageous,
you are right,

Don’t be afraid any longer,
I know it’s hard not to,
keep that smile on your face,
you’ll be alright

“If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honored my spirit as truly as I have honored others’. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world.”
― Jennifer DeLucy

Sagittarius Rising: It is nice to spread positive energy everywhere and explore the world but do cherish the moments that you spend by yourself and from time to time do remember you have every right to settle down and lay your roots somewhere. Life will not stop for you if you take a moment and think about what you need instead of how making other people entertained and happy.  

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and this why when you are in a room with a Sagittarius they seem huge and bigger than life itself. On top of that add an abundance of energy that can lift anyone’s mood easily and this is the reason that makes people like being around Sagittarius. Jupiter is not only about expansion but it also about believing in luck and that good things will come around. Also there’s a desire or a need to travel, see the world and pursue higher education in all it’s forms in order to keep to grow intellectually . To view life through a certain philosophy that makes living life seem meaningful and important. To be able to touch people’s heart and minds through simple words filled with energy and affection. 

Sagittarius keeps on looking for the bright side in life because they face so many hardships in life and they understand the importance to hold onto hope. They will love deeply, respect and fight for you once they love you and they will try to provide you with the best in the world. They are aggressive fighters but they are wise in choosing the battles to fight for. They usually close to their father than their mother, their father was the one who installed important values and ideas in them and they grow with it. They try to respect everyone and they accept people from all over the world. They are the stranger that never belongs to one place and as they go from one place to another, from one person to another they keep spreading love and warmth.  

With this rising you will have on your 7th house/the descendant the sign of Gemini. It is your opposite sign and it suppose to indicate the type of partners you like and how you will behave when in love. It is your opposite sign and it is the sign that balances you out, you may think of it as your shadow side when you are in private or in love. With Gemini on 7th on the descendant you desire a partner that you can chill and relax with and have good time being together. You want someone you can travel the world with and explore everything together, someone who you can share your ideas and beliefs with and to broaden each other’s horizon. You want someone to be your best friend and have fun with. You desire someone respects giving you the space and freedom you need and you will do the same.   

Features: They depend on the planets that exist on the first house, so having other planets can change your features from your typical Sagittarius rising.

The eyes tend to be small or average sized and the lips are thin and small but becomes wide when smiling. The nose is usually medium size and hooked on the end. The face tends to longish and squarish and the neck tends to be tall.  

Okay, so I feel like this needs to be said…total Sam girl here. 

Last weekend (which was one of the best of my life) I finally met Jared Padalecki at an SPNCon and everything they say about him is true, he really is sunshine personified. The impression he left on me was one of complete awe at his amazingly kind heart and down to earth personality. And as far as his physical beauty, lets just say that TV and pictures do not do him justice. Jared stole my breath away when his tall, dark and handsome 6′4″ frame entered the room, and he did it again when he said hello and shot me that dimpled smile. He’s soft spoken, attentive and playful, he looks you straight in the eyes when he talks to you and doesn’t hesitate to give you a hug if given the chance.  And he’s not stingy with the winks either, I got lots!  So…yes, HousCon 2017 was one of the best experiences of my life, but it was mostly because of Jared and his beautifully caring heart. 

Thank you Jared, thank you Creation, and most of all…thank you to my beloved husband for sending me to meet my second favorite man in the entire world. <3

[Mark] Dr Tuan (Part I)

I follow the nurse inside the busy hospital. My headache makes me ten times more sensitive, and the noise of her flat shoes feels like stabs in the head. She leads me to an examining room, and lets me sit on the examining table.

“Mr Tuan will see you in a minute.” She says and smiles to me, before closing the door. Mr Tuan? Mark Tuan? Horror an apprehension swell at my heart. It can’t be him, I thought he worked at the St Gretna hospital. Holy shit, I have to get out of here. The door opens and I have to refrain a gasp.

“Hell- Y/N?” Holy cow, Mark is standing in front of me white blouse and stethoscope hanging around his neck, tall and dark haired, better than I remember. “Mark.” I sigh. “You’re back in town?” He asks as he closes the door behind him, his brows furrowed, the confusion  clear on his face.

“No, it’s an hologram.” I reply sarcastically and he smacks his tongue and rolls his eyes at me.
“How was that trip?” He asks in a sigh. He refers to the fact that I had moved to South Africa. He considers it as a trip because I’m back, but I didn’t choose to come back.

“It wasn’t a trip.” I’m exasperated. “Why are you back?” He asks, walking to the end of the examining table, where my medical record is. “I was homesick.” I say. “Homesick?” He repeats with a smirk. That mother fu-

“Don’t think a second I came back for you, Mark. My doctor prescribed exams for me, I don’t have a choice.” I argue back, starting to boil with frustration. This man is only fueling my headache. “It’s true that you don’t look good, I hope you didn’t come back with some Ebola shit or something.” He picks up my medical record and swipes through it. He lets out a professional frown as he reads.

“Headaches and vomiting,” He reads. “Must not be that serious. Your doctor us asking for an MRI, blood tests and X-rays, I think it’s a little bit too much.” He looks up at me once he’s finished talking and I’m outraged by his detachment and his lack of worry.

“It’s been 6 months.” I say and he frowns.“I’m not asking for comments, do those exams and find what’s wrong with me.” I growl through gritted teeth, and I think my tone makes him mad, he purses his lips.

“It’s good to see you again.” He mumbles sarcastically, his annoyance painted over his face as his eyes throw missiles at me. He leaves, and as if it was a liberating action, I fall onto the examining table. What did it have to happen to me? My ex boyfriend following my medical record.

After a trying series of exams, I’m back into the examining room. I’m exhausted, I didn’t eat, and I’ve had this long lasting headache the whole afternoon. Mark opens the door.“Your exams are done, you can go.” He says without stepping in, holding the door open for me. Thank god! I pick up my stuffs and step out of the room. Mark walks behind me as I head out. “Why are you following me?” I briefly turn to him.

“I’m taking you to your car.” He says and know he’s walking next to me.“I don’t have a car.” I reply as we step out if the glass doors, it’s dark now.“You sell that junker?” He snorts. That ‘junker’, like he says, was a Beetle, a jewel, a work of art. I remain silent. “I’m done working for today, do you want to grab something to eat? I just have to pack my stuff.” He says and and stop in my tracks. What the actual fuck? I turn to face him.

“You want me back?” I ask, and give him a chance to get the fuck out of my life again. His eyes soften a little as he sighs, and he give me a sympathetic look.“I’m worried about you.” He mumbles quietly almost as if he didn’t want me to hear him. My scalp prickles.

“Why? What did my exams say?” I ask. “No, it’s not that. I’ll call you when your results come. You just look different.” He says, and I’m a little relieved. “I’m okay.” I say before walking off again, and Mark follows me. “Can I at least take you home?” He asks.


“Why?” He asks. Is he serious? “Why?” I repeat, incredulously, turning around once more. Why? Because you can’t grab something to eat with your ex, because you can’t take you ex home, because you can’t talk to your ex, here’s why. “Mark, do you want to start all over again?” I ask, and he shrugs. “I just want to talk.” He murmurs.

My headache has completely faded away, and I don’t know if its because of Mark or because of the shots of Vodka, but I sure like it. Mark hasn’t changed in two years, which is kind of fortunate, and comforting. It must be ten pm now, or later. I stagger out of the bar Mark took me to, the air is cool, and I feel good.

“Come, I’m taking you home.” Mark says, taking my hand and pulling me to his Audi.“No.” I giggle incoherently. “Y/N, you’re drunk. I’m not letting you walk alone.” He laughs, leaning against his car. He shakes his head, his eyes softened with affection. “You’re smart, Mark. Getting me drunk so you can get what you want.” I press my body against his.

“And what do I want?” He seems truly amused.“Me.” I run my hands up his torso, and it’s like a homerun. His body is as firm as before, his muscles as defined as in my deepest memories.“You?” His hands come down to my waist as he gives me a flirtatious smirk.

“Naked.” I tease, feeling him up some more, and his hands slide down my body to cup my backside, pulling me closer.
“Naked.” He repeats and his lips come down to mine in a kiss that sends sparks throughout my body. Mark deepens the kiss, and his tongue invades my mouth, and I’m at his mercy, and it’s electrifying, the thrill of meeting the familiar for the first time, the sweet taste of homecoming intoxicating me.

My hands move from his torso to his hair, and he he accelerate the rhythm of his lips, more aggressive, more rushed, more rough, and it’s not feeding my carvings, it’s fueling my desire, I want him. He groans into my mouth, a short, low groan, the vocal expression of his carnal desire for me, it vibrates throughout my whole body, and I moan.

When he pulls away, I’m breathless, and he looks like he’s ran a marathon. He holds my face between his hands and gazes down at me with a smug look. “I knew you wanted me.” I breathe, cracking up a smug smile. “You started feeling me up.” He smirks and I but my lip flirtatiously. “Climb in.” He says before opening the passenger door of his car, and I obey. He walks around the car and sits down at the wheel.

“Where do you live now?” He asks, closing his door. I think of my new apartment, and I try to find parade. “Why don’t we go to your place?” I lean in a pepper kisses along his jaw line, my hand running up and down his thigh, and he shudders under my touch.“We could do it on the backseat.” He turns his head and kisses me. What is bothering him? I know his place, I used to live there, why doesn’t he want me to come? I pull away instantly.

“You have a girlfriend.” I state-ask, and he snorts. “No. I don’t have a girlfriend.” He shakes his head, bemused. “Then what’s your problem?” I frown.“What’s yours?” He replies. “You’re completely ruining the moment.” The rush of lust and desire in my body starts to fade away. Now I’m sober again, and I don’t want this anymore. I’m tired, I want to go home. I sink into my seat and reach for my seatbelt. “Let’s just forget about this. I’m tired. I live in Carterwood.”


Mark parks in front of the building I live in and leans towards the wheel to get a better view of the facade. “You live there?” At first, his face shows he’s truly confused, his eyebrows are knotted together. “Y/N, what happened to you?” His brows part as he lets out a mocking smirk that has an unexpected effect on me. I storm out of the car.

“Y/N, wait!” Mark calls as I slam the passenger door closed before leaping out of his car.
“I’m sorry!” He says as I pace towards the front door. He catches up with me and grabs my arm, stopping me in my tracks. “I’m sorry, okay?” His tone is pleading, I yank my arm away from him, and as I turn, we both realize I’m crying.

“It’s been 6 months I don’t sleep anymore, I’m afraid to eat because I hate throwing up, I faint, I can’t even lift a grocery bag anymore since I have the strength of a newborn, I lost my job, my apartment, I don’t need your stupid comments, Mark. Thank you for the ride, now leave me alone.” I tell him all the things I’ve been keeping inside of me, but that I’ve been secretly dying to yell out ever since I saw him again, but I don’t expect his sympathy, I want him to shut the hell up and stop with his low sarcasm.

And when I’m done talking, pain starts to radiate in my head, and everything becomes blurry, the sounds, my vision, it hurts.“Why didn’t you tell me?” Mark asks as I turn away from him. Well, that’s what I think he says, my ears feel stuffed. Then I start to feel dizzy, and I miss a stair and sink into the floor. Ah, headache.  “Y/N.” I feel Mark’s hands on me as I painfully get up. He helps me up and like magic my headache is gone, but then my stomach twists, and I vomit spectacularly on the floor.

“Shit!” Mark swears and pulls my hair behind my face as I force the meal he offered me out of my body, and then I’m afraid to get back up and meet his eyes. I force myself up and wipe my mouth though I didn’t get any shit on my lips. “Come, let’s go up.” Mark urges me inside my building, and I’m too weak to push him away, I have to admit that I need his help.


“Do you want to lie down?” Marks asks as I pace towards my oh small fridge and get some water. In the stairs the aftereffects of my seizure started to fade away, and now I’m just a little dizzy. “No. No, I’m fine.” I say before gulping down my holy water, puffing my cheeks and washing my mouth.

Now Mark has seen the slum I live in, and it’s really embarrassing. He’s the last person I want to see here, and now I can’t dare turn around to face him, I cling to the sink in my kitchenette, and I know he’s right behind me. “Listen, I’m sorry for today. I didn’t know.” I feel his hands on me, and weirdly, I feel instantly better, good even. I’m still drunk.

“It’s okay, you can leave now. Thank you for the ride, it was kind of you.” I finally turn to face him and before I know it, the corners of my mouth curl up in what I think is a smile. “You’re okay?” His eyes are still worried, but he seems more relaxed. I nod.

A brief light flashes in his eyes, and he smirks down at me.
“I still didn’t get what I wanted though.” He says, and I seem to be really drunk because I really don’t understand. “What?” I frown. He takes a step closer to me, and his eyes darken with a carnal attempt.

“You. Naked. Remember?” I stop breathing. His words bring me back to the moment we left hanging in front of his car, and I start to heat up.“I just threw up.” I stutter as he stands inches away from me, and something radiates from him, something that takes my breath away. “And you washed your mouth.” He says and something  unexpected happens to me, I flush. “I thought you wouldn’t want this anymore after-”
“Shut up.” It’s almost a growl. He takes my head between his hands and slams his mouth on mine, and he kisses me, hard.


Mark and I lay on my bed, clothes strewn all over the place, enjoying the night’s silence as we both come down from our states of ecstasy, I rub circles between his pecs and watch the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes next to me  “You were afraid I would run away?” He takes my hand and lift it from his chest, and then he starts playing with my fingers, caressing them gently.

“I guess.” I reply, and his chest flexes itself.“Why are you smiling?” I frown.“You still care about me.” I can sense his smirk. I flush. It’s true, I still care about him. I shouldn’t, but I do.
“Stop blushing, baby. I still care about you too.” He kisses my knuckles and I smile. “How do you pay your rent?” He asks after a brief moment of silence.

“I don’t, it’s been 2 months.”
“All because of those headaches?” I nod weakly. “I promise I’ll find what’s wrong with you, and I’ll heal you.” He kisses my hair and I close my eyes. My life would be so much better without those headaches and vomiting, I imagine a former more peaceful life in South Africa.

Something starts to vibrate and Mark moves beneath me, reaching for his pants on the floor right next to the bed. Mark lets me go and swings his legs over the edge if the bed as the vibration stops, and I guess it was just a text.“Who’s harassing you?” I sit up and kiss his shoulder, remembering his phone vibrated a lot while we were busy. Mark doesn’t reply.

“I hope they’re not patients you’re letting die because of me.” I kneel on mattress and stroke his shoulder sweetly as he turns his head towards me.
“I’d have no qualm.” He gives me a wicked smile and kisses me, and I smile. Suddenly, the bell rings. Who could it be?
“Don’t move.” I kiss his cheek and rill out of bed.

As I walk to the door I pick up Mark’s shirt in the corridor and cover my nakedness. I peek through the hole of the door and a tall, sophisticated young woman is waiting on the other side. She as long, wavy dark hair, she’s wearing a black blazer with a yellow top, and I can’t see her lower body but she sure knows how to dress herself. Who the fuck is she? I open the door, forgetting my outrageous attire.

“Good evening?” I say, and the girls eyes widen in horror. She refrains a gasp, but her mouth remains wide open.“Where is Mark?” She growls at me and I flinch. “Mark?” I arch my brow, why is she looking for Mark? “Where is my boyfriend, you whore?” She takes a step closer to me. Oh no you didn’t.

“Irene?” Mark appears behind me, in his undershirt and pants. “You told me you didn’t have a girlfriend.” I say to him. “You asshole.” Irene speaks at the same time. “I know, I’m sorry.” He says, to me. “You lied to me, Mark!” I’m boiling with anger. “I didn’t want you to freak out.” He says. “That’s not a reason!” I reply. “You’re unbelievable! I can’t believe you cheated on me, with this,-” Irene waves his hands towards me in disgust.

“Fuck you!” I spit back. “Hey! You don’t have the right to insult her.” Mark butts in and speaks to Irene. “I can’t believe you defending her!” She stomps her foot. “How did you even find me?” Mark asks. “Your phone!” She says. She tracked him? “Are you crazy?!” He asks. She’s a psychopath. “Me? Crazy? Look who you’re sleeping with.” She says. I’ve been nice with her she’s the beginning, now she’s really crossing the line, my inner bitch cracks her neck.

“You better shut that big mouth of yours before I lose it because insulting me won’t change the fact that HE consented to sleep with me.” Irene remains speechless after my outburst. My inner bitch back flips to her bed. Mark is the first one to break the silence.“I’m sorry, Irene.” He mumbles, and her shocked eyes move from to Mark, but again, she is speechless. Marj turns to me.

“Baby, look, I’m sorry I-”
“Don’t baby me!” I spit back.
“You’re babying her in front if me? Mark do you even have a little bit of scruple?” Irene says, and it’s almost a sob. Mark smacks his tongue. “Listen Irene, she is my ex-” “Your ex?!” Tears pool at her eyes, and I start to feel bad. None of us two asked to be in this situation.

Her anger let place to pain, and my heart sinks a little. As bitchy as she is, she’s brokenhearted. “No, I mean my my current- well, still ex but-” “I’m your ex, Mark, forever.” I cut him off and leave the scene, looking for some privacy to take his shirt off. “Y/N, no.” Mark follows me in my bedroom. “Y/N, if you didn’t notice, I was breaking up with her in front of you.” He says as I take his shirt off. I look inside my wardrobe and take out an oversized sweatshirt and shorts that I quickly throw on.

“Leave.” I throw his shirt at his face and he catches it. “Y/N, I’m choosing you.” He follows me out of my bedroom. “That’s the thing, I don’t want to be an option.” I pick up his shoes. “You’re choosing me as if you had to chose between two cool toys,” I grab his jacket. “ you’re objectifying me, it’s humiliating.” I snatch his car keys in the kitchenette.

“Get out of my apartment.” I give him his stuff. “Y/N.” He pleads as I walk him to the door, Irene has left, an I don’t want to imagine her pain. “Please, Y/N, don’t do this. I’m really sorry.” Mark pleads again, as I throw him out of my apartment, barely dressed. As an answer, I slam the door closed


Residents of Underland 11/16: Ilosovic StayneThe Knave of Hearts

Pour a little salt we were never here
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall
Right in the moment this order’s tall

Close Quarters

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: Where you are Seokjin’s younger sister and have hidden feelings for Jimin.

A/N: My first scenario going up on here! Let me know what you guys think, I really hope you guys like it! ~Admin Sunny

The first time it happened you thought nothing of it. Jimin had merely been reaching for something on the shelf above your head, and since he wasn’t as tall as the other boys had needed to press up against you in order to reach the item comfortably. Palms sweating and heart racing for unknown reasons you quickly excuse yourself from the room, missing the mischievous look in Jimin’s eyes.

Scurrying outside into the cold winter air you set off towards your university hoping the cool air would help distract you from your thoughts. Having only been living in Seoul for a couple of weeks your brother, Seokjin, had been kind enough to offer the spare bedroom in Bangtan’s very own dorm until you found a place to live. You loved your brother dearly and since you were only younger to him, and Yoongi, you had hoped that the other boys would warm up to you easily. They had in fact warmed up to you, in fact within hours you had Taehyung latched onto you as you puttered about the small room and put your belongings away. The boys had made the move to the big city warm, inviting, and full of endless memories and shared laughter amongst friends.

However your mind always seemed to wonder to Jimin, the one member who to this day had quiet, bashful moments that left you wanting to unravel the boy’s thoughts and learn what made him shy away from you. Many a time you forgot that he was younger than you, and would wrap your arms around him or playfully tickle his sides when he tried to shy away. Leaving him laughing at your pink tinted cheeks as you’d suddenly remember that he was indeed younger, and you shouldn’t be feeling as lighthearted as you did around him.

Times two and three happened when the boys had stepped out of the dorm for different schedules, leaving just the two of you behind. Both times Jimin had tickled you mercilessly for unknown reasons, and had pinned you against the wall assuring you wouldn’t be able to escape. Both times had found you breathless, and stomach full of butterflies. Now it wasn’t Jimin shying away from you, but rather you were the ones making the hasty escapes into you bedroom in order to slow your racing heart. ‘He is younger Y/N! On top of that he’s my brothers bandmate, I can’t feel this way about him!’ You’d berate yourself mentally as you flopped down face first onto your bed.

The fourth time was unmemorable compared to the fifth time it happened. Waking up to the sun shining through your small bedroom window and the dorm quiet, void of the boys for the day. You decided it was the perfect day to pamper yourself a little. Heading to the bathroom you prepped the tub and dropped in your favorite bath bomb. After 45 minutes of absolute heaven you wrap your towel firmly around your body and stepped out of the bathroom, right into Jimin himself.  Leaping away and blushing bright red you couldn’t even begin to form a though let alone look him in the eye.

“Noona, I’m surprised you don’t look like a raisin by now. You were in there for so long.” Comes from Jimin, surprisingly calm in this situation. Whipping up your eyes to meet his, you see that same mischievous light shining through.

“Just how long have you been here? I though all you boys had schedules today!” You sputter out incredulously.

“Nope,” smirking at your embarrassment Jimin continues “got the day off for working so hard the day before.”

Before you could even reply Jimin turned back towards his room, “You should probably get dressed soon Noona you look cold” casually thrown over his shoulder. With embarrassment flooding your system you quickly do as suggested. Instead of taking the mature, responsible way out of the situation you plotted to get the boy back.

From then on it seemed as there was an all-out silent war between the two of you. None of the other boys had caught on yet, and it was an unspoken rule to keep whatever was going on between the two of you a secret. Over the next couple of weeks both of you had left each other breathless, hearts thumping and red tinted faces, as you both flirted shamelessly.

The third month after the beginning of the game found you trapped under Jimin, breath fanning across your face.

“C’mon Noona just give in, and I’ll let you go” Jimin playfully squeezing at your wrists as he speaks.

“Not in a million years Jimin!” You defiantly half-yell in his face.

“Looks like I’ll have to keep you forever then,” Jimin says as his eyes drop down towards your mouth. Suddenly the room felt warm, too warm and all you wanted was to get way and sort out your thoughts. As though under a spell Jimin leans forward, briefly meeting your eyes to see if it was ok, and gently seals his mouth with yours. No more thoughts ran through your head, only the feel of Jimin’s lips against yours dominated you. Eyes sliding shut you tilt your head into a more comfortable position, and return his kiss, hoping it would never end.

Unfortunately for the both of you, you live with six other boys who seem to have the worst timing. As soon as you had finally settled in Jimin’s arms and were gladly accepting all of his kisses, the door to the dorm opens and Taehyung ever the ball of energy comes tumbling into the living room.

“Noona, Jimin wha- whe- how?” comes racing out of Taehyung’s mouth before he can even properly form a thought, let alone speak, at the sight of you two kissing on the couch.

“Y/N and Jimin what?” Questions Seokjin as he steps into the room, once his eyes settle on the two of you recognition sets in. “Yah! Park Jimin that’s my sister you punk!” shouts Seokjin while moving quickly towards the both of you. After a quick smack to the back of Jimin’s head all he as to say is “next time tell me, I don’t like walking in on the two of you making out on the couch.” He leaves you two alone after that and simply retreats to the kitchen mumbling under his breath about something.

The other boys simply use this as an opportunity to tease you endlessly that even now, four months down the line, will have the five of them cracking up at Jimin’s horrified expression when Seokjin had walked through the door. Stepping outside and into the warm summer air you couldn’t be happier at your choice to move in with your brother, it had lead you to Jimin after all.



The stranger.

Characters: Sehun x reader. Chanyeol. Jongdae. Jongin. BaekHyun. Readers friends Sidney/Taylor.

Content: some violence.

“Tequila. Lime. 3, please.” I smiled at the bartender and patiently waited for our shots to be poured. I angled my body out toward the scene before me.

I scanned the room and laughed when I saw my friends hopping around the center of the dance floor. They embodied the phrase, “dance like nobody is watching.” Although, after 7 or 8 drinks, most people are more prone to letting loose.

While watching the dance floor, my eyes were drawn to a tall figure near my group. He had his hair pushed back and was moving his body in a way that had my heart skipping a beat. I was immediately drawn to him, and wanted to get closer.

I tipped the bartender and headed to the floor with my shots. I maneuvered through the plethora of people, making a conscious attempt to be sure to cross into the handsome stranger’s line of sight.

He had on black pants and a white button up shirt that had the top several buttons undone. It flowed with his dance moves as though it was a part of his body that he had control over. His eyes were intense and focused on his movements. He was with a group of guys who were all also talented dancers and good looking, but he stood out out of all of them.

He caught me staring at him, and I felt my cheeks flush as red as the dress I had chosen for the evening. I gasped, breath caught in my chest, when he cracked a small smile at me and I quickly continued off to my friends.

“Finally!” Taylor reached for the shots and distributed the third to Sidney.

“To a much needed girls night out,” Sidney cheered over the music. She and Taylor raised their shot glasses up, but my gaze had been pulled back to the mysterious dancer and his friends.

“Hello?! We are toasting over here,” Sidney waved her hands furiously in front of my face, right as the man and a couple of his friends had looked in our direction. I snapped back to reality to see Sidney and Taylor staring at me, confused.

“You back with us,” Taylor asked, followed by, “what are you staring at anyway?” She stood on her toes trying to follow where my line of sight had gone.

“Nothing, nothing,” I lied, “to a girls night out!” I raised my glass in the air and imagined that I could hear the “clink” the glasses made that was drowned out by the loud club music.

We handed our empty glasses and lime rinds to a passing waitress and let the tequila flow through us, dancing as though we were trying to move it through our bodies.

After a while, I felt someone come up directly behind me, and slide their hands around my waist. Startled, I turned to see my ex smiling down at me.

“Well, aren’t you a vision tonight?” I could have gotten drunk off of the fumes from his breath alone.

I attempted to wiggle away from him and take steps back toward Sidney and Taylor, but he grabbed me by the arm, yanking me back toward him.

“Stay here! Dance with me!” His words slurred together and he tried to pull me close to him again.

“You’re drunk. Let go of me.” I was there to forget about him. I had no desire to or intention of dancing with him.

As I looked to see if anybody was paying attention, I happened to catch the eyes of the guy who had caught mine. He was standing by the bar, brow furrowed as he watched the scene start to unfold. He did not move from where he was, but would not remove his gaze either.

Sidney and Taylor were by my side trying to tell him to leave me alone, but he continuously brushed them off. He began to beg me to hear out his apology, another thing that I was absolutely not interested in doing. His grip on me continued to tighten stronger every time I would attempt to pull away, and my buzz was leaving my body quickly as I started to panic at the fact that he would not let go of me.

“Alright, it’s time for you to go now,” a voice from behind me said. I looked back, relieved to see that it was my eye candy hovering protectively over me.

“And who the fuck are you?” My ex straightened up his back, attempting to be as tall as the stranger challenging him.

“That’s none of your business, but I do believe she asked you to remove yourself from her presence. So let’s go ahead and do that now.” He took a step closer to my ex who practically threw my arm away from him and laughed.

“Your new boyfriend or something? Cute. That’s fine. I wasn’t really sorry anyway. Just wanted to see if she was still pathetic enough to take me back, but the slut’s all yours, man.”

He continued to try to taunt us, and I saw Taylor start to get angry. She moved toward him, and before Sidney or myself could stop her, he was on the ground.

My ex looked up at her, completely appalled. As the crowd around us started to take notice of the situation, he started shouting for the bouncers to “remove these bitches.” The stranger rolled his eyes and, once my ex had found his feed again, made sure that he met the ground once more. Taylor and Sidney cheered and the crowd started to split like the Red Sea when the bouncers had taken notice to the commotion.

We all bolted towards the doors. Sidney and Taylor sprinted off toward one exit, and the stranger and I another. I didn’t remember grabbing his hand, but once we got outside, I became fully aware of the spaces of my fingers being filled by his.

He did not let go as I headed toward Sidney’s car where Taylor and Sidney were already waiting, laughter making it difficult to catch their breath from running.

“That. Was. Fucking. Awesome.” Taylor and Sidney started immediately reliving the details of my ex being hit in the face twice in one night, and when the mention of my attractive knight in shining armor came around, they both blushed when the realized he was still standing right next to me. Sidney raised her eyebrows when she realized that my hand was still intertwined with his, and Taylor let a smirk sneak across her face before asking him his name.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry!” I felt my face flush hot and released his hand finally.

His intense eyes softened as he smiled and said, “my name is Sehun.”

“Sehun. Thank you so much for your help. You so did not have to interrupt your night out with your friends, though…”

He interrupted me by saying, “it’s okay. Really. We were ending the night anyway, so I am glad it ended on an exciting note.”

“So, uh, these friends of yours… are they as… pleasing to look at as you are,” Taylor asked Sehun, the alcohol clearly still streaming through her brain. Sidney elbowed Taylor and covered her face in her hands to stifle her laughter.

“I guess you can see for yourself,” he pointed at his group of friends who had found us in the parking lot. They ran up to us, all shouting questions of, “what the hell happened,” and “why did you deck that guy in the face,” and “when did you become such a bad ass, maknae?”

Sidney leaned toward Taylor and myself as we stood against her car and whispered, “the answer to your question, Tay, is, ‘yes.’ They are just as pleasing to look at as Sehun is.” We all shared a drunken giggle as the guys started to slow down and acknowledge us again.

“I’m sorry. We are being terribly rude,” a tall, curly-haired member of the friend group with a shockingly deep voice spoke. He reached out his hand and said, “Chanyeol. Chan. Whichever you prefer.”

The other three introduced themselves as Baek-hyun and Jong-in, (he told us to call him Kai,) and Jong-dae, (who told us to call him Chen.) They all had gorgeous smiles and they all seemed to think the world of Sehun at that moment.

Taylor, Sidney and I all took turns introducing ourselves. Taylor nudged me when she noticed Sidney and Chen holding eye contact and smiles a little bit longer than the rest of us, and I noticed Kai giving Taylor a sexy smile as he secretly, or so he thought, scoped her out when she wasn’t looking.

“So,” Kai started as he clapped his hands together, “where to now?” He looked at us as though it had been our responsibility all night to plan the post-club activities.

I glanced at Sehun to make sure that we were actually invited, and he took a step closer to me and leaned in.

“Can I talk to you over here,” he whispered and tilted his head to his left. His breath grazed my ear and I could not respond with more than a nod. I was amazed at how a simple whisper made me weak.

He wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked away. His large hand grasped onto me protectively, as though he was concerned that my ex may run up and try to grab me again.

“Secrets are no fun unless everyone can hear them!” Chanyeol yelled after us as the rest of the group let out a series of hoots and whistles. I looked back to see Sidney wink at me and nod her approval.

Once Sehun and I stepped out of their range of hearing, he put his other hand on the other side of my waist so he had a good grip on me on both sides. His tall, slender frame standing only a few inches away from me. I could have bounced up onto my tiptoes right then and planted a kiss on his lips, were I feeling bold enough.

I had almost mustered up the courage to do so when he spoke, cutting my plan short before I could even act upon it.

“Wanna get out of here?” It sounded like a cliché line, but fit coming out of his mouth.

“I… I thought that was what the plan was,” I scrunched my eyebrows, confused. I had been under the impression that we were all leaving the club to go somewhere else as a large group.

“No, no, no,” he chuckled and brushed some bangs that had fallen into my face away, “I meant you and me. Alone.”

There was something seductive about the way he said, “alone” that quickly turned me on. I smirked up at him, potentially presumptuous at what he meant by “alone,” and simply said, “absolutely.”

As though the thought had entered our minds at the same time, Sehun and I leaned in toward each other and let our lips meet.

I was never the type to kiss on the first date, so to only know him for less than an hour and still feel an electricity flowing through me that was drawing me to him was a new sensation. I felt an attraction that bloomed from my core outward. My heart raced in a manner I had never felt before. It was a form of infatuation that I knew was going to have the potential to break me before I ever had the chance to stop it.

A part of me wanted to pull back; apologize for “not normally being that forward.” That part of me seemed to not stand a chance against the part of me that wanted nothing more than to feel every part of Sehun against me.

I, eventually, broke free from the kiss to catch my breath. I looked into Sehun’s dark eyes and immediately regret breaking our kiss.

I was brought back to the reality of where I was when I heard our friends cheering behind us. I laughed and buried my head in Sehun’s chest.

“Let’s go,” he whispered, “we’re going to have to run to make it to my car and break free without being followed.”

I giggled as he counted, “one, two, THREE!” Sehun grabbed my hand and we sprinted off in the opposite direction of our friends.

We heard cries of protest from all the way across the parking lot as we jumped into his car. I leaned out the window to see Kai and Chen jumped in Sidney’s car and Baek-Hyun and Chanyeol ran off to another car. They were obviously going to try to catch us.

“I’m so glad I drove myself!” Sehun’s eyes were scrunched up from smiling so hard and he hit the gas and pulled out of the parking lot fast.

I opened the sunroof and stood out of it, my adrenaline pumping from our antics. I had my hands up and, if I closed my eyes, I could imagine I was running them through the clouds.

Sehun turned a corner fast, causing me to fall back into my seat. I was laughing harder than I had in a very long time. I looked over at him, feeling as though I had known him for years.

“Put on your seatbelt, babe. We are going to try to lose them.” We rolled up to a stop light and he revved his engine, trying to be cool. I let out a chuckle, obeyed and strapped in. He laid his hand on the center console of the car, facing up and looked at me with the sexiest side smile.

The light turned green, I laced my fingers in his, he pulled forward, and I knew I was about to be in for an even more exciting night than I had already experienced.

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Heyy could I request a written Bts and Seventeen Ship please?:) I'm a very loud girl, I HATE crying, being sad or something like that. I love making other people smile, listening to music and dancing^^ I'm 5'6 tall and can speak 4 Languages^^ I Hope that's enough:) Btw I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG

From BTS I ship you with:

TAETIT! TAETIT FOR THE WIN~! You’ll be teaching him languages, I tell you.

From SEVENTEEN I ship you with:


onceuponymous said: One time I was convinced my teddy bear was possessed so I touched the horn of each one of my five stuffed unicorns to his heart. Not sure that applies here.

onceuponymous said: Every home should have at least five stuffed unicorns

She has a pile of stuffed animals. IDK if there are any unicorns, but there is a three foot tall Jaspersprite. 

zenosanalytic said: Bombard her with logic proofs! Censure her ill-advised and irresponsible short-cutting around personal development!! Yell Maths at her!!!

Ok let me find my geometry homework from 8th grade

EXO Reaction to you back hugging them

Oi! This is so cute! :3 Enjoy lovelies!
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Wait jagi! Let’s take a picture… it’s so romantic”

Kris: *turns his head a little and grins* “Am I too tall? You look so cute little one..hold me tighter okay?”

Sehun: *Cuddles* “Y/N you are making me blush… I’m the one who should be hugging you like that…”

Tao: *Starts acting all cute*

Kai: *He would get really nervous and snuggle a little* “You are so lovely Y/N… my heart is beating so fast”

Xiumin: “God you are so cute that I want to bite you babe… I can’t with you!”

Baekhyun: *Feels like the man of the year* “Oh look at this boys.. my girlfriend hugs me from behind… and yours don’t!”

Luhan: *Turns around and presses his lips against yours* “I’m the man here Y/N… don’t try to take my place” *sexy smile*

Chen: *Enjoys it so much and moves to the sides with you* “lalalala this is life!”

Kyungsoo: *Stops functioning. He is not really sure what to do so he just smiles and blushes*

Lay: *GIF*

Suho: “Jagi.. don’t do this here… Everyone is watching and I’m already red like a tomato”


University Life; Jeon Wonwoo

A year of adventure and more with Jeon Wonwoo.

Word Count: 1.1K

(a/n): haha ok another svt scenario bc both mingyu and wonwoo have my heart atm. idk this isnt rlly a scenario at all but let me live ok

You at first only knew him as that one tall guy who sat in front of you in your philosophy class who would draw instead of take notes but somehow got A’s on all of his exams and you’re lowkey struggling in the class so you ask him one day to help you out and the grin on his face is the next thing you come to learn about Jeon Wonwoo.

Wonwoo’s an art major and he comes with you to the library to study but he’s just drawing you behind his textbook. You find out and are like “I thought you were studying?” and he’s like “I am. I’m an art major. I’m studying art,” he gestures to you and that makes you hide behind your own textbook because you’re blushing so damn much.

He sneaks one of those ramen in a cup things into the library and he shares it with you even though you’re not allowed any food in there.

You’re always over at his dorm after your three o'clock class because your lecture hall is close to his dorm building so you just barge in (he started leaving his door unlocked around that time just for you) and plop down on his bed as if it were your own, waiting for him if he wasn’t there.

You’re tight with his roommate Mingyu too so when Wonwoo would come back from wherever, he’d sometimes find you and Mingyu eating some of his snacks and he scolds the both of you.

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