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Okay, one more of these because it’s hilarious.

My mom knows about my Undertale writing. I’ve read the Underlust chapter of BPT out loud to her before.

So she was talking about porn (because of course we are), and she said “I wanna find porn of skeletons. Sans. I haven’t seen any.”

Me: “Well, there’s plenty. I can show you some my friends’ art–”

Mom: *talking into her phone instead of typing it* “Porn pictures of Sans.”


Mom: “No, not Sams’s Club! God, let me try again. Sexual images of Skeleton Sans from Undertales!”

Me: “Fuck… did that work? ….Wait, was there Sams’ Club porn?”

Mom: “Dunno, but look! That skeleton has a long tongue. And look at the spine in this picture. Wait, why is he licking a dildo here?”

Me: “…That’s a popsicle.”

Mom: “Oh… OH, IT’S GLOWING! How’d he make his cock glow?”

Me: “Magic. *waves hands*”

Mom: “That’s wonderful. I like that it glows.”

Writing Prompt #181

The neighbor kid was always weird, but I think the weirdest experience was the snow day last year. He insisted on repetitively stabbing the snowman in his front yard, but then it started bleeding.