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i just feel like the logical reaction to finding out that there’s centuries of your life you can’t remember shouldn’t be wanting to jump the bones of the childhood sweetheart you can’t remember 

but that’s just me

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Honestly, I think Sam is going to crack. Between his long work hours, his charities, bizarre exercise regime, all this stupid drama, and his desperate need to be loved it's too much. In a way I kind of feel sorry for him. No one can keep that many balls up in the air. It looks to me as if a few strands are already starting to come undone. His behavior seems a bit erratic.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

I think it’s some kind of strange actor portfolio diversification plan. Very soon I expect there to be a Sam Heughan MPC food line. But you prob gotta join the new MPC VIP club and sign some sort of legal disclaimer stating that you are not now, nor ever were a shipper, nor have you ever been affiliated with Tumblr to get the free shipping and a 2% “friends and family” discount.

If you also follow “the most amazing actress that never really acted” on TW, you’ll get the once weekly bowel cleansing organic North Carolina Kale enema for free. Tweet a pic of yourself wearing one of those bizarre leather hand wrappings that looks like something the gimp wore in Pulp Fiction as seen on “the most amazing actress that never really acted” ’s Twitter feed and you’ll also get a commemorative rainbow iron on patch that doubles as your super secret wedding invitation to #shamziedowntheaisle summer 2018. It will be an IG story live feed event. He will be in Scotland. She’ll be in Seattle. So you’ll have to pick which feed to watch or just follow it all on Twitter as they exchange vows through tweets officiated by Shat. Instead of “kissing the bride” though, Cait will tweet out “I support my costar 💯”


Disclaimer: I’m sure this has been done somewhere already, so credit to whoever thought this up first! Also, while the collages are my own, all pictures are from Google Images, so credit to their owners. For each house, I found a list of their typical characteristics, and picked the three that most matched to each person.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Gryffindor; courage, determination, daring

Alexander was the definition of brave; he literally fought for everything he had. His courageous and daring personality catapulted him into a world he never dreamed of as a bastard child in the Caribbean. His determination paved the way for him to become one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

JOHN LAURENS: Gryffindor; courage, determination, chivalry

John was courageous in everything he did. His tragically short life’s mission was to lead an all black battalion. He fought for this in a time where it was unusual to say the least. A Southern gentleman, he was courteous and chivalrous to all he encountered. He died fighting for the country he loved, determined to gain equality and freedom for all people. 

HERCULES MULLIGAN: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, originality

Hercules was a highly creative person, working with his hands and mind to create clothing for his clients. During the revolution, he successfully pretended to be on the side of the British officers he worked for while he gained valuable information to relay back to Washington. Keeping up this charade required a careful intelligence few possess. He was not afraid to rebel against the British, further proving his ability to go his own way.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, tolerance

Lafayette was one of America’s most loyal allies. While France was his home, he had a special place in his heart for the US. He stayed loyal to General Washington his whole life, naming his first and only son after the future president. He worked tirelessly to help turn the tides of the Revolutionary War against the British, and then went back home to France to help lead the French Revolution. He fought for freedom for all, regardless of their personal trappings.

AARON BURR: Slytherin; traditionalism, preservation, ambition

Aaron took a traditional approach to his entire career, never taking a big risk or risking offending anyone. He fought to stay relevant in a rapidly growing and changing new form of government. He aspired for great things, but ironically, was held back by doing everything by the book. He was willing to adapt his personality to whatever the situation called for (see: talk less, smile more). He willingly switched political parties when he saw an opening in the Senate.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gryffindor; bravery, heroism, strength

George was perhaps one of the bravest men in the history of the US. In addition to leading countless battles, he ventured into new territory when he became the first president of the country. He was seen as a hero to Americans everywhere in his time, and now as well. His strength was most well exhibited in his ability to avoid being attached to one political party, and in staying neutral in conflicts between the British and the French. These decisions were not easy, but he was the right man at the right time.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, individuality

Thomas embodied the word intelligence. A master of language, he wrote an estimated 19,000 letters in his life. He collected books, and his personal library had hundreds of works on all sorts of subjects. He had a wide variety of interests, ranging from law to science to the natural environment. He designed dozens of inventions, and was skilled in the field of architecture, displaying his creativity. He was a strong individual, with his own ideas and views that faltered for no one. 

ELIZA SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; loyalty, patience, dedication

Eliza was one of the most loyal people you could ever find. Her husband was always away; at the beginning of their marriage, fighting in the war, and then working as a lawyer, and eventually in politics. Through these separations, she stuck by his side, raising their children. This not only exhibits an amazing amount of loyalty, but it proves her patience as well. She lived a long life, and dedicated it to preserving the legacy of her loved ones. She established an orphanage in honor of Alexander, fought for the end of slavery as Laurens would have, and worked to help establish the Washington monument.

ANGELICA SCHUYLER: Ravenclaw; wit, intuition, curiosity

Angelica was a witty woman in a time where many women didn’t even have access to basic education. She had a hunger for knowledge, and found very few people to be her intellectual match. Her curiosity was greatly heightened when the Revolutionary War began to surround her. She was very conscious of her place in the world, and despised the fact that her opportunities were limited by her gender. She fell for Alexander, but knew that he would not be a socially acceptable partner for her, and introduced him to her younger sister instead. Her intuition is best observed in these actions.

PEGGY SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; kindness, enthusiasm, practical

Peggy is the most practical of the Schuyler Sisters in some senses. For example, she is the only one to fear the impending war, which would most definitely instill fear in the average person. She is portrayed as being enthusiastic, seen in her reactions when her sister Eliza becomes engaged to Alexander. Despite any fears she had for her sister about her future brother-in-law’s lower station, she is nothing but kind to him.

PHILIP HAMILTON: Gryffindor; bravery, willful, pride

Philip was extremely brave; he died protecting his father’s honor. He expressed fear before the duel, but carried on despite these feelings, displaying a sort of bravery rarely seen. One could argue his pride was the death of him. George Eacker’s insults ended his young life, when the whole issue could have been ended fairly easily. He was a willful man as well; his stubbornness against ending the feud when his father warned him further contributed to his untimely death.

JAMES MADISON: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, practical

James preferred a practical sort of politics for the time, being a Southern Democratic-Republican. He, along with many others, felt that the country would not last with a radically different financial system. He was very close with Jefferson, forming a friendship that lasted 50 years. This sense of loyalty bonded them in matters both political and personal. He exhibited a strong work ethic throughout his career, contributing largely to the Federalist Papers, proposing the Virginia Plan, and even writing the Bill of Rights. 


Well, this is a sort of tutorial.. (??)

well.. DISCLAIMER: its ok if you draw Sally with the first muzzle form.. it doesn’t look bad on her.. remember Ben Bates pre-reboot Sally Acorn?, it looked very nice like that. anyways…

so its just thing of likes and learning.. in my case, i learned that to make a character look more SEGA Sonic like, you don’t nesesary have to go for the Tails or Rouge face design…  or the typical Sonic body type.. and concerving some stuff from her original design makes her look ore recognizable as herself… dunno if i explain myself very well  ^_^U hehe…

also.. her eyes.. to make a character look more SEGA, you don’t necesary have to make their eyes really wide big just like Sonic’s..

so that’ would be… hope this results useful somehow..

Some Easter thoughts

My mom and I were talking about movies about Jesus last week, and she mentioned that one of her problems with The Passion of the Christ was that it didn’t include much in the way of miracles. Without miracles, she reasoned, the movie offered no real explanation to people who weren’t already Christian as to why the cross was such an important symbol in our faith.

My immediate response was that I thought the movie had intentionally chosen such a narrow focus that I couldn’t see why people who weren’t already Christian would go to it expecting to receive those kinds of answers (as opposed to going out of sheer morbid curiosity towards one of the most violent movies ever made).

As for miracles, I said, I didn’t think including them would have done much to answer the question at hand.  Miracles might explain why Christians believe Jesus is God.  They offer no explanation as to how we went from “Jesus is God” to “therefore, we should hang the likeness of His corpse in all of our sacred spaces.”

If there’s one thing The Passion of the Christ deserves credit for, it’s pushing people towards a much greater consideration of the historical context implicit in (but not specified by) the Passion narrative.

That wasn’t what the movie was going for, of course, at least with regards to political context. It drew well-warranted criticism for its failure to engage with the complex relationship between the political expediency of a brutal Roman tyrant, the self-preservation of a Temple hierarchy that perceived Jesus as an existential threat, and the potential powder keg posed by a massive-if-temporary influx of pilgrims whose loyalties were so divided with regards to Jesus that any move made by either Pilate or the Temple could result in disaster for everyone involved.

But, while the movie might not have suffered financially for this failure, the criticism it received was so loud (and the vindication of said criticism so impossible to ignore) that it’s no longer possible for someone to simplify the Passion narrative in good faith. As such, more recent filmed retellings seem to bring the political maneuvering to the forefront.

(Incidentally, given the degree to which morally-questionable political maneuvering has come in vogue in recent years, there’s no reason not to go there nowadays, regardless of how much money black-and-white morality might have made back in 2004.)

Anyway, what The Passion of the Christ seemed to want, more than anything, was to convict the audience with its violence.  Rather than portray Jesus’ crucifixion as solemn and sorrowful, it presented it as brutal, sadistic, and repulsive.  And, when presented with two hours of film centered on the horrific torture of God-made-flesh, major religious figures came out to say not only that such a portrayal wasn’t sacrilegious, but also that the movie was basically on the right track in choosing to frame the Crucifixion that way.

That, I think, is the movie’s real legacy.  Realistically depicting the Crucifixion in visual media now demands a commitment to portraying a bloody, agonizing horror, even if one is aiming for a PG-13 rating rather than Gibson’s hard R.  I was surprised by how graphic Son of God got, for instance, not just because the TV station airing it apparently thought it could pass as PG-V (which is patently absurd), but also because its method of handling its theatrical PG-13 limitation seems to have been to ditch all of the gore and trade explicitly sadistic torturers for a much more banal depiction of evil, while retaining as much blood as possible and focusing on physical and mental vulnerability over heroic resilience*.

And, bizarrely, while it’s been less than a decade and a half since footage of that sort became acceptable in Jesus films, it has apparently become difficult for some people to imagine properly understanding Christianity without it. For example, in response to the existence of content warnings for such footage in college theology courses, I’ve seen comments that are more along the lines of, “Of course crucifixion looks traumatic and horrifying on film. What did you expect?” than the usual “How could anyone be traumatized by that?” reaction.

What’s even weirder is that there… might actually be some truth to that?  I’m of the opinion that those inclined to take advantage of such a warning are probably well aware of the principle that such films are designed to show, but there’s still nothing quite as effective as a blood-soaked actor simulating the throes of mortal agony to remind one that the cross was originally intended to serve as an instrument of torture and terror.

* I don’t know whether Gibson intended it this way, but it feels like he let his association with action heroes who withstand impossible amounts of torture bleed into his take on Jesus, both in the way He crushes all hesitation and doubt right at the beginning and in His ability to force His body to obey in spite of the abuse to which He is subjected. Son of God’s portrayal of the Crucifixion drew a ton of influence from Gibson’s in other respects, but reversing this one element – allowing the conflict between the weak flesh and the willing spirit to result in fear and humiliation rather than serve as an occasion to demonstrate strength – resulted in a very different effect.

So, let’s get back to the original question: why would a major world religion make the cross all but ubiquitous? What value is there in choosing a representation of God as a humiliated, tortured corpse to serve as the primary association outsiders have with Christianity, especially given the strict prohibition against images and likenesses in the tradition from which Christianity was drawn?

I think, to some extent, the reason why that transition happened was because the cross already was a graven image – not a permanent fixture intended to represent a god, of course, but an image of imperial domination graven into the all-too-impermanent flesh of its enemies.

In a sense, the cross operates under a sort of turn-the-other-cheek logic.  When granted political authority over God-in-the-flesh, humanity turned His body into an idol to their temporal power – and, rather than retaliate, God raised that idol up and offered humanity its continued use, transforming it into a permanent indictment of human nature in the process.  Moreover, as salvation took the form of a subversion of the height of human depravity (the most agonizing and humiliating form of torture in use at the time), it became impossible to portray the nature of said salvation without acknowledging said depravity.  Taking the cross as a symbol means condemning ourselves, and in that self-condemnation can be found non-retributive justice.

There’s also a sense in which the Christian use of the cross is a transformation of abusive propaganda into hardcore performance art – something akin to providing image board trolls with an opportunity to mark their inevitable filth on one’s naked body to uncover their shameful behavior, albeit taken to the nth power.  In the context of initial persecution, that transformation subverted attempts to terrorize Christians and turned the deaths of martyrs into willing imitations of the original performance, spreading further awareness of the depths of human depravity and its inability to carry the day.  And, once the persecution stopped, it’s only natural that the original performance would be depicted as frequently as possible to ensure that its message wouldn’t be forgotten.

It’s utterly brilliant in a way practically no one 2,000 years ago – for whom non-retributive justice and performance art would have been as alien as smartphones – could have even hoped to understand, but that didn’t stop the imagery from spreading like wildfire.

Of course, replicating imagery without full awareness of its function risks losing something critical, and that’s where I think the recent trend of brutal crucifixion scenes actually serves as something of a corrective.  Self-sacrificial love can be portrayed without drawing too much attention to the subject as a corpse (particularly among people who grew up surrounded by such symbols), but that just calls into question why the cross imagery is used in the first place.  It’s only in the shock and horror evoked by an explicit depiction of Jesus’ brutal and humiliating death by crucifixion that the purpose of prioritizing the cross can be fully understood.

Auston Matthews #3 - Tall

Anon asked: since youre also a certified tall person, can you write one abt being tall (like around 6 ft)? matthews preferably. Thank you so much and i love your stuff!!!!

So I guess just a disclaimer of sorts - I do not know the heights of any of the Maple Leafs SOs, for the purpose of this story I am just imagining they are all around 5′7″ or below so there is an apparent height difference. The general plot of this imagine was taken from an personal event in which I was the only girl in a photo in the line of boys. I have gotten much more chill about my height as I have gotten older. Anon I hope you enjoy this! 

Growing up you had always been the tallest in your class, that included out of the boys. It wasn’t so much of an issue when you were in elementary school, it was actually beneficial in some aspects. You were picked first often when everyone was playing sports because your longer legs made you faster than the others. Middle school was a rough patch because that was the time when boys and girls were starting to like each other and no boy liked being the short one in the relationship. High school is when it started to even out again; boys hit their growth spurts and you were no longer the tallest. You learned to use your height to your advantage and when playing sports, it made you almost unbeatable.  

Your boyfriend Auston had three inches on you, so on a normal day all was right in the world. It wasn’t until after he was drafted and invited to yet another fancy charity gala that your insecurities made a reappearance. He needed a new suit and you needed a new dress so to make the whole shopping process more bearable you decided to go together. You tried on dress after dress and none of them sat right on your frame. Either the waist rode too high or the skirt wasn’t long enough and soon you grew frustrated.

The one you were wearing was shorter than you would have even thought to try on but Auston had picked it out so you tried it on anyway. It was supposed to hit just above your knee but instead stopped mid-thigh. There was no way you could sit in this dress without it riding all the way up your leg. You emerged from the dressing room to be met with wolf whistles from your boyfriend.

“Auston I can’t so much as turn without feeling like everything is going to be on display.”
“Well I like it,” he said a little too quickly.

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[FINAL FANTASY x Non-Western Aesthetics]

Aerith Gainsborough + Mughal India

Feedback Friday (More Accurately, Saturday)

I wasn’t able to write this yesterday due to being off-and-on busy, but I’ve compiled a list from what we’re changing based on feedback. Also, it’s my dog’s birthday today - he’s 2, yay!


This was a big one you all wanted. It’s entirely possible and it’s extremely easy to implement with the use of a plugin - the issue is how it interacts with event. I’ve found some ways around those issues, but it’s a bit… undesirable? It makes it seem non-fluid and lazy, but there’s simply no way around it other than what I’m doing as far as I know. This is due to how RPG Maker MV behaves and there’s no way to perfect this. Pixel-based movement will indeed be in the upcoming update.


This is my fault, originally - I tried to stick true to UNDERTALE’s room design, but it doesn’t translate very well into RPG Maker MV because of how large tiles are. This is an easy change and will be present in the upcoming update.


This is also my fault. In the interest in keeping the demo short and sweet I also forgot that people completely skip the fact that it’s a demo and seem to believe it’s some sort of episodic content, regardless of the disclaimer at the start and in the game’s description. This is also because people would completely and utterly skip dialog and make statements saying the demo was 10 minutes long. I will be adding more rooms to reward exploration in the upcoming update. We may even introduce the first vehicle.


Toriel’s voice was never set-in-stone for the demo. At the time, we could not find an appropriate voice actor, so I quickly enlisted our current Undyne VA as a quick-fix. While she’s talented, I feel that Toriel sounds too young for her likely age and life experience. We are switching over Toriel’s voice to @synistersyrup‘s talent. This will be in the upcoming update, and most of the existing dialog will be rewritten.


Simple enough. We’re looking to have a simple objective tracker on-screen for those that were getting confused. This will likely be present in the next update.


This was also because of me keeping the demo sweet and to the point. However, people still did not understand it was a demo and not everything would be ready. I will be looking into adding additional monsters with seperate attacks. This may or may not be present in the upcoming update.

To Infinity...And Beyond

Check, Please! 14 Days of Love, Day 4: Love Spells & Day 5: Soulmates (Read on AO3


(I am so behind, but I couldn’t think of anything good for Day 4 until I looked at Day 5. I hope to eventually catch up - fingers crossed!)

Spring 2016

Dex and Nursey were walking to the Haus together.

“Why do we need a special meeting for this?” Dex grumbled. “How long does it take to say ‘Yo, dibs’ and shake my– our hands?”

“Or ‘You suck, no dibs for you’,” Nursey added.

“Would they call us in for that?” Dex wondered and Nursey shrugged.

“I don’t think so. We’ll find out soon enough, Poindexter. Ch-“

“Don’t say it.”

“You should though.”

Nursey was right, as much as is irritated Dex to admit it. They were literally one minute away from the Haus – he could wait that long. He just didn’t understand all the fuss.

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An H.R. Study: What Do You Do With a Non-Logical Character in an Otherwise Logical World?

Who’s your favorite Flash character? Mine is Harrison Wells and yes, I mean every Harrison Wells. From Star Trek’s evil Mirror Universe counterparts to the Fringe division learning to embrace their alternate selves, the doppelgänger has long been a beloved trope in Science Fiction, capable of drawing out both conflict and nuance of character — and Tom Cavanagh’s work is no exception. It means that I was (and remain) thrilled to get another iteration of Harrison Well on the show: the quirky and enigmatic H.R.  

Now this meta could have easily been a ranty defense of H.R., considering that the other members of Team Flash mostly seem to hate him and, from what I’ve seen, the fandom does too. Which honestly surprises me. I personally find him to be lovable, entertaining, and a breath of fresh air within the story…but hell, no one needs to like the characters I like. This isn’t a ‘my fave is the best!!’ pissing contest.

No, I’m more interested in the question that H.R. represents: What the hell do you do with a non-logical character in a predominantly logical environment?

As a sort of disclaimer, I’m using ‘logical’ here as a nebulous catch-all for the hard sciences/pseudo-science/things that do not fall into the realm of the Humanities. AKA, most of the stuff you find in superhero stories. Because that’s what The Flash gives us: a world where science rules, unquestioningly. It is the source of the protagonists’ power, the means to the antagonists’ defeat, and even when something ethereal like magic is introduced (“Legends of Today”) it’s quickly shuffled out of the narrative because it’s too much of a threat. This results in a set of characters with a (heh) logical, but rather limited skill-set:

  • Harrison/Harry/Eobard Thawne - All genius scientists with backgrounds in, frankly, whatever the story needs. 
  • Cisco - Mechanical engineer who, as Harry says, “can do anything.” 
  • Caitlin - Bio-engineer capable of solving any medical emergency under the sun. 
  • Barry - Our protagonist, who could have easily been a part of this group purely because of his powers. However, he’s also a forensic scientist and easily keeps up with all the technical aspects of their work. 
  • Wally - A student, but one with incredible mechanical and technical talent. 
  • Jesse - Also a student, though said to have a “genius IQ” and clearly takes after her father in terms of worshiping science. 
  • Julian - Another astoundingly talented forensic scientist. 
  • Hartley - Physicist who was once the “favorite” of Dr. Wells’. 
  • Martin Stein/Ronnie/Jefferson Jackson - Brilliant physicist, structural engineer, and mechanic, respectively.

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73/74. He holds your hair back while you puke and runs a bath/shower for you [Dean Winchester]

A/N: I put these two together because otherwise individually they’d be really short. Anyways, here’s some fluff (Sort of?). Also I just thought I’d make the disclaimer that the prompts aren’t mine, I got them from another source. The stories are mine though!

Word count: 791


“Ugh, Dean,” she moans, hitting at his chest weakly with one hand. “I’m gonna puke.”

“Okay, Sweetheart,” he says in a calm voice, and she looks to him nervously. “There’s a trash can right here.”

“Can I puke in the bathroom?” she asks, squeezing her eyes shut as she took a slow breath.

“If you can make it,” he says, watching as she rushed past him to the bathroom, one hand over her mouth.

Her shoulder clips the threshold of the door, and she groans a muffled sound of pain into her hand.

She stands in front of the toilet, breathing shallowly.

“I thought-” he’s cut off when she starts to puke. He makes a face and walks to her, easing her down so that she’s kneeling in front of the toilet between heaves. “There, Sweetheart. Let it out.”

He rubs her back with one hand and scoops her hair into the other, kneeling down beside her to murmur soft words.

“Just get it out. No hangover in the morning if you get it out,” he says as she leans her elbows to the seat of the toilet and rests her face in her hands.

He rubs a gentle circle on her back, fixing his grip on her hair so that none of it would get in her way.

“I’m a mess,” she mumbles, rubbing her eyes with her hands.

“Yes, but you’re my mess,” he says, turning his gaze away as she began to heave once more. “There you go. Get it out. No more jack and cokes, huh?”

“No,” she moans weakly, spitting the foul taste from her mouth into the toilet. “Never.”

“It only takes once, Sweetheart,” he half smiles as he remembers being this drunk a few years ago. “You feel any better?”

“Yeah, I just… Ugh, it tastes so gross,” she mutters, sitting up slowly so she wouldn’t unsettle her stomach any more. “You can let go of my hair. I think I’m okay.”

Reluctantly, he releases his grip on her hair and lets her stand as he moved to the shower.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and in bed,” he says gently as she rinsed her mouth with some mouthwash.

“Don’t let me do this again,” she pleads, leaning against the counter on her hands.

“I won’t, Sweetheart,” he says to appease her, pressing a hand to the small of her back to guide her toward the shower. “Come on.”

She follows him to the edge of the shower, letting him pull off her shirt and jeans carefully.

“Oh!” she groans, as her shirt clears her head, and she rushes back to the toilet just in time to heave once more into the porcelain bowl.

“I thought you were done,” he mumbles to himself as he returns to his previous position and holds her hair out of the way. “There you go. Get it out. Just let it out.”

A few moments pass as she sits on the cool floor and waits for another round to hit her.

“Okay, now I’m good,” she finally says.

“Now let’s get in the shower,” he coaxes, guiding her form to the warm water stream. “Bra off, there you go.”

He undresses her the rest of the way and helps her step under the flow of water. She stands calmly, eyes fluttering closed as the water touched her skin.

“How’s that feel?” he asks after a moment, watching her eyes slip open.

“Thank you, Dean. I feel tons better already,” she admits.

He smiles slightly and leaves her be to go find a change of clothes for her after her shower.

By the time he makes his way back to the bathroom, he hears the water turn off and sees her slipping out of the shower to dry herself off.

“You’re a lifesaver,” she says when she sees the clothes in his hands.

“That’s me. Saving lives and kicking asses,” he returns playfully, giving her time to dry off before helping her into a shirt and some clean underwear.

“Lets go to bed before I puke again,” she tells him, and he rests his hand on the small of her back.

“If you do, I’ll run you another shower,” he states honestly.

“That’s so thoughtful,” she tells him as he opens his door to let her in first.

“Sorry, Sweetheart, but I just don’t want puke in my bed. It’s not that romantic,” he teases, watching her turn to shoot him a glare. “It’s the truth!”

“And to think I’m super nice to you when you’re drunk,” she mutters as she crawls into his bed.

“It’s because you love me,” he grins, slipping in behind her to spoon.

“I do,” she sighs in defeat.

“I love you too, Sweetheart.”

Hm… I’m actually debating whether or not to make a post discussing why I’m both infatuated with the ending while also interpreting / needing to interpret it as Seto being able to return. The problem is doing so directly challenges the other interpretation, and I don’t want to be a tyrant over what people draw happiness from. I sincerely feel people have a right to take away whatever they wish from fiction. I’d like a discussion, not “””discourse””“.

Also, I give Takahashi a giant A+ for crafting such an elegantly debatable ending.

I guess you can consider the above a sort of disclaimer. I have no intention of dictating the interpretations or emotions other fans carry, whether of the characters or the film. Everybody has reasons for why they feel as they do, and they’re absolutely entitled to those feelings. These are simply my own thoughts. I apologize if it seems dismissive. (Yes, I take this all far too seriously. What else is new?)

The end of the film can be interpreted a dozen different ways and as I’ve watched it be discussed up and down by various people, it’s apparent just how meticulously crafted the finale actually is. It was designed to stir speculation, and it’s achieved that goal beautifully. What’s aesthetic, what’s metaphorical, what’s literal?

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Bummed out because since I’m only reading the English translation of KS, there’s a lot of stuff that gets lost and impacts how I interpret things and I feel like it get lots of asks about what I think certain things means and yeah anyway I’m sorry guys!!!! Idk if this is some sort of disclaimer or what just know that I’m doing my best and I enjoy answering your asks! 😔😔😔

I wrote a thing. It is my attempt at rewriting the prologue to fit my modern AU, and accordingly will vaguely follow the same sort of introductions as you get to the lords in the game.

-it is first person (I not You). I couldn’t manage to write the perspective that seems to be preferred. I tried. I failed.

-MC is going to be basically me because it’s easier to write, except named after my friend. I AM SORRY FRIEND.

-This is totally rated E for everyone, but I can’t promise later chapters won’t be E for explicit - I will put ratings warnings on anything that is inappropriate for children.

-I work in accounting (and I love it), but it means starting next weekend I am working 6 days a week (minimum) until the end of April, and I will be working really long days, so updating this will be intermittent at best but I will TRY to do even short updates when my brain isn’t curled up in a corner crying about taxes.


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My comics always seem to get more attention than my actual art for some reason, but I’m grateful that something gets attention at all.

Inspired by this post.


Sick Bastard - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

request: Hey can I get an imagine for carl where he returns from the Sanctuary and the reader is all worried and when she goes up to hug him Negan stops, sort of how he wouldn’t let Rick talk to Darly? Thanks 💕

disclaimer: i did not write most of this dialogue! a large portion of this was taken directly from season 7, episode 7. i am not in any way trying to take credit for this dialogue!

Four knocks woke you from your nap on the couch in Carl’s house. You sat up and rubbed your eyes to see Olivia open the door. You were both terrified and delighted to see Negan and Carl waiting on the other side of the yellow door.

Negan rocked backwards on his heels before walking in past Olivia, swinging Lucille and whistling loudly. Carl followed behind him carefully.

“Carl, where’s-”

“Enid’s fine,” Carl assured, interrupting Olivia’s whispered concerns.

Negan’s whistling halted to a stop, and he began repeating, “Great,” over and over, each time his voice growing louder. “Where’s Rick?” he asked after licking his lips.

“Uh, I-I’m just-,” Olivia muttered.

“Don’t care,” Negan sing-songed. “Where’s Rick?”

“Uhm,” Olivia began, her voice shaky, “Out scavenging for you.”

“Cool.” A giant, creepy smile grew on Negan’s face. “I’ll wait.”

“Uhm, they went out pretty far. They might not be back today.” Olivia’s voice shook as she spoke to the man who threatened to kill her numerous times only a few days back. Olivia sniffled before continuing. “We’re running really low on everything. We’re practically starving, here.”

Negan smirked, and you knew exactly what he was thinking, and how not okay it was. “Starving? You?” he questioned, pointing at Olivia. “By ‘practically,’ you mean ‘not really.’”

Olivia was silent for a moment before she looked down in embarrassment and began to cry. Without thinking, you stood up and walked over to her, wrapping your arms around her shoulders, allowing her to cry into your chest. Behind her, you saw Negan laugh. Next to him was Carl with no bandage on over his scar.

“Really?” Negan chuckled, turning to Carl. 

“You’re really no better than an elementary school bully,” you said. “Anyone can attack someone for how they look. It takes a person of true intelligence to insult someone in a way  that’s actually original.”

“You people seriously don’t have a sense of humor,” Negan said, walking closer to Carl. You wanted to run up to him and hug him the second you saw him, but you couldn’t leave Olivia’s side, considering the condition she was in. “Excuse me. What’s your name again?”

“Olivia,” she muttered through gritted teeth. 

“Right. Olivia.” You stepped away from her as Negan reached out for her arm, walking towards Carl. “No way. Stay there.”

“Why can’t I just see him?” you asked. 

“You can see him. You are seeing him. You just can’t touch him,” Negan declared. 

“Well, why the hell not?” Your voice raised as it filled with anger. 

“Because I said so! God damn, maybe I should have beat your brains in instead of the ginger,” he remarked. That was when Olivia hit him. She slapped the shit out of him, and you knew it hurt. His face gave it away. He leaned into Olivia and clicked his tongue. “I am about fifty percent more into you now.”

Olivia leaned away from him, looking as fearful as ever. 

“Just sayin’.”

You longed to touch Carl. Why you giving him a hug offended Negan, you didn’t know. You ignored his order and walked closer to him. Before you could suspect anything, Lucille was in front of your face. “Now, I told you to stay there. And you moved. I do not appreciate that one single bit.” You closed your mouth and glared at him. “How about this. It looks like I’m gonna be here for a while, awaiting your fearless leader’s return. And if you’d like, I think it would be enjoyable to screw your brains out.” Your mouth fell open at his disgusting remark. 

“You sick bastard.”

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I wish.

Disclaimer: this was written to be posted on mother’s day but I got anxious and trashed it. Two beautiful angels @obviouslyelementary  @dan-yuna gave me a boost of confidence that I sure didn’t deserve, so here it is. A little writing of mine, to know me better, that no one asked for and probably going to delete when adrenaline calms down. Sadness and bad english.

A spare toothbrush, a spare towel, a spare bathrobe. A spare plate, a spare glass, a spare pair of cutlery. A spare pillow, a spare sheet, a spare empty place. 

No one is going to use none of that things, but I still wish. 

I still wish to see her, brush her teeth wrapped in her bathrobe, drying herself with a single towel. I still wish to see her eating, what I helped her cook, out of that plate; drinking white wine out of that glass and putting the dirty cutlery in the dishwasher before going to sleep. I still wish i could sneak in her bedroom to lay down on her pillow, comforting myself in that sheets that smell like her, occupying that empty spot near her.

I still wish i could hug her, feel her harms around me and her soothing words easing my screaming mind. 

After four years, I stopped wishing. I removed the toothbrush from the bathroom.

After five years, the plate disappeared from the table.

After seven years, the empty place, the one that is now besides me every night,  is still there. But I’m not crying into it anymore. I just remember the happy times.

Because that’s how it goes, you get used to it, you grow stronger everyday, and you know she would have been proud of you for that.

This is dedicated to whoever loosed their mom. I see you, I love you, I respect you, you are important.
And you truly are more stronger than you think.
- Amy