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Had quite a surprise first thing this morning!

This poor little baby fell in the pool sometime early this morning! Thankfully she got out and was hiding back where I keep flower pots and other random junk. Henry sure wanted to be friends with her!

I  didn’t want her to go out into the pasture for fear of my mare Sandy killing her (she hates dogs and dog-sized things) so I carried her a short distance away to the woods behind the milk house. I watched her until she found a good spot and nestled down in some tall grass to hide. Fingers crossed momma finds her soon!

“He walked the streets of Romania, Germany, looking for a Bride. He had been alone for years, watching happy couples be free, full of life, and full of love. He looks along the streets when he spots me, sitting there with tears and blood. He kneels by me and a irony taste fills my lips as I’m soon lifted by him, cradled in his arms…” (Credit to cher)

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Hey Blackcat. I'm currently in the emergency room because I grabbed a hot handle and burned my hand. My tears however are from laugther because my two friends are currently entertaining the whole waiting room by making a show out of Criminals do it better. The same nurse have walked by five times, and I can't tell if she wants to throw them out or stop and watch. An old granny is crackling and the three small kids are watching too.

That’s fantastic. I hope your hand is easily healed and feels better soon!

Thank you.

this one goes to everyone who’s filming tyler and josh at tour de columbus. you know, everyone would kill to see them there. i don’t envy you, because you ALL deserve to be there! sometimes we’re all a bit like ‘im the biggest fan, i love them more, i know them longer, better, whatever’, but if you see the videos, you’ll realize soon how happy EVERYONE is to be there. and it’s making me happy, too. there’s so much energy, you can even feel it while watching the vids. and i wanted to thank you for making it possible to be a part of this, where ever we are. you’re awesome.

I was quite busy these last few days, and did not have enough time to go through my pics (for some reason, the photo booth camera turned out more than 10.000 the other day and I am still sorting them out o.O). Today, however, I was lucky enough to have the time to watch all my four backyard Bluebird babies fledge :D It was wonderful to see the whole procedure. The babies called the parents, and started making their way out as soon as they got sufficiently frequent replies from them. My fledge day pics never come out good because my lens is not good enough, but I still wanted to share this one here. This was baby 2. Not super elegant, but it made it out! I am very happy that it all went well this time around. I cannot wait for them to bring their babies back to the yard and hope I can catch them on the photo booth too. Well, and I hope they start another nest, the summer is still long enough….


Request by Anonymous: Got7 chubby s/o thighs rip their new pair of tights and the s/o being annoyed

Here you go, Sweetheart♥


Mark would try to cheer them up with aegyo and much love. He’d cuddle them and would tell them that it’s fine, and things like that happen sometimes, so they shouldn’t be grumpy about it.

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This cute bean would actually need some time to understand why their s/o is annoyed. As soon as he get’s the hang of it, he’d cheer them up with watching a movie together or just going on a spontaneous date, so their s/o forgets why she was annoyed in the first place.

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Dayum that boy got no shame. I think he’d tell you to do sport and train with him, but he’d tell them that they’re perfect for him, and that he doesn’t care about size at all. he’d also do aegyo and would be very extra bc when isn’t he

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Such a S W E E T H E A R T. I actually can’t imagine their s/o being annoyed when they have Youngjae at their side. He’d be there for them instantly and cuddle and kiss them so much that they’d even forget why they were mad.

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This bean would let there s/o there space, because he knows that they need it for some time. After they are at least a little less annoyed, he’d cuddle with them in bed and/or start a movie binge-watching!

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DABDAB This baby wouldn’t let his s/o out of his hand until they smiled. He genuinly tells tem evry five minutes that it was probably just a really bad quality fabric and couldn’t hold them GOOD THIGHS inbc they’re GORGEOUS. He’d be really extra and kiss and hug you all the time

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Probably the first one to go out with them or do something to keep them distracted. I think he’d start a gaming night or would take you out to a karaoke bar where the two of them could have fun.

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That’s it guys, hope you enjoyed it!

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Watching my favourite movie again, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. This movies gets me emotional every time. If you haven’t watched it, you really should. And soon. Every time I watch it, I notice little details with meaning. This movie is just sooooooo good.

okay fandom family… i have to admit defeat… (=    0 =) i can’t do it… i can’t finish my comic page for SSM tomorrow… (oT   v To) i’ve had a cold for about four days and i’m just too tired and dizzy to sit up for long periods of time… I love you all, and i’m sorry to let you down~ but i am just a mooshy caterpillar of sighs and tiredness… (=    3 =) i just wanna lay in bed with my plushies and re-watch Voltron until my eyes glaze over and i pass out. i’ll do my best to catch up as soon as possible. I just have way more work right now than i have energy to get it done. I’m so sorry (T    v T) have a good rest of your day *germy hugs* <3 I hope you’re all in better health than myself! Drink your water, take your vitamins, and don’t forget your meds! much love! <3

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GET WELL SOON YIKES. Uh, bringing up the hands to cup the other person’s face while kissing with Lin?

It wasn’t the first time you had kissed.

You kissed nearly every night. Scripted, of course, by the feeling of his lips on yours still happened.

And you think you were getting used to it. It was just a few seconds, it was scripted, and if you weren’t doing it, someone else was. So you pretended not to notice how your hands would shake as you exited stage right. You wouldn’t have to be on stage again for another few songs, and it gave you enough time to silently collect your wits.

You hated how Lin didn’t seem as shaken as you pretended not to feel, simply wiping whatever lipstick had transferred from your mouth to his and continuing the show.

The full crowd helped, a sea of strangers shifting uncomfortably as you made out with your boss kept you grounded, so the full force of kissing him never truly hit you.

One night, however, Lin decided to experiment with some new choices. Performing in the same show often saw changes on the day to day, and Lin was the King of dabbling in new choices. But this was a scene you hadn’t touched since initial blocking.

“Then her mouth is on mine and I don’t say…”

You crossed the stage as you normally did, striding towards him. His hands, which normally gripped your waist like his life depended on it, instead found home cupping either of your cheeks, tilting your head ever so slightly.

You nearly collapsed at the change. It was intimate and personal, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think that he loved you just as much as you loved him. So you took fistfuls of his coat as you used every drama lesson you took to play like your knees weren’t falling from underneath you.

He pulled back with a look that had you desperate for more, but instead you hustled offstage. You would have to face him again in under a minute, and this time you couldn’t stop your hands from trembling.

As you fell to your knees in front of him he seemed almost...accomplished. Like he truly knew his affect on you and had been planning the unsubtle change just to see the look on your face as it happened.

You didn’t speak about the kiss and Tommy passed over the scene entirely when you received notes the next night.

That’s how Lin would kiss you from now on, and despite being shaken to your core eight nights a week, you never argued.

From this prompt list!

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are you watching the clip?? Can you let me know what happened I can't watch it until translations get put up??!!!!

i always watch the clip without the transcript first. i can’t stay away even though i don’t understand it lol. but william had a little chat with his dad in english, so i understood that part and i assume the clip is about william’s dad wanting for the both of them come back to london. and william decided to stay with noora, because she needs her friends. :) i hope we get the translation, soon. 

also, the message isak sent noora says something about how he didn’t realise how much she has to deal with day by day. he wanted to make sure they will include how strong she truly is in the speech they are preparing for sana. 

it looks like what that guy yelled at them really stuck with him and he can relate to sana much more now. :(


My girl turned 4 the other day!!! 😊
I still can’t believe it. I made the mistake of watching videos of her when she was so itty bitty… (Don’t recommend!) Tears everywhere. I feel like time is flying by and I’m almost afraid to blink. My Aubrey is so smart, sassy, sensitive, and brave.

Hopefully we’ll be getting a call soon to let us know if she’s been accepted into the preschool here. I keep asking her to slow down, but there’s no stopping her now. 💕

Serious, Responsible person/ Careless, Irresponsible person

Serious Responsible/ Careless and Irresponsible requested by Anon, I hope you like them!!

1. Serious is trying to get done their homework that they have been doing for the past couple of hours while Careless is trying to beat their hacky sack record

2.  Careless is watching Youtube videos while Serious is stressing over payments, so Careless walks over to them shows them the Youtube video and they both start to laugh and Serious is happy that they have Careless in their life to help them loosen up

3. Serious is helps Careless with budgeting, and soon Serious founds out that Careless has been loaning their friends money and their friends have yet to pay Careless back, so Serious steps in

4. Careless hates doing chores, and Serious hates them too, but knows that they have to be done, so Careless does them, but only to make Serious happy

5. Careless stays up super late each night and regrets it in morning while Serious goes to bed at a reasonable time, and this always results in Careless coming home one day of the week and falling asleep on the couch as soon as they get in the door, so Serious always puts a blanket over them

6. Serious finds a joke that they think Careless would like, so they say it to Careless and Careless can’t help but laugh their ass off because Serious was the one who said it

7. When Serious thinks Careless is no longer committed to their relationship, Careless goes to endless lengths to prove to Serious that they committed

how do u watch the episode “varmints” and still think princess bubblegum and marceline are just gal pals 

i mean for gods sake in stakes marcy literally said “… maybe its love?” to pb and they were seen hanging out at the bottomless pit of love, pb sleeps in marcys clothes and smells them as soon as she wakes up, what else do yall want

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I've never seen the musical waitress but Ive watched the movie a million times and ??? I NEVER knew there was a musical and now I'm super happy because I love this story and I get to see a musical take on it

i’ve never seen the movie, but i’ll check it out soon!

Fair warning to the Andi Mack Friendom ahead of the finale.  I’m going to watch, react and post about the finale as soon as it’s available.  For anyone that can’t watch it right away or doesn’t want to be spoiled I’ll tag everything as “AM Spoilers” so you can blacklist that.


Prompt: Jerza Week Day 2, ‘Dawn’

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jellal x Erza

Summary: Jellal loved spending his mornings watching the dawn with his scarlet love

Author’s Note: Here’s the second one! I’ll try to do the rest soon, but for now, enjoy Day 2! And thank you so much for all the positive feedback recently- you guys are lovely~

 Jellal woke up slowly, gradually coming into consciousness. He pressed his eyes shut and burrowed his face in his pillow, trying to fall back asleep. He reached out with his arm, but he only felt a fluffy comforter and pillow. Jellal furrowed his brow in confusion and opened one eye. The other side of the bed was empty, but he could feel her residual heat. Jellal sat up, sighing as his back cracked and rubbed his forest green eyes to clear away the clinging tendrils of sleep, brushing his azure hair out of his eyes. 

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