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This town is kinda blurry at 5.30am;
pre dawn blue hues give way to the flushed pink-coral sky of morning, everything decorating the horizon looks like smudged brush strokes on canvas, painted by an artist who couldn’t quite make up their mind and got a little frustrated. It’s the kind of painting I can relate to. Maybe it’s a blur because my eyes haven’t rested in 48 hours and they’re becoming unfocused. Imaginary bugs keep flying into my peripheries only to disappear as soon as I turn my head. It’s cold out, in the fog, but I can’t stop smoking and I thought the sunrise might help my mind ease but it’s only making things worse. I keep thinking about the sun rising then sinking, with the sinking feeling that it’s all happening too quickly, but not fast enough and all I’m doing is watching this cycle repeating from the sidelines, I’m never really involved even though the world revolves; I’m just here standing still.
—  The art of observation // © @rarasworldbro

Idk if she’s jetlagged or high or just stressed with her recent LQ with social media, but my little chicken looks tired af, I hope they get to rest soon. Her voice also sounded scarily scratchy during their Tokyo concert. And her voice cracked during one song (BHB i think?) but she’s so cute when she was like oops sorry, or something.

Side note: their Tokyo concert was so alive, I enjoyed watching them. The crowd was so responsive. And normani giving me hope that there will be 5h3 world tour for sure lol

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When Robbie and Sportacus first start dating; Robbie gets very self-concious about the whole thing and never really touches Sport in public 'cause he doesn't want to mess it up or do something wrong. Sportacus, when he realizes this, starts to initiate hand-holding with Robbie all the time. Sees Robbie walking? Joins him and holds hands. Robbie is standing off to the side watching the kids? Sport watches and holds his hand. Robbie sleeping on the bench? Grabs hand, leans in, and smooches.

HanD HOldIng is My WEaknESs pLEaSE stoP

GOD imagine the first time Robbie’s the one to initiate the hand holding tho. Like, he’s become so used to it that as soon as he sees Sportacus he just takes his hand like it’s nothing and doesn’t even realize what he did until he see the Super Big Smile on Sport’s face.

That’s so fluffy I could jump into it from an airship and be perfectly fine Thank You So Very Much

Feel Good Stories

Thank you to everyone who sent me stories last weekend, they really did help. I thought I’d share them for others to enjoy and I’ll rec the stories that are new to me in the coming weeks.

A New Low

All Its Splendid Glory

Crisis Muffins

Emotional Warmth

Every Cloud

Happiness and Dragons

Heartbreak, Secret Friends and Stupid Doodles


Lemon Meringue

Let Me Be Your Canvas

Love on a Wire (being deleted soon so download a copy while you can)

Not Quite Hogwarts


Slippery When Wet

Something Yellow This Time

Sweet Dreams of Mistletoe

The Difference of You

The Third Rule

The Unintentional Wooing Skills of Arthur Pendragon

Watch It All Melt Away

i was tagged by @musain-de-revolution​ to do a 6 Movies Tag, thank you! ❤ i wanted to fill this up with more ghibli movies but it felt a bit like cheating

Six movies I absolutely love:

1. Amélie
2. Coraline
3. Castle in the Sky
4. Rent
5. Singin’ in the Rain
6. Love Actually

I tag: @desperadore, @its-better-than-an-opera, @moneysltd, @imagery12, @adorablecrab

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I don't know if you've been asked this yet, but what do you like about your type?

What do I like about ENTPs? 

Well, let’s see…

ENTPs are awesome because we’re flamboyant chums who are simultaneously overthinking everything. We love cracking jokes to watch other people’s reactions. We’re master manipulators, but we don’t tend to manipulate people for evil; we just like to, again, watch people’s reactions. We’re also very good at adaptation and picking up skills. My ENTP friend dared me to learn Russian in a few days, and the next time we saw each other we had a basic conversation in Russian (but of course I soon forgot it all afterwards). We’re creative, energetic, and a balanced mixture of totally awkward and slippery smooth. Additionally, we may seem emotionless and uncommitted, but once we get past the stage in a relationship where we have an irrationally intense desire to flee, we’re in it for the long haul. 

What I dislike about ENTPs should also be noted…

Though we’re capable of emotion, it comes hard. I can logic my way out of most emotion, which is good in cases where it’s illogical and petty, but bad when feelings should actually play a part in whatever I’m doing. For example, getting attached to someone in a relationship is not very easy for me–it takes a long time before I’ll even recognize that I have feelings for them rather than just admiration. Also, that flamboyance can be really annoying when it comes to completing tasks or doing something that takes time and effort. I suck at staying on task and staying focused, and every other ENTP I’ve met has been the same way. It’s something we are essentially incapable of until we’re old and crusty and we’ve realized that dedication and boring processes yield great results. 

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

NOTE: In my original story, this is where I finished, but I soon started a second part. I will release that here too over time. 

Cheers erupted from the families of those who arrived home. Most of the men that had come back on the smaller boat first came to the dock to aid in the unloading of the goods. Maebh watched as different families were reunited. She knew she would be expected to act with decorum being she was a princess, but she doubted that she would care for such things when she would finally see Nafi.

She aided with the unloading, pulling a large chest filled with different items many of which were of precious metals and stones. The walk to Odin’s dwelling felt longer than she remembered as she struggled with the weight, though she ensured not to show her effort externally.

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Byrne: Part Six


“Brother, I do not think it is wise” A simple head tilt and a raised eyebrow from Byrne effectively caused Iskra to close her mouth, pressing her lips together. Byrne turned forward and he continued to walk, acutely aware of Abraxi so close to his side. 

“You will dispatch those units, because I told you to, sister” Byrne gave her a lazy grin, before hooking his fingers around her arm, pulling her close. He put his other hand up, stopping the witches that surrounded them. Each witch grabbed their prisoner and he leaned his head down, whispering in her ear. “Do not test my authority, Iskra, or you will soon be in the same position as Aradia” 

Byrne pulled back and he kissed her forehead slowly. “And do not tempt my wrath” Iskra grimaced and she struggled not to turn her face up. Abraxi watched the interaction out of the corner of her eye, then she was being shoved forward again. 

Iskra clenched her jaw and Abraxi found a dry satisfaction in Byrne putting her in her place. Byrne gave a curt nod and started forward against, his hands clasped behind his back. 

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19. I want to marry you for Royai?

From this prompt list

Emily, I’m sorry that I answered this ask before the one you sent weeks ago, but i really felt like writing this instead of a school essay while I still have my hands on my parents’ laptop. So enjoy this young royai!

“So have you ever thought about it- marriage, I mean?” Roy’s head quirked up as he asked the question, dark eyes suddenly on Riza and suddenly serious.

Riza hesitated, staring up at the stars the two had come out to watch rather than meeting his gaze, “A little bit. But not very seriously. I’ve only just turned sixteen, after all,” the sky seemed to shine brighter that night, the moon and faraway galaxies illuminating her face better than Roy’s flashlight ever could.

“That’s understandable,” Shrugged Roy, eyes refusing to leave Riza as he contemplated what he wanted to say. Silence soon descended on the pair, not lonely or uncomfortable, but one swimming with the thoughts of the young couple it surrounded.

Roy opened his mouth to speak once more, but before he could squeak a sound out, Riza’s soft voice rang out over the hill they sat on, “That’s not to say I’ve never thought about it, though,” Her hand picked at a long piece of grass which hung low over their picnic blanket, “It’s just… Having grown up in a town where nobody particularly likes me, it’s been a bit difficult to think about the prospect of marriage being a realistic one. As if anyone here would want to marry me.”

Her brown eyes still remained downcast, leaving Roy to process her confession in silence and without any further details.

Knowing that Riza’s classmates thought her strange, and the adults in New Optain continuously whispered about her “lunatic” father should have led Roy to the conclusion that she’d never considered marriage a viable option for her. But it hadn’t. He’d been too caught up in how smart and engaging and overall wonderful Riza was, that he’d ignored everyone else.

Although she certainly hadn’t.

And the realization hit Roy like a trainwreck. His lips moved as if they had a mind of their own, and before he knew it, the words were spilling out loud and clear.  

“I want to marry you.”

As quickly as Roy’s mouth had betrayed him, Riza’s head whipped around, gold hair flying around her and brown eyes wider than Roy had ever seen them before.

“I mean… I realize you’re wonderful… and- and…” Another treason from his mouth, which now refused to say anything clearly at all.

“Are you… proposing to me?” Riza’s question was urgent and desperate, telling of how confused she had been rendered by his confession.

Was he proposing to her? No, it hadn’t been a proper proposal. It had just been a slip of the tongue, “Well what- Riza. I think you’re amazing, and I wouldn’t be opposed to spending the rest of my life with you,” His wide-eyed gaze met hers, and he saw stars in Riza’s eyes. Whether they came from the sky’s reflection or her own personality, he didn’t know.

“But I guess this isn’t a proposal. It’s just an observation,” He watched her chest rise and fall with every deep breath she took, “It’s me saying that maybe someday in the future, when we’re both older and we know what we want to do with our lives, I wouldn’t be opposed to marrying you. Right now I’m not ready to be proposing, but if you still love me when we’re adults, I’d love to propose for real. I want to marry you sometime in the future if you feel the same way.”

Not a stellar explanation, Roy knew, but good enough for having come up with something on the spot with the girl of his dreams staring into his soul. Her scrutiny was excruciating. Almost as bad as her silence.

Wind blew across their set-up, moving Riza’s hair from it’s place tickling the tops of her shoulders to dancing across her face, breaking her stare. Roy’s unruly black mop of hair stood straight up; he could feel it. Centuries passed with the two of them regarding one another in silence, trying to read the other. But finally Riza’s response found its way into the space between them.

“Maybe someday in the future, when I’ve finished school, and you’re off doing whatever you can to help the country as you do, I’d like to marry you too,” Her fingers went back to fidgeting, “I’m not ready for anything as serious as marriage right now, but I do know that I always want you to be a part of my life.”

Roy let go of the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, “So even though this wasn’t a proposal, you’re saying you want to marry me too?”

Riza looked back up at the stars, not knowing what the future would bring her, but being certain of the fact that she needed to stay with Roy when she was older, “Yes, I want to marry you too. And even many years after now, you can still be certain of it.”

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No I disagree. BG ending soon would be perfect. Fans would be too hyped for Harry to even notice. Chiam baby would swoop in and take its place. Add giving the baby the Danielle treatment and pretend he never exisited and this is perfect. Louis disapears and Elean then gets the D treatment as well. Watch these ppl try and act like a baby&Elounor2.0 never exisited WATCH. Daniellle was a dry run&it worked very well. She was around for a damn year&antis have forgotten about her!

My dream honestly 

The first thing I write since Christmas, and it’s not TiPo fanfiction. Please forgive me. I’m still having a bit of trouble getting inspired.

But I came up with this while taking a shower a few hours ago and made myself type it out! It needs some polishing, for sure, but for something that took, in total, about two hours, I don’t think it’s half bad.

Please enjoy! (And I promise I’ll get back into writing fanfics soon. It’ll be great!)

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dramas i’ve watched so far in 2017 & liked

introverted boss: it focuses on gendered mental health and how a man can be affected negatively by masculine standards of mental health. also has a tragedy backstory and transitions to romance very slowly. generally a well-paced and fairly suspenseful plotline ALSO S/O TO SECRET’S JUN HYOSUNG HER CHARACTER IS SO CUTE DEWJFWF (tw: suicide)

strong woman do bong-soon: SUPER CUTE like the main female protag has super strength and gets hired by a hot CEO to protect him from some creepy and threatening messages he’s been getting. also a love triangle where she’s too embarrassed to show her true powers to the guy she likes. just a great overall message that girls don’t need men and that u should find someone who loves u for who u are. btw this has a murder/kidnapping sideplot which is super intense and freaky and is probably not ur cup of tea is u dont like crime stuff haha (tw: violence, blood, abuse)


So yesterday I had my first IDPA experience. I choose to go with my P225, and unlike what I expected, I was not much at a disadvantage since bigger guns were culled to a 10-round magazine capacity.

Second picture is the result of the training session on an IPSC target before the classifier (qualifier ? I didn’t really catch the name - the three-round flier group on the left was the result of shooting while kneeling.

At first I was a bit disoriented by the strange rules and I wasn’t thrilled by my results - but very soon I learn to arbitrage between my shooting speed and my target results.

It’s quite hard to deal with the scenarii, even when they are simple, between the pressure of being watched by other dudes and the timer’s.

The level of my group was between really good shooters and your average city cop, myself being about in-between, and everyone struggled, whatever the gun used and the level of instruction or natural talent.

This is for me the most interesting aspects of that discipline - it puts you outside your comfort zone and it teaches you the value of taking one’s time to shoot in order to secure hits.

I was really not on board with the lack of the efficiency of the training day (mostly due to the long waiting time between two shootings) - a standard two hours training will bring me much more than the whole day spent at the IDPA range.

Also, I was very disturbed by the mix of tactical roots (it was created to fight the sporterization of IPSC) and game rules.

For example, the rules for the use of covers, the order of shooting targets, how you process targets, the way you deal with your empty magazines, while not completely debased of sense, are a bit  restrictive and will get you killed in the street if that is your only form of training.

Another rule I don’t really understand is the magazine limitation to 10 rounds (or 8 in my particular class). I understand the will to not provide an unfair advantage to “race guns”. But various classes of guns and rules for concealment already exist, so i don’t see the point of penalizing someone carrying a Glock 19 over someone using a P225 by depriving him or her of the 7-round surplus the Glock magazine would have provided.

I also understand where it comes from, but I really don’t like the concepts of hot range/cold range and the Bolshevist security rules (i.e. having to clear the gun between two passes).

In the end, it can still be a good training if you accept the penalties for disregarding the dumbest regulations. Getting serious at it would be counterproductive in my regard, because if you’re focused on points and seconds, you lose the big view of what is practical, defensive, tactical, or combat shooting (you know you’re doing it right because it’s graceful and it works) in favour of the tunnel vision of competitive shooting (you know you’re doing it right because a limited - in the sense it ignores a lot of real life parameters - score board told you so).

Anyway, it was quite an interesting experience and I guess if we can’t exit Schengen, in ten years it could be our only way to shoot “tactically”.

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Before watching "Secret Gordon", I always assumed that Piri Piri only love Harvey platonically. What does she see in him besides just being a good guy? And will there be more of those sweeter moments between Harvey and Piri soon?

What’s not to love about Harvey? Sadly, this is all you get between the two of them.