as soon as i started gardening too

Even then, he still knew one thing:

it starts out small.

And then it grows, and grows. Unlike a garden starving for drop of water, he was met with all the rain needed to make that garden grow. Bountiful, never ceasing, he was given possibly too much, and the garden was soon left unattended. It grew, far beyond its boundaries, up to the point that Hanzo was certain it would grow past his ribcage, twine vines around his ribs and crawl out of his chest.

have yall ever read a fanfic so good that it punched all the air outta your lungs?? i have. go read Keep You On My Side because its one of my top fave mchanzo fics 

You Suck, Parker

Request: #111 with peter ?

Prompt: 111.  A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
       B: What?
       A: I said you suck.

Word Count: 1476


A/N: Holy moly I had so much fun writing this one.

Summary: Peter and Y/N have been friends for quite some time and wow, they finally admit their feelings for each other while making a few sexual innuendos here and there. (THis is fluffy I swear).


“Y/N, when will you be home tonight?” Your mother asked you.

“Not sure. Peter and I have a Chem test on Monday and want to try and get a lot of studying in before then,”

“Meaning the two of you won’t study at all, but watch movies and then fall asleep on the couch,”

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” you you admitted.

“Alright, behave yourself and make sure you’re home by tomorrow morning,”

“Of course, mom. I’ll see you tomorrow!” You said as you left your house to head to Peter’s.

You and Peter had known each other for quite a long time, and you usually spent your Friday night’s ‘studying’ aka, attempting to study but ending up watching movies.

You would argue that you were Peter’s best friend, but Ned always says otherwise. But you and Peter were rather close, you were always spending time with him, and it was no secret to you that he was Spiderman.

And of course, you harboured feelings for the boy. For as long as you could remember you had had a crush on Peter Parker. And damn, were your feelings growing with each passing day. Peter, of course, had no idea, but you weren’t exactly sure whether that was a problem or not.

When you arrived at Peter’s door, you knocked and May let you in.

“Y/N! Peter will be so happy you’re here. He’s in his room, just go on it,”

“Thanks May! It’s great to see you,”

“Nice to see you too, Y/N,” She said as you walked away towards Peter’s room

“Knock knock,” You said, opening Peter’s bedroom door.

“Y/N, hey,” he smiled

You walked in and sat down on Peter’s chair, across from his bed where he was sitting.

“So did you bring your books?” Peter asked

“Of course not Parker. We never actually study, I thought why bother lugging heavy textbooks over here if we weren’t actually going to study,”

Peter laughed, “That’s fair, but I thought we could skip the movie tonight?”

“Skip the movie? Who are you and what have you done with Peter Parker?”

“C’mon, I had a better idea,”

“And what is this better idea of yours Mr Parker?” You questioned.

Peter smiled at you, stood up and walked across his room to his closet. He began stripping, pulling his shirt off

“Not that I’m opposed to this, but what are you doing Parker?”

Peter laughed, “I’m putting on my Spidey suit,”

“Oh, so not only are you getting naked, but you’re getting kinky,” you raised your eyebrows.

“Geez, Y/N, didn’t realize you were into that kinda thing,” Peter said, continuing to put on his suit.

“Oh there’s a lot you don’t know i’m into,” 

“Oh yeah, and what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Play your cards right and maybe one day you’ll find out,”

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind,” Peter said.

He put the mask over his face and walked over and held his hand out to you,

“Shall we, my dear?”

“And what exactly are we doing?”

“Just, come with me,”

You took Peter’s hand and followed him out onto his fire escape.

“What now, Parker?” You asked

Peter wrapped his arm around your waist and said “Now you hold on tight,”

“Oh god,” you muttered, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Suddenly, your feet weren’t on the fire escape anymore, you could feel yourself flying through the air. Your heart was rapidly beating

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ve got you,” Peter said.

You tightened your grip on Peter, closed your eyes, and buried your face in his neck. You felt Peter’s arm wrap tighter around your waist.

Soon, you felt Peter hit the ground, and he slowly let go of you and your feet hit the ground.

You opened your eyes and looked around, you were standing on a roof,

“Where are we?”

“I found this place not too long ago, its nothing special, but you can see so much of the city from up here, I thought it was so beautiful when I first saw it. It reminded me of you. I knew I had to show you,” Peter answered, taking off his mask.

You walked to the edge of the building and stared off watching the lights of the city. The cars’ lights reflections danced off the windows of the buildings around you. You could hear the noises of the city below, the car horns and the sirens, yet everything was quiet so high up.

“It really is beautiful up here, Peter,” you turned to look at him

“I’m glad you like it,” He smiled, rubbing the back go his head with his hand.

“Its not just the view I like, Peter,”

“Right, you like the Spidey suit, turns you on,” He joked

“More like I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” you whispered to yourself

What?” Peter asked

I said you suck, Parker,”

Peter rolled his eyes, and grabbed your hand, “Come on, theres something else I want to show you,”

You allowed Peter to lead you across the roof of the building. There was a small garden in the corner, with a bench next to it.

“Peter, this is so beautiful,”

You approached the garden and slowly let your hand fall out of Peter’s as you bent down to admire the flowers.

“I remember you telling me you love forget-me-not’s and lilies, so I planted some earlier this season and they finally bloomed, so I figured now would be the best time to show you this place,”

“Peter, how on earth do you not have a girlfriend? You’re actually the sweetest boy I know,” you smiled, leaning over to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Well actually, there is someone I like,”

“Oh really? And who might this special someone be?” You teased, walking around the garden to lean on the side of the roof.

“Well, they know my secret,” Peter said, holding up his mask, “they also are always crashing my house and distracting me from my homework,”

Peter started walking closer towards you.

“They also can never decide what movie to watch on movie nights. Not to mention that they distract me in class too. Not on purpose, mind you, but they’re so beautiful, I can’t help but stare at them,”

You smiled, you knew he was talking about you. As soon as he started talking, you knew.

“Tell me more, Peter Parker,”

Peter was now standing right in front of you, “Well, i’ve kinda had a thing for them for a few years now. I’m kinda actually in love with them,”

“Well, in that case, there’s something you should know Parker,”

“What’s that, Y/N?” 

“There this superhero I’m kind of in love with,”

“Please tell me its not Mr. Stark, that would just make this so awkward,”

“No, but have you seen Captain America’s ass? Damn,”

Peter rolled his eyes at you.

“I’m kidding. Kind of,” you said

“Y/N,-“ Peter started

“I love you too, Peter,” You said

“Don’t you mean I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” Peter whispered

“You dID HEAR ME,”

“Of course I heard you,” Peter smiled.

“You suck, Parker,”

“Does this mean I can kiss you now?”

“I think I changed my mind. Do you have Captain America’s number? He seems like he wouldn’t be as mean to me,”

You stared at Peter while he bit back a smile.

“Yes Parker! Kiss me already,”

Peter put his hands on either side of your face, and gently pressed his lips up against yours. 

You pulled away, “You still suck Parker,”

“I think, now, it’ll be you that will be the one who sucks,”

“Oh mY GOD PARKER!” You laughed.

“Sorry, sorry, it had to be said,” he smiled.

“So Parker, are you going to take me back to your house so we can finish up that movie night, and maybe, maybe, if you’re lucky we can talk about that other thing you suggested,”

“I think by the time you even decide on a movie to watch, i’ll be asleep and it’ll be too late for anything else,” he joked

“Well it would be the perfect way to wake up, now wouldn’t it, Parker,”

“Damn, maybe I should wear this suit around you more often,”

“Believe me, its not the suit,”

“Well, then what are we waiting for?” Peter asked, putting his mask back on.

He wrapped his arm sound your waist and shot a web to another building. The two of you were flying over the city once again, but this time you kept your eyes open.

Ribbon + Dash: Chapter 2

Ribbon whistled to herself as she pulled out the last of the weeds. The garden was beginning to really take shape, it wouldn’t be long before she’d be able to make fresh salads and veggies, her mouth was already watering just thinking about it. Her dad was doing his best to provide for them but she was sick of cheap processed food.

As she leaned back on her heels and studied the soil beneath the plants her phone went off, startling her. After quickly wiping her hands on her skirt she fished her phone out of her pocket and grinned at the name on the screen before swiping a still-dirty finger across it and bringing it up to her ear.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Good afternoon, Ribbon.”

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Seven years old and Effie is preparing for a tea party with her best friends. She’s been given a strawberry cake from the kitchen and sets it on a platter, then pours tea into tiny gilt-edged cups. She sets out places around her little table, carefully folding napkins into triangles for each of the friends she is inviting.

“One, two, three, four, five,” she sings to herself. “And one for me.”

There is something still missing. She gets to her feet, skirts rustling around her as she slips down the staircase, brown leather shoes clacking on the stone. Out the atrium through the open French doors and into the courtyard, heady scents of wisteria and jasmine filling her head. There are fat, fuzzy bumblebees humming around the lavender that edges the gardens; she chirps hello to them as she flits past.

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I Will Be Here

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 9: Opposite sides


Best read when I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman is playing in the background <3

FF Link :D 


“I love you, anata.”

She smiled softly, the Uchiha matriarch’s face was one of great content. Sasuke held her in his arms as her life slipped away. All his emotions came crashing down, and tears flowed freely from his face. She’s gone. Uchiha Sakura is gone.



Dead, like his heart right now.



She will forever be remembered in the shinobi world as the greatest medic and a part of the legendary team 7.

To her friends, she is the loyal one who is willing to risk her life for her comrades.

To her family, she is the loving and caring mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother whose love is one of the foundations of the clan itself.

To Uchiha Sasuke, she is the light at the end of the tunnel… his spring… the love of his life… his one and only wife.

Konoha mourned for the loss of Uchiha Sakura and it took a while for the reality to sink in. Life continued – though a bit slowly to those dear to her. But ever since, Sasuke was never the same person again. What kept him going was the last conversation he shared with her, in the gardens under the tree they planted together.



“Anata… I think I have to leave soon.”

He held her hand and placed it on his cheek. They gaze into each other’s eyes, both with tears starting to fall. Sasuke couldn’t say anything. Words left him again, his heart too hurt for his brain to function coherently.

“Remember our wedding vows, Sasuke-kun? We promised to be together… I believe death can’t take us apart… since our feelings will forever be connected, ne?”

A nod was his reply, and he turned his head to kiss her palm on his cheek. “I… I don’t know what I will do without you, Sakura.”

She smiled at him, sweeter than ever. “I will be here with you Sasuke.” She placed her other hand on his chest, right above his beating heart. “Right here, always and forever.”



Sakura then placed her arms around his waist and placed a cheek on his chest. “Take care of everyone, okay? Take care of yourself also, anata.”

A tear fell from Sasuke’s eyes, and he didn’t bother to wipe it away. “You’re annoying, Sakura.”

Both chuckled, nostalgia hitting them hard. He made her look at him, noticing the tears freely flowing down her cheeks. Lifting two fingers, he gently tapped her forehead, and gave her one of his smiles that was reserved for her – only for her.

“I’ll see you soon.”

Sakura smiled back at him and placed both palms on his cheeks. “Arigatou,” he added.

“For what?”

“For everything.”

The tears made it hard to see, but Sasuke saw with pure clarity the smile which brought the sunshine back into his cold, cruel life.

“I love you, anata.”



Slowly, his health deteriorated. Everyone was afraid for him, but he wasn’t. He greeted death like an old friend.

Uchiha Sasuke closed his eyes, a small smile forever immortalized on his face. Though the entire family mourned, they knew he is happy now. Everyone knew the two heads of the Uchiha clan couldn’t be separated for too long.




They died on the same day, the same hour and minute – one year apart.




He looked around his new surroundings. Not far from him, someone was coming his way and made his heart leap with happiness. Twelve months may have passed, but he could never forget that hair the color of cherry blossoms and emerald eyes as fresh as spring that draw him in every single time.

He held out his hand, and she smiles as she took it with her own. They may have been on opposite sides of life for a year, but even that couldn’t destroy the red string of fate that connects the two.

No matter what, they’ll always end up together – loving each other forever.


Gwash x Reader


There was a ball tonight. Though it wasn’t just any ball, you and your husband George Washington were hosting.

You were currently getting ready in your room, trying to tie your corset as tight as you could.

You had always been self concious of your body, knowing that you would never be as small as some of the other women that you were around.

When you were somewhat satisfied with how you look your slowly made your way downstairs. You knew that tying your corset this tight was a bad idea, but it was too late to go back and fix it now.

“There you are darling,” George said coming over to you and offering you his arm.

You smiled and gave him a small kiss, taking his arm and going to greet your guests.

There was dancing and laughing all around the place, people swarming the room. You knew that you were going to have to get out of this corset soon already. You were struggling to breathe.

“Are you alright dear?” George looked at you concerned.

You nodded.

“I think that I just need to sit down.”

He guided you to a table and gave you a glass of water, the worry never really fading from his face.

After a few moments he was dragged away by some important people and you were left to your own devices.

It started to get too warm for you so you took a walk out in the gardens. The cool air didn’t seem to help.

Eventually you started to stumble, then the next thing you knew, you were hitting the ground.


You were aroused from unconsciousness by the feeling of a wet cloth placed gently on your forehead.

You opened your eyes, squinting at the harsh candle light coming from the bedside table.


It was George sitting next to your side, looking at you worryingly.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that you were passed out in the garden. You tied your corset too tight. Why?”

You sighed. You had to be honest with him.

“Because I don’t feel comfortable without it. I don’t look good.”

He too sighed and gave you a small kiss, shaking his head.

“You’re are beautiful just the way you are my dear. You don’t need to worry about that kind of stuff.”

You gave him a small smile and started to close your eyes.

“Get some rest darling. I love you.”

mooney-tooney  asked:

Okay, I'm sorta new and i was just wondering, what's the AU about?? (Also I'm so happy about the MattEdd)

Its kinda complicated to explain without spoiling anything. Tom got kicked out of his house because he wanted to marry susan (his guitar..) so he needed a place to stay untill he turned 18. Edd shows up like hey bro you should like come live with me and tom was like alright sounds cool to me, but edd didnt tell tom he was brothers with tord, and tord flirts with tom all the time and tom hate loves it??? Anyway. He gets a job as a gardener at edds house due to his last name (gardner) and lives under the damned stairs like hairy fucking pothead. 1 year passes and tom is starting to fall for tord and the night they hook up is the same night tom looses his memory for reasons i cant explain. Pall hits tom in the head with a door and tom passes out, leaving tord and pall to take him to the hospital. They get there, matt and edd arrive soon after tord and pall get there and tom stays over night. Tord ends up talking to “the askers” a little too much about how he feels and ends up revealing to them that pat and pall are abusing him for an unknown reason.

If i say anything else ill reveal the plot too much and i dont wanna spoil shtuff!!

I hope this clears things up 😊


-mod gard


Dear Diary, 

Guess what? I leave in a week for Grandma & Grandpa’s! The whole summer! I have an internship with a local daycare in Sugar Valley so it only made sense. Grandpa Casper is gonna help me start a veggie garden and Grandma Daisy is going to make me my favorite cookies whenever I ask! Oh, it’s going to be a great summer, I hope I can make some friends too…

As Always, Eyelet

coming soon.


“Where are you?!” I scream.

Panicked, I run through the abandoned farm. I can’t find her. Not in the old house. Not in the barn.

I run into the empty field, heart racing. As I scan the area, I run into a mound of dirt and trip, sprawling to the ground.

Getting up, it hits me. Abandoned farm. I tripped over freshly tilled earth.

Crouching down, I start frantically clawing with my hands. Scooping handfuls of dirt, I hit something hard. Wood.

“Are you in there?!” I cry, pressing my ear to the wood. I hear muffled cries.

I start digging again, but realize it’s taking too long. Looking around, I see a garden shed. I sprint to it, ripping the door open. I see a shovel, still caked in dirt. Probably the same one that bastard buried her with. I grab it.

Running back, I started digging with purpose. Soon the wooden box is exposed. I toss the shovel, and rip open the crate.

She stares back at me, eyes wide. Bound. Gagged. But alive. I sigh with relief. Thank God.

I reach into my bag, pulling out my rag and chloroform. I crouch down, placing it over her face. She struggles, faints. I toss her over my shoulder.

“Ah, hell!” My brother says as I walk back to the truck with a smirk. “You found her!”

“Yup. You almost had me though!” I laugh.

“All right. My turn. Where did you put her?”

I gesture to the creek area. “Somewhere over there. Drowning’s an issue though.”

“Jerk!” he says, running off. I smile, watching him go. I love adult Hide and Seek.

Garden tip

Either it’s still too soon I planted my roses a few weeks ago or, the chamomile tea actually works; brew a strong cup of chamomile tea and add peppermint essential oil (I also added geranium essential oil) and place in a spray bottle. Spray your garden in the coolest part of the day. I water in the morning and spray in the evening just because I’m always rushing to work. I haven’t seen as many insects aside from a random ant or two sense I started spraying my garden. It also helps to add companion plants to act as body guards for defenseless plants. Do your research and create a loving and supportive family in the garden!


request: Ive had this imagine idea in my head all day! Can i have an imagine in newts pov where hes working in the garden and he cant help himself glance over at y/n and get distracted. and maybe zart or someone notices and playfully teases him :3

warnings: none


Newt’s POV

  Y/N couldn’t look anymore beautiful, even while working in the fields. I tried my best not to focus on my planting, but I couldn’t stop my eyes from constantly going back to Y/N. Her long Y/H/C hair, deep eyes, and don’t even get me started on that beautiful shuck smile of her’s. She’s everything I could ever want in a girl, and I had the pleasure of watching her every day.

  As Y/N continued picking through the vegetables in the ground, I continued staring at her. Her hair was in her face and she was covered in sweat but I didn’t care, she was still the most gorgeous human being in the world.

  As hard as I tried to focus on my work, I just couldn’t. I was about to get back to what I was supposed to be doing when Y/N suddenly bent over, and I could see her tits popping out of her shirt. I’ve never been one to think about Y/N in this way, but she was too hot for me to ignore these feelings.

  I didn’t know what was happening, I might’ve blacked out mentally because the next time I looked over at Y/N her top was off. Of course she had her bra on, but still. I could feel myself start to grow at the sight of her.

  Focus, Newt. Focus.

  Thankfully, she hadn’t noticed my constant staring and kept going about in the gardens. I leaned against my shovel, eyes glued on Y/N as she dug through the dirt.

  Soon she was bending over, right in front of me, her ass high in the air. Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t shake this feeling – this urge to bring her close to me and kiss her. I wanted nothing more than to be with her and feel her wrapped around me. And I did just that.

  Or at least, I would have.

  “Hey, Newt,” I heard a voice to the right of me. I looked over to see Zart with a big smirk on his face. “Stick an eggplant down your pants, recently?”

  At first I was confused, but then I got to what he was hinting at. I looked down and saw my dick straining against my pants. The bulge was obvious as hell, and I prayed to god Y/N hadn’t seen it.

  I quickly moved my hand to cover myself. “Piss off,” I spat at Zart, who burst into laughter.


a/n: sorry this one’s so short and all, honestly i wasn’t sure where this was going. a part two would be pretty nice, but i’ll only write it if you guys want me to! thanks for requesting ♥

worldsfool  asked:

This is kinda going to be a weird ask, but it came to me overnight and thought, why not? How would Reaper, Jack, Hanzo and Genji, react to having found an egg that hatches into a dragon?

Hanzo & Genji

Hanzo receives the egg as a gift from a clan seeking to submit themselves to the Shimada gumi. They say it’s a genuine dragon, the flesh and blood incarnations of the spirits he and his closest family can summon. Hanzo will treat it as a lie until proven otherwise. It’s how he handles most things people tell him.

Thus when Genji says he is not jealous of his brother, Hanzo becomes suspicious.

It’s not like his little brother could steal the egg, having nowhere to hide it especially once it hatches, but he does have a tendency towards questionable decisions. Hanzo is careful with the egg, and credits this with the fact that Genji gets up to no mischief.

The real reason Genji has no time to prank his brother lies under several heatlamps in the unused greenhouse. His brother’s egg is being bred on top of constantly smoldering coals, carefully maintained by the staff. Genji is not supposed to have this one and so he has to improvise.

The greenhouse is the perfect place. No one ever uses it, the only reason it’s not torn down is because the clan never destroys something that may be of use later, and it’s hot and humid even without the lamps to help things along. Here no one will find the consequences of Genji’s knee jerk decision.

The eggs just lay there, in a side room he discovered by accident. Hanzo is receiving his that very moment and Genji, anger boiling hot fueled by jealousy, doesn’t hesitate when he steals this clan’s most valuable property. If he’s caught not even his father will be able to save him. They’ll cut his hands off, or worse. Not only is he a thief, he was deemed unworthy to care for a dragon.
But all he wants is to stop living in Hanzo’s shadow. To be recognised as his own person with skills and aspirations just as valuable as his brother’s. He’ll raise a dragon, make it grow strong and show everyone that he’s just as good.

He fears for life and limb on the whole way back home. But the egg, secured in his bag among his dirty underwear while Hanzo’s lies on top of a velvet cushion, stays hidden, stays secret. Genji breathes a sigh of relief.

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Blackinnon week day 5

SO LONG. But only because I love this prompt. Also very cheesy. Hope you enjoy it!

James and Lily’s wedding:

“You may now kiss.”

Marlene smiled at the distinct omission of the last part of the commonly used phrase, and then stood up as Sirius pulled her to her feet. They both proceeded to cheer, clap, and hoot for all they were worth. They were still going long after they’d stopped kissing, and only quelled once they realised that it was time for dinner. Marlene felt the curious glances of many guests, but didn’t stop - after all, this wasn’t Petunia’s wedding. No one was overly judgmental or unaware of how long Marlene and Sirius had waited for this day. 

She grinned as they walked to the enchanted tent, promptly taking a seat next to Lily. She surreptitiously admired her best friend. Lily wore a gown that was intricate yet simple. It had a hoop skirt and an off-the-shoulders bodice with an elegant lacework that made it look all the more pretty. Her makeup was minimal and (contrary to popular opinion) wearing her hair down made her look even more beautiful. 

Marlene glanced at James, who seemed to be gazing at his girlfriend wife with the same adoration he’d looked at her with for the past seven years. There was something different about the two of them though - Marlene couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but they both seemed more comfortable, more connected, more joyous. She wasn’t old-fashioned enough to believe that this was because of the all-powerful bond that holy matrimony now encompassed them in (please), but she couldn’t help but wonder if it was just the effect of them having the chance to take a day off to celebrate their love and revel in it. She had to admit, much like love, she could feel her skepticism about marriage lessening the longer she stared at them.

“So, Evans-” Sirius began from next to James before he was promptly silenced by his best friend.

“Potter.” James corrected. The obvious happiness on his face was almost enough to break Marlene’s heart.

“Sure, whatever.” Sirius said, although the twinkle in his eyes belied the nonchalance of his words. “Potter, how does it feel to officially be shackled to James for the rest of your life?” Lily laughed, while James looked slightly affronted.

“I guess I could have explored other options…” She began, clearly enjoying the look of alarm on her new husband’s face. “But I can’t think of a better person to be ‘shackled’ to.” She turned to James, and although her next words were supposed to be a response to Sirius, Marlene got the distinct impression that she was saying them to James. “It feels fantastic.” James grinned and captured her lips in a kiss that lasted an uncomfortably long time. Remus and Peter looked away while Marlene and Sirius communicated silently with the language of their looks.


“Alright, alright.” Sirius said loudly, getting to his feet and clinking his champagne glass. James and Lily broke apart, smiling and looking up at him. “Now, as the best man, I get to say a few words, and I would be very much obliged if you’d all listen.” He turned to James. “Prongs - your love for Lily has often been the bane of my existence.” James and Lily laughed and Marlene couldn’t help giggling at her boyfriend’s antics. “No, I’m not joking, honestly - the number of times I have had my shirts ruined with your tears after she rejected you is ridiculous - although that was mainly because she rejected you so many bloody times that I began to fear that James would end up alone. Despite this, however, James never gave up. Oh sure, he said he did, several times, but as the three of us-” He gestured to himself, Remus, and Peter. “-can confirm, that isn’t true. And besides - she did eventually realise that she was madly in love with him too. So maybe these two are made for each other after all. James - you’re the brother I should have had. You took a snarky, unhappy boy in first year and gave him a reason to smile. And when I lost the actual bane of my existence - my family and household home - you took me in as though there was no question of me living anywhere else. You’ve never let me feel alone or unwanted, and for that, I’m forever grateful. And Lily - you’re a magnificent human being and one of my best friends. If I didn’t love you so darn much, I would have had qualms about letting you marry Prongs, but it turns out that I’m equally as protective of you both. You both give me faith.” Sirius eyes shifted to Marlene then and she struggled to wipe her eyes as she raised an eyebrow at him. “You make me believe in love. And now, you’ve made me believe in marriage, and it is for that very reason that I know that your relationship will last forever.” He raised his glass and grinned. “To James and Lily.” 

There was a chorus of cheers and a bit of scuffling as James and Lily both got up to hug Sirius. Eventually, Sirius was once again the only one standing.
“And now, please direct your attention to my beautiful girlfriend and the maid of honour - Marlene McKinnon. Marlene could feel herself shaking a little as she stood. She picked up her glass and smiled a little.

“First of all - if any of this sounds similar to Sirius’ speech, it’s because he’s a plagiarising git.” She said, even though neither of them had seen each other’s speeches beforehand. She waited for everyone to stop chuckling and then continued. 

“Lily, my darling, you can be so incredibly stubborn.” They laughed at that. “Be it about borrowing footwear or the precise intentions of James Potter. And over time I have seen this obstinacy grow into acquiescence and then acceptance and finally approval. Because whether you saw it or not, my dear, you were always in love with James Potter, you were just too darn adamant to notice. But there’s something to be said about the fact that it was always obvious to everyone else because today, seeing you sitting in a wedding dress with that ring on your finger, nothing could be more clear - you two belong together. You always have and you always will, and that is something that is unalterable. As you both know - I haven’t had the best experience with relationships myself, and I was quite determined to grow up an old maid - I was actually quite miffed when you declined to join me, James. But you two - with your sickening cuteness and nauseatingly sweet ways, you two made me believe in love. You made me see that it isn’t just some elusive myth - it actually exists. And honestly, that’s probably the only explanation as to why Sirius and I - the most skeptical people alive - ended up together. And looking at you two right now - I-” 

She felt her voice break. She couldn’t believe she was about to say this. “I believe in marriage too.” The shocked expressions on her friends’ faces weren’t unexpected, although Sirius was looking at her quite strangely. “I’m about to start bawling so - James, you’re my childhood. Lily, you’re my sister. No two people are more perfect for each other or deserve more happiness so-” She raised her glass. “To James and Lily!” 

The cheers that followed were distracting, but her eyes didn’t move from Sirius’. She hugged James and Lily and then followed him out to the garden. 


He kissed her furiously as soon as she was close enough, practically lifting her off her feet. She reciprocated with just as much fervour, tangling her fingers in the hair on the nape on his neck. There was a strange quality to these kisses - not desperation or passion, but something else….It only took Marlene a few seconds to realise that it was love, mixed with tremendous joy. Sirius broke away from her lips and began to kiss every inch of her face, whispering something in a reverent voice, almost like a prayer. It was only when he reached the tip of her nose that she realised what it was.

“What did you just say?” She asked in a shocked tone. He pulled away, letting his hands drop to her waist.

“Marry me.” He said simply. Her shock must have been evident because he immediately stepped away and began rummaging through his pockets. “This isn’t extemporaneous, I swear - look, I even have a ring!” He pulled out a small blue velveteen box triumphantly. Marlene couldn’t stop her mouth from dropping open.

“What - what - how-”

“It’s a Potter family heirloom.” Sirius said proudly. “Lily has the other one, but as I recall, you like diamonds better than gold anyway.” 

“But - how did you-”

“I know you ‘Lene.” He said, lightly chucking her chin before moving away again. “Besides, how long could you resist me anyhow?” She rolled her eyes, but it didn’t matter because she was already grinning. He got down on one knee and opened the box. She held in a gasp. The ring was magnificent, and the way the light caught the diamonds made it look even more beautiful.

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes.” Sirius stood up, put the ring on her hand, and touched her lips to hers in one smooth gesture. She twined her arms around her neck and kissed him back for all was worth, ignoring the happy tears that fell from her eyes.


Where do you think Sirius and Marlene are?” James asked his wife as they moved around the dance floor. She shrugged, but there was a knowing smile on her face.

“Well, it just seems quite obvious to me, there’s no knowing what a boyfriend and girlfriend get up to.” James grimaced a little.

“Or fiancees.” He said grinning. She nodded.

Reid : Kiss me?

Spencer Reid x reader

Originally posted by jevislanuit

Plot: You and the team members of BAU attends JJ and Will’s wedding.

Words: 1690

A/N no spoilers so don’t worry! maybe some of you can guess how I came up with this idea! enjoy :)

Kiss me?

It was beautiful evening. You and your team got together at Rossi’s house to attend JJ and Will’s wedding. Actually it was a surprise for JJ and you all were very excited. It’s been a long time since the last time you went to the wedding. You already dressed up and arrived at his house. When you walked into the garden, you saw Rossi, Hotch, Morgan and Emily. You went to talk to them.

“Hi guys” you said and smiled.

“Hi Y/N!” Emily said.

“This is beautiful Rossi” you said as you looked at him smiling.

“I’m a professional of kind of these things” he said and Morgan laughed slightly.

“Yea you’ve done this three times” Hotch joked.

These days, your team have done horrible cases so you were happy to see them smiling and joking around.

“Hiya ladies and gentlemen!” Garcia called out as she walked up to you.

“You look gorgeous baby” Morgan said and smiled at her.

“Thanks” she said smiling.

You were looking around to find how beautiful the garden was while the others were chatting. You didn’t notice that Reid was walking up to you.

“Hey pretty boy” Morgan said and you turned back to see Reid.

At the moment, when you saw Reid, you just stared at him. No words couldn’t come from your mouth because he looked so perfect. On the other hand, when Reid looked at you, he didn’t notice that you were completely frozen. Only thing he noticed about you was that how beautiful you were tonight.

“Y-Y/N you look beautiful” he said quickly.

“T-thanks you too….I mean you look great” you said without looking at his eyes.

Everyone except Reid and you thought it was awkward. Even though they know that you and he like each other. They always try you to make a move but you were not sure if he likes you back. Soon after, JJ, Will and Henry walked into the garden. Rossi talked to them and everyone smiled.

The wedding was started, you were so happy to see JJ and Will happy. They were perfect together. You thought you wanted to have the relationship like theirs in the future.

After the wedding was over, everyone started dancing with their partners. First, your partner was Derek.

“Hey how’s it going?” you said as you put down your one hand on his shoulder and the other was in his hand.

“Great what about you?” he said smiling.

“Great too” you replied.

The music was one of your favorite and you enjoyed dancing with him.

“So….when are you going to make a move?” he asked and smirked at you.

“What do you mean?” you asked as you frowned your eyebrows.

“When are you going to tell Reid that you like him?” he said with a smirk.

“What!? N-no I can’t” you said without looking at his eyes.

“Why not? Maybe he likes you back” he said laughing slightly.

“Oh come on. It won’t happen” you said as you looked down a bit hiding your sadness.

“You know what Y/N? If you don’t try, you will regret” he said.

There was silence for a couple of seconds before you opened your mouth.

“Maybe you’re right….” you said in a small voice.

The song was over and everyone switched their partners. Now Rossi was yours. You always think that Rossi is like your father. The next song was started and you both started dancing.

“You’re really a professional of the wedding” you joked.

“Yea I’ll do yours when you’ll marry him” he chuckled.

“Him?” you said and looked up to his eyes.

“The doctor” he said.

“Again?” you mumbled.

“Again?” Rossi asked you back.

“Derek” you replied quickly and let out a small sigh.

Rossi just laughed slightly and you both kept dancing. When the song was finished, you walked up to your boss.

“Will you?” you asked smiling at Hotch.

He just smiled and took your hand gently. Since he was much taller than you, you had to look up to talk to him.

“Will is lucky to have her, don’t you think?” you asked him softly.

“Yes I’m glad that I could see them together” he said and smiled.

It was kind of unusual for you to see his smile a lot.

“I was wondering when are you-” Before he tried to ask you a question, you cut him off.

“Are you gonna ask me about Spencer? Then my answer is no” you said quickly.

He frowned his eyebrows at first but sooner he started laughing a bit. He understood why you said that.

“Morgan and Dave too?” he asked.

You just nodded.

Finally his turn….his turn to dance with you. Reid was nervous a bit because he was not sure if he could dance well with her. He smiled nervously when he saw you walking up to him. Without saying anything, you both started dancing.

“So….how are you?” you asked.

“I’m fine…I’m more than fine” he said quickly.

“R-Reid you really look great tonight” you said smiling.

“You always look great Y/N” he said smiling back at you.

“Thank you doctor” you said playfully.

Somehow you felt this song was longer than three songs you danced with Morgan, Rossi and Hotch. When you danced with them, you enjoyed talking but right now with Reid, you were too nervous to enjoy talking. Usually he talks a lot but tonight when he was with you, he was quite.

You finished dancing with all men even with Will. Soon after you guys started drinking a lot. But you were the last one who got drunk. When you saw your team members drunk, you laughed a bit by yourself. But looked like Hotch wasn’t drunk at all. Everyone was talking to everyone before Hotch started filming a video for JJ and Will. You were the first one.

“Congratulations JJ and Will. I’m so happy to see you both together. I’m sorry I don’t get used to kind of this but I just wanna say I’m so happy. JJ, you look so gorgeous tonight and I’m glad we’re friends. Happy Wedding!” you said happily.

“Is that okay?” you asked Hotch when he finished.

“Yes thank you” he said and headed to other people.

You headed to the bar to get some drink for yourself. Nobody was at the bar so you drank alone but a couple of minutes later, you felt like you’re talking to anyone so you walked around to find anyone. The first one you found was Reid and he was completely drunk. Actually you’ve never seen him drunk like this and somehow you found it cute. Hotch came up to him and Reid started saying his message to JJ and Will. You stood near him and watched him.

“JJ and Will….I am so happy for you both! Hey I got some presents for you and Henry…oops” suddenly he staggered so you walked up to him quickly.

“You okay Reid?” you said laughing.

“Oh Y/N!” he said looking at you and put his arm around your shoulder.

“This lady….” he looked at the camera and you were confused because you had no idea what he was going to say.

“This lady….looks gorgeous tonight…don’t you think so? Now Y/N” he quickly looked straight into your eyes.

“Kiss me?” he said.

“What!?” you said loudly.

Reid tried to move closer to you but you stepped back. He was really cute but didn’t want to kiss him….right now.

“Reid!” you pushed him playfully laughing hard.

You could see Hotch laughing too.

Next morning, you went to the BAU office as usual. When you walked into the elevator, someone followed you. It was Reid.

“Morning” you said awkwardly because of last night.

“Good morning” he said and smiled at you normally.

Now you know that he completely forgot about what happened last night. You let out a relief sigh and when the elevator stopped, you both walked out. Reid opened the door for you and you walked in. There were your team already and they were looking at the computer screen. You and Reid had no idea what they were watching but they looked fun.

“What are you watching?” you asked them and they turned back to you quickly.

When they saw you and Reid, they started laughing so hard. Reid had no idea what’s so funny but you knew exactly what they were laughing at.

“Oh shit….guys!” you said loudly.

“Hotch!?” you said loudly and looked at him.

“I have to show this to JJ” he said laughing a bit.

“B-but…okay fine” you said in a low voice and walked out of the office.

It’s not because you hated the fact they were laughing at you…it’s because you felt embarrassed and you didn’t want them to tease you about Reid. A couple of minutes later, you calmed down and wondered why you felt embarrassed. You found it funny for somehow. You laughed a bit and tried to walk back to them. But before that, Reid ran up to you.

“Y/N!” he called out.

“I-I am sorry…I-I was d-drunk and I was s-so crazy” he said quickly looking at the ground.

You just looked at him and hold back your laugh.

“I felt so embarrassed….“he mumbled.

That’s it….you couldn’t hold back anymore. You bursted into laughing and Reid looked at you and was confused.

“Reid yes you were crazy!” you said laughing.

“You aren’t mad?” he asked.

“No of course not” you said.

Reid was still confused and he couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Let’s go back to work” you said and tried to head to the office.

“Y/N?” he said softly.

“Huh?” you said and turned back to him.

“I was drunk b-but…..I wanted to-” you cut him off.

“If you were not drunk, maybe….maybe I would kiss you” you said smiling shyly and he came closer to you quickly.

Suddenly you felt something soft on your lips.

anonymous asked:

I live in the Tacoma area and have actually had a reading from you before! I was just wondering if you have any events where you will be doing readings coming up? 😊

Woahhh :3 thanks for seeking me out online and offline!

No I won’t be doing any events anytime soon, however, you probably know I’m always a reader at any psychic fair Magical Garden hosts so if you follow their FB you can know that info.

If youre also open to it, you can send me a non anon message via tumblr or Instagram or FB @thelunarianwitchand and we can set up a meeting a face to face reading at Mad Hat or somewhere else, with it being summer I’m pretty flexible c:

I’ve also started doing tea leaf readings besides just Oracle and tarot we can incorporate too!

Thank you! I hope to read you again soon!! ✨

I’m going to bake some crispbread tomorrow, as both Anpu and Bast has been asking me to share some with them. I’m going to use more seeds this time because it was lacking in filling last time I made it.

Next time I go grocery shopping Sobek-Ra has requested that I buy some dried apricots. I’m a bit short on money this month because I bought a water fountain for my cat, so whether I buy them really depends on the price.

I also got some lovely birthday gifts from @bunnybosss the other day. She got me a cute little cactus and a movie (that I still can’t remember the name of, even though it’s a brilliant movie(is it Garden of Words???)) and then some tea (I really like tea).

Things are going well, so I really hope that school will be going well, too, when classes start.

Soon the leaves will turn brown and gold, and then summer will be over. I’m looking forward to it.

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In your previous post you suggested mako would be interested into gardening, where did he get this idea from??? Does Korra share with him this hobby?

Yes I did! People suggested him to do it to de-stress. When he first considered the idea he started with a small plant vase. Since he’s a big nerd soon he got more invested into it and bought gardening books and more plants. Korra is too agitated for such a calm hobby, so she just observes and helps watering the plants occasionally. She also secretly loves when Mako left flowers on her nightstand or pillow.
Mako actually is very jealous of his plants, but now with 4 children and a polarbear dog running around the house he is seriously considering to abandon the hobby…xD

I Never Told You

Request: Hello, sweetheart! I would like to request a 10. with Derek from the one-line prompt list! c:

10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Authors Note: I’ve been SO excited to write this one, thank you anon for sending this and THANK YOU to @derekhaleimagines for inspiring me :) (seriously after you’ve read this you should SO check her out)

Warnings: Angst; implied breakup; major soppiness; ovary explosion may occur  

Word Count: 1,590

As always, requests are open! :)

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It’s funny how slight shifts in interactions can change how you are as a person.

For example, how if I were to stop any and all interactions with my younger sister Cora, I would either A) Rip someones throat out with worry or B) Drive all night to make sure she was safe. However, if I was to stop any and all interactions with Stiles, I would either A) Have less headaches or B) Have more headaches worrying about whether he’d got himself killed yet. 

Probably both.

But when you stop having interactions with someone you once shared everything with…Well, that’s something different all together.

Chimneys fall and lovers blaze, thought that I was young. Now I’ve freezing-’

Stupid radio,” I mutter, shutting it off as I fix my gaze on Lydia making her way up the garden path. Her garden was like a shrunken paradise, wildflowers spilling out of neatly kept beds and sunflowers growing so high you’d believe they were the sun itself. 

Y/N always loved gardening, it was one of the many things we would argue about. It was always the same argument, the same phrases leaving our lips in the same order. 

Why do you have to do that today? The pack-’

‘Because I care about it Derek! Just like you care about the pack!’

She always smelled of flowers, she loved them so much she opened Beacon Hills’ most popular flower shop. She’d bring home the ones that were left after she brought new ones from the market in the city, somehow reviving the limp flowers that looked beyond saving.

But yet she always did, every time that I doubted her she always did.

My eye snapped into focus as I heard Lydia say her goodbyes. Y/N was lingering against the door frame, her full body bracing itself against the cold weather in nothing but all too familiar boxers and vest. Was she asking for a cold? I shifted in my seat, longing to be wrapping my arms around her waist before kissing her freckled shoulders.

I had to wait until Lydia was gone before I could make my move. If I tried to speak to Y/N with her there I wouldn’t get very far, despite the age difference there had always been a sort of bond between Y/N and the pack.

She was the matriarch, and you were the patriarch but you messed that up. Just like you always do.

I had to talk to her.

Grabbing the handle I locked the car, storming my way over to her house before I could give myself the chance to back out like a coward. As soon as I was at her garden gate you could smell the flowers, the familiar scent invading my senses before I could brace myself.

I nearly crushed the gate under my palm as I forced it away. I could hear her inside, she was pottering about as usual. I couldn’t help but notice how there was a wilting rose on her rose bush, or how there were the start of weeds growing in-between her peonies and lavenders. All too soon I was facing her front door. I didn’t need to knock, I could only just hear her breathing on the other side of the door. Only just hear her over my own heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“Y/N,” I croaked, my fingers brushing the door “Y/N I know you can hear me.”

I can hear you trying to silence your cries with your hands.

I clamped my eyes shut at the thought of her crying and braced my forearm against the doorway. “Please, I just want to talk.” 

“I don’t think there’s anything left to say,” Her breath was shaking from the tears.

“I have plenty to say to you-”

“Derek I can’t-”

“Just let me in, Y/N.” Silence. “Please.” I pleaded.


I dropped my gaze down to the door handle, hope rising in my chest. She would be in the kitchen, that’s where we would always go when we needed to talk. She’d sit on the counter, and I’d make her hot coco with all the trimmings in her favourite mug, and she’d always get cream on her nose and-

Stop it. You don’t have that anymore. Stop it.

I kicked off my boots in the hall, not wanting to tread dirt into the house since I heard her chiding Lydia earlier. I placed them neatly next to her ballet pumps, the size difference dropping another weight into my stomach.

She was there, right where I knew she would be sat with her knees folded beneath her and her fingers splayed in her lap, waiting patiently. It took everything I had to not run over to her and just show her how I feel. 

But I didn’t. Instead, I walked in calmly with my mothers words ringing through my head with every step. ‘Be a swan. Stay calm on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath the water.’

I sat myself down in my usual seat at the breakfast bar. I’d rehearsed this a million times, played this exact scene over in my mind more with every possible outcome dissected down to every moment. But now? Now I’m lost for words.

“Y/N,” I started, my hand rubbing over my stubble.

Don’t Y/N me Derek,” She spat, “Don’t think you can just waltz back in and say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘we can fix this’ cause we can’t, okay? I thought we’d covered that last time. We just-” She sighed and shook her head, “we just want different things.” She mumbled.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t do much but sit like an idiot and just watch her every movement. 

“I never told you enough when we were together,” I started, “and I need to say it before I go and then I swear I won’t bother you anymore if that’s what you really want.”

Without giving her a chance to object I sucked in a breath and ploughed on.

“I never told you all the things I should have. I never told you how I loved the way that you care for the pack like a mother. I never told you how I loved how brave you were to cut off your long hair so you could donate it, and I loved how you didn’t care what people thought of it.” I smiled, “And I loved how secretly  you cared so much, but you cared what you thought more.”

“How you love your flowers so much that you opened up a flower shop, or how you have a talent for making even the ugly ones look beautiful.”

“Hey, none of my flowers are ugly.” She sniffed.

I fidgeted on the edge of my seat. “How I love it when you do that silly face just to prove to everyone that I can smile. How I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. How I only really smile around you, how you can make me smile without doing anything.”

“I love how you accepted me,” I stood up, “how you know everything that I’ve done in the past and how you didn’t care.”

She let out a sob as I slowly started to pad over to her.

“I love, how you put me in my place when I’m being an ass.”

“You’re an ass most of the time.” She spoke quietly, her eyes fixing on her knees.

“I love how you can hold your own,” I gulp, “how I can’t imagine my life anymore without you in it.” My hands start to shake, “how I can’t imagine not kissing you everyday-”


I placed my hands either side of her thighs, her tear soaked lashes batting her cheeks.

“How I can’t imagine not having kids with you, having our first baby.” More tears were falling now as she scrunched her eyes up, her head falling forwards to rest against mine. “How I can’t imagine wanting a family with anyone but you.” I continued as my voice got thicker and my eyes blurrier, “How I just want you, Y/N.” 

I lifted my hands to rest on her thighs, just as her small hands circled my wrists. God she was so beautiful, even with her eyes puffy and cheeks red she was gorgeous. 

“I knew from the moment I saw you,” My voice dropped, my own eyes growing red from the saltiness “from the first moment I saw you I knew I was in for the long run.” My voice was shaking now, my emotions betraying me.

“But y-y-you said…you said that-” 

“Yeah I know but I’m an ass who doesn’t know how to keep something great when they have it,” I mumbled, grinning at her small smile.

She laughed quietly between us, her tiny hands moving up my arms to rest either side of my neck while mine settled in the valley of her waist.

“So,” she sniffed, her pulse quickening.

“So,” I muttered, watching as her eyes flickered down to my lips and her tongue darting out to wet hers.

“Does this mean-”

We moved in closer.

“Yeah…” I whispered, our eyes half lidded.

“Hmmm?” She hummed, the vibrations flowing through me as our lips connected halfway. I’d gone too long without her, like how the sun goes too long without seeing the moon, always each just missing the other but finally, we were the perfect eclipse.

More Than Friends, Brothers [Phancest] (10/12)


(A lot of people kind of already noticed what’s going to happen next ?! also if you’ve read my other fanfics you may see some things i’ve already mentioned in other ficS or some similar stuff but i didnt have the time to be creative ok fuck off)

Warnings: Incest. mentions of alcohol and drug usage

A/N: why do i enjoy writing about crazy teenage parties so much Google Search


“Okay what is it? Should I be scared?”

“Nope, I just want to let you know that you’re going out with me and my friends tonight.” He sounded confident.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not. You never go out, Phil. You have no friends and that’s bad you know? I don’t want you to stay inside all the time and I don’t think it’s fair that I always hang out and you don’t. You have to give my friends a chance, I know they’re younger and blahblahblah but it could be fun?”

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Author: @thegirlfromoverthepond

Rating: G

A/N: My huge thanks to the wonderful @dandelion-sunset for her beta skills <3

Peeta returned to District 12 on a beautiful spring day. The birds had began their melodies in the trees, and one family had decided to nest somewhere in the roof of my house. It didn’t disturb me at all, reminding me of the dozens that once inhabited our tiny Seam house, another life ago, or was it only three years? I couldn’t tell. Time was nothing but a concept, passing haphazardly, bringing me only remorse, regrets, angst, or memories of fire. How ironic - the Girl on Fire saw her closest friends die to the flames, almost dying herself in the process.

Peeta came back as broken mentally as I was physically. I was familiar with not sleeping at night, plagued by nightmares, visions of deaths, mutts, Snow’s sarcastic laugh - the latest, an every night companion. I wasn’t familiar with the sounds that escaped his windows, tearing my sleepless nights with cries and pain.

Oh, sure, during the days he was fine, baking bread for the construction teams, for Haymitch and for me, but I can tell even the cheese buns aren’t the ones he made an eternity ago with his dad. They are good, of course, but miss a touch that made them unforgettable. His eyes lack the spark that made Peeta who he was - too good for this world, too sunny for this dark district, too loving for a lost soul like me.

When I started looking closer, I saw it wasn’t only his eyes that were empty, but the rest of him. He barely touched anyone, a real smile couldn’t reach his mouth. Of course, he was still the Peeta everybody remembered, kind and gentle, but he wasn’t my Peeta. The one who gave me the pearl, the one who held me at night, the one who painted sunsets and wars to get them out of his head, the one who saved me over and over again.

Maybe it was time for me to save him.

Maybe I could bring back what had been stolen from him, what made him Peeta Mellark.

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