as soon as i get a new record player

f0xjaw  asked:

I'm so so so excited!!!! I'm getting my one piece battle of fishman island Figure set in a few days and I just ordered a figure for Thriller Bark Perona and she looks so cute and I'm so exciteeeed I need moar figures how many figures is too many figures, ya think? :o

ahhh i’m jealous!!  i hope they arrive soon and in good condition <3

no such thing as too many figures, at least in my opinion hehe.  your only limit is how much money you can spare and the amount of space you have to set them up on :3c

….which reminds me that i’m going to need to find a new spot for my sabo figures, because i’ve been setting them all up on top of my record player, but with the most recent one there is literally no space left at all for whichever one i get next…..

I’m Always Waiting For You // Chris Evans x Reader

Hello! Request from anonymous (soon so so sorry it’s late!! I hope this lives to your expectations) P.S. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! just give me a shout with a message or private ask :) love you All!  

Chris had the hours being counted down on his phones lock screen and check each time he got a chance to seize it from his assistant Jaimie.

“Dude! You gotta chill with this thing!” Jaimie said, chuckling at my distress as he hid my phone from me. “What’s got cha worked up Cevans?” He heard Downey coming from behind him and sighed, he didn’t need this right now.

“Nothing! I just wanna check my texts-”

“Well here ya go, there’s one from you’re agent, you’re brother, you’re mom-” RDJ interrupted Jaimie’s roll call, “this list is amusing me, please go on.” Chuckling he did, making my ears steam from anger and also angst.

“Just give me the damn time, Jai.” Before Jaimie could list the last name of messengers to him. He looked up and saw real desperation on his best friends face, and tossed it too him. Chris mumbled a thanks before hitting call on the last name, walking to his dressing room inside the studio.

“Can I have a twenty minute break? I need to- check on my kids?” Downey said loudly to Joss. Joss gave him a nod, and told everyone they could have twenty minutes to work on any kinks they needed fixed.

Always so inquizitive, Robert was so confused seeing him upset for a simple time request. Chris wasn’t a loose cannon like Robert, in all honesty. He kept his temper under control until it came down to two things: His family; and his girlfriend. Robert knew this was more than just some “did I get the job?” time call, it was important.

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