as soon as chapter 1 stops being hideous

I accidentally Motorfalls’d. For like two weeks.

Okay, no, this is actually sort of a sneak peek at the fic I’ve been working on. It has chapters. That’s right, chapters. And multiple drafts. That’s right, multiple drafts. Anyway, it’ll be up eventually.

COSTUMES(no twin theme because I hadn’t seen the Summerween episode when I thought this up)

I put Dipper in his daydream Indiana Jones outfit from the second episode. I really do think that would be his dream job. Investigator/adventurer who travels around, discovering amazing and wonderful things all over the world.

Mabel I dressed up as Jem. Because that show was glittery and pink and glamorous and boy-filled and Mabel would watch the living heck out of it. Also, her wardrobe is 80’s as all get-up so it makes sense to me. (She’s using pink hair-spray, btw, as opposed to a wig.)

And then there’s Mike, chaperoning as Eddie Riggs. Because Brütal Legend is awesome and those two would get on like a house on fire. Really.