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Underisolation! Frisk(Info order was mostly based on Anrez-op-skele) 

Name- Frisk

Age- 10

Gender- Agender

Race/Species- Human

Soul trait- Determination

Abilities- The power of Resets

Personality- Frisk is a very quiet around other but tries their best to make new friends. But they often a cry baby and gets scarred easily 

Background- Frisk lived in a very bad orphanage who in an anti-monster village. Frisk however beileve there’s was good in everyone, including monsters so they were badly mistreated. People believe that they were almost straggled to death but managed to escaped, others believe it was a suicide act and someone managed to get them to stop before they to kill themselves. Either way, they forever live scars on their neck which is covered with bandages

How they came to the underground-They got tired of the orphanage and ran away. They decided to wondered the woods to clear their min but ended up getting lost. They saw smoke from up mt. Ebott and thought there were travelers who was camping. So they climb all the way up without thinking twice in hopes of finding help. Once they reach the top they saw the hole where all the monster in. They tried their best to avoid it but they trip and fell into the underground

Likes-Drawing, reading fairytales, chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts, and sewing

Dislikes- Horror films(mostly those with jump scares), people arguing, being yelled at, and snails

April 2016, EXO in Ray Magazine: Kyungsoo

D.O.’s Answer:

Q. Your ideal type’s style:

A simple fashion! I like fashion that gives off a neat feeling. I like standard colors too - for example, one-tone navy. I would like it if she dressed simply. I have a preference for pants too.

Q. Who likes to play around the most?

D.O.: Baekhyun is someone with the gift of making the people around him happy. That’s his strength. He always plays around, like jokingly tapping you on the shoulder!

Q. Who is the most tearful?

D.O.: Chanyeol. Drama, movie, cartoon, if whatever it is touches him he will often cry. It just means he’s that sensitive. He told me once he even cried reading One Piece.

Q. Who would you most like as a boyfriend?

D.O.: Chen, because he has a really warmhearted side. He concerns himself with everyone, like the staff, and is good at being considerate. When I see that, I think he’d be good as a boyfriend.

Q. Who is the manliest?

Kai: You might not be able to tell at first glance, but he’s surprisingly manly, which is why I picked him. Something about him where it seems he can firmly say what bothers him, or what is a little difficult to bring up. That’s something I personally like too, so D.O. hyung!

Chen: Me, ahahaha! Just kidding (laughs). It’s D.O. The reason is in his reliability. Although he usually doesn’t have much to say, he’s a reassuring presence among the members. The expression suits him well.

Xiumin: Time’s passed, and I feel he’s matured a lot since we first met. He has a very simply honest side, so though he doesn’t speak much, each word has weight. He doesn’t talk frivolously so he has a lot of depth.

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what do you think you live for?

I live in and for the idea that the person I am, and the things I will do will affect someone else in a real way. 

whats your favorite month? 

I honestly couldn’t pick one. 

if you could go straight/gay/like someone you wouldn’t normally think of liking, who would it be (famous person)? 

Interesting, hmmm. I rather fancy Rebecca Hall.

perfect day?

Writing, reading, bon fire, cooking dinner beside my mother, a night surround by people (or a person) who make(s) me laugh and smile, and I make them laugh and smile as well. Dancing. Running around yipping, shouting and reciting playful phrases, dialogue or proverbs. 

who would you want to play you in your biographical movie?

Greta Gerwig

what was your most treasured memory?

I have many. Many many many. 

do you cry easily/often?

Yes, I am very much susceptible to shedding tears of joy and sorrow. 

if you could only save one thing in your house/life what would it be?

My pets. 

do you believe in the supernatural? 

I believe in the supremely fantastic. 

do you have a lot of dreams when you sleep?

Not of late. 

..whats the worst thing you ever done?

well, I wouldn’t very well tell you. 

whats your favorite condiment? 


have you ever been in love? tell me about one of the times.

No. Maybe. Probably. Yes, but it was the type of love that exists only so long as you don’t look at reality. 

would you ever date someone a lot older/younger than you?

I’ve dated 12 years my senior. And only 2 years my junior. 

whats the craziest story thats happened to you?

I have several, if you ever buy me a drink, I’ll share one. 

who is your favorite family member/friend?

Now that’s just not fair. No, wait. Cooper, my parent’s Jack Russell. Yes. Him. 

have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

Yes. I punched my sister in the chin when I was a child and then promptly burst into tears. However, I have been tempted to throw a punch since then, and I wouldn’t have cried. 

which would you choose if you had to choose between joining the army, navy or air force? 

Air Force

what are your alter egos like?

A little rougher around the edges. 

have you ever known someone that you really thought you could marry?

No. Not in the realistic “I’m going to grow old and take care of you, sickness and health” way or the “I can spend the rest of my life loving you and only you” way. 

do you fall for people easily?

No. I stumble a bit, then right myself. Fall? Nope. It takes a bit. 

How did you get one of your scars? 

Baking bread. 

fav flavor ice cream?

I haven’t ever had ice cream. Nor will I. 

tell me about a crush past or present?

I have a pretty big crush on @thecountryfucker. But, who doesn’t?