as someone that deals with grief by doing whatever i can to escape and avoid it

okay, guys, look. what happened in connecticut today is really fucking awful, but that does not give you the right to shame people that don’t want to talk/blog/tweet about it. some people can’t handle thinking about things like this, some people have bad memories that’ll be triggered by things like this, and some people would just rather put their effort and energy into something that doesn’t make them upset/angry for the sake of their mental health.

this doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person, or that they don’t have a heart. because at the end of the day, blogging, and tweeting, and sharing things that other people have blogged and tweeted – it’s not going to bring those lives back. it’s not going to make those parents feel better about losing their children. sure, it spreads the word, and yes, it’s important that a lot of people know about this. but that doesn’t mean the people that aren’t spreading it are bad people.


DO NOT shame people for blogging about other things.

DO NOT shame people for not wanting to talk about it.

DO NOT shame people for being upset about things going on in their own lives.

DO NOT shame people for asking you to tag these things so they don’t have to see them on their dashboards.

DO NOT shame people for being suicidal, like this shooting should make them realise that they have things to live for and they’re selfish for wanting die. (and it’s fucking sickening that I’ve actually seen this on twitter).

just stop fucking shaming people, okay? it’s not cool. you do what you do, let them do what they do. everyone deals with grief and distress in different ways, and that’s okay. don’t give people a hard time for dealing with this news differently to you.