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hey since i made two of these already i decided to put them in a post together. for future reference
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Oh when you laugh
I forget that it’s about me
But it’s alright
Yeah, cause being your punchline
Still is something

Yeah well I’m not scared
I’m not going nowhere
Yeah, you might want me to drop dead
But I don’t even care

Guys! It’s Keith’s birthday! This boy deserves all the love and happiness in his last year of angsty teen awkwardness. Actually, scratch that; he always deserves love and happiness. Especially after whatever the hell went down in season 4, you know?

So here, have this lil doodle of Lance worrying over a torn Keithers :))

Also, creds go out to @color-palettes for their “Eden Dusk” palette that I admittedly only used half of. Oops. 

Do not repost without my permission!

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Okay, so me and my friend (who is also a girl) have this pact that whenever a guy hits on us or something, we pretend we’re dating.

So, we just ate at this one bar (they have really good burgers) and we both agreed not to drink. Well, while she’s in the bathroom, this guy slides in the stool next to me and asks if he could buy me a drink. Panicking, I said no because I was pregnant.

At that moment, my friend (who again is a girl) comes back, sees this guys flirting, and proceeds to wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek, and says “Hey, babe! Who’s this?”

The guys immediately catches on and just gives me this blank stare, and I’m sweating so I just let out this awkward laugh and say, “It’s a miracle!

GoT interesting Parallel between book and show.

So I’m reading the first book (first time reading the series) when I cam across this little nugget.

Funny how Littlefinger says this to Ned and then Sansa mentions being a slow learner. Daughter like father. Good thing she learns eventually. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉


Another thing that bothers me about Gabriel is like…his complete disregard for his son’s safety like?? All of Adrien’s classmates have been akumatized…and while some of them may be ridiculous…others pose a significant threat. Timebreaker for instance–nearly murdered (in essence) Chat Noir. Granted he probably didn’t/doesn’t know his son’s secret identity, but the rest of the class almost evaporated from existence. I’m sure he’s well aware Adrien spends most of his day with his class and could easily become a casualty due to his antics. That or he can at least sense his son’s presence.

He could have been crushed by Stoneheart, diminished by Pixelator, mauled by Animan, literally thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Volpina (yeah he was an illusion, but I wouldn’t put it past her to do it).

“But Ladybug reverses it all anyway, so is it really an issue?” …Yeah…he’s banking on LB and CN losing…so she can’t reverse anything…I mean…

Then he pulls the frantic; “Adrien! My son! Where is he? I want him to be safe!” bs. I genuinely think he panics to a degree when Adrien disappears…but only when it’s not by his hand (Christmas Ep.). Again, the way he feels the need to dictate and control his son is upsetting.