as she requested to be an album cover

I'm blue, she's golden (chapter 1), Rock'n'roll band


Jughead Jones is part of an up and coming rock band, The Southside Serpents, created by Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, Joaquin DeSantos, and himself. Looking to get their fans hyped for their next album, they request that they send in cover art from which they will pick one to be the actual cover of the album. Betty Cooper, a photographer with an interest in digital art and design, sees the ad while scrolling through her Instagram. She emails the band, sending them a portfolio and requesting to take their pictures and make their cover art. Impressed by her skills, the lead guitarist, Archie Andrews, decides to give her a chance. As soon as the band arrives at her studio, “The Blue & Gold,” Jughead takes an interest in this Betty Cooper.

Chapter 1

“I’m really not sure why all these girls on twitter think you’re some sort of sex god,” Archie laughed, “You’ve only had sex with what? Three girls?”

Jughead chose to stay silent at this and instead glared at Archie, wishing that he would stop talking about his sex life.

“Woah, dude,” Archie continued, “Are you a virgin?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his best friend.

“Shut up, Archie,” Jughead snapped, “You know I’m not a virgin. Why do we always have this conversation?”

“I know, I know,” he put his hands up in defense, “I just wish you would give me a number that’s all. I mean, I told you mine.”

“24 Is it?” Joaquin interjected.

“Woah dude, how’d you know that?” Archie looked at him in shock.

“You don’t exactly keep quiet about it,” Kevin shrugged.

“I’m surprised the whole state of New York doesn’t know yet,” Jughead added.

“Hey! How did this turn from us ripping on Jughead to you guys ripping on me?!”

“We weren’t ripping on Jughead, you were,” Joaquin retorted, “I think it’s respectable that he doesn’t kiss and tell.”

“Thank you,” Jughead nodded at him.

In reality, Jughead had actually only ever been with two girls total. The first was named Ethel at the age of 16. After a week of being in a relationship with her that he was pressured into in the first place, she threw herself on him and he figured that he might as well lose his virginity. They had sex once again after that, but broke up two weeks later because he “didn’t pay enough attention” to her. The second girl he had ever “sexed up” as he had heard Archie say several times, Jughead met when he was drunk. He woke up the next morning and she was gone. He never even got her name.

Besides that, Jughead had no other sexual or romantic experiences. He was 24 now, but he didn’t mind. He was married to his music anyway. And apparently he didn’t even need to have sex to be known as a “sex god” after they created their band, The Southside Serpents.

Jughead walked over to his laptop and pulled their Instagram page up. Two hours earlier, they had posted an ad that requested their fans make and send in cover art. The deadline was in a week, and after that, they were to pick a cover for their album out of the submissions. According to Kevin, it was supposed to “hype fans up for the new album,” Whisper City.

Jughead thought the idea was strange, but went with it because Kevin was right most of the time. Their Manager and longtime friend, Reggie Mantle, also liked it, so Jughead didn’t have much of a choice anyway.

So far, they had gotten over 20,000 likes, 3,000 comments, and 200 actual submissions. Jughead looked through them and was completely unimpressed. Most of them were shit, and the ones that weren’t, were average at best. ‘We’re gonna need some sort of miracle,’ he thought.

That miracle came in the form of none other than Betty Cooper two days later. While having her morning coffee and checking her Instagram explore page, she came across their post. Figuring that this would be a perfect, but far fetched way for her to practice her love of design, she sent them an email.

“Dear JP, Archie, Kevin, and Joaquin,” she began.

“My name is Betty Cooper and I’m a local photographer with a love of digital art and design. If you would allow me, I would like take pictures of your band and create a professional cover for your album. Some examples of my past work are attached to the bottom of this email to show that I’m legit. If you do find my offer appealing, could you send me each of your measurements in your reply? I’ll supply the stylist and make up artist. This would be of no charge to you and also doesn’t mean that I expect you to pick me. I’m sure you have gotten a lot of promising designs.

Thanks for your time,

Betty Cooper of The Blue & Gold Photography”

Archie was the first to open the email.

“Guys,” he said, waving them over from where they were all lounging on the couch in their studio, “I think I’ve found the perfect person for us.”

Joaquin was the first to walk over and read the email, “Ugh, that requires work. I thought this was all about us not having to do work.”

“No Joaquin,” Kevin stood up and to read the email as well, “This is so we can get a unique cover for the album and increase the hype. I’ve explained this to you so many times!”

“Chill, preppy,” he kissed Kevin’s cheek, “I’m just playing around.”

“What requires work?” Jughead asked, intrigued.

“Some photographer wants to photograph us then use those pictures to create the cover,” Archie explained.

“Hmm, seems interesting,” Jughead paused for a second, thinking, “how much would we have to pay?”

“She says it’s free. I guess she just wants a chance and some practice.”

“Is her studio close to us?”

“She says that she’s local, so I’m guessing she’s here in Boston.”

“Did she say where though?”

“Dude,” Archie whined, “if you wanna know, walk over here and read it.”

“Fine,” Jughead grumbled, walking over the the laptop, “Betty Cooper of the Blue & Gold Photography.” He read.

“Where is that?” Kevin asked.

“2.5 miles away,” Joaquin responded instantly.

“Damn, that was fast,” Archie said.

“While you guys were asking stupid questions instead of reading the email, I was making sure we weren’t going to be photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement.”

Jughead was the first to voice his opinion, “I think we should do it.”

“Get photographed and then killed in a creepy dude’s basement?” Joaquin asked with a smirk, “That sure is some strange fetish you have their, Jones.”

“Shut up you dumbass,” Jughead said pointedly, “I think we should let this person photograph us.”

“We should?” Kevin questioned.

“Yeah, what do we have to lose?” Jughead asked.

“Apparently absolutely nothing,” Kevin said.

“So we’re doing this?” Archie asked.

“Seems like it,” Joaquin drawled.

After a quick phone call with Reggie, Archie sat down to type out their reply.

Girl's Night

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Request: I noticed that you don’t have any Kathryn x reader things and I was thinking about like her having a girls night sleepover thing with Amy where they gossip and do face masks and such but then male readers like “yo can I join?” Not in a weird way but like boys can enjoy that stuff too and you also haven’t written much with male readers so yeah sorry it’s not specific or just Kathryn x reader I just thought it’d be cute

Summary: Male!Reader wants to hang with Kathryn and Amy while they’re having a girls night.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry for my little hiatus I went on these past 2 weeks :( As you all probably know by now, my cousin got married! Then when I got back home I had finals! It was awful and I’m v sorry but I’m here now ready to not be a shitty person. Also I’m actually typing this all up on my phone in the tumblr app (yay for manually inputting the code 🙃) so pls bear with me if the formatting is a little off from how it usually is. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this v short fic!

Wordcount: 333, this is probably my shortest fic ever IM SORRY

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends!

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EXO reacts to their S/O getting angry/jealous over a fan getting too touchy/personal at a fan signing

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Request found here.

A/N: @tejacupcake Thank you for the request, love! I hope you all enjoy them! <3 xoxo


Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

It would be so easy to get jealous over fans interacting with Minseok because he has such a spunky and flirty attitude that it appeals to any girl. This one specific girl, though, she had to one up your flirt game as she stroked his arm while he signed her album cover. She also interlaced her fingers with his as he did aegyo specifically for her. Everyone has their limits and despite your cool attitude towards his fans, you just couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry towards a girl whose name you didn’t even know. It was the combination of his laughs, her touches, and the way he pinched her cheeks when she returned the aegyo that set you off. After the fan left, he would turn to look at you standing at the side stage and he giggled when he say you quickly look away from his stare.

“Aigoo, my jagi is upset,” he would say to himself before sending a little aegyo your way.

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

Junmyeon knew what he was doing. He knew you were jealous, just like you knew he was jealous when you interacted too closely with the other members. Like that time you all watched a movie without him and you used Jongin’s shoulder as a pillow. Or even that one time you all went bowling and you cheered loudly for Jongdae even when he bowled a gutter ball. However, you saw all that as innocent gestures between friends, but in the case of Junmyeon with an extra friendly fan, you got a taste of your own medicine. Your furrowed brows and pout resulted from a fan flirting with Junmyeon and placing her hands on his shirt, tracing little hearts on it. You weren’t exactly angry at him or her, but you knew that you didn’t like her hands on your boyfriend. You would be relieved when the fan signing ended, but he would be so smug about your attitude that it made it hard to get over it.

“Oh! So, it’s okay for you to make me jealous, but I can’t make you jealous?” he would snicker as he gently pinched your chin and leaned in to kiss your pursed lips.

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

We all know that Yixing is all about the fans and he would tend to them individually if he was given the opportunity. Unfortunately for you the fans know his loyalty to them and he does not have a problem if they get a little close for a picture; however one fan in particular was being a little extra with her love for Yixing. She asked to touch his hair to which he permitted. You weren’t always jealous when it came to Yixing and his fans, but this one particular girl wouldn’t let up and kept getting closer to his face acting as if she couldn’t hear what he was saying. Her intentions were clear when she suddenly grabbed ahold of his face and kissed him right on the lips. People gasped as he wiped his lips and security carried her out. You were livid because he always talked about how kissing is only meant for people in a relationship and how uncomfortable he was kissing strangers or even co-stars. However, he clearly saw your discomfort with the whole situation as he descended to the backstage area still wiping his mouth. He would smile at you with a sorry expression on his face and take you carefully in his arms.

“I let my guard down. I’ll be more careful from now on, Bǎobèi. I promise,” he would say still feeling bad about something he had no control over.

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Byun Baekhyun

Baekhyun found it humorous that you were jealous over his fan girls touching his arm at a fan signing. He was proud to be your boyfriend, but your jealousy also stroked his ego and he made more of a fuss over it than he should. When the fans were giggling over his joke, he would purposely laugh or talk louder knowing very well that you could hear and see him. After it was over, he would smugly make his way towards you expecting you to either give him the silent treatment or a playful slap on the chest.

“Is my jagi jealous? Tell me baby, how can I make it up to you?” he would ask playfully in your ear.

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Jongdae is very attentive when it comes to fan signing. He likes to make the fans feel comfortable and wants to give them a special time with them. However, one fan took it a bit too far by running her hand up and down his arm and was even using a cutesy voice with him. He was fine with her attention until she kept asking for him to call her his girlfriend. He would politely remind her that his relationship with you had recently gone public, but she was adamant about what she wanted and did not stop until security had to ask for her to keep the line moving. When Jongdae returned backstage, you would be sitting down quietly eating your lunch and he would approach you to kiss your cheek but you would just turn away from him and he knew you had seen the fan interaction.

“What’s wrong? I handled it, Jagiyah! You’re my only girl,” he would say putting his head on your shoulder as he stole a fry from your plate.

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Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol has the best time at fan signings and enjoys interacting with his fans no matter how loud or crazy they may get. On this specific day, you were waiting at the side of the stage as you overlooked the entire fan signing. You weren’t a naturally jealous person, but you noticed that one fan grabbed ahold of Chanyeol’s arm and stroked it as she talked to him. Being respectful, he asked her to stop so that he could sign the merchandise for her, but she did not let go. Chanyeol glanced over to where you were standing to see you with your arms crossed and huge noticeable pout on your face. He mouthed “I’m sorry” to you and continued on with the fan signing trying to not to be disrespectful to his fans or you. Once it was over he made his way towards you.

“I know,” he began putting his hands up in defense. “I’m sorry you had to see that, but my jagi has the most beautiful pout in the world.”

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Kyungsoo wouldn’t put up with your jealousy, but he wouldn’t dismiss your feelings either. From the beginning he told you that being in EXO meant that he would get extra attention from female fans, so that you had to prepare yourself. He didn’t feel the need to reassure you of his true feelings because his actions spoke volumes to you. During a recent fan signing, a fan asked him for a kiss on the cheek and when he said he wasn’t allowed to do that, she whined and used aegyo to try to get him to change his mind. Those kinds of actions had never bothered you before but you couldn’t help but feel jealous when you saw that Kyungsoo became shy around the female fan. He finally kissed her cheek and the fan made her way down the line. He was smiling big until he looked in your direction and saw your furrowed brows and your arms crossed over your chest. His smile quickly changed, but smirked as he looked down to sign another autograph.

“Remember that conversation we had when we first got together? These things are bound to happen, Jagiyah. There is no need to be jealous,” he would say secretly loving your jealousy.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

Jongin is rather shy when he is not on stage performing and he is no different at fan signings either, but he enjoys them. He loves to see the smiling fans and having small chats with them. If it wasn’t enough that you two had an argument this morning, he was now paying extra attention to a fan that was all giggles standing in front of him. She teasingly slapped her hand down on his while they laughed about something that cracked him up. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, both angry and jealous over another girl not only flirting with your boyfriend, but making him laugh loudly. It wasn’t until Junmyeon poked Jongin’s side with his elbow that he would stop laughing and say goodbye to the fan. Once he looked in the direction that Junmyeon pointed to and saw you glaring at him, his face would completely go still.

“Are we going to argue about this too? Just know that you have no reason to ever be jealous, Y/N,” he would sincerely say taking your hands in his.

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Oh Sehun

EXO hosted a fan contest during one of their fan signings and the grand prize was that one lucky winner would be able to hang out with the member of their choice. To your surprise, the fan chose Sehun as the one she wanted to spend time with. Even though cameras followed them around, you couldn’t help but get angry and jealous over how Sehun paid careful attention to the female fan and how he was a complete gentleman towards her by opening her door and pulling her chair in when she sat down. Not to mention that the girl was dressed with a low cut V-neck shirt and a short skirt. You had a hard time watching him interacting with her, but also became extremely irritated with how she wrapped her hands around his arm and felt his muscles. His shy reactions didn’t help the situation either.

When filming ended, he would say his goodbyes to the fan and walk in your direction with a huge grin on his face because he just loved the extra “attention” he got from you after you apologized for acting out. He knew you were aware that his interactions with her were meant to look good on camera, but he also knew how you acted when you were jealous or angry. However, he wouldn’t let you talk down to him or insult his fans even if they were a bit too extreme at times.

“If you want to be a brat about it, fine! Be a brat, but remember there is only room for one brat and that’s me, so I suggest you get over it soon,” he would say to snap you out of your selfish mood then walking away with a smirk painted on his face.

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lurkinghistoric  asked:

Fic ask! I'd like to see another snippet from your Mad Max gym AU. I know that's not a brand new ask, so apologies if it's too far from the spirit of the request - but it did remind me how much I enjoyed that fic.

No, no, thank you so much!  Totally within the spirit of the Ask Game! :)  I’m happy to share what I had for the next chapter.

Packing up the room was quiet, solemn work, sorting what to keep or give away.  Furiosa found herself distracted by a large hand-made photo album, the cover wrapped with soft fabric, a square cut in the center for a small photo, and large foam letters declaring the book to be ‘Sprog’s Baby Book of Firsts.’

She studied the photo, looking at a smiling Max with a woman beside him, holding a swaddled and sleeping baby between them.

“Jessie and Sprog,” Max said quietly, standing beside her.

“Can I …?” She looked at him, hand on the edge of the cover.  He nodded and she opened the album.

The cover page was a birth certificate along with tiny foot and hand prints in black ink.  Furiosa sat down, setting the book in her lap and Max sat beside her, shoulder against hers, as she thumbed through the pages of his old life.

Sprog’s first steps were taken at nine months, a photo of Max helping him walk next to the date.  His first actual words, “Da da,” were spoken not long after.  For his first Halloween, Jessie and Max dressed him up as Charlie Brown.  The picture of a fat baby with rosy cheeks and yellow sweater made Furiosa and Max laugh.  Another photo had Sprog sitting next to a fallen Christmas tree, his hands tangled in the string of lights, delighted grin on his round face.

“We were gone for two seconds,” Max grumbled beside her.  Furiosa shook her head, smiling, and turned the page.

The next page had several photos of various people wearing silly cone hats, a colorfully frosted birthday cake with a single candle sitting on a table, and two exhausted-but-happy-looking parents with a beaming one-year-old.  Max huffed, frowning at a picture of Joe trying to hand a squalling Sprog back to a laughing Jessie.  In another photo, Furiosa spotted Ace, one of the older guys that worked at the gym even when she’d been there, although he retired a few years before she left.  He was making goofy faces at a grinning Sprog.

The last picture had a very happy but tuckered out one-year-old, asleep in Max’s arms, head resting on his shoulder, entire face and hands covered in frosting.  Furiosa snorted.  Turning the page again, she found a small stack of photos that hadn’t been placed into the pages yet.  She felt Max’s shoulder drop with a sigh.  He grabbed the top picture, a candid of Jessie curled up and asleep on the couch, Sprog held to her chest, napping as well.  Max stared at the photo for several seconds, absentmindedly stroking the surface with his thumb.

“Jessie was always,” he gestured towards the album, “the sentimental one.”  A small smile lifted the corners of his mouth as he continued to stare at the picture.  “Guess she did me a favor.”

Furiosa swallowed the lump in her throat and softly hummed her agreement.  Max returned the photo to its pile with the rest and she closed the book.  They returned to the work of packing up the room, a pile of boxes full of stuff to be given away stacked neatly next to the door.  The rocking chair with the album, a blanket, and a teddy bear still sat in the corner, marking the few things Max wanted to keep.  The only thing left was the crib.

Taking it apart was … The mattress was light and easy to lift out.  The bolts and screws weren’t difficult to loosen.  Furiosa’s help sped up the process.  But for Max, it was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

A heavy quiet settled over them as they finished taking it apart and began loading everything into her truck.  The silence only got heavier as they climbed into the cab.  Furiosa stared at Max for a moment, words a jumbled mess on the tip of her tongue but he was turned away from her, temple pressed against the cool glass of the window, not really seeing the scenery beyond.  She swallowed the words and started the truck.

Angharad and Capable were waiting for them outside the apartment complex when they arrived. As they unloaded and carried everything upstairs, Max remained in a somber mood.  He could barely look at Angharad, the excitement on her face almost too much for him.  She stood in the doorway watching them put the crib back together as Capable brought in the last of the boxes.

Suddenly, Angharad let out a soft gasp, hands reaching for her stomach.

“He’s kicking!”  Her face split into a brilliant smile and she walked over to Furiosa, taking her hand and placing it on her belly.  For a couple seconds Furiosa waited and then smiled.

“Hey little one.”

“Max, do you want to-?”  Angharad stepped towards him but he was frozen. Several seconds passed and Furiosa nearly answered for him until he lifted his hand and Angharad held it to her stomach.  A moment later, he felt a tiny thump against his palm.  And then another.  Max inhaled sharply and then … he laughed.  A short bark of a laugh but a laugh nonetheless.

He was taken back to the days of Jessie’s pregnancy, the excitement, the wonder, the hopes and dreams.  And it didn’t hurt as bad as he thought it would.  All those dreams were long gone but here, right in front of him, was a new dream for Angharad.  And he was part of helping her make it happen.  Still, his hands trembled when he looked up at her with a broken smile.  She tugged on his hand and he stood up so she could wrap him in a warm hug.

When they were ready to leave, Angharad pulled Furiosa to the side before she could follow Max to the truck.

“All of this stuff … it’s not from a friend of his, is it?” She asked quietly.  Furiosa’s face turned grim and she gave a quick shake of her head.  Angharad looked at Max sitting in the truck, paying them no mind, her hands running over her stomach.  She couldn’t imagine.  Didn’t want to.  “I won’t mention it, I just … wanted to know.”

Furiosa nodded and they shared a quick hug.

I'm blue, she's golden (chapter 2), I've been waiting for you


Jughead Jones is part of an up and coming rock band, The Southside Serpents, created by Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, Joaquin DeSantos, and himself. Looking to get their fans hyped for their next album, they request that they send in cover art from which they will pick one to be the actual cover of the album. Betty Cooper, a photographer with an interest in digital art and design, sees the ad while scrolling through her Instagram. She emails the band, sending them a portfolio and requesting to take their pictures and make their cover art. Impressed by her skills, the lead guitarist, Archie Andrews, decides to give her a chance. As soon as the band arrives at her studio, “The Blue & Gold,” Jughead takes an interest in this Betty Cooper.

Chapter 2

Betty urged herself not to dig her nails into her palms as she awaited the arrival of the Serpents. She thought this was a great opportunity and responded eagerly to their reply, but found herself becoming quite anxious for the shoot three days later. She had heard things about the Southside Serpents.

From what Betty had heard, JP Jones was “the new Mick Jagger” and also a bit of an asshole. Just scrolling through his Instagram, she could tell that he had as many hate accounts dedicated to him as he did fan accounts. In Betty’s personal opinion, he didn’t seem like that bad of a guy. People just didn’t know how to deal with sarcasm apparently. Archie Andrews was the boy next door type with muscles that her longtime best friend, Veronica, often fawned over. Betty thought he was cute and all, but not all that he was cracked out to be. Joaquin DeSantos, in her opinion, seemed the most like a bad boy. He was dating Kevin Keller, the fourth member of the band, and due to this, many female (and some male) fans found their relationship quite cute and shipped them relentlessly and obsessively. Although he was dating a bad boy, Kevin seemed like the nicest of them all. With no sharp features or rumors of being an asshole, Betty was looking forward to meeting him the most.

Betty was joined in her studio by Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom. Veronica was a stylist, and Cheryl a make up artist. They often worked with her on shoots, which Betty preferred because she had known them both since childhood. Honestly, Betty had a bit of social anxiety when it came to meeting new people. It wasn’t that she didn’t like making new friends, she did, she just didn’t like the whole introducing herself and first impression thing. She hated how much first impressions mattered to people.

The boys arrived as Betty was pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“Knock knock,” Jughead greeted, knocking on the wall.

The greeting startled Betty, causing her to spill coffee all over her turtleneck, denim jacket, and the ground with an audible “shit.”

“I’m sorry,” Jughead said, as he and Archie leaned down to help her wipe up the spilled coffee, “Where you not expecting us yet?”

“Oh no no,” she waved her hand, “You’re right on time. I’m just jumpy. Must be all the coffee I drink,” she said with a laugh.

“I know what you mean,” Jughead smirked at her, “I’m a coffee addict myself.”

She held eye contact with him for much too long. He was even prettier in person, she noticed.

“Anyway,” Betty turned on her heal to completely face the whole band, “This is Cheryl Blossom, your make up artist for the day,” she gestured in Cheryl’s direction, “And Veronica Lodge, the stylist,” she gestured at Veronica.

They all shook hands, properly introducing themselves. Archie’s hand lingered on Veronica’s longer than Cheryl’s and she smiled her flirty smile up at him. ‘Oh boy,’ Betty thought, ‘Why is she always attracted to my clients?’

Cheryl seemed irked by this interaction, which only spurred Veronica on more. Betty had sensed a bit of unspoken attraction between Cheryl and Veronica for the longest time now, but Veronica, being the way she was, wouldn’t just admit that she liked Cheryl, and instead flirted with every person she met to make Cheryl jealous. It always worked.

Betty then turned in the direction of her darkroom where she kept a change of clothes for accidents like this, “Now if you’ll excuse me. I need to clean this,” she gestured to her outfit, “up.”

As soon as Betty exited, Veronica spoke, directing her words mostly at Archie, “It’s so good to see some real musical talent around here,” Veronica blabbed, “Betty’s ex boyfriend, Chuck, used to have a band and they SUCKED.”

“That’s unfortunate,” Joaquin hummed, picking his nails.

“Oh don’t worry,” she turned her gaze back to Archie, “she broke up with him.”

Archie looked a little shocked, “That’s kind of harsh.”

“No no no,” Veronica laughed her flirty laugh, “she didn’t break up with him because of his music, silly boy, she broke up with him because-” Veronica realized her mistake, “of other things…”

“What other things?” Archie asked naively.

Jughead walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, “Let’s not push it, Arch.”

Betty walked in mere seconds after the conversation ended in a colorful patterned fur coat with a tank top underneath. Veronica greeted her by saying, “This one’s cute,” she pointed at Archie, “can I keep him?”

“I don’t own them, V,” Betty laughed while toying with her camera, “It’s completely up to him.”

“Well I don’t know about “keeping” me, but I can take you to lunch after this,” Archie said with a smirk.

Jughead rolled his eyes at their interaction. Archie was most likely about to reach his 25th today. He would have to remind himself to not go straight back to the apartment after the shoot. He had heard one of Archie’s sexual endeavors once by accident, and he never wanted to hear another one again.

“Anyway,” Betty clapped, “let’s get you all ready so we can get up on the roof and start the shoot.”

30 minutes later, they were all dressed and ready to be photographed. Veronica followed closely behind Betty as she moved her equipment and the band up to the roof.

“Betty,” she whispered in her ear, “you should totally tap that,” she nodded in Jughead’s direction. Jughead, who was following them but talking to Joaquin, didn’t seem to notice Veronica’s nod.

Betty’s face still grew hot, “Veronica!” she whisper shouted, “you know that I haven’t been out with anyone since Chuck!”

“I didn’t say anything about going out with him, just sex,” Veronica shrugged.

Betty’s face got even redder, “So do you propose that I take his picture, bed him, and then forget that it ever happened?!” She whispered angrily.

“I never said anything about forgetting anything,” She said as she opened the door to the roof for Betty, “The whole point of it is to be unforgettable.”

“I’ll take a hard pass,” Betty huffed as she set her smoke machine down on the roof.

“But I’ve heard that he can hit your g-spot,” Veronica said in a singsong voice.

“Hush,” Betty said as she pushed her away from the group, “Where did you even hear that?”

“The internet.”

Betty rolled her eyes, saying, “Because the internet is always such a reliable source.”

Jughead was well versed in knowing when someone was talking about him. It probably stemmed from years of bullying in his childhood, but we won’t get into that right now. Basically, Jughead was well aware that Betty and Veronica were talking about him. He wondered what they were talking about, maybe his reputation? You say one sarcastic comment to a reporter and suddenly you’re labeled as an asshole for the rest of your career.

Jughead pushed his worries to the back of his mind when he saw Betty approaching, “Are you guys ready?” She asked with a sweet smile. ‘Damn, she’s pretty,’ he thought.

The first part of the shoot involving the smoke machine and individual pictures of the band members, occurred with very few problems. Jughead, or JP as people who weren’t his close friends knew him, seemed effortless in front of the camera. The others, not so much. She had to give them a few pointers, but in the end, Betty ended up with some spectacular pictures.

The second part of the shoot had Betty almost tearing her hair out. Every time she wanted to take a picture of the group together, Archie was looking at Veronica, not the camera. Eventually, in frustration, she called for a break.

JP, as she knew him, approached her as she was looking through the pictures, scowling.

“They’re that bad, huh?” He asked, leaning against the table next to them.

“Oh no,” she flushed, “Don’t worry about it. Archie just kept looking away in the group photos.”

“Ah,” Jughead said in realization, “that happens anytime he sees a pretty girl. He’s kinda like a dog in that way.”

Betty snorted, “Really?”

“Yep,” he responded, looking over at Archie who was flirting with Veronica, “for some reason people think I’m the player when he actually is.”

“Interesting,” Betty said, looking over at him, “do you have any idea why?”

“Oh uh,” he rubbed his neck, “this girl that I dated in high school came out and said that I was “the best lover she’s ever had.” Her standards must be really low,” he added with a chuckle.

Betty laughed with him and when the laughter died down, they stood in a comfortable silence, watching the other people on the roof interact.

Jughead spoke first, “So how’d you get into photography?” he asked, “I’ve always found it so interesting.”

Betty smiled at him, “I actually wanted to be a journalist, but no one took me seriously. It was just easier to be a photographer since both of my parents are…not to say that I don’t love it,” she added quickly.

“No,” he responded, “I know what you mean. Music was never my first choice but I still love it.”

Betty smiled in understanding, “I like to think that just like people say we have several soulmates, we have several careers that could fit us.”

Jughead smiled back at her and her heart fluttered, “That’s a nice thought,” he mused.

After a minute Betty said, “You know, I could teach you the basics after the shoot if you’re not busy.”

“Huh?” He asked, not knowing what she was talking about.

“The basics of photography.”

“Oh,” he responded with a shy smile, “that would actually be really nice.”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder || Simpatigo Short

Griffin comes come after being away for a live show. The trio share gifts and kisses. Short, fluffy, oneshot.

Simone’s laptop is resting on it’s lid, the touch pad just barely tucked under her chin, as she scrolls through Tumblr lazily when the apartment door rattles. Immediately she jerks to an upright position, glancing at her phone’s time just as Griffin walks in, suitcase being dragged after him. “Griffin? You’re early!”

He drops his bags with a huff, wiping at his forehead, “Yeah, I got an earlier flight to surprise you, but I’m not sure that was such a good idea. My bones are screaming at me.” He’s referencing the flights of stairs he had to climb, hefting his overstuffed bags with him.

Simone ignores his complaints, already maneuvering around the cluttered dining table to wrap her arms around him. He abandons his bags to return her hug, and give her a quick peck before he pulls away. “Where’s Pat?”

Unwinding herself, Simone moves to lean against the table, “Taking his daily Pat nap. We really aren’t that fun to surprise, I guess,” She laughs.

“I actually think the cool kids are calling them depression naps these days.” Griffin struggles to lift his suitcase and practically throws it next to Simone on the table. It enough to wind him again.

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I’m so obsessed with lights’ new album!!! What a masterpiece she can do no wrong


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The Story Behind One of Meghan Trainor's Favorite Songs

Meghan Trainor
landed with a splash on the music scene with her hit song, “All About That Bass,” leaving many curious about the young singer-songwriter’s artistic influences. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it’s surprising that Trainor calls out not contemporaries like Katy Perry or Adele but the catchy lyrics and melodies sung by one of the world’s most famous crooners of all, Frank Sinatra, as among her inspirations. Discussing the lyric “You may hear angels cheer / ’Cause we’re together,” from the song “Come Fly With Me,” she told the magazine, “No one writes like that anymore, because it’s hard.”

Lyricist Sammy Cahn penned those memorable words—set to music by composer James Van Heusen—at the request of Sinatra himself to headline Ol’ Blue Eyes’ 1958 Capitol Records album, Come Fly With Me, which heralded exotic locales from Capri to Mandalay.

Five years later, the song inspired a film of the same name. Based on the 1960 novel Girl on a Wing, the film was promoted with images depicting three pretty airline stewardesses on a romantic spree through the Fun Capitols of the World.

The sheet music cover incorporates the film’s poster art with an inset headshot of teen heartthrob Frankie Avalon, who sings the lyrics over the film’s opening titles:

Come fly with me!
Let’s fly! Let’s fly away!
If you can use some exotic views,
There’s a bar in far Bombay.

One of the most prolific and respected lyricists of his time, Sammy Cahn’s writing process both embraced and bucked convention. As he explains in the introduction to his Rhyming Dictionary, “away” and “Bombay” in this song are a natural pairing, but Cahn adds his own twist by slipping in an unexpected inner rhyme in the same line: following “bar” with “far.”

Astute listeners, however, will note that Sinatra actually sings “exotic views” as “exotic booze,” which actually causes the next line, “a bar in far Bombay,” to make more sense. Cahn, in fact, originally wrote “booze” but, concerned about censorship, provided “views” as an alternative.

The lyric recalled by Trainor in her interview comes from the bridge and was purposely written in a broad legato style to counter the short “notey” melody that accompanies the words “Let’s fly.” Further, Cahn matches the closing word of the bridge, “together,” with the opening word of the next section, “weather,” creating a smooth transition:

’Cause we’re together
Weather-wise, it’s such a lovely day!

For a Los Angeles screening of the film Come Fly With Me, a special preview invitation was issued in the form of a plane ticket for the fictitious M-G-M Airlines. This was back in the heyday of flight, before ticketless travel and no-frills airlines, and predated the debut of MGM Grand Air, an actual airline company, in the 1980s.

The song also found airplay in another form as “Come Ride With Me,” a Pontiac Bonneville radio commercial in 1961 for dealer Peter Epsteen, seller of the stylish top-of-the-line wide-track car.

This lyric sheet is in the Sammy Cahn papers in Special Collections at the Margaret Herrick Library along with hundreds of songs by Cahn, as well as books on the craft of songwriting that shed light on the lyricist’s profession.

Cahn also wrote “This Car’s a Kick in the Head,” intended for another Pontiac commercial, this one based on “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?,” notably performed by Dean Martin, who, with Sinatra, was a member of the boozy-cool Rat Pack.

Often called parody songs, Cahn preferred the term special lyrics, since the words were written for a specific purpose such as parties, anniversaries, testimonials, and other special occasions for friends and VIPS, from political figures and titans of finance and industry to movie stars and celebrities.

For Sinatra alone, Cahn furnished special lyrics related to Vice President Spiro Agnew, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, and fellow songwriter Irving Berlin, among others. Ever grateful, on one occasion Sinatra wrote the following thank-you letter to Cahn:

Writing a lyric for the ages is hard, but you have to begin somewhere. From an inauspicious start with the song “Where the Mountains Touch the Sky,” Cahn teamed with composer Saul Chaplin—then known as Saul Kaplan—to churn out hundreds of tunes during the 1930s.

For more than six decades, Cahn typically sat at a typewriter to bang out the lyrics, resulting in few handwritten lines. His custom of working the lyric inside his head before committing it to paper also resulted in surprisingly few drafts before a final lyric was achieved.

By the time he earned his first Academy Award statuette, for the title song from Three Coins in the Fountain (1954), Cahn had already logged more than 20 years in the business.

This backstage photo from the 32nd Academy Awards shows Jimmy Van Heusen, left, and Sammy Cahn with their Oscars—Cahn is signaling this is number three—for “High Hopes,“ from A Hole in the Head.

Cahn’s advice to songwriters: your words must sing effortlessly and words will not sing unless they are properly wedded to the proper notes. Cahn was the consummate master, putting words to classics including “ Let It Snow,” “Call Me Irresponsible,” “It’s Been a Long, Long Time,” “(Chicago Is) My Kind of Town,” and “Love and Marriage.”

As a lyrist (his preferred term), Cahn was so prolific it’s difficult to imagine that the writing came hard. That said, he would probably be thrilled with Meghan Trainor’s assessment of his work.

Meghan Tonjes (meghantonjes) doesn’t need a cape and high-heeled boots to announce her superhero status.

A musician, YouTuber, body image activist, and the inspiration behind the Booty Revolution,

Tonjes isn’t afraid to start conversations about controversial issues such as body image, fat shaming, sexual assault, and bullying. And with her outspoken, educated responses, Tonjes is our #WCW for proudly making the YouTube ecosystem a better place by being herself.

In 2006, Tonjes created her YouTube channel as a place to upload her original music. But as fans and cover requests started streaming in, Tonjes quickly evolved her content to include music, personal vlogs, and collaborations with dear YouTube friends such as Mike Falzone and Chris Thompson. She’s been on national toursand released numerous albums, but she is quickly becoming best known for her shaming of fat shamers.

A victim of bullying, Tonjes has always been extremely open about what it took for her to be comfortable and confident in her own curvy figure, even appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about how it got better. On her YouTube channel, Tonjes is all about self-love and encourages others to break the cookie cutter molds that have so long restricted society’s definition of beauty. She’s plus-sized, beautiful, and isn’t apologizing to anyone for being herself. And to the people crass enough to write hateful comments under Tonjes’s videos, good luck to you, because she’s having none of that.

This summer, Tonjes accused Instagram of discriminating against her for being plus sized after the social media site flagged her tasteful bikini butt picture. The story quickly gained national attention and inspired Tonjes to start her own revolution, the Booty Revolution. Using the hashtag #bootyrevolution, Tonjes encourages women to submit photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr celebrating their own booties. Hundreds of women have since responded and, together, begun creating a positive atmosphere that praises, rather than critiques, women’s bodies.

Tonjes makes women proud to be different and outspoken and passionate, and for all this and more, I’m beyond honored to have her as this week’s #WCW. Meghan, thank you for using your voice– and butt–to make the rest of us a little more confident. The ladies of the world agree, we’re lucky to have you in our corner.

Carly Lanning is a YouTube Nation curator and proud to support the #bootyrevolution.


Daddy!5sos blurb

omg imagine cleaning like the storage room with your daughter who’s only 6, and he’s at writing or something and you come across your old merch and albums from like this time and your daughter is like, “is that daddy?” As she points to him on one of the album covers and you just nod, putting on one of your old shirts, as your daughter does the same, and she’s really excited and is like, “now I’m just like you mommy!” And she requests to listen to their music because she loves daddy’s band and so the two of you spend the next hour listening to their old music and when he walks in and sees his two favourite people in the world dancing to his old music and old merch he can’t help the tears that well up and the hug he squeezes the two of you in