as she is played

things that devils on tumblr are apparently trying to say on this night:

being a nazi is bad, sure, but you know what’s worse? being mean to a nazi. that’s just gosh darned evil.

skinny white people are the default base for human beings, and everything else is extra!

“Not practicing drawing the thing means you won’t ever get better at drawing the thing” is an an art-policing, abusive statement.


Are you forgetting you stabbed two of my guards? After your wife tried to have me killed // John Knox tried to have you killed. Which you would not have known had I not informed you.

i fucking died in a 3v3 as mercy and the genji on my team sat like this until there was 30 seconds left and then he ulted the last person, avenging me as well,, i dont really ship gency but i absolutely love how nice all the genjis are to me when i play mercy

I like that you guys like Zircon. Yes I couldn’t resist a good Holes reference, but her bio and life as a trans woman is very much a tribute to a friend of mine who passed away earlier this week.

Kat wouldn’t want any moping, so I’m celebrating this week by creating more happy and fearless trans characters and sharing those I already have, all while listening to her music (if anybody wants to listen along).

I’d love to see your trans dragons if anyone feels like sharing!


(Yeah! Finally have time to make my own Fashion Week posts! Starting with my mom’s characters because I told her about this week and she wanted to be included,)

Xylaria Ceae - Reaper

Her design is based off the fungi of the same name.


Skull Masque

Conjurer Mantle - charcoal

Cabalist Coat - charcoal and matte

Seer Gloves - charcoal and matte

Cabalist Legs - charcoal and matte

Cabalist Boots - charcoal and matte


o<(o’∀’)ノ☆*:;;;:*☆Merry Christmas☆*:;;;:*☆ヽ(‘∀’o)>o 

I regret nothing. Although i had to alter the original Idea i had for this.

  • Shepard: So yeah this one time I had to seduce an ardat-yakshi
  • Liara: *spits out drink* you fuckinf WHAT
  • Shepard: yeah she nearly got me lmao it was pretty close
  • Liara: Y-
  • Liara: YOU-
  • Liara: WHAT
  • Shepard: hey it's chill the justicar I was working with killed her