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Long Multi-Chapter Fics -

Nothing At Stake- Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 - “Emilia Crawford has always hidden herself in the shadows, she goes unnoticed by most except one, Jughead Jones, her only friend in the world. When she makes him a scandalous offer, can he really refuse?” - WORK IN PROGRESS - smut 

A Little Less Sixteen Candles: - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 “Mona was never the fool to believe that those sappy rom-coms she loved so dearly were anything but fiction, but that couldn’t stop her heart from holding out for one tiny miracle. When Jughead Jones finally asks her to the prom, albeit as friends, she starts to believe that happy endings might exist after all. -COMPLETED

Colour Soulmate AU / Part 2 - “Erica Mars has seen the world in its many colours from the tender age of eight. Unsure with what to do with this revelation she hides it from the world, at eight she has more important things to think about then the concept of ‘True Love’. As the years pass, however, hiding the status of her (non-existent) love-life proves to take its toll on her heart and of course sitting across from her soulmate everyday does nothing to help.” (Hints of Beronica and Barchie)

Four Times You Told Jughead Jones You Loved Him, and the One Time He Said Back - Part 1: “ The first time you told him you loved him it was because he needed it.”

Prompts/Imagines/Reader/SongFics - 

Slumber - Jughead comforts you after a long and tough day.

Sunbeam - A short and sweet moment capturing what it’s like to wake up next to your best friend.

Regret - Jughead x OC (Amy): An alternative to Jughead’s birthday, one drunken mistake leads to a lifetime of regrets for somebody on that fateful night.

The Drive-In Closes Down - Pretty self-explanatory, Twilight closes down and the reader comes to comfort Jug - sad/angsty 

Blue and Gold [Part 2] [Part 3] - You are assigned with helping the only person in Riverdale who seems to hate your guts for no reason, you’re determined to get some answers - fluffy/angst 

Are We Actually Fighting? - Jughead doesn’t realise you’re seriously mad at him right now - fluff / jealous reader

He’s Just Not That Into You - Based on Gigi and Alex in the film of the same title, not really a fic or a drabble more of a quick prompt.

Dancing with Jughead - You try desperately to get Jughead to dance with you at a party -fluffy/funny

Fire - You are suffering through your first panic attack, you have no idea what is happening to you but luckily one of your bestfriends is here to help - angsty and friendly Jughead X Reader

Pop-Tarts - Your brothers annoying best friend moving into your house shouldn’t be a massive problem right? What about when you start to develop a crush on said ‘annoying best friend’ - an Andrews!Reader fic. 

Can I Kiss You? / Jealous Jughead / Trapped - A series of short fics taken from dialogue prompts and asks, written on my train journey to and from university, some suggestive themes may occur. 

When He See’s Me - A self-indulgent drabble based on the song of the same title from the musical Waitress. You agree to double date with your longtime friend Valerie and her new beau Archie Andrews, and wait - his name is Jughead?!

Trouble - An angsty piece based on the song of the same title by artists Cage the Elephant. OOC!Jughead and AU!Riverdale

BUGHEAD - Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones

Late -  ‘I was convinced at that time that I loved him, Juggie, but when he told he’d never feel the same way I managed to move on. I could live without the love of Archie Andrews.’ She sighed. ‘But you-’ - Betty laments on her understanding of love. 

Reggie X OC

Perfect - Reggie watches Katie from across the classroom and wonders how he never noticed her before -very fluffy

A Reggie Headcannon/Prompt

For A Boy - A SongFic request for the song of the same title by Raelynn. You’ve always had a turbulent relationship with Reggie, playing it hard-to-get but what about when the fun starts to wear off? 

Ronnie X Reader

Accent - Written from the dialogue prompt ‘you have a sexy accent’.

Archie X Reader

It’s Okay Not To Be Fine - Written from the dialogue prompt ‘if you don’t want to talk about what happened, just say so, don’t lie and pretend you’re fine.’ (Archie X Reader - Platonic)

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A Tour of Your Astrological Solar System

You are the Earth, and the planets, stars, and satellites that float around you are necessary to your existence, as are you to theirs.  Although an understanding of astronomy isn’t exactly critical to an understanding of astrology, figuring out the way you relate to your own solar system can be helpful.

The sun is the largest body in the solar system.  It is that around which all other planets revolve, and it takes up the dramatic majority of the solar system.  Thusly, the sun is the most important “planet” (the sun and moon are technically luminaries, but for the sake of ease will be referred to as “planets”) in your birth chart.  The sun shines through in every other position, and it must be taken into account when interpreting any other part of the birth chart, as it is the planet that is most likely to change another planet’s expression (unless that planet is tightly aspected).  You are, however, not necessarily the sun.  Rather, it is the guiding body around which your life is centered.

Mercury is the planet that lies closest to the sun.  It is so close, in fact, that it is never farther than one constellation away from the sun, meaning that Mercury is always in the sign of the sun, or the signs before or after the sun.  Mercury, as the sun’s closest confidante, is related to how we communicate.  Self-expression is tied tightly to the ego, just as Mercury and the sun are basically inseparable.

Venus is the third planet, and it lies between the sun and Mercury (the ego and communication) and Earth (the effective self).  Venus relates the ideal to the real as both the planet of love and relationships and the planet of values and style.  Venus, the way we relate to others, is also closely related to our ego.  Predictably, that means that Venus is also never far from the sun; Venus can only be in the same sign as the sun, or within the two signs before or after.

Earth can be likened to the real self in astrology.  The best way to relate it to astrology is to call Earth the houses.  The first house cusp is, after all, determined by the constellation on the eastern horizon at birth, so counting the ascendant as the effective “Earth sign” works.  Although the other planets may disclose our traits and tendencies, the houses are where we express those traits, just as, although we’re affected by all planets, our lives take place on Earth.

The moon, in stark contrast to the rest of the astrological planets, does not revolve around the sun, but Earth.  The moon is the astronomical body that is closest to us, so it makes perfect sense that the moon, in astrology, is the inner self, the subconscious, passive personality.  The moon makes our existence as Earth possible, and it’s something we fiercely needed in order to support life.  Therefore, without tapping into the energies of our moon signs, we miss out on something truly vital.

After Earth is Mars.  Mars is the last rocky planet, and it is also the final fast-moving planet, so it rounds out the personalized part of the birth chart.  From what I seen, people actually act like their Mars signs, which makes a lot of sense given that it is the planet of action.  I have seldom met someone who didn’t actively use the traits of their Mars sign.  Mars is the least specific personal planet, and it plays a part in everything we do, driving us.

The first of the gas planets is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.  Jupiter is often referred to in astrology as a “small sun” as it is the ruler of Sagittarius, a fire sign, the only fire sign that isn’t ruled by the sun itself somehow.  Jupiter shows us, quite literally, where we are large, where we may be excessive, as well as how we expand.

It is well-known that if there were an ocean large enough to carry it, that Saturn would be able to float.  How funny it is, then, that Saturn, in astrology, is the planet of heaviness.  If Jupiter is how we expand, Saturn is caged by her rings, and she restricts us.  Saturn is what challenges us, what we are meant to overcome.

The final three planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are called generational planets because they move so slowly that the signs stay the same for entire generations.  These planets don’t necessarily strongly affect one person, but they can define time periods and generational ideas and transitions.  Just as these planets are very from the sun but still part of the solar system, they may not be immediately noticeable in the person but they can be tapped into during transits and with aspects with the personal planets.


Marcianus F. Rossi. The Aeriolus, The Submarine of the Sky, The Sun Energy Plane, The The Earth, The Moon and its Inhabitants as Seen from Mars, The First Eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius, Martian Girl at the Fountain of Youth. A Trip to Mars. 1920.

my only contribution to the penumbra rabbits discourse is: what if juno got rabbit and rat mixed up bc they’re similar words and similar-ish animals and no one on mars has ever seen an actual rabbit so the sewer rabbits are really just. regular giant rats. possibly w a few extra eyes bc it’s mars but overall just. a fairly normal large rat like u get in sewers and subway tunnels on earth

Isamu Noguchi, Sculpture to Be Seen From Mars, 1947, model in sand (lost). 

Only known photograph by Soichi Sunami

Betraying Noguchi’s dim view of war and the ultimate outcome for mankind in the Atomic Age, this proto- earthwork would have effectively served as a conceptual tombstone.  Noguchi was greatly interested in the burial mounds of indigenous people, having visited the Great Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio in 1945. 

The Noguchi Museum Archive

anonymous asked:

what does Moon square Mars show in a natal chart? Libra moon square Cancer Mars

When moon is in square aspect to mars in a birth horoscope it can make for a very emotional person who is very reactive by nature.  This person can become agitated and provoked easy by situations due a more sensitive nature to stimulation.  When they get upset their expression they can be very animated showing passionate about what upsets them.  A tendency can exist with this aspect to be show a person who gets infuriated over things that other people might not find important or critical.

A person with a Moon square Mars aspect can rub others the wrong way and potentially be perceived by others as selfish.  The individual can lack compromise and struggle to nurture others points of views in an attempt to have have their own way in matters.  People that deal with this aspect person can feel as if the moon square mars person has strong boundaries that cannot be crossed.  Other people can feel as if they are walking on egg shells with the person where they do not know what can be said or done to potentially set the aspect person’s temper off.

Due to their temper and strong emotional nature the person can find they struggle in friendships, business relationships, love affairs and with their children.  Patience with others can be an ultimate downfall they face leading them to wasting their energy fighting others all the time to prove their points. The position can indicate potentially a mother that was very bossy emotionally towards the person in their childhood.  This could set a tone for the fighter persona in their adult years as they can feel the only way to be heard is “go to battle” with others.

Moon square Mars can show a person’s instincts and emotional needs seen from the moon can cause issues with a persons physical energy drive seen from Mars.  This can manifest with a persons emotional state directly effecting person’s physical energy.  The persons physical energy levels, assertiveness, and stamina can effected by the current emotional state they are going through.  At times the emotions can produce more physical energy if they have strong desires and passions to accomplish.  However if they are sad or depressed their physical energy can be prone to drops along with their moods.

Moon in hard square aspect to Mars can show a person who suffers much restless and needs a degree of challenge in their life.  The strong amount of turbulent energy they have may be best used towards physical sports and competing to balance their moods out.  Generally they can feel emotionally better when they are winning or trying to accomplish something.  Sometimes losing may promote a sore loser attitude if they don’t get their way.  Maturity and soul growth over time can help them be be a better sport when they recognize that the journey of competition and taking on challenges is as important as the end result achieved for their well being.

That night,
You looked in my eyes,
And told me
You were contemplating suicide…

I didn’t know what to do…

I froze,
Inside my heart, my mind, my soul,
I felt flames,
Inside my eyes,
I saw a world that would never be,
The same,

Whether it be,
Homicide or Suicide,
It doesn’t matter in my eyes,
For if you were to die,
Before I die,


I’ll say it like this,
If you were to die,
Before I,
Only the tears from the sky,
Could save the rest of us,
From the flames…

Flames with the aim,
To be seen from the beyond the moon,
So that even the Martians on Mars,
Could see my pain,
Knowing the earth is doom,
Labeling Earth,
“The New,
Burning Star”
And I would’ve told you my plans,
That night…

But I feel like,
You would’ve liked that plan too much,
Causing you too clutch,
A handful of pills,
Because you always said,
You wanted to see flames,
From Heaven…

—  JihbazFubyok
The Daughter of Stars




You are daughter of the stars and destruction, born from the same hands that pin death in the skies as constellations. Something quivers and moans under your skin; phantoms trapped between two worlds, darkness you swallowed whole with premature gums. You don’t need a house to be haunted. You grin, turn the moon over in your smile. All you need is your rune-marked bones, a body promised to crackling skies and howling winds. Death croons within you, burning offerings to lost humanity in the quiet ends of your fingertips, torch held above your head. These days, everybody’s already dead.

You strike your last match, and wait.

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In the tenth house, Mars gives a person a very harsh public image. It isn’t always a bad one, because depending on the aspects from Mars to other planets, they may be seen as a powerful person or someone with power. When badly aspected, this can indicate someone who is aggressive or ruthless as far as going after their goals. On the other side, this can indicate someone who is known for being assertive rather than aggressive, and they may be known for working very hard to achieve all of the goals or dreams that they have.